Monday 25 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 April    2016
Muruga by Ravi Varma

Fear of Devolution

“Government insists will not allow country to be divided” Colombo gazette

I got off the Bus around 5 am at our Thunaivi Temple in Vaddukoddai District – the litmus of the claim of  Sri Lankan Tamil Community that we are self-governing. I believe that Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 paved the way for the LTTE to spread its activities to become global.  I felt ‘at home’ and started walking towards our cottage. Jeevan our coordinator carried the larger baggage and was walking behind me. I noticed a dent in the steel fence erected by us to prevent dilution of the common positive energy that we have been developing in that area. That fence came with a big price tag and symbolized our policy of using local labor  even when it was more expensive and of lesser quality than the standards of work available in wider market. But to me it was about my feelings of ownership in that area through our family temple. In many ways that Vaddukoddai area is the parallel of Sri Lanka in relation to the global community. I mentioned to Jeevan that someone had tried to make a gap at that place. Jeevan said he had not noticed any damage. Jeevan being about the same age as my children – his physical senses would have been sharper than mine. Yet he did not observe anything amiss. I left it at that and made a mental note to inspect it later in daylight. A few hours later Jeevan returned and confirmed that someone had tried to cut open a gap in the steel fence. To my mind that was confirmation that the vehicle used in illegal trafficking of cattle and others with similar history would again be parked in our temple grounds.  Even though Jeevan was a frequent visitor to that area he needed his physical sense to register the information that the fence was damaged. I did not – despite going there only a few times a year. The difference was due to the sense of ownership which at the highest level of return has absolute power – the power of Truth/Love/God. That feeling that the fence was a part of me – representing my investment in lawful structures and activities – meant that the fence was no longer an inanimate structure. It was part of me and when it hurt, I hurt – not at the physical level – but at the shared value system common to the fence and myself. We both presented ‘Security’ in that area an area where Tamils declared their belief that we were better off self-governing than was the case at that time – where any mention of self-governance was treated as treason.  Through my own experiences I have learnt that once we leave it to the system of Truth/Love/God – we become observers from that point onwards. During the study circle sharing later that morning – I explained that there was a component of causal forces that happened due to God’s system and encouraged participants to identify with that force in their own experiences. To me, the Tamil Political Leadership becoming the Opposition in 1977 as well as 2015 happened due to this force becoming active within the voter. Even one such voter would empower her/his leadership to become government or its equivalent – the Leading Opposition.

In the Daily Mirror article ‘Lack of inclusiveness: Dinesh, Sampanthan in the same boat, Mr. M S M Ayub states:

One would agree with Mahajana Eksath Peramuna (MEP) leader Dinesh Gunawardane, who criticised R. Sampanthan for taking up only Tamil issues during his engagements with other politicians and the public instead of discussing national issues as the Opposition Leader of the country. 
Sampanthan, in response, had lashed out at the MEP leader and questioned as to whether Southern politicians had taken up issues that affected Tamil people in their engagements with the Government or the people. “They are concerned about the issues around them and we too are concerned about the issues around us” he had told media at a meeting in the North, according to the Tamil media.’

The parallel of the above in my case was whether I ought to address workplace weaknesses through Racial Discrimination pathway or through Industrial laws. Until my disappointment with the University of NSW – I used the General pathway – which needed me to often take lower position than most leading participants relative to whom my contributions on merit basis  were higher. It was painful but I absorbed it by learning to rely on my own valuation of myself. Unknown to me – that ‘gap’ in benefits – matured and became investments in the structures of those institutions and beyond - as common energy to work that issue through the system of Truth. One who sacrifices earned benefits – automatically gets share in the structure that produced those benefits. When that structure fails to return the due benefits – we get promoted to the global level – through the system of Truth – to become part of the real global structures. That I believe is how many of us empowered Sri Lankan leaders to have the confidence to participate at global level. The pain of war thus became investment in global structures for those who accepted defeats at the local level – despite having earned to win at the local level.

The above Equalization of   the Hon R Sampanthan –leader of the Opposition  and the Hon Dinesh Gunawardane MP, is inappropriate and confirms the disrespect for positions earned on merit basis. Mr. Sampanthan himself failed to uphold his higher position but instead, reacted to someone with a lower position as an Equal – the same way Mr. Rajapaksa became the Equal Opposition of the LTTE Leadership when he was President.

The above author goes on to confirm that Mr. Sampanthan:

‘had also pointed out that the southern politicians are normally a-pathetic to the problems faced by the Tamil people and leave them to the Tamil leaders.’ 

 The real picture as per my contribution to the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka is that the problem has been escalated to the global level – and focus on that issue of Racism – earns us membership in global community – provided we measure through global laws and/or our Truth alone. I used Industrial relations laws until the last job – because I of my stronger investment in that pathway than in the Humanitarian Pathway. We have the right to any pathway – provided we believe that it is an appropriate pathway to resolve the problem as we saw it.  If therefore the Tamil Community Leaders used the Racial Discrimination pathway – to inquire and determine – the Community becomes more global in its thinking than do those who use the general local pathways.

As per the Colombo Gazette report:

The Government insists it will not allow the country to be divided or National security to be placed in jeopardy.
State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardena said that while the Government and politicians in the North may discuss devolution of power, it will not be done at the expense of harming the unity of the country.
The Northern Provincial Council had last week called for a separate State for Tamil speaking people.
Wijewardena however said the Government will take all measures to protect the unity of Sri Lanka as it takes forward the reconciliation process.

A state Minister responding as an Equal other side to a Provincial Council – confirms that to that Minister – that is the maximum level of status he has earned. The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was itself interpreted differently by different groups – with LTTE talking of Separate Country. Their actions in preventing Tamil voters from participating in Sri Lankan Presidential elections confirmed this further. Their parallels do exist in other communities. By responding outside his portfolio responsibilities and picking the Country separation picture through which to present his thinking, the Defence Minister has confirmed that he needed Tamil Tigers as his opposition to function as Defence Minister. They seem to think more about the Tamil Tigers than do we – the law abiding section of  the Tamil Community. It is as if they are speaking through the Sprits of the Tamil Tigers whom they see as their opposition. Truth manifests Itself at one level. TO the extent we manifest ourselves as ‘free’ persons – not accountable to anyone above us – we would also naturally recognize as our equals  - the other side. It is for this reason that Democracy facilitates Equal Opposition when one is considered a free citizen to make her/his own choices. The choices we make when we are unsupervised – confirm our true level. Accordingly, the above Minister’s level is the LTTE.

In Hinduism we have the personification of Muruga with two wives. Some say they represent the two Energies – Ichcha Shakthi & Kiriya Shakthi.   Ichcha (want) Shakthi is the motivational Energy and Kiriya (work) Shakthi is Kinetic Energy. In terms of  family, workplace and society – Ichcha Shakthi is the latent power of ownership shown through structures and  is developed through sacrifice of earned  benefits and/or by respecting as our elders, those who have developed structures. Kiriya Shakthi is the power generated by current work. Former is measured on the basis of Common faith and latter on the basis of Merit. Former tends to be subconscious and latter is consciously and/or  expressly calculated. Autocracy gives priority to Ichcha Shakthi and Democracy gives priority to Kiriya Shakthi.

Where the LTTE invoked the  Government to become Kiriya Shakthi – and  that was merit based  as per LTTE’s actions only – the claim of victory over Terrorists completed that picture. To carry it beyond the period of the active players – would confirm that LTTE has become the motivational force for the Government and that the Government has ceiled its development at that level.  Likewise when Tamils keep expecting to get even through ‘active talk’ of war-crimes – without reference to specific global laws that say such and such is a crime and ensuring that the LTTE which is included as part of the leadership is clean in that respect using the same measure. Without such approach we are abandoning our own contributions to law and order at global standards.

As per the law of  Nature – each unit of desire produces its equal other side – fear. If there are no true takers – the fear returns to the one who enjoyed the desire. Even though Tamils are in the minority as per body count – they became an Equal and Opposite force showing this ‘other’ side immediately – to the Government and the People. It is the duty of the Opposition to do this. Where it is done through the topic understood by Tamils through experience – it is healthy for Sri Lanka because of the global value of such an issue. There is no other issue that Sri Lankans are more passionate about than the ethnic issue and that is so only because Tamils showed the ‘other side’ from the time British vacated post.  One who enjoys more pleasures through inherited wealth – but without paying respects to ancestors/elders - is likely to ‘fear’ separation as division. The parallel of that in family life is Divorce. But where one is able to develop to a higher level through ‘privacy’ AFTER best contribution to the common system, would have the best of both worlds – enjoyment of two homes. Ultimately as per the law of nature – we do unto ourselves all that we do unto others. Those who cease being Accountable to the Truth within – would think that they would have the desire and the other side would have the fear. The above is an example of this. Hence Devolution is pictured as separation. LTTE confirmed that the cleverness of its members was extraordinary when they were in isolation. If this is recognized by the Government – as a common feature – it would use such separation to its advantage. If the government does not find a common opposition/enemy – the problem gets internalized and that divides the country – whatever we may call the divided parts. This would weaken both parts. Commonness confirms sacrifice and leads us towards absolute value. Where Tamils travel ahead by accepting defeats they own the whole in their minds. From time to time the system of Truth confirms this – and this has happened again. Everyone who accepts the TNA as the Equal Opposition to the Government – is confirming eligibility to be global citizen. This would not happen where there is no diversity and therefore separation of powers. Devolution to Tamils is confirmation of our Equality in value to Sinhalese who have majority at the physical level. Anyone who brings it down to lower level to suit their own desires – is demoting their eligibility to be leaders of global standards. 

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 20 April   2016

The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e). – Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution

God Lives at the Church
Buddha lives at the Parliament

As recommended by my friend Gwen, I decided to test out the   Q&A program on ABC TV. I chose at random and the episode that came up was  that of Monday 12 October, 2015 discussing the topic – ‘Social Cohesion, Offshore Detention & Factions’. It was as if someone was monitoring my interests and presenting me that very topic – months after the original telecast. An excerpt goes as follows:

Alice Deng asked: What is it about the Islamic religion or people that makes them susceptible to radicalisation and what can be done to mitigate this?

HILAL TAWAKAL: Yeah. My question is: there are black sheep in every community. I feel it's unfair to target one religion. So as far as the Muslim religion is concerned, it does not teach terrorism. It teaches only peace. So what will the Government do about this situation?

The above in Sri Lankan context could easily have been between a Sinhala Buddhist and a Tamil who has NOT excluded the Tamil Tigers.

At the workplace, it could be between a White Australian and those who have ‘assimilated’ on the one hand and a recent colored migrant on the other .

I identified fully with the following from Greens MP the Hon Adam Brandt.

ADAM BANDT: When you come into Melbourne down the Tullamarine Freeway and you get to those yellow and red sort of cheese sticks over it, if you look to your right you see a big tower block and it's a public housing block that's in my electorate in Melbourne and 50% of the people in that public housing tower block identify as Muslim. Now, I've never felt more welcome there than I have anywhere else. But one of the sets of stories that I hear time and time again, from people, is around this issue of engagement and employment, in particular. We’ve got people there who have got masters degrees who are driving taxis and what's become even worse is we are finding it now happening to the second generation. So picking up on the point before, there are children who are born here who have gone to Melbourne Uni or RMIT or Sydney Uni, get a degree. They send off applications for job interviews. They don't get a call. And, as soon as you change your name from Mohammad to David the phone starts ringing. And then when people are feeling that and when they’re looking at their parents going, well, you’ve worked really hard and you don’t seem to find meaningful work, then we, I think, ourselves, as a society, are helping create some of the conditions that make it easier for others to then come along and say, see, this society doesn't have a place for you.

It felt as if Mr. Brandt  was narrating from my book of experiences – some of which are written in Naan Australian (I am Australian). The experience of being demoted  does not stop with getting the job – but each time you seek to produce better/smarter outcomes as per your understanding of the job specifications – you are blocked. There comes a time that you know you do not belong in that part of Australian culture.  In the extreme case I went to prison for Peaceful Assembly at the University of New South Wales. One is not blocked only by White Australians but also by migrants who have already ‘Assimilated’. I was told to be like those who had assimilated. This Assimilation by Tamils happened in Sri Lanka too – especially through Public Service. A member of the audience confirmed this through his own experience:

JAMES FRY: Yeah, I'm confused and alienated from the mainstream society. I was looking to make sense of what I found to be an incredibly confusing world. I thought I found the answers I was looking for. As a young teen I joined a violent neo Nazi group. Had it been today, I’m sure I could have just as easily been persuaded by Islamic fundamentalists. History shows us that though extremist ideologies may come and go, those who carry out terror in their name tend to be always the same: young, marginalised men. So why does our Government’s so called counter terrorism strategy continue to focus on the failed approach of sending troops in to fight counter-productive wars when that money could be reinvested back here in our education and Mental Health Services so that we could reduce the available pool of young men and woman who are susceptible to radicalisation? 

The common factor here is the Order of the mind. Where this has a match in the government – the rebel becomes active through Natural Forces – the omnipresent ‘other side’. In Democracy, the risk of this happening is high due to bottom up election of leaders. Where the Administrative Head is intellectually weak and/or is lacking in self-sacrifice – this risk of isolation develops. One could work out the expectations from the questions of those who consider themselves to be part of the Government:

JACK DEEGAN: How do we expect Muslims to immigrate to Australia as refugees and assimilate properly when a Muslim leader in Parramatta has been here for 18 years and does not speak English? Surely we must he must be interested in assimilating and it just carries on from there that the people that come into this country would be influenced by him. It just seems wrong.

If immigration is for Assimilation – then the Terrorism anxieties are ways of punishing the recruiter through her/his/its own Truth. If the professional as per her/his True contribution deserves an opportunity and this is denied by the custodian of power using past knowledge from outside – and the former gives form to that pain through DUE PROCESS common to both – the pain returns to the perpetrator who denied the job. This philosophy is hijacked by rebels driven by shows of wins and the victims without courage to express themselves often willingly join such leaders who would ‘show’ quick and immediate returns. Where there are no protective walls for us to sacrifice the lower level benefits and have the higher experience – the infection spreads naturally – be it from an official leader or a rebel leader.

A non-English speaking migrant living in her/his community and realizing the higher values on Australian soil – belongs in the highest group of Australians. If on the other hand a migrant who speaks high class English and assimilates with the top administrative group by copying and/or through intellectual pursuits way beyond her/his needs – fails to share with those,  relative to whom s/he has taken the higher position s/he contributes to development of rebellion followed by terrorism. One with higher mind integrates and integration promotes specialization through diversity. One who promotes Assimilation automatically discards diversity. Most of the discussion in the above Q&A session was led by the panelists – as if the audience needed to hear them. The time allocated to the audience for them to speak their experience based Truth – confirms whether the group is really democratic. The audience were like lay litigants in Australian Courts where the cleverness of the custodians of power through knowledge of law is heard much more than the pain of a litigant. Where the litigant is self-represented the picture of Truth determines the highest level of law applicable to that matter. The time allocated to one who speaks above that, needs to be less than the time allocated to the self-represented litigant to present her/his case as per her/his interpretation of the law. That would be affirmative action, which would eventually lead to Equal time allocation once the old advantage to lawyers has been eliminated.

To my mind, Integration and Assimilation could be simply explained as to whether God is formless or has form. Last night I happened to watch ‘Frasier’ and the message about god is highlighted by a fan as follows:

The other night I watched the episode where (spoiler alert) Niles & Daphne get married. In one scene, Daphne’s mother, Gertrude, is trying to guilt the couple into getting married in a church instead of having a civil ceremony. She does not want her daughter to have a “godless union.”  Frasier tries to console Gertrude by asking her if God is omniscient and omnipresent aren’t we always in the presence of God? Her reply: “No, He lives at the church.”

In Sri Lanka, whose Constitution has ‘imprisoned’ Buddhism through Article 9 – Buddhism is the parallel of Christianity. Neither flows from the source but are personal / individual expressions cloaked with official position authority.

As per the latest Sri Lankan news: ‘Sri Lankan Christians cannot bury their dead in public cemeteries because Buddhist monks are stopping them from doing so, charity group Release International says.

Since the Constitution requires the promotion  of Buddha Sasana – it is understandable that Buddhist monks would consider it their  duty to give priority to those following  Buddhist ways. The law says it. This may not be suitable for those aiming to hold positions in the UN but it suits majority Sri Lankans who are Buddhists. To beat them in their own territory, one has to invoke Buddha in the prison of Public Service. A Sri Lankan who followed the pathway of Hinduism, Islam or Christianity and realized Truth/Love on Sri Lankan soil has the power to invoke the True power of Lord Buddha – not the one who lives in temples but the global Buddha. I did that in 2009 – to get to the camps. I just sat and prayed to Lord Buddha as a realized soul and not one who lived in the Buddhist temple and shrines in Public offices. The Opportunity for Global participation in maintaining one’s Sovereignty is thus accumulated by practice of global principles and laws.

We are all children of God and every one of us is capable of invoking that Omnipresent formless God but only through our Truth and only if one were doing so on behalf of the Whole world that one thinks one  is a part of.  This includes the side we are being  punished by or we think of punishing. That was how I became global by taking action against Mr. John Howard who was then Prime Minister of Australia. By practicing the Equal Opportunity principles of the UN – I became a real citizen of the UN and did so at the highest level Administration in Australia – led by one whose real investment in UN was low. I needed to forego my earned benefits and opportunities in the official system so I would identify with my Truth alone. From then on – Truth did the work and hence the global opportunities to participate in experience. The Omnipresent God is experienced. The one who lives at the Church needs to be seen and known but cannot be invoked by a follower outside the Church environment.

In terms of Muslims therefore Jihad applies only to Muslims and it cannot be applied outside the Muslim community. Jihad is the message of the god living in the Mosque – the tribal part of the Muslim world. Likewise the Tamil Eelam based actions, including killings could be applied only to those who claim Tamil Eelam to be their world. It does not apply to those who voted in the Sri Lankan Presidential and General Parliamentary Elections. Given that majority Tamils participated in that process – they have by that very action rejected Tamil Eelam as a separate Country.  If majority Tamils seek to Assimilate – then the Land based separation of North and East is valid as per majority rule. But the call must come not from Jaffna – the Capital but  the East – especially Batticaloa where majority have the tendency to Assimilate. The Jaffna citizen is capable of Integration and maintenance of Diversity at the top level. If I can Integrate  in Australia I believe every Tamil of Jaffna can Integrate in Sri Lanka. Hence the proposal by the Chief Minister of Northern Province if accepted would devalue Northern Province. It may help claim a win against Colombo but would not contribute to Tamil realizing the Omnipresent self-governance  any time anywhere. 

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 19 April   2016

Kanchi Pattu  or China Silk?

Resolution of the impasse between Sri Lanka and China on the construction of a Chinese-funded port city at Colombo is not only indicative of the pragmatic policy posture of the Sri Lankan government, but also an important first step towards the materialisation of the maritime silk route initiative (MSRI) proposed by China.’ says a Singapore mind.

To my mind as a Tamil, this project is also about whether Tamil Politicians seek to take a position in Sri Lanka as part of the World or are resigned to remaining  local leaders in their minds. The recent revelation by the TNA leader in Kilinochchi confirms that the LTTE leader chose the latter. In action he confirmed this by rejecting Mr. Sampanthan’s proposal:

[Sampanthan told a gathering in Kilinochchi that he had several meetings and discussions with Prabakaran before the war ended in 2009 and had urged him to convert his fighting skills to politics]

In terms of  status it’s a question of whether one sought to be a big person in a small institution or a small person in a big institution. If LTTE had become part of the Political structure – Velupillai Prabhakaran would have been taken over by Political forces,  the same way Mr. Rajapaksa’s Government  was taken over by China. We all have such parallels in at our own levels. Participating in wider world events -  through those local experiences – helps us have the experience. Not having access to the benefits or being responsible for the costs and losses – makes us feel ‘free’ through that experience.

 In terms of my parallel personal experience, when I recognized that my Sri Lankan professional qualifications were not recognized here in Australia, I decided to apply for jobs that I was more likely to win. I needed the money.  The  lower status of Sri Lanka relative to Australia was helpful in this pathway. But once in the job - I always performed as per my professional standards. This helped me share my intelligence with fellow Australians – of majority class – the middleclass. Eventually this led to me being asked to stay on as consultant / contractor. Now I realize that by ‘sharing’ with fellow workers beyond the call of duty – my work value was naturally raised to policy level. To my mind, the system of democracy facilitates this so that even the worker in the smallest position is facilitated to contribute to policy when s/he shares through her/his position beyond the call of duty. Under the hierarchical system – we called this a debt/kadan  to our elders/seniors. When the debt is settled – including through gratitude – the experience gets completed. Once the experience is completed – we become Common part of the whole. Then debt becomes duty/kadamai.

The Vaddukoddai Resolution of 1976 was followed by Tamils winning Equal position in Parliament in 1977 – through the position of Opposition Leadership. We have achieved that again through the 2015 elections but we are not playing our role at national and international standards. We are not doing our Duty as Leading Opposition  -  by showing the ‘other side’ – the citizens’ side to the Government’s proposals.

The lack of active participation in the Colombo City-Project – from the point of the Common citizen – also confirms that TNA is seeking to be big in a small institution. The Duty of the Opposition is to show the side of the citizen who has had the experience and/or those to whom the project would be a liability.

As confirmed by the concept of Balance Sheet – Assets must equal Liabilities to confirm an accurate picture of sovereignty. Those who share at the total level – are owners and they are listed on the side of Liabilities – as the company taken as a separate entity,  owes them. That was one of my first lessons through our accounting guru - Mr. A.T. Benedict. The parallel of this Shareholding on the Asset side is Goodwill – the intangible Asset. In a truly sovereign entity – this goodwill will be equal to the shareholding/ownership.

Colombo Port-City issue is also about Land ownership. It is about whether China is a creditor or a shareholder. The Northern parallel is Sethu Bridge and Kachcha Theevu/Island – which are bases of cultural connections between India and Tamils of Sri Lanka. The higher mind would participate even through small opportunities. As per latest Indian news reports in regards to autonomy for Tamils one understands that:

Mr. Shivajilingam said Sampanthan said the current government could be more responsive to a federal arrangement and therefore, the TNA local politicians must not act indifferently at this stage.
"He said they are looking for a federal solution within an undivided Sri Lanka based on the merger of the north and eastern provinces," Shivajilingam said.
He said if the government did not accede to a federal solution, international pressure must be brought to bear upon it by the Tamils.

Tamil Politicians depending on ‘International Pressure’ after the event – would tend to play catch-up and would have very little Goodwill credits within Sri Lanka outside their own community. This would eventually lead to their areas being ‘taken-over’ by foreigners as happened in South – with China taking over areas towards its own Maritime Silk Route. The Natural system as created by the Lord – renders  the higher return when we invest in those who are least connected to us and hence through Common Values. Where the other side is complacent – we need to make their values common to ourselves.

Had Mr. Rajapaksa contributed through Sri Lanka’s small position but using global pathways – we would not have allowed the world to enter Sri Lanka. The investment made by China would have been tangible and the terms would have been transparent. Excessive focus on producing low level wins to be displayed as victories over world terrorism – leads to opening the backdoor to foreigners. This often happens when we are indifferent to our duty to the institution as per our positions.

A local guy in Northern Sri Lanka was driven by easy donation from a member of the Diaspora, who like China wanted to show ownership without having experienced that ownership when the community was in need – the type of pressure that Mr. Sivajilingam refers to. The local guy had the ‘welfare’ mentality and hence got carried away with words rather than looking for shared experiences. Had I advised him previously – he would not have accepted it – but would have discarded it as ‘theory’. Now that he is receptive I said NOT to do both – family as well as common service – at the same time. Both leaders in the Sri Lankan armed war – had this problem of mixing family with common-service. Those who are looking to win – would be defeated by that very mix. Those who make them ‘common’ through sacrifice of benefits at the lower structural level – would have the Common experience.

As a minority party holding the position of  Leading Opposition in Parliament – the TNA has the Responsibility to show the ‘other’ side of  National & International Projects and Programs and where necessary seek and find ‘International Participation’ towards this – by sacrificing local benefits. Where an International Operator has had the Experience – the picture presented by that mind would be International and the status  would be that of the country that the person is officially part of. This could be the likes of Canada, UK etc. But in democracy this needs to be above political level and the TNA needs to openly show such partnership on ongoing basis. To go running to the International Communities confirms dependence – the same reason why the Colombo Port-City project is now presenting an ownership problem. Sacrifice is needed at the local level to get naturally promoted to the higher level. Without this it is highly likely that Tamils will also lead foreigners to interfere in Sri Lankan Politics.

As per the system of karma – when we deny those below us their earned status – we are denied our own by someone higher and/or we ‘forget’ that we are owners and instead think we are traders or welfare recipients. Experience is the ownership test. When we experience – we do not ‘see’ and v.v. The previous regime is confirmed to have had the ‘take-over’ experience. The current Government seems to be having the ‘trading’ experience. Tamils can take the other side and elevate the issue so we would have the Global experience. That would also satisfy the requirement to become Tamil Nation.

Monday 18 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 18 April   2016

Panama Papers & Colombo Port City

[The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) is poised to obtain country specific information to identify any tax evasions by Sri Lankan companies and individuals as well as stashing away their wealth in tax havens, away from the prying eyes of the authorities.
Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran said, just like other countries inquiring into links made in Panama Papaers to their own nationals, Sri Lanka too is keen to investigate the matter of Sri Lankan engagement in tax evasions and offshore companies.
“It is too premature to say anything right now. But the information placed in public domain needs to be verified, fast,” he said.
“We have got some of those papers and we are requesting further information from our counterparts,” he said, at a press briefing in Colombo last Tuesday (12).
The names of Sri Lankans in the papers are not yet clearly established. “We don’t want to jump to any conclusions as clear information is not yet available.” He insisted: “The authenticity of the documents will have to be established first.”
When asked whether around US$ 1.9 billion dollars flowed out of the country annually via illicit channels, the CB Governor said he found such figures hard to believe.
In this backdrop, it is learnt that Sri Lankan law enforcement agencies are now preparing for a data gathering exercise, before making global inquiries to unearth detailed data on Sri Lankan secret account-holders listed in the ‘Panama Papers’ journalistic exposure.]
The Lankan connection - by Dilrukshi Handunnetti – of the Sunday Observer.

Should the Central Bank use the work of social and unofficial media before giving priority to similar activities exposed through official channels? If this is ok – then to what extent did the Sri Lankan Government officially recognize Wikileaks information? One of the fundamentals I learnt in Financial Laws is that a negotiable instrument does not afford a better title to a holder in due course who is aware of a defect in the title of issuing party. To my mind, this is also valid in terms of information/data. It is however becoming more and more difficult for authorities to verify the ‘good faith’ factor due to electronic systems replacing paper systems. Yet, one must try one’s best to know for one’s own balance of mind.

The Policy list of the Sri Lankan Central Bank includes the following:

Monetary Policy
One of the core objectives of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is economic and price stability. The Central Bank formulates and implements its monetary policy, i.e. actions to influence cost and availability of money, to attain this objective.

Given that China is a stakeholder in Colombo Port-City Project and the Advisor to the Authority responsible for this Project has already resigned over alleged  links to Panama offshore activities – should the Central Bank investigate also the investment by China to ensure that the Port-City Project capital is clean of such sins? Wikipedia report highlights the following about China, in relation to Panama Papers:

Relatives of highly placed Chinese officials including seven senior leaders and former senior leaders of  Politburo of the Communist Party of China have been named, including former Premier Li Peng's daughter Li Xiaolin, former Communist Party general secretary Hu Yaobang's son Hu Dehua and Deng Jiagui, the brother-in-law of current general secretary Xi Jinping. Deng had two shell companies in the British Virgin Islands while Xi was a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, but they were dormant by the time Xi became General Secretary of Communist Party (paramount leader) in 2012. Others named include the son and daughter-in-law of propaganda chief Liu Yunshan and the son-in-law of Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli.  China's government is suppressing mentions of the Panama Papers on social media and in search engines results. China's Communist Party reportedly has told news organizations to delete all content related to the Panama Papers leak.
Considering the material to be a concerted foreign media attack on China, internet information offices were immediately given verbal orders to delete reprinted reports on the Panama Papers, and not to follow up on related content without exceptions. Hong Lei, the spokesman of China's foreign ministry, responded that he had "no comment" for "such groundless accusations" at an April 5 news conference.
Chinese authorities have blocked almost all information about the Panama Papers on Chinese media and the Internet. A screenshot showed that the authority had forced all websites to delete content about the Panama Papers.  Foreign websites such as WikileakChina Digital Times have been blocked in mainland China. On Sina Weibo, a twitter-like social media in China, almost all content about the Panama Papers was deleted. Because Xi's brother-in-law had been named, and the Panama Canal is well known, Weibo users started to use "brother-in-law", "Canal Papers", and other such tags to avoid Weibo's censor. Despite the censorship, Weibo search ranking was topped by phrases "seemingly related" to the Panama Papers since its global press coverage such as "tax evasion", "document", "leak" and "Putin".]

Shades of the above practices were followed by the previous Government in Sri Lanka – confirming the infection that came with funding of projects such as Colombo Port-City project. If the current Government is seeking to be Transparent and Accountable – should the Central Bank not ensure that the money that comes into Sri Lanka is ‘free’ of  any diseases that would damage our positive investment in Transparency and Accountability and that this is given priority over monies that have already gone out of Sri Lanka bearing the disease of Evading Accountability and carrying the highly debilitating Secrecy bug?

A manifestation involves two sides – cost and benefit. I brought this out during my painful meeting with the then Head of Research – University of NSW. Following is an excerpt from Appendix 3 of  Naan Australian published by Lakehouse Bookshop in Sri Lanka :
[I asked the question:
Gaja: Are the Research Quantum / RIBG (Research Infrastructure Building Grants) calculations based on Income or Expenditure?
Mr. Cook: (pointing to the papers in front) You said you had read this – then you ought to know. ( By this time I was convinced that Peter Cook had something against women and/or Asians. His language gave him away. One who focused through issues would not demonstrate consciousness of  individual persons. Given that I did not know Peter Cook personally, I had to attribute the group characteristic on the basis of Anti Discrimination / Equal Opportunity laws) It is all in the web – about 20 pages. I have held the view that the reporting ought to be based on Income and not Expenditure – I have had many discussions with John Wong about this. We are the only University that does it on Expenditure basis rather than on Income. ]
The above book also was published through an ‘offshore’ process – largely for economic reasons. But Accountability and Transparency have been maintained from the very beginning. A majoritarian government  - as the University of NSW Administration was back in 1998  - would suit an Expenditure based reporting. Inclusive Consensual Governance that this current Government of Sri Lanka  is claiming to work towards  needs to be more Income oriented – so we do not need to verify the legality of the source of our income. In a global context therefore – once that source is suspected / known to be corrupt we must suspend any inflow of money from such a source – until the picture has been cleared of any wrong doing at global level. Any damages to Transparency and Accountability – need to be given great importance by the current government of Sri Lanka, if Sri Lanka is to have closure of war-crimes and Terrorism issues.    

Democracy is largely effects based once a matter comes to the Public stage. Each one of us would link such outcomes to our own experiences and thoughts. In terms of identity - the LTTE did what Wikileaks did. They were both punished. The Panama Papers person has chosen to remain anonymous and this is likely to protect her/him. The question is – if the LTTE had also done what they did anonymously – would they have saved themselves? To come out publicly – in support of Dharma / Righteousness – one needs to feel ownership in the institution and/or the issue. One must also make oneself blind to all returns other than having the experience. Towards this, all benefits as per OUR calculations – need to be raised to the highest level – Energy/Shakthi level. This then brings us the support of the Absolute power of Truth Itself. Even one such Sri Lankan would cure and protect Sri Lanka – not from war but from cheating itself. 

Sunday 17 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 17 April   2016

Terrorism Accusations – part of Hate Speech?

As per regular feedback – there are some positive signs from within the Tamil community that they are open to downgrading the  Terrorism label. As stated previously – to majority Tamils LTTE were rebels. The more people hear the label the less the motivation to merge with wider society. A study of the caste system as practiced in Northern Sri Lanka and in many parts of India would confirm this ‘separation’. Instead of studying one could do it the express way – i.e. – to have the experience as a victim. Likewise, in the case of Terrorism accusations. I often refer to my Association with the LTTE in 2003 – to confirm whether or not LTTE are terrorists. To me the answer is NO.  I felt more terrorized  when my expressions of  ‘intellectual discoveries’ as per my lawful position – were suppressed and I was threatened with punishment by law enforcement officers much less educated than I – in the Australian system, than I ever felt in Sri Lanka – including when working with the LTTE. But the experience helped me not to limit myself to the ‘official’ system – but to go beyond it to experience the system of Truth. I am however cautious not to act in breach of the laws known to me – be they secular or cultural to that place/institution.

On that basis – did the LTTE deserve the Terrorism label more than the group that eliminated them? The answer to that  is easier for me when I go into the caste system. The mind structure of majority members of the LTTE would be close to the folks of Thunaivi than to those of Vaddukoddai town area where the higher  caste ruled over lower caste. Thunaivi itself is a toddy tapper village and one would from time to time hear someone in Vaddukoddai say even today ‘Nalam Nalamthaan’/Toddy tapper is toddy tapper. Those who lived by the caste hierarchy tend to use that pathway for their interactions and this is more on the side of the Thunaivi folks towards their own ‘freedom’.

I filed a Defamation case against Australian branch of our family of Vaddukoddai origin, claiming that  they defamed me on the basis that I was married a second time. Initially I had the experience of that downgrading within the family. I did not take any public action on that basis. But later when they claimed this in Sri Lankan Court through their legal Attorney it became a Public label. I had to then act on behalf of all women who married more than once. The Defamation case itself was filed here in Australia on the basis of my true experience. But the Court ruled that it did not have jurisdiction to hear the case. However, as an Australian leader  – the Judge confirmed her identity  that it would have been hurtful to me. To me that was the real victory. The parallel of that happened in Jaffna Courts in November 2015, when the Judge disciplined the very same legal Attorney for not keeping his team ready to merge with the reality of Jaffna which shutdown in protest over the rape and death of a teenager. The Court may or may not rule in our favor at the technical/money level. But to the extent we are true – the return will happen to those who appreciate the difficulties of the system as theirs. The Colombo barrister in the above matter in Jaffna expressed that he could move to have the matter dismissed due to our Attorney not turning up due to the shutdown. I did not know of a law that would facilitate this. But I knew that such would be unjust. So I brought out my Truth – and said that since I had done most of the paperwork – I was ready to represent myself. The Judge postponed the hearing and then disciplined the Attorney for the other side.

Yet, all this would have been prevented in the family had worked out the pathway shown by Thesawalamai – according to which males led males and females led females and they did not become common until the same side was not available. I practiced Thesawalamai for my husband and Common pathway for my children to whom the Australian pathway is the trunk route. This deprived both of their ‘freedom’ when in the ‘other’ system but they are stronger in self-governance than their parallels known to me.

If therefore we have the choice of two pathways – and we choose the easier one – then we do enjoy more freedom but we also separate ourselves from the stronger minded leaders. Those who accept defeat not because they think they are failures / wrong doers but because it is the limit of the system – succeed by become owners of the whole. THIS is the opportunity that has been taken by the Tamil Community leadership at National level through the position of Opposition Leadership. That was not directly as per the UN system. Like in 1977 – it happened due to the real failures of Majoritarian rulers. It happened as per the system of Truth which cannot be controlled by the physical nor the mental.

The LTTE itself happened due to caste based separation that deprived those separated from being connected to the higher mind. When activated at young age – they would show good outcomes / wins but beyond that they would stagnate. This happened to the Sinhalese at Global level through Mr. Rajapaksa who did not have the ‘experience’ in wider world the same way many Tamil politicians also do not have. In fact by asking for Eelam State to be facilitated – the Hon C.V. Wigneswaran is also confirming that he is also as local as the Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa. One who is local needs to be driven by her/his Truth at all levels. This becomes difficult when one accepts official leadership positions which require using the picture that would get the best grades from wider world. Neither side has true global mind on its side and hence the struggle to come to terms with their respective weaknesses as seen through the measures used by the UN.

The Human Rights Commission is reported to have written to the Prime Minister in relation the proposal to criminalize Hate Speech:

[The Commission wishes to recommend to the Government that it be substituted by a formulation which has already been adopted by the Parliament of Sri Lanka in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (lCCPR) Act, No. 57 of 2007 which is in accordance with fundamental rights and our international human rights obligations.
"The proposed formulation to criminalize hate speech (contained in the Gazette of November 6, 2015) reads as follows:
Whoever, by the use of words spoken, written or intended to be read, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, intends to cause or attempts to instigate acts of violence, or to create religious, racial or communal disharmony, or feelings of ill-will or hostility, between communities or different racial or religious groups, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a terrn which may extend to two years.
"That formulation is almost identical with s.2(1)(h) of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, No.48 of L979. The broad wording in the PTA provision did pave the way for abusive applications which resulted in the chilling of free expression. A prime example is the prosecution of journalist Tissanayagam.
"ln the ICCPR Act of 2007, our legislature adopted the following provision criminalizing hate speech:
No person shall propagate war or advocate national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence. (s.3.1)
"That formulation is in accordance with Sri Lanka's international human rights obligations on free speech and permits prosecution only when there is proof of incitement.
"Therefore, we recommend that the Government withdraw the proposed amendment to the penal Code and substitute it with the above provision.
"Moving that provision in the ICCPR Act to the Penal Code is an advisable step. The Commission is of the view that the ICCPR Act should be abrogated in the future and all the human rights recognized therein should be incorporated into a future constitutional Chapter on Fundamental Rights."]

Like with Terrorism label the actions against Journalists like Mr. Tissanayagam also happened due to the gap between law and  the pathway of Truth. The law needs to be customized to suit the Natural tendencies of locals or be limited to the Truth discovered by locals. This is essential in institutions that have neglected the very laws applicable to them as per their core purposes. This includes the Judiciary – in Colombo as well as in Jaffna. Where the pathway shown by those who practice their own system is as per their own Truth and this negates the effects of the official law – they are rebels. Where such pathways are alternate systems to suit the convenience of those in power – such practitioners are Terrorists – even if it were the judiciary and/or the elected government.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 16 April   2016

Sinhalese thinking mostly about Tamil Tigers

1.      Labour Party leader backs self-determination for Tamils
2.      146 Sri Lankans applied for asylum in Switzerland last month

Both of the above headlines are from outside Sri Lanka
3. Majority of Tamils claim LTTE fought on their behalf - if so this puts them as aiding and abetting terror as LTTE was designated a terrorist outfit by 32 countries and that ban remains active even after 2009 military defeat – Sinhalese
4. By ‘including’ LTTE I have confirmed consensual government on the part of Tamils. Most educated Tamils known to me have done just that.  If you absorb your side’s weaknesses – I would appreciate and accept that to the extent you demonstrate higher thinking than your side. - Tamil
3 & 4 above are from insiders – writing in more or less ‘free-mode’.
The ‘gap’ to my mind, is that 3 is  from a mind driven by direct benefits and not as part of  a higher structure. Civilization is based on immediate benefits being sacrificed towards structures that would facilitate ‘saving and preserving’. Once work becomes heritage it is a Natural Power that protects the person, the institution and the place.  We have that system in terms of savings from our salary  - as Provident Fund /Superannuation contributions. Governance empowered by such savings would be good governance – even though it may not show much cleverness. Without such forces in the Tamil Community as a whole – it is highly doubtful that the British Political leader would have expressed the above support. Nor would Switzerland continue to accept Sri Lankans seeking asylum at a time when we Australians are rejecting them. Such diversity in decisions would be right for the ‘whole’ due to the level of regulations by law.

My  response to the above Sinhalese was at total level. But the Sinhalese insists on seeing the LTTE as Terrorists. That brings to mind the story presented through British Tamil TV program recently. It was taken from the Hindu epic Mahabharatham.  It goes like this:

Arjuna’s wife Subathirai is given by an ascetic,  a special mirror which would show her who was thinking most about her. All Pandava brothers (Arjuna’s brothers) tested and were happy to learn that those who were dear to them were thinking about them. When it came to Lord Krishna – Subathirai’s brother – the image was that of Sakuni – the villain advising the Opposition of Pandava brothers who were protected by Lord Krishna.

At the physical level – the mirror showed the person who was thinking mostly of the other – not necessarily out of love but also due to the other leading by opposition. The above Sinhalese – and many others like her – would think mostly of the Tamil Tigers who are seen to be their ‘other side’. Likewise LTTE supporters to whom the Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa is the real opposition.

Within the Tamil community there were / are parts that were led by the LTTE. They were mostly those who did not have knowledge of the laws and rules of common government. LTTE leaders became their leaders due to their ability to complete their experiences locally. Where the Government found that to be in breach of the law – the government had the authority to intervene and punish as per the law. But when the government brought into the picture Sinhalese who had not been  practicing the laws applicable to the official armed forces – it was risking highly, the charge of war-crimes. It became ‘tribal’ from that point onwards. The confirmation that the Government knew that it was being unlawful, came though the evacuation of  foreigners from that area. It was more recently confirmed by former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms Navi Pillay who revealed as follows in her ‘free’ environment:

I became high commissioner for human rights in September 2008. That is when the high level UN summit where heads of state attend and that was my first. And I received a specific request that the SL President wished to see me. So it was president Rajapaksa. And he told me he is about to embark on a huge campaign to end terrorism in his country, and that I should not criticize him. So when someone tells you not to do something you pay particular attention to that issue"

In the eyes of Dharma, using the same laws that were applied to ‘judge’ one part of the whole - that would have been a warning that crime was going to be committed. In the Court of Natural Justice – justice is never denied. By applying the very laws that they knowingly acted in breach of – while holding the official position to use arms on behalf of the whole the UN Member  who so warned the UN loses all authority to call the group being attacked  ‘Terrorists’ or it must accept that label for itself also. Ms. Pillai herself failed in her duty to publish this – through that position of  Representative of Human Rights towards prevention of damage to the Sovereignty of the people at the receiving end as well as those who voted that kind of leadership into power. One has the official  authority to punish only through the law. Unofficially one must be empowered by one’s own Truth. Laws of Privacy facilitate this through smaller units of governance – starting the family. When we are bound as one institution – we have the authority to discipline and do so ‘confidentially’ – as if one part of us is disciplining the other. When we go beyond that point – we are no longer disciplining but attacking to ‘takeover’ – to invade another’s sovereign area. It’s indeed a great pity that Ms Navi Pillay was lacking in such wisdom at that time. It is NOT about saving lives. It is about protecting the dignity of Sovereignty even at the time of death.  

Those who continue to use the Terrorism accusation after knowing they acted in breach of the laws of the very institution that authorized the use of Terrorism charge – become that themselves. Laws are the pathways that regulate our thoughts to achieve  the common mind. The higher the mind structure the lesser the personal emotional and/or selfish element. Laws help us act through the issue to eliminate / weaken negative traits in a group. The path of Truth is the highest and most reliable law of all.  The person committed to Truth by sacrificing earned entitlements develops natural structures of the mind that would ‘include’ all as per their Truth – beyond time and place borders.

Electoral representation in Democracy is also towards  including Truth from those who are physically distant from the Government and have used their own local avenues to complete their experiences. To the extent the LTTE acted through alternate governance to ‘attack’ in revenge – it lost its own credibility with Tamil leadership. There can be no greater punishment than that for genuine Rebels. Some  Sinhalese keep invoking the Terrorism label – even after such ‘internal-punishment’ by the Tamil community which actively voted in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections – and thereby rejected the armed struggle. This would activate the selfish within the Tamil community to show their cleverness against the armed Sinhalese. One can protect oneself from losing benefits including status by occupying high official positions. But one cannot protect oneself from the fears of one’s own desires.

Truth is a cure and it helps complete the experience. There are no rights and wrongs in terms of Truth except the manifestations that are attributed to Truth itself and this is known through oneself. Until this is appreciated by the Government – it does not have the authority to establish Truth Commission made up of Sinhalese first persons. The place where Truth is brought out is purified and protected even if the person/s so doing die in the process. Truth is to reconcile with oneself. The desire for credit would invoke fear of loss. When we accept Truth we would feel comforted even when we have been found to be in the wrong through a particular measure. If that measure which marked us wrong  is alien to us – as UN and Sri Lankan laws were to the LTTE -    then we would be unaffected by the charges. If the measures are ‘internal’ to our system – as Hindu & Christian Dharma is to majority Tamils then accepting the Truth would be painful but the pain would be curing pain.

The Government that promotes use of Terrorism label must therefore disqualify itself from the Opportunity to be part of the Truth Commission. Benefits escalated through Structures that lead to Truth would fill the mind with Peace. The greater the sacrifice of earned benefits to become Common – the higher the structure that would support wider cultures also to realize that Peace through our discoveries. THAT to me is what life is about. 

Friday 15 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 15 April   2016

Mergers and Takeovers
Sethu in North and Port City in South

When one steps back and observes the ‘past’ – if one ‘sees’ costs and benefits/losses and profits – it is confirmation that one continues to live by using the past. If one recognizes the structure that supported or disappointed her/him – relative to other structures – s/he is a senior or junior  in that structure as seen by her/him. One who discovers the Truth through a structure and lives in that Truth becomes that true structure and  empowers and is also empowered by the causal forces that represent that structure. Hence Tat Tvam Asi/Thou Art That in Hinduism.  When we migrate from one land  to another also we physically exit one structure and enter another. Those who do so without releasing themselves from the past – tend to take the old structure with them in their mind. This leads to continuing under the old structure for better or for worse including  in relation to new relatives. Majority Australians of Sri Lankan origin are of this category. The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is such a structure and attracts members to whom there is no higher past than the one they had in the past. They suit De Facto systems.

Then there are those who continue to draw benefits from that old structure and therefore disintegrate the structure to cost-benefit level. They would make themselves incapable of recognizing any structure. They may be queens and kings in name but they would see only benefits and costs. Such persons eventually orphan themselves.  A relative of ours who claimed in Mallakam Court in Northern Sri Lanka – that her father gave her a donation and not a dowry – confirmed that she was of this kind. Children who ‘forget’ their inheritance through parent – weaken their capacity to become parents. The dignity of Dowry comes from respect for that system of marriage in which dowry represents the blessings of the parents and other elders in the family that is being physically and often structurally left behind. One who takes only the Truth with her is naturally promoted to mother position from a daughter position. When a true parent blesses the daughter – and the daughter accepts such blessing humbly - parental energy is shared naturally. Dowry gives form to that sharing. One who sees it as donation is confirming that she was not ready to be a parent – that she found it more comfortable to remain a daughter. This happens when benefits are not sacrificed towards forming structures and costs are no incurred to maintain those structures. Such voters – when they think they are ‘free’ would tend to make ‘policy on the run’.

The current revelations about Port-City project in Colombo – reveal that Mr. Rajapaksa is of this category. The status Mr. Rajapaksa got from his people was disintegrated to ‘benefits’ level – the same level from which he ‘took’ victory by showing removal of  the physical form of opposition to his rule – the LTTE. Like LTTE who eliminated all their supervisors – Mr. Rajapaksa also seems to have been driven by ‘freedom’ through elimination of opposition. Both thus became examples of the Tamil saying that the ‘Harvest of the young does not come home’. Home is the structure that supports the family, community.

By working out the role played by Truth in my life – I now realize that I was actually ‘blessed’ by the real structure when I was ready to develop my own. When I sought to leave the University of NSW – the then executive officer Jeff Warnock said words to the effect that I was giving up too early. Back then I was not sure. I had done my job as I saw it fit and could not go further without having to fight my seniors in Financial Management who like the above ‘Donation-relative’ were seniors in name only. Now I realize that the spirits in the University – the true powers – not only blessed me but empowered me to record my experience – so as to recognize my own ‘ownership’ investment in that Australian Institution of Higher status. I went on to become a Channel partner at the University of Technology – Sydney which ‘happened’ when I stepped back from my past. More importantly for me I wrote my True experience through the University of NSW by accepting the low status the then current Administrators allocated at the time of physical departure.

 There was no real higher position in that institution at that time and there was not enough positive value for a migrant to develop in one lifetime in Australia through that institution without neglecting other aspects of one’s life. Hence the institution itself ‘promoted’ me to have the global experience at that institutional level. When we are blessed by Truth at the time of physical departure – we are empowered to develop structures at least as high as the one we leave behind.

Now I realize that at each stage of my life – my Truth released me from a structure that could not support my genuine work. Likewise from each relationship – at family and workplace.

When Mr. Rajapaksa left his job – he did not receive this blessing. The claim of victory over LTTE was not made  as real Head of State but rather like voter/beneficiary of the structure. Hence the blindness to ‘takeover’ attempts by China. Had Mr. Rajapaksa taken the Tamil Community as whole as his opposition – his real structure would have been elevated and he would support any successor of his through his Truth as Sri Lankan. One who allocated shares in return for wins – confirms lack of ownership power. The Port City project needs to be strengthened first to free itself of such weaknesses.

As per Colombo Gazette Report:

[Minister Premadasa, who was part of the delegation which visited China, said that the Port City project will go down in history once it is completed.
He said that earlier the forger Government had agreed to give ownership of part of the property to the company involved in the mega project.
The new Government has however refused to allow the company to have ownership rights to the property and has sought amendments to the agreement on the project.
“We have looked to convert this project into something more productive. This will be one of the biggest financial hubs in South Asia with big investments flowing in once the project in completed,” Premadasa said at a public gathering in Anuradhapura.]

This means that this is part of the Business Capital of the Sri Lankan Government. Now that ‘foreign’ minds have been demoted – the challenge is for Sri Lankan minds to provide the ‘intelligence’ needed. They need also be broad enough to think South Asian and not ‘Sri Lankan only’ or worse ‘Sinhala only’.

 The risk is manifestation of the Tamil parallel as natural opposition to Port City – is Sethu project in North. Confirmation of ownership interest  was the communication from a Tamil Diaspora leader who shared the article ‘Religion and politics block development of new deep water route between India and Sri Lanka’.

When Sri Lanka fails to strengthen its Sovereign borders through inclusion of those to whom that part is ‘home’  - the borders shift naturally. To those who are culturally bound to the people of another land such shifting becomes natural boundaries redrawn. When such owners are treated as outsiders – the home of the group that is responsible for governance becomes open to takeovers by bigger outsiders – like China. India is the land of the spiritual and so long as we believe in Rama – Sethu project will not pave the way for takeovers.  Mergers are certainly possible and healthy. Man may let the needy down but God is always there to confirm ownership one way or the other. The true seeker identifies with that Power. 

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 13 April   2016

The Ethnic Issue & Consensual Power Sharing

What are the other measures that should be taken by stakeholders such as political parties, religious groups, civil society organisations, media, local community and members of the public like yourself to address non-recurrence and reconciliation at large?

The above question is part of the feedback mechanism coordinated by the Sri Lankan Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms – a formation described as follows:

The United Nations Human Rights Council and the Government of Sri Lanka have agreed an approach to dealing with the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s civil war and the war crimes which were committed in the course of the conflict. While this approach might not be perfect, it represents the best (and currently only) mechanism whereby investigations, justice, compensation, acknowledgement and all the steps needed to give Sri Lanka a chance of a lasting peace can occur.
A consultation process has been set up and it is now calling for people to write to them. If this process is to work, then it will need to reflect the wishes and views of those who were directly affected by the war. If that means you, please write in and tell them what you think.

The thrust of my response was based on the Government recognizing self-governance by those with little direct access to government structures. In the case of ethnic problem – this could be more clearly identified with than within issues that are addressed more through one party/race majoritarian system. I was therefore surprised and disappointed to read the following this morning in the case of former Chairman ‘Ceylon Electricity Board’ (CEB) being implicated in the Panama Papers scandal:

it was a fact that the consensual government has received a mandate from the public to save the country from corruption, mismanagement and maintain the rule of law and promote the concept of good governance.’ – :– as reported by the Daily Mirror in the article - Megapolis & Western Development Ministry

It is my understanding that power sharing at the causal end is Consensual Governance whereas decision sharing at the effects end is Majoritarian Governance. The Sri Lankan Parliamentary position of Opposition Leadership by the Tamil Community confirms a Consensual Government structure due to the long term struggle by Tamils to uphold their Diversity in Parliament. The Chief Minister of Northern Province  - by asking for Separation at physical level – through a Separate State – is confirming Majoritarian mind structure as Tamil Nadu in India has become. This could be due to the Sri Lankan Judiciary in which Mr. C.V.Wigneswaran held high position - which he continues to demonstrate conscious of – also being driven by effects and therefore majoritarian structure. The Chief Minister is not asking for a constitution that would be based on power sharing. The Chief Minister is asking for Majoritarian Governance but by Tamils over Tamils.

The above claim on behalf of the Government continues as follows:

Therefore, this government is committed to adhere to that principle and honour the trust reposed on it at any cost. Therefore, it is quite pertinent that we must not only refrain totally from corruption, mismanagement and any other misdeeds but behave in a manner no one could level an accusing finger at us.

By taking the above stand, the Government is confirming effects based Majoritarian structure. In a Consensual structure – both sides - the People as well as the Government -would point the finger at themselves for their respective parts.

Where Majoritarian Governance has been happening, the Government would point the finger at the Citizen through its real opposition whenever something goes wrong. When the Citizen starts pointing the finger at the Government – it is reverse Majoritarian Rule and NOT Consensual Governance.

As per the above report:

[The attention of the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry has been drawn to the listing of the name of Ministry consultant Vidya Amarapala in the Panama Papers exposure. Panama is considered a haven for high-end tax dodgers in the world. The tax evaders and holders of slush fund accounts have used company ‘Mossack Fonseca’ as a front to stash away their ill-gotten lucre. However, the list exposed by some websites in Sri Lanka that includes Mr. Amarapala’s name does not have any link to Mossack Fonseca or Panama Papers. It was a list of names of Sri Lankans published in 2013 who had allegedly held accounts or had companies in Singapore.
Mr. Amarapala was the Chairman of the CEB between 2010 and 2011, a time during which public concerns had been drawn to financial scandals involving the CEB which was even raised in Parliament. Mr. Amarapala has served as an executive at the IWS Holdings Ltd. owned by Mr. Arthur Senanayaka between 2003 to 2010. He has maintained this particular account while serving as a Director of the Sovereign Capital Corporation (SCC) belonging to Mr. Senanayaka, and that company had never been involved or charged for any wrong-doing up to now. It has also invested in Sri Lanka through the BOI.]

The Institutions where we feel ‘free’ of supervision become environments that influence us for better or for worse. This has been strongly confirmed in the case of former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa who ‘freed’ himself of supervision – as did LTTE leadership albeit more violently. Neither shared power. Mr. Rajapaksa was representing Majoritarian mind structure by his voters. But the Tamil Community confirmed yet again through the 2015 elections that it deserved Power Sharing and therefore Consensual Governance on National and global issues.

Due the above mind structure – institutions that promote non-accountability at the top become incapable of power-sharing – as I – as a consumer - found to be the case with CEB. Changing the top does not mean that their  weaknesses are taken with them. Often the existing weaknesses are strengthened and are manifested as the stronger force during such ‘free’ leadership. Overpaid idle workers become infected by weaknesses at the top and become part of the force of such manifestation.

I myself fought against such weaknesses in Central Administration of the University of New South Wales. I was not declared a winner in such battles. I accepted the verdict of being ‘frivolous and vexatious’. But when ‘Scientific Fraud’ charges were brought against the University – I was already clear of any responsibility – even as a ‘common’ citizen. A citizen who exercises her/his right as per her/his position – despite knowing that s/he would be declared a loser by Majoritarian forces – sows the seeds of Consensual Governance. Such a person cannot be cheated. What was defeated here in Australia is that Consensual Governance in form. But given that it was a true Spirit – It manifested Itself as  the dismissal of the Vice Chancellor of the University and later the dismissal by the People - of  Mr. Howard who also failed the test of Consensual Governance as demonstrated by a self-governing Australian.

Each one of us develops this participation at our own levels – first where we are in the top position – by sharing power rather than by sharing effects / economics / tangible property. It’s the difference between sharing the fish that is already caught or sharing the mind that had the skills and the motivating force to  catch fish. In a society that is strong in investment in true education  – power is shared at the causal level. My Sri Lankan qualifications were considered to be less than Australian qualifications. I was the only one to uphold that they were my highest and my performance confirmed that they were high. No one – including from the Diplomatic Mission of Sri Lanka upheld that I was acting within my rights. But I had the blessings of the Higher Power of my own Conscience supporting me whenever I looked through my Truth only. That is how a citizen earns the right to participate in governance. It is through Truth and not through mere knowledge of an alternate system .

This structure of Consensual Governance is developed through every stage of our life – starting within our families. As lower relatives we must complete our relationship once we know the Truth. If this requires us to stay away from such relatives – we would be comfortable with it when we are driven by our own Truth. That Truth will keep reminding us that all other structures above the level at which we discovered Truth – is false and the effects / benefits above that level would become burdensome. Often relationships are maintained due to attachment to the benefits.

One who does not react to such weaknesses – but keeps going - becomes the top – be it in family, workplace, nation or the globe. A homemaking  mother who facilitates this freedom despite her allocated status being lower than the money-making father’s becomes such an Equal leader  with the power to protect the family intuitively. Our contribution converts itself  into investment where credit is denied by custodians of benefits. When it remains there long enough – it become Energy with absolute power of ownership and hence Tat Tvam Asi/Thou Art That.  Like the mother, the citizen who gives birth to a government would continue to be equal when driven by the causal forces and not the effects – especially economic outcomes in this instance.