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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 August  2020



Three Seasons

 Past, Present and Future are significant demarcations in many cultures. To my mind, the three eyes of Lord Shiva depict the three time structures. The third eye is the Present; Right eye is the past and Left eye is the future. Likewise in the Hindu Holy Trinity - Brammah the Creator, is the past, Vishnu the Preserver is the Present and Shiva the Destroyer (of the physical form) is the Future. I relate to the Christian Holy Trinity in like manner. They are philosophical mind structures of those who gave us those scriptures. When abused any philosophy upsets the logic of the mind and is effectively superstitious.

Yesterday, Australian Tamil Mr Kulanathan shared with us an example of the three eyes – Sanga period; Kambar Period and Kannathasan Period. (Ref Appendix)

Interestingly it happened at the same time Sri Lankan Tamil Politician Mr CV Wigneswaran presented the work of Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, Professor Pathmanathan’s work in National Parliament. In essence it was about Tamil Investment in Lanka. The analysis also mentions three periods - Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. My search brought up the following meanings:

[The Paleolithic was an age of purely hunting and gathering, but toward the Mesolithic period the development of agriculture contributed to the rise of permanent settlements. The later Neolithic period is distinguished by the domestication of plants and animals.]

The above three confirm as to how we merged more and more with the non-human part of our natural environment. But unlike Kulanathan who finds the commonness of how love is associated through Colours by poets in the three periods Mr Wigneswaran did not show the common thread. Nor is there a current version included in the work that was presented to the Parliament through Mr Wigneswaran. In Kulanathan’s presentation the current version goes to various aspects of nature common to all cultures.

It is noteworthy that Professor Pathmanathan is a specialist in ‘History’ which is about the past. The parallel of that in the case of Mr Wigneswaran is Thesawalamai law. In their old forms both are out of place in a Democratic Parliament – including the Parliament of Northern Province. My book Naan Australian found its way through ordinary staff of the University of Jaffna to the Library. This would help merge laterally with other Universities and also the efforts made to maintain law and order in those universities by a person of  Jaffna Tamil origin. Someone forwarded the Island article ‘Race, class, and Wigneswaran’s historiography­’ by Uditha Devapriya – confirming the absence of current value.


There was a golden opportunity for a judicial expert to challenge the government on the election of Government  MP-elect Premalal Jayasekara, as per the current Constitution and specifically in relation to debate on ‘Vote on Account’  which was bound to have included Election Expenses.

On 09 August I raised this issue through my article ‘Two Thirds Majority to Demote Judiciary?

[The verdict of the People of Ratnapura in the case of Mr Premalal Jayasekara who now becomes equal in status to Mr Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Mr Wigneswaran, have confirmed their rule to be mafia rule. The question of whether Mr Premalal Jayasekara’s name was legitimately allowed in the voting list has to be examined through Article 89 (d) of the Sri Lankan Constitution which provides as follows:


[No person shall be qualified to be an elector at an election of the President, or of the Members of Parliament or to vote at any Referendum, if he is subject to any of the following disqualifications, namely –


(d) if he is serving or has during the period of seven years immediately preceding completed serving of a sentence of imprisonment (by whatever name called) for a term not less than six months imposed after conviction by any court for an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not less than two years or is under sentence of death or is serving or has during the period of seven years immediately preceding completed the serving of a sentence of imprisonment for a term not less than six months awarded in lieu of execution of such sentence : Provided that if any person disqualified under this paragraph is granted a free pardon such disqualification shall cease from the date on which the pardon is granted ;]


Yesterday’s Sunday Times article ‘Constitutional provisions cited by AG say Jayasekera can’t become MP’ – confirms to me that someone with a current structure  had read my article or was genuinely seeking it and hence the Administrative process.

As per the above article :

[Mr Jayasekara, who has been sentenced to death for a 2015 murder, requested the Commissioner General of Prisons to allow him to go to Parliament to take oaths as an MP. The Commissioner General had turned to the Justice Ministry for advice, and the Ministry had referred the matter to the AG’s Department.

Justice Ministry sources said that in reply to the ministry’s letter, the AG’s Department had written back referring to Articles 89(d) and 91(1)(a) of the Constitution. The ministry has now forwarded the letter to the Department of Prisons.

Article 89 deals with disqualification to be an elector. According to Article 89(d), one of the disqualifications is if a person is “under sentence of death.” Article 91 refers to disqualification for election as a Member of Parliament.

Article 91(1)(a) notes that no person can be elected as an MP or sit and vote in Parliament if he or she “becomes subject to any of the disqualifications specified in Article 89.”

In light of this situation, either the Department of Prisons or Mr Jayasekara’s lawyers may refer the matter to court in the coming days to seek clarification, sources said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena told Parliament that he had instructed the Commissioner General of Prisons to bring Mr Jayasekara to Parliament at its next sitting date on September 8 to take oaths as an MP.]

My emails including the one carrying the above article go to Dr Ali Sabry who is now the Minister for Justice as well as to Mr Wigneswaran. Neither engaged with me on this and both are now members of Parliament responsible for implementing laws relevant to the current generation. One who cares will identify with the real needs of the People – even though the People often do not know themselves nor what is right or wrong as per the law.

Both have failed Sri Lanka, the Judiciary and themselves. 





அன்று - சங்க காலம் !

பொன்வண்ணத்து அந்தாதி : ( சேரமான்பெருமாள் நாயனார் )

ஒரு பெண், சிவனைப் பார்க்கிறாள், அவர்மீது நேசம் கொள்கிறாள், அப்போது அவள் பாடும் பாடல் இது

அவளது கண்களுக்கு சிவன் ஒரு வண்ணமயம் ஆக தெரிகிறான் !


பொன்வண்ணம்  எவ்வண்ணம்   அவ்வண்ணம்  மேனி பொலிந்திலங்கும்

மின்வண்ணம்  எவ்வண்ணம்   அவ்வண்ணம்  வீழ்சடை வெள்ளிக்குன்றம்

தன்வண்ணம்   எவ்வண்ணம்   அவ்வண்ணம்  மால்விடை தன்னைக்கண்ட

என்வண்ணம்  எவ்வண்ணம்   அவ்வண்ணம்  ஆகிய ஈசனுக்கே






அன்று - இடைக்காலம் !

கம்பனின் தமிழ் வண்ணத்து அந்தாதி : ()

அகலிகை , இராமனைப் பார்க்கிறாள், அவர்மீது நேசம் கொள்கிறாள், அப்போது அவள் பாடும் பாடல் இது

அவளது கண்களுக்கு இராமன் ஒரு கரிய வண்ணமயம் ஆக தெரிகிறான் !


இவ்வண்ணம் நிகழ்ந்த வண்ணம்   இனிஇந்த உலகுக் கெல்லாம்

உய்வண்ணம் அன்றி மற்றோர்   துயர்வண்ணம்உறுவது உண்டோ

மைவண்ணத்து அரக்கி போரில்    மழைவண்ணத்துஅண்ண லேஉன்

கைவண்ணம் அங்குக் கண்டேன்   கால்வண்ணம்இங்குக் கண்டேன்








இன்று இக்காலம் !!

பெண் வண்ணத்து அந்தாதி: (  கண்ணதாசன்  )

ஒரு ஆண் , அவளைப்  பார்க்கிறான், அவள் மீது நேசம் கொள்கிறான், அப்போது அவன் பாடும் பாடல் இது

அவனது கண்களுக்கு அவள் ஒரு வண்ணமயம் ஆக தெரிகிறாள் !





பால்வண்ணம் பருவம் கண்டு வேல் வண்ணம் விழிகள் கண்டு 

மான்வண்ணம் நான் கண்டு  வாடுகிறேன்!


கண்வண்ணம் அங்கே கண்டேன்! கை வண்ணம் இங்கேகண்டேன்!

பெண்வண்ணம் நோய் கொண்டு வாடுகிறேன்!

கன்னம்மின்னும் மங்கை வண்ணம் உந்தன் முன்னும் வந்த பின்னும் 

அள்ளிஅள்ளி நெஞ்சில் வைக்க ஆசையில்லையா?


கார்வண்ணக் கூந்தல் தொட்டு தேர் வண்ண மேனிதொட்டு 

பூவண்ணப்பாடம் சொல்ல எண்ணம் இல்லையா?


மஞ்சள்வண்ண வெய்யில் பட்டு கொஞ்சும் வண்ண வஞ்சிச் சிட்டு

அஞ்சிஅஞ்சிக் கெஞ்சும் போது ஆசை இல்லையா?

நேர்சென்ற பாதை விட்டு நான்சென்ற போது வந்து 

வா வென்று அள்ளிக் கொண்ட மங்கையில்லையா?


பருவம்வந்த காலம் தொட்டு பழகும் கண்கள் பார்வை கெட்டு

என்றும்உன்னை எண்ணி எண்ணி ஏங்கவில்லையா?


நாள்கண்டு மாலையிட்டு நான் உன்னைத் தோளில்வைத்து 

ஊர்வலம்போய் வர ஆசையில்லையா?



Sunday 30 August 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 August  2020



Nationalism or Separatism?


Victor Rajalingam who thanked me after our last public debate, sent me an email headed ‘Justice Wigneswaran's brilliant speech in Parliament’. Today, I opened it as per my order of priority allocated to the role of this relationship between Victor and Politician Wigneswaran.


The written version of the speech which was circulated to the press carried the headlines:


[ In Parliament Proceedings of 28/08/2020 Debate on the Vote on Account Speech by Justice C.V.Wigneswaran, M.P.]


Mr Wigneswaran apparently invokes Guru through Hindu ‘Guru Brammah’ mantra. If his Gurus had blessed him – then his speech would have been self-balancing which would have promoted him to the next higher level of thinking in that parliament. Each completed job without owing debt to others promotes us automatically to the next higher level of thinking. Let’s see whether Mr Wigneswaran completed his job on 28 August 2020 – through his own narration / manifested facts.

Let us take the first part:


[ I met a very senior respected Sinhala Politician a day or two ago. He made a pertinent observation. He said my speeches were not vituperative nor abusive. He advised "Never lose sight of the need to be objective”. I truly value his advice. I hate none. But I love Truth.]


The question that arises in my mind is whether Mr Wigneswaran identifies with being Objective as an alternate to being Subjective. My search brought to my attention the following definition:


[In philosophy, objectivity is the concept of truth independent from individual subjectivity (bias caused by one's perception, emotions, or imagination)]


In other words – the outcome needs to be clean of any  subjective influence – personal to a person and / or her / his group.


Mr Wigneswaran’s claim  I hate none. But I love Truth’ is about himself and is valid only within the circle of his belief. This includes the likes of Victor who blindly follows Mr Wigneswaran. It is his right to do so but it is wrong to declare it to be ‘brilliant’ in a public space – insulting those who are more brilliant but remain as silent energies or quiet participants.  When a subjective declaration comes into a common area – it needs to take an objective form. The above two were valid in his political group where Mr Wigneswaran’s followers would seek to be like him through common qualities. Hence political parties of common belief. The above two statements were invalid in Parliament where there are other political groups also.




 Mr Wigneswaran goes on  as follows:


[ I have come to conclusions about our past after studying certain historical facts. If my conclusions are wrong others must point out the shortcomings in my conclusions. Instead to get upset and abuse me and invite me for public debate does not make Truth a falsehood or vice versa.]


Historical facts are like the vote. In terms of the Parliamentary Proceedings on 28/08/2020 for the purpose of Debate on the Vote on Account: the relevant facts would  have been the items of expenditure which were needed to be matched with the needs of the People represented by that Parliament. Mr Wignewaran had the duty to base his vote on the basis of his identity with the stated Expenditure’s match to the needs of Jaffna People.


He stated the following instead:


[ If need be, Honourable Speaker! let a Commission be appointed consisting of top Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and International Historians well versed in South East Asian History to report on our heritage and history. The Historians must be Internationally recognized.

 I for my part would like to tender a note to Your Honour to be included in the Hansard which speaks of The Antiquity of the Tamil Language and Tamil Society in Sri Lanka prepared by a respected Emeritus Professor of History – Professor Pathmanathan.]


Professor Pathmanathan is an academic and needs to be independent of the Parliament. When recommended by a Parliamentarian on personal knowledge, it is a subjective recommendation. Since Mr Wigneswaran is a Tamil who by his own declarations is committed to Tamil Nationalism – that recommendation becomes inadmissible in Multicultural Parliament where Ethnic issue is being debated.  Through  inappropriately structured plan, Mr Wigneswaran is ‘telling’ the government to do something as if they were his juniors. That confirms attachment to the past where in his Court of Law he was the most senior of all. This means he did not get the blessings of Guru Maheshwarah – the destroyer of attachment to body of ‘facts’ which confirm the past. Such an example was set by Great King Maker the Hon Kamraj of India who as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu his internal Opponents Mr Subramaniam and Mr Bhakthavatsalam in the cabinet. This confirms blessings of Lord Maheshwarah – the destroyer of attachment to the physical – so the mind is elevated to Energy level. It is this Energy that promotes our through structure to the next higher level.


Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe who is a Parliament elder has wisdom in Parliamentary procedures especially in relation to Vote on Account. This was revealed after the dissolution of Parliament. If Mr Wigneswaran was blessed on 28 August 2020, by the Holy Trinity Brammah would have come through Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe, Vishnu through Mr Sumanthiran and Shiva through my mind which has been commonly available to the public in need of such services.


It is not enough to openly invoke the Holy Trinity. Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi was needed to say Thank you to each. It is this that confirms completion of the job at that level and naturally promotes us to the next higher position. When we fail to so complete – we fail to attribute to Guru and therefore demote our mind structure.


Mr Wigneswaran shared with us the current facts he produced  as follows:


[An Honourable Member from Colombo named me personally yesterday and referred to certain matters against me. I may be given a few minutes in addition to my quota to reply him. Firstly he said that I had forbidden Sinhalese and Muslims entering the North when I was Chief Minister. Truly I must be a Demon to have said so when my children have both married Sinhalese. Mr.Speaker! I do not indulge in such vituperative, racial exercises. I would like to see any video or audio report of such speech if there be one to explain to the Honourable Member. But certainly I may have said that it was wrong to bring outsiders to set them up in Mahaweli Colonisation Schemes contrary to International Law principles which expects the local people to be given priority.]


Since Mr Wigneswaran is able to live with his children as One unit by structure, is it appropriate that he seeks Separation of provinces on ethnic base? The individual merges with family; the family with community and community with the nation. Once Tamil Nationalism is claimed – physical separation on the basis of primary level cultural commonness confirms attachment to the past. If Mr Wigneswaran claims Nationalism then he has no authority to claim Separatism for the people claims to represent.


Facts, like the vote can be interpreted by each one as per their beliefs and logical thoughts. Diverse beliefs oppose each other and are needed to prevent bipolarism through separation as an alternative to  opposition. If Sinhalese and Tamils had opposed each other – instead of separating – we would have prevented the war and become a successful Democracy. Mr Wigneswaran had the duty to Oppose and not recommend separatism in any form, as per the past to which he did not contribute directly. If Sinhalese do it – that is their problem and not ours for we are Sri Lankans.

Saturday 29 August 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 August  2020



Playing Politics with King Corona


Mr John Howard as Prime Minister failed to discipline Pauline Hanson whose attack on Indigenous Australians and Migrants were received by me as if they were directed towards me. That was when I resigned from my substantive position at the University of NSW (UNSW) where my contributions – starting with democratic accounting for Medical Research Funding were treated as enemy contribution. I resigned on 11 August 1998,  after hearing Pauline Hanson on ABC’s 4 Corners program on 10th night. Like the Corona victims, I had pre-conditions that Corona Hanson aggravated.  I stayed on to help Sports Medicine unit and when I was punished by Central Administrators in relation to that work also – I self-isolated and worked from home. Now I feel that that pain of isolation went straight to the nucleus and stayed there to Oppose the very negative Energy to dispel which  we, the new minds were allegedly recruited for. When Dr David Garlick – the director of Sports Medicine passed away,  came the Bruce Hall scandal – from within the medical faculty and was named ‘scientific fraud’. Pauline Hanson was the last straw that broke my migrant back and Professor Hall  was the last straw that broke the migrant academic back of  UNSW Medical Faculty. I ended up suing Mr John Howard who to my mind was ultimately responsible for the negligence of government – straw by straw negligence with migrant issues which have exponential outcomes with a first generation migrant who feels Australia is her/his home. Mere Thinking does not confirm feeling. Deep sacrifice confirms ownership in short period.

Later when Mr Kevin Andrews who is now  Father of the Australian  House of Representatives, cancelled the visa of Indian Dr Muhamed Haneef who was accused of Terrorism in 2007, Mr Howard remained silent despite Mr Peter Beattie, then the Queensland Premier, urging the PM to discipline Mr Kevin Andrews. Five months later Mr Howard lost his seat – as per the People’s verdict. Mine was one of the straws that were beyond the reasonable limit. I returned the Hanson return with compound interest.

Recently, The Age reported as follows about Mr Kevin Andrews – under the heading ‘Senior Liberal MP denounces 'totalitarian' Chinese rule on secret tape’.

[Liberal Party elder and former defence minister Kevin Andrews has launched a savage attack on the Chinese government in a private party forum, saying President Xi Jinping was running "the most complete totalitarian regime that we've seen probably on the face of this earth".

In what are among the most unguarded comments yet about China by an Australian government MP, Mr Andrews, who chairs the human rights sub-committee of Australia's joint standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade, accused the "regime of Xi Jinping" of "trampling on human dignity, on human rights in China"…..

Asked by one participant on the call if Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had committed "high treason" with his Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China, Kevin Andrews said: "If we don't stand up to it now, it's going to do a lot more damage to the people of China and to the rest of the world."]


This negates the steps taken by current  Prime Minister’s move to discipline current Labor Government  regarding the BRI. To my mind, playing Politics with BRI is playing Politics with King Corona. One needs belief to criticize as a politician. Mr Kevin Andrews is effectively in breach of the spirit of Section  44(i) of the Australian Constitution which bans someone with the following to be ineligible to be member of Australian Parliament:


[Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power]

The right to criticize a Chinese Politician is that of a Chinese. By entitling himself to that right – the Father of Australian Parliamentarians – acted in breach of the above law. No Belief – No Right. This breach dilutes our investment in Sovereignty confirmed through Australian laws.

As per the above report:

[In his comments to the Christian-aligned audience, Mr Andrews hit a number of hot-button issues, saying: "We've seen aggression in the China Sea, both the South China Sea and the East China Sea. We've seen more oppression in China. We've seen this bellicose nationalism from President Xi Jinping."Uighur people in Xinjiang province were "being transported to other parts of China to work effectively as slave labour", he said, and religious freedoms were being "trodden on" by the Chinese Communist Party.

He also accused China of "a complete trampling" of the agreement with Britain to allow Hong Kongers to enjoy more freedom than their fellow citizens on mainland China. "And we've seen people now being arrested in China, simply for proclaiming some sort of democratic rights and being told that they're being treasonous to China."

On the Belt and Road Initiative, China's plan to establish global trade links, aid, infrastructure and communications, Mr Andrews said it was "essentially about China projecting its place in the world, into every other part of the world" with the intention of making nations "essentially indebted to China".]

Unless Mr Kevin Andrews represented the victims in each of the above cases – he has no right to express on their behalf. When we do so – we see ourselves through them as their other side. Interestingly Wikipedia reports :

[Andrews has been associated with or given speeches to many organisations over the years. His most significant non-Parliamentary speeches are published in the volume 'One People One Destiny'.]

In Sri Lanka – the President recently delivered the parallel ‘officially’ as -  ‘One Country – One Law’ for all People which essentially promises the repeal of Article 9 which affords Buddhism the foremost place. We are waiting for the miracle to happen! Interesting to note that Mr Kevin Andrews is known to be a Conservative and a Catholic. The Sri Lankan parallel of that is Military Officer and a Buddhist. Both confirm attachment to the past achievements including by others. Neither confirms heritage of the religious leader in whose name the religion has survived the challenges of Time & Place displacements.


Friday 28 August 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 August  2020



Value of Belief

An intellectual analyst in our group began a discussion as follows:

[Religions too are like the corporate bodies that suck the people. Krishna in Bagawat Gita said "don’t expect any return, but do your duty". This is what Brahmin corporate bodies postulated thousands of years ago. It was in fact annexed to Mahabarada later on when the Brahmins got the taste of exploitation through caste system. How any living thing do its duty without expecting anything in return? Then it can’t be a living thing. Any difference with the multinational corporate bodies?]

My response was as follows:

[The return for your work happens automatically in a reliable structure which is the basis of position and therefore duty as per that position. Without such structure, we may desire more or take prematurely. Expecting as per one’s position is also one’s duty in some environments. I learnt this the hard way. ]

Often we get into corporate bodies including  religious bodies, for our own purposes. But sometimes we include ourselves for the sake of the whole. To my mind this is the essence of JFK’s message: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country

When I heard on the news that our Australian PM was indicating withdrawal from the controversial Belt & Road agreement with China, by Victorian government, I felt satisfied that my voice of belief has been included by the government. My contribution to this has been ongoing. I thought that it began in 2019 when I was seeking a belief based connection for the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka. But later I found that my name also was in the Foreign Policy White Paper Public Consultation Summary Report on China's Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), during Ms Julie Bishop’s time (in 2017) as Minister for Foreign Affairs. In any case belief makes the connection – often invisible connection. But I like to recognize and highlight that this system does work for me so other seekers may also feel confident.

Later the essence of my analyses were included in their work by journalists Dr Chandrasekharan  and Mr Swadesh Roy, in relation to their BRI articles. To me such belief based connections are Yogic/Energy  connections. It is the pathway of Universal Franchise which is the basis of Democracy. A genuine vote of belief would connect naturally to the Energy of the issue that already exists. Hence the saying ‘There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests’. The permanent interests are the consolidated Energies of all those who genuinely contributed to the issue / interest – beyond the relative benefits they received for such contributions. They are the soul-values of those interests. They confirm our Sovereignty.


Today I learnt about the expressions by a military officer of Sri Lanka, who is reported by Press Trust of India to have stated:

["Sri Lanka will not do anything harmful to India's strategic security interests," the country's Foreign Secretary Jayanath Colombage said.]

The report states also as follows:

[Admiral Colombage, the first-ever foreign secretary to have a military background, was appointed by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to head the Foreign Ministry on August 14….

…"Sri Lanka cannot afford, should not afford and will not afford any particular country to use it as a staging area to do anything against another country - especially India," he said.

Commenting on the Chinese investment in Sri Lanka's southern port of Hambantota, Mr Colombage said that Sri Lanka had offered India Hambantota first.

"India did not undertake it for whatever reason, then it went to a Chinese company," he said.

"Now we have given 85 per cent stake of Hambantota port to China Merchant Holding Company. That should be limited to commercial activities. It is not for military purposes," he said.]


The reason why India did not take Hambantota is obvious. The port was already named ‘Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port’ which makes its status less than National – particular to a person. Had India taken it on – its internal relationships between Delhi and Tamil Nadu and its natural influence over Sri Lankan Tamils would have been seriously damaged.

The unsettled ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has now become a security issue for the government which is torn between China & India. Ultimately belief will deliver for the true believer – in this instance in Sri Lanka.

Thursday 27 August 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 August  2020



Corona/King  killed Chinese Emperor?


The wise politician said “There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests”. This applies to any governance power. India & China have been long term enemies. To be permanent they have to be unconnected through any relationship. Likewise, Tamils and Sinhalese of Sri Lanka.  They both have their own permanent interests.

This philosophy is highlighted by Indian Epic Mahabharatham, in which Lord Krishna urges Prince Arjuna to take his position as Opposition of his former Gurus and Family elders. To my mind this advice from Krishna meant that Arjuna’s permanent interests were his warrior skills in Archery and through such focus – Hands and  ‘Eyes’ become one. This confirms the mantra ‘Yatho Hasta Thatho Drishti/Where Hands (Hasta) are (artfully held)  the eyes (Drishti) come’

Who the Opposition is – is determined by Arjuna’s eldest brother Dharmar who personifies the Righteous Mind. ‘ Yatho Drishti thatho Manah/Where the eyes are focused the mind comes’. Through the consolidation, the Attitude is born – ‘Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava’. With the consolidated attitude one has the Experience – ‘Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa’

That experience of the Consolidated outcome is the permanent interest that empowers all concerned.

With this in mind, let us look at the ABC report in relation to Australia-China Coronavirus politics:

[Wang Xining, the deputy head of mission at China's embassy in Australia, gave a rare address at the National Press Club in Canberra, where he said Australia's focus on determining the origins of the virus had damaged international relations.

"It hurts the feelings of the Chinese people," he said.

"All of a sudden, they heard this shocking news of a proposal coming from Australia, which is supposed to be a good friend of China."]

The relationship between Australia and China is based on Trade. At government level, we are not bound by the same rules of politics. If we were – our savings or profits respectively would lead to a senior-junior relationship. That was how China became Sri Lanka’s big brother due to  ‘Buddhism foremost’ structure.


China ranks highest through its  Buddhist population of 244 million. Sri Lanka ranks 5th through its  Buddhist population of 14 million. In the eyes of the surface reader there is natural seniority through numbers – as in majority wins theory.  Even if all Australians practised Buddhism we would be only 10% of their Buddhist power and therefore nine tenths short of being Equal by numbers.


In terms of Christianity – USA ranks highest with 230 million. Australia ranks 39th with 12 million. Since majority  makes us  look good in the number game it is natural that Australia would align with USA and Sri Lanka with China.


Until we know further, China is being held as the leader in Coronavirus-cause. The prayer that was invoked in our Parliament was Christian prayer. That was belief based and it worked for us more than any Chinese belief seems to have protected  the Chinese. American President did not say such prayers. Hence one is entitled to conclude that Americans were not protected through the intervention of their government.


As per the above report, the representative of China’s government stated that ‘while the virus was first recorded in Wuhan, it might not have come from there’.


Until we know otherwise – we have to take it that it originated in China. Each nation will conclude as per its own experience with China.


As for friendship – the example in Mahabharatham is that between Thuriyothanan – the majority leader and Karnan - the illegitimate eldest brother of the minorities in Opposition. It looks like the friendship between Tamil rebel leaders (illegitimate children of Tamil Politics) and the government of majority. But in substance it is a weak shadow of the friendship Karnan and Thuriyothanan had. Due to that friendship – Karnan fights against his own biological brothers and gets killed by them. If China had shielded any illegitimate part of Australia – that would have confirmed true friendship.


The representative of China’s government uses the example of Brutus, reported as follows:

[In describing Australia's action, Wang quoted the play "Julius Caesar" from a scene in which the dictator realizes that his friend Marcus Junius Brutus is among the assassins who are about to knife him.

"It is approximately identical to Julius Caesar in his final day when he saw Brutus approaching him: Et tu, Brute?," Wang said, using a Latin phrase meaning "And you, Brutus?" The World Health Assembly, the governing structure of the World Health Organization, has since endorsed a global investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. Wang said that probe had an "entirely different origin" from the Australian proposal.]


Brutus turned against Caesar and joined Caesar’s opposition led by Pompey in the civil war. But Caesar later accepted him – like how Karuna Amman – the Deputy LTTE leader was accepted by Emperor Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka. Brutus confirmed that his permanent interest was with whoever had leadership status. This should not be confused with the type of friendship that Karnan was committed to.


The above is effectively confession  that this Coronavirus has killed  Emperor China who was using money to buy rights.