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03 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Today is the birth anniversary of our aunt Mrs Padma Sanmugarajah. I believe that when we remember loved ones as if they are currently with us, and appreciate their goodness, we canonize their goodness. If we owe them and fail to settle it even after death, we inherit the opposite of their good qualities, or worse their bad qualities, if any. As per my discovery, when we pay our respects to our ancestors, we inherit their positive aspects. They mutate as per our true need.

I was therefore unhappy to read the article ‘Shock reason Sri Lankan-Australians won’t send money to struggling friends and family’ at

As per the above:

[Sri Lankans living in Australia are refraining from sending desperately-needed funds to struggling friends and family back home, fearing money will never end up in the hands of those in need because the government will steal it.]


The names in the report were Sinhalese, who in Sri Lanka hold majority power to elect government. For example:

[Upul Chandana, 49, is the secretary of the North Victoria Sri Lankan Welfare and Cultural Association.

He says the Sri Lankan community feels powerless….. Mr Chandana is also secretary of the Samadhi Buddhist Association and volunteers for the Craigieburn SES unit]

If Tamils do not trust this government, that would be understandable, due to the war against the LTTE, in which a large number of Tamil civilians were seriously wounded and/or killed.  In my circles, only a handful of Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin felt for the civilian victims of the armed war. The rest inherited the karma of the government. Those who were grateful to the soldiers who risked their lives to do their duty inherited the commitment to duty through lawful process. Those who celebrated with the government – are paying the price now of that victory celebration. I witnessed some of those in Colombo, in 2009.

Money on its own is like unregulated/free pleasure. One such pleasure is the war victory celebration by those who were not direct victims of the war. The discipline in war is largely personal, due to absence of supervision. At personal level those who use their own conscience to know right from wrong, and abstain from acting ‘wrong’ earn positive karma. The reason for this is embedded in the saying ‘all is fair in love and war . We use our conscience which is the basis of our belief. Belief is soul power.

Those who celebrate war-victory against fellow Sri Lankans is unregulated to the extent common resources were  used to wound and kill on personal basis – as if for personal pleasure. Laws and Rules help prevent such personal pathways being taken.

The government and especially this President have their share of unregulated pleasures of war. But the reason why it affects the Sinhalese is their own failure to discipline that government through their votes.

I am a Tamil, and during the time the value of the Sri Lankan rupee started dropping we sent money through the banking system. This was largely towards post-war development work through structures developed by us. Those who are now hesitating to send money through the banking system are confirming that they have failed to contribute to the official system and that they have their own ‘unofficial’ system.

The foreign debts from India and China , to the extent they come from the common citizen’s money – becomes a curse when it is not settled. Australian Government  also donated money. If the current government is trustworthy – all refugee applicants from Sri Lanka need to be sent back to Sri Lanka. Otherwise, the current government  is paying towards prolonging the war – possibly to oppose China.

Free Monies need to be based on belief. Belief regulates us perfectly. Lack of belief requires firm agreements for money transfers – be they between individuals or governments.

Sinhalese have inherited China curse and Tamils have inherited Indian Tamil curse but to a lesser level. If LTTE had taken over North & East – Tamils also would have gone bankrupt.



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02 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

 A Sri Lankan Diaspora leader in Australia sent me the following yesterday:

TWENTY SECOND AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION BILL Ordered to be published by the Minister of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms PRINTED AT THE DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT PRINTING, SRI LANKA TO BE PURCHASED AT THE GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS BUREAU, COLOMBO 5 Price : Rs. 72.00 Postage : Rs. 35.00 to amend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

A quick read confirmed that the changes were largely to go back to Parliamentary system away from the Presidential system. I could not identify with the amended constitutional after the proposed changes. To me, structures are important in any institution. Most of us begin with family structures. Positions are different parts of the structure. Laws connect those different parts.

Within a  Constitutional structure  there are fundamental founding positions. In a simple family structure – they are the Mother and Father. In the traditional structure father represented the family to wider world and mother quietly empowered the whole family through self-sacrifice. Those who sacrifice at personal level – for the common good of all – are the mothers. It is the duty of all those who are so empowered, to respect the mother – as we do with the queen.

In Sri Lanka, those who forewent earned benefits, including due to discrimination – are the mothers. Those who represented their respective local institutions on the basis of the whole group of believers– are the fathers. To the extent both are true to the respective positions – the system would work on the basis of Natural powers.

Given that the President of Sri Lanka holds the Father position, the Prime Minister is the mother who empowers the whole Parliamentary structure.

The proposed amendments include the following:

[Article 44 of the Constitution is hereby amended as follows:–

(1) in paragraph (1) of that Article– (a) by the substitution, for the words “in consultation with the Prime Minister, where he considers such consultation to be necessary-” of the words “on the advice of the Prime Minister-”;

In other words this confirms that the Prime Minister is the Mother who unites the family/nation.

It is now the duty of the citizens to vote for the father in Presidential elections and for the mother in Parliamentary elections. In a strange way the current leadership confirms this picture.

This did not happen merely by voting process. It happened due to belief based Opposition by citizens at their respective levels. Democracy is based on belief of the Citizen. Autocracy is based on belief of the government. In the new Sri Lankan structure President needs to be autocratic and the Prime Minister needs to be Democratic.

As per the Morning’s report headed ‘Health professionals’ group seeks referendum on Constitutional changes :

[The National Movement of Health Professionals (NMHP) has launched a public petition requesting a referendum to introduce nine fundamental changes to the Constitution.

Speaking to The Morning, NMHP Convener Ravi Kumudesh said that the fundamental changes to the Constitution that are sought, include enshrining United Nations (UN)-based human rights (HR); accepting diversity (racial, gender, religious, disability); having an independent Judiciary, Police, civil administration, and Election Commission (EC); limiting the maximum tenure of all elected positions to four years; social responsibility for pregnant females and mothers, the elderly, children, and the disabled; zero tolerance for bribery and corruption; for the country to be a non-aligned, secular, liberal, democracy; abolishing the Executive Presidency; establishing a common “Sri Lankan” identity; and ensuring equal rights for all citizens.]

Many of these are already in the Fundamental Rights section of the existing Constitution. They are Articles 10 – 17 in the current Constitution.  The rest are largely Political. This includes ‘Buddhism Foremost’ – Article 9 ‘Sinhala Official Language’ Article 18 (1). Fundamental Rights section is about protecting the Sovereignty of the individual and therefore the Nation. It is also the Equal Opportunity Section of the Constitution.

I personally considered Equal Opportunity to be a fundamental right here in Australia, where my Sri Lankan qualifications were not recognized even after high performance was confirmed by me. Hence I took those concerned to Court and even though the Courts dismissed me – I wrote my feelings in my book ‘Naan Australian’. That book travelled via Congress Library to the National Library of Australia.

I do not know whether it is in the ‘Fundamental Rights’ section of the Australian Constitution. But to the extent I believe I am Australian and I believed that the discrimination was  Race based, I exercised my rights. The rest happened naturally. That is the way of Belief.

If therefore every Sri Lankan citizen who believes s/he is Sri Lankan, and believes  to have been discriminated against on any of the bases in the Fundamental Rights section, takes it up through courts that would be a good start. If the Courts dismiss – the Applicant the Applicant must publish the experience at her/his level. The rest will happen automatically.

That is the way Prescription works. In Sri Lanka, this is covered by Prescription Ordinance 1872. According to the Fundamentals of this Ordinance, Belief based occupation / possession is above merit based purchase. Protests that are belief based are the parallels of ‘Possession’ . Such protests need to be undisturbed and uninterrupted, adverse to and independent of the official title-holder .

To therefore be recognised as genuine, the National Movement of Health Professionals need to confirm in Action that they have satisfied all of the above stated ‘Essential Criteria’. They had their Opportunity during Covid when Muslims were forced to cremate instead of burying the bodies of their loved ones. At the moment they seem to be riding the bike in the ‘gap’ in heavy traffic governance.

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01 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Tamil Rights Group forwarded to me the decision by   the Ontario Superior Court in relation to Tamil Genocide Education Week (in Province of Ontario) ACT – TGEWA.Sri-Lankan-Canadian-Action-Coalition-et-al.-v.-Attorney-General-of-Ontario.pdf (

To my mind, the Ontario Superior Court is the parallel of the High Court of Northern Province, Sri Lanka.

The points in the judgment that caught my attention are:

(i)            [5] Ontario is home to a large Sri Lankan diaspora, of which the majority are ethnic Tamil Sri Lankans, and the minority are ethnic Sinhalese Sri Lankans.

(ii)          [6] These two applications, which I heard together, are brought by members of Ontario’s Sinhalese diaspora and organizations representing Ontario’s Sinhalese diaspora. Each application seeks a declaration that a statute passed by the Ontario Legislature, the Tamil Genocide Education Week Act, 2021, S.O. 2021, c. 11 (“TGEWA” or “the Act”) is unconstitutional. At the risk of over simplifying the legislation, at this stage, I observe only that it purports to encourage Ontarians to educate themselves about the Tamil genocide and other genocides that have occurred in world history

(iii)        [7] The applicants argue that the TGEWA is unconstitutional……..

(iv)        [8] Ontario argues that it is constitutionally competent to enact the TGEWA and denies any violation of ss. 2(b) or 15 of the Charter. It is supported by party interveners representing organizations and members of Ontario’s Tamil diaspora

What These Reasons are Not About  

(v)          [9] Over the course of these applications, I heard evidence about the Sri Lankan civil war, and specifically, whether or not what occurred amounted to a genocide of Tamils.

(vi)        [10] A finding of genocide at law can neither be made nor excluded based on the record before me. Such a determination, under international criminal law, cannot be made in a two-day application based on a few written affidavits from individuals who were in Sri Lanka during the civil war and evidence from dueling experts. I make no findings about whether there was, or was not, a Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka.

(vii)      [11] In this application, I am not deciding who bears the blame, or who bears more of the blame, for the tremendous suffering and trauma that occurred as a result of the Sri Lankan civil war.

(viii)    [12] Nor am I deciding whether it was wise for the Ontario Legislature to pass the TGEWA. The wisdom of the legislation is a question that belongs solely to the Legislature, and more indirectly, to the voters of the province.

(ix)        [13] The question before me relates only to the constitutionality of the TGEWA. I confine my reasons to that issue only

Brief Conclusion

(x)          For the reasons that follow, I find that the TGEWA is intra vires the province and does not violate the applicants’ ss. 2(b) or 15 Charter rights. As a result, the applications are dismissed.

This in essence means that Ontario’s Tamil Community are confirming their belief that what happened in Sri Lanka to Tamils was Genocide. If this were true, it  means that every Tamil killed in the process of war was of a particular ethnic group which was different to that of the group that the armed men and women who killed belonged to.

Hence, to Ontario Tamils, LTTE were NOT Jaffna Tamils who elected Politicians who were subsequently killed by the LTTE!

This would be true if Indian Tamils got into the minds of LTTE. We call this koodu vittu koodu paivathu கூடு விட்டுக் கூடு பாய்வது commonly known as brain washing! Or brain sharing


A belief based declaration needs to balance from all angles. Genocide is true only if some external force got into the minds of the armed soldiers. They were Sinhalese as well as Tamils. Sinhalese are known to express fears of Indian invasion. They would have ‘seen’ Indians by boat in Tamil civilians. Tamil soldiers led by LTTE were also bought over by Indian politicians such as MGR. If Genocide then   India caused it.

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30 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


“The most effective of the Australians' protests against Apartheid was the boycott of all-white South African rugby and cricket teams in the early 1970s.

If the above is a heritage, those who inherit that experience would become the heirs of protestors against suppression of sovereignty. All positive heritages carry sovereign values and merge naturally with other  positive heritages. They oppose negative heritages.  Both are known not through the matter recognised as heritage but the minds of respective heirs.

As per the current actions of the Australian Cricket Team, they oppose the above heritage developed in the 1970s. Chris Savage confirms this as follows:

[There’s something eerily dystopian about cricket continuing unscathed while a humanitarian crisis unravels outside the gates.]


As per the above SBS report:

[Australian anti-apartheid activists being honoured in a new exhibition in South Africa say it is an important reminder of the power of protest.

The most effective of the Australians' protests against Apartheid was the boycott of all-white South African rugby and cricket teams in the early 1970s.

As a student activist, Meredith Burgmann jumped the fence at the Sydney Cricket Ground during the 1971 game between the Wallabies and the racially-selected Springboks.]


Heritages form naturally,  when we sacrifice currently earned by us through Due Processes. Due Processes are the pathways through which we inherit the positive heritages. Heritages have perfectly balanced institutional structures.They are our true constitutions.


If the current action by the Australian Cricket team in Sri Lanka is considered to be of  ‘positive value’ then the above heritage has been abandoned by Australians. Part of the reason is the way Shane Warne was recognised in relation to Tsunami services in Sri Lanka


["I just wanted to help, I said to Murali, 'what can I actually do?'" Shane Warne told 60 Minutes at the time.

"He said, 'you just being here will actually help.'"

Murali was right.

Shane Warne walked around the disaster zone with his iconic blonde goatee and he was recognised by locals in some of the most remote parts of Sri Lanka.]


I am Australian of Sri Lankan origin, labelled as mentally ill Trespasser at UNSW by fellow Australians. My Tsunami work is published at

As per my true standards, my report was presented by me to the President who authorised the funds for construction of homes for those who ‘lost’ homes in Mankerni in Batticaloa due  to Tsunami which is an act of god/natural disaster. Only  person with positive heritage in the Sri Lankan system could have achieved this. That was NOT Shane. Mine was naturally shared with Australians. Yet Shane was promoted due to his cricket popularity.  This naturally makes an orphan of my heritage in this regard . Likewise that of the anti-apartheid heritage developers.

Those who follow laws and rules against Racial Discrimination would naturally carry that heritage of Sovereign structure with them wherever they go. As per my measures – this team carries negative heritage and hence would mind-merge with the government that is carrying similar genes through Buddhism Foremost principle – the parallel of White Australia policy.

The Cause of the collapse is in embedded in this action of  Australians and reception by Sri Lankans. Australians represent  the external money providers. Some come as aid and others as loans that cannot be repaid. Both demote the status of Sri Lanka to junior level. By claiming ‘sovereign’ status – we distance ourselves as Equals. When we owe an alleged equal, and the debt cannot be repaid – we become ‘outsiders’ – waiting to be taken over by giants.

China is considered a big giant waiting to take swallow Sri Lanka. But that heritage came from many governments before the current one. The BMICH was a gift from China:

[Built between 1970 and 1973, the convention centre was a gift from the People's Republic of China in memory of Solomon Ridgeway Dias BandaranaikePrime Minister ]

That PM tried to implement Sinhala only as official language. During the rule of his wife – this heritage mutated as ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the constitution. This is negative heritage in terms of articles that support  Multiculturalism – for example article 14 which is in the ‘Fundamental Rights’ chapter 3. Buddhism Foremost is in chapter 2 – outside  the Fundamental Rights chapter. The naturally oppose each other. This President activated Buddhism foremost and this naturally activated its opposition – of  Equal Rights in Chapter3. Heritage is dormant if we use current laws to maintain sovereignty. If not – the positive heritage will surface to protect its heir/s of sovereignty. Where the current laws also fail to protect Sovereign values – they also become negative heritages / genes and eventually defeat the positive heritages. They are also acts of god. It is foolish to expect cricketers who play to ‘win’ to offset / mitigate this pain and loss.


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29 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


I have been directed by a Sri Lankan Diaspora leader to the analysis ‘he 225 must go? Seriously? Rohan Pethiyagoda at The 225 must go? Seriously? Rohan Pethiyagoda - රොහාන් පෙතියාගොඩ - YouTube


My search gave me the information that Dr Pethiyagoda is officially recognised including by Australians. His analyses are structured to suit intellectuals. The question is ‘Did these intellectuals foresee this collapse and if yes ‘what did they do to prevent it?’ As per Wikipedia :

[On 22 June 2022, Pethiyagoda was appointed Senior Policy Adviser to Sajith Premadasa, MP, Leader of the Opposition of Sri Lanka]

This confirms vested interest in opposing the Protestors. The Protestors are blaming the whole Parliament for the collapse. The way they measure is ‘effects’ based. One who is at policy level has the responsibility to measure through ‘causes’.

 Dr Pethiyagoda blames Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa for the collapse. The above picture taken in 2019 confirms to my mind – that Mr Premadasa was in his mind, an admirer of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. When one genuinely and through Due Process available opposes the government at policy level, one becomes the true opposition of the government. That is how Democracy works, through the exponential power of Truth. The best example known to me is Mahatma Gandhi who became part of the labour class. He continuously opposed the British Government at policy / causal level. His actions were in the form understood by labour class. The invisible power was belief in Truth / God.

So far no Buddhist leader has highlighted the imbalance in Buddhism Foremost article in the Sri Lankan constitution. This means that at voter level, Buddhists would assume leadership over non-Buddhists. By accepting Buddhism Foremost article since 1972 – Sri Lanka became a Buddhist country where others were minorities. This President openly ‘showed’ that when he took oaths.

Eelam Tamils who in their minds live in separated part do not have the power to Oppose this. Only Sri Lankans who are neither Sinhala / Buddhist nationalists nor Tamil Nationalists have the natural power to exponentially oppose as Sri Lankan Opposition.

Discussions around ‘going back to the 19th Amendment level’ are futile. It was proven false by the Constitutional crisis in 2018 which was within the period of governance of the architects of the 19th Amendment.  It was an act of protest by the Constitution itself.

The Buddhism Foremost article in the 1972 Constitution was effectively to suppress JVP. It was NOT belief based. Belief is Absolute power and hence spreads itself. A true Buddhist would have naturally promoted Equal Opportunity principles – with or without constitutional support. The law is like senior relatives who raise our standards to the higher level than our belief. One who practices the law – would eventually believe at the level of that law. Parliamentarians who act in breach of the law under cover of their positions – keep lowering the standards of Sri Lanka to their levels of belief. That is where this President failed by entertaining those who desired wins over Tamil rebels. Given that this President confirmed commitment to Buddhist community – while carrying the karma of violent war – he invoked the real opposition of Sri Lanka – non-Buddhists. That was also a Constitutional protests. As I say and have been quoted – a wrong becomes a sin once we give up ownership. Sin – like covid – is exponential in its spread and cannot be corrected through current ‘rights’. Only positive karma in this can offset the sin.

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26 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Q by Guardian :Exploited in a crisis: why are Sri Lankans getting on boats bound for Australia?


Answer by Australian Tamil - Dr Nadesan to Gajalakshmi Paramasivam carrying mad-trespasser label in NSW– ‘Now coming to Nadesalingams, the most loved family in Australia ( of course except you), the government did not want to be asinine instead a logical, rational, humane establishment. That is governance. Your stubborn stand of taking revenge from this most loved family, you claim according to law, is nothing but an asinine, robotic attitude. Unless you give up your stubborn, obstinate attitude, you are not going to salvage yourself from these beliefs. One can take a horse to water but cannot make it to drink. By the way, contrary to your malicious propaganda against me, I dont endorse any illegal immigrants into the country but yet the laws have to be revised and applied according to situations. If Rajapakshas arrive in a boat what will you do. I can vouch that you will be there with kiri bath to welcome them. 😆😆🥱🥱. So my friend this debate is only about this Nades family.

Obviously, Dr Nadesan has taken senior position above Gajalakshmi who has been demoted by the Australian Justice system. To my mind, it is the parallel of Winston Churchill calling Mahatma Gandhi ‘half naked fakir’ . That is the modus operandi used by outsiders pretending to be insiders.

Gandhi’s power was his Truth. Gandhi renounced comforts of a professional life, to live with the Indians of low status as one of them. But his mind was driven by the Absolute power of Truth. On 01 November 2004 - the day the Waverley local Courts sent me to Prince of Wales Hospital – to be assessed for mental illness, in relation to my Peaceful Assembly at the reception of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of UNSW - Sri Lanka’s Daily News published my response to Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice . It was  headed  The relevance of Ahimsa - a rejoinder’.

As is apparent from the above response from a Tamil Medical professional – who used it in an unprotected environment, the Sri Lankan status was made negative in Australia – including within the Tamil Community in Australia. The Registrar Dr Peter Vaux certified me to be mentally healthy and stated that I was following in the footsteps of Gandhi. I learnt about the Daily News publishing my response much later. But that is one of the strongest Indicators that confirmed to me that I was being empowered by Gandhi. When we naturally represent a group – we work on the basis of indicators.


The minds of Austrian Tamils, brainwashed by Australian  politics that elevates Nadesalingams who failed to say ‘no to political favours’. That is how we repeat the ‘Stolen Generation’ karma.

As per the Guardian article :

[As a Tamil, Jayan says the challenges he faced in Sri Lanka remain, heightened by the country’s worsening economic and political crises. But there is, he says, a “mafia” in operation, exploiting the emergency, promising safe passage overseas, and demanding up to 900,000 rupees (A$3,500) for a place on a boat.

“Local people talk about the change in the government this year and they ask me to join in as a boat keeper. Some people say that a successful landing in Australia is possible, but I refuse to get on the boat because based on my experience the people are returned back.”]

That is from the one who is experiencing the challenge as per his assessment of his need.

Then there is this from a parallel of Dr Nadesan:

[People are suffering right now because of this economic crisis,” human rights lawyer and Sri Lanka’s former human rights commissioner Ambika Satkunanathan says.

“For instance, for Tamils in the north and east of the country, the sense of insecurity that already existed – particularly after this president returned to power – is exacerbated by the current situation.”

Satkunanathan says there appears to be an “industry” around irregular migration, run by cartels promising passage to Canada [by plane] or to Australia via boats, which is exploiting people in Sri Lanka who are already economically vulnerable or facing systemic discrimination and oppression.]

The word ‘appears’ confirms that the former Human Rights Commissioner did not have the ‘indicator’ that comes from belief.

The Industry is not limited to those who transport. They are actually the media. The driving force is from the Tamil Community in Australia who are ‘profiting’ from the war. Every person who did not suffer as much as the worst affected person in her/his local area and who failed to share in the compensation s/he received through migration earns the curse of all those who suffered more than they in their respective local environments. This in turn becomes a war-gene, when we fail to correct it within the generation that had the war experience.

Be it a problem or an opportunity – there are invisible  and unknown forces / Energies that are included in them. Cost plus the those Energies  are the true problems. Benefits plus those Energies are the Opportunities. In the case of Tamil Boat arrivals – political opportunities have become Administrative problems. In turn – for Sri Lankan Tamils war problems have become immigration opportunities. After all if the Australian Cricket team went to Sri Lanka when that nation is experiencing political crisis about which many leading Sri Lankan cricketers had their say –  what is wrong with Sri Lankans coming to Australia to get that comfort through a different pathway of belief? The latter is true democracy – so long as it is driven by personal belief.

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24 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


[“Last Sunday, when a new mother began suffering dangerous bleeding at a major Colombo hospital, an urgent call went out to one of its main consultant anaesthetists.

The mother needed to be rushed to surgery but the specialist was three kilometres away, stuck in an hours-long line at a petrol station without enough fuel to drive to the hospital.

She started looking for tuk-tuks but couldn’t find one and even asked the police for help to get to the hospital,” Yasuni Manikkage, another doctor at the hospital, told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Fortunately, the anaesthetist was eventually was able to get there, as a vehicle from the hospital was sent to pick her up. The mother was able to go into emergency surgery and after further treatment in the intensive-care unit, she is now recovering.]

 The above was about Sri Lanka , interpreted by an Australian. The parallel of it happened to me here in Australia. I shared it as follows with the chairman of our body corporate:

[Yesterday, you saw being wheeled out by Ambulance staff.  Below is an account of it as shared with a group of doctors:

Yesterday, after my writing  work and in the middle of cooking dinner for the family, I felt chest-pain. Then I started sweating. Then I felt nauseous. I submitted to the Lord  first. Then I sought to call the ambulance but kept dialling 999 instead of 000. Both Param and our granddaughter who lives with us during her Uni studies – were at work. I thought of my lawyer friend Viji’s father who called the ambulance from a telephone booth – when he developed chest-pain. Then I felt I also could do likewise. I left the front door of my unit open and then lay down on the sofa. I heard the Ambulance. I had already given directions to ask the office to let them in. It so happened that Param came at the same time the Ambulance staff were asking about unit 906. I was taken to Prince of Wales hospital.”

If I had been alone on the weekend or after office hours, I would not have directed the Ambulance staff to the office. This, as you know, happened when your then neighbour was trying to open our door – thinking it was his. Then I raised the issue of us not being able to get the Police up – without risking injury to ourselves. You fitted a camera on the floor but did not resolve the problem. Yesterday’s incident is much more serious – as it is a matter of life and death. One of the doctors in our group said that in the case of one of their colleagues – they personally took the patient to the hospital, as the ambulance was getting late.

As advised previously, our son said that given the new lifts – it would be appropriate to facilitate our guests to come to our floor. Pradeep said that the wiring would need to be changed but that this would be easier done now when the new lifts are being installed. Relative to that – Roof Garden and other comforts seem to be a luxury.

I am informing you because you are the chairman of the community. If I fail to hear from you positively, I propose to take the issue up with the Council. This may lead to other similar structures getting a new, improved system.]


In the Ambulance and at the hospital, I was asked to state the level of my pain on a scale of 1 to 10 – where 10 was strongest pain. In both instances I said that to me it was the worst I had experienced. Hence it was 10. Hence I called the Ambulance.

Then a medically certified  Australian Tamil wrote :

Gaja, I am sorry but not surprised of what happened to you. I am your scape goat to put all the blame on me. From a mile I can assure you that all what you had was a hysterical or a panic attack due to anxiety. I can put my bottom dollar and say you had similar episodes in the past too. Now coming to ambulance and hospital, with your complaints they have to take you in and it is very basic, their believing you is besides the point. And soon with routine initial examination they would have understood your problem and not an acute cardiac issue at all. The rest is just reassurance, sympathy and empathy. By the way in hospital they don’t treat anyone as a princess and instead as a patient. ]

A New Zealand Tamil wrote to the Australian doctor:

[One thing I want to point out to you is that it is unwise to diagnose or pre-empt a patient's sickness without checking. One incident took place a week ago when 20 of our friends went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant. The one who sat next to me was having his food and suddenly collapsed. I immediately called the ambulance and the person who answered me asked whether he was breathing. I said yes. They said they will send the ambulance. We waited for 10 minutes but the ambulance didn’t turn up. So I called again. They said your person is breathing  so the ambulance is attending other urgent cases so it might take a bit longer. I thought this was not good  & we drove him to the hospital. Thank God we did that. He had anaphylaxis. If  we waited for the ambulance for another 20 minutes his life would have been in real danger.


All I am saying is that we don't know the seriousness until we check. So you being a doctor please give her some time to recover especially you mentioned she has the sickness before too.  I personally don't know you and lady Gaja but my humble request is  that let her recover first.

Please don't give overdoses.  

All I am saying is that we don't know the seriousness until we check. So you being a doctor please give her some time to recover especially you mentioned she has the sickness before too.  I personally don't know you and lady Gaja but my humble request is  that let her recover first.

Please don't give overdoses.  ]


In Sri Lankan Tamil, the above is stated as follows:

The pain of the boy who cries that the kanji (rice water) is lacking in salt and the boy who cries that his milk is lacking in sugar must be taken as the same. The two are parallels and would not meet.  

In the above case in terms of visible status – I am the parallel of Kinji-drinking boy. The Australian certified doctor is the parallel of Milk drinking boy. Our respective feelings cannot be measured on the same  scale of 1 to 10.

Likewise, the feelings of Sri Lankans and Australians would not meet.

When I had the problem, I relied on the social aspect of low ranking officials in the hospital and elevated myself to the level of Revenue Manager that I was at South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service where I completed my service successfully. Hence my ranking was true and not imaginary. The hospital staff would obviously be trained in such ‘mannerism’ . Some may wear it naturally and others as duty. But the way I took it was as per my truth.

In the case of the New Zealand Tamil – he called me a ‘lady’  - which meant he was a knight. This happened also with a high-ranking Sri Lankan doctor who also disciplined the above mentioned Australian Tamil doctor.

Sri Lanka’s economic collapse is the diagnosis. The cause is not yet identified by Economic Doctors. In the meantime, Sri Lankans are socially recognising each other as Royalty – thus filling the vacancy created by the Bandaranaike dynasty and their heirs the  Rajapaksa  dynasty.  It would therefore be counter-productive, if Australian media treat Sri Lankans as ‘poor’. We make up for loss of money – through stronger Human Resources.

The loss of money happened due to our dependence on leaders who failed to trust the voters. I presented this as follows to the group:

[More than anything else he lacks the trust a doctor needs to have in a patient. They say that we need to be honest with our doctor and our lawyer. In turn the doctor or the lawyer has to trust us until s/he knows we are lying.]

In Democracy, the voters are in the senior position. Politicians have the duty to be honest with the voters and the voters in turn, have the duty to trust the Politicians until they know that the politicians are lying. The group without any official portfolio, that is currently protesting is such a self-governing group.

When more and more Sri Lankans become self-governing, we will learn to live within our means by taking our earned position in global community – which gets  Human Resources for money resources. Towards this we need to believe in ourselves.

 By reacting to ‘what happened’ instead of finding out why it happened – Australians are insulting Sri Lanka’s sovereign status. That is ‘cheap’ mentality which makes Sri Lanka a ‘Thavicha Muyal’/ desperate rabbit that is easy to ‘catch’.

Wednesday, 22 June 2022



22 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Gotabaya is not a source of political stability, but rather the stark opposite.”  concludes  Ranga Jayasuriya at

If the above is a governing conclusion, and it is given effect immediately, the Democratic structure of Sri Lanka collapses. One needs to identify with the truth in a manifestation, to be supported by that truth. Truth being a universal power does the rest. This is my understanding of the State of Nirvana that we believe Lord Buddha attained. In this state, there are no rights or wrongs but just virtues and sins / positive Polar and Negative Polar Energies .

As per Ranga Jayasuriya’s theory:

[First, for Sri Lanka to come out of the current economic misery, a trilogy of factors should converge: the Sri Lankan public, the political parties that would form the alternative government and the international community.  None of them wants to deal with the incumbent president. ]


The  international community is NOT a component making up the  Sovereignty of  Sri Lanka. This was presented as follows to a member of Professional group of Sri Lankans including those living outside Sri Lanka, in the issue of Boat Refugees to Australia:

[Until we exchanged thoughts and feelings within a community group – where one trusted another, that empowered and united us.  But by repeatedly ridiculing me – which has the effect of elevating your own status within the group – you have weakened the sovereignty of this group – to the extent you have become dependent on your seniority to survive. As a result this has come to the public forum through media power.

Since we are both taken as being of the same community by wider world, if I am marked wrong by wider world, you would be marked right. Therefore Nadesalingams. If I am marked right – those who practice the policy of  turning  the boats away would be marked right. We both leave our respective heritages for our heirs in the community. Your heirs will be boat people who breach the law and mine would be those who practice the law. ]


Once the matter comes outside the local sovereign borders – anyone in wider world is entitled to use the ‘outcome’ for their own purposes. Their outcomes would be available for local groups to be used in their own circle. But if the outside world is allowed inside – it means – we have no confidence in our sovereignty. Once we lose confidence – we declare that we are no longer a sovereign group.

In the case of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, if the People feel that he did not deliver – they need to ‘wait’ until the next election to confirm their lack of confidence in him. By declaring the ‘dismissal’ prematurely,  Ranga Jayasuriya has confirmed that he has mentally taken over the position of  President. This in turn confirms breaches of  media ethics.


When the position of President is damaged – the system collapse. Those of us who are self-governing maintain that position and the Parliamentary system through our belief in the system. The current incumbent may not fit that position – but we, through our belief – fill that gap. That is true People’s power.