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20 May 2022




As per my discovery, those of similar ideologies develop similar culture. They form natural communities, even if they physically live apart.


I have been stating that the root reason for  the LTTE rebellion is caste. LTTE leaders were from North and hence did not directly experience Race-based discrimination pain.


On 03 July 2011, I presented this discovery to the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney  -

On 10 July 2011, I presented as follows, through my article headed ‘Tamil Tigress’:


[LTTE may be dead but the belief in freedom, that drove Tamils to join armed groups would continue to live. That belief needs to be valued especially by those who have come to power through armed struggle. The other day, a JVP (Sinhalese Group that took up arms against the Sri Lankan Government in 1971) supporter said that their struggle had no connection to caste but that it was due to severe unemployment. To my mind – to the extent caste system is connected one’s work and the status associated with such work it is also employment related. Similarly – where there is a higher percentage of unemployment in a particular race despite, their investments in promised avenues of employment – such as higher education towards work in Public Service – racial conflict is also related to unemployment. We just see the same problem through different angles.]


On 03 July Mr Sunil de Silva – former Attorney General of Sri Lanka, expressed identity with my reasoning,  when the above mentioned JVP supporter took over and cut Sunil short. That person is Mr Premakumar Gunaratnam – leader of Frontline Socialist Party


Two  years later on 03 May 2013 – Mr  Basil Fernando – Human Rights lawyer and patron of Sri Lanka Guardian – published an article headed ‘The caste base of our cultural roots’

To me, the commonness between Sunil, Basil & I is the path of Law.  Basil therefore became Sunil’s medium to, in substance identify  with my reasoning. Once we seek at issue level we get close to the Truth.

With this intelligence, I was rather surprised to read the Island’s headline ‘TNA-FSP talks on formulating joint strategy - successful’. But later I realised that the indicators came early – when Mr Sumanthiran called for the arrest of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – as if he were the sole authority empowered by law!

Then came the document headed ‘Genocide, Crimes against humanity and International justice

Conference in the French Parliament organized by  French M.P.s

On 13th May, 2022 at 1.30 pm Sri Lankan Time

Address by Justice C.V.Wigneswaran, M.P.


Mr Wigneswaran began the speech as follows:

[Guru Brahma …..

My dear French Members of Parliament and the International Participants at this Conference including our own Mayor of Jaffna!]

Then the former Judge goes on to state:

[The Saivaite Tamils were the original inhabitants of this Island. The Hindus  believe  the Holy Shivalingas or aniconic shaligram representations of Lord Shiva found at Naguleswaram at Keerimalai in the North of the Island, at Thiruketheeswaram in Mannar in the North West, at Munneswaram in Chilaw in the West, at Koneswaram in Trincomalee in the East and  at  Thondeswaram in Dondra in the South of the Island protected the Country from pre historic times. The Sinhalese descendants   from the original Tamil inhabitants were those who adopted a new language called Sinhala language around 6th or 7th Century AD. Their language is a mixture of Tamil, Pali and other dialects as stated by me earlier.

Let me therefore before dealing with Genocide in Sri Lanka, state in summary that the Tamils were the Original inhabitants of this Island and there have been several waves of Tamil conquest but they only added to the Original indigenous Tamils who continued to live here from pre-historic times. Chola conquest in the 10th Century CE was only one such intrusion from South India.There had been Pandyan and  Pallava conquests prior to the Cholas coming in the 10th entury AD. Sinhala Language and Sinhala Race are very recent chronologically though the Sinhalese and the Tamils have had common progenitors from ancient times.]

To my mind – the parallel of the above claim is to state that I am ‘senior’ to Mr Basil Fernando in discovering the caste-based connection to JVP. I had similar experience when a journalist published his discovery regarding breaches in the University system after I brought action against the Administrators of the University of NSW.  He was the cow with the bell and I was the orphan demoted by the Judicial system. That journalist protested after reading my response – but it was difficult for me to explain to him that I felt it was unfair. But later my book ‘Naan Australian’ went to the Congress Library and from there to National Library of Australia – without my knowledge. Then I began appreciating more and more – how Truth finds Its way through time when space is blocked or through space when time is stilled. When both time and space are stilled we are in Truth/Nirvana/.

As per the above, Mr Wigneswaran stills Space and travels through Time. This means we Tamils have to have the blessings of the law of Thesawalamai – the law applicable to Northern Tamils.

I learnt about the perfection of this law when my brother in law – Mr Subramaniam Yoganathan’s Testamentary case came up in Courts. The Mallakam District Court ruled that the Estate was to be shared Equally between brothers and sisters who survived the Bachelor. We appealed to the Jaffna High Court and that was where Mr Manivannan recommended by Mr Suhash Kanagaratnam –Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF)’s legal advisor and Tamil lawyer’ represented us.  I submitted my own Appeal Application due to financial and time constraints. The High Court accepted my argument that the decision was ‘interlocutory’ and asked me to submit an amended application in the legal form acceptable to that Court. The final decision was to uphold the Mallakam District Court’s decision with some changes. The original petition was made by the home-maker sister and her husband. They asked for Certificates of Heirship only. We asked for Administrative rights. Our objection was dismissed. Now, the Registrar of the Mallakam Courts has collected the monies from Sri Lankan bank accounts, but is refusing to release the monies. Now the monies have gone above the limit of Rupees 4 million – and they need to go through Administration. That is our parallel of Presidential Executive powers!

Mr Manivannan failed to answer our calls. But he has had time to go to France for Political reasons.  Manivannan fails the test of ‘wisdom in ancestry’. Mr Wigneswaran is covering that up.


Manivannan’s attraction to China’s government was highlighted as follows through the article headed [Chinese Ambassador to Jaffna: “The aim is to be in the minds of Tamils”]: :


[The Mayor of Jaffna Viswalingam Manivannan was also present during the Chinese Ambassador’s visit to the Jaffna Library.

The Chinese ambassador said he had not discussed any issues with him. Mayor Vishwalingam Manivannan told BBC Tamil…….


The Chinese ambassador has donated five water treatment plants to five districts in the north.

The mills have been handed over to the Governor of the Northern Province, Jeevan Thiyagaraja.

How far is India?

The Chinese ambassador, who was on his way to the coastal area of ​​Point Pedro, asked the military officials there how far India was.

The army officer, who responded, said it was 30 kilometers.

Following this, the Chinese ambassador explored the area with a drone camera from the Point Pedro area.]

Refer also to report at -

The question is whether Northern Province of Sri Lanka is becoming more open to China ? If yes, is it due to LTTE which espoused Communism?


Wikipedia confirms this as follows:


The  Tamil Tigers' ideology emerged from Marxist-Leninist thought and was explicitly secular. Its leadership professed opposition to religion


That is very much like Communist China. Like in the case of ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan Constitution – are Tamils of North moving towards ‘Communism Foremost’ through LTTE ideology which brings ‘votes’? Buddhism foremost seems to have been born out of fear of the JVP. Is Tamil National Alliance introducing Communism Foremost ideology to Oppose Religious tenets that are laws of majority Northerners?

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