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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29 June 2015

Mahinda Rajapaksa the Lesson Maker

Parliamentary elections have been declared in Sri Lanka and discussions seem to center more and more around Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa – the controversial President who was defeated in January 2015 Presidential Elections. To my mind,  as an individual, this is an extension of the Presidential Elections. In terms of  Election Administration there seems less anxiety than there was in January. To me it is NOT about who will win but more about how I need to restructure each time I identify with the Truth of the person/s in charge. Elections help us learn more about other People’s expectations and to many it is also about confirmations of their opinions one way or the other. The current opinion seems strongly against Mr. Rajapaksa – within young and educated Sri Lankans not so close to the Government.

One such young writer – Ms Thisuri Wanniarachchi has published her opinion through her article ‘The Last King of Sri Lanka’.
So long as Sri Lankans vote for a National Leader rather than their local leader – the state continues to be a Monarchy and not a Democracy. In a Democracy – People must elect themselves to the position of leadership in that electorate and when something goes right or wrong for them it is that Elected Leader of their Electorate who is responsible. To elect at National level one should be able to Believe in and/or Relate to National level pathways and outcomes. Towards this one has to sacrifice at local level to participate in the higher common experience.
Ms Wanniarachchi tells her story as follows:
I first met President Rajapaksa when I was 11 years old. I had won a national short story competition and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs had taken me and several other winners to Temple Trees to see the President. He was a rare and skilled politician. He knew the game and he played it very well. He had a clever way of making people feel comfortable around him. He patted our heads spoke to us for a long time; asked us about school and home. We were infatuated. He had us hooked. The other kids and I would go home and tell our friends and family what a great man he was. He was simple, loving, almost god-like. “He’s like a father, not a President,” the kid from Mahiyangana who was the winner of the Sinhala short story category said on our way out. Little did we know, that was all politics. Politics was all PR and propaganda; and Rajapaksa knew this very well.’

As per public reports – Mr. Rajapaksa is respected by his children and hence one could conclude that he was natural in his interactions with 11 year olds. That experience was completed at that level and should not be reopened for the purposes of media politics. It would not be if it was completed at that level. If the 11 year old had taken her position as a junior back then, the picture would have been a true picture from her point of view. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa would have combined his natural ways as a father – albeit a pampering one – with his job as head of State.  To the genuine voter – Politics is about  Belief. Belief needs no proof. But it works. Belief based outcome is never unjust. If the way the 11 year old received an experience seems to show an unjust Politician  to the adult – there has been some interference within that mind. In Democracy, the bases on which discrimination is unlawful include Age – i.e –time based discrimination. Where there is Discrimination  there is Relativity. The way a child related to an adult would necessarily include age based discrimination. This is why children do not have voting rights. Belief that the child is a part of the adult takes away the need for discriminative thinking. The two are One through such belief. Where belief is weak they are still Relatives and not One Family. Hence Administrative positions and laws common to both sides.

Once an experience is completed – we take only the essence as Truth with us. This would not then interfere with our new environment but would empower from within:

When we connect to the mind of ancestors – we invoke them as if they are here with us. Usually we are able to connect and go into that inner world – as the ancestor is our guru. There is no one else at that time. The path is free of blockages from the outside. It is like having ‘Love experience’.  True Love is experienced beyond body consciousness. It is there always as an energy within us and an aura around us. The people within us have the experience as One. I now realise that by bringing them into me through gratitude and cultural pathways as well as my own individual Truth – I brought into me their true strengths and their wisdom about their own weaknesses. This helped me have the confidence that I could achieve what they achieved. Whenever it looked as if I was running short of money  those who were themselves economically self-sufficient seemed to give me the confidence that I would find the money. Whenever I was found fault with or downgraded, those whose respect and appreciation I valued – came alive from with me and I was no longer alone. This is the value of Truth. It operates through Its own independent force – as if we are One. Towards this we must have first saved this oneness by sharing our credits with others.  Those who take credit due to physical possession or proximity – without allocating to others – would exhaust their credits and this would rob them of the confidence to feel part of the whole. When they do have surplus at the physical level – it would be like being in the ocean without a drop of drinking water.’ Beyond Consciousness  

The 11 year old child was seeing the President as a father figure – a big father. The adult voter on the other hand has the responsibility to believe and/or relate through her/his investment in common issues through thoughts structured through Common pathways and/or through experience. If the 11 year old’s experience is included in the adult mind as what s/he  saw and heard – then that mind is acting in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Family and National Government– a weakness that manifests cronyism that Mr. Rajapaksa stands accused of.  The citizen who voted for him is part of the source that infected the Politician.

I explain this as follows in relation to my Australian Experience:

Often those who practice current culture  of majority in power are accepted as being more compatible with the culture of majority.  Hence White Australia Policy which interestingly was legislated in 1901 through Immigration Restriction Act  1901.  When I assembled peacefully at the University of New South Wales, I was arrested by the Police and charged for Trespass under  Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901
To believe in this law - the Australian Police arresting me ought to have done the work from zero base and naturally be conscious of value and meaning of the Legislation under which they arrested me and/or ought to have connected to the architects of the Legislation implemented back in 1901 which was a time when the minds of the Legislators were strongly in approval of ‘White Australians Only’ policy. The laws were two but they were from the same mind of 1901.  Hence if I were believed to be guilty as per the Common mind of 1901 – which would have had ‘anxieties’ of Aborigines walking about in private property as per the Western system -  and anxieties  that money business would be taken over by Chinese and Japanese migrants – then that mind would rule that the government that included me as an Australian body in its books (through immigration)  – was acting unlawfully in doing so.’ Beyond Consciousness

The above analysis is relevant also in the context of Land Rights in Sri Lanka’s war-affected areas. Is the land that of the believer or user with Government power?

Where there is confirmation of lack of belief from either side – discrimination needs be strictly on Objectively Measurable outcomes for it to be just. Hence merit basis. Both sides need to be equally placed in the mind of the Judge at the beginning of the common experience. Otherwise – each one is an outsider to the other and the outcomes need to be independent and need not be included by one or the other:
‘Subjective power is progressive when it is underpinned by belief.  Subjective power without belief leads to unjust discrimination and therefore real damage to the group that uses such Subjective power….. Cultural conflicts happen when those driven by majority power use majority vote in place of - laws and - discriminative thinking by using laws and principles common to all.  The path of Truth is the highest law of all.  Truth has the natural ability to bring people together through consolidation. Attachment to temporary benefits and pleasures leads to delusions that possession is ownership and hence is often divisive.  Consolidation of  values helps preserve our work beyond time and place limitations. Practice of Common Cultures leads to such consolidation by bringing the minds together. Hence the saying that the value of the total is greater than the sum of the individuals.  To raise the physical to the higher level – one needs sacrificial / disciplinary force. When the minds merge at the higher level – they  take on the value of this hidden force too. It’s like interest on money raised to investment level.’ Beyond Consciousness

Until the common Sri Lankan invests through National principles – Sri Lankans need to vote through their belief in local leaders and issues to claim to be democratic. If we continue to vote for the National Leader blindly and without belief – we would waste our votes. If we vote for the National Leader with belief – then we would continue to make Kings and not Democratic facilitators.

In conclusion ‘In the eyes of the Law  – all participants are various parts of One Person – that person having the body of the visible consolidated outcome seen through the Law.  When used Subjectively – the Judge becomes the Law. When used  Objectively – the judge facilitates self-judgment by each participant as per her/his contribution as per her/his belief based interpretation of the law.’In conclusion ‘In the eyes of the Law  – all participants are various parts of One Person – that person having the body of the visible consolidated outcome seen through the Law.  When used Subjectively – the Judge becomes the Law. When used  Objectively – the judge facilitates self-judgment by each participant as per her/his contribution as per her/his belief based interpretation of the law.

Sunday 28 June 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28 June 2015

Arnhem Land & Pungudu Island

Recently I responded to our Australian Prime Minister who shared the need he felt to integrate the Australian Indigenous Communities with Mainstream Society - at a higher level. At that time I felt that it was best to facilitate their Natural life and accept the Spiritual Values as the Common values. But this morning through meditation, I was able to merge naturally the two groups within me – representing the two Nations within me – Australia and Sri Lanka. There are parallels of Arnhem Land Indigenous Australians in Sri Lanka also. A big part of them come from areas like Pungudu Island where the recent rape incident invoked Presidential involvement and has become a globally significant matter due to the Politics involved.

Here in Australia we had a parallel case against Mr. Rupert Maxwell Stuart – who was charged by Police for raping and murdering a nine year old white kid. The case is significant due to the cultural differences between the punished and the punisher. This was my issue with the Indonesian Government using the death sentence to punish Bali 9 leaders. Given that it happened to Myuran Sukumaran of my community – I felt it happened to me. Hence I shared my feelings by protesting against the Death sentence or any serious punishment by one culture on another. This is significant in ethnically divided Sri Lanka also.

In the Punguduteevu matter – I was disturbed to learn that lawyers of Jaffna were not in the frontline to ensure that Due Process was upheld in the court process. This is important to the self-governing leader. In the case against Mr. Rupert Maxwell Stuart – it was established that the Police became judges and found Mr. Stuart guilty and got him to sign a confession. According to Mr. Stuart’s own confession as reported – he was so drunk – he could not remember. The end result may be the same but the process – the mental state - is important to know WHY it happened and hence identify with the root cause. As per my knowledge, Mental insanity is a just cause to plead  not-guilty of a crime. That raises the question whether a person who was fully drunk should also be punishable on the basis of lesser charge such as homicide rather than murder.

Mr. Stuart was considered an outsider by full-blooded Aborigines because Mr. Stuart had white ancestry in his genes and was recognized as half-caste – a reason why many Tamils are shunned by Eelam claimants who are strong supporters of the armed struggle. One Tamil engineer said to me that he would never consent to his son marrying a White. A relative of his by marriage did marry a Sinhalese and confirmed the extent of his influence within the family.

As per Wikipedia ‘ at the time, 'full-blooded' Aboriginal people were forbidden by law to drink alcohol. In 1953 a Federal ordinance had been passed that permitted 'half-castes' to drink, but they were required to apply for a "certificate of exemption". These were commonly referred to as "Dog Licenses" by Aboriginal people. Stuart had been jailed on more than one occasion for supplying alcohol to 'full-bloods'. The ban was rarely enforced in rural towns.’ 

These Dog Licenses are the parallels of Traitor labels issued by the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) on those who worked with the Government of Sri Lanka. In the Pungudutheevu rape matter – the accused persons are considered to be half-castes and hence the denial of service by full-blooded Tamil Lawyers.

Lawyers driven by money and status – would fear losing them. But they confirm also that to the Tamil Legal Profession Due Process is not as important as outcomes.  This is a pity because we have a great example in  Hindu Legend – Mahabharatham – in which Prince Arjuna who was the darling of family elder Bheeshmar – was urged by Lord Krishna to do his duty and fight as an Equal to his family elders and guru in the battle field. I believe, I drew strength from this when I was faced by similar challenge at the workplace and my family-in-law.

Lord Krishna said to Prince Arjuna that  Great Hero Bheeshmar and  guru  Thronar would want Arjuna to fight on Equal footing. Now I realize that this is because when Arjuna – their prodigy demonstrated skills through Just and Due Processes – he confirmed their own higher common work.  It was therefore part of themselves fighting against another part. It would then not matter which part won.  The whole experience is escalated to the higher level. Equal footing is important for the junior to bring out her/his true skills to defeat injustice – not for one individual but for a whole society relying on the Judiciary. The above Australian case upheld this value and it is important that this be done in Sri Lanka also. It is even more important that this be done at the UN – not for Tamils to win but for Sri Lankan society to uphold their higher investment in Justice. The US Resolution has raised the platform so that Tamils will have Equal Footing. Now we must fight as Equals and not practice reverse discrimination.

Thinking about this issue through the Pungudutheevu matter  - I felt that if Refugee applicants of Lankan origin  were required to live in the areas parallel to the ones they were living in when they had the war-related experiences in Sri Lanka – some of them would live in or close to Arnhem Land.  That is also the test to know whether they are genuine or the real reasons are different to the stated reasons. The new laws in some ways provide for this – through Safe Haven Enterprise Visa system. It’s up to the applicant to self-assess and go to the place parallel to the one in Sri Lanka. When this happens – the investment in that Land is brought to Australia as the True Spirit of one who lives close to Land. The value of those living in rural areas is this Spirit – which is felt by them through the express path of Belief. We take the round the globe pathway through global principles – and using our cleverness to show how fast we can travel.   The story that comes to mind is about the Mexican fisherman and the American Banker by Courtney Carver. At outcome level the fisherman who never left home would be relaxed and do the things that the American Banker would think of doing in retirement. The latter’s joy is actually from through life in-between. We senior migrants must remember that in the case of refugee applicants. Sri Lankans who never left Pungudutheevu would feel more at home in Arnhem Land than in Melbourne or Sydney where our visas would also be of lesser value than in Arnhem Land. Given that majority refugee applicants from Sri Lanka are more literate than the Indigenous groups that our Australian Prime Minister is concerned about – it would be easier for Aboriginal children to learn from these newest migrants from rural areas in their countries of origin.

During my contribution to Tsunami Reconstruction – I lived with such a group and the President (then Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga) approved the project proposals submitted by me and the community got their housing without delay. It happened through Hindu Cultural Minister (then Mr. Douglas Devananda) who is considered half-caste by Eelam only Tamils. But given that I believe I am Tamil Sri Lankan – I  received the approval as true endorsement of MY work of global standards. Those folks of rural Eastern Sri Lanka – would be misfits in Sydney or Melbourne. But they would get along fine with the folks in Arnhem Land. That is the natural solution – with the Government feeling satisfied with the Process of Facilitating and the citizens making their choices as per their inner Truth. Truth is the most orderly pathway and facilitates all traveling along Its pathway. 

Saturday 27 June 2015

The Hon Tony Abbott, MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House
Canberra, ACT 2600

26 June 2015

Your Ref: C15/24330

Dear Mr. Abbott,

Closing the Gap with Indigenous Communities

Thank you for your letter dated 16 June 2015, in response to my communication with you.

I am deeply appreciative of  the effort made by you to connect to me through this issue. In a way – I am able to identify with the deeper feelings you have through my own feelings for the disenfranchised in the Tamil Community – here in my Fatherland Australia as well as in my Motherland Sri Lanka. To the extent I am genuine – I connect to your feelings expressed through the ‘Closing the Gap’ program.

As you have stated in your Statement to the House of Representatives ‘None of us should seek to score a point  or defend a legacy here – just to reach out across the aisle because this is the only hope of lasting success’.

I proceed to respond  in the consciousness of  this Oneness Feeling.

You state ‘…as a nation  we do need to have a discussion free of rancor and partisanship about our remote Indigenous communities.’ 

You then go on to raise the question:  ‘Do we ask ourselves -  how can we better manage the dual objectives of preserving connection to land and culture while ensuring stronger economic integration?

To my mind, you have indicated the direction in which the solution lies. You state:

I’ve engaged with remote people all my parliamentary life. They are frequently in stunningly  beautiful locations and underpinned by a rich and ancient culture.

To my mind, this is an acknowledgment, that we the urban dwellers do not have that enjoyment of Nature and our heritage of the past as much as the Indigenous communities do. To that extent we are even and one community does not owe the other – so long as we stay in our own ‘Home areas’.  We have the regulated workplace and they have the Natural space; they have the time and we have the money. In this respect – there are no gaps but just Diversity.

You go on to state:

Many communities, however, are not healthy places despite the hard work of local leaders. In fact the average remote community comprises people who, on almost every indicator are the most disadvantaged in Australia.

Indicators are for Internal Management and should not be used by External observers to assess from outside. When we use indicators as outsiders – we are acting in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. Once you/we  become ‘internal’  we have the natural authority to develop and use indicators for self-assessment purposes. The moment we are  ‘outsiders’ – we have the responsibility to use objectively measurable outcomes produced by each Sovereign group.

Appended below is a communication with former New South Wales Auditor General – in regards to the unacceptability of Auditors using Client Management’s Performance Indicators. If you are referring to Government’s Performance Indicators – then this is NOT about Indigenous Communities but about the Government’s own Performance in that subject matter.

To my mind, the Doctrine of Separation of Powers is the pathway that suits us to appreciate those Indigenous Communities that are very much part of Australia’s rich tapestry. The moment we mix the two indiscriminately, WE create that GAP. 

The Judiciary is outsider to the Executive Government and v.v. Likewise the ABC which was strongly criticized by the Executive Government recently - is an outsider to the Government and v.v. I do identify with the response from the Head of ABC – returning the criticism to the sender – by saying that ABC was on the side of Australia. Whether it is the Judiciary, the ABC or the University of New South Wales (the institution at the center of my experiences) – they are Separate Entities to the Government due to  their unique and Diverse purposes. Likewise, various communities of Australia, which are part of our  Humanscape. The Government’s first duty is to give recognition to this true Humanscape in its most natural form while developing Commonness  of experience as Australians. In our ambitions to satisfy Western standards for grades, we often run the risk of damaging our unique Humanscape which is different to Arnhem Land, to England and in my case to Sri Lanka.

The Government due to majority persons in Government - is culturally different to Indigenous Communities.  When we are unsupervised and ‘natural’ we tend to surface our natural cultures. This is ok – so long as they are not displayed in Public as if the whole of Australia is the Government’s home and all others have to follow the Government. In spirit the whole of Australia is Home of the believer – be that person a Public Administrator or Citizen in Custody;  the Prime Minister or an Indigenous person without official portfolio. That area must feel ‘home’. The duty of our Government is to facilitate such ‘homes’ through appropriate laws. It would be in breach of the Spirit of  Separation of Powers and Privacy Laws – to enforce the way of one on the other. The risk of Separation is also isolation through abandonment. Your efforts confirm that you are involved and do not carry that risk.

Good and Bad; Right and Wrong are Relative values. Relativity needs firm boundaries. Hence by law – Public institutions  are facilitated to interpret the principles and values independent of the Government.  These Public Institutions are answerable to the Public in terms of Service.  Hence their Performance Indicators need to be structured through their own core purposes. Operationally they do not have the obligation to play second fiddle to the Government. There are Administrative areas in which the ABC has the responsibility to report to the Public through the Government – for example as to safety measures during that  ABC Q&A  session at the center of controversy. But Operationally – these institutions need to be Independent of the Government and their Powers separated.

 As members of the Public – we all have equal rights to question the ABC  - as to whose side they are on? – Islamic State or Australia? But like Politics – unless such question is belief based – it has little Administrative / Management value. In any case there is no obligation on the part of ABC to respond to such questions. They may listen and improve their services through such feedback. Just because it came from the Prime Minister - there is no obligation for the ABC to accept that at a higher level to the citizen without portfolio.  But the ABC did respond to you – because as we say in Tamil – you are – the Cow with the Bell - the Holy Cow. I -  a black cow who was ordered by the NSW Police to remove my bell / necklace for waiting peacefully to engage with the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales,  had to take the then ABC Managing Director – Mr. Jonathan Shier to Court – to be heard at that level. The outcome happened and I believe my genuine contribution  raised itself to Common  Energy  that worked through those with portfolios. The job got done through the Democratic pathway.  

Communities with Diverse culture are likewise unique and independent to the extent they are self-sufficient in practicing and maintaining that culture. The confusion arises when we indiscriminately mix cultures – for example Judiciary with Executive; Mother with Father; Christian Community with Muslim Community; Structured Religion-based Community with Free Indigenous Community living close to Nature. Science happens irrespective of whether we are conscious of it or not.  The urban dweller – passes it through the brain whereas the rural inhabitant  accepts it as part of Nature and therefore part of  her/himself.  There is no conscious separation.

The example that comes to mind is that of  Indian Legend Ramanujan who is described as ‘Srinivasa Ramanujan FRS was an Indian mathematician and autodidact who, with almost no formal training in pure mathematics, made extraordinary contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions.’ Wikipedia

To my mind, the main reason for the surfacing of the above talent from within the Indigenous Indian society during British rule - was the strict discipline practiced by the Brahmin Caste (Priest Community) who had deep memory power through meditation. Brahmins are Vegetarians. I have found that my focus is much sharper when I am vegetarian. Brahmins needed that for their leadership position in Hindu community. Abstinence from / sacrifice of individual pleasures leads to higher level of enjoyment. It is the parallel of your physical fitness activities when others are relaxed and are fast asleep in the mornings. At that time we connect to Nature through our inner Truth.  When we continuously and independently enjoy through the mind, and less through the body – the pleasure is raised to happiness – which like the aura comes with us – even though we are often not conscious of it.

Amongst Indigenous Communities also one would find such extraordinary talent from which we would benefit if we respect and facilitate it to serve Society – their Society. We saw high level display of cleverness by Sri Lankan Tamils during their time of self-imposed isolation towards a Common cause. Such is like meditation – and it opens the path to access ancestral powers. But the moment they are used for lesser purposes – they become destructive. They must be Natural and they must be used for Common purposes devoid of selfishness and they must be shared with others  contributing to that  Belief through diverse pathways. Armed Tamil rebels who stayed within their areas of belief – would have at all times defended and not attacked. That belief would not let them attack. But those who did not have enough belief attacked even the very source through which they were able to give form to their cleverness.

Due to the war and the exodus it caused – Sri Lanka especially in war-affected areas - is facing similar problems to those highlighted by you about Indigenous Australian Communities. I for example was born and was groomed mostly in Jaffna town. But now when I go to Sri Lanka’s North -  I reside in a  village  called Thunaivi  in Northern Sri Lanka within Vaddukoddai District where the first declaration of Political Independence was made in 1976.  Thunaivi was considered a high-risk zone by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. This is because the folks of Thunaivi are physically strong and they were separated through the Caste system beyond its functional purposes. The Caste system was based on the type of work undertaken by various families. Unlike in India, in Northern Sri Lanka the Farmer Caste enjoyed higher status than the Priests. The folks of Thunaivi were by work and caste largely Toddy Tappers. They are physically strong but did not actively seek education. Even now – when I go there I find little kids avoiding school to idle. But most men undertake manual work and most women are home-makers whilst some work as domestic helps in the higher caste homes in the neighborhood. The last group developed a thirst for higher education through the families and individuals to whom caste was for functional reasons only. I expect this to have happened within relationships that members of the Indigenous Communities had with Mainstream Australians.

Like you, I was also keen to promote ‘education’ within that Indigenous group - with a view to eliminating caste based discrimination practiced by both sides.  Treating Vellalar (Farmer Caste)  as a higher caste even though one is no longer a farmer amounts to social discrimination. Often this is done for the same reason why migrants treat senior migrants of British origin as being of higher class. In both instances it is easier that way and more economically beneficial for the junior class. It is living with the folks of Thunaivi that I learnt how to structure their / our common pathway. It was NOT by showing them that I was better educated than they. It was/is by facilitating for them to show me how clever they are in their own special areas such as cooking traditional dishes, masonry work, developing vegetable gardens, tailoring, drama and sports. I am actually not as skilled as they in all of the above areas.

You state in your letter ‘In very remote areas of the Northern Territory, only a quarter of children attend school often enough to learn and I have met far too many teenagers who can barely write their name. What hope will they have of getting work? And if they have no hope of work, what hope is there of these teenagers living long healthy and happy lives?

We do have their parallels in the above area in Sri Lanka. We facilitated some to train and some others  to work in Colombo. But they came back ‘home’ due to their ‘freedom’ which they did not have in Colombo.  We then restructured their training and work and we monitor teenagers and children through our camera system and then provide them with ongoing education in discipline through Skype.  In addition we bring young ones together through story-telling and writing competitions exclusively tailored to suit their environments. All this would not be possible if we had given them handouts.  To my mind, I am doing this for my sake – for me to fill the Gap on behalf of my section of the Community.

Subsequent to the above mentioned Vaddukoddai Resolution,  political victory through which Tamil Political Group became the Equal Opposition in Government in 1977, confirmed that that declaration was Belief based.. The pathway was beyond conscious average calculations. It was Natural.  Believers would identify with that karma. Ethnicity based war is part of Sri Lanka’s tapestry as the Indigenous Gap is part of Australia’s tapestry. It is due to our respective heritage. When rights and wrongs go beyond their current place and time – they become heritages.   We may like it or we may dislike it. Once we accept it as our own true picture of  the past – it is no longer a threat. We just have to contribute more towards wider society of our current times and/or save enough for the future generations by raising our standards beyond the physical to become Commonly accessible to all seekers.

The Australian parallel of the above  picture of   Tamil Equality – despite being minority in terms of numbers -  would be for a Party of Indigenous Communities  to become the Equal Opposition in National Parliament. That would happen if the incumbent party in Government position strongly loses the confidence of  the People and the current Opposition  Party gets a landslide victory in the following  elections AND in the meantime Indigenous Communities had worked and sacrificed for Equal status through the Political pathway.  Belief by minorities would make that happen if all the ingredients are present. Belief alone is an Eternal Power that travels with us beyond time and place borders.  One who invests beyond one’s official position - would naturally develop such Belief. If that were to happen, then the Indigenous Political Leader in Parliament would by law enjoy Equal status to the Prime Minister – just like the American President has the Opportunity to take up equal status in the UN as the Sri Lankan President – despite the US led  Resolution against Sri Lanka in relation to War-Crimes.

Most of us do not know how exactly Belief works but we know it works. The Mathematical genius mentioned above connected to the theory of numbers that already existed. He did not go through formal training towards this.  Accordingly zero in form represents no value as well as full value along the same vertical plane of 1 to 9. When you add the first number 1 to the last number 9 – in value you get 10. But if you stay along the same vertical plane  - mentally the 9 is connected to the 1 and you complete that vertical placement. This is the way of Indigenous communities who live close to the land.  Those of us who have come far from the origin – show 10, 100, and so on until we are not able to comprehend physically and/or mentally. Hence Infinity.  In terms of Sovereign value , one who never left home – but connected the first to the last along the same plane – is as wholesome as one who uses the lateral plane and connects to the culture many columns away. Those who do not make this connection – are in fact weaker than the one who stayed at ‘home’ and connected to the origin.

Australians and  recent migrants who did not complete their relationships with their cultural leaders at their places of origin – would be less Sovereign than Indigenous Communities who never left their homelands. Hence the latter need to bow their heads when going into those Indigenous areas which become Spiritual by staying in one place living largely through the Natural Resources available to them.

No vote as well as full Governance may show the same Freedom on the outside. It is the Experience that confirms the real value. If therefore we take a member of the Indigenous Community who is close to self-governance and place them in our lateral system of migrants – senior migrants and junior migrants – we weaken/damage their self-esteem due to change of status.  If they seek to come out – that is a choice they make to become relatives in wider world. The value of zero could be nothing or everything – depending on how close it is to its place of birth. Hence 9 becomes 10 to spread laterally – but only when it stays along the same vertical plane.

It is that Belief - that we are Sovereign - that ‘Closes the Gap’ in the mind of the Minority power – as demonstrated by the ABC Managing Director who demonstrated his belief in Higher Independent Media Values. Outsiders may criticize us of neglect. Minorities themselves may expect quid pro quos to follow majority – as happens with most migrants. But they take value away from Australia’s Sovereignty even though they may seem to be the Government’s darlings. Every migrant from less developed country relative to Australia or Indigenous Australian who foregoes quid-pro-quos to uphold her/his Sovereignty adds real and wholesome power to Australia. So long as we are Sovereign including through the narrowest of footpaths – we promote Natural Harmony anywhere anytime we ‘feel at home.’  It is the Government’s duty to clear any blocks along this pathway of Truth.

As highlighted by you – Administration of Common Areas need to be devolved to States and Municipalities – towards better balance between Law & Truth. The latter is best enjoyed confidentially through our Sovereignty in our home areas. Those of us who seek to participate in that need to reside with those communities and become part of them during that period of residence, would be part of the solution – the bridging solution. It happens through Truth and not principles. Mathematical Legend Ramanujan questioned his teacher (who said any number divided by itself is 1) - as to how zero divided by zero could be 1 when zero added to other numbers raises the value of that number?  That was the start of his lateral spread and yet he did not need any formal / structured leadership into this.
Once completed locally that whole would naturally merge with other wholes. Their achievement should not be measured at Work-In-Progress stage. In the world of that Commonness we would not ‘see’ any differences in educational standards or hygiene.

Belief has higher value than  Cleverness. A person with belief but poor educational standards and poor hygiene as seen by wider world through the eyes of relativity is likely to be more at Peace with her/himself than a Clever person whose mind never stands still to experience the beauty of Truth / Nature but keeps relating and hoarding and enforcing the obsolete. As per my direct experience with the Government – you are more close to Nature than your senior – Mr. John Howard during whose time I felt strong discrimination pain.

Hence I urge you to take a look at the picture at http://austms.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/tamil-sinhalaavatars-today-23-november.html   and honestly ask yourself whether you would achieve through your system – the natural harmony demonstrated by the devotees of Nallur Murugan of Northern Sri Lanka? I am often part of such large gathering during Nallur Festival time. To my mind  the gathering is self-managed because of strong and reliable Administration at Nallur. How could they or their relatives be listed as Terrorists? They would not be by their own. Instead they would be cured internally of any weaknesses. Also, would you be comfortable in removing your shirt as Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa – immediate past  President of Sri Lanka has demonstrated?  Yet in terms of Refugees both of you had common interests due to your official positions. I believe that is all the commonness we are entitled  to take for granted until we become Sovereign along our respective diverse pathways.

I pray that you continue with your goodness.

Yours sincerely

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

Mr. Sendt wrote on 20 November 2003 in response to my Public demand for him to pay his Dues as an Accountant::
Ms Param, I fully understand that auditors are not to participate in the management of the entities they audit. That is basic. What I said in my report is that external financial reports only give a partial view of the performance of many public entities. Such entities are not established to earn a profit or a return on assets, but to provide services to the public. So to give a true and fair view of how well they are providing services, they also produce non-financial performance indicators. If financial reports are required to be audited – to give the public confidence in their accuracy – then so too should the performance indicators. I fail to see how you can state that this is participating in the management of the entity.
Bob Sendt
NSW Auditor General
My response to the above indicates the deep wisdom I have in Audit and Compliance, largely based on my Sri Lankan training:
Thank you Mr. Sendt for  the prompt response. Most progressive organizations produce both – Financial and Non-Financial Performance Indicators. They  are both for MANAGEMENT purposes and reflect the THINKING and WORK_IN_PROGRESS. If you use Performance Indicators – then you are thinking with them. This is like the Executive Government participating in the Judicial process. Your Non-Financial Reports are the Legal records that these organizations are required to maintain – such as the Recruitment and Employee Assessment records. Where there is a big gap between Law and Practice – it requires YOUR staff to do the additional work. Taking the Performance Indicators distracts you away from this work. It is in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of  Powers. These organizations must be allowed to confidentially do the cooking and it’s up to your staff to do the spy work from the finished product to the LAW and not to their dreams and goals. You are seeking the short path because your staff are not trained to find out from the client staff what is going on. Staff often ‘hide’ information from you because you are third party. So they should. That way your staff would improve their skills. Using client-staff’s work-in-progress deters your staff from thinking through their own specialty = AUDIT on the basis of existing LAW. Then we would become a uniform society instead of a diverse society challenging each other – you within the existing law and the operational staff towards tomorrow’s laws. Challenging leads to creativity – as you can see from me. Gandhi also said that the night he was thrown out of the first class compartment of the South African RAILWAYS was his most creative experience.
You need to get the client organization to publish their non-financial reports that are mandatorily maintained. Public service organizations primarily make goodwill. This can also be positive or negative – profits or losses. They are collected together and are balanced with the total costs through Common Funds. It will be useful for you to develop a standard dollar value for these legal requirements so the People can SEE and know the Truth. Your role is not to help them make a profit but to report whether they are and how much. How about doing one on UNSW? Or State Rail?
Thank you again for responding. It has helped deeply.

Regards, Gaja

Friday 26 June 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 June 2015

Tamil national liberation movement flag flies over Geelong Trades Hall building. (Green Left Weekly)

Citizen is Right

It is understandable that Governments would have anxieties when faced with strong opposition – especially from those who are culturally different to the majority in government. It is understandable that towards protecting the position of Government, a Government would from time to time introduce laws to warn and/or punish citizens so we would travel along the Common pathway. At the fundamental level, the cultural principles and values of most communities would be within those Common Laws. Government of a multicultural society therefore has to ensure that such laws are not in breach of the fundamentals of those community values.

Unless these laws are carefully implemented – they could damage the very Governance power that they are claimed to protect.  Every self-governing person adds strength to Governance of the Nation. I explain my discovery in this regard, as follows :

Given that Australian Government has embraced the Policy of Equal Opportunity – my shareholdings in Governance through Self-Governance happened largely due to Publicly funded enterprises and Professionals who failed to uphold Equal Opportunity policies, despite the Government’s policy to do so, and yet I performed at the level of my professional standards – thus earning in real terms the equivalent of the benefits earned by a White Australian delivering that service. Had I reacted and reduced my work standards to match the benefits received – I would not have accumulated this ownership reserve which is the nucleus of Self-Governance. Sri Lankan rebels of both ethnicities reacted and hence failed to earn and accumulate this Self-Governance Reserve on behalf of the citizen. Hence they fought for Separation – Tamils for Separate State and Sinhalese for isolation. Gandhi did perform at the highest standards and hence he earned and accumulated those reserves and succeeded in Common ownership.  ’ (Beyond Consciousness)

Be it in Sri Lanka or in Australia, majority race tends to be suspicious of minorities who portray Equality.  In turn, minorities who are busy proving themselves to be ‘right’ miss out on the Opportunity to develop self-governance. Premature expressions of rights tend towards Separation instead of Self-Governance. To me Australian Tamils raising the Tamil Tiger flag is a way of mourning the death of their own work. This morning, I wrote to a majority Sinhalese group in this regard:

I am a Tamil and I am not for separation. But I do accept that there are some within the

Community who have had very little exposure to Sri Lankan Commonness.  Likewise within

Sinhalese Community. They oppose each other.

The flag itself is symbolic of the group through whom they identify with their

Commonness. It has been nothing more than that to me. It's not different to the

Graduation Group photo of my husband's batch of Engineers, we have in our home.

Every morning my husband pays his respects to that University of Peradeniya through

that photo. When we are physically away - we tend to use such Memorabilia more than

when we are physically close to the place.

If a Sinhalese raised the JVP flag as part of the Memorial Service - that also would

have been acceptable to me - because I am NOT affected by external influences as much

as I am by my own Truth.

The lowest common measure is WORK.  The more we value the work everyone has done and the sacrifices everyone has made – the less wars we would have. Most wars are due to selfishness to which the other side reacts. One Tamil asked:

[What is "Terrorism"?. No one has defined it in a way acceptable to everyone. IF I kill the "policeman" in an encounter it is "murder. IF the policeman  kill me in an encounter it is not "murder". One is "legal" murder while the  other is "illegal" murder. So, what is the definition for "murder"? No one investigates as to reason or cause which made me to kill the policeman"  and then "pass" their verdict.  "Birds of the same feather flock together"]

In other words – one rule for Government and another for the citizen. If Government proactively started off with the Citizen’s version as being right and then merged its own with it – that would be Affirmative Action and  be confirmation of Equal Opportunity required in Democratic Government. That is the application of ‘Customer is Right’ principle. The past inequality is eliminated through this Affirmative Action at the beginning. From then on  the platform is level.

Likewise where two Communities come to the Common Forum – the side that is close to Government needs to first facilitate the ‘other’ side to be heard in full – before adding its own to make a common conclusion. That is ideal in Democracy. But most majority forces don’t have that time for minority. If minority are guilty of violence – as the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) were considered to be – that violence needs to be negated but not the person/group itself. Eliminating the group and its positive contributions is the parallel of Death Sentence and therefore denial of Opportunity to eliminate the wrongs before coming to the common table. In any case, once the Sri Lankan Government accepted as part of itself – the LTTE leader of East – morally, it lost its authority to list LTTE as Terrorists. No Sri Lankan could thereafter legitimately claim that LTTE were Terrorists by Sri Lankan law. If they are – then the Government itself acted unlawfully and abused Global Authority of the UN for selfish purposes. These are important analyses that we need to undertake to identify with the Truth – so WE would be self-governing. When we are self-governing – the nation that we feel a part of is self-governing. There can be no better citizen than a self-governing citizen. Without this power of the citizen – the Government is Government, only at body level. It does not add lasting heritage value to the nation.

As explained above through my own experiences – if we accept reality and use the Opportunity to work at the highest standard known to us – we become self-governing. The more we do something because the whole is important to us – the stronger our self-governance power. This connects naturally to others and brings us the combined Energy when we need it.  It is in the interests of Governments to promote this self-governance reserve and punish those who damage it in any way.

Australian Tamils who raise the Tiger flag in remembrance of their own loss are no threat to fellow Australians. We as a Community are finding our own way out of this mess. By prematurely condemning the mourning of our own losses where there has been no acts of violence against the Australian Public or the Australian Government – those doing so are killing our work values and disrespecting the sacrifices we made. Even if one member of our Australian Tamil Community has been genuinely robbed of her/his rightful earnings and savings – of Human Goodwill followed by status and money – there is just cause for us to mourn and heal.

The Convention on the   Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination came about after the Sharpeville massacre. The Sharpeville gathering happened as a protest against pass-laws. Tamils who even expressed opposition were included in the Terrorists list by Sinhalese who played the Government’s role – as some White Australians also do from time to time. So long as the protest is peaceful – it is an expression of Self-Governance to protect one’s own intrinsic/ inalienable Sovereignty. This should however be within their own ‘privacy’ and not for ‘show’. When majority powers damage or disrespect such expressions – they weaken their own powers to Govern. The flag symbolizes  nationalism and when it is flown in Australian territory it enriches Australian Sovereignty through Australian Tamils.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 June 2015

Sinhala State from America to Australia

In response to our Australian Government’s new laws towards blocking terrorism,  I received emails from Sinhalese Diaspora with the subject heading ‘ Please sign this petition and support an Australian lady who was attacked recently by LTTE Supporters’. The incident mentioned in the email came to my attention about a month ago and I did not take it as warranting my special focus. In other words, I was NOT alarmed as an AUSTRALIAN. To me the ceremony was to mourn the death of  those who died during the war and this includes my close relatives also. It is interesting that the issue is being raised now – at a time when the Australian Government is legalizing cancellation of Australian citizenship for those who are suspected of terrorism and  have dual citizenship. As stated in yesterday’s article ‘Islamic State-A Warning to Sri Lankans’ , those principles  must apply also to Governments ‘suspected’ of war-crimes. That is when the law would be a just and democratic law. Our Prime Minister got cross with the ABC for facilitating a person who was accused of Terrorism to be included in the audience of the program  'lefty lynch mob'. To my mind that was the right political decision given that this accused person escaped punishment due to cleverness of his lawyer – through technicality. This needs also to be applied to those who are aiding Terrorism by activating those genes in the opposition.

Given that that lady at the center of the email subject matter -  Ms Diannah Paramour was from Tasmania and the incident happened in Springvale/Geelong Victoria – I took it as an ‘incident’ and did not respond to the communication last month. To my mind, to use belief-based pathway – one must be on ‘home-grounds’. Tamils to whom Victoria is home state had the belief-based right to express their Truth. Hence I did not take it as being against ‘Sri Lanka’ or ‘Australia’. In fact such expressions of Belief enrich  the place where it is made. They are sacred sites due to such belief.

The new laws and the emails they have influenced from foreigner - have given rise to the need to express my feelings on this – especially given that I received requests to sign above mentioned petition.

Tamils raising their homeland flag in Australia is not different to Aborigines raising their homeland flag outside Australia  - including during the Olympics.  It is belief based and to my knowledge there is no Australian law against it.  To my mind, Ms Diannah Paramour seemed to have the genes of those who oppose Aboriginal claim. Whether this is right or wrong – depends on each one’s culture. The Common Measure is the Law. If it was unlawful and if Ms Paramour was serious – she would have brought about legal injunction and would not have played the role of Government irresponsibly to suppress minority rights. One who values Traditional Land Rights would not have disrespected the memorial ceremony. When belief based expressions of loss are suppressed – they would lead to depression in that community and/or invoke rebellion which did happen in Sri Lanka due to suppression of minority rights.

The question I ask our Government is what happens to Australian born citizens with dual citizenship? Will their Australian citizenship also be cancelled for them to be sent forward to the ‘other’ country?  Say for example Ms Paramour who expressed that she cares about Sri Lanka – would Ms Paramour  be sent to Sri Lanka if she had dual citizenship there – as many Westerns do have? In any case – is there a relative punishment for Australians without dual citizenship – when they act to invoke terrorism?

We Australians need to take care not to invoke the negative past and facilitate Aboriginal negatives to join forces with other negatives of other minorities. Likewise White Australian negatives to join forces with other majority races.

We accept the Australian Government’s need to prevent abuse of Australia for Terrorism purposes and hence the passage of this legislation regarding cancellation of Australian Citizenship. We expect mistakes to happen through individuals – just as they happened in Sri Lanka – on both sides of the ethnic border. But the need for the law is accepted by majority known to me.

As an Australian, I feel that we need this Common Measure – as most Australians do NOT know the Truth through people who have had the direct experience.  This above lady – Ms Ms Diannah Paramour, to my mind, is one of them. Ms Shenali Waduge whose article entitled ‘60 year old Australian activist attacked by Tamils at Tamil Genocide event in Australia!(http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/05/22/60-year-old-australian-activist-attacked-by-tamils-at-tamil-genocide-event-in-australia/)

was referred to me a month ago, and who claims to be a Sri Lankan – did not ever publish any of my contributions to Common Sri Lanka -  nor did Ms Waduge ask me an Australian of Lankan origin as to how I felt about the above . Ms Diannah Paramour – a White Australian is shown to be more Trustworthy to Ms Waduge and the Sinhalese Diaspora who have signed this petition initiated by Sinhalese Diaspora as follows:

[From: Patriots <patriotsforunitedsrilanka@gmail.com>
Date: 22 June 2015 00:49:03 GMT-5
To: <PatriotsForUnitedSriLanka@gmail.com>
Subject: Please sign this petition and support an Australian lady who was attacked recently by LTTE Supporters

This is a petition to the Australian Government to disallow the raising of the LTTE Flag.  The lady who is Australian is a genuine supporter of Sri Lanka. She went to a meeting and objected to the LTTE flag. She was attacked and her hand and one rib were broken.  The low life thugs physically assaulted a 60 some year old lady lawyer who was supporting Sri Lanka.  We need to support her.

 Please sign this.

This law has surfaced the Truth – that Sinhalese looking for a fight would stoop to using unethical pathways to rekindle the ethnic war. Based on the principles underpinning this new law, all those signatories must be banned by the Australian Government from entering Australia and those who  already have Australian citizenship and are dual citizens – the new law needs to be applied to cancel their Australian Citizenship.

In democracy – we interpret issues through objective outcomes. The issue is Terrorism by foreigners. If terrorism is surfaced by foreigners the Government has the responsibility  to take action against them irrespective of their ethnic associations. That’s when this new law would have the blessings of Lady Justice who is blind to physical differences.

Tuesday 23 June 2015



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 June 2015


Islamic State-A Warning to Sri Lankans


As per current news report – our Australian Government is about to cancel Australian citizenship for dual-citizenship holders who participate in the war for an Islamic State. I identify with the validity of this not only from a government’s perspective but also for Australian living – especially for migrants. As a Sri Lankan I believe through my direct experiences – that this kind of ‘isolation’ is a grave and present risk amongst Tamils, Sinhalese as well as Muslims of Sri Lankan origin. Often Governments who ‘go-it-alone’ as the Sri Lankan Government did during the last phase of the Sri Lankan war and as LTTE (Liberation Tamils of Tamil Eelam) did at all times, develop this isolation karma. It is well worth noting the influence such ‘isolation’ has on the leadership and ask ourselves whether we need to distance ourselves from such leadership. We need to ask ourselves also whether governments that promote separation should also be treated on the same footing and be isolated by Australian Government taking on leadership roles at the International level. A strong and just principle would be such as to cover all those who isolate themselves – including through unlawful government activities.


As per current news-reports about Sri Lanka which is very much into Political mood, there are accusations from both sides of politics that confirm this isolation karma. One report under the subject heading ‘Sri Lanka opposition asks government to act on US report on LTTE’ states:


[Asserting that there is a "threat" to national security, Sri Lanka's opposition on Monday asked the government to act urgently over a US report which said that the LTTE's international network and funding was intact.

"The Government should act on this urgently. There is a threat to national security," said G L Peiris, former foreign minister and United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP. He said the government should have convened a special cabinet meeting over the report.

The US State Department report released last week had said Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam's (LTTE) international network and funding was intact. It said that the defeated group was very much alive internationally.

The report noted that there have been no known attacks in Sri Lanka that could verifiably be attributed to the LTTE since the end of the war, but a total of 13 LTTE supporters, several of which had allegedly planned attacks against the US and Israeli diplomatic facilities in India were arrested in Malaysia in 2014.

Peiris alleged that recent Sri Lankan government action such as having talks with Tamil diaspora groups would encourage those who want to see the revival of the LTTE. Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had engaged diaspora groups in London for talks aimed at addressing the immediate needs of the war-affected Tamils. Government had said it was keen to engage all Sri Lankan groups overseas to rebuild the country.]


The person who failed to win the Trust of Tamils has raised this point and one must ask oneself whether that person – Mr. GL Peiris is abusing his past position to not only reduce the value of the current Minister’s performance but is being irresponsible in using it to political advantage of his side. The US Administration is not under official scrutiny of the United Nations. The Sri Lankan Administration is.


I believe that once we Tamils acknowledge the ‘mistakes’ and ‘excesses’ on our part and bring about ‘closure’ – we would identify with the Truth of others like Mr. Peiris and Mr. Rajapaksa whose trump-card is the war against  Tamil Rebels which is interpreted by majority Tamils as war against Tamil Sovereignty.  Whether we have official status or not – we are entitled to use our belief within our own local areas. That is the common principle of the democratic path.


It is important that all those who seek civilian life consciously bring about closure of war through the pathways available to them. Below is an excerpt from my book in this regard which I believe would be helpful to all those who are truly seeking Sovereignty through their own Truth and nothing but the Truth:


[Seniors  like myself  who are not able to accept the  kind of downgrading mentioned above, tend to resign and physically separate ourselves.  We do not become ‘foreigners’ / ‘outsiders’  when we do so. We become the common Public forming a natural opposition against those who act selfishly.  Effectively we retire when we so resign and become Common Seniors who in a civilised society would be respected as wise elders. By retiring we preserve the value of Truth we have discovered. Truth empowers naturally and hence retirement is blissful because it is without the responsibility to be Accountable and be Transparent except to ourselves.  But it is important that we must retire/leave - knowing the value of our contribution. If the true value of this is unpleasant  - then we would be better off surrendering ourselves to a good leader known to us and observe through that leader. If LTTE had retired in 2002-2003 – when Ceasefire was declared  - and lived off their Truth – or surrendered to a Tamil  spiritual leader,  we would have saved the subsequent suffering of Tamils and more importantly prevented the indignity suffered by  Resident  Tamils. By failing to take up that opportunity and invest in economic development and self-sufficiency in Tamil areas – we also became responsible for the tragedy in 2009.  In 2009, through an open letter circulated to LTTE supporters also - I urged Velupillai Prabhakaran to surrender to Nallur Murugan. Whether the LTTE leader  read it or not – I believe I protected that part of the Tamil Community that travelled along the common path as I – from losing their dignity. My brother in law who was in Yoga Swami Aashram in Vanni and got displaced many times in 2009 - ended up in the camp and died there but he was looked after by nuns. He had a respectable funeral in Colombo and this I believe would not have been the case if I had not surrendered on behalf of the family also.  Today that heritage is carried with dignity by his family – including his son and grandchildren in Australia.

The Rajapaksa regime, by taking credit for ‘victory’ over LTTE – also confirmed that it attacked and did not exert force  just enough to defend.  Had it been just to defend – the outcomes would have been surrendered to the Public in Common. Had the outcomes of that battle been sacrificed at the feet of  their true belief – their god -  they would not have celebrated victory. To my mind, this celebration is also the result of the failure on the part of the LTTE to respect the Sovereignty of  Tamils through the political pathway – as confirmed  through active participation in politics. The LTTE blocked that pathway in 2005 Presidential elections in which the current Prime Minister – the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe was expected to win – particularly for the ceasefire that happened in 2002 during his period as Prime Minister.  To my mind that was settled through the 2015 elections which restored the position of Prime Minister to the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe who is respected by a large section of educated Tamils including in the Diaspora. Any Sinhalese leader who seeks to be recognized globally – would first need to earn the respect of their own cultural minorities. So long as Mr. Wickremesinghe has earned that respect – he would be a true Head of Sri Lankan State – with or without the official position.

If Mr. Rajapaksa returns – that would also be a promise of the  return of the LTTE   and military rule for the whole country.  They both got their credits through war and it would be difficult for them to be leaders in Peacetime.  They both exerted power to attack and not just to defend. Sinhalese have already had a taste of that and if they insist on bringing Mr. Rajapaksa back as leader – they must be denied global assistance by the Global Community. We need closure and every responsible Sri Lankan would bring about closure of war now that we have the opportunity to lead civilian life. Our family has suffered due to both – LTTE as well as the official Armed Forces. Hence the closure happened by us – through confirmation  that neither cared about us. The Democratic pathway is our family’s pathway.

A Tamil who has had the war experience at family level – must relate through that experience and not get carried away with political promises – be it by Resident Politicians or Diaspora leaders or families overseas waiting to ‘buy’ status through overseas monies – including government handouts. Every person who emigrates to another country has the responsibility to first take her/his place in that society as per her/his contribution to that structure. When monies are ‘given’ out of emotional reactions – we fail to develop heritages through which we share our dignity with future generations.  

When those who contribute less than 25% to a group, leave – they could be included as outsiders by the next generation. To this group – out of sight is out of mind. To the former – it’s more ‘Absence makes the heart  grow fonder’.

It is to prevent such exodus that we have ‘facilities’ in Democratic Systems.   Those who have practiced the policies of a group and/or its parallel - at its highest – become facilities when they  contribute  beyond that point. Their work then becomes ‘service’. Their thoughts direct the minds of their followers to provide service.  The motivating energy flows from their sacrifices / savings.

When we ‘save’ a part of our earned benefits the thought of them being there helps us feel that we would be secure in the future.   Hence superannuation funds and  employee provident funds. If we spent all our income as it is earned we would not feel this sense of security about our future. This is true also of status benefits.  When we sacrifice current popularity earned through our current   work, we step into positions with status in later years.   The longer it remains as savings / status the stronger the heritage value.   When we step into positions held by others before our generation – we are inheriting. When we feel gratitude for the heritage  – we connect to their minds and our outcomes are more wholesome.   Young ones often rely on current popularity. Such young ones  carry least heritage value in the positions assumed by them.

  If Sri Lanka seeks to be a unitary state – it needs to consciously recognize ‘facilities’ and prevent  independent  citizens and communities  from being Administered. The other alternative is to take ‘out of sight; out of mind’ approach and delegate towards self-management to the extent the Central authorities do not feel the confidence to influence the remote units through common belief. Such delegation would not work when one side is dependent on the other – including to ‘show’ opposition by idly finding fault.

I feel that my commitment to ‘sovereignty’ influenced me to separate myself from those driven by desires and quick outcomes which happen often by acting in breach  of Due Processes that are expected of Governments – the very governments we criticize and preach to and sometimes oppose actively. That would have diluted the ‘service’ value of my work and sacrifices.

The LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) was outstanding in the use of weapons due to cleverness in disenfranchised  groups (for example lower castes) – which did not feel the responsibility to contribute to common governance.  If they had become the rulers of  Tamils in Sri Lanka – Tamil civilization that we take so much credit for including through educational achievements  would have plummeted to low levels. A civilization that uses  weapons as a last resort and that too through common rules is one of  high civilization. By the same token a group that avoids use of arms due to its desire for status as a non-violent group would tend to be low in civilization.

In the great Indian epic Mahabharatham  - Bhishmar – the head of the royal family became the head of the armed forces of the unjust side and maintained the adherence to common rules.  Likewise, many  well respected Tamils who  added themselves to LTTE leadership and/or the Sinhalese dominated Government. ]


 Muslims who sought to be physical part of the Islamic State ought to have renounced their Australian citizenship to prevent the indignity of being ‘dismissed’.  One who is truly sovereign would respect the sovereignty of every other sovereign person/group. That is natural identity. Likewise be it Tamils or Sinhalese when they claim Nationalism through Sinhala only/Buddhist only or Tamil only – they must renounce positions – especially Political positions – that are Sri Lankan. The current leadership  in Sri Lanka  is Sri Lankan and my Energies as a Sovereign person are added to them to continue along that pathway.