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16 May 2022



Given the circulation of war footage recently by a Tamil (   I was concerned that some parts of the Tamil community – especially those with support of Tamil Diaspora, would agitate. Hence I used my own truth to diffuse that power. I believe that each one of us who feels  ownership in the common Community known as Tamils has the power to dilute negatives and strengthen positives in that group.  My contribution ‘PROFITING FROM GENOCIDE CLAIMS’ was based on personal pain of being demoted by a fellow Australian Tamil who declared that I was mentally ill. By now I have learnt through my Australian experiences that those who suppress someone’s own freedom to express how s/he places her/himself in a sovereign group – would get the return karma themselves.

The LTTE had their own grouping which – to the extent they were true to themselves was a sovereign group.  I respect them for developing that sovereignty and exercising opposition at that level. When they opposed through killer arms – politicians and unarmed civilians – they came outside their sovereign circle and therefore lost my respect. There were individuals who did demonstrate respect for me and hence I included them as part of my section of Tamil community and therefore Sri Lankan society.

I share my mind almost everyday to facilitate others who are seeking a pathway through which to develop sovereign communities.  To the extent I am true to myself someone, somewhere will receive the other side. This would include Tamil ancestors like Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan who was recognised by the Hon D S Senanayake as ‘the greatest Ceylonese of all times’. To the extent I identify with it – I also participate in that experience.


On 13 May, the Hindu reported under the title - ‘Intelligence agencies alert on regrouping of ex-LTTE cadres’:

[Besides planning attacks to mark the Mullivaikal anniversary that falls on May 18, which some groups observe as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day, the ex-LTTE cadre were also conspiring to avenge the killings of their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, newsreader Isai Priya and others, who were killed as the ethnic conflict ended after fierce fighting in 2009.

The sources, quoting intelligence inputs, said some erstwhile cadre had entered Tamil Nadu to plan and execute their sinister plans in Sri Lanka. Special teams of the State intelligence and local police, drawn from coastal districts, had mounted vigil along the 1,000 plus km coastline in the State. The Coastal Security Group of the Tamil Nadu police had enhanced the frequency of patrolling along the territorial waters, they said.

Fishermen venturing into the sea were sensitised to the risk factors and advised to look for any suspicious activity or persons in deep sea and along the International Maritime Boundary Line. While coastal security agencies were told to prevent any intrusion of Sri Lankan nationals into India, Superintendents of Police of all coastal districts were told to strengthen check-posts for intensified vehicle check on all roads leading to the sea, the sources added.

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing activities of suspected LTTE sympathisers or its former cadre in the recent years. Last year, the National Investigation Agency arrested a former LTTE intelligence wing operative Satkunam, alias Sabesan, on charges of indulging in drug trafficking with international connections and also raising funds to revive the organisation in Sri Lanka.

In another case, a woman was arrested in Chennai airport, while she was proceeding to Mumbai to draw a huge sum of money lying in a dormant bank account, by fraudulent means. Investigation revealed that she was assigned to raise funds for the revival of LTTE in Sri Lanka, the sources added.]



The discussion with the  LTTE supporters in the above Diaspora group started with denial of LTTE being involved in Drug Trafficking. Often such groupings with the Diaspora facilitate ‘brainwashing’. The Opposition’s status is demoted to the lowest possible level towards this. But to the extent one is Opposing through Truth, one gets supported by someone somewhere. That is the way of Truth.


On 7 May under the title ‘ANOTHER JVP INSURRECTION?’ I shared the indicator that the LTTE was being invoked through the following by an LTTE supporter:

[While some of us were concerned about the adverse impact of the protests there were others who were busy calling the LTTE spirit to rise. One wrote:

[What is the point of arguing or even discussing over a load of baloney? what is the point? As you mentioned Xxx, VP is a Crowned King not only among Ceylon Tamil ( maybe not among Srilankan Tamils ) but he is definitely among the 80 million people in Tamil Nadu and around the world.]


I feel that as a Sri Lankan Tamil I picked up the early warning signs. Subsequently the Hindu reported as per their indicators. Indicators help ‘diffuse’ internally.

As a reward, I was directed today to Tamilwin article at 

The article was headed ‘ரணிலை புரிந்துகொண்ட தமிழர்களும் புரிந்துகொள்ளாத சிங்களவர்களும் / Tamils who understand Ranil and Sinhalese who don’t.

One response included the following:

[The Defence forces, far in excess of the numbers necessary to maintain law & order in N/E shall be stationed in Tamil areas for ever ( India will help Ranil in this matter:  already RAW the espionage agency has concocted a fiction that the tigers with the support of some Tamilnadu Tamils are regrouping to re-emerge as a force in N/E]

Mr Subramanyan Swamy ‘s comments were published as follows:

["Last time you could not prevent LTTE coming into India and even assassinating Rajiv Gandhi. So what happens in Sri Lanka we in India have to safeguard our national security interest. Protecting Rajapaksas is in India’s national interest," Subramanian Swamy tweeted. He further added that Sri Lanka's President Jayawardane had in 1987 signed a pact for Indian troops to bring normalcy to North Sri Lanka. The army was not only successful but also helped hold local elections, he stated]

I responded to the Tamil Diaspora leader as follows:

[Thank you. As you would know through my articles last week, I identify with most of the Tamilwin article. To me that is the value of media as well as politics. They open up pathways through which we share our Truth. The Truth does the rest. I identify with your insight in terms of RAW. In fact my today’s article would be based on Meera Srinivasan’s report.]

JVP insurrection will awaken LTTE spirits as well. The way Sinhalese rebels are treated is of utmost importance to Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. The Tamil Diaspora needs to prevent this by not using the current protests to take revenge. Truth will balance the Equation.




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