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02 October 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



‘There is a difference between ‘mother India’ and ‘other India’. ‘Mother India’ led by New Delhi is following the US/UK axis and is no more a friend of the Tamil struggle, but ‘other India’ is.’ -      Dr. Jude Lal Fernando in interview published in Canada by Tamil Mirror.


Today is the birth anniversary of Mahatma /Great soul Gandhi. Let us celebrate the Gandhi by seeking Truth.


Below is a response to one of my readers of the Tamil Diaspora(MTD) who responded to my article ‘SRI LANKAN JUDICIARY LACKS INDEPENDENCE’

MTD :  You state "I sued two judges, as follows:"


You are living in Australia. Mr Sumanthiran is talking about a judge in Sri Lanka.

Gajalakshmi: Thank you for your response.


At experience level, they are the same. Hence the Tamil saying - that the pain of the boy crying about lack of sugar in his milk, is the same as the one crying about lack of salt in his kanji/rice-soup. Otherwise, if we use only our measure. we can never be global. Like Sinhala only leaders, we would stagnate at local level.

This is also why, in Hindu religion, ‘attachment’ to outcomes is actively discouraged.  Pure experience  is Energy, which is without form. Mine was without form and hence ended up in global libraries in the form of book , ‘Naan Australian’. Those who genuinely feel the pain of Jaffna Library being ‘burnt’ would consider the likes of my book to be rebirth of that library in global form.


MTD :This is a good site to learn about Sri Lankan situation that exited before 2009 

As far as I know situation has not improved since 2009

This is from a Sinhalease journalist  Tisaranee Gunasegara who is living Sri Lanka "Without the Sinhala Only, the Tiger may have remained unborn. Without the Black July, the Tiger may not have grown exponentially. If the B-C Pact and the D-C Pact did not miscarry (thanks to the midwifery of Sinhala extremism), the LTTE, even if it was born, would have remained a fringe group"]



Gajalakshmi:  The cause is often invisible in common outcomes. But once a fact is born, we need to work through it to know the Truth in that fact. Sinhala-only is a fact produced by the parliament of Ceylon. Likewise, the others above. If one goes into the issue the without the facts, it is either philosophy or imaginary. A senior academic who expressly stated that I had insight about him described the conflict between me and the Central Administrators of the University of NSW to be due to philosophical differences. This was because no facts were produced at that stage and the academic knew I was experiencing genuine pain.


As per my discovery, through facts, JVP as well as LTTE were born due to abuse of the caste system. In the case of JVP it remained local, due to it being Sinhalese v Sinhalese. But in the case of LTTE India got involved. This became a regional issue and with emigration of Tamils, especially to Western countries, it became global. Like Covid, sins become pandemics when they go outside the sovereign circles in which they are born. So I reject Tisaranee Gunasegara’s writings as fiction.


MTD Regarding Tamil genocide you mentioned in your previous email..........refer to interview  in 2012 with  Prof Jude Lal Fernando  


Gajalakshmi:  As per that interview, with Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, published in Canada :

Canada is a country of so many nationalities, ethnic and indigenous groups. It’s a microcosm of how our world is. We can see the Tamil people as part of the bigger panorama of colours in Canada. There are struggles within Canada for justice and freedom. A good number of these groups who arrived in Canada as refugees now share Canadian identity and have their struggles in their home lands too.’

This applies also to Sikhs who are fighting for separate state in India. This confirms philosophical differences between Indian / Sri Lankan governments opposed to separatism and Canadian government’s policy of accepting formation of global identities. In 2012, it was philosophical difference. But now that Canada’s Prime Minister has accused India of interference with its sovereignty, Canada goes local and is no longer global in this issue. It is like going to earth – only system from the solar system.  Through the Genocide Memorial in Brampton, & Genocide  Education week Act 2021, Canadians imported ‘separatism philosophy. This manifested as facts. The purpose is to please new migrants who migrate in large numbers. A good proportion of Tamil Canadians are victims of this system.

As per that interview Dr. Jude Lal Fernando stated:
As you know there are two India’s, the ‘Mother India’ which is heavily militarized and ‘Other India’ which is progressive. Even though it is the 6th Industrial nation in the world, it is also one of the poorest nations in the world

There is a difference between ‘mother India’ and ‘other India’. ‘Mother India’ led by New Delhi is following the US/UK axis and is no more a friend of the Tamil struggle, butother India’ is

This American alliance is important for India to face China.

Mother India is global not due to militarization but due to the promotion of its Soul power of Sovereignty.


Feelings do not have form. Thoughts have form. Thoughts born out of the physical have form. Hence Indian Saint Manickavasagar recommends:


ஊனினை உருக்கி உள்ளொளி பெருக்கி/ Melt the body and let the insight become bright.


This could be presented as melt the solid and feel the Energy or melt the ‘fact’ and feel the Truth.

When we Research with an open mind, the body of fact melts.

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01 October  2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







The hottest news in Sri Lanka is:


Mullaitivu District Judge T. Saravanaraja has resigned from his posts and left the country due to life threats, pressures, and harassment.


A medical professional in one of our social groups, presented the facts as follows:


Notably, Saravanaraja had recently presided over two significant cases. The first case involved a dispute  over a religious site, Kurunthurmalai, an ancient Tamil temple site located within the Thannimurippu area of the Mullaitivu district, after members of the majority Sinhala Buddhist community occupied the religious site from Hindu worshippers. Much to the anger of the Sinhala Buddhist community, Saravanaraja ordered the removal of recently erected structures, including an unlawfully constructed Buddhist shrine situated atop Kurunthurmalai.’


Another from the group, directed us to Tamil Politian M. A. Sumanthiran’s analysis at  Yarl Devi News. Mr Sumanthiran claims that this is confirms the  challenge to the judiciary had reached a height that it had not reached ever before. He continued to present three options under those circumstances:


1.   To ignore the threats

2.   To resign

3.   To give in to the pressure and write their judgment accordingly.

To my mind, there is a fourth option.

4.   To expose the politicians by suing them

This cannot be done for anything stated or done

I sued two judges, as follows:


Justice Brian Timberline & Justice Peter Jacobson


‘I learnt about this Hicks matter during the hearing of my complaint against the State of NSW (Police) in the Federal Magistrates Court. Magistrate Smith balanced the claim by the State (which brought Justine Tamberlin’s dismissal of my complaint against the UNSW, in support of the State’s  application for summary dismissal )  by stating that Justice Tamberlin had ruled otherwise in the Hicks case.  That communicated to me that Magistrate Smith did consider me to be fellow Australian – the second one from the court system. The first one was Justice Sackville of the Federal Court of Australia, who had the integrity to uphold on 07 April 2005,  that duty judge Peter Jacobson had erred in rejecting my complaint against  Randwick City Council, by using Subjective assessment instead of Objective assessment as required by the Rules of the Court.’  Naan Australian


The threat of losing my home was hanging over my head. But I did not give up. From time to time, someone who cared did guide me by demonstrating that they believed me. I carry them as my soulmates. The rest happens as per the system of truth.


Similarly in the case of Sri Lankan judiciary, those who care would be supported if they genuinely care.


According  to Newsreports,  The second hearing of the suit AR/673/18 was held on July 4th, 2023, where the court ordered the Department of Archeology and the Police department to submit a report regarding the issue at hand. Following the court hearing, the Magistrate Court Judge conducted a field visit to the site. 

During the field visit, 7 Buddhist monks along with MP Sarath Weerasekara entered the temple with flowers and other offerings and conducted worship at the Buddhist temple.  The judge ordered the police in the premises to immediately stop the worship as it contravenes multiple existing court orders.


In this instance, Mr Sarath Weerasekara did not have the protection of Parliamentary privilege and the judge ought to have sued him. He would have if he loved the judicial system. The Parliament has the responsibility at least conduct an inquiry into this in parallel with the Easter Bombings inquiry. The purpose is to find the Truth. Truth will do the rest. The Judiciary enjoys independent status to rule as per the truth it knows.


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30 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







There is a Tamil saying – Poruthaar Poomi Aalvar / பொறுத்தார் பூமி ஆள்வார்/ Those with forbearance shall govern the earth. The Christian parallel is :


‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.’


Inheritance is wholesome and comes as a self-managing package. Not so, current earnings.


Our discussion began with the claim ‘Nazi Hunter Steven Rambam: Trudeau Knew He Applauded a Monster.’


I responded as follows:


When the Tamil Genocide Education  Week Act was passed in Ontario, I opposed it. As per my logic Tamils who killed fellow Tamils, also contributed to the deaths in 2009. My intelligence is from the warzone confessions in 2009.  Hence to me, it was NOT genocide, but Asuras fighting against each other. Those who were genuinely seeking to educate themselves, at global level, had the duty to apply the measure on equal footing. Tamils punished Tamils who sought to escape. It is a pathetic account of ourselves. The Genocide Education   was copied / plagiarized by Canadian Tamils from the Jews. Steven Rambam had the ‘intelligence’ due to his ‘work’. Hence he knew that Justin Trudeau was playing politics with the Holocaust. So are Tamil Canadians like David Rajaratnam, of Tamil Genocide Memorial, group, Canada.

 The preamble to the Tamil Bill includes the following lie:


[Tamil-Ontarians have families still suffering in their homeland in the north and east of the island of Sri Lanka. They have lost their loved ones and have been physically or mentally traumatized by the genocide that the Sri Lankan state perpetrated against the Tamils during the civil war which lasted from 1983 to 2009, ]


Most of my Canadian relatives live in Ontario. None of them have demonstrated / indicated feelings for the groups that suffered in 2009. Some donate to big projects and temples. But not to the needy families as per their current needs – education & job opportunities. Every morning I write to the needy who often do not know their needs, because they have returned to pre-war state of mind. Due to lack of usage my Tamil writing is messy, but I write. Only one Canadian relative who is a Sai believer, confirmed that she reads.

 So in the case of Holocaust victims also, Canadians are playing politics. When the Hardeep Singh got killed, Tamils who supported armed rebellion ought to have been warned. But Trudeau accused a structured government of global status, to defend a rebel. The rebel himself is likely to have believed that he was a ‘freedom fighter’.  This is true of most Sri Lankan rebels. But a structured government in which we have invested  over long time is of a far higher real status than a rebel organisation of de facto status. Hence the karma returned quickly through the Nazi veteran.


The intellectual responded as follows:


‘The tendency to embellish creates a lot of confusion and prolongs the injury, interfering with any resolution. Many fake videos have been passed around to promote collections from the Overseas diaspora, trying to drum up emotions.’


I concluded  as follows:


‘Words of wisdom. Embellishments lead to emotional level reactions. They are rootless and lacking in truth. Knowledge without truth leads to loss of intelligence. Intelligence happens naturally, when we bear the pain of discrimination and do our best to achieve as much as we can. In Sri Lanka, Sinhala-Buddhists were pampered by politicians for votes. The pampering led to loss of motivation to achieve intellectual heights. Tamils who worked harder, produced outstanding results. The more we were discriminated against unjustly, the deeper our natural intelligence. I realised this through my discrimination pain in Australia. My genuine tolerance led to divine intervention, resulting in insight based intelligence of the whole.  Now I know that that is how Truth balances the equation . When we take an eye for an eye, we go down to the level of the unjust discriminator.  Hence now, Tamils who reacted are pampering those who  remained in Sri Lanka, including with free housing. Anything free is the foundation of ‘loss of intelligence.’


To my mind, this is the education needed by war victims. Then our thoughts and feelings would be global, and we confirm that those of us with forbearance are governing  the earth. Migrants who forbore are global governors.


Thursday, 28 September 2023

28 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Two days ago, I concluded my article ‘DO CNADIAN TAMILS INFECT CANADIAN SIKHS?’ as follows:


‘The memorial is claimed to be in the form of Gloriosa superba, and given that I am a believer in Murugan, is my Murugan saying to write how I feel, so Jaffna Tamils would not be fooled by Canadian Tamils? All believers in Murugan will reject the Brampton Memorial as lacking in substance’


Within a couple of hours, I received the following response from a fellow global minded Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin:


Dear Gajalakshmi,   Your last para said it all.   "I feel, so Jaffna Tamils would not be fooled by Canadian Tamils  "   I as a Sinhalese-Buddhist  has rejected the Brampton Memorial as a lacking in substance." me it is a lie.’


My response to this was:

Thank you. The alleged memorial is claimed to replace the one that was at the University of Jaffna. I rejected it then and I reject it now. Memorials have to be on the basis of feelings and not lies.’

The reason for this response was to protect the University of Jaffna from political extremism, as is the case with some Universities in Sri Lanka that are members of the Inter-University Students' Federation whose members are listed as follows by Wikipedia:


·       University of Kelaniya

·       University of Peradeniya

·       Rajarata University

·       University of Ruhuna

·       Sabragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

·       South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

·       University of Jayewardenepura

·       University of the Visual and Performing Arts

·       Wayamba University

·       Buddhist Pali University of Sri Lanka


The IUSF consists of several student unions representing main universities and action committees of several universities across Sri Lanka. The sole official of the union is known as the convener. The convener carries out all administrative and legal work on behalf of the union.

The Inter University Bhikku Federation is an organization affiliated with the IUSF.

The Colombo Post, on 21 May 2023,  published the following political connection, in its report headed , ‘Mudhalige goes. Madhushan Chandrajit becomes the new convener of Antare:

The Inter-University Student federation states in a statement that the decision was taken at the session held yesterday at Rajarata University. Madhushan Chandrajith, who has been appointed as the new convener, is a resident of Embilipitiya Thorakolaya area, who appeared in the advanced level examination in 2015 and was selected for university education. Due to a conflict with the Vice-Chancellor, it has been learned that his studentship has being suspended for two years. new convener Chandhrajith working closely with the Front socialist Party. University sources say that until now he has not held any position in the University Student Union.




 This morning I received a response from a Sri Lankan Tamil Elder to whom I responded as per my belief. Our conversation is as follows:



Tamil Elder: In my view the word ‘Canadian Tamils’ is a misnomer , in as much as the word North East Tamils; the latter epithet is broadly used to differentiate Tamils of recent Indian origin from the N/E Tamils: and the North. East Tamils comprise mainly of Jaffna Tamils , Batticaloa Tamils etc., with different cultural traditions.

Gajalakshmi: In Democracy, the land space of our physical residence renders the right to vote. This right is not based on property ownership as per the law.


 Tamil Elder: Similarly a broad brush may not be used to tar the 600,ooo Tamils now residing in Ontario , British Columbia , Winnipeg, Alberta , Quebec , Nova Scotia, Newfoundland,  Saskatchewan , New Brunswick, North Eastern Territory etc. The Tamil families include families from South India - though not many - and the Sri Lankan Tamils who migrate from European nations as well from African nations such as Nigeria, Zambia etc.


Gajalakshmi: As per the rules of Democracy they are grouped as per their Current, Common place of national residence

Tamil Elder:   The Sri Lankan families fall into two broad categories; those who have obtained visas from the”points system” - points awarded  based on academic qualifications: in addition there have been the migrants sponsored legally by all those already resident in Canada ( pre July ‘83 ) . The post July ‘83 migrants arrived claiming persecution of Tamils in Sri Lanka - which is mostly true. These Tamils form the nucleus of the diaspora here - which is the driving force behind the TGTE.]

Gajalakshmi: Accept that.


 Tamil Elder: However Canadian Tamils ‘infecting’the Canadian Sikhs is rather a far fetched observation; ninety perception of more than a million Sikh families in Canada  have been domiciled all over the provinces in Canada, for over 75 years.

Gajalakshmi: Are you then indicating that in about 75 years, Tamils of Sri Lankan origin would feel more Canadian than they do right now? Feeling is different to thinking. A mother is the first leader of the child due to the pains of pregnancy and physical delivery. Hence I say mothers are feelers and fathers are thinkers. In public life, those who endured deeper pain than others have first  leadership rights due to the depth of the pain.


 Tamil Elder:  The Sikhs as a community are reserved and aloof in attitude & demeanour. But they are very friendly when one establishes a rapport with them.( I expect that the same characteristics might be perceived among Sikh families living in Australia ) .

Gajalakshmi: Accept that. The Sikhs I know are also clever in business. As per my reasoning, this is due to their aloofness which promotes friendships more than relationships. Likewise, second generation migrants in Australia.

 Tamil Elder:  Any nation that opens its for refugees, has to anticipate infiltration  from extremists , who have had grievances pertaining to injustice , discrimination and downright racism by the State. KP - Kumaran Pathmanathan ( now collaborating with the Sri Lankan government ) , Nijjar are two of the same kind.

Gajalakshmi: KP seems less active in Sri Lanka than Nijjar was in Canada. Is this due to more thoughts than feelings promoted by Canada’s freedom policies being used to ‘show’ ownership ?


Tamil Elder:  So far ISIS seems to have avoided Canada. If an Al Quaida terrorist slips into Canada - this is easy as Canada has very long borders & lengthy coast lines East & West - Canada’s rulers cannot be faulted . ]

Gajalakshmi: If this is true, then Canada’s security is more open to abuse than that of nations that have stronger natural  monitoring forces of elders. Policies underpinned by belief, work naturally, because belief is ownership and v.v.



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26 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






I did wonder from time to time, whether my painful experiences at the University of NSW(UNSW), joined forces with already existing karma at the UNSW, to become a larger return-karma form a huge circle of negative Energy . The background was reported follows, by the Sydney Morning Herald at :


The leading transplant specialist Bruce Hall has been found guilty of misconduct on five separate occasions and censured by the University of NSW, after allegations by whistleblowers in his laboratory.

But in a controversial twist to the two-year saga over Professor Hall's actions at a university laboratory at Liverpool Hospital, the UNSW vice-chancellor, Rory Hume, has allowed the researcher to relocate his laboratory and selected staff to another site.


Two researchers at Liverpool Hospital - Dr Clara He and Dr Juchen Chen - and Hong Ha, a PhD student of Professor Hall, brought the allegations in 2001 over alleged doctoring of scientific papers and fabrication of research.


He was also accused of workplace bullying and applying for research funding on the basis of scientific reports that contained wrong or ambiguous data.

Dr Chen, Dr He and Ms Ha, with an unidentified fourth complainant, made the allegations under university procedures aimed at protecting whistleblowers.

In 2002, details of an internal inquiry into the case emerged on the ABC's Science Show.


I was unhappy at that time, that the victims went to the media, instead the authorities, as I had done. But gradually, I realised that we used different pathways towards the same purpose. Hence, we Synergized to produce exponential  outcomes greater than the sum of our individual effects.

During my isolation, I came across this flower that invited me to buy it for the prayer group. At the prayer group, Mrs Ganga Sundaram, an Indian Tamil said that it was Lord Murugan’s flower. Mrs Ganga confirmed her claim by counting the six petals and six filaments. An Eelam Tamil supporter said, it was கார்த்திகைப்பூGloriosa superba ), The flower of the LTTE.  This week, the Canadian Tamil group organising the Tamil Genocide Memorial at Brampton, referred to this flower as Kaanthal /காந்தள். Given that Gloriosa superba is also the flower of Tamil Nadu state, one is entitled to conclude that the two states – Tamil Nadu and Ontario have similar energies, that would merge naturally. Some would be at surface level through floating information, and others would be at deeper levels. At root levels, they would synergise.


The following at did not make sense to me:



“I only know that without this testimony, my life as a writer….. would not have become what it is: that of a witness who believes he has a moral obligation to try to prevent the enemy from enjoying one last victory by allowing his crimes to be erased from human memory.” (Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner). - David Rajaratnam, Tamil Genocide Memorial, Canada

I am a writer and I am a Tamil. I wrote the book ‘Naan Australian’ as per my experience in Australia. I continue to live in Australia, as an Australian. I wrote my book ‘Jaffna is my heritage; not dowry’ in Tamil for the people covered by the law of Thesawalamai – based on Jaffna Tamil customs. Hence I would expect the above group to have written about Tamil experience to introduce the alleged Tamil Genocide Memorial. Truth reveals itself to its seekers. I concluded that this group is misleading the world. Are they naturally influencing the Canadian Sikh community also to be separatists?  

Those who use others’ experience, to promote their work, lack ownership and weaken their own intelligence.

The memorial is claimed to be in the form of Gloriosa superba, and given that I am a believer in Murugan, is my Murugan saying to write how I feel, so Jaffna Tamils would not be fooled by Canadian Tamils? All believers in Murugan will reject the Brampton Memorial as lacking in substance.

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23 September 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







The conflict between Indian & Canadian governments, has affected Tamil Eelam supporters within the Tamil community of Northern Sri Lankan origin. I consider myself Australian of Sri Lankan origin. The following is an example of Diversity within the Tamil community:


Tamil Eelam supporter: Mr.Hardeep Singh has been loyal to Canada ; otherwise Mr. Trudeu would not have gone to the extent of repeating his allegation against India and taking the risk of losing Canada's diplomatic relationship with India .


Gajalakshmi : A clever person would take political advantage through this fact. If the person is young and restless, s/he would lack the intuitive wisdom, to know the political outcomes.  Canadian PM is young and restless, relative to me in age and more importantly in separatism issues. When driven by the physical, we separate. When driven by truth/ invisible root-cause, we unite naturally .


Tamil Eelam supporter: Who said one can be loyal to two Nationalities ?  What's wrong with that ? 

The Irish people in the US were supporting Northern Ireland and were Loyal to the US & Independence of Northern Ireland


Gajalakshmi : At citizens’ level it is harmless. But at policy level it is like a Christian making Hindu laws. The American example would be Republicans making laws when Democrats are in government.

Tamil Eelam supporter: By the Way, If an ethnic society  wants to go separate and manage their land, economy, civil admiration & politics NOBODY ..NOBODY can stop them.... IT IS HUMAN RIGHTS !


Gajalakshmi :  It is the right of every human to uphold her/his sovereignty. But this needs to be exercised in such a way as to not disturb the exercise of sovereignty by another/others.


Tamil Eelam supporter: The UN or the Sinhalese have NO RIGHTS to interfere with the decision of the Tamil Ethnic Society


Gajalakshmi : It is the right of every human to choose which group they belong to.  Belief is a natural formation of a common/sovereign group. Voting is an expression of that belief. Which Tamil leader declared and received 100%  Tamil votes for separation? No one. In 1976, TULF made a declaration of the right to self determination. In 1977 they became Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan parliament. Every Tamil Politian who contests to become a member of Sri Lanka’s national parliament is, by that very action, opposing separatism. All of them have the right to measure by UN policies that the Sri Lankan government has become part of, through agreement  and duty to follow such policies. All groups that have thus far used UN facilities, have the moral duty to be bound by UN policies in the issues concerned.


Tamil Eelam supporter: If Tamil Nadu decides to go separate from India , Modi has NO RIGHTS , and he must remember that Tamil Nadu is not Gujrat and Tamils are not Muslims !!! or the Indians have NO RIGHTS to deny that Independents ..... and...and...It is going to happen before the end of this century !


Gajalakshmi : Name the Tamil -politician who has so declared? As per my knowledge, you are neither a politician nor Tamil Nadu citizen.


Tamil Eelam supporter: Sikh Khalistan is going to be established  before the end of this century !


Gajalakshmi : When did you become a Sikh to believe so. This is an opinion. To qualify as a fact you need to feel a Sikh. A declaration of belief is a fact when one owns.


How come you did not make similar projection about Tamil Eelam? Has it become a nightmare?

Tamil Eelam supporter: Tamil Eelam is a sure thing when Tamil Nadu separates from India , until thence it is a pipe dream because of India


Conclusion: Belief will  merge naturally to form circles of Energy. If the strength of those who believe they are Eelam Tamils, is stronger than the belief of  Tamils who believe that they are Sri Lankan Tamils then natural separations will happen. Likewise with Sinhalese. When that happens Sri Lankans merge naturally and they come within their own circle of Energy and share powers in Sri Lanka and beyond. The Tamil only and Sinhala only believers, would naturally separate from Sri Lankans. Likewise Indian communities. So long as we live within our circle of belief, every experience is positive due to the soul-power of belief.