Sunday 28 February 2021

         Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 February   2021




The following conversation with a Canadian Tamil has confirmed to me the threat of violence again in Sri Lanka and indeed any part of the world for those of us who date to follow the law:



Are Tamils Self Governing?  - at


Pon Kulendiren :         Answer to the questions raised by Casper and highly diplomatic answers given by Our Tamil leader Laye Pirabaharan proves that even without a law degree and practice he had the capability to build a Tamil army, Navy. Air force Black tigers plus a submarine within 30 years. He is a lover of Nature. he sacrificed his entire family. He never built houses ad bought lands No one can deny that he is the King of the Eelam Tamils, unlike Sumanthirna or  MuKa.  Even in Tamil Nadu and in many countries he is well respected by many  Tamils. It is the traitors like Karuna  Mahthaya that brought him the downfall. Please note that the final battle of Eelam at Mullivikal is a battle between Sri Lanka with the support of India ( Congress to take revenge for Rajivs death ), the US, and many countries. If it is one to one fight Sri Lanka would have been definitely defeated. This proves the cowardness of Goabaya and the Sri Lankan government which violated the Geneva convention by killing the fighters who surrendered with a white flag, It is a very serious war crime,  Gotabaya accepted that he ordered to kill them  He also plotted the April Easter attack by financing Saharan group.  The real culprit is not identified in PComm's report. He made use of the rift betwenn Maitipalla and Ranil for his advantage Gotabaya will one-day fave the Karma he did  to the Tamils and course of the women who lost their children and husabsa 


1.2       Gajalakshmi Paramasivam: Thank you


You state:

[Pirabaharan proves that even without a law degree and practice he had the capability to build a Tamil army, Navy. Air force Black tigers plus a submarine within 30 years. He is a lover of Nature.]


I differ from you. I am respectful of my Gurus and that is a heritage that I treasure. On that basis I recognize that without the training facilitated by Indian government, VP would not have developed the above. 


1.3       Pon Kulendiren : [he sacrificed his entire family. He never built houses ad bought lands No one can deny that he is the King of the Eelam Tamils, unlike Sumanthirna or  MuKa. ]


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam:Who gave you the right to represent my area? Sumanthiran is the elected leader there and you learn to respect the People’s verdict. Tamils never elected VP. He knew that.


1.4       Pon Kulendiren : [Even in Tamil Nadu and in many countries he is well respected by many  Tamils]


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam:The question is for what purpose? If you respect wholeheartedly you have the right to express that. Not otherwise unless you are an elected leader of that group.


1.5       Pon Kulendiren : [It is the traitors like Karuna  Mahthaya that brought him the downfall]


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam:So you agree that VP who recruited them was poor in HR


1.6       Pon Kulendiren : [Please note that the final battle of Eelam at Mullivikal is a battle between Sri Lanka with the support of India ( Congress to take revenge for Rajivs death ), the US, and many countries. If it is one to one fight Sri Lanka would have been definitely defeated.]


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam: I am part of Sri Lanka. I am NOT driven by wins and losses in the battlefield. I myself ‘lost’ many times in Australian Courts and am yet to ‘win’ in Jaffna Courts. By the time it got to the final battle – VP had lost support of world players in addition to his 2IC who like Ravanan was a clever fighter. VP lacked the diplomatic skills to keep Karuna within the group. THAT was why he defeated himself.

Karma never fails. Just wait and see the final outcome that Truth upholds.





2. Pon Kulendiren : Do not write rubbish and hide  facts for cheap publicity  Are you getting paid by the Mahinda dynasty from Chinese money 

Are there are no Tamils in Australia to take care of you  Thank god no lamp osts in Aystralia 



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam:  I am thinking of informing the Australian Government about you and your threats and also include this conversation in my policy submission on immigration – as per the invitation of our government. If anything violent happens to me – they would know where to come first. The Australian vote at UNHRC would also be influenced accordingly.


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 February   2021



Are Tamils Self Governing?


As per the conduct of Tamils of Sri Lanka over the past 40 years, we have developed Autocratic system, parallel to that of the Sinhalese led by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Tamil side’s structure is confirmed by Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar at who claims to represent the Tamil Community as a whole. Anyone who does so – is taking the position of monarch. As the representative of Tamils Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar is ‘pleading’ and thus defeats herself. To give him his due, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran did not plead. He was a Vanangaa Mudi/Crown that never bows.


I smiled reading Gejendrakumar Ponnambalam’s comments on this – ‘Sounds very  Sri Lankan to me!’


 Qualifications needed to become President of the Tamil Community

A leading member of the Tamil Diaspora included the following in his response to  my article ‘EASTER SUNDAY REPORT AND UNHRC’:


[To become  president there should be at latest an A L qualification. and basic knowledge of the constitution How can h take the oath as president unless he knows the constitution It is only a drama such as taking oath in front of the Dutugemunu Statue ]

I then asked:

[So according to you LTTE leader VP could never have been Eelam President. If you know the answer and remain silent – your intelligence will become more disorderly]

A wise Tamil responded as follows to the above:

            [How about Kamaraj of India?]

My response was:

[The Hon Kamraj was true to himself and this confirmed that he was wise. He did not need formal education. Such souls come to uplift us when we feel a need – including the need for higher mind structure. Gandhi gave up to become a man without portfolio. The Hon Kamraj was born with such simplicity – meaning he already had gone through renunciation in previous life. ]

The Hon Kamraj was born king maker. The indicators are in the following presentation by Wikipedia:

[ Kamaraj was born on 15 July 1903 in VirudhunagarTamil Nadu, to Kumaraswami and Sivakami Ammal. His name was originally Kamatchi, later changed to Kamarajar. His father Kumaraswami was a merchant. Kamaraj had a younger sister named Nagammal Kamaraj was first enrolled in a traditional school in 1907 and in 1908 he was admitted to Yenadhi Narayana Vidhya Salai. In 1909 Kamaraj was admitted in Virudupatti High School. Kamaraj's father died when he was six years old, his mother was forced to support the family. In 1914 (aged 11) Kamaraj dropped out of school to support his mother]

Self governance is an exponential power. Every person who is self-governing in a particular environment, has greater powers than those who have relative powers through Executive positions. To my mind, with the development of democracy the British leadership had two parts – the crown and the elected government. Likewise, in any area where the investment in democracy is greater  than the investment in autocracy and v.v.

The  Sinhalese community of Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil community became autocratic when they allowed themselves  to be ruled by the JVP and the LTTE respectively. As per the science of the mind, when autocracy dominates Democracy becomes passive in a sovereign group. Where both are active, they become the seeds of conflict in any area. This confirms also that it is NOT a Sovereign group.

There are accusations from some parts of  the Tamil Community that  Jaffna MP – Mr Sumanthiran is meeting UN members on his own. This makes perfect sense to me because educated politicians who think globally have become minorities in the Tamil community. Those with the genes have been exported to Western countries. That part that remains in Sri Lanka are supporters of autocracy and they vote to be ruled by the leader and not to become self-governing.

The Tamil community that seeks to keep the 13th Amendment to the Constitution confirms that it seeks to be ruled by Indian leaders. This is now extended to other nations such as the UK, Canada, USA & France. It is therefore structurally very different to Sri Lankan Tamil structure of my times and Sumanthiran’s times.

Sumanthiran therefore cannot be king of Tamils who seek to be commoners for the reason why the Queen of England is not elected by the People. By the same token, Mr Wigneswaran nor Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam who included the LTTE credit as theirs are not eligible to form a government for the whole of Tamil community which includes a good proportion that actively rejected the LTTE or any armed leadership for the same reason Prince Edward VIII abdicated for breaking tradition of autocratic rulers of England.

We are all empowered by the true structures that we invested in. This may be different to the apparent one. Those who stay within those structures – as I did within my Lankan education – upholding its dignity here in Australia, become gods of that system due to the sacrifices they made to uphold that dignity of Sovereignty. The structure may be as small as Jaffna or Valvettithurai. But the power is Absolute and leads and supports through our subconscious mind. If Sumanthiran goes on to accept relative portfolios at global level he would lose that power of self-governance and demote himself to relativity.

LTTE chief Prabhakaran was true to himself and hence would not and did not do a Karuna. He is king of Tamil guerrilla forces and not king of official Tamil armed forces. Those who are in official government through Democracy would not be empowered by LTTE power. If Mr Wigneswaran looks within – he would know that this is why he failed as Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. An elected member has duty to the current voters and not to the past kings including guerrilla force kings.






Saturday 27 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 February   2021




Family or Neighbour – which one do I prefer? Since I have invested in family structures successfully my response is Family. How do I know that I have been successful? I know when a relative becomes part of me and when their pain and happiness become mine. A structured relationship helps endure any pain in this process from relative to family. Once family, our investment becomes Energy and exponential in value. From then on the Energy protects and leads the couple as if they were One. Love and Truth are in that merged unit. It is for this reason that women are known as Shakthi / Energy in of a family.


I believe that I am such an Energy in my family. Recently, a young member spoke as if she was her parent’s senior. I became that parent and found fault with the young member’s parent as per MY experience with the parent. I said in my home – my experience counts and not hers. Since I am known to be a disciplinarian and since the young member continued to need her parent’s support she stopped promoting her side. I was still upset but did not go further. But Karma worked and she left behind something she needed. Since she was going interstate she rang me and asked me to post it to her. I declined and said I would send it when another family returned in a few week’s time. Later I felt that it was my pain as if that member’s mistake was mine that invoked my Disciplinary Energy and  reversed the pain to the young member in a form that she would know happened solely because of her negligence. Such experiences happen from time to time and confirm to be that my energies would protect all those to whom my home is theirs and I am their family. It confirms successful closure of any pain in the process.


As per my experience, India is family to me while China is a distant relative. Anyone with whom I interact, including mentally, on the basis of common belief or laws is a relative. Others are temporary and casual interactions. In his FT article ‘UNHRC Resolution: What is the real agenda?’ Raj Gonsalkorale quotes as follows:

[It is reported and believed by some to an extent that the Tamil Eelam lobby groups in the US and in the countries who have allied with the US in targeting Sri Lanka that these countries are raising this issue at the UNHRC and other forums because of the pressure exerted by these lobby groups. The following extract of a communication sent to the writer by a leading Tamil activist who wished to remain unnamed at this stage, stated what might be the reality in regard to the power and influence of these lobby groups. 

This source stated there was much disgust amongst many Tamils, both within and outside Sri Lanka and wishing that the writer would highlight this in an article. The message is quoted in full, quote “
the Tamil Eelam lobby have the misguided idea that they are a powerful lobby group. If not for China showing an interest in the country, and making the US and India angry, they would have gone down like a lead balloon. They would have then worked with the Sri Lanka government to address issues faced by Tamil people in a spirit of cooperation with all others in Sri Lanka. This lobby has been holding a candle for the most horrible terrorist organisation in the world and never once condemning their atrocities. So many Tamil people were killed by them, not only Sinhala and Muslim people. They are funding the setting up of a separate state in Sri Lanka and providing funds to Tamils in Sri Lanka to keep separatism alive and preventing the Tamil people and Sinhala and Muslim people in the country to find solutions to outstanding issues. If the Tamil people in Sri Lanka are to find their real enemy, it is this Eelam lobby and their supporters in Sri Lanka, who are their real enemies and preventing reconciliation amongst the people in the country. Please let Sinhala people know that a majority of Tamils want to live in peace with them” unquote.

So much for these lobby groups who obviously are profiting by preventing the Tamil people living in Sri Lanka working together with all other communities to address any lingering issues that have and are affecting them. Their agents in Sri Lanka seem to be carrying out the dictates of these well-funded lobby groups. Money does talk.


During this period when the consciousness of UNHRC’s power is heightened I have also highlighted publicly – not only that the ‘lobby groups’ were NOT part of my agenda but also that the LTTE also needed to be a party to this. But Raj did not discuss the issue with me – meaning Raj was ready to give validity to the above person who is anonymous. Hence I conclude that Raj believes this person more than he believes me. This means also that the above person’s conclusions are also Raj’s conclusions.



1.     ‘the Tamil Eelam lobby have the misguided idea that they are a powerful lobby group’


To the extent they represent the Tamil Community of Sri Lankan origin, AND  they experienced pain they would exponentially empower the governments that protected their ‘dignity’. If the governments use it irresponsibly then the Tamil group also would be adversely affected by the returns of such actions.

If not for China showing an interest in the country, and making the US and India angry, they would have gone down like a lead balloon’


India is family through Common Belief in Hinduism as well as Tamil culture. Given that China and India are hostile neighbours – anyone who is friends with China, would be seen as being hostile towards Tamils. That is natural. The Chinese delegate opened his presentation in regards to Sri Lanka, at the UNHRC as follows:


["As a friendly neighbor of Sri Lanka, China sincerely hopes that Sri Lanka maintains political stability, ethnic solidarity and national unity and wishes Sri Lanka greater achievements in its national development. We commend the government of Sri Lanka for its efforts to actively promote and protect human rights, advance sustainable economic and social development, improve people's living standard, protect the rights of the vulnerable groups, advance national reconciliation and combat terrorism.]

As per my culture – when money is ‘given’ on business or loan basis – it dilutes the relationship and therefore upsets the sovereignty of the family. Likewise in a nation. Sri Lanka is structured more closely to India’s structure and has very little in common with China except through Communist Politics. It was the latter that caused the armed rebellion in South as well as in North. In China – such rebels were punished strongly and that is their government culture. But Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia and hence every Lankan is entitled to that democratic wealth that our forefathers have invested in. China’s interaction is strictly business and if the line is not drawn firmly – the money will do its work to destroy relationships and their protection. Their vote at UNHRC has to be on belief basis and not as Quid Pro Quo.

2.     [This lobby has been holding a candle for the most horrible terrorist organisation in the world and never once condemning their atrocities. So many Tamil people were killed by them, not only Sinhala and Muslim people. They are funding the setting up of a separate state in Sri Lanka and providing funds to Tamils in Sri Lanka to keep separatism alive and preventing the Tamil people and Sinhala and Muslim people in the country to find solutions to outstanding issues. If the Tamil people in Sri Lanka are to find their real enemy, it is this Eelam lobby and their supporters in Sri Lanka, who are their real enemies and preventing reconciliation amongst the people in the country. Please let Sinhala people know that a majority of Tamils want to live in peace with them”]

Raj is aware through my sharing at the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum of my work in ‘ high security’ zones in Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka. It is obvious that Raj did not include my work and my disciplinary actions as part of the community to dilute the above – on the same footing as he excused the soldiers employed by the government. Given that Raj has given credence to the above person – I conclude that he is reacting to LTTE supporters with whom he has no relationship. To that extent he is demoting himself as a Separatist and not common Sri Lankan related to each other through Common Law. To the extent I discipline internally – the Tamil community has been redeemed as if they were me. That is what family is about and community is about. Hence I reject the above claim of terrorism in the heirs of LTTE.


As for living in Peace – there can be no Peace without Independence. One who assimilates meekly becomes a slave and is being disloyal to Mother Lanka.

Friday 26 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 February   2021




When we arrange ‘what happened’ in chronological order – at the place they happened – they ‘show’ a pattern that makes it a ‘fact’. One who identifies with that pattern without any conflict in her/his mind, has the true experience of that fact and that is known as Truth.


Where the manifestations happened elsewhere the above arrangement would take one only half way to the Truth.


In his Daily News article ‘Unwarranted treatment of Sri Lanka by UNHRC’ Mr Sujeeswara                     Senadira  states:

[The recommendations made by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) on Easter Attacks instructing the Attorney General to consider criminal proceedings against a former President, at least one former minister, the former Inspector General of Police and several others over their failure to prevent the attacks is a clear evidence of the professional strength, impartiality and transparency of the Sri Lankan Judiciary.]


The inquiry was NOT under Judicial structure. It was an extension of the Political power. The fact that the recommendations include action against the former President confirm lack of knowledge of the Constitution which provides ‘immunity’ from prosecution to the President. Belief in the measure is as important as the accuracy of ‘facts’ through which the problem is constructed. Without this knowledge of law there is no judicial relationship between the inquirer and those being subjected to the inquiry.


When there is relationship – both sides have duties and protection of the position. This was absent due to the following protection in the Constitution :


[ 35. (1) While any person holds office as President of the Republic of Sri Lanka, no civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted or continued against the President in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by the President, either in his official or private capacity: Provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be read and construed as restricting the right of any person to make an application under Article 126 against the Attorney-General, in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by the President, in his official capacity: Provided further that the Supreme Court shall have no jurisdiction to pronounce upon the exercise of the powers of the President under Article 33(2)(g).]


Given that the consciousness and commitment to the above provision is missing from the report – there are no grounds to claim that the report confirms the strength of the Judiciary. The classification is erroneous as is the validity of the credit.


One wonders therefore whether the ‘timing’ was purposely done to distract attention from the UNHRC’s powers.

Given that the UNHRC issue is about Global Terrorism – the measures need also to be Global and not local to Sri Lanka

Thursday 25 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 February   2021






Manifestations would be interpreted differently by different observers. They would all be true if they are read as per our own conscience. Yesterday when I wrote my article headed ‘THANK YOU COMMON DEFENCE SECRETARY’ I had not listened to the speech of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister’s presentation at the UNHRC. Later when I listened – I learnt that the Government was also making connections between the UNHRC issue of alleged war-crimes with the Easter Sunday causal forces. We interpreted from different angles. But to the extent we are true to ourselves, our minds would naturally merge. To the extent we are true to the positions taken by us – we would naturally merge to form common structures.


Mine was to protect the investments made by all Sri Lankans in common pathways especially in education. The global measure develops from such common measures in each nation. To the extent I apply common measures, I contribute to raising the issue to global standards. My Sri Lankan education was good enough for me to perform outstandingly. I always upheld that my Sri Lankan qualifications were my highest. This meant that Australia was gaining from my Sri Lankan education. Following in an excerpt from my book Naan Australian (chapter 28) that confirms how I brought out my Truth by NOT reacting to the other side:


[Yesterday, 05 August 2013, was judgment day in matter 2012/80864:  Paramasivam v Sabanathan.  Around 3 p.m. on Thursday, 01 August, I received an email advice from the Supreme Court of New South Wales  that Judgment would be delivered on Monday, 05 August.  As soon as I received the email – I felt upset. Gradually I settled down and went into my Truth. Param also said ‘If it is negative – we will appeal’.  I appreciated that Param did not ever ‘calculate’ how much such moves cost us as a family. He has always been positive in this regard. Even when I took my complaint against the then Prime Minister John Howard to the High Court – Param willingly facilitated the money – knowing very well that I would be dismissed by that Court also.  But through real life with me, he must have known that I would not waste even a dollar.  So he is generous if I needed money.  My concern was not the money but whether as requested by Mrs. Saraswathy Sabanathan and her group, the Judge would ban me – not because Her Honour  believed that I needed to be banned but the lawyers hired by Mrs. Sabanathan’s team submitted 216 pages of in evidence to claim that I  was a vexatious litigant and in addition took up almost a full morning and part of the afternoon to argue their case through a barrister. I sat through the discussions – including about me being a mentally ill person. At the end when I had the opportunity to express my true feelings,  I said to Her Honour was words to the effect ‘If I were to be banned as a vexatious litigant – based on the applications by these Applicants – then I would seriously consider returning to Sri Lanka’.  I observed the immediate change in Her Honour’s attitude towards me.  Her Honour said finally that she would read my work more thoroughly and make a decision.  I felt that my  Truth as an Australian communicated to Her Honour’s Truth as an Australian. Towards this I had to ‘wait’ for layers and layers of Maya / Delusion to wear off. Those holding official positions within the Judiciary  were entitled  to make a living and hence I had to pay the price of ‘waiting’ and ‘listening’ as if I was immune to all the bad things being discussed in my name. I reminded myself again and again – that I was an owner and they were still paid employees. If the Court had to be a Sovereign Body – both sides – the one getting the ‘rights’ and the one getting the wrongs had to be within those Courts.  If they were ‘right’ and that is the way they were going on and on – then during that period at that place - I was wrong.  That’s when the path is clear for Truth to deliver Itself.  ]

Much of the UNHRC proceedings are similar to the above. The parallel of lawyers are the Governments active in this issue.


The folks at ground level are strongly influenced by the Diaspora which has become their elders. But little do they appreciate that, like Mrs Sabanathan and her group who came to Australia due to our sharing as family, the Diaspora would also ‘think’ that the war related matters are theirs to ‘possess’ for their own purpose. This could result in Sri Lanka becoming a war-zone – especially if these governments under the influence of the Diaspora ‘win’ by demoting Sri Lanka. At that level – all of us – including Tamils and Muslims living in Sri Lanka – lose. This would lead to all of us who feel ‘Sri Lankan’ would feel depressed.


The closest access to the Public thinking would be the media. In this instance, the English media.


The Daily Mirror presentation  headed ‘Sri Lanka and the Culture of Impunity – EDITORIAL highlights the following contradiction:

[In May 2010, in response to international allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed during the closing stages of the civil war and calls for action against those responsible for these crimes, then President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee (LLRC) to make recommendations regarding measures that needed to be taken……………….

The fact that the LLRC report acknowledged, “That considerable civilian casualties had in fact occurred during the final phase of the conflict” and “that shells had in fact fallen on hospitals causing damage and resulting in casualties” contradicted the government’s claims to the contrary. ]

The following was also highlighted:

[During the JVP uprisings of 1971 and 1988/89 some of the worst atrocities were unleashed on civilians by the armed forces, para military groups and the rebels, still no perpetrators prosecuted. ]

This confirms a common weakness which when neglected, would become exponentially powerful when we ‘react’ emotionally instead of responding through our feelings of ownership. This is also the ‘catch’ in Democracy where the receiver of majority votes wins to occupy the position. But to own that position one has to be true to that position. If this is not possible then one needs to use a common structure consciously all the time – to be ‘seen’ to be right.

In my Australian experiences, I came to a point where I was ‘giving up’ on myself. I wrote my letter of resignation on 11 August 1998. Some insiders expressed their need for my services – each in their own way. Dr David Garlick of Sports Medicine had the courage to expressly support me, including by ‘employing’ me. I finally officially stopped working in the substantive position on 14 October 1998. From 15 October I started working in my contract position which was my parallel of Gandhi living with the masses. On 05 November 1998 holy powder manifested on my picture of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Even though I was not a devotee at that time, I had the picture because it was given to me by the mother whose son was killed by Tamil youth in Madras during the 1983 riots. They make perfect sense now, but back then it was all very painful. It was the ownership part of my pain that prevented me from ‘reacting’. Hence my current services are towards development of ownership by respecting the oldest known ancestor/elder in that area / group. The rest happens through the Universal power of Ownership.

Nations such as UK, Canada and India, recruited a high proportion of Tamils as refugees on the basis of war related pain. If they had believed that the government was not responsible – then they had the humanitarian duty to leave it as a local issue and help the government to defeat the LTTE militarily. Given that successive Sri Lankan governments had made it a global issue – the incumbent government is accountable to all those who contributed to making it a global issue. Global issues can produce outcomes that we do not ‘like’. But to the extent we continue to be engaged – the outcomes confirming our Belief WILL happen.

Hence a vote against Sri Lanka at UN level must be taken also as a vote against armed rebellion – including by Sinhalese.



Wednesday 24 February 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 February   2021






Aljazeera says  under the subject matter - ‘Sri Lanka’s ex-president ‘should face charges over 2019 attacks’.  The Presidential Commission of Inquiry is reported to have recommended’ :

[Sri Lanka’s former president Maithripala Sirisena and his intelligence chiefs should be prosecuted for failing to prevent the 2019 Easter Sunday suicide bombings that killed 279 people, according to an investigation.]

This Inquiry was commissioned by Mr Sirisena:

[The Presidential Commission of Inquiry on the Easter Attacks is a Presidential Commission of Inquiry in to the deadly Easter bomb attacks appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena on 21 April 2019 tasked with investigating the causes and background for the bombings. The commission is headed by Vijith MalalgodaPuisne Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri LankaNugagaha Kapalle Illangakoon, retired Inspector-General of Police and Padmasiri Jayamanne, retired Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order] Wikipedia

Last year, the authority’s makeup was restructured. Tribune India reported as follows on 24 February last year:


Lanka appoints team to expedite Easter Sunday attack probe


[The Sri Lankan government on Sunday appointed a six-member team to help police collect authentic information and expedite an ongoing presidential probe into the devastating Easter Sunday terror attack that killed over 250 persons. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa decided to hasten the probe into the April 21 attack which had proved crucial in his decisive electoral victory last November. Rajapaksa used the Easter Sunday terrorist attack to portray himself as the leader who could stop terrorism. The voters gave him a big mandate and elected him as President in November last year. Rajapaksa stormed to victory, trouncing his nearest rival Sajith Premadasa by a margin of over 13 lakh votes - 52.25 per cent of votes polled against 41.99 per cent.  The six-member task force has been appointed to help police’s CID to “speed up the ongoing investigations” and will submit weekly reports to the defense ministry on the progress of investigation, according to a statement.

“The CID investigation into these attacks was not conducted in an effective way by the last regime,” defense ministry secretary Kamal Gunaratne was quoted as saying in the statement. — PTI]


As per the above Commission – the former President was found to be guilty of negligence:

[ The report said the 'balance of probability' was that Sirisena was told by his intelligence chief about warnings before the attacks occurred]

This confirms that the expectation is ‘Balance of Probability’ test and NOT ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ test.

As per my knowledge the President is protected by Immunity provision written as Article 35 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. But the new team found the then President ‘guilty’.

The question now is whether the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his then team would also be found guilty of Negligence in failing to recruit trained  personnel to fight against the LTTE which also killed Tamil civilians? The same Indian source would have had the ‘intelligence’ to know what the LTTE would do. Likewise, JVP  would have had the intelligence about Untrained Armed Sinhalese who were part of the Government forces. As per the ‘Balance of Probability’ test – the outcome of the 2009 tragedy could have been projected.

As per the above team restructured  by the current President – the then President and his intelligence team which included the current President, also ought to be prosecuted.

This is  Déjà vu manifestation happening at the same place. That is what the system of Karma also says. Mr Sirisena was part of the Rajapaksa Government in 2009. If there had been unrighteous / un-dharmic actions for which that government was responsible Mr Sirisena also carried his share of the Karma. Like the Earth carrying the Truth of that place – a position – especially one that is immune from prosecution also carries the karma – be it positive or negative. Mr Sirisena picked up the President’s share when he became President in 2015.

The ‘war-crimes’ issue is being strongly invoked right now through the UNHRC’s global power. The real ‘judgment’ is already delivered through the Easter Attacks. Thank you Defence Secretary – Common to both periods.  Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his heir who acquired that karma  Mr Kamal Gunaratne for delivering the base that the UN needs.

More than anyone else ‘THANK YOU ST ANTHONY OF KOCHCHIKADE for answering our  prayers – We the Common Victims of Negligence.