Thursday 23 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 July  2015

Higher Common Governance

When it comes to education – most of us have no hesitation in recognizing that University Education is of far higher value than Primary School Education. But when it comes to Political voting to elect Government – we seem to forget that such voting is also primary level Governance. Administration is Secondary level and Self-Governance is Tertiary level Governance. The real power is from those who are self-governing. They are the seat of Common Energy.

Politicians and their supporters who claim to be committed to Common Good of the People need to be careful not to upset such Governors by treating them as mere voters. They are Higher Common Governors who invoke Good Governance wherever they go. Where a selfish person insults such a Governor the return damage is exponential. It is therefore important for the former to take lower position with the latter.

At the elementary stages of  a relationship, the risk of treating such persons as equals is far greater in democracy than under autocracy. But in autocracy, seniors often cling to their positions and thus keep deteriorating in quality when they fail to ‘retire’ and make way for their junior to become the senior.

 For structural purposes one may take equal position but within oneself one needs to pay one’s dues to the higher governor so that the Natural Powers are facilitated to function. Such facilitator becomes the Natural Power with time. Hence ‘User Pays’ systems. It is quite Common to find self-governing folks in rural areas. They go about their daily work of their own freewill. When my Sri Lankan qualifications were not recognized at Equal level to the parallel Australian qualifications, I felt very upset.  But through my performance I upheld that Sri Lankan brain order was not inferior to Australian brain order. I was self-governing in terms of my work and this naturally meant that those who took higher position with me – despite having had the opportunity to know the quality of my work – were invoking the return karma of their negligence of Equal Opportunity principles each time they took ‘higher position’ with me after I became self-governing in Australia. Self-Governance means – we find our own completion within by recognizing the Truth – for better or for worse.  In my case recognizing the Truth felt better. In the case of those who took position above me - it would have been ‘worse’ and hence they often avoided me.

Investment in Commonwealth – is valuable because we recognize that we are part of each other. Truth is the highest Commonwealth and one who invests in Truth is able to access Universal powers. It is through my investment in Truth that I released myself from the shackles of  Subjective Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination. I believe I am a good example for any minority power to become wholesome despite the minority status. In fact – because of the minority status – which when accepted prevents distractions of high status and money through such status. There is nothing sweeter than Freedom of mind/thought.

Minorities in Sri Lanka will find this Freedom when they accept minority status for structural purposes and thereby lose the distractions to higher positions that have become obsolete. In substance we must perform at a higher level than members of majority race and release ourselves from the shackles of Reverse Subjective Discrimination – including by forming coalitions with  Indians and / or Westerners. Each one of us has the capability of being Sovereign. We have become global to a large degree and we need to not be distracted from handouts by bigger powers. They are part of global facilities that we are entitled to use as per our own investments in them. They are not higher than us – as I learnt through my work-life in Australia.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 July  2015

Ignorance or Betrayal?

I kept  thinking about the diplomatic  ‘correction’ made by a law expert when I stated that the Sri Lankan President had the power to ‘elect’ the Prime Minister. The Technical  term used in the Constitution is ‘appointment’.  I guess I am in ‘Governing-mode’ due to completion of my book ‘Beyond Consciousness’. Governance by Truth is beyond Administration. The young law expert is strongly driven by Administrative technicality. When I was thinking about this, I received the ‘inioru’ article (Tamil) – raising the question as to whether ‘Vigneswaran & Gajendrakumar were ignorant or were traitors?’  

To my mind, in many ways the core issue was also about the mind order in which the information is received. Mr. Vigneswaran was Supreme Court Judge before he joined politics and became the Chief Minister of Northern Province. In some ways – structurally this is a demotion. Mr. Gajendrakumar is the grandson of  Mr. GG Ponnambalam who as a lawyer was outstanding and the best known to my generation in my environment. His proposal of 50:50 power sharing in Parliament was/is  also received differently by different people – each as per their mind-order. One Canadian Tamil wrote as follows in response to my statement ‘This is also the 50:50 policy recommended by Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – a highly intelligent
politician of our times’:

[The above statement is an attempt to revise history. The fifty fifty demand undermines
democratic representation. It imposes an artificial minority status to a majority
community. When the Soulbury commission dismissed this demand out of hand, GGP went home without offering an alternative plan. After hammering the UNP in his election campaign in 1947 and after defeating A. Mahadeva convincingly he voted for the disfranchisement of the hill country Thamils resulting in our strength is parliament reduced by half. Worse, he sought and obtained a ministerial portfolio before the ink on the Citizenship Act No.28 of 1948 got dried.

That was a supreme betrayal of the interests of Thamils which GGP vowed to defend. He 
did not offer any apology for his selfish and short-sighted politics. He attacked the
federal demand by the ITAK and till the end insisted on a unitary constitution.  
And now you have the gall to call him "a highly intelligent politician of our times."
This is a supreme insult.   Of all our past leaders, GGP was a  real traitor to the
Thamil people.

It all so reveals your lopsided understanding of  Thamil political history.
Our present woes and predicament are entirely his creations.]
 Whether it be Velupillai Prabhakaran or GG  Ponnambalam or SJV Chelvanayakam – if a single individual could be held responsible for what happened to our Tamil Community – then the Community is Hierarchical in its structure – as per the mind of the person so concluding. There is nothing wrong with that – provided the same mind does not claim to be democratic. A leader of the American Tamil Diaspora responded as follows:

[I agree with Mr. Canadian Tamil (my replacement) on history.

GGP however finally made amends when he joint with SJV and Thondaman and
founded the TULF and signed the Vaddukottai declaration. I am uncertain whether Thondaman signed it or not. Ashraff crept in as an observer since he was educated in the Jaffna University.Kumar and Gajan are disappointments and Gajan might win a seat in the next elections thanks to the PR system and the internal issues of the TNA. Too bad Ananthy is not contesting although she had made the right decision finally.
She is immensely popular but immature in politics and is rather emotional.
She is also an embarassing loose cannon. That vote might go to Gajan and he could get elected together with Douglas. Even Vijayakala could get elected reducing TNA to 4 seats out of 7 in the JD. Anyway, Gajan is better than Douglas and even Vijayakala. That could be a historic low for the TNA, but they have to blame themselves due to the disunity at the TNA leadership level and the poor performance of the NPC and it's members.
More worrisome is that Rajapakse could get over 100 seats in Parliament and the president might be forced to invite the UPFA/Rajapakses to form the new government. The Muslims could jump any side.]

These responses are also centered around the question of whether we are One Nation, Two Nations or Many Nations?

It depends on the mind-order of the interpreter. One who is able to accept all genuine interpretations with equal respect as her/his own – is truly democratic. One who tries to enforce her/his interpretation as the only valid one – is autocratic and would fail in a truly democratic environment. Ultimately it is about our own fulfillment through our investments in the political and administrative systems of our respective environments – be they local or global.

Physical-living, by itself - in Australia, America or Canada does not make us global at the mind level – any more than Westerners giving ‘aid’ to developing countries. It’s true sharing of the experience that develops the global mind.

When we come together physically – due to conscious agreement or separate largely due to disagreements – we are driven by politics. Politics is limited to local powers – local in terms of place and time. Most young Tamils living in rural Sri Lanka or in Western countries - would not relate to the above responses from fellow members of the Tamil Diaspora. They are also the ‘many nations’ interpretation discussed in the ‘inioru’ article.

Mr. GG Ponnambalam  recognized  One Nation with Equal Political status for minorities. It is Democratic Administration which many Governments are turning to in Public Service – through ‘Business Unit’ and ‘Project’ based structures replacing Historic Basis & Programs. There are times when one has to choose between Policy and Business. Where the policy has been idle and carries the risk of being abused by politicians – it is better to move towards ‘Business basis’ – as Mr. GG Ponnambalam did when he made the 50:50 proposal. It was to fill the gap left  British Administration – needed to maintain our global connections.

The above ‘objection’ to my mind is the parallel of old Public Service officers opposing my approach to Democratic Accounting – a reason why I eventually went to prison in Australia for Peaceful Assembly. Here in Sri Lanka’s Mallakam Courts also – an Affidavit prepared as per Australian format – by my husband who is Australian – but affirmed and signed in Jaffna was set aside as being invalid due to the alleged absence of Jurat Clause. As per Wikipedia ‘A jurat is a clause at the foot of an affidavit showing when, where, and before whom the actual oath was sworn or affirmation was made

My husband’s Affidavit satisfied all  these requirements (thanks to my EXPERIENCE of the Australian legal system) and yet all Sri Lankan lawyers concerned continued to treat it as being deficient. The Judge obligingly set it aside.  The jurat clause in the Affidavit signed by the other side is as follows:

Read over and explained and having understood the contents therein affirmed to and signed at Jaffna on this 26th day of May 2011.

My husband’s Affidavit started as follows:

On this Thirtieth day of December 2011, I Subramaniam Paramasivam of Kali-Vairavar Temple – Thunaivi – Sangarathai Junction & of 906/56 Carr St. Coogee NSW, Australia – affirm as follows:… 

At the foot was the signature of the JP – with the date and place  and duly stamped.

To my mind, our Affidavit (2) fulfilled the requirements of an Affidavit – a statement of our fact as verified by our conscience. The other party’s was for those who needed the help of others to formulate their evidence to suit the Courts. ‘Understanding’ and ‘Believing’ are not the same. Theirs was written in third party language and ours in first party. They were writing as ‘outsiders’ observing and we were writing from within. But ‘political/local’ influence was abused to set aside ours, while including theirs.  

Mr. Vigneswaran and Mr. Gajendrakumar are moving towards consolidating minorities to be One Opposition. This would go towards a higher start in Administration. To claim political independence and therefore Nationalism in Politics – the other minorities ought to have made their parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution – the Group parallel of an Affidavit. Mere belief would help us as individuals. But to become structure – we need to have the courage to face the consequences – and the only Sri Lankan group known to have had that courage is the Tamil Community led by Jaffna Tamil faction.

Like the 50:50 – the current provision in the Constitution states that the President has the power to ‘appoint’ the Prime Minister. As per article 43(3) of the Sri Lankan Constitution:

The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament who in his opinion is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.

Identification  with the Confidence of  fellow members of Parliament is through one’s own belief. This could be through the Principles and Policies of the Parliamentary system or through the current individuals in Parliament. Appointment is more like GG Ponnambalam’s 50:50 – and leans towards Merit based Administration. If  therefore the President is a strong Administrator s/he is likely to ‘appoint’  and therefore ‘invoke’ the cooperation and blessings of wider world using Common Principles and pathways to Govern. To my mind, the appointment of Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister earlier this year – is of this kind. Under this system - the confidence of the Parliament is commanded at the higher level – through Common Policies on which our Parliamentary system is founded. It is NOT limited to current individuals physically in a particular parliament.  If it is indeed limited to majority rule – without passing the Administrative test – then yes, like our Affidavit above – Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe could be set aside by a system that has limited itself to emotional agreements and disagreements – called Politics.

Politics is the body of Governance; Administration is the mind and Truth is the Soul of Governance. Where the brain instructs the body – we are in Administrative mode and tend to lead healthy lives and develop values beyond the physical. Where the body acts faster than the brain – we  are in Political mode and are limited to majority opinion and we die when the body dies. One who identifies through her/his Truth would always be right for her/his group and would measure as such through any law that maintains the One Mindedness of that Group. Such persons would develop Common Values that would support all seekers beyond time and place boundaries

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 15 July  2015

Friendship beyond Relationship - Rama & Hanuman after Hanuman's Return from Sri Lanka

Equal Minorities or Separation?

Yesterday, in High Court of Jaffna, I listened with appreciation to the advice shared by a Judge with some young men who I understood were collecting money from the Public under false pretenses. The Judge was able to recognize such collections to be for political purposes and hence the disciplinary advice. Sri Lanka is now in election mode and such ‘internal’ corrections are needed for us to enjoy the full value of our Parliamentary system.

According to news reports – former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has chosen Kurunegala as his electorate. My association with Kurunegala happened through a young Muslim medical student a couple of months back. This young lady to whom Kurunegala is home said that until the Buddhist-Muslim conflict she did not realize that there was conflict between the two ethnicities.

In 2014 as President – Mr. Rajapaksa said ‘There are no minorities, we all are Sri Lankans, this is the truth’. Back then I accepted that as being genuine. The world may not have seen us as such but we are entitled to believe that to be the case. Whether good or bad, where a group is driven more strongly by cultural values than common secular values – majority and minority status happens automatically through such groupings. A person strongly driven by common values – would not recognize such cultural groupings except to appreciate social diversity.

However, when I read the news that Mr. Rajapaksa was heading a ‘Sinhala-Only’ team – I had to restructure my mind about how I thought Mr. Rajapaksa would act in a ‘common’ position. Affirmative Action required Mr. Rajapaksa to include Muslims and Tamils in any group he led. This is because where there is strong attachment to ‘culture’ – one needs a different culture – to have subjective balance of power. Hence Equal status for minority cultures is recommended. Where by law – a particular group has been allocated priority status – during  any period that the current generation can actively remember – it is mandatory that other cultures take up Equal status each and every time cultural decisions are made. Sinhala-Only and Buddhism first – are remembered as Constitutional issues. These are through hierarchical pathways in addition to Sinhalese having majority power to form National Government. The additional advantage ‘taken’ confirms lack of confidence that the leaders would be heard by grassroots believers. Hence the ‘show’ of importance with its hidden promise of favoritism.

As per Natural Justice – this renders all other cultural groups minority status.  In Democracy minority groups have the authority to take Equal position at Community level. In other words – Sinhala-only would equal Tamil-only or Muslim-only or Burghers/English-only. Towards this they must clearly be of culture particular to that group and be identified as such  at the Public level.

When reading the news about Sinhala-only team – I recalled my experience during my travel from Colombo to Jaffna by train. At Kurunegala – the seat next to me was taken by a young Sinhalese male – who looked very much an army personality. This person had booked the window seat and I had the aisle seat. The guy however, failed to limit himself to his seat. I had to move my hand away to accommodate his placement of half his hand into my area. If he needed more space he ought to have booked the aisle seat. I thought of the fellow passenger on Malaysian Airways who not only offered to place my hand-luggage in the overhead compartment but was very neat and tidy in limiting himself to his space. I blessed him/wished him well.

The guy on the train kept talking to the other guy and I learnt by listening that he was in the armed forces. I had to bring down two pieces of my baggage from the rack above and I asked the young guy to help me. He nodded but said there was time. When we came two stations away from Jaffna he did bring the two pieces down but did nothing to help me take them close to the exit. When the train stopped at Jaffna I got off with one piece and then had to get back in for the rest. This guy was nowhere to be seen! In his shoes I would have at least moved the baggage on wheels close to the exit door! By failing to take that opportunity to share in my need – this guy missed out on my wisdom in Administration and Common Sri Lankan ownership. He was a good example of the short-sightedness of armed forces lacking in common social experiences. Mr. Rajapaksa who empowered the army much more than other heads of State – came to mind.

When I read the news of Mr. Rajapaksa  going it alone in Kurunegala I could make the connection to the ‘attitude’ of this armed officer. Like Mr. Rajapaksa did – this guy also responded to me in elementary Tamil –when I spoke to him in social Sinhalese. I took it as him saying to me that he was a clever Sri Lankan because he could speak the ‘other’ Sri Lankan language Tamil also. But in action he failed to demonstrate Sri Lankan commonness by moving the bags close to the exit – so I would not need to re-board the train and run the risk of not getting out on time. To serve me – he would have needed to bring me into himself and then the service would have been to Common Sri Lankan.  Mr. Rajapaksa who was promoted by me through my mind structure when he spoke in Tamil has also demonstrated similar ‘attitude’ of separation.

This requires minorities – especially Tamils and Muslims to vote as per issues rather than personalities. Today, while eating breakfast – my eyes went to section in the newspaper covering my breakfast – page 21 of Valampuri dated 11 July.  It was strangely a presentation of this very diversity amongst Hindus. The analysis was presented as a discussion in the world of gods above – including Saint Narathar who initiated the mango competition through which Murugan with minority power set up His own kingdom. To me – Murugan is the Lord of Minorities. The above discussion was about Indian influence in Jaffna – especially the setting up of the huge Hanuman Statue in the suburb of Maruthanamadam. In Jaffna Shiva devotees are in the majority – relative to Vishnu devotees. Hence the protest against prominence to Lord Hanuman. According to Hindu scriptures – Shiva is one aspect of the Holy Trinity and Vishnu is another. Shiva is the parallel of the Holy Spirit in Christianity and Vishnu is the parallel of the Son. Hence like Jesus – being the human form of God on earth – Rama and Krishna are also believed to be God on earth as Avathars.

Is Son minority power to the Father? As per Time Order – it would seem ‘yes’. But if the Son believes he is part of the Father – they are One. When seen as separate entities for functional reasons – they are vertically arranged – junior after senior. In Democracy – minorities by number are juniors. Where either party/relation does not believe in the other – they must be seen as separate entities – Once Separated – they are Equal and Diverse. That is the law of Nature.

Recognizing this  necessitates the changeover to lateral system of Democracy and Equal Opportunity from a level playing field. Where any cultural group declares itself to be independent – they are to be taken as Equal and Opposite of the part left behind.

Minority groups that feel greater level of independence than majority who are often pampered by their leaders – carry Sovereign powers which would invoke themselves whenever there is a need to uphold the belief of a minority who is not able to express through political leadership at the National level. Truth is Universal and hence true belief would facilitate such support whenever a true Believer is in need of support to demonstrate  her/his Sovereignty at structural level.

Tamils and Muslims must therefore invest in this sovereignty through Issues rather than discussing personalities. That approach would give us membership with global communities – including Diasporas who would connect to us naturally whenever we are in need of global support.

The Presidential election did not present minorities with such representation of global values. Parliamentary elections now do present such an opportunity – to nominate one from within our cultural community. This is also the 50:50 policy recommended  by Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam – a highly intelligent politician of our times. Given that there was no agreement for such representation in Parliament – we need to go global and confirm our membership with global community by investing in issues than subjects. Mr. Rajapaksa by leaving out Tamils and Muslims has voted for Separation.  It’s up to us minorities to show our greater investment in Global Commonness and confirm our leadership claim in globalizing Sri Lanka. Every genuine vote towards this would naturally go against Separatism. 

Monday 13 July 2015

Matter, Issue and Karma

In Sri Lanka, armed rebels of both ethnicities produced such outcomes without paying their respects to their elders. Some elders were killed by armed rebels. Thus such armed rebels killed their own deservedness to be promoted to the higher levels. They thus shortened their vision to deny the heritage owed to the whole they claimed to represent. Arms helped them ‘show’ brawn power and suppressed and killed the ability to project beyond the immediate. Hence – Sinhala-Only followed by Tamil-Only. Likewise White-Only in Australia. No group went far due to the true belief some of us have in the unknown powers of the root that supports the whole of Sri Lanka/Australia.
Within the ‘rebel’ groups were included some such believers and within the Government/official leadership were included many such local-only combatants. But the benefits enjoyed were from global shows of power.

Now – protesting physically has become common occurrence amongst school-children in Northern Sri Lanka. Parents interfere with Government appoints of staff and principal and use their children towards ‘shows’ of how they went against the Government. It’s like premature union action through workers against management. One of the lessons I share with students and parents as well as workers -  is that if they ‘tell’ seniors / government what to do – then the structure is limited to their height.  Thus, Parents who themselves did not go beyond primary level schooling are wasting their resources by sending their children to school for higher education. What they have taught in action is to rebel against authority prematurely. I share with those who care to listen – that by accepting the actions we dislike - of elders/seniors/government/management -   we are paying our respects to them through that difficulty to ‘keep-going’ in that system. Thus we complete the relationship and naturally open the doors to the next level opportunity. One who so accepts disagreement and unpleasantness from the top – invests in the root of the big picture and therefore has the self-confidence to project beyond the immediate. Such a person identifies the higher opportunity and when this opportunity is taken and the person performs in full capacity – the gap between the real and the apparent -  becomes ‘ownership’ power. Where this is negative – it isolates through separation.

There is often criticism of the Caste system practiced strongly in Northern Sri Lanka during my times of growing-up. It still prevails as an influencing factor of thought order but is less visible in action – including due to armed action which gave prominence to the lower caste groups driven strongly by the brawn. By living in Thunaivi, a toddy-tapper village in Vaddukoddai where the first political declaration of self-governance was made in 1976 – I have learnt that the lower caste folks are also missing out on the higher thought order developed by the higher castes. Often those who accepted their lower positions as per the official system – which included caste until recently – had the blessings of seniors through genuine partnership. I enjoy this very much in Thunaivi where I take my position as per the job performed and where that job  fits in ‘their’ thought order. Without such ‘service’ – these folks would rebel again and again against authority when they do not ‘get’ what they think is due to them. Each side would calculate as per their own thought order and the two would not meet in a society where caste is no longer closely linked to  work-category. The loss is greater to these folks whose vision tends to be limited to their own experiences and the gap being filled by the ‘seen’ and the ‘heard’ which is often  taken as the ‘owned but not received’.

Under the time-based hierarchical subjective system – children were entitled to do as parents did to their parents – the children’s grandparents. Under the system of democracy – the children return to the parents once children become ‘free’ of their parents and parents rely on children for maintenance in old-age. Hence the cover of  Confidentiality is removed and its place is taken by Transparency. Likewise,  under the old system of  management  - workers did to management what they observed management doing  to shareholders/governors. Under Democracy workers return to management that which was done to them in the language of the worker. Given that there is likely to be conflict between the manager and the worker in terms of interpreting ‘why’ an action was done or not taken as the case may be – each side is required to produce their own outcomes as Equals – as in sports. Each observer would assess and receive the ‘outcome’ as per their own needs. Towards this the receiver/judge needs to be independent of all sides producing outcomes. Where one ‘tells’ the other how to interpret – one confirms acting in breach of the rules of Democracy.

 I believe that through my genuine work and sacrifices to strengthen the ‘system’ I was acquiring this sun power of self-sufficiency.  The ‘system’ is like Savings Account. Knowledge of its strength protects us through our own mind and its ability to enhance or shrink opportunities and problems. I learnt to lead a fairly satisfactory life through the little I had in hand – relative to others in my environment.  But often when I showed the way – those with lesser order of thought but higher positions relative to mine – tried to bring me under their system – as in assimilation.  That is the convenient path but it weakens the Independence/Sovereignty of the whole.  It is to prevent such moves that there are Equal Opportunity laws for multicultural societies and that is a right in the system of Democracy. If the status is allocated outside merit basis – often due to seniority on the basis of time – it becomes difficult to maintain one’s own higher order of thought. That was when I usually resigned from relationships/institutions – to become Common Public without special portfolio. Now I realise that I did not renounce the real values of my work – but just converted it from income to savings. I was in partnership with those who developed the higher common systems such as Equal Opportunity Laws for Democracy.

I feel that at the University of New South Wales, my real work in researching and finding the real causes for the effects through my own experiences – were taking shape through the core purposes of a university – i.e. – Research & Teaching. As a high performer – I was able to deliver as per the stated requirements of my position – much more quickly than my parallels at that place. I went further and developed systems that would support the users beyond current times. That became habitual. I did not however know then – that those contributions to the system – beyond the benefits I had received – were turning into savings and beyond into Energy when they were used and were of use to others – including those I had never met or was likely to meet.  I felt this when I saw an old guy in Thunaivi – in Northern Sri Lanka, resting peacefully in our family temple after it was renovated. At that moment I realized that it did not matter whether that person was grateful to me and my family for the facility but that if he was facilitated  - the credit was automatically given through the system of Truth.  When we do so beyond conscious expectations of status and money benefits – they become ownership Energy.  Ownership renders moral authority.  Anyone who damages this through human authority brings the losses down upon her/himself. This did happen at the University of New South Wales and travelled up to Federal Government level when Mr. John Howard was Prime Minister.

To the outsider, it may seem that my efforts were wasted – given that the Courts dismissed my complaints as lacking in substance. But as I was a believer – the position through which I sued Mr. Howard was purified of negative karma in relation to racism for other believers in racial equality seeking the support of that position. If Mr. Howard were to come back to that seat – he would invoke his negative contribution. Likewise Australians who follow in Mr. Howard’s  thought  order and Sri Lankans who follow in Mr. Rajapakse’s thought order.

We develop our real relationships through our natural actions. Calculated relationships through a particular system often differs from natural relationships.  In the end both sides of  that natural relationship are ourselves. Those who realize this are ‘free’ of relativity from then onwards. Others who continue to depend on others to complete the relationships tend to feel depressed or overly excited – both of which carry the risk of development of  mental disorder.  Sometimes the umpires/ governments/ judges  contribute to such distortion. To the extent the leaders did their best as per their position requirements – they do not personally  get a share of the negative karma / Energy. Where they failed to do their best – habitually or for a particular purpose – and the genuine participant suffers – the karma is shared at the personal level also. The other side happens at the same time. Hence the likes of Gandhi enjoyed higher quality life even though the umpires demoted them.
There is a saying in Tamil – an active person ‘turns the nit into louse and the louse into Perumal/Lord Vishnu.’ Once we neglect our responsibility – matter becomes issue and issue goes into the Natural system of Karma – which, like the Sun acts impartially and does not ‘wait’ to receive or give accolades. Just keeping going is the enjoyment.

Sunday 12 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 12 July  2015

Tamil Buddhist or Sinhala Hindu?

According to the Sri Lankan Constitution, a true Buddhist judging the acts of LTTE as Terrorism, would list as Terrorists the army who failed to act within their position powers in using weapons. They are stronger Terrorists if they failed to take care of the injured and the families of the dead as a priority above celebrating war victory.

 Every person to whom Sri Lanka is ‘home’ would influence the Energies in higher common areas - to deliver these outcomes due also to Article 9 of the Constitution – if like Lord Buddha - they renounce wealth and status – to share in the pain of the victims to help them realize natural self-governance. I now feel strongly that I was needed by today’s Sri Lanka and hence was getting trained through Government actions in Australia during the time of Mr. John Howard as Prime Minister. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the parallel of Mr. John Howard – in terms of denying democratic rights.  Where we know that the name of a religion or nation is being abused – we need to recognize the value of the contribution by a person through their character and what happened to them eventually when the Public contribution to democracy became stronger than theirs. Both were dismissed by the Public through elections – Mr. Howard was dismissed by migrants and Mr. Rajapaksa by  minorities – Tamils & Muslims who suffered due to their minority status actively used by Mr. Rajapaksa’s Government to show its own ‘wins’. 

Effectively – in terms of the war issue – Mr. Rajapaksa showed aspects  of Nallur Murugan and I demonstrated Buddha philosophy.  Given Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – I have ruling power over Mr. Rajapaksa in terms of Sri Lanka. Mr. Rajapaksa would have ruling power over LTTE – to the extent he contributed to winning the armed war in a just manner in area where believers in Lord Muruga  were in the majority. But he did not have the blessings of the Constitution for this. Through article 9 Mr. JR Jayawardene – the architect of the Sri Lankan Presidential system ensured that no leader who claims victory in armed war through arms – would have leadership power to Govern Sri Lanka. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Desire and Fear travel together. Where there is desire there is fear – even though due to external influences we may not be aware of one or the other at a particular time. When desire is excessively entertained and enjoyed – fear becomes an irredeemable feature. It’s best to earn our benefits, have no desires and fear no one. Lord Muruga’s First Message is ‘Why Fear when I am here?’ Global outlook helps us ‘see’ the other side immediately. Hence there is no accumulation of fear nor desire. That is true Democracy. 

Friday 10 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 11 July  2015

Sins of War

Wrongs when left uncorrected become sins once the current period when costs and benefits could be calculated through current measures, has expired – like in ‘use by dates’. Likewise, when the person wronged is no longer accessible. The longer it is left uncorrected the stronger the force of negativity which often is a demotivating force in terms of work. Once the wrong evolves as negative force – one could only compensate and not correct the wrong to restore to original position.  This negative force is the form that the wrong evolves into. When left uncompensated even then - it becomes sin. Once it is a sin – we cannot make amends through compensation either. From then on – there is no relativity but the sin travels with us as a debilitating aspect.  It becomes downward pulling force – as if the demon is travelling with us – until we become the demon wherever we go. The redemption is Surrender to whoever is believed to have a virtue in that regard.

The Indonesian President played god with Bali 9 leaders in his War against Drugs. Now Bali Tourism is suffering due to Mt. Raung erupting. Others  may make the connection in different ways. We would all be right – as per our genuine contributions. Karma never fails.

As per latest Sri Lankan news – former President Mahinda Rajapakse is also a contestant in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. Is this positive or negative for Sri Lanka? Let’s start with the 1978 Constitution which gave birth to the position of President in Sri Lanka.

National Leadership structures need to be models that citizens would be able to follow successfully in their local areas – right down to the basic organizational unit – the family. Leaders share their real energies with voters – towards this and v.v. At the individual’s level – belief is the path through which such empowerment happens. Hence an individual is needed to work a system  that is beyond the reach of the local group through the official and cultural pathways.

Keeping this in mind, I conclude that  the parliamentary structure that Sri Lanka had until 1978, had the effect of working through family units. The structure with President as the head of   State – directly elected by the People – meant that individuals counted more than institutional structures – starting within family units. Would this suit Sri Lanka whose leaders tend to be driven by time based traditions? Is it not another form of  the Monarchical system? The effects/outcomes  in Sri Lanka confirm that it is -  through  both the Bandaranaike family as well as the Rajapakse family.  Likewise on the side of Tamils – it’s the Prabhakaran family – albeit at the military level. All other forms of Administration would be pushed down to the lower Administrative level under such a leader. There is nothing wrong with this – so long as we do not claim benefits in the name of Democracy and also find fault with others for not being Democratic.

The best Lesson known to me to distinguish between the two  systems – is the Hindu legend about the Divine Mango. To me this legend is the mind of persons of  Hindu Tamil culture who were able to foresee the need for democratic assessments and judgments.  Hence the Hindu part of Tamil culture – which as majority face  of Sri Lankan Tamils – is as old as Muruga – the Deity with six faces depicting 360 degree view / assessment.  That is also the electoral system forming parliament and voting on top governance issues on the basis of belief – beyond Administrative decisions. This is the additional power of parliament that the Judiciary does not have. The Judiciary does not have the belief based authority to make new laws. But the Judiciary has the authority to Judge the Executive Government from a higher position.

 Belief of voters must culminate in belief of elected members/President to bring about necessary changes to the system. This must happen beyond their Administrative positions – for them to have the moral authority to give birth to new laws  or repeal or amend existing laws. Such changes would naturally drive voters through this belief based connection – the belief being that the elected person is their government. In democracy without President – this ceases with sending members to Parliament.  In systems with President – it was extended beyond the Multicultural Administrative system and this has the effect of preserving higher investments in the time based subjective hierarchical system. But the power to work the Presidential system is diminished when the elected person fails to respect and value the past contribution by all those who came along that pathway. Respecting parallel leaderships in other cultures is therefore essential for majority to maintain this within their own areas of cultural belief.  Actively facilitating such leadership would help develop this respect. This is often known through ‘attitudes’.

The Vice Chancellor of University of NSW who had me arrested for peaceful assembly – was trained under the American system and hence went back to students directly as President. This resulted in conflict with the Governing Council who were continuing to use the parallel of Westminster parliamentary system of governance. This is also the case with Sri Lankan  Government and this ‘habit’  was given form through the 1978 Constitution. One in fact wonders whether the 1978 Constitution was towards this ‘double-dipping’ – once into the Democratic free world and again into time based seniority?

Under the parliamentary system therefore – the elected leaders must vote as if there is no one above them in position. That is a requirement to uphold Sovereignty. At that level  - the elected leader is the basis of belief/god. Each Minister is responsible for the issues under her/his portfolio and needs to believe in the issue as if s/he were the issue – in order to use discretionary powers beyond Administration. The elected member on the other hand needs to only identify with the issue to the extent s/he believes that her/his electorate needs it. The rest is not her/his business. It’s like the system of many religions and one god.

The 360 degree view is needed in the system of global democracy because of lateral global movements which result in multiculturalism. If I need to know my merit based value to my current environment – I need to assess myself through the values recognized by various parts of my environment over a period when I have been active with that part of the environment. That is my active current value. Likewise I  have the right to assess each and every one of them on the same basis. But there needs to be no inclusion of ‘past’ merit in the current assessment. Often this is difficult for those who are used to the hierarchical system.

If the above is lower than the total value as per my past valuations – it is better to keep the old credits confidential to be  used as ‘Reserves/Character’ to help someone else surface their credits in their current systems which are closely connected to my old system through which I accumulated the Reserves. For example Sri Lanka for me. 

Many retired migrants go into governance discussions of their countries of origin for this reason. Many share their Reserves with those who need to surface their credits during current times. The requirement in doing this is that we should not be actively Administering those juniors but be there for them as governors – so they would share through common belief. Likewise subjective powers in Presidential system.

In the above Mango Legend, Muruga who went around the world to claim the prize  - got upset with His parents for giving the prize to the elder brother. The elder brother Ganesh – went around the parents and claimed the prize/heritage. The parallel of Ganesh in the Sri Lankan Community are the practitioners of  Customary laws including Thesawalamai Customary Law which is the essential base of Tamil Royal ancestry. The parallel of young brother Muruga are the global Tamils. In terms of Sri Lankans who practice local traditions  - Ganesh is the example. That  system is Monarchical and is time based. Hence SWRD Bandaranaike’s Sinhala Only mentality – evolved as President Only structure. 

This was strongly upheld by Mr. Rajapakse especially through military force. Mr. Rajapaksa has confirmed already that he can work the military system and that he was very ordinary before the military defeat of LTTE. As a Vaddukoddai resident pointed out – Mr. Rajapaksa’s performance was better after the 2010 elections.

Given that Mr. Rajapakse failed to correct the wrongs during the war – they have now become sins of war. They are carried by him and that position and if indeed the LTTE or other type of rebels are activated – the damage would be worse than it was before due to the exponential power of these sins. This time, the causal reason would be the citizen – who already has knowledge of what would happen post-war under such leadership. Blaming the LTTE for the war would only make it worse. We continue to observe whether the Sinhalese voter is using brawn power or brain power in these elections. 

Thursday 9 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 July  2015

Vaddukoddai Resolution & Thesawalamai

Out of human laws – at the fundamental level – there are two criteria that confirm validity and as to who has the authority to use that law to support or discipline the other:

(1)   Time based – as in Frist come first served.
(2)   Place/Land – as in majority occupation.

The laws used officially by Australia are of the second category. Customary Laws – such as Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka are of the first category. Under this category – an Indigenous Australian has the right to ask a White Australian – for example Ms Pauline Hanson or Ms Dawn Fraser to go back to their  Land outside this place called Australia.

Where an area / subject matter is covered by Customary Law – the right to judge rests with the member of the group covered and supported by the Customary Law over - a non-member.
Where there is disunity in a group to whom a block of Land – say Sri Lanka – is common place of residence – the ruling is time-based. Hence an Indigenous Australian has the right to rule over later migrants.

Where there is harmony –say Canberra within Australia – the Natural Law is as per  majority rule. But those who ask others to ‘go back home’ lose this right due to having disturbed the harmony – be it due to race, age, disability or other time based or looks-only based seniority.  Then since there is no longer Unity – time based priority rights apply. By default -  those who contribute to disunity by failing to practice Equal Opportunity principles - are thus rendering themselves to be judged by their seniors on time basis.

If the other side is genuinely Democratic - the other side automatically turns the judgment against those who ask others to go back home in one form or the other.  To my mind, this reversal happened to Judge and dismiss Mr. John Howard who failed to take disciplinary action against Ms. Pauline Hanson who asked migrants who would not assimilate – to go home.  I believe that my Energies were part of the marginal forces needed towards this reversal. I learnt through those experiences – that each one us has the power to so reverse judgments. Towards this we need true seniority over them – through our deeper investments. I thus leant that I am senior to Mr. Howard in Democratic Australia – due to my substantive contribution to Democracy.

When I said about my sister-in-law - ‘If she were true to herself – she would now go back to Vaddukoddai where it is possible that there is a group which would identify with her.’ – it was as per her personal Truth expressed as per the laws of Thesawalamai which are applicable to those of Northern Sri Lanka. Truth – be it personal or common – is above all laws. But for it to be valid, it must be expressed only within the area of Belief and/or Commonly applicable law.  Democracy is NOT a system in which most Vaddukkoddai Tamils  of my sister-in-law’s age  had invested in. In addition, due to LTTE empowering itself through Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 – the folks of Vaddukoddai are automatically paying a part of their current investment in Democracy to compensate for the damage caused to the investment made in Democracy, by others of that Land-area. This problem arises when the two systems are indiscriminately mixed towards quick /hasty outcomes.

My sister-in-law was benefiting from the system of Democracy by migrating to Australia. Since she failed to respect and value the system of Democracy, anyone who is senior to her on the basis of time – and has invested genuinely in Democracy would Naturally reverse any judgment by her on herself. Accordingly – my husband who even though younger than his sister  in age – became the medium of reversal and asked her to go back to Vaddukoddai.  As per the law of Thesawalamai he had this authority inherited from his father.  Both our higher True investments in Democracy became the source of True authority for the reversal. The system of Truth will not override its own laws.

Laws cannot be enforced for just outcomes. Truth will do the necessary reversals – provided we remain within our Truth and submit to Truth through Due Common Processes. Hence, where our investment in the official law is weak – it is better to submit to Truth than to enforce through administration. 

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 07 July  2015

Ms Dawn Frader - Ms Pauline Hanson II?

It was indeed very disturbing to read  that ‘Sporting icon Dawn Fraser has told tennis star Nick Kyrgios to 'go back to where his parents came from' following his stormy exit from Wimbledon’ As per Sky News the following is the background to the above emotional expression by a Senior Australian:

Asked to comment on Kyrgios' antics during his fourth-round grand-slam loss Fraser accused him of 'tanking' and setting a poor example for 'the younger generations of this country. ''If they don't like it they can go back to where their fathers, or their parents came from. We don't need them here in this country to act like that,' Fraser told the Nine Network on Tuesday morning. Born in Canberra, 20-year-old Kyrgios is the son of a Greek-born father and Malaysian-born mother. He was booed on court during his loss to Frenchman Richard Gasquet after he appeared to deliberately fail to return serves during the third game of the second set. Kyrgios hit back on Facebook accusing Fraser of being a racist: 'Throwing a racket, brat. Debating the rules, disrespectful. Frustrated when competing, spoilt. Showing emotion, arrogant. Blatant racist, Australian legend. 'A short time later, Fraser stood by her comments during an interview with 3AW, saying Kyrgios wasn't 'a very likeable guy'. 'When he goes out and does his press interviews to the media he's not a very likeable guy, as far as being an Australian is concerned,' she said. She compared the young tennis star to hot-tempered US player John McEnroe, and labeled  Kyrgios' outbursts 'disgraceful'. 'We all had a go at Lleyton Hewitt but his outbursts were to himself, not to the officials,' she said. 'Are we seeing John McEnroe over again? ''It's just disgraceful.

The question I ask Ms Fraser is ‘Are we seeing Pauline Hanson over again?’

Being Australian means that we accept  the rest of Australia – as is – for better or for worse. No one has the right to ask another to leave except by law.  Going down to fundamentals of Natural Law – Indigenous Australians have the right to ask Ms Fraser to go back to where her ancestors came from.

Ms Pauline Hanson said this in August 1998 and I received it as being said to me. I felt  so - since I was hurting due to the type of conduct by senior White Australians – similar to that of Ms Fraser -  in relation to  my work at the University of New South Wales – which I believed was because I was from Third World – being smarter and more ethical in my professional work then they were – despite holding positions as my seniors/supervisors. I resigned from my position at the University and was ready to ‘Go Back Home’. But genuine Australians of various ethnic origins asked me to stay. Leading amongst them was Dr. David Garlick – then the Director of Sports Medicine at the University. David felt with me – as if he was hurt by what had happened to me. Gradually – through my faith in True powers – especially in God – I realized that I Gajalakshmi Paramasivam  belonged more than Ms Hanson and the supervisors who failed in their duty as per their jobs. Ms Fraser had every right to criticize Mr. Kyrgios – including calling him a racist, if she believed him to be one. But Ms Fraser did not have the right to ask later migrant to go back home.  Some of us have two homes. To me Australia is home and  Sri Lanka is also home.

If indeed we go down to primary level politics – then each time Indigenous Australians feel offended by Ms Fraser’s Home Group -  Ms Fraser must go back home – the home of her own description.

My above experience happened during the festival of Nallur in Northern Sri Lanka. The Deity is the same as the One in Sydney Murugan Temple. My article ‘From Vaddukoddai Tiger to Nallur Peacock dated 05 July 2015 at   was based on the news report  ‘Former LTTE Militants To Contest Polls As 'Crusaders For Democracy' .

The Sri Lankan Government listed the LTTE as Terrorists. That Government did not ask LTTE to go back to India. If they had done that – then they ask all Sinhalese Armed Militants also to go back to India – except Indigenous Sri Lankans – Veddas.

Common Law is above personal law ;
Path of Truth Universal Law;  Some call them Scientific Theories

 Out of human laws – at the fundamental level – there are two criteria that confirm validity and as to who has the authority to use that law to reward or discipline the other:

(1)   Time based – as in Frist come first served.
(2)   Place/Land – as in majority occupation.

The laws used officially by Australia are of the second category. Customary Laws – such as Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka are of the first category. Under this category – an Indigenous Australian has the right to ask Ms Fraser to go back to her Land outside this place called Australia.

Where an area / subject matter is covered by Customary Law – the right to judge rests with the member of the group covered and supported by the Customary Law over - a non-member. In terms of Tennis – this power rests with the founders of Tennis.

Where there is disunity in a group to whom a block of Land – say Sri Lanka – is common place of residence – the ruling is time-based. Hence an Indigenous Australian has the right to rule over Ms Fraser.

Where there is harmony –say Canberra within Australia – the Natural Law is majority rule. But those who ask others to ‘go back home’ lose this right due to having disturbed the harmony – be it due to race, age, disability or other time based or looks-only based seniority.   They are thus rendering themselves to be judged by the other side. The other side automatically turns the judgment against them – to the extent the other side is genuine in its use of Democracy. To my mind, this reversal happened to Judge and dismiss Mr. John Howard who failed to take disciplinary action against Ms. Hanson.  I believe that my Energies were part of the marginal forces needed towards this reversal. I learnt through those experiences – that each one us has the power to so reverse judgments. Towards this we need true seniority over them – through our deeper investments. I thus leant that I am senior to Mr. Howard in Democratic Australia.

Both Ms Hnason as well as Ms Fraser – as politicians in a democracy have the responsibility to stay within the rules of this lateral system if they are to not reverse their judgments on themselves and damage their own investment in democracy and in Australia. The first rule is to renounce all time-based seniority when judging expressly. If they seek and find the Truth and as per that Truth later arrivals must go back home and Indigenous Australians must stay within their allocated areas  of land – and they seek to express it publicly – it has the effect of all those who have been true to Democratic Political system by majority Administering the whole – turning the verdict against them.

The laws of Nature work – irrespective of whether we are conscious of their pathway or not. The educated person would seek and find how this law works for the whole in common. Below is this morning’s conversation with a Canadian Tamil of Sri Lankan origin in this regard. To my mind he would eagerly consider Ms Fraser as his leader:

Canadian Tamil: (In response to my article ‘From Vaddukoddai Tiger to Nallur Peacock with the picture of Lord Muruga and Air Lanka’)  Gaja,  I think your personal stories should be kept within your family. I personally have no interest.
It looks though your god Murugan is biased. He answered your prayers but not the
wallowing of thousands who  died at Mullivaikkal. I wonder why?

Gaja in Response: Thank you Mr. Canadian Tamil. If I had kept my experiences to myself, you would not have had the opportunity to express your own as you have done now. Each one is allowed space in the Public area. How YOU take it needs to be as per your own Truth. In this instance - you have revealed that you are using my work to have an opinion - not by agreeing or disagreeing with the SUBSTANCE - but by devaluing my work. Thereby you devalue your own. That is the built in justice system.

Canadian Tamil:  Sorry, please answer my question. Why did Lord Murugan favoured you but not thousands of others.
As an educated person you should not believe in sorcery, mind reading, horoscope  etc.

Gaja:  There you go telling me again - what I should believe in.  Educated or not - BELIEF IS
BELIEF. Education helps us get to the higher belief faster so that wider society also
would benefit.
Lord Muruga would have helped all those who believed in Him.  Don't forget that LTTE
leader did not.  EROS Balakumar did - and Muruga helped him die a hero and merge with
Muruga. We all die and we all have physical pains. Those who BELIEVE will have minimum anxiety through death and injury to the body. This would help us enjoy the sweetness of our achievements when the body is not as active as it was in younger days. Those who believed in some other form - would have found their solutions in some other way. I suggest that you look within you as per your own instead of wasting time to damage others'. If that other person is genuine - then your criticism comes back to you.

In contrast to the above Canadian Tamil a Sri Lankan Tamil – Mr. Kathieravelu- to whom Sri Lanka is still ‘home’ wrote in relation to the Substance of my article about the two bases on which Equal Opportunity system could be worked, wrote about self-governance:

In my suggestions it is not "delegation" it is "sharing" or  "empowered". "Delegation" can be withdrawn at anytime by the way the delegation was  done "sharing" and "empowering" cannot be withdrawn since every unit is part  of  the "whole" and so no single unit is "whole" and every "unit" is depends  on the other "units" to become "whole". So IF "powers and duties" of a country are shared or empowered then the  country "cannot be divided". This simple "truth" is being hidden from the common people - be it Sinhalese, Tamils or Muslims.
………………..Please help to advocate, instill and to implement the principle.
Our representatives are talking of "delegation" and "devolution" and they  do not talk of sharing and empowering but seem to talk and promoting of  physical dividing the country, which in my humble opinion will not solve  the problem but shift the problem. Unity is at stake.

To this -  On 7 July 2015 at 09:41, Gajalakshmi_Param  wrote:
What  deep understanding!  True. With delegation - it could be withdrawn.  I take it that you are for the global option. Good on you and keep up the  good work. I believe that every drop of genuine work empowers the place  where you feel you belong and the people you feel are  connected to you -  including your family - even though they may never read your work consciously
And later:
Will do all I can Mr. Kathieravelu. Not only the politicians but also some Diaspora leaders.
But so long as a few good ones keep believing and do what we can - the Nation will be
Warm Regards

Australia is also One Nation due to those of us who Believe Australia is Home – despite having arrived here recently or despite  being of an old culture that ‘looks’ Barbaric.

Monday 6 July 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 July 2015

Devolution or Globalization?

Truth when experienced renders Universal Power of Independence.  One reader was critical of my sharing of personal experiences through my writing work. This was also raised by a senior academic – and from time to time by Diaspora leaders. This particular reader stated:

Whilst writing somewhat readable articles painstakingly you spoil them by bringing in your (Personal) 'Testamentary Action' into it every time. Please grow out of it. It is not the be all and end all. There is a wide globe waiting for you outside!

I responded to the above reader: ‘The globe is ‘outside’ if not experienced. Universal power is experienced inside

The above brought to my mind, the personal crusade of Eddie Mabo – who established the Indigenous Right to use land through Personal Belief. It was a one man fight.  Our then Prime Minister the Hon Paul Keating said about the successful ruling regarding Native Title :

"Well the biggest pressure came at the end. The greater body of the parliamentary caucus in the form of senior people in the cabinet wanted me to give it up towards the end... and I said you've got to be joking, you've got to be joking, but they weren't joking. You know they didn't think I could get it through." ABC

The above response from within the Tamil Diaspora similarly confirms the resistance to Truth – as a Universal Power. The Native Title ruling is healthy for Australia – because it recognizes the Truth that Australia was not Terra Nullius when White Immigrants landed here and started setting up Government.

The parallel of that for Sri Lanka are the Customary Laws – not only of Jaffna Tamils but also others including Kandyan Sinhalese. The above mentioned Testamentary case would have been an emotional settlement – needing confidentiality in case of conflict. Likewise, Political differences between cultures within Sri Lanka. While the above member of the Diaspora refers to it as being ‘personal’ there were other young ones who – on learning about it through my writings – sought my assistance to resolve similar problems in their own family circles. In any case – I did not publicize the matter until the other side made it public. The parallel of this for  Sri Lanka is the Government going public and seeking the assistance of UN in regards to the LTTE problem. To many large Western countries including Australia – the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils would have been very much ‘personal’ just as Eddie Mabo’s legal battles were to a large majority of Australians.
This raises the question of whether Tamils of Sri Lanka need Democracy through Devolution of Power – so they could be a smaller version of the Parent who devolves or whether we need Globalization with the principles and values of Transparency and Accountability – even at the primary unit level – as our grandchildren now explain to us how they  make rotti (Sri Lankan bread)!

The two ways are discussed below:

[Where there are wide gaps between cultures – it is important that we lose consciousness of our past authorities – and instead use current observations of current outcomes. Towards this one needs Objectively measurable evidence to mark someone right or wrong.
Our marriage and the values on which our branch of the family was developed is of higher value as per Australian culture – upholding multiculturalism in the system of marriage. In our family - there are those who married only once; There are those who married more than once and there are those who never married. They are all family and they are all entitled to their share of the Common status of  the family.  Likewise in the Tamil community with diverse political affiliations. Once the LTTE claimed it represented Tamils, it did not have the right to separate within and call other Tamils ‘traitors’ – except when they were ‘caught’ damaging the Common Values. Given that the most Common value that Tamils contributed to was Education – the LTTE needed to first punish itself for actively damaging our investment in Education which is of heritage value.

The moment my husband left Vaddukoddai to live in Colombo and beyond in Australia – he had the responsibility to restructure his thought order to suit his new environment. Likewise, all migrants to new environments. A good migrant does not replace – but merges – as in sharing. New debts to systems are developed through education and training by seniors in new environments. The more independent ones would tend to learn on their own. Such persons contribute to the wider Common society – as I believe I did in Australia. Our debts are therefore not owed only to our biological families and communities. Until we pay off our debts – we do not have the power to work the common system. Everyone has the power to pay off by paying their respects. When we do so of our own free will – the debt is cleared even if the other person does not accept it or knows about it. Those who repay as per a ‘system’ – cultural or official – need to expressly confirm that the debt has been paid as per that system’s pathways/laws/policies.

Hence in the case of my sister-in-law,  SHE was disrespecting the Australian law which endorses our marriage; Worse – she was disrespecting the Higher Common Values that my husband had contributed to. If she were true to herself – she would now go back to Vaddukoddai where it is possible that there is a group which would identify with her. Now that I live as a  Vaddukoddai Resident when in Sri Lanka – to my mind my sister-in-law’s group would be limited to a few close relatives and neighbours. This I believe is the case of the Muslim mother who left her children in Australia to join the armed group fighting for Islamic State.

Our Brain-Order is raised to the higher level of thought when we use Common Measures/Laws/Policies/Values. Truth is Universal and there is no higher law than the pathway of Truth. Truth is therefore the express pathway to Independence.
If my husband or I had been ‘caught’ in an act that would be considered shameful by our common culture – for example indulging in sexual pleasures with other partners – then such assessment is on merit basis and is valid. Likewise if I had acted violently at the University – the University Security had the right to take action to remove me. If I had acted violently outside the gates of the University – the Police had the right to take action against me. Given that there was no such action – I had every right to be at a Public institution. It is a clear case of the University Administration being at the mercy of the citizen to leave on her own accord. Likewise, in a family – every member has the right to be in common areas and/or lead in subject matters where in the past they have demonstrated leadership – as I had in Democratic Resource Management at the University of NSW. I was part of the team that was recruited for this very purpose. I identified with the need of the University and made the need of the University my need. Then the service is provided by me to myself. It’s when the customer is brought within us that we provide the best and deepest customer service. 

Given that the outcome expected of the officer was placed in his mind before he could make independent observations and use appropriate laws with due diligence to mark me right or wrong – as per the law -  the brain would have needed a driving force to act. The natural driving force of superiority led  to downgrading of  my status – below his so I would be obedient. It’s like quietly using abusive language to demean the opposition batsman when playing cricket. It’s a form of sledging.

The real causal reason is therefore the motivation power that drives the action.
In a Democracy where multiculturalism is accepted as a ‘right’ it would be difficult for juniors / minorities to identify with these forces of seniors / majority in power with whom they may never interact due to the ‘gap’ and lack of belief. Hence each one has the right to produce their own outcomes independently as per their belief – in an area where it would not adversely affect other cultures. But this needs to be not in breach of the law if that person / members of that group seek to interact with wider society also. If it is the punishment needs to be willingly taken – as Gandhi did.

Under this latter system – ‘effects’ are important.  Each group uses the motivation or demotivation power the ‘effects’ had/has  on them to work out their next step.  Hence producing objectively measurable outcomes is essential in Multicultural Democracy.    Hence Transparency and Accountability replace Confidentiality and Loyalty as the underpinning essentials of  Performance.

The alternative to producing Objectively Measurable outcomes for Public consumption is – delegation. This carries the risk of past masters getting involved due to their unsettled thirst for leadership power.

The most current news about LTTE is that some former LTTE leaders are committing themselves to Democracy. If this is based on production of Objectively measurable outcomes instead of asking for delegation – then they would merge with global powers and would be empowered by global powers. THIS is my preferred way (Appendix 8). This is also – Lord Muruga’s way.  

Those who are not strongly committed to acting within their position boundaries – are likely to draw on the above mentioned natural local order through subjective influence - to please those who seem powerful – to derive current benefits. If this natural order is based on narrower thinking than the common law – then the person is abusing authority  to reduce his status to less than national status. One who uses the law – would confirm the common ‘system’ and thus would think as per national order and beyond if those laws are practiced by others also.

Had this officer been respectful of his own British ancestors – he would have recognized them through my own conduct as well – for most of my education was based on the system when Sri Lanka was Ceylon – under British rule.

It’s a kind of self-delegation – as LTTE probably thought they were entitled to after the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. But for that to be valid – the declaration that they were the sole-representatives of Tamils needed to be based on Belief. Prescriptive rights are based on belief. They are needed so that Land does not idle.  To my mind – when first  migrants landed on this land which is now called Australia – and they believed it was Terra-Nullius – they were entitled to claim ownership. But not so when they have knowledge of or ought to have had knowledge of regular use of the land by someone who was already there. Hence the Mabo ruling during the time Mr. Paul Keating was our Prime Minister. I believe that leaders add their own Natural Energies – for better or for worse when they are in leadership positions. So long as they are facilities accessible to the common citizen – as our current Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott is – our Energies also combine to strengthen their motivating forces – even if they /we are not conscious of it.   Hence Facilities and not Administration for self-governing citizens.

If on the other hand my parallel – in that issue – the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales had given evidence as a duty – he would have recognized his parallel structure in me – in diverse form.  But once we assume high position as per our convenience through majority vote/opinion – and place the other side below us – consciously and/or habitually – we would not be able to see this Natural Structure in the other person. Hence unjust discrimination happens. It is important to promote – allocation of equal status to the other person of a different race, gender, age or apparent disability  – until known otherwise – so that we do not habitually contribute to this injustice which develops into negative Energies uncontrollable by us. These I feel are the ‘Demons’.  

When we do contribute to a system and someone is genuinely hurt and we fail to take responsibility,  the order in which our brain works is of low level and therefore tends to be selfish – even if we are not conscious of it. The higher the order of the brain – the wider the coverage of care. Hence the need for common principles and laws. Positions need to be arranged in accordance with responsibilities and not active contributions.

Truth gives us the highest order of thought from within. It has the empowering Energy due to our own work to discover the Truth and/or due to the respect we pay those who have discovered the Truth. This empowerment is beyond knowledge. It motivates and/or prevents action as needed by us. Such a mind is independent and ‘free’.

Often I ‘resigned’ from institutions and relationships due to the difficulty of rearranging my order of thinking to suit custodians of power. This often resulted in loss of earned benefits and opportunities – but I was more free to think as per my orderly system. Unless we are on our guard against such ‘infections’ we are likely to start thinking like them. Assimilation happens when we allow ourselves to be so infected. Those who maintain their own independent order of thinking promote diversity and the two systems  integrate at the higher level. I believe I am contributing to such a multicultural system by first fighting against assimilation and then staying independent of such person/s in authority.  
Democracy could be developed in two main pathways :

(1)   By Delegating Power to a smaller unit – that is more or less identical to the parent unit and recognizing that unit to have Equal status.  This often carries forward cultural particular to a group.
(2)   By facilitating each independent group that declares itself to be independent  to produce their own outcomes of global standard but without any special delegation to that group. This requires moving to a ‘Business Unit’ approach.
This I believe is the preferred pathway for Sri Lanka as well as Australia.  This requires the minority groups to become global more actively than majority groups. Otherwise devolution and separation is the path that suits those who seek to be personal and confidential.] Beyond Consciousness