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The elected politician’s strength is in her/his belief in the People s/he represents. The height at which that belief manifests itself is as per the elected person’s belief in her/his profession or trade.


The spotlight in relation to unseating the President is on Mr Sumanthiran:


The morning report headed ‘Political crisis: NCM against President to Parliament:


[The NCM against the President was drafted by a team of legal experts led by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M.A. Sumanthiran PC]


The credibility of the above statement is weakened by the following in the same report:

[Sumanthiran explained that although the NCM against the President would not have any legal consequences, its passage in Parliament would create a moral obligation for the President to step down.]

Any process in Parliament needs to be taken through Due Processes established by lawmakers past and current. Without those minds – the current passage has the risk of imbalance brought about by  emotions.  When Mr Sumanthiran presents it without belief that his constituency seeks this, it becomes ‘personal’ which is dangerous in politics as has been proven by the current government.

If it is recognized that the motion would have ‘no legal consequences’ then that mind recognizes that there are no legal ‘causes’ in this matter. The lack of legality is further confirmed by the following in the report:

[With the President being accountable to Parliament according to the Constitution, an expression of lack of faith in the President by Parliament will mean the President has a moral obligation to resign.]

The President has the moral obligation to those who believed in him. If the voters made a mistake – they need to learn from their mistake and they have the moral obligation to not vote if they do not believe or calculate and know that the person believes in the whole and not just parts.

Aristotle said that, the value of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Towards this, the whole must be ‘common’.

As per the said report:

[Sumanthiran noted that the NCM against the President was motivated by the protestors in Galle Face, who had formulated an impeachment motion against the President. ]

This amounts to being ‘told’ by juniors. That is a shame. It was reported that Mr Sritharan MP expressed admiration for Southern children taking part in the protests. That is the child-soldier heritage.


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