Sunday 30 November 2014

Heroes and Pariahs in  Democracy

What is the value of my vote in the Sri Lankan elections or for that matter in any elections? As an individual do I celebrate the win or mourn the  defeat of the person I voted for ?  If that is the only outcome I identify with – then I am a primary level voter who is dependent on the person I voted for – to fulfill my expectations from wider world.  A governor on the other hand would comfortably restructure her/his work to tailor the new leadership to become her/his medium to produce outcomes.  To such a person – the elected leader is a ‘facility’.  When majority use leadership as facility the nation is Sovereign. On the other hand, a nation could claim to be Sovereign through its Leadership’s commitment to upholding principles and values that would lead to enjoyment of  Sovereignty by any practitioner in the group, of such principles and values. This need not be majority. It could be minority community/group or individuals. Excessive physical level claim of right to such Sovereignty often strongly indicates attachment to physical freedom that juniors often seek.  To my mind, JVP and LTTE claims were more of this kind and hence the separatism that Sri Lanka has been experiencing.

When asked a few months back – the question ‘When you see the future of India do you see a India that is purely Hindu or do you see a place for ‘Muslims’ in India ?’, the Indian Prime Minister the Hon Narendra Modi is reported to have stated ‘This question is a problem faced by people who do not have a proper understanding of what Hindu or Hindutva means and never grasp it. Hinduism always says (quoting Sankrit hymn) ‘ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti’ which means the Truth is one but there are many paths to understand and get to it.’ 

Realizing Self-Governance  could also be through various paths but the Experience of Nationalism is One. A leader who is a common  facility to  those various paths would demonstrate Equal respect for the belief  of those who use different paths. Sometimes the majority may be following in one path – for example Hindus in India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka – but some minority group in that area  may have greater value due to following in the traditional path. Once we realize Sovereignty through a particular issue or path – we have the moral authority to express our Sovereignty within those borders.   A Sovereign person would not consciously or otherwise damage others’ investment in Sovereignty through that path and/or in that area. It is towards this that Separation of Powers is required – be it between the Judiciary and the Executive or between different Religions or between different cultures.

Where by law Equal status is allocated to a particular cultural group -  which is minority in terms of numbers  – then Separation of Powers is an entitlement flowing from such Equal status. All religions in Sri Lanka and all minority cultures in Sri Lanka were entitled to this separation through Article 14 (1) (e )  and (f) provided for this separation as follows:
 Every citizen is entitled to -
(e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching;
(f) the freedom by himself or in association with others to enjoy and promote his own culture and to use his own language;

The above is the parallel of Article 5 of the UN Convention of the Elimination of  all forms of Racial Discrimination.

The 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution went further to specifically state render Equal status to Tamil. Those who read the Constitution genuinely would appreciate that the separation is already there.  It was there at least from 1978 and it has been specifically stated as a rule through the 13th Amendment. India is often associated with this 13th Amendment. If that is the case – India must be credited for helping the then President JR Jayawardene diffuse his negative karma:

(1)   The 1977 Elections confirmed that it was possible for Tamils to become Equal Opposition under the Westminster system of Government Structure.
(2)   In 1978, The Constitution was changed to restructure to create Executive Presidency.
(3)   The Executive Presidency had the effect of  drastically reducing the opportunity for a Tamil to share leadership as opposition – as happened in 1977 under the Westminster system. This was in effect an evolution of the Sinhala Only language policy in terms of Tamils and its parallel for the rural Sinhalese including the Sinhalese rebel group JVP
(4)   In 1987, through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution Tamil language was rendered Equal status to Sinhala language. It happened due to the effects of the separation by physical forces on both sides which started manifesting strongly from 1983.

Many sections of the Sinhalese community recommend the abolition of  Amendment 13. They need to be cautious not to unleash the Natural Forces that have been balanced through this Amendment. To my mind, the above Amendment offsets at the Constitutional level – the negative karma accumulated by the Government of Sri Lanka since independence from Britain – worsened through the 1978 Constitution.  To the extent elected individuals used subjective powers to legislate suppression of Equal rights to practice Sovereignty – they acquire negative karma as individuals.  The 13th Amendment mitigated such sin in accumulated by the then President JR Jayawardene.

In his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Is There Anything Called Luck’ , Victor Cherubim asks:

 ‘Luck, in my opinion, happens to everyone, every living being. A leader like Nelson Mandela, a social reformer like Mahatma Gandhi, an eminent theologian like Thomas Aquinas or to come closer home, even to a pop group like, “One Direction,” the difference between them and an ordinary citizen, is that they did not depend on luck to “turn them on”. Was it a leap of faith into the unknown that made them change their life plans, that challenged the time, the place and the circumstance, into which they were born, lived and even endured pain and/or pleasure?

Last night,  prior to reading the above article,  during discussions with a group of expatriate Sri Lankans on the declaration by   Mr James Watson, the world-famous biologist who was shunned by the scientific community after linking intelligence to race said he is selling his Nobel Prize because he is short of money after being made a pariah,
 I wrote :

‘Whether it be Black Africans or Pariah caste – they ARE NOT less than us nor the Brahmin / Academic or White Americans superior to us.  Like in a family – the levels of intelligence and other talents are different. No one has the right to think higher or lower of another – except through a common structure and/or through common belief.   Belief makes us One.  Until we have the experience – it is difficult to appreciate how we could be Equal when the seen and the known say otherwise.   The gap is the divinity that is common to both. One with higher divinity – includes the one with lower divinity – as Jesus did.’

Mention of Jesus above applies equally to all leaders who ‘include’ the junior through deeper faith in the whole. ‘The leap into faith’ as described by Victor Cherubim – happens when we go beyond the structure applicable to the position taken by us into the world of Truth. Such souls  are all Governors of that structure.  Sir Anthony Mason and Dr. John Yu – Chancellors of my time at the University of New South Wales – recognized such qualities in my work – because they were themselves governors. But in Australia – Chancellors are not valued as highly as Vice Chancellors and Governors as highly as Prime Minister. Under the Monarchical structure – this was an active position – including under Hindu kings who honored Rishis in their Courts.   We Australians carry the negative karma of Sir John Kerr who interfered with the Executive path to dismiss the Prime Minister.  The Governor needs to be driven by Truth and not knowledge. If there is not enough Truth to make a decision – the Governor needs to be an observer and communicate through her/his belief in the whole.   Like with God – the Governor should not move directly to participate in the administrative activities of that structure.   Truth does the work for us.  Some of us call it luck.

The Constitution is like the Bible.  Once it is made law – all those who are yet to go past the final human boundary into the area of Truth – have the responsibility to not act in breach of the law. When we do – whether we get punished or not – we accumulate negative karma which slows down our progress to that boundary between conscious intelligence and Truth. This happens through our own conscience as the witness. The discovery by Mr. James Watson should have been kept within the boundaries of the scientific world and not recognized for social purposes.  By awarding the Nobel Prize to him – the group that did so lost its own creditworthiness  to award Nobel Peace Prize.  Not only did the Nobel Prize make a Pariah of Mr. Watson – but of  itself – by failing to adhere to the separation needed between science and arts.

Like in the Caste system – if we do not have functional hierarchy – but continue to take higher position above another subjectively – including due to majority power through race or religion – we accumulate negative karma. This is so because we are all children of God. The Governor needs to be such a power who would give refuge to all those who have come past the human boundaries in their environments.  Like with caste when it was actively connected to work performed – separation is needed so we do not slow down our own progress towards this ultimate goal.  As we become more and more global – the commitment to Equal status until known otherwise,  needs to be more and more consciously practiced if we are to not become Pariahs of  Democracy. By including Buddhism in the Constitution – Sri Lankan Government  reduced the status of  God as the real Governor.  The Executive Presidency confirmed the removal of Governor who represented that Silent Power.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30  November 2014

Saturday 29 November 2014

The Indian  Influence

I read with interest the article ‘Who Will Rule? A Question From An Undecided Voter’ by
Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, forwarded to me by a leader of the Sri Lankan Diaspora. In many ways it felt as if Dr. Jayatilleka was speaking more as a Diaspora leader than as a local voter. The level at which a voter thinks is very different to the level at which a governor thinks. The vote – like the human being has three levels at which value is calculated: The physical, mental and the ownership / soul levels. In terms of work – they are Money, People and Ownership.  In terms of Government it is Politics/Voting, Administration and Governance.  Through the vote we place ourselves in the Government – also at the three levels. The stronger the Governance component – the stronger the Administration and weaker the need for politics.

Dr. Jayatilleka shares with us his mind:

“My father Mervyn de Silva used to characterize me slightly critically, as “a Romantic”, and the romantic in me would like to vote for change. But right now, I cannot make that decision because the Realist in me raises a fundamental question: “who rules?” Or rather, who would rule, if Mr. Sirisena wins?”

The first connection I made for  Dr. Jayatilleka to form this question in his mind – was through  his own surname.  As stated above – Dr. Jayatilleka’s father’s  name was Mervyn de Silva. As per public records Dr. Jayatilleka took on his mother’s maiden name as his family name. Yet Dr. Jayatilleka through his current work - is following in the footsteps of his father who was an outstanding journalist.  So who ruled / governed Dr. Jayatilleka – mother or father?

This is very important in terms also of the role of Tamils in this election. The Tamil Diaspora has been shaping the external influences on Sri Lankan Government and its internal structures. Like Dr. Jayatilleka’s surname - they say Tamil Eelam but  like Dr. Jayatilleka following in the footsteps of his father – they are working for Equal status that Sri Lankan Tamil politicians sought and worked towards and achieved.   Those rights were confirmed through elections in 1977 when Tamils became the Equal Opposition to the Government. 

Through the Executive Presidency system 1978 - created by the then President JR Jayawardane the opportunity to show such Equal Position  at leadership level was dramatically reduced for Tamils – the largest minority group. By Policy –  the playing field was made uneven. This resulted in the issue becoming global due to the global systems through which Tamils have invested in Government structures all over the world. The 1977 outcomes happened in a different form in 2014 – when the UN decided to inquire into alleged abuses in the Sri Lankan war. Escalation of  the Conflict to UN level was largely due to the Tamil Diaspora.

Through my inner search – I have discovered that the status I allocate myself through my work on the basis of my assessment of the needs of  a group - is much higher than the status allocated by others in family, workplace and community groups. I learnt also – that if I waited around for the custodians of power of that group to provide the returns – I would not have identified with the returns that came from  a higher or wider level.   The more I stay within my experiences as I received them – the more awed I am about the role of Higher Powers of Divine system of Truth which always delivers to US as per our Truth.  Once we identify the connection between us as the end that received the effects and those who  caused those effects – ( through the seen and the known ) and the gap is attributed to Nature/God  - we complete the experience, learn the lesson and get promoted to the higher level.

The difference between the LTTE outcomes after 1977  until 2009 and the ones produced in 1977 and recently in 2014 is this ‘gap’ filled by a force beyond the seen and the known through a particular local system.  In the case of Tamil Diaspora who feel deeply  for the loss experienced and do what they can to compensate – the atrocities by the LTTE get overridden at community level. They should be beyond the reach of  direct players/voters/shooters – if Sri Lanka is to strengthen itself through this war, by eliminating identified negative forces.  To the extent the Tamil Diaspora becomes the opposition of the Government of Sri Lanka for this purpose – the purpose of identifying the negative forces – the Tamil Diaspora is healthy for Sri Lanka. Any excesses above that level would lead to disorderly thoughts and conduct within the Tamil Diaspora – as happened within the Sinhalese community – resulting in the likes of Dr. Jayatilleka rejecting the current regime under Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s leadership. The value of such rejection is far stronger than the vote against Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa by someone with economic interest only – even though the two have equal outer value to elect the leader. The leader is only a medium through whom we make our own contribution to governance.

In his Sri Lanka Guardian article – ‘Implementing 13A, India And International Commitments’  - Dr. Jayatilleka states :

 “It is in his concluding chapter that Weiss describes my role: “Dayan Jayatilleka, one of the most capable diplomats appointed by the Rajapaksa regime, had outmaneuvered  Western diplomats to help Sri Lanka escape censure from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. (p256-7)””

In light of the credits taken by Dr. Jayatilleka through his position in the UN as representative of Sri Lanka,   Dr. Jayatilleka has the Accumulated Responsibility to use the Administrative path to analyze the current situation in Sri Lanka.   His thoughts as a voter need to be confidential – as confidential as they were kept during the 2009 UN Resolution which Dr. Jayatilleka was very much a part of.   Now he is abandoning the Administrative ship when it seems to be sinking.

Administration is certainly the weak point in the Rajapaksa Government. But how strong is the Administration of Mr. Sirisena – the Opposition candidate?  According to Dr. Jayatilleka’s assessment – not a strong one. In terms of Administration – and Economy, Sri Lankan Government is strongly influenced by the International Community – not because anyone  says so – but due to the conduct of the Sri Lankan Government during the war when China’s influence was brought in. Between China and India – in action – Chinese have supported the Sinhalese-Buddhists  and Dr. Jayatilleka quotes Gordon Weiss as follows:

But of the veto-wielding ‘perm five’ in the Security Council, it was China...which was the largest stumbling block”

 The above is contradicted by the following statement by Dr. Jayatilleka in the above article:

[As Mervyn de Silva, whose 14th death anniversary falls this weekend, cautioned in a lecture at Marga Institute on ‘External Aspects of The Ethnic Issue’ in 1985, two years before the airdrop, the Accord, the IPKF and 13A, “Sri Lankan foreign policy must be centred on a non-hostile relationship with India”. ]

Language is an outer aspect of belief.  The stronger force influencing belief in Sri Lanka is Religion – Buddhism and Hinduism in this instance. As per my knowledge – based on published statistics - China’s Buddhists are only a quarter of India’s Hindus. In this instance – at regional level - the Highway between Hindus is much wider than the Highway between Buddhists.  

True belief is a natural force – the effects of which when manifested are often seen and known before the causes. On that basis – Mr. Rajapaksa has demonstrated more commonness with Hindu India through Lord Muruga than any other Presidential candidate identified so far. If  Dr. Jayatilleka were to access his paternal heritage – he might find enough independence of the pen to discover whose governance would uphold his work of global standards.   It is  his duty to Sri Lanka to uphold and give form to that work as a priority.  That’s when the voter would mature as governor. Then and only then it would matter not which person wins – for a governor would structure her/his work with whatever is available as medium in the current environment – be it the UN or  Colombo Polling Booth. The voted person is only a medium through which a governor expresses her/his work.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28  November 2014

Thursday 27 November 2014

Higher Common Leader

Once an internal conflict has become Public – the issue through which it became public decides who the real opposition is. It is no longer UNP vs SLFP – the leading Sinhalese parties in Sri Lanka. It is Sinhalese vs Tamils due to globalization of the conflict. Voting at the local level is just the preliminary step towards confirming who represents the Sinhalese side. The Tamil side is represented by a coalition of  Tamil leaders who continue to believe they are Sri Lankans and not any less (as in Eelamists) or any more (as those accepting Indian Tamil leadership).

Today, many sections of the Tamil community would remember their loved ones who died in the Sri Lankan war.  All those who died due to their belief are heroes. It matters not whether they were  Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Muslims. Every family who lost members has the right to mourn and appreciate. We need to facilitate these families to give structure to the values that this war has developed, to strengthen Sri Lankans and us as humans.

While many groups on both sides keep blaming and finding fault with the other (Consulting with Tamil Leadership at  forgotten is the Common value of those who died due to their belief. There were those who joined the armed forces for economic reasons but subsequently developed belief that they were fighting for freedom from suppression of  or damage to, their natural rights.   There were others who had such belief when they joined the armed forces. We remember and celebrate all of them. All of them vote through their media on Earth for the candidate who has worked most for Sovereignty than any other candidate. Whether that person shows this win or not – the real power would be carried by that person to naturally represent Sri Lanka.

If our belief at the time of our death is that we are protecting our Sovereignty and are therefore Sovereign – then such is an honorable death. When Tamils remember and celebrate their heroes on this day – they celebrate also Sinhalese and Muslims who died in the belief of Sovereignty. One who devalues the work of such a person would dilute her/his own investment in Sovereignty.

It is often confusing for many of us who have grown up in common Sri Lankan environments to take sides in this issue.

In 2003 – due to the Ceasefire agreement – I was able to work with the Tamil Tigers through the UNDP to develop a Public Administrative system. I did not seek it but it happened and I went to Vanni. To me – none of the officers I met there seemed different to various members of my family and workplaces. As it was soon after I was allegedly defeated by the University of New South Wales – and the Australian Government – I was in the right frame of mind to work with a system that felt pain due to being of  minority status carrying defeats. I observed Siva Raathri (all night prayers to Lord Shiva – the Lord of the Mind) and the following morning went to Nallur Murugan temple – on my own – accountable to myself.  I was missed at the joint conference held on that day – as organized by LTTE Administrators.  The message was that I was to have the higher experience at Nallur – the Capital of Public Administration for Hindus of  Jaffna.

I wrote about this experience:

In 2003, I worked with the LTTE Administration in Vanni under a UNDP agreement to improve their Public Administration. My work did not get past the local group (who did appreciate me very much) and as I do here in Australia, I did submit my reports both to the UNDP as well as the LTTE Administration – including some to the Leader – as recommended by Colonel Karuna whom I met during the course of my work. But there was no response at all from the LTTE Administration. Additionally, I was never intimated about the Karthigai Poo, even though I myself had sacrificed much for self governance here in Australia and I am a Tamil. (

During that service I met Karuna – the LTTE leader who later defected to the opposition and became a minister in the Sri Lankan Government. This must be confusing to Batticaloa Tamils. I felt for them and later had the opportunity in January 2005 to work to bond with the Batticaloa Tamils through Kathirgama Skanda Murugan devotees Sutharam of Epping here in New South Wales and Patrick Harrigan – an American then living in Sri Lanka – devoted to Kathirgama Murugan.

Through  the above article I shared also my experience of  Karthigai Flower – which is dedicated to Lord Muruga. In 2004 – the LTTE made it their group’s flower.  Whether they were conscious of it or not – they were declaring their faith in Murugan. Now, thinking back, I feel that that was the message to me – back in 2003 – to believe in Murugan’s path  above all others to realize Sovereignty.  I highlight the significance of 6 in relation to this as follows: (Murugan is personified  as the God with Six faces – representing our five physical senses and the sixth sense representing the Truth we are conscious of).

Tamil Karthikeyan (Lord Muruga due to His birth in November / Karthigai), sure did recognize my work. A few years after working in Vanni – I happened to join the Carlingford Sai Center – here in New South Wales – at the invitation of Mrs. Vijaya Amirthalingam. Gradually, I started making the garlands for the Shrine on Sundays. I bought the flowers from Flemington markets usually on Saturday mornings. One day I saw a nice looking flower and I bought it because I was attracted to it. I knew I could not make garlands with it but I was specially attracted to that flower. I bought a bunch – for $6. There were 6 flowers in the bunch. The following morning, along with the garlands I took these flowers also to the Carlingford Shrine. After the prayer session – Mrs. Ganga Sundaram came over to us and said ‘That is Murugan’s flower. It has six petals. In India it usually blooms in November’. That made me very happy because I am so very devoted to Lord Muruga. Many in our group wondered as to how come I had bought it here in Sydney?

 It was soon after that that I sought the clarification from the then Attorney General the Hon Philip Ruddock – as to whether LTTE were classified as Terrorists.  The LTTE supporters who were taken into custody for providing funds to the LTTE were released from prison shortly after that.  I thanked Lord Muruga - who is known as Thevar Senaapathi -  General of the gods. If I had not believed that I had contributed to such outcome – I would not have thanked the Lord. At that stage of my life – there was no need for me to prove to anyone or demonstrate to anyone that I also had influenced such outcome. I believed and I knew.

Today, I received the following message from a highly intellectual American of Sri Lankan origin, when discussing the article ‘UNP WANTS PRESIDENT'S HEAD published by Daily News:

“One is reminded of that old Greek saying (Euripides?) that “those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”!

I responded as follows:
“As per my discovery through the Hindu path – god and animal  are both in each one of us.  When  we promote the animal in us but pretend to be god – the animal becomes demon. If animal remained in its allocated territory – there is no problem.  Madness happens when the two are indiscriminately mixed.  The animal by nature is not able to appreciate the higher value representation of god in us. Where the god in us is stronger force  - the animal is tamed.  Where the animal is stronger – including through attachment to immediate ego pleasures – the mind becomes chaotic with information being scattered without regular pattern. That is madness and would be recognized as such by those with orderly thought process. The latter would have still minds.   The picture projected in their mind would be reliable due to this steadiness.  It’s sort of like us needing steady hands to take a picture through our camera.  

Philosophers are sometimes mistaken to be mad by the ignorant. I was listed as such by the Australian Judiciary aided by the medical system. I think in some ways – I worked the minds of the indifferent officers to record this. The recording was of  their Truth – that they were neglecting their duties because I seemed a nobody to them.  Many academics at the University of NSW said I had strong insight (third eye) and one stated publicly that I was a genius.   If the latter are right then the former are wrong and v.v.

By bringing in Euripides?  you are confirming that in your mind I am in the philosopher category. The rest is for the consumption of the less informed – so you would not lose your leadership by majority position – the position Mahinda Rajapaksa was often in.”

 Leaders within the Tamil Diaspora are trying to work out the path they need to take in the 2015 Elections.  To me it is no coincidence that this is happening 6 years after the Battle of Vanni. Like Murugan who released the gods from the asuras the gods on all sides would merge to deliver the leader common to all. The physical voters are only a part of this group of higher voters. The outcome produced by them would influence the internal structures and the investment resident Sri Lankans make in global issues relating to Equal Opportunity.

So far – President Rajapaksa has demonstrated belief  in that Commonness of races through his humble prayers at Murugan temples. Tamils who are genuinely seeking Sovereignty would identify with those values. One of the outcomes under the government of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa  is the issue of the 10 Rupee coin celebrating Nallur, Jaffna :
To my mind, these are messages that would  be read by believers who would influence outcomes through their belief. Minister Vasudeva Nanayakara is reported to have stated that the President’s Opposition – the UNP - sought to take the President before the International Court of Justice.  As per my belief – I do not recognize this as the conscious reason. But as with racism – the effect would be as stated – due to the Asuras in the Tamil Diaspora joining forces with those in the UNP.  Then not only Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa but even Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and every Sinhalese leader who failed to include in their structures - the protection of the sovereignty of minorities - would have a share in such an outcome. So far Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has demonstrated more commonness with Tamils than any other Sinhalese Head of State.

LTTE leader Prabhakaran threatened  to prevent Tamils from voting so  Ranil Wickremesinghe back then in 2005 would lose.  This had the effect of  LTTE continuing to have war opportunities. Did Prabhakaran therefore elect Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa to defeat him? Was Lord Muruga whose form in the minds of some Tamils was overridden by Prabhakaran -  a mere mortal who was passionate about fighting for physical freedom – sending us the relief back then in 2005? If yes, then the outcomes of the 2015 Presidential Election outcomes would uphold the victory of  gods in our minds over the animals in our minds. The winning candidate may or may more represent such a Common Victory.  But we each one of us who contributes through belief – would identify with the Higher Common Value during the effective period of our belief .

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27  November 2014

Consulting with Tamil Leadership

Discussions on the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘LTTE – Not Terrorists’, led to more evidence being surfaced about the confusion in the minds of Sri Lankans in relation to whether one is a rebel or a terrorist when one opposes the Official Government. When our thoughts are not regulated through common measures we end up confusing ourselves. Where abuse of power by leaders in the hierarchical subjective system led to suppression resulting in depression, abuse of power in the lateral system of democracy leads to excitement, hallucination and confusion in the brain.  Often those who support rebels are in this risk category.

In a democratic system, the junior has Equal right as the senior to interpret the law. But the junior who seeks to express such interpretation has the Responsibility to first produce outcomes independent of the senior before taking up Equal position to the senior in a particular issue at a particular time.

One writer suggested to me that I refer to the definition of a Terrorist /Terrorist organization as recognized by the UN.

If I had relied on the UN to assess a section of my own community – then I am an outsider to that community.  As a Sri Lankan discussing with fellow Sri Lankan of a different community  -  I did not need to go to UN.   I would not if I were a Sovereign Sri Lankan. One who asks me to is not Sri Lankan.

The order in which our mind thinks – gives is the pathway through which our thoughts are regulated. Hence I opened my response  with : ‘the question was asked in relation to Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s changed order of mind.  If that fits you also then I group you in Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka’s order

Those who assume subjective authority over us – often try to change the order in which we think.  Unless we are strong minded – we become their mouthpieces or the media for their own credits and benefits – often not knowing that that is what we are doing. Those desirous of benefits by currying favor (for example -  migrants from countries of lower status ) with such custodians of subjective powers, tend to meekly accept such authority.  To my mind this was the advantage through  White Australia Policy. Using the Terrorism label after claiming that the LTTE are dead and gone – also would rearrange the mind order of those who desire favors from Sri Lankan custodians of power.

I used the law as an independent person to determine whether in my Australian environment – the LTTE were Terrorists or not – as per the law. I therefore explained as follows:
[To the extent I independently practiced the UN laws and principles, I have the right to interpret the UN decisions and mark the custodians of power right or wrong.  The UN decision affected me as a Tamil – and hence I have the right to express my judgment about the UN’s judgment. That way I take up Equal position as the UN in issues of governance that directly affect me. In the system of Democracy – it is the DUTY of the citizen to assess  her/himself and produce those assessments before criticizing or attributing high status to the decision by custodians of power.   When such is the case they are rebels.

Where a person / group does not first so assess through laws and principles common to both and publicly produce such outcomes,  before using resources available to the person/group independent of the higher authority being criticized / attacked, to produce independent outcomes - they are terrorists – even where it happens in family or institutional or local government environments.

Taken as a whole – the Tamil community produced the former and therefore the leaders of the Tamil community ought to have been consulted before LTTE were listed as Terrorists.  Otherwise the whole Community are Terrorists in the eyes of the UN and others who so listed the LTTE.  Within LTTE – I personally know of many who believed that they were fighting for ‘freedom’.  By including the LTTE – TNA demonstrated such leadership.   It’s not different to SLFP including JVP.

Yes, LTTE  did hijack the Tamil nationalist movement and turned against the very TNA leadership that shared its status with LTTE.   But that is an ‘internal’ issue and any outsider who is hurt by the LTTE had/has the right to complain to the Community leadership at that place at that time.  Those who elevate themselves to global level – have the obligation to complain to the global authorities and not the local authorities.

When LTTE supporters were arrested here in Australia – I wrote to Mr. Philip Ruddock – then Attorney General of Australia for Australia’s interpretation.  Mr. Ruddock wrote back that Australia did NOT list the LTTE as Terrorists but had legislation that blocked remittance of funds to certain groups in which LTTE was also included.   Eventually those supporters were released with small punishment. 

If you interpret the UN’s decision to list LTTE as Terrorists – then you have the obligation to accept UN’s resolution against the Government of Sri Lanka in relation to war processes.]

The fellow member of the Diaspora stated :

[Gajam P's article reflects the loss of clear moral understanding due to the  LTTE obfuscating process.]

I responded as follows:
[The Hindu way is for the stronger person to include the weaker person as part of her/himself.  Family, institutional and community structures flow from such ‘inclusion’ leading to oneness.   If you do that with your community AND you are a just person – you would see LTTE through my leadership in this instance.  Since you have chosen to see them as separate entities – standing on their own as an individual group – you write about ‘intellectual understanding’.  LTTE are part of the Tamil community and are inseparable.  We owe them that duty – as you would owe the Rajapaksa family – even if they were listed as war-criminals. THAT is true Dharma.]

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26  November 2014

Sunday 23 November 2014


Today – 23 November - millions all over the world celebrate the birthday of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. To me Sri Sathya Sai Baba is God. It is my sovereign right to express this belief.

A knowledgeable Sinhalese wrote in relation to discussions on the 2015 Presidential Elections:
[In time to come, or perhaps already, even Prabhakaran may be identified as  an Avatar of Skandha by some zealots]

After some discussions a politically driven member of that group declared:
[Velupillai Pirapaharan is "God" for the present generation of Sri Lankan-born Tamils living the world over]

To this I responded as follows:
[This is not true.  My family and I are part of the group you describe as – “present generation of Sri Lankan-born Tamils living the world over”. There is not even one member of our family to whom VP is god. To majority Sai Baba is God.   In fact when the two ethnicities meet to celebrate the life of Sai Baba – there is higher commonness.  To me this is yet another avenue through which we would continue to become Common.  But those who are looking for separations would fail to recognize and value this path.  It is no coincidence that I am saying this on Swami Sai Baba’s birthday. ]

These manifestations in a home environment  confirmed to me also the limitations that exist for Sri Lankan Buddhists to express themselves as political leaders.  Buddha renounced political loyalty and became spiritual royalty.  To my knowledge in the mind of Sri Lankan Buddhists there is no Avatar – like Hindu  Rama or Krishna - to follow. The more Hindu inclusiveness Buddhists demonstrate – the more common they would become – not through the Political path but through the religious path.

The latest developments in Sri Lankan Politics – have manifested a ‘Common Candidate’ to stand against  President Rajapaksa who is the closest form of  Political avatar Sinhala Buddhists have. Mr. Rajapaksa achieved for current generation Buddhist Sinhalese – a combination of political and military leadership that no other Sinhalese leader achieved since independence from the British. Mr. Rajapaksa has also earned the respect of Hindus through his open and humble participation in Hindu ceremonies. Between the common candidate Mr. Maithripala Sirisena and Mr. Rajapaksa – Mr. Rajapaksa demonstrates greater commonness with Hindus than does Mr. Sirisena. Those of us who do not have majority power need to be driven by these natural powers developed  through other angles of governance.

Like laws – Avatars regulate our conduct. They are the lords of the subjective path. If therefore Gautama Buddha is the Avatar followed by Sri Lankan Buddhists – then there is no direct blessing from Buddha in political governance. Yet Buddhism has been brought in as part of the Administrative responsibilities of the Sri Lankan government. The Common Candidate has promised the dilution  of the powers of the Executive Presidency. That would indeed be very sad including for Tamils – for that would be to dilute the powers of the Avatar available to Buddhists of Sri Lanka. A weak opposition would weaken the Tamils also.

To remove that Political form of an Avatar would be to deprive Buddhists of a path through which to express their political leadership – especially against groups such as the JVP and the LTTE.  Tamils – through TNA – have worked out that Commonness between ITAK (Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi) which followed along Gandhi’s path of non-violent non-cooperation on the one hand and LTTE  military action on the other. The LTTE at best is the parallel of Prince Bhima within the good side of Mahabharatha war.  Lord Krishna did not give us the Hindu Bible – Bhagawath Geetha – through Bhima but through Arjuna – who had the right combination of  belief in leadership, focus and courage – the Common Candidate.  LTTE needed ITAK to represent the whole of the Tamil Community.

Likewise, MR produced that combined leadership for the Sinhalese. In my article ‘Elections – what they mean to me’ at, I state: ‘The combination of  political and administrative powers in the Natural Basket were not high enough to defeat Mr. Howard in 2004 – not only due to the same political opposition at the local electorate as it was in 2001 - but also due to Mr.  Mark Latham being a weak opposition in Administration. Mr. Mark Latham was highly emotionally driven which weakens administration. The manifestation of Truth would be such that it must satisfy investors in Truth from all angles.’

The parallel of Mr. Mark Latham in the current Sri Lankan Political leadership is Mr. Maithripala Sirisena. To me it is no coincidence that the Avatar discussion happened under the heading ‘Presidential Elections 2015’. 

Australians as a whole have been able to uphold the value of Transparency in electing leaders and hence we the common citizens are able to complete our experiences by working out the ‘gap’ between human effort and completion. To me that is the Spiritual gap.  To those without belief  it would be ‘coincidence gap’.  Australians as a whole are Spiritual due to facilitating this for the individual citizens – including migrants.  Now it is Sri Lanka’s turn to demonstrate that Spirituality – through Transparency – so that the deeper investors could complete the experience of self-governance. My vote is for Mr. Rajapaksa – so whatever happens – he would enjoy the value he added to Sri Lankan governance. That would be real value underpinning Sri Lanka’s development.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23  November 2014

Friday 21 November 2014

Australian Politicians with Sri Lankan Diaspora
Elections – what they mean to me

As expected, next year, Sri Lankans have the opportunity to again elect their President.  One Tamil lady choosing the life of leisure said ‘What does it matter to us whether Rama rules or Ravana rules?’ [Rama = the Divine King;  Ravana = the Animalistic/Asura king (Chapter 10 Naan Australian for Devas & Asuras)].  This lady could not identify the connection between the outcome in Sri Lanka and her own current life here in Australia. To me the outcomes in Sri Lanka would influence the shape and form of my work as a global citizen of Sri Lankan origin.

This week, the following report was highlighted in relation to Buddhism in Sri Lankan Politics:
“A ceremony that was due to take place in front of Ranaviru Seya in Anuradhapura with the participation of the president yesterday (16) was one chaotic scene after Capt. Silva of the Navy stumbled, fell down and dropped the casket containing the sacred relics to the floor, as it was being taken there, reports say.
Capt. Silva walked cautiously with the casket, but one foot got entangled with an electricity wire, causing the mishap. After the casket fell to the floor and broke into pieces, the sacred relics went missing. The incident occurred as the president was on his way to the place.
Greatly alarmed, the organizers informed the bodyguards of the president not to come there. Accordingly, the president’s visit to Ranaviru Seya was cancelled.
A Nayaka Thera who is a resident at Atamasthana said the Ranaviru Seya, built in addition to the Atamasthana (nine historical places of worship), has led to many incidents of bad luck and calamities. The incident makes this fact clearer, said the Thera, warning that this could be a bad omen for the country”

One senior Diaspora member wrote during discussions in relation to the above:
[Astrology treats and relieves the mind. This is a physical unavoidable occurrence In Sinhala it is called “Akaala”]

I responded as follows:
[To me every manifestation has a reason and that reason can be changed and therefore is no longer ‘unavoidable’ by the seer. Some seem like ‘accidents’ – meaning – they are merely surface manifestations – the total  being equal to the sum of  the individual components.

The three levels of manifestations are:  (1) those that can be controlled at the physical level (2) those that can be influenced through knowledge (3) the Truth that is natural to us and yet beyond our control – physical or mental. We call the 3rd dimension ‘fate’.  But fate keeps changing as we take our work to ‘service’ level or ‘give up’.   

In this instance (1) above  could not have been the case because of the deeper faith by the previous custodians of the sacred relic and those who carried the casket.   If the event was ‘calculated’ through political motivation  - then the President and the Government have a responsibility to work out the cause.  If it were (3) – then the monk ought to have sensed it.   If he were truly spiritual – he would have prayed to prevent such manifestations at that time at that place where he also had leadership responsibility.  One of my clients has given me a good example of this one.  The failure rate in her class was high. When asked for her opinion she gave  her supervisor the most obvious reason ‘because of  poor attendance’.   The monk used his language and instead of saying it was a mere accident – he said it was a bad omen – which has the effect of  putting  fear in the minds of  those opposed to his group and also of  shifting  the blame / responsibility to an outside source. In light of  the rift between JHU and SLFP – one needs to consciously seek whether it was orchestrated to render  greater importance to the monks.] Note:  JHU – Political Party of the Buddhist Clergy;  SLFP – Political Party of the President.

The next election outcomes in Sri Lanka would also be determined through the combination of forces at the above three levels.

(1)   The Seen & the Heard
Those who live at the surface level would try to influence at the last minute if they are active or where they are  passive (due to indifference or because they cannot afford politics) – would become the media through whom activists would manifest their outcomes. The rest of the work would have already happened by now.

(2)   The Known
Those who have been using the Administrative path to mark the government right or wrong – as per their independent interpretation of the laws, principles and common values – (expected to be known by the government as well as the citizen) – would have been continuously educating the voters in their respective environments. To the extent they used wider measures – especially global measures – they earn membership with that wider group.  Citizens of Sri Lanka who have been so educated through themselves as well as others – are the media through whom Sri Lanka’s Administrative Service is naturally influenced at local as well as global levels.  They determine the global status Sri Lankans have with real global citizens – with or without official portfolios.  Their influence on election outcomes, to a large extent has already happened.  Sometimes – the manifestation of this power is delayed due to lack of medium / candidate.

The path through which messages are delivered from that Natural Basket would match the status loss experienced by the victim as per her/his own level of investment. The more independent they are the more their submission to this Natural Basket.

In Australia – I contributed strongly to this power through my actions using the common measure of Racial Discrimination Act 1975 sacrificing my earned status and opportunities to take legal action. Sharing that experience dynamically – including through pain of punishments ( including through prison sentence as a criminal and judgments that I was mentally ill) -  was the ‘educational process’ which started in 1999 when I wrote to Mr. Howard, warning about bloodbath – similar to the ones in Sri Lanka. One who is common to both nations would feel the risk intuitively. The education happened not through my alleged equal opportunity to access authority to allocate rights and wrongs – but by showing the connection between cause and effect as and when I found the connection – as I am doing through this article also.

By escalating the problem/conflict to the Federal Government level through Due Process – I escalated to Prime Ministerial level, the value of every stroke of work I did with genuine commitment to uphold the law as per my interpretation to the law. The benefits denied at that workplace became credits when I followed Due Administrative Process right to the top. Once we do this, there is nothing left to react at the lower level.    To me this is the value that would prevent rebellion through low level reaction using arms to balance the powers – as LTTE did and as 9/11 attackers did. I continued to interpret at that higher level and therefore could identify with manifestations of Administrative wrongs of the Howard Government – through the path regulated by Racial Discrimination Act.  I declined lower level settlement offered by the NSW Police, because to me by this time it was too little too late. As a result – the compensation happened through global facilities. They continue to happen.

Mr. Beazley was my preferred candidate as Prime Minister through the 2001 elections and I wanted him to win those elections. Later I felt that there was not enough depth to my investment in global issues to influence such a manifestation by filling the marginal ‘gap’.

Mr. Howard did win the 2004 elections but his electorate of Bennelong became a marginal seat. But in the same year –  the American trained  Vice Chancellor of the University  of New South Wales who was quick to use the Police to arrest me unlawfully – lost his position and it was described as being due to the Bruce Hall matter surfaced by migrant students and staff. There was no direct Administrative link shown. To me – (1) when we have duty – through benefits enjoyed as per our position – and (2) someone suffers due to negligence of such duties – and (3) they are  Administrative challenges being left in the ‘too hard basket’ -  they – the matters naturally migrate into Nature’s huge ‘Universal Basket Without Borders’ – turning into negative karma/debit  when the other side is genuine in their pain. Where the other side is not genuine but is working largely for money or lower level returns – the path  ceases at the human level or lower.
Once in the Universal Basket – the value would ‘wait’ for the right medium in the environment of the one who had the duty as per her/his position but neglected it – to come along. Truth when manifested would have two opposite sides – as in Balance Sheets. The combined forces of  the investment by the opponent,  in Administration and Natural Forces of Truth and Humanity would have  needed to be stronger than the officer with high portfolio, to manifest a defeat for the latter. In 2004 the Labor candidate of Bennelong lacked the Administrative investment.

The combination of  political and administrative powers in the Natural Basket were not high enough to defeat Mr. Howard in 2004 – not only due to the same political opposition at the local electorate as it was in 2001 - but also due to Mr.  Mark Latham being a weak opposition in Administration. Mr. Mark Latham was highly emotionally driven which weakens administration. The manifestation of Truth would be such that it must satisfy investors in Truth from all angles.

Ms Maxine McKew who worked with Public issues as a Journalist at ABC – was fielded as the candidate against Mr. Howard in 2007.  In addition, if Ms McKew had felt gender based discrimination in her life as Australian after it became unlawful in Australia, but was not compensated for it,  her power as representative of the Public would have gone into the Natural / Universal Basket/ Clearing House. In addition Mr. Kevin Rudd was strong in management of global resources and hence the combination manifested the defeat of Mr. Howard. The loss of his seat to a minority power happened due to the damage he caused to the belief of migrants.

Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan parallel of that was the defeat of Mrs. Banadaranaike in 1977 when Mr. Appapillai Amirthalingam – a Tamil -  became the Leader of the Opposition. He resigned in 1983 because by then his investment in Administration was not enough to educate Tamils and prevent lower level expressions of opposition.  In contrast – Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam Q.C. carried very strong Administrative credits through his high level practice of Law. The essence of his investment was delivered through a 50:50 demand – which I interpret as Devolution with Equal rights as majority.  50:50 is called Equal Opportunity in Democratic systems. A strong Administrator would accumulate this credit.

(3)   The Hon  Philip Ruddock &  the Hon John Alexander -

Mr. Ruddock as Minister for Immigration, to my mind  did not make much of a contribution  to strengthening Administration through this portfolio.  But as Attorney General when I made inquiries he did respond regularly and comprehensively. In addition – he is accessible to migrants in his electorate. He did not therefore lose his seat.
In terms of Bennelong – Mr. John Alexander carries with the People parallel power as Mr. Ruddock much more than the younger migrant Australian who replaced Ms Maxine McKew at the party level. Most of the migrants known to me from that electorate are well educated folks investing in Administration and Management rather than in business. Hence Mr. John Alexander fits that electorate much more than a young business oriented migrant.

Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke
To me, it was no coincidence that I met both these gentlemen through the Sri Lankan Reconciliation function organized by Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke – a fellow migrant from Sri Lanka. Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke as the head of the organizing committee allocated to me the task of reading out the message from the President of Sri Lanka. Like Ms Maxine McKew – Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke had the right combination of Natural Administrative and Political powers in the Sri Lankan Diaspora. It was also no coincidence that my contribution to the above forum was made largely in the suburb of Epping – where most of the voters of Bennelong known to me reside. Such belief based work generates  the real powers of the Land and influences the People to whom that Land is ‘home’.   

3. Felt Powers of Sovereignty
Beyond the above two levels of the seen and the known, is the power of self-governance/sovereignty.  Rukshan Perera clearly identifies the three components in his introduction to ‘Bless Our Land Sri Lanka’ as follows: We need blessings from the Sri Lankans; We need blessings from the International Community; We need the blessings also from Above.

A candidate with strongest combination of accumulated reserves in Politics & Administration would invoke those blessings from above. Each one of us contributes naturally to the candidate who invokes the powers of completion within us. Such completion is necessary to maintain our Sovereignty – as rendered by God.

Membership to this Natural voting system is earned through everyday living – as in superannuation. At the other end is, Physical level voting representing visible benefits.  If majority voters in Sri Lanka are lacking in the ‘superannuation’ contribution – they would elect a government dependent on its citizens – as old age parents depend on their children. Members of the Diaspora who neglect their duties as global citizens but indulge in ‘entertainment gossip’ through Sri Lankan politics – would add to the negative energies that would keep pulling Sri Lanka (including Tamils)  down in its global standards. Every investor in Sri Lanka who during this period practices self-governance consciously and/or naturally  – would contribute to elevating the status of Sri Lanka and all Communities making up Sri Lanka in the minds of all investors.

By voting Naturally/Mentally  through our credits with the Universal system we would feel that we are being Governed by Rama.  By neglecting to vote mentally but choosing to criticize one side or the other or voting through our debits (debts to other Lankans) – we would feel that we are being ruled by Ravana, in Sri Lankan issues.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 November 2014

Thursday 20 November 2014

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam  vs  ABC Managing Director Jonathan Shier 

Sri Lanka must complain against Australia

 The book Sri Lanka’s Secrets by Australian Trevor Grant – published through Monash University – is yet again in the spotlight.  Communications in relation to the article [SL High Commissioner In Australia Tries To Block The Book " Sri Lanka 's Secrets"] in Colombo Telegraph with the following message are being shared within the Sri Lankan Diaspora:

[According to the Tamil Refugee Council, Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe had met with the university administration and its Vice-Chancellor on two occasions – September 8 and 26 in an attempt to get the university to withdraw their support for the book titled ‘Sri Lanka’s Secrets: How the Rajapaksa regime gets away with murder’ authored by veteran Australian journalist Trevor Grant.]

My first response was “they (the University) have done the right thing to uphold freedom of expression – and have encouraged the High Commissioner to uphold his freedom. Relatively speaking I was arrested for seeking to ‘publish’ my findings about the University of NSW.  Wonder what Monash VC would have done if the criticism was about her University?????  - Arrested Trevor Grant???  To me these books by outsiders are like Wikileaks – and they distract from developing strong systems that would work for us Sri Lankans.  Good for Australian business.”  

The karma earned by the Australian University system – for exercising such right to freedom of expression – is for Australians to be arrested in Sri Lankan territories. For example if Trevor Grant was to go to Lake House Publishers through whom I published “Naan Australian” (I am Australian) – and was rejected by them – that would be return of his karma. Trevor Grant  has earned the karma to be denied that Sri Lankan facility – a just reason why there are restrictions on travel by ‘foreigners’ to problem areas requiring confidential settlements.

In fact – Martin Flanagan of the Age informs us of the path through which Trevor Grant obtained the information to write the book:

[For the book, Grant interviewed 50 Tamil refugees. He obtained access to confidential medical reports from Sri Lankan and Australian doctors which backed up their claims. He interviewed people who had either visited or been incarcerated in the post-war internment camps where, he says, thousands were either killed by military forces or died from disease. He quotes a 2011 UN report, which called for an investigation into war crimes, and the 2012 Petrie Report, which said that as many as 70,000 people may have been deliberately killed in government sanctuaries, called No Fire Zones. He spoke to Journalists For Democracy In Sri Lanka, which has compiled a list of 39 journalists and other media workers killed since President Rajapaksa came to power in 2005. Grant's book, which has a foreword by Geoffrey Robertson QC, cites numerous media sources, including the BBC and Al Jazeera plus newspapers in Australia and Sri Lanka.]

Well, there was no QC including Geoffrey Robertson – to help me when I published my pain experienced at the University of New South Wales  - through Due Processes – of the University system followed by the Public Administrative system ending with the Judicial system.   I was in fact repeatedly listed as ‘Sri Lankan’ despite my protests that I was legally – Australian. Now to the official Australian system – I am a Sri Lankan facility – called the Citizens’ Diplomatic Service. To the extent the official Sri Lankan Diplomatic service respects and values such a facility from within the Diaspora  – those within that official system would naturally merge and feel empowered and supported to be Equal to any Australian. The power-sharing arrangement happens through the invisible system of karma. God came to me in my mind – to help me through myself by first becoming independent of the system that was failing me. Looking to God helped me lose consciousness of old form of authority and rely on new. Given that God is formless most of the time – I was being led to my own Truth – through the most reliable Subject of all in my life – Hindu form of my times in my environment – Sai Baba  until I learnt to recognize and rely on my own Truth only. Truth being a universal link language – It did/does the rest of the work needed.  

Often in the early days of  developing this Natural Power – I received emails from Australian Academics  asking me to NOT write to them. I asked them to take legal action against me as per the LAW. The University of New South Wales sent me ‘legal notice’ to stop writing emails. When I asked them ‘under what law?’ (Gandhi style) – they did not have a response. One Australian academic who usually took equal opposition to the Sri Lankan President – also threatened me with legal action through his University. That professor  is still in my email list. Whether he reads my mail or not – is his ‘freedom’ to not run away from stronger powers blocking his path to enjoying ‘easy’ benefits. Senator Sir Richard Alston – facilitated for me to make submissions to the changes to the laws covering electronic communications. Taken as a total Australia – balanced itself. 

Each one of us covered by a law including the one that gives form to our  ‘right to freedom of expression’  would interpret as per our own mental order at that time at that place.  To the extent  we have expressly agreed to be part of a group – family/institution – we have the obligation to interpret as per that group.  This includes those who expressly show support for a particular group and are therefore associated with that group by the common public. Trevor Grant for example is associated with Tamil refugees.  Only a person who has become independent of all such groups – has the right to interpret the law as per her/his mental order and use an independent publishing authority.  Such interpretation would be as per Natural Law – the highest laws of all.

Such a person would demonstrate respect for the institution through which that law is regulated – even when in disagreement with the way it is interpreted by the custodian of power. The power is that of all such independents. Those with high level of contribution to such independence would recognize the right of the independent person. Those who disrespect /punish such a person would become dependent on their juniors – the form given to the person being punished.  Hence we have parents depending on children instead of becoming a common facility to the whole family.

Resisting Police arrest as per our interpretation is an offense for this reason. I accepted at all times – the authority of the Police to interpret the law and exercise it at that time at that place (the University of NSW).  Where the officers were receptive – I asked them under what legislation but did not interfere with their interpretation at any time. This was possible only because I was independent of the University that influenced the Police.   I made out my case in the Court. Where they also failed me – I went on to publish my work as an independent.
To all those who used their official powers and to their systems / government – I became Sri Lankan from then on. That was how they classified me and that is the level of support they have earned from this Independent Australian.  The evidence was surfaced through ‘Peaceful Assembly’.

Tamil leaders who are dependent on the wrong-doings of the Sri Lankan Government – would not have natural access to this facility.   They would continue to demonstrate their dependence on the Australian Government so that they could take power over Tamils who continue to be dependent on the subjective system of management. Individual Tamil migrants continue to access this facility – through less visible community and family structures. Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin who are independent of the Government system – share naturally through osmosis. Those in family, community or national structures – including University structures – need to submit/mentally surrender  themselves to the authority of such individuals in their environment. They would be protected by such Natural authority within that area of influence. But they do not have the authority to publish their work as independents. When they do – it amounts to plagiarism and brings upon the person so doing the curse of copying – which is mental disorder.

Australians who are independent of the Australian system have the authority of Nature to publish their work through any Australian institution but do so without acting in breach of the core purpose for which that institution exists.  Universities exist as such facilities.  Writing about the wrongs of another Nation’s Administration, without an official portfolio -  on the basis of what happened in that country at that time – is interference in the Administration of that Country. This often happens when Foreigners produce the outcome on their own and then try to insert their outcome in the outcomes produced by others.  If Australians had participated in the outcomes of the war – they would have prevented the torture that happened due to both sides to the war lacking knowledge of  and/or belief in the higher path that Australia claims to follow as per its convenience.

Those who are yet to become independent of the subjective system – often end up interfering with others who practice democracy.  This leads to damage to the value of democracy carried by the common Australian.

As per the Colombo Telegraph report “Prior to the meetings however, the Deputy VC of the University Professor Abid Khan had written to Samarasinghe, rejecting his calls for censorship, pointing out that authors are free to publish their work through the Monash University without fear from institutional discipline and had added that the book however does not represent the University’s official stance.
Samarasinghe however had been asked to write a response to the book on the university website, as it would provide a chance to shed light on any errors or misinterpretations, which he in turn had rejected.”

If this was not the problem of the University as a whole – then the response ought to have been from the devolved section of the University – as an autonomous body. The parallels in Sri Lankan Governance structure are the provisions through Amendment 13 to the Constitution which is not actively used by the Sri Lankan Diaspora of both ethnicities. In action – Tamil leaders are also failing to confirm that they are upholding  Article 18 as amended to provide Equal status to Tamil as an official language.  On the side of the Sinhalese – many members have called for the provisions of the 13th Amendment to be repealed . This has the effect of us going back to ‘Sinhala Only’ being recognized as the official language.  The natural outcome of that is :-  the investment of Tamils in the system of democracy would  spread laterally to Tamil Nadu, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. As per Natural Laws – we are one family and the earth is One Nation. Repealing the provisions of Amendment 13 would dismantle  all Provincial Councils – majority being in Sinhalese areas  - and make even the Governor of  Northern Province - Major General Chadrasiri jobless. Cutting off the nose to spite the face?

Once the Office of the Vice Chancellor rejects responsibility – it does not have the authority / right to say to an outsider whether s/he is right or wrong as per the University. It has the authority to convey messages through its own independent outcomes but not to ‘tell’ in any form.   The direction to  respond needs to be interpreted as the recommendation to report to the higher authority. Mr. Samarasinghe is not a member of the University staff or student nor is he Australian with any Australian portfolio.  He is beyond the reach of the Australian Administrative system – official or business – for ‘telling’. This is an opportunity for Sri Lankan government to gain some political mileage in the UN by using their  Equal Opportunity to produce its independent outcome.

I urge the Sri Lankan Government to use its membership with the UN and demand an apology from Australia  for such interference. That would be the right interpretation of the message from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of  Monash University.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 19 November 2014