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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 July   2021




[As many youngsters have left their Thai Man(MOTHERLAND)  to seek residency in foreign countries the uppish people have lost all the hard workers to foreign countries and the youngsters who have gone abroad are thriving in every field and many are becoming learned people and setting an example. ]

My yesterday’s article ‘IS PATTI TAMIL OR ENGLISH?’ was essentially about whether young ones ought to be ‘telling’ us oldies what to do? The Sri Lankan expressed appreciation. The Tamil who wrote the above – was endorsing young ones who ‘tell’ oldies. The above Tamil referred to this as Revolution:

[This is a great revolution for our people.]

My response went as follows:

[Vaddukoddai folks were relatively more rigid about caste than we of Jaffna Town were. Now more and more folks from Thunaivi are building homes in Vaddukoddai. To me that is the revolution to which I also contributed. That way we prevent reverse discrimination]

A member of the same Tamil group who said he did not believe in Hindu scriptures wrote as follows about Bhagavad Gita:

[Gita  too was a compilation as confirmed by scholars based on its varying style and contents! Gita is intended to not only protect bramanism but to give them undue power like our SL 20th amendment. Killing a bramanan is brahmadosham punishable by death. But if a brahmin kills other varnas, especially sutras, hardly any punishment. Based on caste punishment varies but not for brahmins. If a brahmin rapes a sutra woman it is a blessing to the woman. Other way round it is death.]

My response was:

According to Sri Lankan constitution also the President enjoys this immunity. This was also the case prior to 20th Amendment.  Before Krishna, during Rama’s time Rama’s father was punished for polygamy by the departure of Rama – to the forest - through father’s orders. That was the natural punishment. It’s a warning to those who enjoy pleasures prematurely and therefore do not set an example to their juniors. Hence even if the code was not there – Brahmins who crossed the line and enjoyed pleasures from less orderly folks – would have lost power. Likewise in this generation – relationships with less orderly folks – such as through social media. A true Brahmin would not rape. Those who rape are not true Governors


The above person mentions Sutra caste

[Shudra  is the lowest ranked of the four varnas of the Hindu caste system and social order in India.]

In Sri Lankan Tamil Community they include Vishwakarma community  presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The artisans, known locally as Kammalar or Vishwakarma consists of the Kannar (brass-workers), Kollar (blacksmiths), Tattar (goldsmiths), Tatchar (carpenters), Kartatchar (sculptor)]

The connection to Sri Lanka is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The origin myths of the Vishwakarma community were first consolidated in the early 18th century, during the British colonial rule. These myths were compiled in the Vishwakarma Puranam, whose original manuscript is undated but was most probably created in the mid-17th or 18th century. According to a popular myth recorded in the Vishwakarma Puranam, the five children of the god Vishwakarma served the gods as artisans, and possessed the ability to create things by simply imagining them. They had conserved their veerya by being celibates, and lived in a fort on the coast of Ilangapuri (Sri Lanka). The fort was made of lodestone, and the enemy weapons thrown at it were stuck to its walls, rendering it invincible. Their chief enemy was Karunakaran, a vassal of the Chola emperor. In order to defeat the Vishwakarmas, Karunakaran planted many beautiful women (Brahmin women according to some versions of the legend) in the fort. These women married the Vishwakarmas, thus destroying their spiritual power, and learned the secret that a certain type of poisonous grass could be used to burn up the fort. Using this secret, the enemy blew up the fort, and the Vishwakarmas were scattered in various areas, where they were forced to work as artisans and craftsmen for mortal human]

That was how LTTE’s Eastern commander Karuna was also defeated by this government by inducing him to ‘imagine’ that he was part of the government. Now it is China’s turn with  Silk Road Mohini ( Damsel) making them lose their Veerya and restoring global ownership.  

The Sri Lankan constitution was written to include ‘Buddhism Foremost’ clause. To my mind, this seems to be – so rulers would be celibates and not desire to be Brahmins – the failed leaders. Most rulers of Sri Lanka – beginning with King Dutugamunu worship/ped Hindu deities – which to my mind seems to be due to wanting Veerya / Manliness. By doing so under Buddhist labels they cheated themselves and the citizens. The fear generated by the desire for ruling – blocks their path to being true rulers. This is exponential when they pardon their own and live through their imagination – as Vishwakarmas were beaten by the envoy of Tamil Chola Emperor. The Colombo Port City is the parallel of Indraprastam – the place where Prince Thuriyothanan had a fall due to being misled by imagery and Pandava queen Throupathi laughed at him! The seeds of war were sown then. Imagery based ruling seems to be our ancestry.

Friday 30 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 July   2021






We are a generation of Sri Lankans who complain about discrimination by majority race.  The question that I ask now is whether we of Sri Lankan Tamil origin are practicing ‘Reverse Discrimination’ and hence are trying to become One Tamil group? To me that is un-Australian.


The question arose through the Tamil video about how to fill out the Census form? – at How to answer CENSUS QUESTIONS 2021 ft Ash & Shaz - YouTube

My comment was as follows:

[When young ones explain to us 'oldies' what to do - that confirms reversal of our culture - where young ones sought our blessings instead of 'telling us']

This was this morning. Last night, our granddaughter sent me the following message:

[Hi Patti,

I watched this video as homework for my ‘Intercultural Communications’ class, and I thought you would enjoy it! 

It’s a short film called Babakiueria - it goes for about 30 minutes.

Here’s the link:


Aanza :)]

To my mind, the two happened almost at the one ‘time bubble’ – not by chance but due to my commonness. In the Tamil video the young lady says – if your foot gets hit by a stone and you shout ‘Ammah’ then you must say that you speak Tamil.  In my case – my husband and I speak Tamil at home but with our children and grandchildren our language is English. At the same time – none of my children and grandchildren would ‘tell me’ as Ash & Shaz in the Tamil video are doing.

Which one is therefore the real Tamil culture? As per my measure – I am real and they are fake. This morning, I realised also that it was because I pay my respects to my elders that I had the need to need to learn about the law of Thesawlamai applicable to Jaffna Tamils, when my husband’s brother in law – Mr Subramaniam Yoganathan passed away in Vaddukoddai, Northern Sri Lanka. I doubt that Ash & Shaz know about this particular law applicable to Jaffna Tamils. If they did – they would not promote ‘Just Tamil’ to effectively assimilate so that we would also be seen as a majority force relative to Sinhalese. This happens when we apply the seen at surface level. In this instance it is reverse discrimination – confirming we and the Sinhalese have the same value system.

The Human Australian Human Rights Commission presents (unjust) Discrimination as follows :

[Discrimination happens when a person, or a group of people, is treated less favourably than another person or group because of their background or certain personal characteristics. This is known as ‘direct discrimination’…

It is also discrimination when an unreasonable rule or policy applies to everyone but has the effect of disadvantaging some people because of a personal characteristic they share. This is known as ‘indirect discrimination’.]

The above recommendation by young Tamils, confirms indirect discrimination on the basis of proficiency in Tamil. In other words, between an English speaking family and a Tamil speaking family, the above group would allocate more credit to the latter. But during the time I grew up in Jaffna – it was the other way around. Even now, my generation Tamils ask me how come I write well in English? My sister in law – Mrs Saraswathy Sabanathan of Seven Hills – NSW is likely to speak in Tamils with majority in her family. The strange commonness highlighted is that in both cases – money is the driver. Mrs Sabanathan lied in Northern Sri Lankan court – that she did not get dowry. The reason – so she would have a share of Mr Subramaniam Yoganathan’s intestate estate. The reason given by Ash & Shaz is also money specifically for Tamils. If Tamils as a community are valuable and I believe we are – then the rarer we are the more attractive we would be. That is the law of nature.

As per my experience – each time I bear the discrimination pain – rather than take revenge – my intelligence about the whole is heightened. This was the reason why Tamils entered University at a higher rate than other groups in Sri Lanka – until we had our own Universities. Wikipedia confirms this as follows – about the group that included my husband:

[In 1969, the Northern Province, which was largely populated by Tamils and comprised 7% of the population of the country, provided 27.5 percent of the entrants to science-based courses in Sri Lankan universities.]

The parallel of the University of Jaffna is the Tamil Community Centre in Toronto which is reported to have received high level of funding from the Canadian government. This was shown as an example by Ash & Shaz. This would then become another University of Jaffna where students ‘tell’ management.

Some may prefer that to intelligence of the whole. I am an intelligent Tamil and I seek to keep it that way. Hence to the census question about the language spoken at home – my answer is ‘English’ and to the ancestry – it would be Jaffna Tamil ancestry.


Tuesday 27 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 July   2021




Yesterday a Tamil Medical Professional wrote in response to my letter to the NSW Premier:


[Gaja, do you think NSW Premier would have understood your letter. I don’t think so. Please make it clear. Don’t create an opportunity for them to take you into custody.]

My response was :

[I write as per my intuition / Unarvu………At each stage where I endured pain due to the other side – and did not even think of revenge - it became intuitive power – like that of a mother’s.

 In this instance the Premier is likely to connect to that due to her being a caring daughter. Once the Energy is in us – that Energy takes over and leads us. If the Premier feels the pain of the protests deeply – she would connect to the ‘devolution’ suggestion in my Energy. I am known for being good at developing that kind of structure – including from within NSW Health]

Later someone completed the other side of my work and directed me to the Colombo Telegraph article ‘Black July – Are You Kidding Me?’ by Sanmugam Kanaga-Ratnam. In terms of Australia, today’s Sydney Morning Herald carried an article headed:

‘Western Sydney community leaders face vaccine hesitancy challenge’. Neither of the above writers would have read my work and v.v. But when we believe and we feel the need of the community as ours – we pick up the common energy intuitively. This confirms to us that our work is needed.  To me that is the certainty of belief, expressed by Omar Khayyam as follows:


‘The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.


The Sri Lankan war happened due to lack of belief based order within the institution of government. Instead, the policies were desire based.

In his article Mr Sanmugam Kanaga-Ratnam presents different pictures of the one manifestation as follows:

[On July 7th, we saw on social media postings, a team of police officers drag a Buddhist Priest and take him into custody; a woman wearing a mask was kicked and dragged into a van by a contingent of police officers as she stepped out of court after posting bail. ….Recently, one of these commentators, a young woman, Achala Seneviratne, a human rights lawyer, called July 7th. “Black July”!!

I have news for Ms. Seneviratne – the July 7th event she refers to is a picnic in Vihara Mahadevi park compared to the July 1983 massacre of the Tamils appropriately labeled “black July.” in Sri Lanka’s history.]


Each group would interpret validly the reasons / causes of the manifestation as per their own investment in those who apparently caused it and/or the issue itself. The latter would interpret more reliably and hence would get closer to the solution than the former. The true cause has no form. The more answers we find in vertical pathway the less and less conscious we become of what happened. Hence we would not ‘copy’ the answers without attributing credit to those who initially made the discovery – including through tragedies.


In the alternative, if we travel laterally and connect the outcomes of each independent group our picture becomes global – with one becoming the problem and the other the solution. In Sri Lanka’s case – to Sinhalese only government including the one that failed Tamils in 1983, – India became the problem and China the Opportunity. To Tamils who have invested commonly with India through Hinduism,  it is the other way around.


The more communists we have in Sri Lanka, the greater the commonness of Sri Lankans. But that comes at the expense of Democracy. Hence military rule by current government who are in action confirming breach of ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article of the Constitution.


Monday 26 July 2021

 The Hon Gladys Berejiklin, MP

Premier - NSW

Parliament House



26 July 2021


Dear Ms Berejiklin,




I write in reference to the Pendle Hill family which was reported to be responsible for the Covid infection increasing over the weekend. As per 7 News:

[NSW Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Jeremy McAnulty said authorities were particularly “concerned” by one gathering at Pendle Hill, in Sydney’s west, following a family tragedy.

He said there were 18 cases linked to the event.

Families coming together, even in tragic times can actually, when you are naturally grieving, can be a risk where COVID can easily take hold and spread among family members and then out to their households and further afield,” he said.]

As per insider report – the above was a Tamil family. This upset me and I was particularly concerned due to this being Black July period for Sri Lankan Tamils – the  negative karma/sin of which I feel would have added itself to any Tamil  who immigrated to Australia as a refugee through false claims and hence abandoning the karma which in turn would have added itself to the Saturday’s Protest  Rally against the government. The strength of this karma is indicated through the following and if you read as if it happened to you – you would have deeper insight into how the Covid sin/virtue also works:

President J R Jayewardene on 11 July 1983 – abandoned Tamils – published by Wikipedia:

[ In an interview with the Daily Telegraph on 11 July 1983, about two weeks prior to the riots, Jayewardene expressed the state's complicity in the violence against the Tamils:

I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna (Tamil) people now. Now we cannot think of them. Not about their lives or of their opinion about us. The more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here... really, if I starve the Tamils, Sinhala people will be happy....]

Saturday, 23 July

[On 23 July 1983 at around 11:30 pm, the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the Tamil Tigers or the LTTE) ambushed the Four Four Bravo military patrol in Thirunelveli, near Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. A roadside bomb was detonated beneath a jeep that was leading the convoy, injuring at least two soldiers on board. Soldiers traveling in the truck behind the jeep then dismounted to help their fellow soldiers. Subsequently, they were ambushed by a group of Tamil Tiger fighters who fired at them with automatic weapons and hurled grenades. In the ensuing clash, one officer and twelve soldiers were killed, with two more fatally wounded, for a total of fifteen dead. A number of the rebels were also killed. Kittu, a regional commander of the LTTE, would later admit to planning and carrying out the ambush. This attack has been described as retaliation for the killing of one of the LTTE's founding members, Charles Anthony, by Sri Lankan forces and for the alleged abduction and rape of Tamil school girls by government forces]

Sunday, 24 July

[In response to the ambush, truckloads of Sri Lankan soldiers left the Palaly camp, smashing all the shops on the way to Thirunelveli. 51 Tamil civilians in Jaffna were subsequently massacred by the rampaging army in revenge.

The Army—including its commanderTissa Weeratunga—decided that the soldiers' funerals shouldn't be held in Jaffna because of the high likelihood of disturbances at multiple locations. The decision was made to hold the funerals, with full military honours, at Kanatte CemeteryColombo's main burial ground, instead. Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa, fearing violence, was against holding the funeral in Colombo, but was overruled by President J. R. Jayewardene. The president, the prime minister, and the rest of the cabinet were to attend the funeral, which was to take place at 5 pm on 24 July. This arrangement went against the standard procedure of handing over fallen soldiers to their families for burial in their home villages.

Preparations were made for the funeral, including putting the riot squad at the police station in nearby Borella on standby; but by 5 pm the bodies hadn't arrived in Colombo. The soldiers' families wanted the bodies handed over to them and to be buried according to tradition. Due to procedural issues, the bodies were still at Palali Army Camp near Jaffna. The bodies were eventually moved from Palali Air Force Base shortly after 6 pm. Whilst this was occurring, tensions were growing at Colombo General Cemetery because of the delay. A large crowd, including around 3,000 people from the Wanathamulla slum, started gathering at the cemetery, angered by news of the ambush, which was magnified by wild rumour.

The Avro plane carrying the bodies arrived at Ratmalana Airport at 7:20 pm, by which time the crowd at the cemetery had swollen to more than 8,000. The crowd wanted the bodies to be handed over to the families rather than to be buried at the cemetery. Violence broke out between the crowd and police, and the riot squad was summoned. The riot squad then fired tear gas at the crowd and baton-charged them before handing control of the situation over to the army. The president then decided to cancel the military funeral and hand the bodies over to the families. The vehicles carrying the bodies had been driven away from Ratmalana at 8:30 pm and the drivers were heading to the cemetery. Due to the situation, the bodies were then diverted to army headquarters, so that they could be handed over to the families. The crowd at the cemetery was informed of the president's decision at around 10 pm. The crowd left the cemetery in a restive mood.

A section of the crowd marched up D. S. Senanayake Mawatha to Borella, where they destroyed Tamil-owned Nagalingam Stores. The mob—which by that time numbered around 10,000—attacked, looted, and set fire to any building near Borella Junction that had a Tamil connection, including Borella Flats and the Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club. Then houses belonging to Tamils in the neighbourhood were targeted. The police fired tear gas at the crowd; but after exhausting all of their stock, they were then forced to fire their rifles into the air. The crowd then dispersed in the direction of DematagodaMaradanaNarahenpitaGrandpass, and Thimbirigasyaya, where they attacked and looted Tamil properties and set them alight. Members of criminal gangs came to join the ensuing chaos.]


The above ended up in a 26 year armed war which opened the doors for India and China to work through separate communities in Sri Lanka. As per my discovery, on the basis of the theory of karma, we carry the truth when we make lasting changes such as death and emigration - to the physical. If therefore – Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka,  who did not share in the pain of Black July but rather was part of the cause and yet at community level – they point the finger only at the government – they invoke the negative energy of that tragedy and when it happens the effect is exponential.

Over the weekend I mourned at home in solitude because the tragedy is now part of our karma. Karma – be it positive or negative, would when activated have exponential effects. If we bring them down to relative level – i.e. to take revenge and/or to have political gain, it would come with its exponential spread. To my mind, that is how bipolar disorder also  works. If the Pendle Hill family broke the Covid 19 rule then to my mind they were part of the Black July negative karma. This often happens through excessive finger pointing without having the right to do so.


 I share with you because during your period, the NSW government rectified a fundamental error against me – and this rectification happened without any direct intervention on your part. This happens frequently when I am not recognised in Australia but am rewarded in Sri Lanka. Likewise, in Sri Lanka, during the current government’s period also – some of my rights were recognised through due processes.


Ms Berejiklin,  it was reported by the ABC that you had said that you wished you had a crystal ball. Your belief is your crystal ball. Whatever you see within is right for you. Likewise every one of us. In democracy, those of us active citizens who are self-governing have the responsibility to share our belief with you at your time of need and in turn you have the responsibility to include that as part of your ‘intelligence.’ One avenue could be to devolve lock-down power to local government councils and to recognized community leaders where appropriate -  gradually to the individual. 


Yours sincerely


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


CC: NSW Community Engagement


Saturday 24 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 July   2021


Indigenous Greek, Sinhala Buddhist or Tamil Hindu?


The two Island articles –  (1) ‘Dual citizens; shocking rape cases going unpunished’ and

(2) ‘How rebirth takes place’  have been published today by the Island newspaper – with a three hour gap.  Before reading either – I wrote to an Australian Tamil in a group of professionals about  King Wickramathithan as follows:

[How come you did not share the goodness of White Australians and the way I did? Because yours is merely intellectual and not belief as Common Australian? You need to have foregone something you thought was yours for the common good of Australia. If so you would have made the discovery before I did. Likewise in Sri Lanka. Each time you disrespect me – your Vethaalam climbs up the Murunga tree – meaning you get the curse of plagiarism as Puttapathan who shared the divine secret with his wife and became a corpse / Vethaalam.  His wife in turn was cursed to play Veena / intelligence in the dark / to disrespectful ignorant folks. To redeem the guy Kali asked for heads of 1000 kings. To my mind this means that a wise king like Wickramathithan is as rare as one in a thousand rulers.  ]


The first article mentioned above came from the above professional soon after my above response. In that the author has introduced a sub-heading ‘Rape rears its medusa head’ . Wikipedia presents Medusa as follows:

[In Greek mythologyMedusa  "guardian, protectress") also called Gorgo, was one of the three monstrous Gorgons, generally described as winged human females with living venomous snakes in place of hair.]

Gorgon is presented as follows:

[The name derives from the Ancient Greek word gorgós , which means 'grim or dreadful', and appears to come from the same root as the Sanskrit word garjana , which means a guttural sound, similar to the growling of a beast]

The second article mentioned above is stated to be fromTHE BUDDHA AND HIS TEACHINGS by Venerable Nārada Mahāthera

The Island confirmed that it had space for Greek ancestry as well as Buddhist ancestry at the same time. This is accepted by Buddhism as confirmed by the above author:

[“What do you think, O King? Suppose two birds were flying in the air and they should settle at the same time, one upon a high and the other upon a low tree, which bird’s shade would first fall upon the earth, and which bird’s later?”

“Both shadows would appear at the same time, not one of them earlier and the other later. “]

If the above is accepted as being in harmony with Buddha Sasana then one is able to accept that the Buddhist mind is accepting of Dual Citizens making laws at the same time. We have accepted this for a long time. The Sri Lankan Constitution provides for this through articles 9 applicable specifically to Buddhists. This article does not apply to Non-Buddhists. The above mentioned article 1 published by the Island concludes:

[Rape and molesting children are extra extra-nasty social evils. The perpetrators must be severely punished. In Saudi Arabia it was said that stealing was punished with hands amputated so…]

But in Greek mythology or legend – Venus – the goddess of love as we see her today also has her hands missing. As per Wikipedia – this seems to have Muslim influence:

[It is generally asserted that the Venus de Milo was discovered on 8 April 1820 by a peasant named Yorgos Kentrotas, inside a buried niche within the ancient city ruins of Milos. Milos is the current village of Trypiti, on the island of Milos (also called Melos, or Milo) in the Aegean, which was then a part of the Ottoman Empire]

If therefore the narrator is Greek – missing limbs could denote love and not punishment. In this instance – Muslim elders have the authority to judge. Otherwise Hindu parallel of Medusa – Mother Kali may ask for the heads of 1000 rulers to equate the intelligence stolen by soldiers ruling over civilians.

We Sri Lankans caught by Triple Citizenship could not be enjoying the level of harmony we enjoy – without bending the rules through our truth. Without belief we would break the rules and that causes separation. Hence we must be often using truth as per our conscience instead of the law. This needs to be respected by any judge – just as Prescriptive rights are recognised by the law.

Here in Australia – in terms of Covid vaccine also we have the duality dilemma – between local Astra Zeneca and American Pfizer. I went along with the government and accepted the Australian product with faith. Now I have greater authority over young ones who got the American mind into their Australian arms.

Thursday 22 July 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 July   2021


Sri Lankans Torn between Law and Morality in Governance


P K Balachandran’s Daily Mirror article ‘Indians torn between law and “morality” on live-in relationships’ caught my attention after I read the feedback on my article ‘Presidential Pardon for Arjun Mahendran?’. To my mind, the question in essence is the same in both – law or morality?.  I believe that when we believe and share that belief – we balance the system of Natural Governance in our home environment. In democracy it is the contribution of the People that has the right to lead. Article 3 of the Sri Lankan Constitution confirms this entitlement as follows:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

The parallel of the above in a family would be children leading the parents after they are independent. The question then arises as to which law is suitable. Hence de facto relationships based on our own morality.

Written laws are the pathways through which our predecessors expressed their belief. That belief is the parallel of  the truth in ‘fact’ and the soul of an individual. Laws evolve with time and place just as our bodies change. Reliable laws would render the intelligence to work the current system. Likewise reliable cultures.

Balachandran confirms this as follows:  Though there is no specific law on live-in relationships, the Indian Supreme Court has recognized live-in relationships as being legal and has defined such a relationship.  But still, there are variations in the way Indian judges look at it. Some look at it legally and allow it, while others look at it from the traditional moralistic point of view and frown on it.’

The New South Wales Police arrested me for Trespass – allegedly on the basis of  Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901.  The action was peaceful assembly at the reception area of office of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW. The reason – my work was ‘blocked’ by Central Administrators. It was the parallel of ‘blocking’ policies in Parliament. By completing my part as required by the terms of recruitment – I earned the right to discuss matters with the Vice Chancellor. But the Vice Chancellor was not ready to ‘see’ me – even though his lawyers stated on his behalf  at the Supreme Court of NSW – that he would ‘talk’. I withdrew my application on the advice of the Chancellor that I should talk. When the Vice Chancellor failed to ‘talk’ he disrespected his own senior. By respecting the Chancellor – I merged my energies with his. Eventually the Vice Chancellor was effectively dismissed by the Governing Council – headed by the Chancellor.

Those parents who have upheld commonness of the family, are governors. When they bless their juniors – the juniors are empowered to become reliable parents. The form would vary due to time and place changes. But that belief is the soul power that works exponentially.

In my example – I am the parallel of de facto partners in marriage. The Police and the Central Administrators were the parallels of those who occupy the positions of leadership in lawful marriages. The eventual outcomes confirmed their lack of belief in the laws they were using. Those were exponential due to my belief in and respect for the law.

There are many instances where the Sri Lankan government elected by majority race – made laws that were discriminatory. When used as if they were the word of Buddha – the return becomes exponential. Duminda Silva was for example released by the current President – which then records that as our government’s real law. Eastern Province leader of LTTE – Karuna Amman, based in Batticaloa,  was included as part of government in 2008. The leader of Easter Bombers - Mohamed Zahran – is from Batticaloa – confirming the mutation of the real law of that area. Whether it is the virus or the law, once the other side is completed it does not mutate.

The parallel link is between the Central Bank Bonds issue in 2015 and the leasing of Hambantota port to China in 2017. They happened under the Presidency of Mr Maithripala Sirisena who was not true to his position nor was he respectful of the law. These are the reasons why someone who does respect the logic of law and/or is true to her/his position would not oblige the requests by Sri Lankan leaders who carry those Energies that weaken our heritage. Wikipedia explains this as follows in the case of  Singapore Government:

[This bond issue also caused disputes between the Government of Sri Lanka and Government of Singapore over the extradition requests of Arjuna Mahendran to Sri Lanka. Singapore prosecutors have noted that Mahendran could not have unilaterally made the decision to accept Rs. 10.058 billion worth of bids at the 27 February 2015 auction had the tender board recommended a different quantum of bids. They further determined that under Sri Lanka’s Registered Stocks and Securities Ordinance (RSSO), the tender board is required to reach its own decision to present to the Central Bank Governor, and that the Governor had no ability to influence that decision.

The Singapore authorities also raised concerns about a selective prosecution of Mahendran, since Sri Lankan authorities had failed to even question tender board members and officers of the Public Debt Department as to whether they were aware of the conflict of interest between Mahendran and Perpetual Treasuries Limited, and that the government had singled out Mahendran for criminal charges without even investigating most of the members of the Tender Board who signed on to the unanimous decision to accept Rs. 10.058 billion in bids.

On 3 September 2019, Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the government would consider the extradition request from Sri Lanka once the necessary supporting information and documents were released. Subsequent reports suggest that the requested information has not been forthcoming from the Sri Lanka authorities.]


The Energies of Reliable laws are carried through Due Processes that have stood the test of time and confirm belief. They are the parallels of Prescriptive titles to land which in Sri Lanka, is lawful if the conditions as per Prescription Ordinance 1871 inherited from British, are satisfied. One important intellectual requirement is that it needs to be a title that is adverse to is or independent of the official holder. That is the parallel of Equal Opposition in Parliament. Had Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe acted as President through such belief – we would have prevented the loss of land rights in Hambantota port; followed by the Constitutional crisis the following year. Each time we override belief – we open the backdoor for the unpleasant side to enter. Hence de facto partnerships are preferred by young ones.