Wednesday 30 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 June 2021



Most religions confirm the soul within us. In the secular world this is recognised as truth / love. Truth is formless and is often recognised as ‘facts’. Truth discovered by us stays with us as positive Energy. Truth ignored by us becomes negative Energy when we fail to pay our dues to the benefits we enjoy. Those dues  in a belief based system take the form of  ‘expressions of gratitude’ ‘respect’ ‘appreciation’ etc. When my work is appreciated by someone, I would know it within me – because most of my work is based on truth realised by me. I believe that once generated – that Energy is within me forever. From time to time its manifestation can be blocked by desire or fear based thoughts but when I go into my work as internal virtual reality – I identify with that Energy. This I feel is recognized as Intuition in common language.

On the basis of the above - what is my experience of Ceylon Today article ‘Modi to Open Jaffna Indian Cultural Centre as Planned’ by Sulochana Ramiah Mohan ?

As a person who feels ownership in Jaffna, I feel happy that the Prime Minister of India is coming to Jaffna for this specific purpose. It confirms the value of Jaffna Tamil investment in Politics which was strong enough to invoke highest level regional support. It would also offset any threat from other foreign governments such as the government of China. Communist Party in Jaffna was related to China. Keeping this in mind, I read and listened to reviews of the film Tamil Methagu (the honourable) that has been released recently. The film is about LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran.

If one takes the film as true, then I become their Opposition. It is based largely on the last manifestations during  the last stages of the armed war. As a local sharing in the experiences of the victims, I do not identify with Prabhakaran as an honourable leader. As one who represented armed protestors – Prabhakaran was my internal opposition. Knowing this truth is essential to Energise the educated politician – naturally representing Tamils to whom education is a pathway to independence.

Velupillai Prabhakaran had every opportunity to become independent through the pathway of higher education. Had he done so, the 2009 massacre would have been prevented. By treating MG Ramachandran as his Big Brother, Velupillai Prabhakaran contributed to Tamil cinema. Naam Thamilar Party’s head Seeman was also a Tamil politician from the cinema industry.

The parallel of the above is the Rajapaksa leadership using money above belief to promote itself. In effect China became the Big Brother of Sinhalese due to money. One who is driven by money foremost cannot be a travelling in Buddha’s footsteps.

To the extent Tamils of Sri Lanka are conscious of Sri Lanka being their nation, India’s investment in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka would promote merger between Equals. Those who are conscious of being Tamil only – would effectively become part of India’s Tamil Nadu. I am therefore their natural Opposition. If we truly feel independent – any place where we feel free – is our home.

Tuesday 29 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 June 2021


‘Diseases, most notably plague, also spread along the Silk Road.’

As per my discovery, an opposition through belief is also natural discipline. It prevents our weaknesses from manifesting themselves. The risk of such manifestations happening are high in a ‘free’ environment that the Parliament is. Hence the need for internal opposition that would prevent such manifestations becoming natural law which keep changing dynamically in a free environment.

Tamils are a natural opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. It is not just the mind of the politician as an individual. The real opposition is the common mind of the consolidated minority who are not included by the government as part of itself – due to whatever reason. A truly powerful opposition would not need majority vote by numbers. It is empowered by the absolute power of belief. The more it is by numbers the more active would be changes to the natural structures.

Those of us who respect our ancestors, invoke their positive Energy. Those who respect our current relationships would make our contributions ‘Common’ by lateral consolidation. Latter is more likely in Democracy, where manifestations happen at the primary level to impress voters. But then one has to complete that cycle by becoming global.

The UNP’s power in Parliament is represented by former Prime Minister - Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. Whether he would be like the elephant faced Lord Ganesh to whom His parents were His world or like Lord Muruga who went around the world and formed His own kingdom is left to be seen. Either way – it would be global , due to UNP’s heritage. The legend goes as follows:

[This time Saint Naradhar took a mango to Shiva-Shakthi and said that whoever ate that mango would attain eternity.  Given that Shiva-Shakthi did not need it (they were already immortal) they decided to share it equally between their two children.  Saint Naradhar says that to attain the value of eternity, the mango should not be shared but should be eaten in full by one person.  This means that anything physical should be fully experienced  by one person to raise it to the higher value.  For example,  our workplace credits need to be fully owned by us before we could raise it to ownership level. Towards this we need to feel grateful to those who contributed to our development and the opportunities through which we obtain those credits. If we are not able to do this, we need to share benefits purely on merit basis. Hence Equal Opportunity principles in countries/cities  that have high migrant population.

The two sons – Ganesh and Muruga are invited to participate in the race to go around the world to get the prize mango. Muruga the active  junior, immediately takes His vehicle the Peacock and starts on His around-the-world trip.

In Hindu temples, the Divine quality  is personified inside the altar and its opposite – the animal quality is personified outside the altar and is called the vehicle.  It is called the vehicle due to us needing to travel on the animal to realize the values of our divinity.  If the animal is not used as a vehicle – it would tend to dominate and run the show. 

Shiva for example is personifies Love.  Hence ‘[md;Ng rptk;/ Anpe Sivam (Shiva is Love)’.  The bull outside denotes lust.  Likewise elephant faced Ganesh personifies the intellectual path - as the elephant is known to be the one with deepest memory within the animal kingdom.  The mouse outside personifies hearsay and does as it is ‘told’.  To me Ganesh is Computer and mouse is the mouse used to instruct the computer.  Ganesh is worshipped at the beginning of a venture due to being known as the  remover of obstacles – the way the elephant clears the path for others coming behind him. One who uses his own deep memory is like Ganesh and  one who uses hearsay is like the mouse.  Information that is not written by us would not last long in our memory. Muruga personifies egoless state due to His 360 view.  When we are global / universal – there is no ‘I’ ego in us.  The peacock on the other hand is known to be proud of itself.

 Ganesh, who is the thinker – and who would have been at a disadvantage compared to Muruga due to the latter’s ability to fly – compared to Ganesh’s mouse - asked Saint Naradhar whether it was correct thinking that His parents – Shiva-Shakthi stood for the whole world. Saint Naradhar said ‘yes’.  So Ganesh went around His parents – believing them to be the whole world and Ganesh won the prize mango. To me this is the academic way. But then that works only if their academic gurus are their whole world. In terms of migration – this means also that the senior migrants need to be driven by their intellect and not physical contribution, if they are to retain leadership power.

Muruga on completing His journey successfully, learns that the prize mango had been awarded to Ganesh who completed the journey by His mind, renounces His heritage and establishes His kingdom on Palani Hill in South India. Muruga is known also as the Lord of Democratic era for this reason of physically observing – and hence ‘objectivity’ in democracy. Hence this accommodates juniors / minorities who would actively observe a matter from all angles before they make decisions – as in Do It Yourself way.] Chapter 17 Naan Australian.

Majority Tamils being Hindus would know about the above legend. To the extent they believe in Ganesh – they would naturally be connected to Sinhalese and others who also believe  in Ganesh and therefore the Power of One.

That is how  Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has the Opportunity to win by invoking ancestral powers – especially that of the British. Most of us do not know how it works; but we do know that it works. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has to become the medium of intellectuals to defeat those driven by immediately visible outcomes.

On 08 November 2018, in his interview with India Today, Mr Namal Rajapaksa – the son of current Prime Minister stated to the effect that he considered Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s policies were pro-Western and that Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was depending on the West. - . This happened when the nation was in the middle of a Constitutional Crisis.

Now it is obvious to the Sri Lankan People that his government is dependent on China. In addition, Mr Basil Rajapaksa who is a citizen also of USA, is due to be sworn in as National list MP, followed by being crowned as the Finance Minister. Mr Kusal Perera, in his Daily Mirror article  This much is all I know of Rajapaksas’ states:

[Rajapaksas, it seems have made up the mind to gradually change course to accommodate projects the Tamil and Muslim politicians in the North and East  want for their people. Basil comes in there too, capable of re-establishing political relationships with Tamil and Muslim leaders. He would begin planning projects for the North-East, that Namal can participate in launching with Tamil and Muslim politicians of the N-E]

This is where Ranil has strongest opportunity to not only steer Sri Lanka towards globalization, but also redeem Sri Lanka from the BRI . To my mind, this project which is the revival of Silk Road has also invoked the Pandemic that was in the Silk Road genes; confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:

[Though silk was the major trade item exported from China, many other goods and ideas were exchanged, including religions (especially Buddhism), syncretic philosophies, sciences, and technologies like paper and gunpowder. So in addition to economic trade, the Silk Road was a route for cultural trade among the civilizations along its network. Diseases, most notably plague, also spread along the Silk Road.]

The more dependent we become on the ‘outcomes’ sans belief, the more disorderly we would be. When I first connected the Covid pandemic to the BRI, I had not read the above about the plague. I read it only today. Back then, it was because I genuinely cared – especially about the outbreak in Australia which began with a guy in Victoria who had returned from Wuhan – that I connected and wrote as I did. Every expression of belief goes towards exponential positive Energy. I connected it to Victoria’s share of BRI profits (alleged)  and when ultimately our Government promised to cancel the relevant agreement – I felt that my message had reached the government’s mind. That is the way of true belief which is Pure Energy

Now that UNP does not have to worry about majority votes, it would not need to be seen to be winning. Thus all its efforts would go towards Belief based powers that are exponential. If therefore Mr Wickremesinghe who is labelled as being ‘Western’,  actively plays Opposition to pro-China and/or  anti-Western actions , and does so with belief – democracy in Sri Lanka would survive with the support of the West.

I therefore identify with the following statement by the UNP:

[The party also blamed the Government for mismanaging the COVID-19 outbreak, alleging that failures to heed expert medical advice in enforcing quarantine related travel restrictions and delays in ordering COVID-19 vaccines have pushed the country into a crisis. ] Financial Times

 The Silk Road Karma ! due to unstable minds made insecure by bad debts

Monday 28 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 June 2021




On 26 June, under the heading Uberrima Fidei, I wrote as follows:

[My attention was drawn this morning to the following report by Adaderana:

[Nearly 150 death-row inmates held at Mahara and Welikada prisons are currently engaged in a hunger strike.

They are demanding the authorities to commute their death sentences to life imprisonment, reports revealed.

A group of 70 inmates at Mahara Prison had launched an indefinite fast-unto-death on Thursday (June 24) and following suit, a group of inmates at Welikada Prison had also commenced a hunger strike later in the day.

Prisons Spokesman Commissioner Chandana Ekanayake stated that discussions with relevant parties are now underway to resolve the situation.

According to reports, the security at Welikada Prison has been beefed up.]


The current President is reported to be committed to improving villages. In democracy, this requires the President to think like the villager – even though s/he may be a criminal.


On the same day the above strike started, Mr Duminda Silva was released:


[Former MP Duminda Silva was sentenced to death along with four others in 2016 for shooting dead a rival politician and three of his supporters in 2011.

Mr Silva, who was a political ally of Mr Rajapaksa, is among 94 prisoners to be given a presidential pardon.] BBC

If the President were truly a political friend of Mr Duminda Silva and was genuinely committed to the common villager, he would have released all death sentence prisoners or continued to keep Mr Duminda Silva in prison, confirming Uberrima Fidei/Utmost good faith in their friendship even though the friend is in prison. ]

Today, I read the following report by Adaderana:

[State Minister of Prison Reforms today (June 26) stated that attention is being paid to commute the sentences of 253 prisoners who have been condemned to death.

State Minister Lohan Ratwatte said that the relevant report has been submitted to the Minister of Justice.

He said, “We have forwarded that request to the Minister of Justice. We have called for life imprisonment for death row inmates.

When a prisoner is reintegrated into society, our hope is to make him a good citizen who can work for society.” ]

I felt satisfied that my contribution was heard by the Common system. One who believes identifies at Energy level. One driven by the visible outcome is limited to her/his production only. Hence Separatism.

Most importantly, this identity confirms to me that ethnic gap is narrowing and Sri Lankan commonness is strengthening. That is the power of truth. The amazing discovery I made was that Uberrima Fidei which means ‘utmost faith’, when used by a believer invokes truth in others.  Towards this we need to feel that we belong in a sovereign group. Someone in a Tamil only group wrote:

[Gaja, high time we forget each other. We must give up this relationship. Many are very angry with me for carrying on with you. You saw how I was abused, insulted and tortured for keeping contact with you. I am receiving threats, anonymous death threats and I am scared to continue with you. I dont know how to handle this situation.]

I responded as follows:

[No problem Xxxx. I will take you off the list]

The swift reply was:

[Just hold on Gaja. Let us wait and see. If I run then they may call me a coward who got frightened and ran away. Even though there is a new party, yet they observe from behind the scene as to what is happening in their former club. I see this like our Tamil movies. A new man comes into the family and then runs away with the guy's wife. Similarly our friends have been enticed and taken away from us and we are left in the lurch. One former friend asked me as to why he receives very polite posts from people that are totally unknown to him. I told him that it is a recruitment strategy. Anyway at least you are still there. So let us wait for a while and .👹👹👹. A known devil is better than an unknown angel. ]

These social exchanges confirm that Tamils no longer feel an ethnic problem. Hence this kind of ‘internal discrimination’ when they think they are ‘free’ of community judgments.

By living in Vaddukoddai, I have learnt that unjust caste based discrimination resulted in self-isolation by minority – very much along the lines of the sect that sought Tamil Eelam. In both instances, it was so they use their own local rules for fighting. Those from the junior caste that did not separate are merging with each other through Common experiences – especially in formal education. The descendants of those who discriminated unjustly on caste basis are now playing ethnicity based politics – especially in nations where there is greater freedom of expression than in their previous environments in Sri Lanka.

Most in the Tamil Diaspora use the work of armed rebels and the resultant deaths and disappearances to claim ‘genocide’. Others looking for a political fight take advantage and use that to their advantage. But in Vaddukoddai itself there are many women whose husbands and brothers were taken away by rival gangs. When we stretch our experiences to the wider level – and blame the government totally for wrongs we experienced – we stretch also our own inability to self-govern. If on the other hand, we first take responsibility for our share of wrongs using the same measure that we apply on the opposition – we would find the solution that is manageable by us.

This real and lasting solution is not that we live side by side/coexist, but be aware that there are common areas in which we have to consciously apply common theory / law or take the affirmative approach as considering the other person to be right until proven otherwise.

Whether it is Sinhalese in Tamil are or v.v. there is need to pay our respects to those who developed that area and not those who currently occupy that area. This applies to any social life of Sinhalese officers even in their barracks. The culture of those who developed that area needs to be respected by those who come later. Where the folks in an area do not have strong knowledge of Common Law – one who pays respect to the developers of existing cultural laws would mind-merge with all practitioners of those  cultural laws. That is like Planning and Budgeting.

It is important that every Tamil takes this approach in terms of her/his home area, before finding fault those in government. If the government seeks to do otherwise, our Truth will find its way to uphold the balance of sovereignty of Sri Lanka. Eelam Tamils have no jurisdiction to find fault with Sri Lankans.

 When we act as per our belief – the other side is taken by Universal power of Truth. Hence, as Lord Krishna said – I am the citizen and I am the governor. I am the writer and I am the reader. Some have the opportunity to give face to the other side of a believer’s work. Many are not interested. They use the space to show off their own work. This amounts to plagiarism which eventually warps the mental structure of the plagiariser. The risk is high in academics who neither researched nor paid their respects to those who did. The relief comes from renouncing all credits from previous structures. Then only the intelligence is preserved. To me that in essence is the Buddhist pathway also.


Sunday 27 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 June 2021


God tirelessly plays dice

Truth will prevail’: Sri Lankan criminal investigator after bail 

[Shani Abeysekara, 59, the former senior superintendent of police who headed the Criminal Investigation Department, is accused of fabricating and concealing evidence in the case against former Deputy Inspector General of Police Vaas Gunawardena, his son and four other police officers…….

People who live according to their conscience find that it’s not hard to face anything. They know that if they do something wrong, they have to face the punishment,” he says.

“I won’t have to face punishment because I have not done any wrong.”] AL Jazeera

Where one is true, not only would one not feel punishment pain for long but one would also have the Energy to return the real punishment  to sender.  That is how Energy works. Hence the saying in many religions - ‘punishment must be left to god’

Recently for example - there was a message sent to me as part of the Tamil Diaspora - with the heading ‘CHANDRIKA BANDARANAIKE - PHOTO - IN LONDON’. I received it on 24 June but opened it only yesterday, after I felt hurt when I was ‘told’ as follows by a person with Medical status from an all Tamil group:

[Gaja, it is indeed work related legal and medical principles. What do you mean it needs proof? I am not quoting cases or case studies but established facts as they stand. There seems to be some cognitive problem. Need more focussing…..

Gaja, for me it is a focussed specific issue and for you it is just gossip. One needs professional training and be academically focussed to be specific and factual instead of galivanting.]

The above was at the tail end of discussions on the basis of my article headed ‘Uberrima Fidei’ / In Utmost Faith

I was hurt by the above innuendo that I was engaging in gossip. That was when subconsciously I felt drawn to the above mentioned mail with former President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s photo – using her maiden name and with the note ‘A MUST VIEW’

To me, it was disrespectful and an invasion of Privacy that the lady was entitled to in her retirement. It also made a lie of Tamil claim that we are an educated community. Thinking about all that I responded as follows this morning to the email headed ‘Rape--the Malaysian scenario’:

[That is when you are in official position or using official position. If you would not tell your patient or student in the language you use with me – then it is outside your official position. When you consciously renounce your official credits – you will identify with your own truth and therefore that of the other – in this instance – me. If you consider my work to be gossip – then THAT is rape. All you need to do is search under my name and know that my book ‘Naan Australian’ is in National Library of Australia – which sourced it from Congress Library. My current work is taking similar trend to bring out the need in Tamil and Sri Lankan communities. The gossip started when you responded by indiscriminately running down the SL government and Xxxx took that as a lead to find fault with my work and ‘catch’ my space as his. That is how sexual rape also happens. It begins with unjust discrimination which you are also guilty of. ]

In the case of Mr Shani Abeysekara, Wikipedia reports as follows:

[His telephone conversations with politician Ranjan Ramanayake and some high-profile figures including judges were leaked in the media.  Other several telephone conversations involving him were also leaked to the public and the recordings suggested that he used the law in unlawful manner to favour Ranjan Ramanayake's request.]

The Island’s editorial recently included the following under the heading ‘When villains guffaw and heroes whine’:


[A sardonic witticism attributed to Einstein describes insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.]

This government is alleged  to use political clout above the rule of law. Only those who are insane would therefore expect different results from finding fault with this government – where even the mighty UNHRC has failed.

However, there is hope from Einstein’s discovery reported as follows:

 "God tirelessly plays dice under laws which he has himself prescribed." – Albert Einstein

This to my mind means that the Universe is self balancing at all times and that manifestations happen whenever there is imbalance in the Universal system. The lay person refers to it as the ‘Will of God’. Those who submit a problem or opportunity to their own truth – feel connected to that Universal system. Hence when something ‘happens’ without their direct intervention we feel that it happened due to the Will of God.

As per my discovery, if we stay and act within our truth, we would know why something happened to us. Likewise, when we act as part of a community. Personal outcomes would not be the same as community outcomes. But when we merge our efforts with the community – the effects would render exponential value to our satisfaction in relation to the outcome/s. Hence when the issue / matter leaves our direct control, the outcomes would look different due to the common energies – which ultimately become Universal Energies.

If Mr Shani Abeysekara submitted his discoveries to Common Sri Lankan – the outcomes would be different to what they would have been as the head of CID. They would certainly satisfy his conscience in due course because God tirelessly plays dice strictly under laws which He has Himself prescribed. It was because God kept playing dice that Mr Shani Abeysekara came out at this time.



Saturday 26 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 June 2021



This morning I wrote the following in honour of my dear friend and relative in law Padma Rajakarier Sivananthan who left her mortal coil last morning:

[Thank you so very much Malar. I also have been reminiscing and going into virtual reality of our experiences at young age. In my case especially, this culminated in the marriage of my sister to Padma’s brother Sachi. Sachi in turn was all our brother, made more attractive by his Singapore flare and impeccable manners. You Padma and I were studying law – particularly Uppuma Fide/Uberrima Fidei – when Padma mentioned that Sachi was due to arrive soon. It was you who then asked whether they would arrange marriage for him. Padma was always a cheerful soul. I feel happiest going into that virtual reality with Padma and you. Our turns would come soon and I want to leave similar pathways open to others to whom I meant something. I thank the Padma in you for making this sharing possible.



(We remembered Uberrima as Uppuma – a semolina based dish)

The truth in our experiences, when realized makes it possible for us to go into those as virtual realities. Painful experiences are without anxiety in the virtual reality mode. They render sad comfort.

My attention was drawn this morning to the following report by Adaderana:

[Nearly 150 death-row inmates held at Mahara and Welikada prisons are currently engaged in a hunger strike.

They are demanding the authorities to commute their death sentences to life imprisonment, reports revealed.

A group of 70 inmates at Mahara Prison had launched an indefinite fast-unto-death on Thursday (June 24) and following suit, a group of inmates at Welikada Prison had also commenced a hunger strike later in the day.

Prisons Spokesman Commissioner Chandana Ekanayake stated that discussions with relevant parties are now underway to resolve the situation.

According to reports, the security at Welikada Prison has been beefed up.]


The current President is reported to be committed to improving villages. In democracy, this requires the President to think like the villager – even though s/he may be a criminal.


On the same day the above strike started, Mr Duminda Silva was released:


[Former MP Duminda Silva was sentenced to death along with four others in 2016 for shooting dead a rival politician and three of his supporters in 2011.

Mr Silva, who was a political ally of Mr Rajapaksa, is among 94 prisoners to be given a presidential pardon.] BBC

If the President were truly a political friend of Mr Duminda Silva and was genuinely committed to the common villager, he would have released all death sentence prisoners or continued to keep Mr Duminda Silva in prison, confirming Uberrima Fidei/Utmost good faith in their friendship even though the friend is in prison.

By pardoning his friend and not the villagers the President has seriously weakened his Governance power and that of the position of President. Had the President not pardoned him but spent considerable time with the friend in prison, he would have been seen as a just leader – deserving of the status of Buddha’s disciple. He had that duty on Poya day – a Buddhist religious day when a true follower of Buddhism would have heightened consciousness of Dharma which in essence is Faith based governance / Rule as per Uberrima Fidei.

If all were released then that effectively dismisses the work by the Judiciary and confirms that we are overregulated.

By mixing the two systems – the President is contributing to the higher risk of mental disorder – following in the footsteps of his predecessor who was caught between two opposing political parties and hence failed to uphold the law.

Ultimately, we develop our own karma and to the extent we are part of a community – our individual karma is shared with that community. The President would have realised this if he had gone into meditation as per Buddhism Foremost article (9) in our constitution. Effectively, the President has repealed Article 9 on Poson Poya  - the anniversary of the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.



Friday 25 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 June 2021




“Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti Yatho Drishti Thatho Manah Yatho Manah Thatho Bhaava Yatho Bhaava Thatho Rasa.”

"Where the Hands are, there  go the Eyes Where the Eyes are, there  goes the Mind Where the Mind is, there is Attitude Where the Attitude is, there is Reception." -  Natyasastra / Dance Philosophy


The above philosophy applies to politics as follows:

"Where the words are, there  go the Ears Where the Ears are, there  goes the Mind Where the Mind is, there is Attitude Where the Attitude is, there is Reception."

As per the latest news reports in Sri Lanka, Presidential pardon has been granted to 93 prisoners including 16  former LTTE cadres . This is 17% of the total released. In addition, Mr Duminda Silva who was tried by the Courts and sentenced to death for murder of a fellow politician was also released by the President yesterday. Wikipedia highlights the following about this politician:

[Duminda Silva is a close associate of the powerful former defense secretary of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa]


This confirms that this president is not very different to his predecessor who also pardoned a person found guilty of murdering a teenager .

Using the above dance philosophy, to the extent the above is accepted by the People, the experience gets completed at that level. This in turn renders Article 34 of the Constitution,  redundant. This confirms the war-crimes allegations that have been raised to UN level.

The law regulates our interactions with each other and helps us form strong relationships. Outcomes through those common structures are healthy for the mind. Outcomes that are not passed through common principles, and/or truth, divide us and ultimately lead to instability of the mind.

In China’s parallel the minority community Uyghurs are at the centre of attention including at the UN:

[China on Tuesday politely declined UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s call for a “meaningful access” to verify the “serious” reports of human rights violations in the restive region of Xinjiang, saying she is welcome for a “friendly visit” but not to pursue a probe with “presumption of guilt”.

The US and the EU besides many other countries have accused China of committing genocide against the minority Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang and called for an international probe by human rights groups.] The Indian Express


If the UNHRC believes that there are violations, it now has another opportunity to highlight this commitment through Sri Lanka, in the case of Colombo Port City and also by raising concern over the arbitrary release of a politician in breach of the Constitutional provisions. The Constitution is the structure through which Sri Lanka is presented to wider world.  Hence the UNHRC needs to use its status to prevent the parallel manifestations in other nations. If China is the elephant, Sri Lanka is the mouse. The Hindu philosophy in this regard is presented as follows:

[Elephant faced Ganesh personifies the intellectual path - as the elephant is known to be the one with deepest memory within the animal kingdom.  The mouse outside personifies hearsay and does as it is ‘told’.  To me Ganesh is Computer and mouse is the mouse used to instruct the computer.] Naan Australian

Sri Lankan constitution may no longer be the elephant of the government. It may soon be China. Hence within that little gap the UN has the opportunity to prevent another disaster of a fight between the Sri Lankan Lion that has become a mouse and the mighty China elephant.

In the meantime every true discovery that the minorities make would go towards invoking credits at global level. Ultimately Truth wins when the focused performer merges with a common citizen and generates exponential power.

Thursday 24 June 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 June 2021





They say that time and place are change agents. As per my discovery when we freeze both we would experience the absolute. To my mind meditation helps us achieve  this. Most of us would find it easier to travel through one or the other. As per my conclusion, when we freeze time, we become more global through lateral travel; and when we freeze space we become more ancestral.

Someone in a Tamil Male alumni group wrote to another yesterday:


[I thought like xxx you are  a Medical doctor, Now I have a doubt whether I misunderstood you.

Doctor of what?  Tamil Literature & Poetry?  I am amazed by your தமிழ் புலமை கண்டு!  நின் தமிழ் திறமைக்கு எனது வாழ்த்து ! (I admire your proficiency in Tamil)

இந்த கூட்டத்தில் அமர்ந்திருப்பது xxxxx என்றறிந்தும் அந்த கஜலக்சுமியுடன்   நிற்றிக் கண் திறப்பினும் குற்றம் குற்றமே என்று வாதாடிய நின் தமிழ் திறமைக்கு எனது வாழ்த்து ! வாழ்க நின் தமிழ் தொண்டு (Even though xxx is in this group, you argued with Gajalakshmi that even if you are burnt by the Third eye, a wrong was a wrong. Long live your service to Tamil!]


The above discussion happened in response to my article headed ‘LANGUAGE OF COLOMBO PORT CITY’. The heading itself was changed to [LANGUAGE OF COLOMBO PORT CITY; LANGUAGE AND ETHNIC ISSUES IN CHINLANKA], by the person who was praised. I was rather upset by it and the show of disrespect for me that ensued.


To me the reality of the above group is that they have gone back to the time when they were in Jaffna. Space was thus frozen to their school which is Tamil only school.


Then this morning Valentine Kursusumuthu who from time to time expresses appreciation for my work and who is in my media email list wrote to me under the topic ‘LANGUAGE OF COLOMBO PORT CITY’ without any change. The response was copied to the whole group of about 72 media related persons. Valentine wrote:


[Madam..(அம்மனி), sister (சகோதரி), Tamil woman ( தமிழிச்சி).. வணக்கம், Namaste,guten Tag,schalom, good day, Allahu agbar, aibowan..!

தாங்கள் ஓர் தமிழ் அறிவாழராக நான் கருதுகிறேன்,.. தங்கள் கருத்துக்களை எவரையும் புண்படுத்தாமல் ஆதாரத்துடன் (evidence), விஞ்ஞான ரீதியாக (in a scientific way) எழுதுகிறீர்கள். (I consider you to be a Tamil intellectual. You write scientifically and with evidence, without hurting anyone.

நன்றி..பனி தோடரவும். Thank you and let the service continue.

ஆனாலும்"ஏட்டுச் சுரைக்காய் கறிக்கு உதவாது". (But book vegetable cannot be cooked. )

ஆகவே தங்கள் படைப்புகளை ஆங்கிலத்தில் மட்டுமே அன்றி.. சிங்கள.தமிழ் மொழிகளில் பகிர்ந்தால் இப்பிரச்சனையுடன் சம்பந்தப்பட்டவர்கள் வாசித்து.. சிந்தித்து..சகல இனத்தவர்கள் உடன் பரிமாறி ஒற்றுமையாக வாழ வழிகாட்டும் என நினைக்கிறேன். (Hence please do not limit your writings to English only . If shared in Sinhalese and Tamil  - so those affected by the ethnic problem would read, think, share and feel  united.

.It is up to you,my humble request... that's all.

Take care and be safe and clever]


Valentine is confirming lateral / global spread which is the current need for Sri Lankans. The mind is inclusive of other cultures. This is essential in multicultural democracy. The alumni group on the other hand, has become local in terms of language and gender. This leads to the question whether Tamils who were educated in multicultural environments such as Colombo or Kandy / Peradeniya contributed to the ethnic war in Sri Lanka, even before the LTTE took-over power. In fact did it happen because educated Tamils failed to pay their dues to Commonness?


In his article ‘Myanmar: Kyaukphyu Port-The Dragon Enters in a Big Way’

Dr Chandrasekharan honoured my work as follows:


[This reminds me of a well thought out remarks by an analyst of Sri Lankan origin Gajalakshmi Paramasivam, in connection with the projects in Sri Lanka.  She pointed out that “Borrowing without the ability to repay results in slavery.  One who is a slave does not  have the capacity to work sovereign powers anytime, anywhere!”]


Dr Chandrasekharan who made immense contribution to India’s regional leadership, has since left his mortal coil. But his Energy continues to support many of us at the time of our need. It was this Energy that led me to look into
the Xinjiang conflict, and learn through my Sri Lankan experience, the plight of Uyghurs, who are presented by Wikipedia as ‘ a Turkic minority ethnic group who constitute a plurality of the region's population


Of special interest to me was the fact that Uyghurs claim of Nationalism as opposed to common ideology with China. The latter is the parallel of Unitary State claim in article 2 of the Sri Lankan constitution. This means that any subdivision needs to uphold parity with every other part. Article 9 of the constitution states:


[9. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).]


Parity on the basis of religion is disturbed by article 9. The average thinker may ask as to how that would be a problem when it is not actively used in Administration or Court of Law. It is quite common for Buddhist clergy to get involved in Sri Lankan politics. At the surface level majority memory rules over minority memory. The more common we are the more equal manifestations would be. The above article divides Sri Lanka into two Equal parts.


One may ask as to how an inactive law could affect manifestations. Each time the constitution is the basis of the oath – one who so takes oath promises to divide Sri Lanka. The Constitution is the written manual of our ancestors. When oath is taken by a Buddhist – Buddhist ancestral powers are invoked. When a non-Buddhist takes oath s/he promises to uphold the other half. Once invoked we cannot instruct our ancestors. They would go to work through their Absolute Power.


Xinjiang conflict has become active for the same reason. The Uyghurs are Muslims and to the extent they realised the Absolute power through Islam, they would invoke their ancestral powers native to that area where they practiced their religion. But a Han Chinese would not have that kind of access in that area. The way Northern Sri Lankans are geographically and culturally close to South India, Xinjiang  Uyghurs are close to other Muslim countries in that area, including Afghanistan and Pakistan.


China’s government’s  interest in that area would be more relative especially due to oil in that area. Hence even though  China’s government has strong armed power, it would be relative and could be overridden by global powers that are democratic and are committed more deeply to Human Rights.