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The physical senses are separate but the brain is common thinker. Deeper common instrument is the Truth which naturally connects Equals. The third eye of Lord Shiva, to my mind, represents the Truth that we ‘see’ through our own truth. As per my experience,  we develop this insight through sacrificing pleasures enjoyed by the senses and through the senses, the mind. Then happiness comes to us. In Hindu Holy Trinity, Lord Shiva is personified as the one with the third eye because he is also the One who eliminates/ destroys body consciousness.

My article ‘ANOTHER JVP INSURRECTION?’ reflected my own insight into the LTTE and therefore the JVP. It however, attracted strong opposition from a group of Diaspora Tamils

Opposition leader : Gaja, "one can take a horse to water, but one can’t make it to drink", and that is where you are. You are becoming more and more confused and thus your writing too becoming complicated. If you say that Tamil militancy was due to caste system we have to get you examined. No wonder you started with Gotas farming and ended up with Tamils militancy. It is like Rajapakshas Eelam war cry to hoodwink the Singalese. I know guys may be angry with me for responding but still I think there is a remote possibility of redemption.

Author Gaja: You be honest with yourself and ask as to why you ‘show’ that I am a junior to you. As per my recollection, you wrote in appreciation of Victor Ivan whom I have mentioned in my article. He has published his conclusions along the same lines. I read his book when staying at my friend’s place. Her husband is an LSSP supporter and hence the book was there. Prior to that I made my independent presentation to the Reconciliation Forum. You skip all that and repeat parrotlike that I am wrong which makes your junior – KKK – right. When you get status ‘Summa’ (Free) you become the medium of low level thinkers. You had your education through Sri Lanka and not Eelam. You have the DUTY to think Sri Lankan. When you support Eelam claimants – you get demoted to that level by your own conscience. That is the Ultimate Judgment.

Below is the excerpt from Wikipedia which confirms that Victor Ivan also discovered the same cause as I. At this point in time it is very important that we do not invoke the race card which would activate Tamil youth which in turn would be an easy escape route for Sinhala politicians. If you care about preventing another ethnic war you would remain silent on behalf of minorities. Otherwise you will also carry that karma


[Ivan in his book "Pansale Viplawaya" published in Sinhala in 2009, which has been translated into English titled "Revolt in the Temple-The Buddhist Revival up to Gangodawila Some Thera –"[7] has made an in-depth analysis of this proposition explaining the impact of caste discrimination on Buddhist political trends that emerge intermittently in Sri Lanka. In another book written by him on "Caste, Family & Politics" Ivan makes a deep analysis on how the caste system has impacted on politics of Sri Lanka since of independence to date.

While in prison, Victor Ivan wrote two books: The first was entitled "The challenge of tenant farming" (අඳ ගොවිතැනේ අභියෝගය; published in 1979),[6] which explored the feudal character of taxation on cultivations and the tenant farming system in Sri Lanka, and its adverse impact on productivity.

The other was on the History of JVP and 1971 Insurrection. In that he claims that the prevailing discriminatory caste system in the Sri Lankan society had been an important contributory factor in the 1971 insurrection. Later, he wrote another book titled "Social background of Youth Rebels of Sri Lanka" in which he argues that the caste system, apart from being a major factor in the youth insurrections in the Sinhala South, has equally become a crucial factor in the youth insurrections triggered by the Tamil youths in the North as well. This is a new dimension that Victor Ivan has added to the intellectual stock of reflective analyses of the social issues of Sri Lanka.]


Opposition Backbencher 1: Come on,  it is disrespectful to say that LTTE took up arms to fight due to the caste system in Jaffna. Prabakaran saw the discrimination our people faced by successive Sinhala racist politicians. Gaja please do not come up with such statements. Prabakaran fought for justice and died for our tomorrow.

Author Gaja: You say [Prabakaran saw]

That is the driving clause in your response. VP did not have the Experience. He could not have unless he had lived in a multicultural area – like Colombo where I lived. As a Tamil he would have felt for other Tamils. But the policy was hearsay to him. It would not have affected him in real terms. Again, why did he not channel his energy through the Political pathway? He lacked confidence in his intellectual capability to ‘win’. If he was the sacrificing type he would have taken junior position to the ITAK politicians. SJV and VP cannot both be fathers of the Tamil Nation.

I am amazed as to how – those of you I considered to be just minded are actually driven by your own desires to ‘win’. The mind driven by desire,  loses its balance. The brain is the common thinker and not the eyes or the ears. Ask yourself whether you would have felt racial discrimination pain if you had lived in North only? I would not.  I did not feel it in Colombo as an individual but I did have the experience due to communal riots. As per my culture I expressed my feelings through my vote. Caste on the other hand was a long term basis on which the juniors experienced (not saw) real discrimination pain.

Opposition Backbencher 2: தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர் தர வாரா; நோதலும் தணிதலும் அவற்றோரன்ன; சாதலும் புதுவது அன்றே வாழ்தல் இனிது என மகிழ்ந்தன்றும் இலமே! - புற நானூறு

Meaning : 

நன்மையும் தீமையும் அடுத்தவரால் வருவதில்லை

அது போல துன்பமும் அதற்கு மருந்தான ஆறுதலும் கூட மற்றவர் தருவதில்லை சாதல் மற்ற பிறத்தல் அது போல

விடுதலைப் புலிகளை  தாழ்த்திப் பேசுவதும் தக்கது அன்று. 

So please stop belittling LTTE and their supporters 

Be proud of yourself for being a Tamil and of Tamil Tigers! 


Author Gaja: When you stop using LTTE for your own benefits YOU will use your brain to know that the pathways are different. To truly honor LTTE as your senior – you must live with their heirs as their senior NOW. Towards this, you would need to sacrifice your professional credits and social credits as a professional accountant. When you do that, you will know that I am actually respecting them for the part that went towards elevating their social status and doing so without damaging the investment by others in higher pathways which are now being pursued by the children of LTTE. Our English classes in Thunaivi confirm this.  Thamilvaanan who was a combatant said to me that that is what he wanted for his nephews and nieces. YOU learn to respect that.

The Opposition is actually confirming that the kings of the time of Purananuru was written practiced the caste system:

[The Purananuru is the most important Tamil corpus of Sangam era courtly poems, and it has been a source of information on the political and social history of ancient Tamil Nadu. According to Hart and Heifetz, the Purananuru provides a view of the Tamil society before large scale Indo-Aryan influences affected it. The life of the Tamils of this era revolved around the king, emphasized the purity of women and placed limitations of the rights of widows. Further, the compilation suggests that the ancient Tamils had a caste system called kuti. ]  Wikipedia

The emphasis on the king is highlighted by the following verse:

நெல்லும் உயிர் அன்றேநீரும் உயிர் அன்றே;

மன்னன் உயிர்த்தே மலர் தலை உலகம்:

அதனால், யான் உயிர் என்பது அறிகை

வேல் மிகு தானை வேந்தற்குக் கடனே.


Rice is not life; Water is not life

The king is the highest form of life on this earth

Therefore know that knowing that I am Life

Is the duty of every king who carries the spear.  

Purananuru 186


The order is Lord Shiva who is Life/Soul. The King has the duty to be conscious of this.

Velupillai Prabhakaran converted to Christianity and hence it would be difficult to find his truth through Purananuru.

This is my pre-emptive protest against would be Tamil protestors who may get carried away with the seen and the heard. Truth – will make the Soul Connection.

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