Thursday 26 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26 January 2017

Global Identity & Australia Day

Today we celebrate Australia Day. To me Australia Day is about the  Global Identity of this Land, which like my Motherland, Sri Lanka is surrounded by Sea. We walked along Coogee Beach – paying our respects to our Nation through the National flag and the Soldier and Life Saver on the beach. Then we proceeded to Bali Memorial on the other end of the Beach. There I prayed to Natural Forces to protect this Land from acts of Terrorism and Pleasure without Conscience (Gandhi) . This was a special prayer due also to the news report that the Government was also taking steps to ensure that the forces were ready to meet such a challenge. To my mind, we sacrificed lives to learn the connection between excessive enjoyment of pleasures and armed retaliation by those strongly driven by ego pleasures of authority. Every person who makes the connection is contributing to remembering and honoring those who died for us effectively to protect us from excesses and its other side – jungle  retaliation. Immigration comes with this risk. The fact that we are largely a Multicultural society is confirmed and celebrated on Australia Day. Some would consider it an ‘invasion’ day – and we have to accept that. When we accept criticism, discipline from our elders – we connect to their strengths in return. Then we become naturally Unitary structure. As if in confirmation of this I was referred to the message by Noel Luther - founding member of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney:

Of particular interest to me was ‘Religion without sacrifice’ due to the Religion related problems in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is yet to celebrate true Democracy which by its very definition embraces Multiculturalism. As we walk together as Sri Lankans in name – those with stronger feelings for the Land called Sri Lanka ‘sense’ and know the needs of all those to whom that land is ‘home’ and all those who respect that land. Those who feel that the region and/or  the globe is their ‘home’ are also co-owners of the Land called Sri Lanka.

Those who are not able to take the leadership of such deeper owners have the choice of ‘going parallel’ to such leaders – as two religions going parallel to each other. But to the extent we stay along the same pathway it is important that there is only One Mind structure that regulates us. If the lesser owner leads it would be due to ego pleasure and hence Terrorism to deny the leadership of rightful owners of their investment in that part of the Earth. When a Nation has the Secular system as well as Religious system as part of its Constitution one cannot travel along this One Mind Structure. In Sri Lanka’s case – even Buddhists would have difficulty being one minded in Governance.

As per Daily Mirror report ‘Recommendations in sub-committee reports pose threats to Buddhism’ Ven. Medagama Dhammananda Thera, the Lekhakadhikari (Chief Secretary) of the Asgiriya Chapter stated:

[Q: There is an argument that it is discriminatory of other religions to afford foremost status to Buddhism. How do you respond?

Ven. Medagama Dhammananda Thera : It is not so. We have not acted in a manner that harms the interests of other religions. The rights of other religions are guaranteed under Article 14 of the Constitution, and we recognise them. However, we have to bear one thing in mind. In almost all other countries, their respective religions have been assigned special positions. In Norway, majority Cabinet slots are constitutionally assigned for the followers of the Lutheran  Church. As for the Malaysian Constitution, religious freedom is guaranteed for all, but Islam is given the pride of place with special safeguards. In England, royalty is always linked with the Church of England by convention. In the United  States, even in currency notes, religious affiliation is mentioned. That is the world situation. Sri  Lanka is and will be a country that protects Theravada Buddhism. We work for constitutional provisions to enable this task in the greater interest of generations to come. As Buddhists, we do not harm anyone. However, Sinhala Buddhists stood up whenever they felt threatened in their own land. Buddhist monks led such mass risings. ]

I do not know whether the above mentioned Nations have allocated foremost place for the stated religions in their Constitutions. If they have – then that dilutes their investment in Democracy and worse it leads to compartmentalization or mental discomfort / disorder. Wikipedia describes this problem as follows:

[Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person's having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.
Compartmentalization allows these conflicting ideas to co-exist by inhibiting direct or explicit acknowledgement and interaction between separate compartmentalized self states.

In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefsideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.
Leon Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it]

To therefore have Buddhism foremost as per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution and Equal status to all religions as per Article 14 as highlighted by the Buddhist Priest – means the Sri Lankan mind relying on the Constitution for Authority - carries the risk of Cognitive Dissonance and Mental Stress. That is the guarantee that this Constitution assures its followers. It does not guarantee internal consistency.

My actions against Australian authorities demonstrating ‘White Australia Foremost’ policy helped me release myself from this prison of Conflicting Values within the same mind. At the University of NSW – I was recruited to manage changeover to Democratic Financial Management systems. But when I delivered – the Operational areas demonstrated high value but Central Administrators were against it. Had I remained there with two ‘conflicting’ assessments – I would have been mentally stressed. To protect myself from such distress Natural Forces came in support through the Hindu system represented by Swami Sathya Sai Baba who founded including many other Institutions of Higher Learning – a University also. To me the Trident representing Hindu Trinity representing – Body, Mind & Soul – is also in the same form as the Greek letter psi Ψ. Lord Shiva within the altar of  our Family temple in Northern Sri Lanka also resides in this form – Vairavar the Protector. The Psi-Theory of Psychology states this scientifically this as follows:
Psi-theory suggests hierarchical networks of nodes as a universal mode of representation for declarativeprocedural and tacit knowledge.’ - Wikipedia

Tacit knowledge is developed through habits and / or past discoveries. Hinduism recognizes this as consciousness. When holy powder materialized on my picture of Swami Sai Baba – I felt that I was being helped by Natural Forces.  As a person, Swami Sai Baba was virtually a stranger to me at that time. I did not recognize any ‘benefits’ including status due to Sai Baba. Hence to my mind, it was Tacit knowledge from within through my belief in God – especially Hindu forms of God.   Making this connection helped me know that Divine powers were blessing me. The Higher minds are available to all genuine seekers – even though we may not physically recognize each other. Now I realize that I was led by this Higher Consolidated Mind - to ‘compartmentalization’ so I would seek deeper through One pathway to find my own internal consistency. Towards this I had to sacrifice earned benefits and forego earned opportunities within the Secular system. At one stage I said to a Western Academic that like Lord Buddha begged for basic food – I was begging for basic jobs – so the employment  was ‘voluntary’ on both sides.

My recommendation to Sri Lankans facing this Double Truth challenge is to renounce one system or to separate the times and areas of practice of the two conflicting systems. Buddha who renounced his throne cannot live in the same mind that takes the place of Royalty.

The above mentioned highlight of Norway (In Norway, majority Cabinet slots are constitutionally assigned for the followers of the Lutheran  Church ) which was closely connected to management of the war in Sri Lanka is of significance in this religious context. LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran (VP) was born a Hindu. But he was born also in an area dominated by Fisher-folk – whose relatives in Jaffna town  practiced Christianity. Norway established through youth collaboration Cey-Nor (Ceylon Norwegian) Development Project in Karainagar – in Northern Sri Lanka. Mr. Eric Solheim – the Norwegian Minister involved in development of Peace in Sri Lanka – also has a Catholic background.   This could have persuaded the LTTE to agree to Ceasefire due to Norwegian involvement strongly influenced by this Common pathway. But after LTTE’s  internal split –LTTE was driven less by ‘wins’ and more by their natural mind orders. Mental stress and disorder was high amongst the women cadre I met and interacted with in 2003. Having initially compartmentalized themselves as ‘armed freedom fighters’ – the LTTE without the ‘wins’ to ‘show’,  deteriorated internally due to conflicting values – one natural largely through religious beliefs and structures and the other through the Doctrine of Freedom through exclusive possession.

The parallel of this is likely to be the case also with Buddhist Armed Forces carrying the Buddhist religious value of Renunciation/Sacrifice  which is in Conflict with  the Secular value of winning by killing and ‘possessing’. The two cannot be ‘reconciled’ to become one. The remedy is to separate Religion from the Secular system or removal of  Article 14 and confirmation  that Sri Lanka is Buddhist country and is therefore not Democratic, and therefore renounce the sharing of global resources on the claim that we are a democracy.

Sri Lankans who seek to go global – need to compartmentalize themselves by staying away from the Politically driven Government – as I did here in Australia. Distance lends enchantment. Tamils have been supported by Natural Forces to ‘compartmentalize’ themselves in Politics – as the Opposition Leadership. Members of  majority race opposing the Government – for example the so called Joint Opposition led by the former President – is a junior relative who is trying to ‘takeover’ the official government. One may therefore ask as to who the Rebel/Terrorist is as of now?  The Official Opposition has to have the official position and when someone illegally occupies the Leading Opposition position – they create their own de facto regime. Attachment to wins or losses keeps us grounded and prevents global sharing.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
25 January 2017

Double Truth & Alternative Facts

Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam’ – the matter  has already been concluded.  To my mind, this means that what happened cannot be reshaped. It happened due to all the forces present at that place at that time. Those forces include the minds of those who lived at that place as owners. Their bodies are not there but their minds remain – for better or for worse.

Mentoring is part of the Subjective system. In Democracy it is optional but nevertheless valuable to those who are not able to produce independent outcomes that would stand the test of public scrutiny. True Practice of Democracy makes it easier for us to work out more easily than under Autocracy, as to which forces manifested outcomes. Under the Subjective system the forces merge and the top person is taken as the one responsible for the outcome.

To my mind,  ‘fact’ is a combination of  Truth and what happened. Truth can be active Energy – as in Dancing Shiva or passive – as in Meditating Shiva. Truth when expressed shows the connection between cause and effect. Unless we therefore know the causal forces of the manifested outcome – our expressions do not qualify as ‘facts’.  The causal force could be our own belief or external forces known to us through intellectual derivation.

In his Colombo Telegraph article ‘Justice Weeramantry – Hero Of Muslims’ Mr. M.F.M. Anoozer states under the heading ‘Doctrine of Double Truth’:
[While acknowledging the advancements made in the fields of science, mathematics and astronomy during the time of the Arab empire, Justice Weeramantry appeared to conclude that the greatest impact of the Arab empire on the modern world was in the field of philosophy and law.
In the area of philosophy ibn Ruschd (Averroes to the Western world) came up with the doctrine of double truth in the 12th century to the problem of the nature of the relationship between divine revelation and human reason. To what extent was there scope for the latter when the divine will had been both declared by God and interpreted by the Prophet? The same issue plagued the Christian world as well but it chose to discount the value of human inquiry which led to the so called dark ages in the West. The Church emphasized the need to study the Bible only and any other study was greatly discouraged. It was Ibn-Ruschd who broke the shackles placed on human inquiry with his doctrine of double truth. He said that there was truth that emanates from divine revelation but there is also truth that comes to us through human inquiry. This was supported by the hadiths of the Holy Prophet. There was room for coexistence of human reason and the word of God. This doctrine of double truth thus explained was accepted and adopted by Thomas Acquinas in the 13th century in his book Summa Theologica. Through this work, reason gathered momentum in the Western world and resulted in intellectual and political upheavals of vast proportions such as the Reformation and Renaissance. In the words of Justice Weeramantry, by the introduction of this doctrine in the West, “the horse of reason which had been kept confined in the stables, bolted, and could never be put back again”.]

Wikipedia explains the Doctrine  as follows:

Double-truth theory is the view that religion and philosophy, as separate sources of knowledge, might arrive at contradictory truths without detriment to either’

As per Australian publication - VISIONS OF THE LEGAL ORDER IN THE 21ST CENTURY:

[Judge Weeramantry has also repeatedly emphasised the need to rescue international law from a monochrome reflection of the great legal traditions of Europe so that it draws, in the future, upon the richness of the legal systems of other civilisations, including those in the Asian region where his homeland, Sri Lanka, is found  . Judge Weermantry's commitment to the universalistic ideals which underlie the concept, if not always the practice, of the discipline of international law finds voice in the words of Mahatma Gandhi whom he cites in his inaugural Memorial Lecture in honour of Judge Nagendra Singh  :

"Indian culture is neither Hindu, Islamic nor any other, wholly. It is a fusion of all. ... I want the culture of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. I refuse to live in other people's houses as an interloper, a beggar or a slave".

Judge Weeramantry perceived the need for the cultures of all lands "to be blown about the house" of international law. The search for universal notions is one which motivates international law. Not least does it do so in the efforts to find, declare and enforce universal notions of human rights.

It is the impact of these universal notions upon the reverse journey - international law affecting the development of municipal law - that I wish to explore in the balance of this essay. In my view, this is one of the most interesting developments that is occurring in domestic law at this time. It is doubly interesting because it is happening apace in countries such as Sri Lanka  as well as in the legal systems of Australia and the United Kingdom. The development has its critics as well as its supporters. I wish to describe the developments in some of the jurisdictions which I know best. I will then attempt to draw some general conclusions.]

Yet – Justice Weeramantry appears to have been ‘voiceless’ when it came to Sri Lankan Government’s  Buddhism Foremost  Clause in the Constitution. One could conclude that Justice Weeramantry accepted the Constitution on the basis of Doctrine of Double Truth – one scientific discovery and the other God’s word – in this instance – Lord Buddha’s word. One could therefore conclude that alternative facts can arise from the Truth discovered by humans through the secular system on the one hand and through the god in those humans on the other.

The Political Correspondent of Economy Next  states in her/his article ‘Sri Lanka's 'alternative facts' on bond sales’:

Sri Lanka's government Tuesday resorted to the latest Donald Trump
tactic of offering "alternative facts" to defend Arjuna Mahendran who is accused of
"insider dealing" when he headed the Central Bank.
Amidst the mudslinging and outright lies, Opposition leader R. Sampanthan moved to lift the quality of the debate by focusing on the real issue - a debilitating plague of corruption.
"What is happening now. I am not saying Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe is corrupt. I am not saying Mr. Maithripala Sirisena is corrupt, but there is corruption. you know it," Sampanthan said.
He said much was talked about the corruption that prevailed during the previous regime, but not a single person had been convicted or even indicted.
"Has anyone being convicted? No. Are you framing false charges that you cannot substantiate. The country needs to know.
"When there is so much of corruption levelled against the former government, why is it that no one has been convicted, or no one has even been charged in a court of law. Is it because you are protecting them?," he asked the government.
"Or is it because your charges are thoroughly unfounded and you can’t substantiate them?"
Sampanthan said the country was "stinking" of corruption, but the worst thing was the loss of Central Bank's credibility.

In terms of Central Bank – the conduct of  the former Governor of Central Bank if  classified as ‘insider dealing’ could be marked right as per the Subjective system based on Common Belief. Mr. Arjuna Mahendran’s mind – to the extent it included his son-in-law would have been speaking to itself as if any information about the Bonds issue was ‘insider’ thinking. But in terms of legal relationships relating to the Central Bank – Mr. Mahendran was an outsider to his son-in-law -  Mr. Arjun Aloysius. This kind of situation prevailed not only between many Sri Lankan politicians during the previous regime, including the President having his sons and brothers close to him,   but also here in Australia when the then Prime Minister – the Hon John Howard  failed to treat his brother Mr. Stan Howard as a Common citizen when it came to his brother:

In the same land during the period of one reign / constitution, as per God’s word – if the person with highest authority is excused in relation to wrong doing as per a particular principle/law, then all below have also the entitlement to be excused from a wrong as per that principle/law. Dharma would confirm this pathway of forgiveness. Hence to the extent Article 9 of the Constitution, which says Buddhism foremost is applicable – no citizen could be investigated for ‘insider dealing’ before the former President and his cabinet which included the current President are investigated. All one could do is publish alternative ‘facts’ and leave it to the citizens to make their own decisions.

The manifestations under  the previous government were highly subjective and hence the President is taken as having produced the manifestations of the Government and its inner sections. All institutions that were under the subjective influence of the Government are taken as part of the Government under a subjective system. The Bonds Issue included the minds that were strongly influenced by the previous leaders and hence one from that regime is risking exposure – if  God’s Truth is invoked by a true Believer. That was how the Tamil National Alliance - TNA became leading opposition in National Parliament – despite Tamils being about only 12% of the Population.

The mind of a Tamil would influence the mind of a Sinhalese to demote a particular Government – when both become victims of that Government – and neither on its own has  the ability to punish that Government. This pathway is more easily accessed under a Unitary structure in a Subjective system where the minds are fluid. When the minds are independent – they would bypass the other’s mind and relate to outcomes - directly through laws and principles as per each person’s group’s interpretations. Money rich nations like Australia – are better able to work the Objective system of Democracy while People rich nations like India are better able to work the Subjective system – filling the ‘ gap’ with ‘acts of God’.

In America as well as India’s Tamil Nadu – Politics is closely linked to Cinema / TV due to the money returns in that industry. Therefore those seeking higher order, need to find their independent pathways to self-governance. 

That which is completed by one system cannot be investigated by another system. Henc Saint Yoga Swami’s declaration ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam’ – the matter  has already been concluded. The Lord takes care of the rest through the system of Karma.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 January 2017

Celebrating Australia Day in Sri Lanka

When a particular  medium is ‘free and Sovereign’ those of us who read the Independent output are free to receive it through our respective Independent pathways and are free to share our interpretations. If as in the case of Gandhi, our sharing is considered unlawful – we need to be ready to accept the stated  punishment. Yesterday, I received a further valuation report from a media personnel, in response  to my article  with the picture of Airlanka Logo and the question ‘Hindu Peacock or  Buddhist ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’ ? as per following response from a fellow Airlanka staff:

[Air Lanka’s logo as found above, was not a Peacock as stated by you. According to the artist who designed it, the logo represented the ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’. The three fins on the head represented the Triple Gem and the five tail fins, the five percepts of Buddhism. I came across this information during my 4 year stint in the Marketing Communications Dept. of Air Lanka, two of which was in the capacity as Marketing Communications Manager for Advertising & Promotions, in the early 1990sUniforms of Flight Stewardesses and Ground Hostesses contained a peacock feather as a part of a design and not as a reflection of the logo.
Emirates Management replaced the logo of straight lines with curved lines (and colors) in the process of rebranding from Air Lanka to SriLankan Airlines commencing 1998 as did many companies who rebranded during the run up to the new millennia i.e. Cathey Pacific to Cathey.        
According to regional mythology, the Dandu Monera Yantraya was the flying machine used by King Ravana to abduct Princess Sita, spouse of Prince Rama. Peacock feathers are kept only in Temples and Kovils and not in homes as the Peacock is considered an unlucky bird. I cannot vouch for that theory but it the reason we took great pains to distance ourselves from the logo being identified with the Peacock despite public perception of the logo being a Peacock.]

Like the free media – a Public logo is ‘free’ to be interpreted by each one as per their own understanding. As a Hindu, I interpreted the Airlanka logo as that of Peacock and to the extent I believe in Airlanka – my interpretation is valid for Public purposes in my pathway. Likewise that of the Buddhist who interpreted the the same symbol in Buddhist language. The essential criterion is Belief. By responding to that article the reader yesterday,  showed valuation for my work. In addition – the reader / fellow author, quoted from one of my previous works -  the following:

[When it comes to more than one – and a mix of those who knew us previously and others who did not – majority vote is the decision at primary level.]

The above valuation from a ‘free mind’ made me very happy. I thanked the Lord for such return. Then I read today the  Ceylon Today news report ‘Distorted Nat Flag at Jaffna boat launch’ and interpreted it as per my belief in Nainatheevu Amman. As per the report:

[A distorted version of the national flag was hoisted on Nechunkarakei, a new boat service that
transports passengers from the Delft to Kurikattuwan in Jaffna and vice versa. The national flag contains
four yellow Bo leaves in each corner of the background representing the four main concepts of Buddhism,
 Metthaā, Karuna, Mudita and Upekkha. However the flag hoisted on this boat did not have the four
Bo leaves.
'Neduntharakai' was ceremonially launched by the Minister of Provincial Councils and
Local Government Faizer Musthapa at the Kurikattuwan Pier on Friday last week. State Minister
Wijayakala Maheshwaran, MP M.A. Sumanthiran, NPC Chief Minister C.
Wigenswaran, Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, Naval officers and
a number of regional officials attended the opening ceremony. A number of participants from
Colombo were shocked at the distorted National Flag]

To me – a native of  Northern Sri Lanka, Kurikattuvan means Nainatheevu – where, as per my mother’s sharing – the wife of uncle Sri Khanta (brother in law of former Attorney General of Sri Lanka – Mr. Shiva Pasupati)  had the confirmation that her husband would become Government Agent of Jaffna. Whenever I go to Nainatheevu I recall that sharing and thank Mother for Her Divine Blessings which strengthens our family and community heritage. The Sri Khanta family – most of whom are fellow  Australians, continues to donate to maintain the activities of the temple. In that Airlanka article  I analyzed, concluded and expressed my expectations that World Bank had the duty to fund Sri Lankan Airlines. Today I read through the news relating to the above matter published by Times online:

[The new boat service launched under the Northern Provincial Council has been funded by the World Bank and Australian Government.]

To my mind, these are Natural Networks that work when at least one believer seeks Divine intervention by contributing beyond the line of duty. The National Flag without any religious representation – represents True Sri Lanka – a picture needed by today’s Democratic Sri Lanka. It is apt that this was given birth in Nainatheevu area. Present on behalf of the Governments of all levels,  were members of all religions that Sri Lanka represents.

As per Wikipedia, the Bo leaves in the four corners represented:

The four Buddhist virtues of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

Many Navy Personnel and other Buddhist officers in that area – failed to demonstrate the above virtues. All four are  common to all religions and not just Buddhist virtues.  Hence in practice, the Buddhism foremost clause in the Constitution has been overridden.  It would be difficult for any genuine practicing Buddhist to take the risk of overriding  the message from Above.

Truth is a Universal connector and hence the presence of the Australian High Commissioner is taken as Global Representation during the period we – including Australian Tamils celebrate ‘Australia Day’. In 2012, on this Australia Day - the first hearing of our Objection to the Petition by Vaddukoddai representatives of junior Australians  were heard by Mallakam  District Court in Northern Sri Lanka. On that day, based on our Affidavit drawn up on the basis of our Australian experience –  his honor Justice K.Ariyanayagam disciplined the Opposition lawyer for acting in breach of Due Processes of the Court and sending us papers directly – without the approval of the Court.  I felt good – knowing that we had made a positive contribution to Sri Lankan lawyers becoming more orderly and respectful of Legal Administration. Towards this I had to believe in both systems and their ability to become Common. Truth is a Universal power and anyone who works within the borders of genuine manifestations of Truth – is assisted by Truth Itself. This new move in relation to the flag, is further confirmation of Sri Lanka going global led by the areas where Truth has been upheld – with or without the endorsement of the Law. All we need now is to codify this Truth about Sri Lanka or at least Northern Sri Lanka. That flag without Buddhist attachment is a ‘freedom’ flag.

Now that the World Bank and the Australian Government are funding our activities of global significance, we look forward to the parallel of boat funding to aircraft funding – be it from Colombo with Peacock flag or Jaffna to wider world.  

Sunday 22 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 January 2017

The Forgotten Mother

'This comprehensive survey of the field by an able scholar will be a leading contribution, both to the literature on aviation law and to a better understanding of the manner in which the problems attendant on the airline industry can be addressed and overcome. It is a work of great value, not only to the international lawyer and the specialist in aviation law, but also to all those who are involved in the aviation industry. I commend this volume and wish it the special success that it deserves.' C.G. Weeramantry, International Court of Justice, The Hague, The Netherlands

Which  Book ?            - Aviation Trends in the New Millennium
Price ?                        - A$247.56
Presented  by             - Book Depository,
Author?                     -   Dr. Ruwantissa I. R. Abeyratne 
About the Author       – Dr. Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne works as a senior professional with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Montreal, Canada, co-ordinating air transport programmes of the Organization. He is also Chairman, Advisory Joint Appeals Board of ICAO. Previously he worked with Air Lanka as the airline's Chief Co-ordinator and Head of International Relations and Insurance, holding both positions concurrently, until he joined ICAO, in 1990. He holds the degree of Doctor of Civil Laws from McGill University, is a masters graduate in law of Monash University, Australia and a law graduate of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dr Abeyratne has published several books and articles on international law and air law.

If the above were taken as valid claims to qualify Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne to write at Policy level – then one gets some insight into why Sri Lankan Airlines failed. It is due to lack of loyalty to one’s Alma Mater by many of its children who continue to claim benefits as her children but without participating in the challenges faced  by the Alma Mater now.

Then  there are other passers by like Mr. J.C. Weliamuna who reported on the National Carrier’s woes but without the medication nor the commitment to find the proper medication.  

The above book is reported to have been published in 2001 April.  It brings to mind the saying ‘Nero Fiddled while Rome Burnt’.

To my mind, a manager / a professional is a combination of owner and activist. Others may hold such positions but they do so merely for status and/or money benefits. I believe that every owner who is currently active in Sri Lankan Public issues – has the duty to cast their vote on important issues of Governance. Those who care but are not confident enough to take a public stand – would, if they were / are true managers, add their vote to those who openly take a stand they identify with – as in confidential voting. When they are genuine, the system of Truth does the rest of the work.

Such confirmations happen through ‘free media’. When I publish independently and there are responses in common media – I accept that as the work of Truth confirming that my feelings of ownership have been recognized. This is the way of a mother with intuition.

I intuitively felt that the mothers within Air Lanka were forgotten in 2004 when we celebrated the 25th year Anniversary. Mr. Rajeewa Jayaweera also of Airlanka wrote to me in November 2016 – ‘As I recollect, the person I am referring to refused to come up and accept the plaque as Chief Marketing Officer Jeyaseelan, due to an oversight had overlooked to mentioned the name of the first Singaporean General Manager Kulasekaram

My response was:

‘Thank you Mr.Jayaweera. Yes I am that person. I refused to accept the plaque not only because Mr. Kulasekaram was left out – but Mr. Martinus and Capt Wickramanayaka were also left out.  The Commercial  team led by Seelan was disciplined and Mr. Shirazee also endorsed my view albeit later.’

We carry our feelings wherever we go. Such feelings strengthen all the environments we are part of.  Such owners would always be right for those environments. As individuals – all of the above in management positions may have had their weaknesses. But as officers/managers – they performed to earn my respect and hence they are carried as part of my Airlanka experience. On their own – they are passive. It is when they/we  combine forces that they  become active to be either positive or negative values for the institution. When there are enough such positives, Airlanka will resurrect itself to represent the global investment by majority Sri Lankans to whom there is no avenue other than the National carrier,  through which to relate to wider world.  

All the laws we talk about and all the good practices we copy to ‘show’ are of little value if we cannot save our ‘home’ from sinking. If we a few Sri Lankans do have enough positive value to balance the negatives and more – Natural forces would support us to restore our heritage to its right value for the true heirs.

Saturday 21 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
21 January 2017

Hindu Peacock or  Buddhist ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’ ?

World Bank has Duty to Fund
Sri Lanka’s National Carrier

History of a race discrimination case towards an Australian Tamil citizen of Sri Lankan origin by University of New South Wales’   National Library of Australia about Naan Australian.

I did not describe the message in the book as above. Mine start of with:

‘Truth experienced by us – resides as the root Energy that drives our motivation. I do believe that my genuine pain invokes the True powers in a place / issue through which I feel ownership. That feeling of belonging – beyond the powers exercised by legal owners and physical possessors is so very precious.’

When I complained to the University Authorities, the Government and the Judiciary, I did use the Racial Discrimination Act 1975  through which to give form to my pain.  I could not think of a more fitting description for the pain endured by me after living in Australia – for over ten years at that time – as per the ‘position’ allocated to me by my seniors in Australian Citizenship. But I waited all that time and the actions on my part began during Nallur festival in 1998. Now without any effort on my part to take the book to the National Library – not only it has gone there but the description is identical to the one given by me. This healthy ‘closure’ confirms not only that Australians were at risk of getting weakened more and more by racial discrimination disease but also that they are able to cure themselves through means available beyond Government and the Judiciary.  This is a lesson for all civilians in other nations where the Government is relatively weaker than the Civilian in following the law. It certainly is a Lesson for all Sri Lankans to  bring themselves out of the prison of ethnic dependence.

Truth is the strongest part of Natural manifestations and just manifestations. Often people ‘use’ the Truth discovered by others – including leaders like Gandhi and then lose its real value by failing to say ‘thank you’ to the structure through which that Truth came to them. We learn scientific and mathematical theories and use them for a living and once we get cash and status benefits – we ‘forget’ the true original architects of the theories and/or the Universal value of those True theories. We then tend to develop a mindset that ‘I am’ / ‘We are’ the  sole owner/s of the theories and the position through which we use them. The greatest risk of the Truth manifesting Itself to prove them wrong is through those who know that they are higher but accept the lower position by sharing the excess credit with others in lower positions by marking them ‘right’ when the higher authorities unjustly criticize to discipline/punish the lower persons. When such a person hurts beyond reasonable limits – i.e. – is not able to enjoy even at the lower level – then Truth manifests Itself – as if it were an Act of God.

Yesterday, my cousin Ravi directed me to an Economy Next article headed ‘Bidder for Sri Lankan airline pleads for 'divine grace' . Ravi knows of my valuable experience with Airlanka and also my faith in Kathirgama Murugan. As per my memory – my first visit to Kathirgamam happened due to Ravi’s parents wanting to say ‘Thank You’ to Kathirgama Murugan. It was at their home in Colombo that I was informed by a Sage that like Murugan,  I was going to fly around the world. Soon I was called for an interview by Airlanka which was at embryonic stage. I felt very happy and later I made the connection with Murugan, including through the peacock logo of Airlanka, now Sri Lankan airlines.

Through my experience, I believe that my true contribution to the University of NSW – helped me relate to myself and value myself through the core purpose of  the University – Research and share the discovery with others through ‘Teaching with least top-down  Administration’. Likewise, with Airlanka, the real value is the Global vision that Multicultural Democracy represents. That is also the value represented by Lord Muruga with 6 faces.

As per the above report that Ravi referred me to :

A bidder for Sri Lanka's loss-making national airline on Thursday promised to appease Lord Murugan and conduct daily rituals if they are given a controlling stake in the airline and the Mattala airport.
A company called Peace Air (Private) Limited said they were bidding for both the Sri Lankan airlines as well as the international airport at Mattala, close to the sacred city of Kataragama, the home of Lord Murugan.
The company in a dossier given to reporters in Colombo, said Mattala was doomed from the beginning as two peacocks, known as the vehicle of Lord Murugan, were "run over" by a Sri Lankan airlines flight on opening day.
"Disaster after disaster struck the airport," the report said. "day one at the foundation stone placing by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who came by helicopter, his backup helicopter with the bodyguards crashed."
The Peace Air offer says they will respect the nearby sacred city and request civil aviation authorities to declare a no-fly zone over places of worship’

I feel offended by the above reference to the Airline as a loss-making institution. If even one feels ownership in the core value of globalization, through the institution – that institution is a success story and there can be no question of losses. The current Government investigated the Airlines without limiting the investigators’ powers to ‘owners’ area.  The result is that the Human Resource value has been shown to be low and this demoralizes the staff and they now stand without firm structures through which to regulate themselves and others they are responsible for. Then the value seems less than it is and is ready to be ‘taken-over’.

The Sunday Times news  report provides the following details:
Three bidders shortlisted for a management stake in cash-strapped SriLankan Airlines will hold discussions with a Cabinet committee this month to clarify, among other things, their strategy for the national carrier.
“The shortlisted parties will be spoken to by a committee appointed by the Cabinet,” an authoritative source said. Depending on the outcome of the meetings, a recommendation will be sent to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CCEM).
The parties are Super Group Partners, Peace Air and Texas Pacific Group or TPG. Super Group is a consortium comprising predominantly Asian investors. It includes Maldivian involvement but is not, contrary to earlier reports, connected with Trans Maldivian Airways or the Singaporean ground-handling firm SATS. The Group’s lawyer said it was a private company registered in Sri Lanka.
Peace Air is owned by businessman Gamini Wethasinghe but there are no details about its source of funding. The third, TPG, is an American company and one of the largest private equity investment firms in the world.
“The process will be completely transparent, authentic and carried out to secure the best possible deal for the Government and for the airline in terms of protection of brand value and national carrier status,” the source said. “There will be no compromise on those parameters.

About Peace Air’s bid, Mr. Ravi  Ladduwahetty of Ceylon Today reported about a month ago:

‘The most attractive part of the deal is that Peace Air has undertaken to bear the debts of both Sri Lankan, which stands at US$ 953 million and Mihin US$ 69 million.
Peace Air has also expressed interest in getting a 70% share, 90% equity stake of Mihin and 100% equity stake in Sri Lankan Airlines Catering Services Ltd’

The above sounds very like Pakistan taking over India. If  Peace Air does takeover Sri Lankan Airlines, then there is a legitimate claim for Tamils to takeover Sinhalese when the Nation is making economic losses. reports as follows about Peace Air:

[“We have also brought in US$ 5.5 billion cash into the system. We have already got the Lufthansa group and basically we have got Deutsche Bank sending the SWIFT confirming the funding,” Mr Wettasinghe said, addressing a press briefing in Colombo on Thursday.
Did you know that SriLankan Airlines is carrying 5 million passengers per annum? Did you know that they earn US$ 1 billion?”
“This airline, this 7000 qualified group of people are making thousand million dollars for this country and none of us are bothering even to say thank you to them.”
“And now SriLankan Airlines is therefore making profits, they are making lot of money but who is siphoning off this money? The operating people,” he charged.]

The question then is – What does Mr. Wettasinghe propose to do about it? The talk about appeasing Lord Muruga through rituals in that area – and the bid for Mattala airport confirm ‘local’ thinking and is the parallel of cheap politics. Where would the rest of the profits from SriLankan Airlines go under Peace Air ownership? To the secret funder of this bid? When we the global citizens, accept the need for Transparency in Public life – there is little public information on Peace Air to assess its capability to not only demonstrate its Experience in demonstrating   economic viability in circumstances similar to the current environment that Sri Lankan Airlines now lives in, but also that the profits will be ploughed back to improve  Sri Lankan identity at global level.  When the do the latter – even if it is at a loss – Lord Muruga would bring home the Resources needed for  His Airline to be Independent and Global. 

In any case, at policy level – where we have Buddhism Foremost in the Constitution, would Buddha not be offended if Thanks giving is made to Hindu Lord Muruga? There is a joke that illustrates this kind of deception:

A guy was waiting a long time to catch fish. Eventually he prayed to the Lord that when he caught one he would give half to the Lord. Soon he hooked a big fish. Even as he happily pulled the fish in – he thought to himself ‘why does the Lord need fish? The Lord would want me to have it all.’ The fish slipped out of the hook and went back into the water. Then the guy said ‘the Lord does not know when I am serious from  when I am joking!

With Buddhism foremost in the Constitution, the Government has the responsibility to reject bids from anyone who expresses allegiance to Hindu Lord Muruga – with 6 faces and two wives. One who is committed to Global philosophy – that Lord Muruga represents would not need to make any vows to ‘show’. Or are we saying here that Lord Muruga is a Buddhist?

Mr. Rajeewa Jayaweera in responding to my article Is Yoga Foreign or Local to Sri Lanka?, of 23 November 2016 responded on this particular topic:

Air Lanka’s logo as found above, was not a Peacock as stated by you. According to the artist who designed it, the logo represented the ‘Dandu Monera Yanthraya’. The three fins on the head represented the Triple Gem and the five tail fins, the five percepts of Buddhism. I came across this information during my 4 year stint in the Marketing Communications Dept. of Air Lanka, two of which was in the capacity as Marketing Communications Manager for Advertising & Promotions, in the early 1990s. Uniforms of Flight Stewardesses and Ground Hostesses contained a peacock feather as a part of a design and not as a reflection of the logo.
Emirates Management replaced the logo of straight lines with curved lines (and colors) in the process of rebranding from Air Lanka to SriLankan Airlines commencing 1998 as did many companies who rebranded during the run up to the new millennia i.e. Cathey Pacific to Cathey.        
According to regional mythology, the Dandu Monera Yantraya was the flying machine used by King Ravana to abduct Princess Sita, spouse of Prince Rama. Peacock feathers are kept only in Temples and Kovils and not in homes as the Peacock is considered an unlucky bird. I cannot vouch for that theory but it the reason we took great pains to distance ourselves from the logo being identified with the Peacock despite public perception of the logo being a Peacock.’

The above is proof that left to the Sinhalese – Hinduism would be rewritten to suit Buddhism not as Lord Buddha’s example but as hijacked by Sinhalese to suit their own attachment to physically controllable outcomes. THAT is the curse of abuse of Majority Power which when used on other cultures accelerates the deterioration of the abuser!  Hence the wise said – ‘stay away from other cultures until you have transcended the physical level.  PRACTICE equality including with your own children / citizens – when either you or they are more conscious of diversity than of commonness.’

Peace Air has thus disqualified itself from the bid. The other two are foreigners – and hence would naturally think of syphoning off the money instead of sharing with Sri Lankans. The Government has the responsibility to seek  and find the deepest investors in the National carrier and use the management structure that produced the most satisfactory outcomes in terms of  policy, human values and economic values in that order. They could be outside Sri Lanka, including in Singapore. But the commitment to National Policy and the demonstrated experience of having completed their senior positions makes them eligible to become advisors. With that kind of support – Sri Lankan Airlines would need to restructure to combine Business and Policy at the right level. If UN seeks to monitor ethnic progress in Sri Lanka – it has the duty to fund Sri Lankan Airlines on Democratic principles and arrange for repayable loans. Without that kind of support – Sri Lanka will be taken-over by foreigners. 

Thursday 19 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 January 2017

Value of Land

 [Vavuniya Government Agent M.B.R. Pushpakumara said today the Omanthai Army Camp and Checkpoint on the A-9 Road had been dismantled after 25 years and the land occupied by the Army was officially handed over him to be given to its original owners] Daily Mirror

Here in Australia, at the beginning of a Public ceremony, we now attribute ownership to Indigenous Australians. In a way it is also saying ‘Sorry we did not let you continue to live in your own homeland’. That which was matter back then is now Policy that humbles the wrong-doers and their heirs. This includes the direct descendants of Indigenous Australians – for the failure on the part of their ancestors to continue with the resistance to takeovers – as is required by the laws of Prescriptive Rights – that the British also have upheld.. Ultimately it is the value of our work and sacrifices that determine ownership. By saying ‘Sorry’ and not returning the Land itself – as if it were a lifeless Jadam / mass – we are confirming our higher civilization in recognizing all contributors to the Land as it is today. Lord Krishna says in this regard:

That which  is yours today is someone else’s tomorrow
The day after it is someone else’s.
This is how the world functions and
This is the essence of    My    Creation

The nature of the Land taken-over by the Sri Lankan Government 25 years ago – is very different to the land that is being returned now. That land now carries not only the work that Government officers carried out but more importantly,  the pain endured by many of us who were ‘checked’ to and from our homelands in Northern Sri Lanka. I myself went through such checks and once even missed the coach in the middle of the night, due to the delays by the armed forces. I had to carry my bags personally for the checking and keep an eye on the checking officer to ensure that my belongings were ‘safe’. As per my intuition – there were many in uniform who did not respect the ‘privacy’ of my property. I had overlook that by filling my mind with the 20% who were doing their jobs. When this contribution is less than 20% - we become a dependent group – ready to be ‘taken over’. That risk was more with the Government’s side than with us who accepted their checks as part of the DUTY of the Government – any Government. Some went through the process towards clearing the blocks in their own pathway to personal achievement. But those who accepted such checks strengthened their  self-governing forces within. On one occasion, I hired a tuk tuk and left Vavuniya town around 3 am to be early in the queue at Omanthai - to be checked and cleared to go to Nallur on the day of Nallur Ther / Chariot festival. When I was ‘checked’ at the LTTE parallel at Muhamalai – I disciplined them to expedite the process – because I was their senior in Civil Administration. I was transparent about going to Nallur and that humbled them as individuals.

The Land in the custody of the of the original civil owners can be a curse or a blessing to their further ownership – especially to those who did not register their ‘protests’ through avenues available to them. When I visited my aunt’s home on Brown Road in Jaffna town – I said to the occupying LTTE that it was ‘our home’ and to use it with care and respect. I mentioned also that I had worked with the Tamil Tiger Administration towards developing their Administrative structures. That puts them on guard and I realized much later why I was taken to Vanni in the first instance.

In every part of the Nation where such takeovers happen – the highest price for any property in that Province – needs to be paid as compensation to the original owners OR ownership needs to be attributed to the Community that those People belong to – by saying ‘Sorry’ to those on the side of victims and ‘Thank you’ to those on the side of the Government.

We the People must register our feelings – so our experiences are not rendered lesser forms. Those of us who sacrificed our earned benefits including status – are part of the structure itself. The People of Northern Province have earned the right to draw up their own policies as per the laws of the Province. The authority to do so was generated when we endured lesser status relative to the one earned by us on that Nation. It is ours to take and implement in institutions where we are the highest qualified in a particular area as per our assessment. I believe I am in the areas of  Jaffna and Vaddukoddai where I have been actively sharing my strengths in managing resources.    

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18 January 2017

Preserving Tamil Sovereignty

 A special thank you to my Canadian Cousin Vathanee Premakumar who had the intuition to send me Sri Shridi Baba’s photos without any knowledge of what I was going to write about today.

An alleged fundraiser for Tamil rebels who has been fighting deportation from Canada for more than two decades has lost a key court battle after a federal judge dismissed his appeal.
The Federal Court upheld the deportation of Manickavasagam Suresh on the grounds he was a member of a terrorist organization and that he was complicit in war crimes and crimes against humanity”  - National Post (Canada)

[ “Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who never fails to seize any opportunity “to celebrate the many cultures, languages and beliefs that make our country such a wonderful place to live”, wished Tamilians in Canada and around the world a happy Thai Pongal on Sunday.
In the video, posted on his social media, he begins with a Tamil greeting “Vanakkam!” and says, “Over the next few days, Tamils in Canada and around the world will gather with loved ones to celebrate Thai Pongal.  Each day of this festival has its own special meaning and traditions which are tied to abundance, peace and happinessIn 2016, the House of Commons voted unanimously to recognise every January as Tamil Heritage Month. I encourage everybody to reflect on the strong heritage of Canada’s Tamil community. Our nation is stronger and richer because of Tamil-Canadians,” he adds.
Sharing his views on how to make Canada a “wonderful place to live”, he says, “This year also marks Canada’s 150th anniversary, and we should seize every opportunity to celebrate the many cultures, languages and beliefs that make our country such a wonderful place to live.”
“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish everyone marking Thai Pongal a joyful harvest festival,” he concluded.]  - Hindustan Times

Two different pathways within the same country. The Judicial determination confirms a definite outcome. The Prime Minister’s message is part of a program. I am,  from time to time invited by the Australian Federal Government to contribute to Policy – the latest being towards Australia’s Foreign Policy. I take such as the Government’s determination that I was a global minded person. But the Judiciary ‘failed’ me – when I complained to them on the basis of verifiable outcomes, using Racial Discrimination Act 1975. But the Truth eventually manifested Itself and hence the invitation to contribute – not because of any political influence that I have demonstrated but my own personal ongoing contribution to the Sovereignty of the individual. The Judiciary in turn has confirmed that it exists largely for a living and that it is lacking in Sovereignty. This usually happens when we are driven more by the seen and the heard and less by the known discovered through our own True efforts and sacrifices.

If the above Tamil rebel – had not raised money for an organization that has been listed as a Terrorist organization by the Canadian Government, the two pathways would be known  to have common source i.e. -  the Law made by the Government. We had a parallel case in Australia and I got involved in campaigning against strong punishment for those involved. I had a dream/vision in which I was going to a place where there were Hindus known to me. I share this as follows through my book Naan Australian (Chapter 27):
[As highlighted above,  I had the vision of  Sri Shridi Baba when I felt thoroughly dejected by the verdict delivered by Justice Sully of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  In the dream, I was going to a place where my friend Rani Sritharan was with many women.  While I was talking to them – I noticed a Tamil child with a huge black Pottu – being chastised by a White person.  I quietly asked the child whether she had erred? The child looked blankly back at me.  Then I looked out the widow and there I saw ‘farmers’ talking in Tamil.  With them stood Sri Shridi Baba.  Sri Shridi Baba did not open His mouth to speak. He just kept looking at me – and in my mind I heard the message ‘Help Muslims and Tamils’.

I had similar experience in Jaffna with Yoga Swami.  My mother reminded me of this years later.  We were standing at entrance to the residence of Doctor Pasupati – the father of Shiva Pasupati – former Attorney General of  Sri Lanka and also of my former boss Mr. Samy Pasupati.  Yoga Swami arrived and he was in a car. Swami did not get off the car – as he had hurt his hip while feeding his cow Valli.  My mother was carrying my brother – 13 years my junior. My mother lifted my baby brother Shiva up for Swami to bless my brother – the son that my father wanted very much.  As my mother recalled later – Swami kept looking past her to me – standing in a corner – as was my way before I started taking on responsibilities.  I still remember Swami’s eyes looking to me – and communicating silently with me. To me it was a Blessing from Swami – communicated in the stillness of Silence.

When I had the vision of Sri Shridi Baba in November 2006 – I had similar experience. The message was powerful.  But I still could not work out what I was supposed to do to help Muslims and Tamils.  A few days later I was invited by Mrs. Vijaya Amirthalingam - a devotee of Sai Baba to speak to their group at the Carlingford Sai Center on Ladies’ day. Below is what I wrote about this experience under the topic ‘Dissent & Opposition’ in Sri Lanka Guardian and is also published through our website]

I have learnt through my own experiences that to the extent we genuinely follow the law and go beyond to uphold the Truth – the Truth manifests Itself when we are in need. This meant that we are able to influence the minds of others in the system through such Truth. I wrote to the Hon Philip Ruddock on the basis of my own investment in the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 through which Mr. Ruddock had previously engaged with me. The Judicial outcomes for rebel supporters were more positive for the Community from then on and eventually they were disciplined and not punished.

One of the persons sued by me was Mr. John Howard who was then Prime Minister. Given Mr. Howard’s record in ignoring the principles and values underpinning Racial Discrimination Act 1975, anyone who had sacrificed towards racial harmony in Australia would have had the support of Truth to defeat Mr. Howard in the Court of Natural Justice. The urge to sue Mr. Howard came from within me when Mr. Howard failed to respond to my complaints against the Central Administrators of the University of NSW.  If the mind is influenced by the external – except to give outer form to our feelings – the system of Truth does not support us. It’s our own commitment that urges us from within. It’s a soul power that is supported by all similar powers – including those we have never met nor known of.

Most of our actions – if not all include this Truth component – for better or for worse. It’s pathway shows perfect connection between cause and effect. That is what the system of Karma is all about. It is not an external system. When we eliminate external influences – we identify with this pathway. It’s perfect Science.

In confirmation of how this power works, below is an excerpt from an email  I received from a Diaspora leader confirming the core connection between India’s Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan’s Tamil Eelam, as explained by Professor Dulan De Silva:

….Tamil Nadu [has 6 medical colleges (all but one private) whose graduates easily find jobs in India or abroad , where unlike ours,  their medical degrees are recognized. Foreign aid per capita has been negligible and it has always been treated as a stepchild by the central government in Delhi. So how did they achieve this? Certainly not because their leaders have been visionary or corruption free as in Singapore – it is difficult to imagine a more venal and self serving pair of leaders than  Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi , who between them have ruled the state for the last 40 years. Political power in India has always been with the Hindi speaking heartlands in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and the centre has lavished state investments there. Tamilnadu has always been a stepchild. Tamilnadu has achieved this because the people are intelligent, humble and hardworking, they do not believe the world owes them a living or depend on handouts.  They do not go on strike, there has never been a communal riot, they have embraced science, technology  and English. All qualities that make them an ideal workforce and Indian industrialists and foreigners have beaten a path to their door. Per capita income is among the highest of Indian states, unemployment is negligible (in fact there is a labour shortage now filled by immigrants from other states). Their tertiary institutions turn out graduates who can compete anywhere in the world – people like Sundar Pichay the CEO of Google soon tipped to be the largest high-tech company in the world. Or Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi/KFC, and featured regularly in the list of the 50 most influential business leaders in America. It has world class teaching hospitals and a thriving medical tourism business, with patients flying in from all parts of the world for kidney transplants and bypass surgery. The universities continue to churn out superb mathematicians, in the footsteps of Ramanujan one of the all time great mathematicians, and are to be found in the faculties of all the major Universities. Most of the Indian Nobel prize winners are from Tamil Nadu, and a recent Nobel prize winner in Biochemistry, Venkataramn Ramakrishnan, now a fellow of Trinity in Cambridge and a fellow of the Royal Society, stated that the reason he had to go abroad for his education was that he could not get through the competitive exam for IIT Chennai!]

The Tamil Tigers demonstrated technical cleverness similar to some of the above. But they failed to get the blessings of those before themselves who fought for and sacrificed towards self-governance. They fought to win against the other side – a side that was given form to – by Tamil leaders who complained against violence and fought though official political and intellectual pathways. By limiting themselves to the armed pathway – the Tamil Tigers lost connection with the very past they were relying on – to ‘show cause’. They damaged seriously the investment made in the higher pathways by Tamils themselves. By ‘showing’ skills – they were able to get the support of Indian leaders to oppose Sri Lankan Government. They thus no longer had the legitimacy to claim ‘Sovereignty’ as a group and therefore to represent  individuals and groups who were committed to upholding their Sovereignty.

Anyone who genuinely fights to preserve her/his Sovereignty will be supported and assisted by Natural Forces. That is the Divine power that all of us have. The mind that is raised to the higher level is naturally able to access other higher minds and also becomes a facility that could be accessed by others in genuine need. I relate to this through solid, liquid and gas states as per science I learnt. They are the body, mind and soul. At gas/soul stage – there are no limits to prevent access.

Often we work out the balance of this Sovereignty by what we are promised and what we received – for example at the workplace. But the easier way to develop Sovereignty is to spend and/or save as per our own goals. In traditional Hindu families – the homemaker is considered Shakthi/Energy – due to her ability to develop structures that would support ‘service’ to each other. A homemaker who has sacrificed earned benefits - to ‘share’ develops ‘intuition’ and hence does not need to ‘show’ (in Politics) and/or to  ‘prove’(in Administration).  The difference between Tamil Nadu and Singapore is this quiet intuitive power that the former has. Often major powers fail to participate mentally in the work done by the other. Likewise, in Equal partnership. The former leads to

Sri Lanka is known as Maatha (Mother). Yet, the Government went outside to show and receive. All those who seek to ‘show’ would need ‘external’ help - at least in the form of customers for their produce. The female Tamil Tigers who did not receive equal ranking as males – contributed through that higher power to the Sovereignty of the land that was home to them. Likewise every person of minority status – who quietly keeps going due to her/his own Sovereign Powers.

Sovereign Power is not  limited by any particular time, person or group. Sovereign Power would travel to right the wrongs by those driven more by outcomes than by Common Principles, Values and Structures. In the recent Daily Mirror interview, Mr. Sumanthiran has failed to highlight his proposal to balance the Buddhism Foremost power in the existing Constitution. There is only mention as follows:
Only special place, not foremost place for Buddhism’.

Special confirms  discrimination  and the effective claim  is that Buddhism is more capable of leading us to realize our  Sovereignty than any other religion. On that basis a member of any other religion who realizes – by her/himself and/or collectively as a group – Sovereignty before Buddhists known to her/him/them is defeating the Government that made such law and the people who take advantage of this provision. Natural forces would continue to assist such Non-Buddhists  defeat Buddhists acting outside their own Government’s laws – for example war related laws that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces acted in breach of.