Friday 31 March 2023


31 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





As per my experiences, Natural restructures happen from time to time when someone / a group is in need of support of truth. As per my current experiences in Northern Sri Lanka, Tamil lawyers in lost touch with their Thesawalamai heritage. This is the only customary law that Northern Sri Lankan Tamils at grassroots level practice in everyday life. Recently, in Thunaivi, we were prevented from trimming the branches of a tree on our side of the common fence. That law was as per the local community’s understanding of civil law. Since I was in their territory, I accepted their rule. This leads to commonness which naturally prevents conflict.

At the same time, a mind which carries two laws for the same issue experiences continuous conflict.

This was how I saw Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s presentation at


Gajendrakumar states that Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was rejected by the People.  If that is true, then his Opposition that came to power at the same time needs to be taken as genuine victors. Hence when those victors were dismissed by the voters, they naturally reversed Ranil’s position. That is how true protests work.

Gajendrakumar states also, that Ranil is the blue eyed boy of Americans and the West.  If that is true, as per his measure, then we need to accept also that between the Sinhalese Army and the Tamil Tigers, USA which along with the U K cosponsored UNHRC resolution 25/1 in March 2014 –by effect protects the Tamil Tigers.

One who believes in a law, would apply the law impartially. Such law needs to be so applied impartially on ‘facts’ established independently, in a common forum. If therefore, the UN applied the measure used on Sri Lankan Government, on the Tamil Tigers also, that would seriously affect the status of Tamils who are part of the global community.

To reach a reliable judgment for oneself, one needs to believe in the law / measure used. To ‘show’ a reliable outcome, the law needs to be applied to commonly accepted facts. Hence the saying – justice must not only be done, but must be seen to be done.

Gajendrakumar is playing lousy politics with the UNHRC Resolution. If he is true to himself, he will know that Ranil came to power to punish those who abused global laws for personal rewards. We, the true believers in Murugan philosophy call it Soorasamharam. If Gajendrakumar is also a believer in Murugan, he will identify with this through a still mind.

Thursday 30 March 2023

30 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







This morning, I was directed by a community  elder, Mr Rajendra Vinasithamby to the Face the Nation program at

Interestingly, the logo reminds me of Janus who is presented by Wikipedia as follows:

‘Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace.

Interestingly, the participants discussed the past Not much was stated about the future. I found the ‘other side at


Face the Nation discussion in many ways was looking backwards and stagnating at ‘what happened’ rather than researching into why it happened. The future was therefore imaginary. Mr Ranjit Fernando, former chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines, for example, referred to alleged ‘exclusivity’ comment by Mr Adrian Zecha, in relation to the Shangri-La Colombo. As per Wikipedia:


‘The Shangri-La was one of three sites of the 2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings along with the Kingsbury and Cinnamon Grand Colombo. Sri Lankan celebrity chef Shantha Mayadunne and her daughter were among the fatalities. Sri Lankan cricketer Hasitha Boyagoda was having breakfast in the hotel when the bombing took place. He escaped with only minor injuries. Three of the four children of Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen were killed in the attack.


Sri Lankans at grassroots level would consider it to be a place of negative Energy, to negate which  they would undertake spiritual cleansing. Mr Fernando referred also to Shangri-La Hambantota. I expressed the feeling that the fire at the opening ceremony in June 2016. My feelings on this were based on my faith in Kathirgama Murugan in whose territory Hambantota is. Feelings are never wrong. Key Performance Indicators which were also mentioned in the  program flow from feelings.

That is the ‘exclusivity’ referred to by Mr Zecha about whom Wikipedia presents the following:


While in Phuket looking for a site upon which to build a holiday home, Zecha was walking along Pansea Beach when he came across a coconut plantation which occupied a prime location.  Plans to build a home on a site soon developed into an idea to build a small boutique resort in partnership with longtime friend Anil Thadani. The two spent mainly their own money as no banks would lend for the project due to the small number of planned rooms, instead of the 500-room hotel they thought would be more practical. Amanpuri opened in January 1988 at a cost of US$4 million with only 40 rooms.

That ‘simplicity’ is the basis of Mr Zecha’s ‘Exclusivity’. It develops from one’s feeling of ownership which manifests diversely through each one of us.

The future side of our own Janus is in IMF – presented at

If by now we have failed to find out why we failed, we would undergo financial collapse again and again . That is philosophy of rebirth that majority Sri Lankans rely on and know to be true through experience.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

28 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




Eelam Tamil: Dear Ms. Gajaluxmy, why don't you change your name to something like Appuhamy or Silva or Fonseca. Please kindly take my contact out of your email list.  God may bless you. If had your children killed or raped by Sinhalese army, you wouldn't be writing all these nonsense for sure. 



Mr Ganesh,

When you change your name to Ravana, instead of Ganesh, I will consider changing mine to Alice, the maid who took care of my children when I was at work. As per my knowledge, Appuhamy or Silva & Fonseca are all males. Are you recommending that  I become member of the transgender group? If you are referring to my surname, then I have to divorce and marry Appuhamy or Silva or Fonseca.  One of my professional friends was born to Tamil parents, married Fonseka and their three children speak all three languages fluently. Mine speak only English fluently. That was part of the cost of emigrating . I make up for that ‘lost’ heritage by teaching English to students from rural Sri Lanka who migrate to Colombo through Royal College.


You have addressed me as  Ms. Gajaluxmy. There are two fundamental errors in this:

1.   I present myself as Mrs.

2.   I spell my name as Gajalakshmi and you have direct knowledge of it through my emails.

All of the above confirm that if you had authority above me, you would change my identity to that of your junior – at least in ‘looks.’ We, the mainstream multicultural Australians refer to them as ‘Stolen Generation’ who have ‘lost connection’ to  their Natural heritage. Likewise rebels who ‘stole’ kids for fighting.


You state ‘ If your children had been killed or raped by Sinhalese army, you wouldn't be writing all these nonsense for sure.’


My children were groomed in my culture. As per that culture they would have required their army to follow the process of law. This in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan law. Beyond that they would use their own personal truth. That is the heritage I share with my children. I dedicated my recent book to my immediate family as follows:



To Energies from:

Daughter Gayathri the lone fighter against the unknown

Daughter Uma the consolidator of the known

Son Pradeep the eternal Artist

Husband Param the reliable teacher of the known

You Reader, my other half


If you oppose me on the basis of your own truth, you are my ‘other half’ in Opposition. In this instance, your children ought to have been raped or killed by the Sinhalese Army or you ought to be full time carer of such children. I am part time carer of such community. If you used your personal truth before exhausting the path of law, you separate yourself the law separates itself from you. Then you are limited to the protection only of yourself and your own group. If you used the UN to punish the Sinhalese army, then you have the DUTY to follow UN law and not your own truth. When we use our Truth, it is a Universal power and one soul connects to the other. The manifestation of the punishment happens at the level of the deepest contributor in Opposition and not through an outsider.


As a Hindu, you may know that Lord Shiva represents the destruction of the body. In the case of migration from traditional areas to other parts where we are minority power, if we sacrifice our true status to become junior, the ‘gap’ becomes inner intelligence . Hence the divine words ‘ ooninai uruki ulo li peruki….  / melt the body and brighten your inner light’


Rebels who genuinely fought for their freedom from Sinhalese rule would not have considered the Sinhalese to be their rulers but outsiders. They would not classify what happened to be genocide. If you do – you are not an Eelam Tamil but Sri Lankan Tamil


You state ‘Please kindly take my contact out of your email list


As a self governing person, you would have ‘blocked’ me. I conclude that your ‘desire to tell me’ as if I were your junior is stronger than your desire to be independent.





Monday 27 March 2023


27 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



My attention was drawn to the speech by Australian Senator Lidia Thorpe speaks on the Tamil genocide at


As an Australian Tamil I marked her speech a miserable failure. The main reason is lack of ownership in Tamil issue in Sri Lanka. Senator Thorpe’s statement was on behalf of someone who identifies himself as an Eelam Tamil. The senator stated on behalf of the alleged refugee ‘his father was killed for contributing for contributing to the Eelam Tamils in our homeland’.

Where one separates her / himself by belief, as Eelam Tamil, s/he has no authority to claim ‘ Genocide’ by Sri Lankan Government. Only a Tamil who believes s/he is Sri Lankan Tamil has the right to claim that s/he was a victim of Genocide in Sri Lanka. Others have to leave it to the ‘law’.

Senator Thorp is the equal opposition of Senator Pauline Hanson. They naturally sustain each other at that level, in a ‘free’ environment. Likewise Tamil only politicians and Sinhala-only politicians in Sri Lanka. Once they are in Sri Lankan Parliament, where Sri Lankan believers are strongest, their energy has no-medium and therefore no visible form. The are like angels when positive and demons when negative. True believers are positive. False claimants are negative.

In a free environment, both Traditional powers and current global powers are invoked. The current President of Sri Lanka became President due to true Sri Lankan power invoked continuously by those who feel Sri Lankan and have done so without a break. That is the way one develops Sri Lankan structure and common Australian structure. If Senator Thorpe’s group were successful, they need to be restricted to areas where majority are indigenous-only.

Friday 24 March 2023


24 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



In autocracy, our Truth has the power to invoke a junior’s confession. In Democracy, a true Opposition has the power to invoke our Truth.


The above response from Mr Victor Rajalingam of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam happened in response to my article headed IMF RESPONSE TO SRI LANKA’. It confirms that it is in opposition to Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s success at global level. At the same time, Victor recognises Ranil as king. This is an improvement in their branch of the Tamil community. It means also that Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is by character – the Opposition of King Ravana. In the epic Ramayanam, Rama of India was the Opposition of Ravana of Lanka.


Minister Jeevan Thondaman, representing Hill Country Tamils who in form continue to be like Tamil Nadu Tamils, expressed gratitude to the President. This upholds the value of the following Thirukkural:

Ennandri Kondraarkkum Uyvuntaam Uyvillai
Seynnandri Kondra Makarku


In essence the above Kural says that there is no redemption for those who fail to be grateful for benefits enjoyed.

Under Ranil’s leadership, in 2015, Jaffna welcomed commercial enterprises of global standards. Cargills & Jetwing are two outstanding examples. This facilitated those in Northern Sri Lanka to feel more connected to wider world through everyday activities. A true leader shares her / his lifestyle as opportunities for those who have faith in her/his leadership. One who steals such opportunities gives ‘handouts’.

Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe is the best political leader we have towards developing opportunities of global standards. The IMF credit would be a global facility towards this.

Of immediate need is the introduction of laws applicable to Democratic Commercial Enterprises. This would release folks from direct political control. Business Unit approach is strongly recommended towards this devolution of power using IMF credit. Any loan/debt towards this is in reality – working capital.

My concluding message in my book ‘Different Beliefs’ available at Lakehouse is:

[Each sovereign individual / group has her/his/its personal god. Then there is the Universal God. Laws, including religious laws, are pathways to realising the group god. If that group laws are based on belief of the law-makers, the individual / group is naturally connected to the Universal God/Ultimate Reality. Hence all we have to do is be true to ourselves.

I recall another saying by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam who said – I quote “Once we are true to ourselves – Truth does the rest”.  Our  Elder Dr. S. Chandrasekharan]

Sri Lankans are more likely to become global under Ranil as king than LTTE elder Ravana. Being global does not happen through physical occupation of American/Canadian space. It happens naturally when we are true to ourselves.



Thursday 23 March 2023

23 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





This, to my mind, is how the merged  power of  India & Sri Lanka has worked to answer the prayer of

On 29 June 2019, I wrote ‘Recently I said to a Lankan journalist that I paid my respects to Mr D S Senanayake every morning of my stay here at Galadari hotel.’


This morning I posted the my response to Rehan Jayawickreme’s Twitter posting which drew my attention to the Daily Mirror report on IMF funding:

The approval of a loan facility from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to Sri Lanka was celebrated at the Sirikotha Party Headquarters this morning.

My response:

This is thanksgiving by those who genuinely experienced pain due to the economic collapse. Their gratitude completes the experience at their level. This positive Energy connects itself to Universal Energy. That is the way of Soul-power

This is yet another confirmation that the respects paid to a leader by an owner, work exponentially.  To me it is no coincidence that the IMF credit  facility of USD 3billion over 4 years was announced in Parliament on the day the Memorial anniversary of the Hon D S Senanayake – the first Prime Minister of post-colonial Ceylon / Sri Lanka.

Those who believe in a leader and pay their heartfelt respects make the leader their elder. Hence the saying ‘Of the dead nothing but good is to be said.’  This is the basis of all memorial services.

Last week this value was emphasized when we started organising the memorial service of Mr Sri Premakumar, husband of Vathanee – a member of our close family. Every year, at the request of Vathanee, we have memorial mass, followed by lunch at our family temple. Vathanee informed me last week that as per Hindu calendar the anniversary falls on 23 March.  I immediately asked our staff to book the services of the priest. But on Saturday, our staff informed me that she was waiting to inform the priest on Sunday when he arrived for the regular weekly mass! I got cross with her for changing my instructions. By now I know that in a highly subjective system, the word of the leader needs to be the command of the follower. In that part of Sri Lanka, the more effective system is the subjective system. If they feel ‘free’ they takeover power and thus the foundation is laid to ‘fight for ‘freedom’, towards which leaders are eliminated.

On Saturday, there were two major problems with the computer used for the English class. We had to cancel the weekend classes. My reasoning led to the conclusion that Mr Sri Premakumar’s Energy had been invoked by me and disrespected by the staff. Mr Sri Premakumar was extremely clever with computers. Hence the energy that led disciplining the staff.

Some may consider this to be coincidence. But the believer makes the soul-connection. Ownership in the whole is needed to invoke this soul-power. This was confirmed by the current president who was brought into Parliament by UNP power and not his power as an individual.


Friday 17 March 2023


17 March 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





My attention was drawn to Asanga Welikala’s Twitter posing as follows:

Good, balanced, reporting. Both the CLE and the MCC have strong arguments. English brings economic and huge long term public goods advantages. But social fairness and non-discrimination are equally important. So a transitional approach would be best. Incrementalism always good.


CLE = Council of Legal Education MCC =  Ministerial Consultative Committee.

The above posting is a good medium through which the issue could be analysed. Which of the two groups would identify with the above posting by Welikala? – the CLE or MCC? If it is CLE, then MCC would be the Opposition and v.v.


Welikala highlights also:

But social fairness and non-discrimination are equally important. So a transitional approach would be best.’


Is it the role of the judiciary to uphold social fairness and non-unjust discrimination in society?

Discrimination on the basis of law is essential in the court system. When the law is the basis, there is no room for any other basis.

When law is learnt in one’s own cultural language – it is highly likely that the mind of the guru  also is connected placed in the mind of the student. Hence Burghers are likely to be more comfortable where English is the language of learning. But they would also be the weakest in using their ability to use Discriminative thinking.

Tamils & Muslims living in Sinhala majority areas,  absorbing  the discrimination pain, developed exceptional skills particular to their respective communities. This was education for living for Tamils and Business for Muslims. My analysis on this is presented in my the chapter headed as follows Refer Appendix):  


Untouchability happens through Autocracy without ownership. Its lateral form is Indifference due to neglect.’


As per my analysis Tamils who absorbed discrimination pain developed deeper interest in that which was the motive of ‘Sinhala only’ language policy.  In turn the caste system based on ‘intellectuals foremost’ led to junior castes who absorbed unjust discrimination pain, to develop exceptional skill in their own traditional skills. Many freedom fighters in Sinhalese JVP and Tamil LTTE , including its leader Prabhakaran belong in this group.

This conflict between traditional customary laws and common codes of conduct often cause internal conflicts in families and communities. If one is committed to the Common law and its process one gets separated from the group driven by outcomes. The former unites and the latter separates. The clever without discipline needed by leadership contribute to separatism.


Welikala concludes ‘ So a transitional approach would be best. Incrementalism always good’


The conflict between Colonial Tradition and Tamil tradition, resulted in me writing to Mallakam District Court Registrar as follows with the motive of preventing miscarriage of Justice and weakening family heritage:


My husband and I, as 5th & 6th Respondents,  submit that it is our belief that this substitution, if granted, would be in breach of the Civil Appellate Court Ruling of 19 March 2018. On page 18, the honourable judges state as follows:

‘Section 30 of Matrimonial Rights and Inheritance Ordinance No.15 of 1876 as amended states, that

Except when otherwise expressly provided, if all those who succeed to the inheritance are equally near in degree to the intestate, they take per capita, and not per stirpes.



NOTE:Per stirpes is a Latin term you can include in your last will and testament to explain who will inherit your assets if one of your beneficiaries passes away before you do. With a per stirpes distribution, if one of your beneficiaries dies before you, their share of your estate will pass to their descendants. Using per stirpes is a quick way to name contingent beneficiaries for your property.


In Latin, per capita translates to “by head.” Under the standard per capita distribution, all beneficiaries in the same generation or class receive the same portion of the total assets. There are several different ways to write a per capita distribution into your will, but two of the most common are “to my children, per capita” and “to my descendants, per capita.”


If you’re one of two or more beneficiaries designated in a will, per capita means that you may inherit more than your equal share of the estate. This would only occur if one of your fellow beneficiaries passes away before the estate is distributed. Their share of the estate would be split evenly amongst the surviving beneficiaries, and not to that individual’s heirs. If you were only one of two beneficiaries, you would inherit the estate in full.

Mr Registrar, the above confirms that we have firm grounds to oppose the ‘substitution’ of children as if the distribution is on Per stirpes basis. If allowed, it would be in breach of the Appellate Court judgment which upholds per capita distribution.


We learnt also that the son (Mr Sritharan Mahathevan) of the Petitioner Mrs Sakthidevi Mahathevan has been substituted as Petitioner. It is submitted that due to the ruling of the Civil Appellate court, this  substitution is invalid. As per the Petition filed by Mrs Sakthidevi Mahathevan – the petition was under section 526 (b) of the Civil Procedure Code which states as follows:

526. When any person shall die without leaving a will or where the will cannot be found, and such person shall have left property in Sri Lanka

(a) any person interested in having the estate of the deceased administered may apply for the grant to himself of letters of administration; or

(b) any heir of the deceased may apply for the issue of certificates of heir-ship to each of the heirs entitled to succeed to the estate of the deceased.


I submit that only an heir who is a beneficiary has the right to be petitioner under section 526 (b).

As per, the Petition, the Petitioner did not have Administrative rights. The authority to issue Certificates of Heirship was issued on 23 June 2018. Hence the distribution ought to have

happened soon  after. We came many times to collect the monies which were in the custody of the Mallakam District Court. But your predecessor stated that he was awaiting the report of the Petitioner regarding distribution of funds in the UK. We are also awaiting the report in this regard – from Mrs. Saraswathy Sabanathan – the 4th Respondent. We did not consent to her acting on behalf of us. Our letter dated 28 October 2022, in this regard, is appended.’


It was obvious to me that the former Registrar did not have the necessary knowledge to interpret the law. He became dependent on the clever lawyer from Colombo who did demonstrate outstanding English language skills which the primary court judge fell for. That conflict of interest led to miscarriage of justice.

Needed desperately in Sri Lanka is the facility for lay-litigants to present their cases. It is the parallel of ‘Customer is right’ principle in business and ‘Student -centred teaching and learning’ in Universities.




In Sri Lanka, junior castes in both major ethnic groups rebelled due to this caste based unjust discrimination. When Sinhalese governments led by  Senior castes distracted their attention through Sinhala language -only & Buddhism foremost policies, junior caste Tamils restructured themselves to exercise their fighting skills.  That was how LTTE became the leading political force in Northern Sri Lanka after the 1972 quota system to enter Universities. Wikipedia presents the following on this system:

‘In 1972 government added district quota as a parameter within each language. 30% of university places were allocated on the basis of island-wide merit; half the places were allocated on the basis of comparative scores within districts and an additional 15% reserved for students from under privileged districts.

A lower university entrance qualifying mark for Sinhalese-medium students was also introduced in 1971 for science faculties, as shown by the table below:




Course of study


Minimum marks, 1971






Medicine and Dentistry










Physical Sciences





The hardest hit population group were the Sri Lankan Tamils, rather than the affluent Sinhalese of the rural and urban areas. Sinhalese historian C.R. de Silva stated that "ethnically there is little doubt that the major blow fell on Ceylon Tamils. "

In 1969, the Northern Province, which was largely populated by Tamils and comprised 7%  of the population of the country, provided 27.5 percent of the entrants to science-based courses in Sri Lankan universities. By 1974, this was reduced to 7%. However, Tamils were underrepresented in university as a whole in 1970, constituting 21.6% of the population, but holding only 16% of the places.

The Indian Tamils had not gained from standardisation, despite having "the poorest schooling facilities on the island"


To the extent both ethnic groups discriminated unjustly on caste basis – they both contributed to unregulated armed war by junior castes. This is the philosophy of rebirth. Accordingly, unjust discrimination mutates as lower level opposition such as armed war.

Then they fought against each other. Tamil rebels were funded by Tamils, and Indians. That was how job-opportunities were restructured at reality levels.  Those who were suppressed but continued to be independent, became exceptionally gifted performers in the new structure. There were many of them in the LTTE.