Tuesday 30 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April  2019

Follow your own Affidavit  on the basis of the Big Fact Above

Dr Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu has raised the thinking of the reader through his article ‘Easter Sunday Savagery: The Unanswered Questions’ – published by Ground Views. The answers are there – from the actors themselves. The solution is from the believers.

1.     (a) The cover – [Consequently a lot is riding on the committee appointed by the president to investigate as to how such a tragedy could have happened. Likewise, with the parliamentary committee that is proposed by MP Kiriella, for a similar purpose.]

(b) The Lead – [The most appalling aspect of the horror is the news that there were warnings of such attacks- pretty detailed too – and that the warnings were not communicated to those in power and authority to do something about them. This included the President, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Minister of Defence.  Moreover, the Prime Minister has not been informed of National Security Council meetings since October 2018, although SLFP MPs have attended.]

(c ) My Affidavit based analysis : Let us look at this from family level. The President is the father and the PM is the mother. The eldest son (Buddhist Defence Secretary) learns about neighbourhood problem. His younger sisters (Christians and Muslims) have now become part of the neighbourhood (India and Middle East) and hence the problem did not seem important to the eldest son who knew already that his father did not care much about daughters and the mother was lame duck due to knowledge that the law is not respected by the father.

(d) The quick answer – The committees are to cover up the reality and show a good picture to the international community.

(e ) The solution – The law abiding mother to seek the help of her powerful mother (India) even though this may lead to demotion by Buddhist voters who do not care about Muslims fighting against Christians. That would release the mother from servitude to the dictates of the father and release her to enjoy global life in all its Equal Opportunity glory.

2.     (a) The cover – [Equally disturbing is the reported allegation that the National Thowheed Jamaat (NTJ), the local organization alleged to be responsible for the barbarism, is being funded from an account run by military intelligence which, is also used to fund the BBS.  This is very serious and should be denied immediately, if not true.]
(b) The Lead –[ Is it the case that the warnings were disregarded out of sheer disbelief that anything of such a nature could happen in Sri Lanka?  Were this to have been the case, is it also because of some collective relief and indeed belief that the scourge of terrorism was behind us, and that all was well on that front.  We do know that moderate Muslim organizations had written to authorities about the National Thowheed Jamaath (NTJ) the organization that initially claimed responsibility for the attacks and its leader Mohamed Zahran, asking that both be banned on account of their activities including the defacing of Buddhist statues and the propagation of hate speech.  There were demonstrations in Kattankudy to this effect as well.  Some members involved in the Easter Sunday carnage had been arrested and released on the intervention of key politicians.  Perhaps there is more in the way of lapses of the security services and in security procedures?]
(c ) My Affidavit based analysis : Dr Chandrasekaran one of those who appreciate my analytical writings included as follows my work  in his article headed Myanmar Kyauphu Port - the dragon enters in a big way: - http://www.indiandefencereview.com/spotlights/myanmar-kyaukphyu-port-the-dragon-enters-in-a-big-way/

[This reminds me of a well thought out remark by an analyst of Sri Lankan origin Gajalakshmi Paramasivam, in connection with the projects in Sri Lanka.  She pointed out that “Borrowing without the ability to repay results in slavery.  One who is a slave does not  have the capacity to work sovereign powers anytime, anywhere!” ]
Borrowing from those without common religious interests (i.e. China) would dilute relationships with India, Middle East and the West – all of whom are relatives due to common faith. One needs to recognize this by paying our respects to them as seniors and not take equal position.
Yesterday the fodder was given by Tamils; today by Muslims and tomorrow it may be Christians – especially if their extended global relatives in the West are found fault with for ‘interfering’ through the UN.

(d) The quick  answer- The Government eliminated Terrorism and did not cause it at all
(e ) The solution- All minorities to own their contribution to lawlessness including by confessions to the true leaders amongst them and invoke universal power of the soul by being true to themselves. This would lead to natural influence with Buddhists who seek to be relatives at equal level. That is the way of Truth. Non-Buddhists should not take  junior  or senior positions with Buddhists except through secular laws.

Dr Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, like many educated Tamils in high positions – is not able to think outside the circle. This Affidavit trail will help him become independent of that status and therefore liberate him. Then he would influence the educated custodians of power to take disciplinary action against those who held the above meeting for which they have no lawful authority.  If laws are not actively used by citizens – they become tools of abuse in the hands of cowards who desire power.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April  2019

Mutiny at Presidential level?

On 27 April I raised the question ‘Is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the next  Defence Secretary
of the latest  Australian Territory - Sri Lanka?’

Yesterday I learnt that the latter was effectively manifested through the Burqa ban law – which is a strong topic of discussion here in Australia due to White Supremacist like Pauline Hanson whose heir carried the force to Christ Church. If we do not cure ourselves within our local time and place circles, our negatives become sins that are inherited by our heirs and we ourselves take them into our next life. The IS is not local to Sri Lanka. LTTE was. The government made it international. If Sri Lankans abandon Muslims, local Muslims would not have the strength to resist external attractions. Laws that indicate to the lazy mind, that Muslims in Sri Lanka are a threat to Sri Lanka’s peace, are likely to push these women and their children towards the parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution at their own local levels. To the extent they are genuinely hurt one of two outcomes would happen. Those who live at cost-benefit level – i.e. for a living would rebel which would then defeat the core purpose of such a ban. They were the Tamils who empowered militants. The other outcome is to sacrifice locally and raise their level of thinking to multicultural level and export themselves to empower those outside Sri Lanka. Majority Sri Lankan  Tamils are of this kind. Either way – Sri Lanka loses. Following is an example of latter published by Al Jazeera through its report headed 'Unacceptable': Sri Lankans share their views on face veil ban
Qaanita Razeek, 33, co-founder of Soup Kitchen Sri Lanka which helps the destitute, regardless of race/religion, wearer of niqab
While I understand that there is a difference in scholarly opinion about the wearing of the face veil, I made the choice to wear the niqab 16 years ago and asking me to unveil now is like asking to strip me of my identity.
Looking at the larger picture and the purpose with which I want to live my life, staying home is not an option for me, and I am trying to figure out a way around this.
The values we genuinely develop and carry are our protective structures. Damaging that protection is damaging to the security of the environment that is ‘home’ to the developer.

The first part of my title in my 27 April article – is confirmed by the Daily Mirror report headed ‘MR meets former defence heads

I was reminded of my dear friend at the University of NSW – Dr David Garlik who referred to such projections as ‘prophesies’. I said to David that all those who were true to their jobs have that capability. Hearsay is without belief. It dies quickly. Intellectual discrimination based knowledge raises emotions to the higher level where both sides are recognized at the same time. That is the level of law.  The mind of one who absorbs the pain of ‘loss’ without taking revenge and carries on with life with whatever is available to her/him -  and becomes an example at that level – carries the ‘gap’ as energy that works the whole. The heirs of such a person would carry healthy genes. Some militants who gave up higher status are of this category.

If however, one takes over another’s position in the same structure outside due process – one loses the energy to work that system. One who has low position taking over the higher positions openly, amounts to mutiny. The seeds were already sown in October 2018. Now the new government is visibly public.

The truth then is that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is happy to be Defence Secretary in the leadership of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. This disqualifies him from the criterion needed to nominate himself as a Presidential candidate. Every true Sri Lankan would disqualify him from her/his list.
The reasons why PM Ranil Wickremesinghe was not kept in the loop is now confirmed. This was confirmed as follows by News18  report headed ‘ No Need for India to Send NSG Commandos, Lanka Can Tackle Terror On its Own: Mahinda Rajapaksa’

[“India has been helpful. But there is no need for the NSG to come in. We don't need foreign soldiers. Our forces are capable enough… (We) just need to give them powers and freedom,” he told News18 in an exclusive interview. ]

When someone connected to us dies and we pay our respects to them genuinely – we inherit their good qualities. When we use their name without respect - to draw current benefits – we inherit their negatives. This is why they say not to talk ill of the dead or  ill of someone who is not present to defend her/himself. The above formation is an official form of LTTE – with Prabhakaran look alike  by character - leading the bogus claimant to the official position of President.
Truth Reveals Itself and one who sees the true picture is protected by Divine Forces.

Monday 29 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 April  2019

Burqa Ban violates Sri Lankan Constitution

Article 14 (1) (e ) of the Sri Lankan constitution states:

[Every citizen is entitled to – the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching]

As per latest reports:
[Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena has banned face coverings, invoking emergency law his office said, effectively outlawing attire like niqab and burqa following suicide attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.
President Sirisena said the regulation will come into effect from April 29.
Any face coverings which can be a threat to national or public security, and make it difficult to identify persons will be banned, the statement said.] Economy Next article - Sri Lanka bans burqa, niqab face coverings under emergency law.
This is highly reactive and is likely to push Muslim women into radicalization. It is disrespectful of the female relates of the bombers who gave evidence against their male relatives.
As per the above report :
[The office of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said in a statement earlier in the day, he had asked the Justice Minister to prepare laws after consulting the Muslim community since Sri Lanka's main organization had passed a resolution endorsing such a ban. ]
The most affected by the ban are Muslim women. Where is their voice in this? Are they not being ‘told’? Shame on the men of Sri Lanka, including Muslim men.
In the name of emergency are we damaging the belief based support from these women? The lead woman against minorities – Ms Pauline Hanson demonstrated how such undue advantage by wearing the burqa to the Senate.
One has to be extremely cautious in meddling with fundamental freedoms and human rights. The right to practice one’s belief is a birth right. A law that in any way damages this would seriously damage the rights of the causal forces of such law. By using the law for a lower purpose, the parliamentarians have weakened the support of law that would come to them by all those who practice Equal Opportunity laws with faith. Now all of them are the opposition of the Sri Lankan Parliamentarians. It is for these reasons that supermajority such as two thirds majority is needed to alter fundamental rights of the citizen. I do not know whether this new law was processed as per these principles. If not and someone gets unjustly punished by an over-enthusiastic law enforcement officer  - the karmic return to the Parliamentarians would be exponential in value. Sri Lankan Parliamentarians are already suffering due to their previous excess – including through the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

In Democracy – the laws that facilitate  the People to regulate themselves need to be more than the laws that Parliamentarians use to regulate the people top-down.

India has not banned the burqa despite the terrorism experiences that Indians have gone through. That shows respect for the People and their personal rights.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 April  2019

High Commissioner has no Burqa Fear???

At the Farewell about which I had no knowledge until today – 29-04-2019 – Breakdown in intelligence network?

Bali &  Sri Lanka

It will soon be voting time in Sri Lanka and the Easter Sunday bombings have to underpin our votes.
When something goes wrong we look for reasons ‘why’ at various levels. The three common levels at which I group are (1) At the seen and the heard level (2) At the level of intellectual discrimination using principles and laws (3) Belief level. Our votes carry the-self governance value as per the respective levels. The most powerful one is category (3).

These apply not only to electing government but everyday issues in which we attend and/or participate. Right now the strongest for me is the Sri Lankan bombing issue in which I vote as category (2) and  underpinned by category (3) power.

To be valid, category (1) voter / citizen / employee needs to merely report and not conclude. At seen and heard level – we confirm only what happened. We may use that information at our private level for the self only but not at common level. To the extent we derive benefits for our vote – we have only reporting authority. The vote of one who derives more benefits than her/his contribution, is of negative governance value. The net value of all votes confirm the outer picture and hence majority rule. Category (1) voter who concludes and advocates, pollutes the value of her/his own vote which dilutes the total value of Category (1) voters.

The voter who uses intellectual discrimination using particular principle / law – adds deeper value to her/his vote and invokes the power of other intellectuals who used and/or are using that principle /law. It is like an express agreement between parties. This strengthens administration in the home area of the voter.

The deepest voter is one who votes through belief. This does not require an express vote and is exponential in value. Such a voter/participant/employee  has the experience of governance with or without any official position. That was Gandhi’s power. Category (1) voter who is loyal to category (3) member – would enjoy the protection of self-governance.

The Head of Siva Senai in Sri Lanka directed us to http://www.virakesari.lk/article/54888 - in which Mr Mohamed Muzamil states that the Burqa is not part of Muslim culture. The following discussion ensued.

Gaja: What authority do you have as a Hindu man to ‘tell’ a Muslim woman what to do? If it is about security what did you do when Tamils were threatened by militants? Follow the path of Dharma and not your desire to show power.
Mr Siva Sena: I know arguing with you will not take the issue anywhere.
All Sri Lanka Ulama Council initiated. 
I was inundated with calls from a large populace of Hindus from Hatton, Kalmuania, Mannar, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu and Jaffna asking me to second the proposal.
Every peace loving citizen including Muslims of Sri Lanka wants the burqa banned.
I am not alone. We Hindus are demanding. 
It is not about gender. It is about the lives of Hindus in this beleaguered  island.  

I like to read your mails. They are full of thought provoking contents.

To my mind, Hindus talking about Burqa at a time when Christians  and Muslims are hurting, confirmed selfish ‘me too’ attitude. Given that majority Sri Lankan Hindus are Tamils, and the Tamil community produced suicide bombers one of whom killed India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi also a Hindu, taken as a whole we do not have the moral authority to recommend such changes to law applicable to Muslim women.  Even if Muslims did it – that would be  highly reactive and make the Muslim woman feel that she was being blamed for the bombings. The timing needs to be independent of emotion provoking tragedies. At this time, the side that we speak through needs to be one who respects the law. The letter was addressed to the President who seriously violated the law and therefore lost the common communication with the law enforcement officers.

Talking about Rajiv Gandhi – the mighty Indian intelligent system that claims credit for intelligence sharing re the Easter Sunday failed to protect their own Rajiv Gandhi. The power to carry out the act could have been based on the deep pain of the individual  or the excitement of  combat.  The following report confirms that it was the latter:

[She holds the unhappy distinction of being the first-ever human bomb in the country's history. In LTTE circles, Dhanu, 24, whose real name was Kalaivathi, is held in some awe.
So much so that at a public function held in Jaffna last year, Pirabhakaran honoured her father posthumously with a 'gold medal' for her role in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
Dhanu, who studied till middle school in Batticaloa, was inspired by the Tamil liberation movement at a very young age. In fact, her father, A. Rajaratnam, who is described as Pirabhakaran's mentor, played a crucial role in moulding the LTTE chiefs thinking during the movement's formative years between 1972 and 1975.] – India today article ‘Rajiv Gandhi assassination: Dhanu, the first-ever human bomb in Sri Lanka's history’
Dhanu did not wear a burqa nor was the Churitha dress that she wore banned in India. As shown in the picture above – the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia shows no fear of Muslim clothing.

More important is our belief which will surface in the appropriate form as the time and place of need. In my article ‘Paying Respects to Suicide Bombersat  https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6863031047273509081#allposts/postNum=7 , I highlighted as follows:

[We are currently in political mode and hence the use of belief based pathway needs to be divided. The President disconnected from the UNP intelligence and intellectual governance in October which as per my belief was due to the temptations of going back to the past where he was dependent on Mr Rajapaksa who was showing Mr Sirisena the big picture. That big picture has a big piece of hearsay value through China’s money brought in through Mr Rajapaksa who seriously lacked investment in global governance but was indebted to the global community whose name and facilities were used to defeat the Tamil Tigers. The owner of Shangri La hotels – Mr Robert Kuok – a Chinese-Malaysian, failed to show respect for Tamil pain when the Shangri la  Luxury hotel was built in Hambantota and later another  in Colombo near the area where the Defence Headquarters were attacked by suicide bombers. To the extent the suicide bombers were genuine and sacrificed their lives – their ghosts would be invoked by those who lack belief in that land. That land was Defence land for a long time and had the power to protect Defence personnel who believed in that land and their work. 
Relatively speaking, the Northern part of Sri Lanka – where due respect has been paid to such suicide bombers and other combatants has confirmed that it was cured itself of frivolous use of power. The pain that the folks have been enduring – without taking revenge – has developed as a protective structure. In Batticaloa – this does not happen largely due to Karuna abandoning those whom he led in combat ]

Yesterday I learnt through our news that the site of Bali Bombing is to be cleansed through Hindu rituals before becoming operational.

I felt that my message in relation to Sri Lanka has invoked value in Bali after 17 years. This is because I felt / feel the pain of both and pray at the Bali memorial in Coogee. Belief does not recognize place and time borders. It takes our Energy to the needy who are ready to receive and share. That is how I am sharing with Muslims who are now going through what we Tamils went through during the ethnic war. Such sharing cures the problem at National level.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 April  2019

Boss went to Jordon and deputy went to Thirupathi

[….But Mr Wickremesinghe argued the fact that he was unaware of the warnings meant he did not need to step down from his position.
"If we had any inkling, and we had not taken action, I would have handed in my resignation immediately," he said, adding: "But what do you do when you are out of the loop?"
The apparent lapse in communication has refocused attention on the infighting between the country's two most powerful men, Mr Wickremesinghe and the president, Maithripala Sirisena.
Relations deteriorated to such an extent that last October, Mr Sirisena sacked Mr Wickremesinghe. He was reinstated in December following rulings by Sri Lanka's highest courts.] – BBC at https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48070552

The above confession takes us towards the root cause. Mr Wickremesinghe’s influence over the armed forces was seriously damaged last October. Had Mr Wickremesinghe reacted back then the carnage would have been worse than that of Easter Sunday bombings. Mr Wickremesinghe non-violently occupied the Premier’s residence and allowed Due Process to happen. His investment in law protected him then. Mr Sirisena failed the test of law. The pain that that action caused to law abiding Sri Lankans went towards ownership.

When Truth surfaces – it leaves us leads / milestones in its pathway. One such lead was that about the lack of strength of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Batticaloa MP and PLOTE member, S Viyalendiran. The pain we endure becomes the protection we and our people need. Karuna led and Viyalendiran followed – both betrayed for economic purposes.

Each sovereign territory has its own belief based protective structure. Only those to whom that territory is home have the power to invoke that protective energy. The Easter Sunday message from Jesus is about that Energy. Viyalendiran would invoke Rajapaksa whereas Mr Sampanthan and Mr Sumanthiran would invoke the protection of law.

A Prime Minister largely by majority vote in free elections would need to resign if the failure was due to lack of belief in fellow members. But a Prime Minister driven by commitment to law – would be failing in his duty is he resigned due to such a breach.

The primary responsibility to act was that of the Defence Minister as per the  Administrative structure. This was the President. Even if Ranil had had knowledge – he did not have the authority to Administratively direct the officials. His duty would then have been to report to Parliament. Then if Parliament failed to act – the Parliament would have had the duty to dismiss itself.

Kochchikade St Anthony’s church in Colombo was more than a Catholic church. It is common to non-Catholics like me also. It is therefore a Church of Colombo through which many workers invested in Sri Lanka. There is pain but that pain will bring about protection to those who endure the pain without losing faith. They will then get families and loved ones from wider world. That is the way of faith.

Not only IS but law abiding people from all over the world are sharing their good values directly with Sri Lanka through the victims. One could therefore take this as globalization pain that we also have to share in.

During the period of testamentary case relating to the estate of my brother in law, I asked my husband whether his sister who is the parallel of Mr Sirisena – had really suffered pain to deserve leadership and foremost heir status. My husband said ‘she cooked for 10’. I then said ‘withdraw the objections you have filed in court’. My husband did not and asked me why I had asked the question. I said it was because I did not have the direct experience with her and I did not want damage the belief based relationship in the family through a court action led by lawyers and therefore was intellectual at best.

Cooking for 10 was what happened. The main responsibility was that of my father in law. Any court ruling that failed to uphold this truth would be damaging to the bridges with wider community through common values. Who had the experience as the strongest residual value? That person is the true leader.

Between the President and the Prime Minister - Mr Wickremesinghe has demonstrated greater participation in the pain of the victims while Mr Sirisena has behaved more like a foreign  observer – as was Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa who was out of Sri Lanka – in Jordon for a conference. They may have had their ‘private’ reasons  but so far as the believer is concerned – they ran away from the disaster that was going to strike Mother Lanka.

In Mahabharatham, during the last stages of the great war between cousins – Kishna’s brother Balaraman went on a pilgrimage and returned only during the last phase. When he talked of normal rules in the fight between Beeman & Thuriyothanan – Krishna said words to the effect ‘You were away allegedly on pilgrimage. This is the Gurushetram – the place where Truth is enshrined and from which lessons are learnt.

Both Mr Rajapaksa and Mr Sirisena acted like Balaraman due to divided loyalties. They failed to be the participating forces at the height of war. Both abandoned posts - as heads of Defence Forces.  The Easter Sunday bombings is the war between extremists and law abiding citizens. Those who ran away have no right to rule.

Saturday 27 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 April  2019

Educate us please Mr PM about Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which has Radicalized politicians 

[Prime Minister Wickremesinghe in a special address to the nation, yesterday stressed the importance of enacting laws to deal severely with academic institutions that impart extremist views.

“If we are to efficiently combat global terrorism, we have to broaden the scope of this old definition to allow us to arrest those aiding terrorism and confiscate their property,” he said.] – Daily News article – ‘New laws needed to fight global terror – PM’

The Government did arrest Tamils and their properties were taken over by the Government during the war against LTTE. The government needs to stop using the easiest way out and go deep into itself for the Truth that it already has access to.

The breakdown in communication between the President and the Prime Minister happened due to lack of belief between the two politicians. Politicians have no right to make laws without belief. The first set of laws needed are to charge politicians who use religion to win votes. The Sri Lankan Constitution carries ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article which makes the whole constitution undemocratic. One who believes in democracy would not believe in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

When Tsunami happened did the Government move to pass new laws against Nature? Americans have a well balanced system of law and yet 9/11 happened. Truth has its own power. It does not need any human law to regulate it. If the politicians who swear to uphold the constitution, fail, don’t pass new laws to arrest the citizens who did not take oath to uphold the constitution. You did that during against Tamils ever since independence and you still had the attacks. The way the Truth of the good cannot be controlled by human laws – the Truth of the bad also cannot be controlled by human laws.  Laws without belief are frivolous and vexatious. Laws without logical balance – lead to mental disorders in the minds of those who abuse them. The current Sri Lankan president is an extreme example.

Before initiating new laws, use the existing laws to punish those who incite religious and ethnic violence.

Reuters have reported :
 ‘Exclusive: Sri Lankan ex-defense chief Gotabaya says he will run for president, tackle radical Islam’
That is pure looting and is inhumane.

Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution requires the state to protect Buddhist values and to ensure the freedom of other religions to practice their own. Every member of the government has the duty to ensure that this is upheld – given that it looks like Muslims v Christians to the surface reader.

Politicians who lost control have to learn from the citizens. Every Buddhist who is empowered by Article 9 is a radical. It was included in the constitution by fundamentalists with very little experience in natural common governance. At the fundamental level – land is the basis on which ownership is determined. One who occupies without belief sows the seeds of fundamentalism / radicalism. When a Buddhist indicates such radicalism – it is the duty of every Buddhist leader to discipline and educate such radical.

If the government is not careful – White radicals like the Christchurch bomber are likely to march into Sri Lanka under the leadership of Pauline Hanson and those who did not really participate in the pain of victims – be it 9/11 or Easter Sunday or Christchurch experience – will be as ignorant of this menace until Sri Lanka becomes the battleground.

Those who tolerate inequality to the extent their own dignity is damaged -  promote radicalism. If you need laws – bring Equal Opportunity Laws through which citizens would discipline each other. I suggested this to Dr Deepika Udagama – before the lady became chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. But the lady stated that Sri Lanka already had the laws to uphold those values. I suggested it because it helped me bring action at the level I was capable of contributing to through my pain. But I was a lone voice in the wilderness of pundits – including two former Attorneys General – Tamil Mr Shiva Pasupati and Sinhalese Mr Sunil de Silva – at Sri Lanka Reconciliation forum.

No – the leaders will not protect us from radicals. When we believe in each other – we do not need leaders who tell us. It’s now up to the People – to dismiss political radicals at the polls. Abuse of  majority power also confirms radicalization.

The Believer has Absolute Power. One who treats that as a matter – is a radical. One who learns some Maths would know the difference which is also confirmed by the saying that the value of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual  parts.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 April  2019
We Hindus Mr Siva Senai ? – Don’t lie

Sometimes our communications in free environment become favourable to the needy. My yesterday’s communication headed ‘Is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the next Defence Secretary of Australian Territory?’ was one of them and it brought to me the communication from Siva Senai leader Mr Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan, to the President of Sri Lanka. (Appendix)

The letter concludes as follows:

‘We Hindus of Sri Lanka request Your Excellency to legitimise immediately this request of All Sri Lanka Ulama Council through an ordinance.’

First of all it is so very wrong to profit from the pain of Muslims at this time and worse when such comes from Tamils who continue to suffer similar pain in Sri Lanka. Lord Siva is the destroyer of body consciousness  and therefore is the Lord of the mind. Siva Senai therefore has the duty to think at the level of the mind and not the body. I believe I am a Hindu and a Shiva devotee because of this mind based commonness.

In his article headed ‘Indian election a battle for hearts and minds’ Journalist Umar Manzoor Shah reports as follows:


[Indian artists and intelligentsia have no history of political interference. These perceptive people were too busy to care about politics and changes in government. But the last five years of BJP rule have forced some of them to come together and take a stand for freedom of expression and secularism.
The appeal cited Indian Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore's poem, Where the Mind is Without Fear, saying its lines reflect the values of India's constitution that stress equality and freedom of all citizens.]

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
Where knowledge is free
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

The mind without desire is without fear. Women in traditional structures – including Hindu structures are recognized as Shakthi. Lord Shiva’s equal half is Shakthi / Energy. The woman who is ‘not seen’ is therefore Shakthi. Mr Siva Senai ought to be worshipping the women in burqa as Shakthi and not telling them through the president.

If indeed the Sri Lankan government bans the burqa – then it has the duty to ban all religious and cultural robes including those worn by men. The Muslim woman who takes second place to her husband but works at equal level accumulates Shakthi. Shakthi takes the form of courage as highlighted by the above poem. Minorities who reap relatively lesser rewards than custodians of power, accumulate Energy. Once it is Energy, we access that anytime in the form we need. If the man has a need to lead and the woman accommodates the man despite being capable of doing the job herself – the woman accumulates that submission as Energy. Burqa-wearing could be such a cultural process.

Mr Siva Senai reports in his communication:
[Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathi condemned out rightly wearing of face cover, terming it as an abhorring custom introduced by Delhi Sultans]

Poet Bharathi was only 15 years old when married Chellamma who was 7 years old. Subramania was crown ‘Bharathi’ for his talent – at the age of 11. Since he married a child after that – one could conclude that he did not have the freedom  to talk about liberating women. As per reports – his wife suffered much without being unable to enjoy average economic independence. The woman in us needs to be liberated as part of ourselves. That is called transformation.

As leader of a Hindu organization, Mr Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan needs to limit his ‘telling’ to his own group. Until he drops the Maravanpulavu (the name of geographic area) in his name – he has no moral right to recommend that any woman including a Hindu woman – changes her/his traditional attire.

If the President of Sri Lanka heard him – then the president would drop the veshti / higher class sarong and wear trousers as majority working men do.

 What next – asking Traditional Christian mothers not to cover their heads in church and not to wear sari but wear jeans?


26th April 2019
His Excellency
President of Sri Lanka


Your Excellency,
Today, 26th April 2019, All Sri Lanka Ulama Council has called upon women is Sri Lanka to give up wearing face and head covering dresses, otherwise called Burqa. https://newuthayan.com/story/11/பொது-இடங்களில்-புர்காவுக.html
This is a welcome move.

Muslim majority countries like Syria and Turkey had banned by law, wearing of Burqa. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world. Majority of women as a custom do not wear Burqa in that country.

Quebec province of Canada, New South Wales State of Australia also has banned wearing of Burqa in public places.

For more than 5,000 years, women of Sri Lanka, both Hindus and Buddhists do not wear any head or face cover as a matter of civility. Gender bias has never been an issue in Sri Lankan civilisation. 20th century Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathi condemned out rightly wearing of face cover, terming it as an abhorring custom introduced by Delhi Sultans.      

With the arrests of men in many places in Sri Lanka after the 21st April 2019 carnage wearing burqa to perform under-cover operations, it is natural that the peace loving citizens of Sri Lanka will salute the All Sri Lanka Ulama Council on its bold stand of counselling Muslim women not to wear Burqa.
We Hindus of Sri Lanka request Your Excellency to legitimise immediately this request of All Sri
Lanka Ulama Council through an ordinance.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Maravanpulavu K. Sachithananthan
Siva Senai