Friday 31 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
31 March 2017 

War Crimes and / OR Racism

 The SBS message in our bus – here in Sydney, says words to the effect ‘One in five Australians on the bus has experienced racism’.

Even though I did not know the numbers – I identified with the Truth of it through my own experiences. This positive role played by SBS as a leading member of Australian media is confirmed through this independent action as part of the People. SBS is not in denial. It accepts that there is Racism in Australia. By including Racial Discrimination Act 1975 as part of the Common pathway through which we Australians travel, the Australian Government also acknowledged the presence of Racism in Australia. The SBS message was needed due to the failure of the Government’s failure to practice the Common Value of that legislation as well as the Judiciary’s failure  to  uphold the law. When Truth alone can save us from this mental disorder, one of the better avenues available is the media. When we reach out and help others share their Truth just for the relief of some of the pain – the value is exponential.

When I filed my complaints with the Australian Federal Court, through the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission some officers at clerk level said to me openly to go to the Industrial Relations Commission. But  intuitively I knew that my actions through the Racial Discrimination Act were more valuable to ALL Australians. Hence I continued even though I knew I would be ‘dismissed’ by the Courts. At the time of Action – I did not five form to this projection of ‘failure’. I just included the Judiciary also as part of the media for my Truth. Like the river that cleans the pathway through which it merges with the sea, our personal belief cleans the pathway through which It merges with Truth common to all.

The parallel of the above in Sri Lanka’s case is whether the problem in Sri Lanka is Racism or general violence. When the reason is belief based – it could be either but not both at the same time. If the Authorities concerned are able to deliver justice by accepting objectively measurable evidence as proof – then neither side’s belief can override that. In my case, had the University of NSW and / or the Police produced such evidence as per my performance / conduct – then there was no room for me to complain on the basis of Racism. But I was an outstanding performer at the University and I acted within the law at all times in the case of Police. Hence the matter was promoted to the system of Natural Justice where the returns to the respective parties were decided as per their respective karma.

As per my discovery – when it goes to the system of Nature – it returns to us. Our own self-esteem goes down and our mind order becomes disorderly to the extent we upset the person acting as per her/his Truth and belief. It is in the interest of authorities to ensure that the based used to exercise authority is just as per the law/laws  they are bound by.

In the case of Sri Lanka there is no law that makes racism unlawful. Hence one is left to Belief to identify with the Truth. In a recent experience, I was monetarily penalized by the Airbnb system through which we provide Tourist accommodation. The money was taken out on the same day we received the fee for one of our guests who also gave glowing review about our hosting. I was puzzled but just accepted it as machine error. But today, I realized that that happened because I obliged another customer regarding another property which is available only during a short period of the year. That customer asked me to cancel so she would get the full refund of the money she had paid before receiving my confirmation. I therefore got the penalty taken out of my income for accommodating the private request of this customer and it happened due to my ignorance of the laws of Airbnb.  Now I feel good again because I know what I have to do to prevent such losses in the future in the confidence that Airbnb is a reliable supporter facilitating this service. I believe that my genuine provision of service surfaced the true situation regarding the cancellation and has armed me against such irresponsible selfish customers. It the knowledge of my own Truth that restored my confidence in Airbnb’s reliability.  Likewise if we believe – the evidence would surface one way or the other for our own purposes – especially if the official system fails us.

In terms of the Sri Lankan Government’s stand on the war the following report is of interest:

[In an address to war veterans, the president said he will stand by the military which crushed the Tamil Tigers and ended the decades-long ethnic war, but he will not protect those who attacked journalists and sportsmen.
His remarks were a thinly veiled reference to the January 2009 assassination of Lasantha Wickrematunga and the May 2012 murder of rugby star Wasim Thajudeen. Both cases were brushed under the carpet during the Rajapaksa regime.

As per the above report, the President used the description ethnic-war. Hence the confirmation of racism. Standing by the military means there would be no inquiry into the conduct of soldiers on the basis of the law, during the war-period.  That is the parallel of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, protecting the Administrators from merit based inquiry. It’s indirect political power in Administration. In terms of Natural Justice – the Administrative system of such a Government gets demoted to the lower level – in this instance - as if there were no laws that soldiers had to follow during combat. That is the summary verdict.

The Prime Minister in turn is reported to have stated:

[Addressing a gathering at the unveiling of the Buddha statue at Suduwella, Maradana, the Prime Minister observed that people of all ethnicities and religious groups had come for the unveiling, demonstrating the power of reconciliation and unity in the country.
 “We must create a Sri Lankan identity under which all ethnicities are united within a unitary Sri Lanka. For this we need reconciliation between religions and act without causing religious or ethnic conflict. To bring about such an environment, there needs to be a suitable a political solution,” the Prime Minister said.] – Daily News article – ‘Political solution leading to ethnic harmony will fast track development: PM’.

Non-Buddhists attending the unveiling of Buddha Statue confirms intimidation including passive, self-imposed  intimidation. If Buddhists had attended a Hindu, Muslim or Christian function – then that would be confirmation of affirmative action to override natural tendencies associated with majority power. Reconciliation is possible only when the same principle/law is applied in different environments and both being right for their environment – as in the Executive and the Judiciary; the Central Government and the Provincial Government. Belief in multicultural society cannot be reconciled because that is why we are multicultural and we are facilitated to develop our own diversity in our private space.
Now that the President has confirmed that the laws of Administration applicable to the armed forces is to be effectively made invalid – we need more Belief based pathways and hence our own spaces through Devolution of Power.

The Tamil Diaspora group in Britain:

[The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) cautiously welcomed the unanimous adoption of the resolution ‘Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’ (34/L.1) at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).]

If GTF accepts the need for Reconciliation and accountability – then it is looking towards the measure of Common Law. GTF cannot then claim Racism as the reason for its belief in relation to why the Tamils suffered.

One who believes does not need proof and therefore does not need reconciliation. One who promotes reconciliation has no space to express belief based reasoning.  

Thursday 30 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
29 March 2017

How Sovereign are Australia’s Borders?

 My attention was drawn to the news report headed ‘Nadarajah Raviraj Murder: CID to assist AG’ by news radio.

One of the reports on this matter reveals the mind-order  of the victim that I am able to identify with:

[On Tuesday (January 10), Ms. Raviraj’s lawyer will appeal against the Colombo High Court’s order. “Not because I have high expectations of my husband’s murderers being brought to justice. But it is to express our deep disappointment at the judgment,” Ms. Raviraj said, adding that the government need not have opened the case if it was not committed to a just outcome. “Why did they?” she asked, raising her voice.
Echoing her disillusionment and anger, Praviinaa said: “If you do take it up, do something right about it... not having him around to see me graduate, or to pick me up late from a party all these years... it feels terrible.”] The Hindu article Tamil MP’s family awaits justice but hopes fade.

I believe that each one of us can vote through the system of Natural Justice towards a just outcome not only for this family but all Sri Lankans affected by the mess that the Sri Lankan Justice system has become. Unlike in the Man-made system of Democracy – the Divine system works as per the real value of our contribution to the ownership in the issue through many pathways, and held in many structures including  family, profession and common land. In addition to my contribution to the legal system of Sri Lanka, I have credits as a common owner of land in Narahenpita which is the home-suburb of this family. The mind is the higher common structure of the senses. Likewise, oneness with the structure  is the higher common value of physical elements of ownership including custody and biological relationships. Electorate based ownership in democracy is land based.

The Hon Nadarajah Raviraj  lived in Narahenpita and was also killed in that electorate. I lived in Narahenpita and purchased land in Narahenpita. To the extent I gained benefits less than my contribution by living in that area – I have real ownership rights. One who believes is an owner and an owner has the power to work the system through Natural forces.

A Government that collects Taxes and exercises authority over citizens but fails in its duty to deliver Common Public Service becomes a dependent on such owners and becomes indebted to the land that the Government has undertaken to manage.   Such Governments do not have the capability of delivering the just verdict. But when we citizens go through the internal common processes available to us and go beyond through that pathway with feeling of ownership, we discover the Truth about the Government and invoke the power of  Nature / Truth / Ownership, to reward or punish the Government through itself. Through that discovery of Truth the cycle is completed and the roles are reversed where the citizen discovers the Truth before the Government. Such rewards and punishment happen through the natural structures developed by the persons concerned and are often indirect. Hence the recommendation to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. The Tamil parallel is ‘our own sins burn us’.

Separation is necessary to identify with the return where a system is not common to the perpetrator and the victim. Attachment to the primary structures often blocks this pathway of Nature. Successful passing on to Nature which accumulates the contributions of all victims is the parallel of leaders getting back to the voters to form Government.

I believe it is ‘ownership’ connection that led me to read the above report deeper and I learnt that one of the accused had taken refuge in Australia. The Sri Lankan Justice system is so very messy that one has to rely on one’s own Truth to know the importance and validity to exercise one’s natural vote one way or the other. Voting through the mind as per our Truth has exponential value. Wikipedia reports as follows:

[On 3 November 2015 six people – three navy personnel (Pradeep Chaminda (Chandane) alias Vajira, Lieutenant Commander Hettiarachchi and Petty Officer Seneviratne), two Karuna Group/TMVP paramilitaries (Palanasami Suresh alias Sami and Sivakanthan Vivekanandan) and a police officer (Fabian Royston Toussaint) – were charged with Raviraj's murder.  A fourth navy personnel, Lieutenant Commander Munasinghe Arachchige Nilantha Sampath Munasinghe alias Navy Sampath, was charged in December 2015.  Three of the seven charged, Suresh, Toussaint and Vivekanandan, are not in custody.  Toussaint is believed to be running an eco-consultancy business, Eco Support Consulting, in Australia.  Vivekanandan is believed to be in Switzerland.]

As per my reading of the system of Karma, by accepting  Fabian Royston Toussaint as a lawful entrant at a time like this when boat refugees who undergo much more difficulty to come to Australia, are being denied entry into Australia, Australian Government is losing the natural votes of genuine Australian owners and would be owners. In January this year for example, News Radio reported as follows:

Australia’s Operation Sovereign Border

Australia’s Operation Sovereign Border has been actively working to fend away migrant boats from the Southeast Asian region especially Sri Lanka. Commander of the Operation Sovereign Border Major General Andrew Bottrell who visited Sri Lanka last year, sat down with NewsRadio Sri Lanka’s Hazari Mohamed for a chat on Operation Sovereign Border

The actions by the Australian Government to block the path of refugees is largely as per primary level knowledge. That may stop the boats but not prevent violence and disorderliness that the likes of this policeman bring.

We approached the Narahenpita Police through a lawyer friend to check on our land in Narahenpita after we heard from our Attorney that someone had started occupying it while we were overseas. The report we received was that the Police did not act. The guy who occupied filed a case against the Police Officer – one Fabian Mitchell and another S.Periyasamy. Our side application to subpoena the Officer was unsuccessful. But I learnt through my detailed study of the evidence before the Court that S.Periyasamy’s address ws given by the unlawful occupier Piyadasa as that of the land under dispute. That Truth surfaced to support me. I have submitted this to Court and await to observe the Judgment. My vote for the Sri Lankan Judiciary would be allocated or denied accordingly.

Today I found out that the above officer was involved in the arrest of the Hon Vasudeva Nanayakkara for distributing pamphlets to University students. Mr. Nanayakkara’s daughter married the son of the Hon Wigneswaran – now the Chief Minister of Northern Province who has been accused of supporting LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. Mr. Nanayakka’s coalition with the Sinhalese  parallel of the LTTE is indicated as follows:

[Nanayakkara later left the LSSP and in 1977 joined with other former members of the LSSP, including Vikramabahu Karunaratne, to form the Nava Sama Samaja Party (NSSP). He was the NSSP's candidate in Ehaliyagoda at 1977 parliamentary election but failed to get elected. He was the NSSP's candidate at the 1982 presidential election. He came fifth and last after receiving only 17,005 votes (0.26%).
The Sri Lankan government proscribed the NSSP, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Communist Party of Sri Lanka (CP) after the Black July anti-Tamil riots of 1983. Nanayakkara, Karunaratne, Rohana Wijeweera and other left-wing politicians went into hiding until 1985 when the proscription was lifted.]

Currently, there are investigations into ‘Insider trading’ accusations in relation to Central Bank bonds issue. Where the environment is ‘free’ our minds share freely and this would disadvantage the general public. The question we need to ask is whether the family relationship between Mr. Nanayakkara and Mr. Wigneswaran influenced the JVP in the mind of former to infect the mind of the latter and hence the latter’s praise of LTTE Leadership.

These are natural coalitions which happen through our gunas/traits  – in free environments. On that basis, the police officer accused  in the above murder case came by air to Australia and not by boat. Ultimately we are judged by our own inner Truth / Conscience. Those with clear conscience would strengthen the system of justice through which the slain politician’s family would live because  the mind of the just politician continues to live.

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
28 March 2017

Rajinikanth & Jaffna Protestors

[Did Lord Krishna commit the heinous crime of creating the inhuman caste system for the ruling class to abuse and oppress the downtrodden? Definitely not, as he had explained in subsequent verses a person’s personality is governed by the distribution of the three gunas -Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. All human beings are in possession of all the three gunas, but in different proportions. People in whom Sattvic Guna predominates are spiritual, righteous and humane. Rajasic people are prone to violence, greed, action and a tendency to dominate and command. Tamas is born of ignorance and enshrouds the discrimination in man. It leads one to heedlessness, indolence and sleep, rendering him inert. By nature he is purposeless.] India’s Perennial Disease – Disunity, Hatred, Exploitation and Self-interest – Part 2A – by Visvanathan

I was referred to the above in response to my article ‘Pedigree of Lawyers & the Caste system!

The way the Thamas (laidback attitude) works has been highlighted through the proposal and the cancellation of actor Rajinikanth’s visit to Northern Sri Lanka. The proposal as well as the reaction in Jaffna are both Thamasic in nature. I relate to this through the teachings of my Spiritual Guru Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s who has been accepted by majority Indians and good proportion of Sri Lankans as being Divine. Swami states in this regard:

[Those endowed with pure Sathwic characteristics are Brahmins; those with Rajasic qualities and, as a result, equipped with courage and heroism are Kshatriyas who can protect mankind from harm. Those who have neither valour nor heroism but who are proficient in persuasive talent and the tactics of commerce and eager to use these skills in proper methods are Vaisyas. In this class, Rajoguna and Thamoguna are blended. The others who have no inclination for undergoing asceticism or acquiring scholarship, who do not practise Sadhana, who have no physical stamina and mental courage necessary for battle, who do not possess the special skill needed for trade and commerce, are Thamasic in nature and so engage themselves in Thamasic professions. These are the Sudras. They fulfil themselves by their labour through which they contribute to world prosperity and peace.] Sathya Sai Baba - Sathya Sai Vahini - The Divine Body - Page 149

Actor Mahadevan who speaks for his ‘class’ states :

[Actor R Madhavan spoke to TIMES NOW on the recent political debate that broke out over superstar Rajinikanth’s proposed visit to Sri Lanka and stated that it does not make sense to create a controversy at this point of time and that Rajinikanth, though he has taken a decision to avoid controversy, has made his stand very clear by asking people not to politicise his visit.] Making a controversy over Rajinikanth's visit to Sri Lanka does not make sense: R Madhavan – by Times Now

One could therefore conclude that Rajinikanth is Thamasic in terms of Politics. Actor Madhavan states during his interview:
We must understand that we are very vulnerable as actors. It is unfair that social issues get linked to us before the release of a film. You must understand that when you see a film, you see our face on it, you see Rajini sir’s face on it but 500 families are feeding off of what the outcome of the film is going to be’

The outcome of the film includes ignorance of local social issues in  the minds that are distracted by shortcuts taken by the characters presented through the body of Rajini sir! It’s the characters that majority audience admire.  The minds of Tamils of Jaffna who are taken to have had the experience of war – would be immersed in that social and humanitarian issue. The way we do not see the 500 families being fed from the acting of Rajini sir, these protestors and Rajini sir himself, do not see the work and sacrifice that has gone into maintaining our dignity as a Sovereign Community.  I myself have to often forego basic comforts in life to be with the victims of war and the survivors. If we were truly a Sovereign Community, someone like myself  would have been honored above Rajini and his promoter Subaskaran Allirajah, the Lycamobile owner who is funding the science fiction film 2.0.

The above statement by actor Mahadevan brings to mind the anecdote shared by my generation Jaffna Tamils about senior politicians of our times. The report goes like this:

[Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – the brilliant politician, when he had knowledge of his opposition paying money to buy votes would go to the same group of voters and say words to the effect ‘they gave you Rs 5 each to vote for them. I will take that back and give you double that amount’

The money to feed the five hundred families comes from the Public – many of whom would neglect their other home-duties to go to the cinema and/or watch TV at home. This kind of easy charity has become the fashion of superstars in Tamil cinema. If the Hon Kamaraj were to have come instead of Rajinikanth – these folks would have gone about their own Thamasic ways.

These protestors through their Thamasic ways are forming coalition with Mr. Namal Rajapaksa against the Tamil Nadu Politicians:

[The latest political figure to weigh in on superstar Rajinikanth’s decision to cancel his Jaffna visit is former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Namal.
Taking to Twitter, Namal Rajapaksa hit out at Tamil Nadu’s politicians for opposing Rajinikanth’s visit to the Northern province in Sri Lanka, stating. “True nature of Tamil Nadu politicians is revealed again. They won't allow anyone, even @superstarrajini, to help #SriLanka's Tamil people,” he tweeted.] The news minute

When an issue is brought down to the level of low investors, infiltration by the very minds that caused the problem (of displacement and homelessness in this instance) is facilitated. Tamil Nadu Politicians in Common have always been there for Sri Lankan Tamils. They have greater right than cinema stars and their pro-Rajapaksa bosses like Subaskaran Allirajah who as a Sri Lankan Tamil has failed our Community. It would have been far more meaningful for Subaskaran Allirajah to spend time alone with the victims – just listening to them and sharing in their pain. Without such sharing Subaskaran Allirajah is limited to his own direct pain and loss which as per my assessment have been more than overcome through migration to the UK. One who taught himself to fish would facilitate others to learn to fish.
As per news report Allirajah’s social service arm ‘ The Gnanam Foundation is based on the ethos of "teach a person to fish".  One who was given the fish has the responsibility to be thankful. Otherwise s/he would become dependent on - the giver and the given produce. One who was ‘given’ the knowledge to fish would tend to ‘give’ the knowledge. One who did not pay her/his dues to the structure / mentors who facilitated her/his learning tends to separate from that structure due to distractions from other apparently greener pastures. The point of separation happens at the low level for low investors. In this instance from telecom business  to cinema and from cinema to politics. One who learnt from zero base – would respect the structure that s/he developed. Allirajah ought to have been asked to pay his dues to cinema industry structures before using its resources outside cinema activities. This becomes difficult in a world where cinema actors become politicians – as MGR did under the influence of Karunanithi.

The post-war housing issue is very much a political issue in Sri Lanka and the Politicians have the first right to leadership in related activities. As a Community Leader by action and involvement I expect Allirajah to pay his respects to us and earn his position through due processes and not pollute the minds of Thamasic civilians who neglect home-duties to entertain themselves cheaply. They also contributed to the Displacement problem by neglecting their homes which ought to have  facilitated education and higher thinking as part of Jaffna family life. We owe that to our ancestors. If Rajnikanth was seeking to pay his respects only to those who died in the last battle– then he is yet to earn that opportunity to take leadership position in Northern Sri Lanka where education comes first and those who acted against education are traitors. Without that order of mind – one is NOT a Jaffna Tamil except through physical living and idle application of law – both of which Mr. Rajnikanth does not have.

As an actor Mr. Rajnikanth is most welcome to come to Northern Sri Lanka to say ‘thank you’ to his fans. That’s his earned right. 

Monday 27 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
27 March 2017

Foreign Judges have come to stay

[The government’s backtracking on ‘foreign judges’ is not surprising, but pathetic. You only have to read the news reports on the UNHRC resolution and its background in September/October 2015.] The Island article ‘The new ides of March: Foreign judges have not come … but gone! Beware the emblematic cases!’

Who said the Government has backtracked? Read the mind behind these words:

[The Government will introduce a host of laws from this year to modernise the country’s legal system, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday.
Speaking at the 43rd Annual Convocation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) and the induction of the BASL’s new President last evening, the Prime Minister who was the Chief Guest said while Sri Lanka could be proud of having the oldest legal tradition in Asia, the country was far behind others in the region when it came to modern laws. As such, “starting from this year, you’ll find a lot of new laws coming in,” he said.] – Sunday Times article New laws soon to replace old ones, says PM

Foreign Judges were needed by the UN to measure what happened through laws that were Common to all investors in Sri Lanka – including the UN. The outcomes ‘shown’ by the Sri Lankan Political mind was at best through their own sense of Justice. The laws through which we measure add their own Energies to the manifestations. Old laws/principles would awaken  the angels and ghosts of the past. Laws that are based on Truth discovered by a person/group are angels and once past their natural environment become of heritage value. Laws based on desires of law-makers are demons that would stay on as curse, once past  their  natural environment.

The pressing issue at UN level is the conduct of the soldiers. They say all is fair in Love and War due to Oneness / ‘Ownership’ being the measure. But to be valid – such decisions and their effects must not leave the Love-zone / War-zone. That is the way of the hierarchical subjective system. Hence its essential criterion of ‘Confidentiality’. Once one side breaches this Confidentiality requirement – the other side has the Duty to not only balance the books but also be Transparent about it.

 By celebrating the victory over the LTTE with wider world – instead of mourning the death of Sri Lankans including the LTTE – the Government lost the protection of Natural Forces of Love and Truth. By celebrating at that time, the Government made itself ‘foreigner’ to those it punished. I was in Colombo at that time – in Wellawatte / Colombo 6 with high proportion of Tamils. The celebrations extended to those outside the uniform and their conduct was hurtful to me as a Sri Lankan. When people ‘judge’ beyond their share of contribution – they make foreigners of themselves to the one with real authority to judge. I find that happening with many of Sinhalese origin in terms of Tamils and many of Tamil origin in terms of the Government. Both are hurtful – as they damage my investment in Common Sri Lankan structure. Those relying on majority power would not feel the urge to develop structures. Real structures developed by us are born out of Sacrifice. Hence in Hindu culture mothers who sacrifice and share are recognized as Shakthi / Energy.

The author of the Island article reveals his mind-structure, pedigree (to use the terminology used by the Judge in the Central Bank Bonds matter) in terms of old and new – as follows:

[If accountability is to mean Old Testament justice of an ‘eye for an eye’, we may as well forget reconciliation. As Mahatma Gandhi warned, ‘An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind’]

Gandhi was Hindu and a believer in Bhagawath Geetha :

[When doubts haunt me and disappointments stare me in the face and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to the Bhagavad Gita and find a verse to comfort me; I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow.] — Mahatma Gandhi

The author of Bhagawath Geetha - Lord Krishna says ‘I am the killer and I am the one being killed / I am the King and I am the People’. Where the Service Provider and the Beneficiary recognize their positions the Provider is the one who represents the whole to wider world. The beneficiary completes the relationship by being grateful and in terms of structure this is confirmed through the respect shown to the Provider. To truly have and hold this higher status the Provider ought to have forgone earned benefits including ‘free status’. One who inherits leadership status needs to bow to the person from whom such was inherited. If the person immediately above is not respectable as per the mind of the heir, then one keeps going higher and higher to ancestors. The position is thus earned by bowing to the past.

The powers of those who developed that position and the system that it is a part of – say for example Buddhist leadership in Sri Lanka, are inherited by practicing the Laws and Due Processes. To the extent they are shown as ‘outcomes’ – the person/group so showing stagnates at that level of leadership and places a ceiling on the inheritance. Young ones who produce their own outcomes thus disconnect themselves from the heritage. They thus lose the very powers of those who developed the heritage. That was the case with LTTE which killed the political leaders to show its own wins through armed power.

The latest example in terms of disconnection with heritage is learnt through the proposal for Indian Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth to handover ‘homes’ to the displaced in Sri Lanka’s North:

[Tamil megastar Rajinikanth, who was expected to visit Sri Lanka next month to inaugurate a housing scheme, on Saturday announced that he has cancelled the trip following protests from the Tamil outfits. The primary agenda of the visit was to hand over keys of 150 houses built for displaced Lankan Tamils at Vavunya.
The actor was invited to be the chief guest at a programme in the Northern Province's Vavuniya town on April 9. A foundation, part of Lyca Productions that is funding the actor's sci-fi entertainer "2.0", had built the houses for the displaced Lankan Tamils. Around 4 lakh people were expected to participate in the programme, according to Rajinikanth's statement.
In a three page statement, the actor referred to the struggle by Lankan Tamils in Sri Lanka and said he wanted "to breathe air on the land where lakhs had fought for their rights and died".
Rajinikanth also had sought an appointment with Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss the problems faced by Indian fishermen in the hands of Lankan navy.

The indiscriminate mixing of Cinema and Politics has brought much disorder in Tamil Nadu. Rajnikanth’s predecessor MG Ramachandran was respected as Anna (Big Brother) by LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran. In terms of humanitarian services during the deepest suffering of Tamils,  Rajnikanth was nowhere to be seen, on behalf of himself and/or his predecessor who funded the LTTE. Any donations from such folks would come with ‘acting’ maya / delusion. Tamils of Sri Lanka are suffering due to such waste flowing through Palk Strait into Northern Sri Lanka. One person so infected is the Lycamobile owner as per published reports:

[Subaskaran Allirajah, the Lycamobile owner, is one of the Conservative party’s most generous benefactors.] - 16 Things You Need To Know About Lycamobile's Links To The Tories by BuzzFeed news.

Thedn there is this by Wikipedia:

[Allirajah Subaskaran; March 2, 1972 (age 45); MulliyawalaiMullaitivuSri Lanka
Allirajah Subaskaran (born 2 March 1972), is a British Tamil Sri Lankan entrepreneur, film producer, and the founder and chairman of Lycamobile, which launched in 2006 and now operates in 21 countries worldwide with a subscriber base over 14 million customers.
His Lyca Productions is based in Chennai, India and began with its first film Kaththi (2014). It is currently producing the science fiction thriller 2.0, touted to be India's costliest film.]

If indeed, Mr. Rajnikanth wanted ‘to breathe air on the land where lakhs had fought for their rights and died’  then he ought to come there with a mind structure  of the People who fought for that purpose. The sacrifice of the person who foregoes what s/he  believes is hers/his is of sacred value. One who comes on behalf of Business interests needs to be transparent about that purpose. Through his popular roles as the person of the People following the pathway of Natural Justice – Rajnikanth would have identified with those characters in real life. Mr. Allirajah Subaskaran as per my measure is NOT one of them.

[ Allirajah Subaskaran and his mother Gnanambikai Allirajah founded a charity, The Gnanam Foundation, in 2010 in order to provide help for marginalised communities and those who have been abandoned without care. It exists to extend funds to promote means of livelihood for those in need for specific projects on an individual, family or community basis. The Gnanam Foundation is based on the ethos of "teach a person to fish", providing opportunities for people to develop skills to support themselves. Since 2012, The Gnanam Foundation have partnered up with many other organisations including the British Asian Trust, Children's Hunger Relief and Muslim Aid to donate to a number of worthy causes. In 2015, The Gnanam Foundation set to construct 150 homes in the Vavuniya District of Sri Lanka.]

To teach one has to first learn. In democracy – the provider and the beneficiary are of Equal status. Hence one  who ‘donates’ is a Provider and is not a sharer. War victims in Sri Lanka and their communities face the big challenge of not losing their hard-earned ‘right’ to Democratic systems by accepting ‘donations’. This kind of conversion resulted in the Central Bank Bonds issue and now in North too. Those who bring into Sri Lanka, monies earned as British from the British and/or Indian cinema are foreigners. To that extent they bring foreign rules with their businesses. One who carries Common values to both nations and/or globally – is not foreign but Common – however white s/he may seem. To participate at policy level in Sri Lankan affairs – they ought to have had the demonstrated experience of respecting the original elders who developed the right to claim equality through higher mind order to fill the gap of lower body numbers. What right has Rajnikanth earned to ‘Donate’ that which is  already ours?

The distinction  between a foreigner and internal person is that the foreigner does not participate in the ‘making’ of an outcome. When raised to the higher common level – the two merge to become Common. The UN participated by failing in its duty to protect civilians during the war. Hence the next best known to them – are high ranking foreigners. Within Sri Lanka, the Weliamuna group was a foreign judge inquiring into Sri Lankan Airlines operational matters on behalf of the new Government. The current plight of the National carrier is also to be expected of the country it represents. The lasting solutions would flow through those who practice global standards in Sri Lanka – even if they come there for a day or two as visitors. To the extent Sri Lankan minds merge with them including through Commercial services – naturally on one to one service  that majority Lankans are capable of – those foreign looking higher minds bring us the root solutions.

The Government needs to facilitate this as a priority and protect such opportunities from being taken over by the greedy who are different and separate occupying the high positions which block the development of Common space. 

Sunday 26 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26 March 2017

Pedigree of Lawyers & the Caste system !
[The Court of Appeal yesterday posed queries probing into the pedigree of the structure and formation of Perpetual Group of Companies and directed the Counsel for the Perpetual Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd and Perpetual Capital Holdings (Pvt) Ltd to furnish the pedigree chart setting out the formation of the Perpetual Treasuries from the inception.] ‘CA probes into Perpetual Treasuries pedigree’ by Daily FT

The Court of Appeal is yet to hear our matter and is yet to call for the pedigree of the Sinhalese Buddhist who claimed Prescriptive Rights to our property to own which we paid money through lawful processes (part of our pedigree).  In that matter – the primary ruling was against us. In the above matter – the primary ruling is against Perptual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd :

Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd, a primary dealer specialised in the intermediary government security market, filed a writ petition before the Court of Appeal seeking an order quashing the directions of the Monetary Board imposing restrictions on it.]

Pedigree is needed where there are apparent disorders in conduct. Common Order of the mind is essential for harmony. The core purpose of Law is this Common Order. Truth renders permanent Common Order.

Interestingly the legal teams representing the Appellant  in the above matter include two big names – (1) President’s Counsel S. A. Parathalingam with Niskhan Parathalingam (2) Faisz Musthapha PC - involved in our Land matter also but in this instance both are on the side of the Appellant:

[ Instructed by G. G. Arulpragasam, President’s Counsel S. A. Parathalingam with Niskhan Parathalingam and Niranjan Arulpragasam appeared for Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd, while Nihal Fernando PC with Romali Tudawe and Maduka Perera appeared for Perpetual Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd and Perpetual Capital Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. Faisz Musthapha PC with Faiza Markar instructed by Gowry Shangary. Thavarasha appeared for the Central Bank. Deputy Solicitor General Milinda Gunatilake appeared for Monetary Board and the Attorney General]

If Pedigree is important then the Caste system, to the extent it was practiced genuinely also has value. The Pedigree of the lawyers representing the Central Bank and the Monetary Board, as per my knowledge is not as high in status as of the above mentioned lawyers common to my matter and that of the owner of  Perpetual Treasuries (Pvt) Ltd whose family pedigree includes the former Central Banka Governor. The latter represent the Public. Hence in the above matter one side represents Business and the other Public Service. As per the current legal pedigree – Business is likely to win against the Public.

When our matter came up for arguments on 08 March – Mr. Faisz Musthapha PC, through one of his team members claimed further adjournment on the basis of personal injury and the matter has been adjourned to August without any consultation with this lay litigant of low pedigree. Initially there was some consultation with me but this time there was none. I was effectively ‘told’ by the Assistant of Mr. Faisz Musthapha PC that the boss had other personal priorities. The pedigree of this senior member of the legal fraternity in Sri Lanka includes the following genes:

[He served as chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka between 2000 and 2003.
Musthapha served as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom between April 2002 and February 2005.] Wikipedia

I note that the Judges did not ‘suspend’ the above hearing during this period when according to me Mr. Musthapha would still be indisposed.

It was my turn to present my arguments and hence there was no need for Mr. Musthapha to be personally present. But the judges did not accommodate this whereas in the above matter they did get involved.

The parallel of the Pedigree of an organization in the case of an individual is the mind-structure at the beginning of an event / experience. Unless we pass our resources through a common mind-structure – we would tend to be emotionally driven and selfish. Horoscopes, like Balance Sheets, confirm our structure at the time of birth. The positives and negatives we accumulate continuously restructure our mind. Where we are strongly driven by Truth – such restructures would happen without us being conscious of them – for better or for worse. Where we are  yet to complete and experience – we relate through a combination of Truth and what happened. The more we complete our experiences, the natural we are in relationships.

The Judge in a Court is in a higher position than a lawyer or the lay litigant in terms of legal leadership. But in terms of Truth – the lay litigant represents the Public until known otherwise and therefore  accepts the respects paid by the Judge on behalf of the Court to the Public.

My advice to young professionals is that they have a duty to the Public also. Lawyers also have duties to the Public above their own personal inclinations. The above land matter is especially important to Sri Lankan civil society – due to the two sides being ethnically different and the person of majority race using Prescriptive Rights to occupy the lawfully owned property of one of minority race. The pedigree of the two sides are different and hence the outcomes produced by the side that is thought to be more powerful would tend to drive the outcome – especially where the Judge is also of that pedigree and fails to demonstrate an Equal start on which merit is used – as in cricket and other games enjoyed by the Public. Without that zero advantage start where there are pedigree differences – the natural way is to better understand the one of the same pedigree and treat the other as ‘foreign’. Sri Lankans earned the karma of ‘foreign judges’ due also to treating internal minorities as ‘foreigners’. The system of karma is ‘prefect’. It waits until the two sides are equal in power to manifest Truth naturally.

I for example, upheld the Truth as needed by the University of NSW when it was at the beginning of transition to Democratic management systems. The problem as it existed within the University at that time – was that Academics ruled above Administrators. Administrators independent of Academics were treated as ‘foreigners’ by Administrators who included themselves with an Academic in power – such as the Vice Chancellor. The parallel in Court is the litigant who includes her/himself with the Lawyer in power. Independent litigants rank below them even though such litigant practices the law at a level far above that of the other side.

When such high practitioners are disrespected because they ‘look’ different in pedigree – the punishment returns to the one who punishes through the system of Natural Justice. Hence the Political defeats to majority race in Sri Lankan Parliament and the promotion to Tamils to Equal position. To the extent Tamils retaliated and took an eye for an eye and sometimes more – Truth did not intervene. As my Guru – Swami Sathya Sai Baba says – those who see the blessings of God need to come near God. Those who stay away – are limited to their own energies. There is a saying in Hinduism – especially when praising the Lord in the form of Murugan – ‘Yaamirukka Payamehn?’ / ‘Why fear when I am here’ . One who brings the Lord within has no fear.

Majority Sri Lankans use the hierarchical system in family, to respect parents. A child who completes the relationship by bringing the parent into her/himself naturally becomes a good parent at that level of completion. Likewise, a civilian completing the relationship with a Public Official. Such a person cannot be punished by the Judiciary but is entitled to find her/his own returns through the Judiciary – using the Courts as a facility to give form to her/his Truth. In other words, practitioners of Common Order in regular life cannot be punished by weaker practitioners of that order – however high the pedigree of the punisher may be.

The Sovereignty of any group is the cumulative value of Sovereignty of its members – past and current. A senior who punishes a junior more than s/he punishes another junior close to her/him in enjoyment – including of ego pleasures – makes an outsider of that junior to the extent of such excess. When enough of such alienation happens – Truth naturally manifests through appropriate media – as happened through UNHRC  Resolution  30/1, in the case of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans attached to pedigree power and who do not get enough from within their circles – often tend to use it on others over whom they do not have authority. The parent who punishes the child to a greater extent than s/he would punish her/himself for the parallel offense is alienating the child. Children who make their parents dependent on them and start telling their parents through authority as per their own new order – likewise, disconnect with their heritage. A child is entitled to discipline on the basis of her / his own pain due to the parent’s actions. But the language needs to be as per the common order or simple Truth without any judgment. Often in migrant homes the orders are different due to parents wanting it both ways – without completing the relationship at its highest and reminiscing and enjoying themselves through their children and grandchildren.

Likewise, lawyers and Public Administrators. Those in the caste system who brought  their junior castes into themselves – acquired the natural authority and hence were able to perform the work themselves even after they left the caste system. Likewise those of junior castes who genuinely paid their respects to their senior castes – carried the higher mind order / pedigree into their own local groups to lead and respect themselves as elders. Likewise civilians who respected Public Administrators and the Judiciary. 

Friday 24 March 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 March 2017

Christianity Development or  Post-War Development?

[On 1 March 2017, Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, together with Minister for Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs the Hon John Amaratunga, launched the Market Development Facility (MDF) to support inclusive growth of tourism and related sectors in Sri Lanka.] Joint Press Release by the Australian High Commission and the Ministry of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs

[Tourism and Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga told Parliament yesterday that if the government could provide lands necessary his ministry was ready to construct and set up infrastructure facilities in support of devotees visiting the main places of worship of Catholics in the country St Anthony’s Church, Kochchikade, Church of Our Lady in Matara, Madhu Church and Basilica in Ragama] The Island article - Christian Affairs Minister denies problems for devotees at key churches during feasts

I was at Hindu sacred site Thiruketheeswaram in Mannar District of Northern Province two days after Maha Shivarathri – the all night devotion to Lord Shiva. The reason was to include this sacred site also in our promotion of tourism in Sri Lanka, within the Hindu Diaspora in Australia. I went straight to the Hindu Shrine which was undergoing maintenance work. I felt deep connection – much more than during my first visit in 2006. This was my third visit. During the 2006 visit – I ended up in Mannar town because there was no bus to get back to Vavuniya after a certain time. While waiting in Mannar I was threatened by a Navy Officer and was saved  by his senior officer. Even today the anxiety of what would have happened if not for the senior officer’s intervention, is not too far away when I reconstruct that scene. That was/is the reality for many young ones in that area.

Today when I rang a friend regarding a relative who works near the London Parliament – my friend said that the attack there was like fear during LTTE time. My friend has not shared any personal experience in this regard but I recalled my own personal experiences when threatened by armed officers. Through those personal experiences I relate to the anxieties that others in war-zones experienced. It’s true that similar events would invoke those anxieties but to my mind as a Sri Lankan, relative to Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, Tamils in Sri Lanka experienced much deeper pain due to the war. Otherwise we have to accept the other’s description without relating.    Once we relate the one who is closer in relationship to the LTTE is taken as the lower relative.

The Apparent Common factor between LTTE and the London attackers – is that they have both been labeled as Terrorists. But once we ‘express’ such words – they become part of the karma of that relationship. If the Sinhala Buddhist person just by majority number became a passive contributor to the conflict / war – but did not have any official responsibility or personal feelings on the basis of experience, then as per the system of Natural Justice/Karma  – one of two returns happens:

(1)   The other person who has no common faith-based connections with the LTTE and/or its Community through religion, caste, language or common-living, would allow her/himself to be the other side of the above speaker’s motivation. In this instance – the silent agreement that LTTE were Terrorists and of a different class to the speaker and the listener; or
(2)   The other person does have some common faith based connections with the LTTE and therefore feels offended / hurt by the comparison. This may or may not be expressed at that time. But to the extent of that Common faith – the speaker would be judged and return is sent to the speaker – due to the deeper common faith being stronger than the surface similarity. That is the way of Natural Justice.  Here in Australia as per the Racial Discrimination Act this would amount to Racial Discrimination as per Section 18C of the Act, if such statements were  spoken publicly.

Good and reliable laws work close to the system of Nature / Dharma. A person who is highly conscious of Common welfare of the Public represents the Public. Hence as per Natural Justice / Dharma such expressions when spoken in the presence of one of Common Faith would amount to a civil/social wrong. If the other person is driven by Truth that other person has the power to return the effects to the sender.

Physical similarities, like hearsay – are limited in their use. If they are not connected to Common faith and/or Common Principles – those using them to overpower another of different looks – would tend to ‘gamble’ with information. They are floating information and they lead to frivolous actions when common resources are used to present them. This happens often in politics. Such active use without underpinning faith – leads to mental disorders, due to lack of logic. Truth when surfaced makes perfect logic.

When I first read about Australian promotion of Tourism Development I felt happy – due to my own investment in this. But when I read the portfolio of the minister concerned the title Christian Affairs Minister – made me feel uncomfortable. I did not dwell on it until I read the above report and made the connection between Christianity Development and Post-War Development. I then recalled the ‘ring’ that I found on the banks of Palavi River – about which Wikipedia reports as follows:

[The Palavi Theertham is a tank situated near the Thiruketheeswaram temple.
The Palavi tank is prospered by the river Palavi, which had been the outlet of Matale waters via Malwattu Oya and other natural waterways of the extensive basin. The sacred Palavi Theertham which was described in ancient Tamil hymns as sacred as the river Ganges, is used by the Hindus to offer rites and rituals for their ancestors.]

In 2006 – I went to Palavi to honor our nephew Shanmugalingam of Vavuniya who had passed away. I keep recalling the experience which was completed with the assistance of the armed forces at Thiruketheeswaram which was polluted by the threat by the Naval Officer. By recalling with faith – I strengthened my experience at that place. The deeper we feel, the more real that world becomes to us. The depth gives us a real force which if it goes deep enough would defeat majority numbers at body count level when surfaced laterally. That is the Power of One.

On the banks of Palavi this year, I found a ring – and felt the urge to wear it. There was no one around and I felt that it had been ‘lost’ by someone. I often wondered about the significance – especially the carving of fish on the ring. Today, the penny dropped. Thiruketheeswaram was built by Karaiyar – fisher caste. As per Wikipedia:

[Thiruketheeswaram's initial installment is credited to the indigenous people of the Manthai port, the Karaiyar Naga tribe.  The Karaiyar claimed to be related to several classical period public figures hailing from the international port town, including the creator of the oldest extant Tamil literature by an Eelam Tamilian, the Sangam poet Eelattu Poothanthevanar]

I felt that the ring was a blessing from the Indigenous people of that place – the Karaiyar.

Later that day, many Hindu leaders at Thiruketheeswaram  complained that they were upset by the Christian domination in that area. I asked them whether they were not upset by Buddhism foremost in the Constitution – but their response to this was rather weak in comparison with their expressions of opposition to what they called ‘Christian takeover’.  In terms of war the Wikipedia reports:

[As part of the civil war that has plagued the country since the Black July pogrom of 1983 currently the temple is occupied by the Sri Lankan Army. While granite work preparations were in progress the army took over the Temple and its environs in August 1990 and continued to occupy the site for several years. Although they have left the Temple premises their occupation of its environs is a cause of concern to the Restoration Society which has been urging the Government to remove the Armed Forces completely from the environs of the Temple and declare the site a sacred area.]

The role of Karaiyars in Jaffna Governance is presented as follows:

[Under the rule of Cankili II, the king requested Karaiyars and Badagars in regaining back his kingdom. The Colonial Portuguese ordered Cankili II to surrender the Badagars and The king of Karaiyar (Carea) to be surrendered. Cankili II declared that he would not let the Badagars nor the King of Karaiyars to be surrendered, as they had come to his request. The Karaiyar troops aligned with the Thanjavur Nayak troops, and fought against the Portuguese in the conquest of the Jaffna kingdom. The Badagars could refer to the Vaduge, or the Nayak troops, and the King of Karaiyars, probably refer to an high ranked Karaiyar chieftain.
By the 20th century, the Karaiyars were mostly engaged in fishing within 2-3 kilometers from the coast. However, S. K. Sittampalam believes that they were once engaged in international commercial trading.
The Karaiyars in Northern Sri Lanka are classified into two groups; Meelongi and Keelongi Karaiyars. The Meelongi Karaiyars were engaged in seafaring and were socially advanced, having enjoyed the benefits of higher education and employment in government and the private sector. The Keelongi Karaiyars were and still practice coastal and deep-sea fishing.  The terms "Meelongi" and "Keelongi" stems from the Tamil words mēlē which means over, and kīlē which means under. The terms are easily explicable as ‘Those who are over’ and ‘Those who are under’, reflecting a rather deep bifurcation of society based upon socio-economic status.
The Melongi Karaiyars were known as Thevar Karaiyar, and are identified with the founding ancestors, Periyanadutevan and Verimanikatevan, who were reputedly commanders of an invading Chola army. The Keelongi Karaiyars were said to be descendent of the army's soldiers and workers.
By June 1619, there were two Portuguese military expeditions to the Jaffna kingdom: a naval expedition that was repulsed by Khem Nayak and the Malabari corsairs, and a land expedition by Phillippe de Oliveira and his army of 5000, which was able to defeat Cankili.  Cankili's remaining soldiers were beheaded by Portuguese, and Cankili himself was taken to Goa and hanged. The surviving members of the royal family were also taken to Goa and asked to become monks or nuns in the holy orders. Most obliged, and their celibacy avoided the production of further claimants to the Jaffna throne]

LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was of Karaiyar caste. The above account confirms the higher role of Karaiyar in Governance power of Northern Sri Lanka. Anyone who contributes to Sovereignty / Independence – shares their mind with others through  Common Land and/or Common culture. Those who use majority power – beyond the entrance to Governance – miss out on this mind connection of the predecessors of that place and/or culture. The next layer to the outer looks is Human Mind. Deeper than that  is the Truth / Soul – the Absolute Power. Hence the importance of Root-Cause.

As per the Island report mentioned above:

["It has been observed that there could be pressure for common facilities due to congestion since large number of devotees gather during the annual feasts in those places. We have taken ample measures and provided funds for the purpose of providing assistance to public. But one should understand that there is a practical truth of no government could build houses or toilets for all those who visit such places as the numbers are increasing every time," the Minister said.
He said so in response to a question raised by UNP Matara District MP Buddhika Pathirana, who said that common amenities required by devotees visiting those places of worship are at minimal level and as a result devotees faced great difficulties during feasts. Devotees were compelled to live in tarpaulin huts and there were not enough toilets for them, the MP said.]

The Public area around Thriuketheeswaram temple was like a junkyard even two days after the Maha Shivarathri festival this year.  When asked – the folks said that the authorities were not interested in giving priority to cleaning the place.  Later we went to Madhu Church which is reported to have a history of over 400 years.

As per parallel report on Thiruketheeswaram:

[Literary and inscriptional evidence of the post classical period (300BC-1500AD) attests to the upkeep of the temple during the ancient period by kings of the PallavaPandyan Dynasty and Chola dynasties who contributed to its development up to the late 16th century. In 1575, Tirukkētīsvaram was largely destroyed by Portuguese colonials, with Pujas terminating at the shrine in 1589. Following an appeal by Arumuka Navalar in 1872, the temple was rebuilt at its original site in 1903. The exact date of the Ketheeswaram temple's birth is not universally agreed upon. According to Dr. Paul E. Peiris, an erudite scholar and historian, Thirukketisvaram was one of the file recognized Eeswarams of Siva in Lanka very long before the arrival of Vijaya in 600 B.C.  The shrine is known to have existed for at least 2400 year, with inspirational and literary evidence of the postclassical era ( 600BC – 1500AD) attesting to the shrine's classical antiquity. The buried ancient Tamil trading port of Manthottam (Mantotai/Manthai) in the Mannar District — where Ketheeswaram is located — has provided historians extant remains of the culture of the area during the ancient period. This includes the vestiges of its ancient temple tank (the Palavi tank), and the ruins of a former Hindu city built of brick, described by J.W. Bennet in 1843. During the ancient period, Mathoddam was a centre of international trade, with Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, Ethiopians, Persians, Chinese, Japanese, Burmese and others vying with each other to monopolise the trade of North Ceylon with Tamil traders.  Mathoddam is currently viewed as the only port on the island that could be called a "buried city," with much of the ancient ruins under sand today. The existence of the Thiru-Ketheeswaram temple attests to the antiquity of the port. Mathoddam finds mention as "one of the greatest ports" on the seaboard between the island and Tamilakkam in the Tamil Sangam literature of the classical period (600 BCE – 300 CE).   Hugh Nevill wrote in 1887 of the illustrious city of Mathoddam “A renowned shrine grew into repute there dedicated to one Supreme God symbolized by a single stone, and in later times restored by a Saivaite after lying long in ruins. The temple was dedicated as "Tiru-Kethes-Waram.]

As per my discovery, those who believe in Lord Shiva and/or the Sovereignty of Karaiyar ancestors of that time would invoke the powers of minds of those times as if they were virtual reality. The causal forces of manifestations on that basis cannot be known merely through majority numbers or even the logic of new laws. A Buddhist for example would not be able to access these ancient powers at that place – the same way non-Buddhists would not be able to invoke the ancient Buddhist powers at a Buddhist place. Again, if Buddhists had  damaged non-Buddhist sacred sites and done so beyond what they believed was their duty – and non-Buddhists  suffer, the negative  karma  returns to Buddhists in that area.

I believe that I contributed to this return at the University of NSW where I contributed strongly as an Independent operator, to transition to Democracy in Resource Management.  I was persecuted for this by those who, like the current Government of Sri Lanka, had the responsibility to develop Democratic systems. I allowed the persecution to happen but did so after doing my best to have my say through peaceful presentation. In my article ‘Australia v Sri Lanka in Promoting  Racial Discrimination’ I have listed the criteria that confirm Racial Discrimination and this includes the criterion: ‘The complainant  concerned ought to have worked / operated independently to produce an outcome / show a particular conduct.’ I satisfied this requirement. Thereafter I exhausted all internal processes before progressing towards legal action. It was after this also failed to uphold the Truth of my investment in Equal Opportunity Laws – that I submitted my work to the Lord.  

Each time we include the Truth we discover as part of ourselves – we become Managing members of the system of Natural Justice. We are better able to make the connection between Cause and Effect than those driven by immediate outcomes only. The Rajapaksa Government failed to develop this Managing power – due to excessive accumulation private wealth out of Public issue – by abusing the ‘Anti-Terrorism’ mandate. They say in Tamil that the ancestry of one who ‘takes’ from Temple wealth for private purposes is cursed. That ‘taking’ confirmed that the original motivation in terms of Terrorism was not genuine. That taking of ‘foreign’ money without the commitment to Global standards  was negative karma which eventually led to the current situation of UN ‘Supervision’. That was possible only due to the Global minds investing in Global harmony through Sri Lankan experience. Without that Global mind and/or Truth which is Universal Power – even UN actions carry the risk of ‘invasion of Sri Lanka’s Privacy’. Australian Public funds spent for Christian work in Sri Lanka also have the effect of ‘foreign judgment’. Australian Christians are entitled to share with Sri Lankan Christians and that would make them global. A democratically elected Common Government of Australia is invading Sri Lanka, when Australian Public money is used for development of Christian representations. At this point in time, it amounts to restoring Christian places and not common places. It is not only in breach of the mandate of Australian Public but also in breach of ‘Buddhism Foremost’ clause of the Sri Lankan Constitution.

Large numbers of Hindu temples and Christian churches were damaged during the  war. Any investment by the Government during this post-war development period needs to be proportionately distributed on the basis of war-related damage. Aid /  Investment by other Governments – such as Australian Government in this instance – ought to be on that basis. The Minister for Tourism being also the Minister for Christian Affairs – carries the high risk of Tourism activities being indiscriminately mixed with Christian activities. Individuals and / or private groups are entitled to do so – so long as they are not in breach of the laws of Sri Lanka. But Government has the responsibility to restore the damaged places of worship to their former condition or better and do so in proportion to the damage to the place caused by the Government. Government has the responsibility to prioritize on the basis of war-recovery and not follow Buddhism foremost with Christian second, order.

 As per my discovery the higher service happens when we are motivated by need. I find myself providing complete service, when I serve in the consciousness of someone’s need. Once that need is within us, as part of us, we invoke even from faraway places, the deeper powers to discipline the offenders. The deeper our faith in that particular place / electorate in Sri Lanka, the stronger the offset of majority power.  Faith confirms Vertical power and transcends time and place based outcomes such as majority vote.

Zero base start in Equal Opportunity practices is recommended towards application of merit basis within the borders of the stated time and place. They do not have the power to extend beyond those borders as spelt out by the laws of that time at that place.  If we accept this surface reading and keep going deep, we would connect to the higher minds that continue to live there beyond their physical body. Hence the value of Heritage. One who discovers Truth at a place renders the strongest empowerment to that place. That is how Thiruketheeswaram has retained its power to bless all those who have faith in that place.. Such power is guaranteed to balance and where needed override majority  power  by new entrants of a different faith. 

Deeper investment to connect to their own religious ancestors by non-Buddhists would naturally defeat Buddhists who create and use current rules  to retain majority power.

Faith based power of the individual will empower the whole through the physical voter. The vote of a deep believer would therefore be more than equal to the vote of one driven by physical power of majority. When the person we voted for wins – we do not say ‘I did it’. Likewise in the case of Dharma – we need the genuine participation of all concerned – including negative ones. As learnt through the Hindu legend of churning the ocean depicted above,  those driven by brawn power were needed to work the other side – to keep the mind steady – so the gods did not get carried away – as higher classes tend to.  But when the nectar came out the Asuras with strong physical power took it and ran away. Is that not happening in Sri Lanka with the Aid money also?