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08 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






Yesterday, the Sri Lankan Police arrested Tamil MP Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was arrested.  As per the Hindu:


Sri Lanka police arrested Tamil legislator and Tamil National People’s Front Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam at his Colombo residence early on June 7, on charges of “obstructing police duties”, hours before the Jaffna MP was scheduled to raise a breach of privilege matter in Parliament. He was later released on bail.

The development comes days after two men dressed in plain clothes turned up at a meeting of Mr. Ponnambalam and members of a local sports club in Jaffna, in Sri Lanka’s Tamil-majority Northern Province, and reportedly assaulted him.

In a video statement released following the June 2 incident, the Jaffna legislator, who is the son of the late Tamil politician and lawyer Kumar Ponnambalam, said the men identified as CID officials, but refused to show their identity cards when asked. Mr. Ponnambalam further said one of the men “assaulted” him when challenged, while another was seen “pointing a gun” at him. “If this is how a member of Parliament is treated, then everyone can imagine how the general Tamil population in the north-east are treated… The police in the north and east continue to act as an occupational, hostile force,” he said.

How is the Sri Lankan public to interpret this? Mr Ponnambalam indicated that he considered it to be racial. This means he does not consider last year’s dethroning of war hero Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa to have been due also to Racism against minorities . I responded as follows to a discussion on the ’Hindu concept of time’:


I believe that in this Kali yuga, there are ‘internal completions’ when there are global completions by us or by Truth. When this happens there is automatic restructure of the whole – as happened through Covid. Excesses by the medical professionals also contributed to this. The more we invest in Truth, the greater our comfort with the restructured system. Sri Lankan Parliament went through a restructure due to the power of citizens – (of all communities) who were self-governing being a stronger force than elected politicians. This was confirmed through Ranil who was not elected by the voters, becoming President. We have to discover the new Manu/structure and its shastras / laws.’


Hence, Minority communities need to think ‘secular’ first instead of ‘race first’ now that the system has gone through a restructure visible to the ‘world’.

At personal level, I realised that my legal actions against Australian authorities was endorsed by Truth. This realisation happened gradually when my book ‘Naan Australian’ was ‘taken’ to the National Library of Australia, via Congress library, through unknown forces.

The parallel of that is the role of minority pain in the dismissal of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Those who truly suffered, would identify with the ‘closure’ by Divine powers.

During current conflict with a local community group, I asked the management to take legal action against me. They wrote:

[We understand that your belief is that the levies are not valid, which is your right to believe so. ]

I responded:

[Likewise yourself / the Treasurer. That is permitted in Democracy. But in the system of Democracy, resolutions are required to be submitted well in advance, debated and then voted on. That did NOT happen in the case of Roof Membrane levy. Thus far you have failed to confirm that this levy went through this process.]


This meant that I am no longer seeing ‘race’ as the reason but the secular reason common to all. This restructure, I believe, happened due to my acceptance of the ‘Quiet Judgment of Truth’. This acceptance has rendered me exceptional insight into the whole of the Australian system in terms of interpretation of the law. In other words, the law alerts me to breaches and guides me through the common pathway. This to me is the value of ‘Tat Tvam Asi/Though Art That’

I strongly recommend Tamil politicians to recognise the ‘natural closure by Truth’ and use the secular pathway to find fault. The Policeman was acting as per his instructions. I do not know of a single Sri Lankan or Australian Policeman who is capable of interpreting the law on their own. When they do not have ‘rules’ they go into the ‘subjective system’. That is politics and not administration. It is time politicians stopped playing politics outside the boundaries of Parliament.



Tuesday, 6 June 2023



The Registrar

Mallakam District Court


Sri Lanka


06 June 2023


Dear Registrar,




I write further to my telephone conversation with you yesterday. I confirm that I have  passed on to our lawyer, Mr Kanagasingham the message that the Registrar’s/your report would be completed within a couple of days.  Mr Kanagasingham informed us that the Judge refused to accept his response in opposition to the Substitution of the next generation members which effectively amounts to stirpes basis in breach of the High Court decision that it needed to be on per capita basis.


We are therefore awaiting the final outcome of this matter before taking further action, including educating the public who are covered by Thesawalamai law, and the Matrimonial Rights and Inheritance Ordinance No.15 of 1876 about how the current Judiciary is interpreting the relevant provisions. As it stands now, the rule delivered by both courts is Equal share irrespective whether daughters are paid dowry or not.  In addition, as per the rejection of our opposition to the substitution of the next generation, section 30 of the MATRIMONIAL RIGHTS OF MARRIED PERSONS WITH REGARD TO PROPERTY AND THE LAW OF INHERITANCE would need to be repealed. This section states:


‘Except when otherwise expressly provided, if all those who succeed to the inheritance are equally near in degree to the intestate, they take per capita, and not per stirpes.’


As per my lay mind’s application, the court, by rejecting our response in opposition, has effectively repealed this section.


As per my observation, majority users of the dowry system do so as a habit. In families where there is not enough wealth to provide education to daughters at equal level as sons, dowry has filled the gap. Otherwise, there is the real risk of children separating from their parents to go in their own paths which would promote separation as opposed to commonness.


Our current topic for research and Debate in Vaddukoddai is Higher Education vs Employment after GCE O Levels. Once the Testamentary Matter is completed, we  purpose to debate Dowry v Muthusum.

If we get it right at family level, there would be less wastage of the court’s resources. Our family miserably failed  the Equal Opportunity Test. The more folks are ignorant of the law, the greater the tendency to separate as individuals. This causes destruction to community life.


Yours sincerely,

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


CC: M/- H Sajeeva Somaratne

Secretary – Judicial Service Commission (Ref JI/SG/M 63/11)


Bar Association of Sri Lanka

Sunday, 4 June 2023


04 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






The case against Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith began as a civil case but turned out to be a war-crimes trial. In my case, the Police brought criminal charges against me for Peaceful Assembly outside the office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales, but Magistrate Gilmour dismissed the charges on the basis of Balance of Probability test.


When I brought defamation case against family members in Australia for demoting my marital status, followed by ridiculing me in Sri Lankan court, the NSW Supreme Court held that it did not have jurisdiction.


In the case of Ben Roberts-Smith, the trial was on the basis of what-happened in Afghanistan and how it was reported in Australia. Using the rule by the court in my case, I am entitled to conclude that there was no jurisdiction to hear the case. But as per my own  interpretation, the defamation happened here.


But in terms of the hearing, only the facts relating to the defamation part ought to have been heard and not the facts that happened in Afghanistan.


In a war-zone, soldiers are on their own and hence ‘all is taken to be fair’. If we use ‘rules’ future recruitment would be adversely affected. Hence it is important to ‘accept’ the soldier’s judgement as true. An over-regulated army is not likely to perform well. 


The requirement of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is based on this acceptance of self-inquiry. It means that we have our own personal god as our witness. It’s why we affirm in court to speak the truth as per our personal conscience.


As per published details, this ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ test has been breached by the Federal Court of Australia.


When we operate within our respective circles of belief we have the right to be judged only by someone senior to us within that circle of belief. In the battlefield, it is one’s own conscience. Belief in one’s own conscience is soul-power.  This is why it took the Sri Lankan government 30 years to defeat Tamil rebels who were ‘free’ to act as per their own conscience in the battlefield.



Saturday, 3 June 2023


03 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






My article on the ‘voice’ educated me about  Section  51(xxvi) of our Australian Constitution, which was described as one rendering ‘race-power’, by an Australian of Sri Lankan origin who began his response as follows to my friend:


[I support the YES case to the Voice. Don’t believe all the racist rubbish from white trash like Alan Jones, Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham. They belong in the dustbin of History.  ]


That writer goes on as follows:

‘The VOICE gives power to the original inhabitants to ADVISE the parliament (the Australian peoples’ house). That’s all – ADVISE.’

My question is : Why do we need a referendum , which according to news reports , would cost us $364.6 million ?

As per Section  51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution:

‘The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxvi.)  the people of any race for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws;

This could mean laws against any race including Tamils or Sinhalese of Sri Lankan origin.

Australia is a signatory to

The UN’s  International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD)

As per my interpretation,  Section 51(xxvi) of the Australian Constitution and the fundamental values of ICERD which promotes common global values.

We need to repeal Section 51(xxvi). If that needs a referendum, such a move would be in harmony with ICERD. If it is merely to advise the government, then it is not valid expenditure. I advise the government regularly.

If the current government is trying to get political mileage out of this, it is highly likely that the damage would be exponential, as it was in Sri Lanka, whenever Buddhism foremost was activated by a citizen who may or may not have knowledge of the constitutional provision. In Australia, Section 51(xxvi) may have been considered necessary at that time.  Likewise, Buddhism Foremost article  in the 1972 Sri Lankan constitution, due to JVP insurrection in 1971.

The laws are minds of the parliamentarians. If those minds (including the minds of heirs) become idle, they would become the Devil’s workshop.

Friday, 2 June 2023


02 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






As per the communication from Liberal Party, ‘the Albanese Government wants to go much further – enshrining a Voice in the Constitution, with few limits to its scope and few details……..Australia’s Constitution is our most important legal document. Every word can be open to interpretation.

Enshrining in our Constitution a body for only one group of Australians, means permanently dividing Australians by race.


As per the above, ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan Constitution was also divisive. Likewise the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution which rendered Tamil also equal status.


This mess happens when we begin tinkering with something that needs to be venerated. The Constitution that has served us well has now become an Elder.  Any change to the thought-structure of an Elder, would cause pain to that Elder. We need to respect Elders and ‘share’ with them through submissions but not ‘give’ them benefits.


Each Time period and each land block carries its own Energy. This means, we write our own karma/fate within those boundaries. If written as per our truth within the time or place boundaries, those laws become our Elders. Indigenous folks wrote their own constitution and have been acknowledged as Elders by the government, on behalf of all Australians. If Indigenous Australians are rendered ‘special voice ’ then all migrant groups also would need to be facilitated by the government of Australia, out of current funds, to practice their own indigenous culture.


Time based vote v Place based vote

Autocracy is Time based vote.  It has vertical hierarchy, as per the length of time one has been in one place. In Democracy  time is ‘stilled’ and the numbers at that place determine who is first amongst equals. The group that uses ‘Time based seniority would not be empowered by Democracy and v.v.


One who truly owns does not need relative measures. The measures are merely for reference purposes. Elders are true owners. In Australia, such true owners include migrants who became true Australians by absorbing discrimination pain without profiting from it.


As bliss is causeless happiness, ownership is formless feeling.


When Elders are brought into the voting system, it renders them ‘form’ and hence amounts to separatism. That is the lesson learnt by Sri Lankan Sinhalese & Tamils. It is a lesson that if learnt, would protect Australian Governments from living in the past and causing conflict in the present. Let us respect the past as a Sovereign entity with its own powers.

Thursday, 1 June 2023


01 June 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






The current Sri Lankan Government has indicated its commitment to Truth in relation to the Ethnic war.  A committee would tend to deliver as per the Government’s expectations.


Truth becomes ‘fact, the moment it is expressed. In the system of truth, the higher the position of the person/group through whom the manifestation happens, the greater the value of the effects. Saint Yoga Swami of Jaffna said ‘Summa Iru/keep still’ . Swami Sathya Sai Baba shared the same message as Causeless happiness is bliss.’


Most of the time now, I feel Peace. On that basis, I conclude that the cause is continuous present in which we feel neither excitement nor depression of the mind. Hence causeless. This state was achieved not only by being humble as per my official junior position but also by opposing that person in the very position through which I paid my respects to the whole institutional structure.  When I so oppose I effectively take rebirth as an elder and the system gets restructured simultaneously at level of truth where there is no gap between cause and effect. Hence cause-lessness.


On that basis, I had the following conversation with a fellow elder:

Fellow Elder :Hinduism and Buddhism give a reason to practise Dharma - the danger of Karma and reincarnation


Gajalakshmi: Many consider Karma to be external. To the extent we do not remember our past, Karma would seem external – especially when we are in pain. But, the deeper we go into our own mind and see ourselves through our own truth, we would identify with the karma we brought forward. As per my discovery, the Universal Energy/Truth/God balances our Account with a positive or negative value and that structure decides where we are reborn. The permanent gunas/ characteristics / genes we carry can only be offset by opposite karma in another. Hence horoscope matching by Hindus and to a lesser degree by Buddhists.


Fellow Elder :Going to Hell or Heaven and having only one life appears not to have convinced many in the West to practise Dharma / righteousness, as the concept is illogical!


Gajalakshmi: It would seem illogical due to the ‘unknown’. Those in the East with less money than those in the West, would tend to look within and balance the ‘gap’ through ‘Human Power and/or intuitive wisdom. In tertiary life we would be led by our karma. It is an opportunity to provide selfless service which automatically negates negative karma and / or develops positive karma. When we realise this, there is peace in our mind.


We take karma from one stage of life into the next / another. Closures would lead to the Truth completing our current structures. This discovery amazes me. I believe in it without a doubt. When I left Sri Lanka to earn more money, I forewent professional status. By accepting that reality, I developed intuitive intelligence about all those who took senior positions above me even though as per truth I was the senior. It’s like the JVP/LTTE being cleverer than the government soldiers. But unlike them I accepted the reality in terms of ‘form’ but continued to work as if I were in that position. Hence my intuitive intelligence. Had Mr Wigneswaran done that in terms of his work as part of the judiciary, Jaffna/Northern Sri Lanka would have a strong self-governance structure now.



By sharing Truth, we promote natural commonness. This is why the power of the Opposition including  the media is protected.

On 13 May, D.B.S. Jeyaraj published an article headed ‘Little-known facts about LTTE leader Prabhakaran’

I expect Mr Jeyaraj to have published his truth as ‘facts’. I take the ‘report’ part and read it through my own experience as a Tamil who did share experiences as a ‘junior’ in their structure – facilitated by Saint Yoga Swami’s power.


DBS reportsPrabhakaran studied at different schools in Jaffna, Vavuniya and Batticaloa because his father was constantly transferred. The schools he studied for many years at stretch were Government College (Now Mahajana) B’caloa and Chidampara College, VVT. He was not a model student and did not even complete his GCE O’levels.’


Given that Prabhakaran was of my generation, and from Northern Province, I consider him to be my junior in structured Education in Northern Province. Every true structure has the power to naturally balance itself. Hence the need for merit-based discrimination.


DBS reports The Indian Freedom Struggle impacted Prabhakaran greatly. His ideal idol was Netaji or Subash Chandra Bose.   


My idol in independent struggle is Gandhi whose natural strength as renunciation, and who is respected as an Elder in Indian Political & Administrative systems.


DBS: Netaji’s famous pronouncement was “I shall fight for the freedom of my land until I shed my last drop of blood”. Prabhakaran subscribed to these sentiments wholeheartedly.


I respect the structured system and use my truth only when it fails to deliver as per the law.


DBS: Prabhakaran was very much interested in contemporary affairs and international politics.   

A former comrade at arms of Prabhakaran, Thalayasingham Sivakumar alias Anton Master told me how the LTTE subscribed to TIME and Newsweek those days. Prabha would ask friends knowledgeable in English to translate and explain articles.’

English language could have been learnt by Prabhakaran during school days or later as an adult. If he had respected Tamil language above gun-language, he would have learnt all that he needed to fight for Independence, in Tamil itself. To fight for Tamil Eelam, he needed to live like the poorest Tamil in his home-environment.


Now that we know the effects – we have the opportunity to find the truth through the ownership of the pain – as if we caused it. Then in that causeless state we will lose consciousness of the effect also. This is permanent vaccination from war for each one of us.

Sunday, 28 May 2023

27 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







On 25 May 2023, Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam spoke in Sri Lankan Parliament, about the illegality of  Buddhist shrine built at Thayitti, in Northern Sri Lanka. On the same day, the President of Sri Lanka, stated at the Nikkei forum in Japan, in terms of the subject matter Democratic Values & Human Rights –

‘If the West wants a rule based order, the West must adhere to these rules all the time.’

The problem was surfaced by the Tamil MP on the same day the Common President provided the solution. The commonness is from Royal College Education in Colombo. That commonness renders Equal status in Colombo.


Land-grab is not just a Sinhalese problem. This was highlighted in the following conversation:


Tamil Diaspora Leader: (About the local speech) Thank God we have Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and Gajendran to take the fight to the Chauvinists; however it would be of no avail: the travails of the North East Tamils would be of no concern to the International community . At the Geneva  sessions in March & in September , lots of speeches will be made , some countries paying lip service to Tamils’ rights , while a few other nations will be shedding crocodile tears over the violation of human rights, crimes against humanity , war crimes committed on innocent Tamil civilians. That’s all .

Gajalakshmi - Truth is also another name for God. In Thunaivi, not far from the office of Suhash, Mr Wigneswaran, then the chief minister inaugurated a building which was built on occupied land. To date, Suhash has not protested against it. They in fact become the contributors to the culture of ‘illegal occupation’. Truth is not with them. They are at the same level of civilisation they accuse the other side of


When we merge all known manifestations through our own truth, we have the solution at our own levels. In the President’s shoes, I would implement a Rule-Based-Order for both side MPs - Sinhala & Tamil - in national parliament. This would lead to ‘common interpretation’ at base level.


When the lowest level applier – say the police constable or the citizen, is able to apply the rule directly, political variations would be minimised.   The rule in the case of land occupation ought to be that the complaint has to be by the owner and/or her/his representative.  Where none is present, the local government authority needs to certify that as per its records, that there are no active owners.  Thereafter, the issue is between the local government and the National government responsible for Police powers.


The example that comes to mind is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


On 21 May 1976 several leading Tamil politicians (A. AmirthalingamV. N. NavaratnamK. P. RatnamM. Sivasithamparam and K. Thurairatnam) were delivering leaflets when they were all arrested on government orders.  Sivasithamparam was released but the others were taken to Colombo and tried for sedition. All the defendants were acquitted on 10 February 1977 after a famous trial at bar case in which around 70 leading Tamil lawyers, including Ponnambalam and S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, acted for the defence.


The above actions and arrests happened 5 days after Vaddukoddai Resolution was manifested on 14 May 1976. Hence the ‘fear’ and ‘desire’ were due to Vaddukoddai Resolution.  This was preceded by the Tamil Nadu experience presented as follows by Wikipedia:


In January 1976 the Union Government of India dismissed the state government of Tamil Nadu, accusing Chief Minister Karunanidhi of corruption, and imposed President's rule.  Ponnambalam represented Karunanidhi at Supreme Court &  justice Ranjit Singh Sarkaria's commission of inquiryKarunanidhi was cleared of the corruption charges.


To the extent Sri Lankan government benefitted from India’s contribution to independence from Colonial Rule, but failed to pay its respects to India, the Sri Lankan government’s mind would have the polarised experiences of desire and fear in its relationship with India. Hence the above victory in India would have caused fear in Sri Lanka, contributing to the ‘arrests’


The Indian experience confirms merger of minds through law. But this is no longer a reality after weapon based opposition by both sides. Hence the need for simple rules.


Hence the need for Rules Based Order. Some of us practice that in family life when challenged by differences in culture. We do not run to the authorities for family problems.