Monday 31 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
31 October   2016

 King Solomon & Mother Lanka

[Interestingly, Samaraweera also stated ‘the government has not veered from its mandate to create a dynamic and vibrant democracy in Sri Lanka’]

The first question is - What is Democracy? To my mind, it is the ‘freedom to express and/or act as per one’s Truth’. The next question - Is this current Government of Sri Lanka, more democratic than the previous one? The response from within me is YES.

Mr. Malinda Seneviratne’s interpretation is embedded including in the following passage:

[Mandates are words, not deeds, and mandates, Samaraweera once said, are meaningless after elections.  
But let’s get to deeds, proper.  Lakshman Kiriella, Leader of the House, in a recent interview with the Daily Mirror has said that equal rights of the people should be ensured through power sharing with the periphery.  This brings us to the vexed issue of constitution-making, the Mother of all Deeds, so to speak.  The Father of that process, if you will, Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne himself has confessed that very little has been done so far by the Committee appointed to handle the subject.  Add to this the other ‘statement’’ by the President where he dismisses provincial boundaries (on which the Eelam map has been traced and which give Kiriella’s ‘peripheries’) as the work of British cartographers (he did not interject ‘arbitrary’, but that’s what they are), and we need not be surprised that the ‘deeds’ are still in the making.]

Let’s take – the Constitution. Mr. Seneviratne states that it is the ‘Mother of all Deeds’. To my mind the Constitution is the Mother of all words. These words would confirm :

(1)    Hearsay – from body to the brain’s surface – like storage in a computer and they bypass the intelligence  of the brain.
(2)    Truth – based purely on Our experience (Work plus sacrifice)
(3)    The net value of Intellectual discrimination ( a combination of 1 & 2)

In terms of the Constitution:
Copying the Constitution of another entity - without common belief, belongs in category (1). Giving form to our own Truth – belongs in category (2).
Including others’ Constitutional forms  on the basis of our Common Truth plus Ambitions to be like others - belongs in category (3)

They are the parallels of Body, Soul and Mind respectively. The Constitution likewise would be received at different levels by different persons.  Likewise, mandates and policies. Some of them would have deeper meaning to one than would other mandates and policies. Likewise, the same mandate / word would have  different meanings to different persons at the same time or different meanings to the same person at different times. As individuals without any position responsibilities – we have the ‘freedom’ to receive them at any level. But when expressing/acting  – we have the responsibility to formulate as per our position taken in that environment. When we think – it is like talking to ourselves. Even our current thoughts are accountable to our True-selves which is the consolidated net value of our past that we are conscious of. That is our own personal system of Justice to ourselves – commonly known as conscience.

The current debate between myself and Mr. Seneviratne is summarized as follows by Mr. Seneviratne:

[since you asked for it, darling, you get it:  
here's my reply: "the word you used was 'plagiarism'. check it up darling.  sure, words can mean different things to different people and that's something that helps people without cases (you, for example), but plagiarism is pretty clearly don't know what it means. "]

As per the social dictionary Wikipedia : [Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work. The idea remains problematic with unclear definitions and unclear rules. The modern concept of plagiarism as immoral and originality as an ideal emerged in Europe only in the 18th century, particularly with the Romantic movement. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. It is subject to sanctions like penalties, suspension, and even expulsion]

I used the word plagiarism to refer to Mr. Seneviratne using my email list to refer to articles in his blog. To my mind, that email list is part of the outer structure of my investment in People and the positions they had taken with me in the past – directly and/or through common publications, where I am part of the common Public. I have many such lists and Mr. Seneviratne is in the media list. Unless Mr. Seneviratne shared his parallel list with me – he had the moral responsibility to stay within my subject matter when responding to me with copy to those in MY list. When referring me to his work published in his blog – he had the responsibility to use his own list or limit it to me only.

To my mind the basic unit of valuation is work. When we sacrifice earned benefits, work value is promoted to structural value and hence natural position of ‘provider’ / ‘senior’. When we take that investment in structures – beyond -  by ceasing to expect  returns as per our investment, the value of our work becomes Energy. It’s this Energy that has the power to consolidate Itself to bring us the support we need and the inner Peace. Another name for it is Truth.

Mr. Seneviratne refers to Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne as the Father of the new Constitution-making process. When that is accepted it means that Dr Jayampathy Wickramaratne is enjoying pleasures  before pain. Who then is the Mother? To my mind, the true Mother of this Constitution is the Consolidated form of all those who endured pain,  with return pleasures to come after birth. The way the Lord has balanced the system is to give Mother the intuitive power to know her child as part of herself. As per this Natural example – all those who have endured pain as net value by living in that part of the world – are the Mother of that Constitution. To the extent my net value is pain – I am also such a mother. In the legend of King Soloman’s Judgment to determine the genuine mother – the real mother wanted her child to live even if it meant giving up her own rights to the baby. Wikipedia narration brings out this scene as follows:

[After some deliberation, King Solomon called for a sword to be brought before him. He declared that there was only one fair solution: the live son must be split in two, each woman receiving half of the child. Upon hearing this terrible verdict, the boy's true mother cried out, "Oh Lord, give the baby to her, just don't kill him!" The liar, in her bitter jealousy, exclaimed, "It shall be neither mine nor yours—divide it!"]

If the LTTE said Divide it at physical level, the President says – in line with Article 9 of the current Constitution – ‘Buddhism is the Mother of all Sri Lankan Religious structures’. There is no recognition  that some of us have invested more deeply in religion, than leaders pf majority religion  and that we not only contribute to maintenance of our respective religious pathways but that we have accepted the majority race’s forms of Government structures and laws and continued to conduct ourselves in orderly manner and contribute to Common Governance even though we carry minority status at the Public level.  At people’s level – without the influence of Politicians – Buddhists accept other religious places of worship as natural and v.v. THAT Truth needs to be included in the Constitution positively.

I said to an Academic couple yesterday, that I was happy that my daughter had an expensive holiday with her husband, children AND Australian in-laws, in Sri Lanka. I said I would have spent less but I was happy that they spent more. I organized for them, the arrangements in Sri Lanka. I said I was happy – because Sri Lanka needs it. No – they did not go North – but my daughter said she would the next time. I accepted it as her reality. Within me,  I truly felt that I had that holiday as if I were  Sri Lanka. Thus my need and entitlement were merged with Sri Lanka’s. THAT to me is Good Governance. Once we reach the destination of True Ownership – our world expands Naturally to include the whole that our position is part of.

The parallel of this is Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which entitled the President to claim that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country.  One who had realized the Truth through Buddhism would have known that this would mean that s/he is part of the whole. Spelling out that Buddhism is foremost – means that person is yet to reach the destination. The duty of every democratic citizen then is to reveal the Equal status of internal positions. We need to say it more and more to eliminate the blocks to the Democratic pathway.

Those of us who are non-Buddhists – and FEEL Sri Lanka – and yet we do not express the Division outwardly  through our practices – and in environments where we are the bosses – are the True Mother of Sri Lanka. The True inner Constitution of Sri Lanka is given birth by that Consolidated Mother  who has intuitive powers through which to take care of her child – the real Constitution. 

Sunday 30 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
30 October   2016

Which Dictionary – Hindu, Buddhist or Secular?

You use a lot of words you don't know the meaning of.  Invest in a dictionary.    Yours to click....yours to educate yourself. Anyway, happy Diwali/Deepawali” – 'Malinda Seneviratne'

That was in response to my message:
Just make sure that you have earned my space to promote your blog. We call this plagiarism. Do you call it genetic history?

I responded again to Malinda’s dictionary message as follows:

You thus confirm that the same word would mean different logic to different persons. Given that we are talking about Sri Lanka – and English is not the first language but only a link language – I ought to click the Tamil-English dictionary and that too only if a Tamil differs in her/his interpretation to mine. The dictionary facilitates a common start. Likewise, the word of the law. The rest must work as per our belief,  for us to reach commonness

Then I noted the above Deepavali Message by the President of Sri Lanka who claimed that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist Country. As a Hindu, I identify with the first paragraph of the message. The second paragraph however confirms that the President is using Deepavali – a Hindu Festival to give a victory message.

Reconciliation between Buddhists and Hindus cannot happen once the declaration is made that Sri Lanka is Buddhist country. Hindus have to accept that they are officially juniors  in Administration and if they need their own internal solutions – they need to seek through their own pathways. If Hindus kept looking towards Buddhists to handout Hindu messages – they disrespect Hinduism. Three decades of war – is not an expression of Truth particular to any one position. The Buddhist dictionary would not have a definition of Deepavali. The Hindu dictionary would not be read by a Buddhist President committed to Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. If s/he did – it would pollute the Buddhist pathway. With Article 9 – in the Constitution, there can be no reconciliation between Buddhists and any other religion. With Article 10 and 14 (1) (e ) – in place no religion has the right to reconcile with another, once it exercises its own ‘freedom’ on the way – which is facilitated and protected through these articles. Due to Article 9 – Buddhists have head-start and therefore Seniority.

The word of law – like the definition of dictionary – gives one a common start. There is no such common start once one religion is given head-start. Elimination of the advantage in a language understood by the smallest religious minority   practicing  their respective religion is essential for a zero base start and reach the destination of Commonness.

A good example that comes to mind is the group of refugees who flee Sri Lanka to take refuge in Australia. They often use the laws that are available – and explain their reasons to fit within those laws. Likewise, the Australian officials as per their understanding of the laws and those whom they identify with strongly – are likely to be accommodated more comfortably  by these officers interpreting the facts to suit the laws. If those officials are healthy for Australia – that is positive recruitment. Where the other side is  very different to us – the interpretation would be as per our own Truth. This Truth would be  as per their true investment in the law by the Australian officials and as per   true experience in the case of the genuine applicant. Where latter is weaker than the former in terms of work and sacrifice of earned entitlements – the former must lead and hence provisions similar to Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Where the latter is stronger than the former – the latter needs to be facilitated to work the system until there is a clear breach of law at which point – the assessment must be taken at the net value of the contribution by the Applicant as produced by the Applicant. That is how the ‘User Pays’ system is effectively managed in a healthy democracy.

In terms of Hinduism – the President of Sri Lanka is a minority participant – and his facility to participate in Hindu Affairs must cease at the point where he acts in breach of Hindu Laws. The Leader of the Opposition who is a Hindu is reported by Daily News – to have shared the following message :

[My heartiest wishes to all the Hindus who celebrate Deepavali the festival of lights. Deepavali is a significant festival for the Hindu people as it records that Lord Krishna slew the evil king Narakaasura on this day, Opposition and Tamil National Alliance leader R. Sampanthan stated in a message to mark Deepavali. The message: “The festival also signifies the importance of self-enlightenment where one is reminded to wake up from the slumber of ignorance and to pursue knowledge. As light dispels darkness, so should knowledge dispel ignorance.
On this very special occasion I wish everyone will be freed from darkness in their lives and have a prosperous and a peaceful Deepavali.”]

I am not able to find fault with the above message which is Common to all Hindus. It leaves each Hindu to work out whether s/he is on the side of Krishna or on the side of Narakasuran - not to ‘show’ others but for her/himself. Usually, during such celebrations – the positive forces are high and they have the effect of confidentially curing – especially those who seek to cure themselves. Towards this we need privacy from those to whom we are ‘outsiders’.

 The  President’s message  has separated Hindus into  LTTE being the parallel of  Narakasuran and the Armed Forces as  Divine Forces. But then the armed forces are not Hindus. Under those circumstances 18 May is the Secular  parallel of Deepavali to all who are led by President Sirisena. It is a day of mourning to Tamil civilians who lost lives due to the Armed Forces’ ignorance. Hence those official Armed Forces are the parallel of Narakasuran’s forces and their leader is the parallel of Narakasuran to the Tamil victims who did not resort to arms nor to support the armed LTTE.

Eventually the deeper motive happens one way or the other. Hence if our Truth is right – as per the laws of our environment – it would be healthy to share that Truth. If the Truth is wrong – then it is better to confess to God – if we cannot improve performance and get the ‘right’ ticks. Towards this one has to recognize one’s own weaknesses and surrender one’s entitlements to the one with positive value. Where earned credits are sacrificed – they become structures and systems. Where one contributes beyond the limits of one’s position in that system – one develops Energy that combines with Universal Energy which is called Truth.

Article 9 confirms that Buddhism is not structured to be above the Secular system. The Power that ‘tells’ / facilitates is the higher power. Hence, the Sri Lankan Buddhist who uses Article 9 is limited to human systems which fall short of Universal Powers. Hence they cannot contribute to Dharma – so long as they uphold Article 9 whose power is derived from Human system and not Divine Truth. By renouncing the official powers – Lord Buddha contributed to Divine powers from early stages. His true heirs would be amongst those who so renounced. This is NOT the President nor the Prime Minister. 

Saturday 29 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
29 October   2016

Happy Deepavali to Buddhists Also 

We are ignorant that we are ignorant’ – Dr. David Garlic – the founder of UNSW Sports Medicine

Param and I were watching Kakka Kakka Tamil TV Serial – episode 44 of 26 October 2016. I became more focused when it came to Thiruchendur Temple history being narrated by an elder to a Diaspora youth whose family according to that story migrated to Sri Lanka from India. The narration  was about soldiers of Colonial Rulers damaging Thiruchendur temple and throwing the statues from the altar into the sea. I had already written about this on 20 October – under the subject heading - Indian Protection for Lankan Hindus. I was appreciative of the ‘timing’ which confirmed my belief in Lord Muruga.  Of special interest to me was that the elder was stating that the waves of Tsunami 2004 had actually receded into the sea and that they did not damage this temple. Today I looked it up  and found that this was reported as follows by Hinduism Today Magazine – published by Kauai's Hindu Monastery – a monastery based on the teachings and discoveries by Saint Yoga Swami of  Nallur Jaffna:

Tsunami Updates: Rameshwaram and Tiruchendur Temples; Sri Lanka News Coverage
on 2004/12/31 8:49:02 

KAUAI, HAWAII, December 30, 2004: HPI received a report from S. V. Chandraamogan of Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu stating that the Rameshwaram temple and the Tiruchendur Lord Murugan temple were both undamaged in the tsunami, being in the shadow of Sri Lanka from the waves. In both areas, he said, the sea water drew back a kilometer from the shoreline, but there was no wave, and no casualties.

The reason why this Tsunami connection was important to me was that I myself ended up working to serve Tsunami victims in Eastern Sri Lanka, on to the invitation from American Patrick Harrigan , closely associated with Kathirgama/Kataragama Murugan. My partner in that project – Julia Hall is associated with the Kauai Monastery. I have included Patrick’s valuation as follows in my book ‘Naan Australian’/ I am Australian:

[I discovered that Body, Mind & Soul in the language  of ‘work’ is ‘Money, People & Ownership’.  The Seen, the Thought and the Felt. ‘Small body, big heart and great mind’  is the introduction I like best identifying with’ about myself. It came from an Australian academic. This academic said it in his natural environment but failed to uphold it at the wider/higher levels. I concluded that those wider/higher levels were not part of his natural world.  Some Sinhalese in public forums (for example  have declared that they find me physically unattractive. Around the same time Tamils in public forms (for example declared that I was good looking and that I was a renowned Tamil. To me both were driven by emotions. Sinhalese went mostly by the following picture published  on the internet by Patrick Harrigan – an American Religious Scholar living in Sri Lanka and helping the needy:

Living Heritage tsunami relief volunteers
Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam of Australia
(Living Heritage Project Manager in Mankerny, at left)
 and Mankerny Project Coordinator Julie Hall of USA (right).

Patrick wrote to international investors in Sri Lanka  ‘The Living Heritage Trust is very fortunate to have great friends and supporters, including some really talented and motivated volunteers. But among all these volunteers, one stands out from all the rest in terms of sheer drive, energy, and commitment. Gaja Lakshmi Tsunami Paramasivam, now Project Manager at our Mankerny site, despite her petite frame, packs more power than any three football players combined, and brings with her long experience working in Jaffna with the Tamil Relief Organization even before the tsunami struck. Thanks to a circle of supporters in Michigan, led by Natalie Hall, we were able to equip Gaja with a brand new notebook computer to take into the field at Mankerny, a remote coastal village north of Valaichchenai in Batticaloa district whose residents, some 400 families of indigenous Tamil speaking Veddas, nearly all lost their homes and livelihoods in the tsunami. We have selected the Mankerny Veddas as the community we hope to rebuild with your support, starting with the first indigenous style model dwelling now under construction there as part of a larger project to support, rebuild and reinvigorate indigenous Vedda communities on the east coast. Mankerny has no electricity, so it is a marvel that Gaja Lakshmi and her colleague, fellow volunteer Julia Hall of USA, have been able to accomplish so much there under primitive conditions in the refugee camp, and yet somehow continue to turn out professional reports not only about our Mankerny project but also about another project in Pala Munai (Kalladi) near Batticaloa town as well. Rather than pre-empt Gaja’s reports, we are going to attach them for you to read at your leisure. You will immediately notice the professional approach that Gaja and Julia have brought to our work in Mankerny, which hitherto had consisted of my occasional visits, including 18 annual pada yatra foot pilgrimages through Mankerny, whose poverty never prevented the Mankerny folks from feeding the multitude of pilgrims on their long trek to Kataragama. Gaja’s style also tells you something about her motivation in wishing to serve the poorest devotees of the inscrutable god of Kataragama, Lord Skanda-Murugan ]

I feel overawed by the timing when information seem to come to me. In my above mentioned article of 20 October I wrote also as follows:

[Rita Izs├ík-Ndiaye also stated that the foundation for people coexisting is laid out in the constitution and must therefore be adhered to.” – News Radio,  Sri Lanka, 19 October 2016

As per the latest order by the UN through the above representative – ‘Buddhism Foremost’ which is clearly spelt out in Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution is part of the foundation for people coexisting in Sri Lanka. In 2013, the UN called on Iran to exercise the Freedom of Religion. But in 2016 – the same UN Representative is effectively ordering Sri Lanka’s minority religions to ‘coexist’ despite Buddhism being afforded foremost place in the Constitution. ]

Yesterday, in response to my article ‘Law & Order or Terrorism?’ Mr Nanda Godage who as per my knowledge is of Sinhalese Buddhist origin wrote:

[Thank you for sharing this with me --- kind regards --K Godage Ps --Please keep writing]

I felt deeply touched and read my article again as if  both of us were experiencing the sharing in common.

Then when I read Sri Lankan News again - there it was – the reference to the much awaited focus by the UN on Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution through a write-up by an American Academic of Sri Lankan origin – Dr. Asoka Bandarage, published by Colombo Telegraph:

United Nations Special Rapporteur On Minority Issues: Statement On Sri Lanka
[The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues,  Rita Izsak-Ndiaye released a Statement on Sri Lanka on October 20, 2016 following a ten day visit to the island. Representing the position of the ‘international community’,  her Statement identifies  ‘Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarian leadership’ as the main reason behind minority grievances and Sri Lanka’s ‘long civil war’. The Rapporteur expresses fears that keeping Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which refers to the primacy of Buddhism, ‘could lead to further suppression of and discrimination against minority religions and communities.]

Yesterday was the first time I had knowledge of the above report by the UN Representative. The report obviously was published earlier. But it came to me – the person who needed the experience, yesterday when my mind was ready to receive it together with another  common medium from the other side. To my mind, one of the forces so influencing came through the appreciation expressed by Mr. Godage. Ms Rita Izsak-Ndiaye releasing her report was no coincidence to me. It helped me ‘complete’ my own picture of belief that the system of Truth supports me when I need the support and am ready to use the support effectively – even though I may not be conscious of it.  With this inner confidence – I kept reading Dr. Bandarage’s own mind through her article in which the lady states:

[The mandate of the U.N. Rapporteur on Minority Issues is to ‘promote and protect the rights of persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities’, is a laudable one. This mandate, however, does not grant the Rapporteur freedom to curtail the rights of those belonging to majority communities using conceptually and factually flawed approaches ]

As an Academic – Dr. Bandarage would appreciate that a theory to be valid needs to be self-balancing. If therefore Dr. Bandarage considers the UN Policy which empowers this mandate to be laudable,  Dr. Bandarage  the academic accepts that the policy / theory is valid at global level. What right is the UN Rapporteur entitled to expect on behalf of minorities on the basis of ethnicity, religion and/or language?  Explaining  her own interpretation, Dr. Bandarage states:
[ For instance, although Article 9 the Sri Lankan Constitution gives ‘foremost place’ to Buddhism (the religion of 70% of the island’s population) and refers to the duty of the state to protect and foster Buddhism, Article 10 asserts that “Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice”.]

Both of the above – Articles 9 and 10 to be valid –  require for  all non-Buddhist religions in Sri Lanka to be junior religions to Buddhism and their freedom depends on Buddhists enjoying freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The entitlement to seniority is being taken through Article 9, on the basis of physical majority and not on the basis of higher mental value. A law to qualify as law needs to see both sides of the physical at the same time which requires aerial view. Towards this the physical needs to be lifted to the mental level by taking Equal  physical values as  consolidated One Value. Otherwise it does not qualify as law but a mere expression of one sided expectation. When used it would breed injustice. Article 9 by its very existence in the Constitution of Sri Lanka – confirms the fears of majority which manifests from time to time as suppression of minorities. If not for Tamils of Tamil Nadu – with a population of over 72 million, compared to Sri Lanka’s total of  20.3 million – coupled with this consciousness of  physical power, article 9 is not likely have been included in the Constitution. Article 9 confirms the fear of Buddhists that Hindus of India would overpower them. If they were true Buddhists they would have known that Truth is a Universal Power that would naturally come to their contribution to keep Sri Lanka Sovereign.

Out of Body, Mind and Soul – Belief confirms Soul Power.  It is above all Human laws but will include all just Human Laws. If Article 9 were based on the belief of Buddhism being the leading power it would be valid if the total value  of the investment by Buddhists at  ‘Belief level’ through the Buddhist pathway is greater than the total value of the investment by non-Buddhists through their own religions. This value is calculated through the seen (physical) and the known (mental through common measures).

Taken merely at the physical level – we need to use either the Time based majority OR  place based majority. The subjective system where seniority is calculated on the basis of age / time – is the Hierarchical system of Autocracy to structure  which there needs to be at least one senior and one junior – given that time is not visible on its own. Under the objective system of Democracy – the measure is physically visible space/numbers but because it is visible it has no invisible powers as in seniority. It is only bigger/larger and that component obviously is the most visible on its own rights. Those who read at the physical level only – would be influenced by this.  But this cannot be raised to the level of Law – unless one or more citizens without portfolio – establish that as their Truth within that country. Lord Buddha was not Lankan and hence Sri Lanka is limited to legalizing theories common with those beyond its borders to measure and allocate rights and wrongs in the pathway to realizing Peace.

To allocate vertically higher value to influence the power of the mind / brain – one needs to lose consciousness of the physical element by either converting the extra into mental powers (as in fasting) and/or  subdivide until it becomes equal to another space or group of smaller size (as in electorates). Where this is difficult – and those in the smaller space/group have done more mental work there needs to be separation of powers. If that also does not work – then there needs to be separation of space/groups on the basis of their belief established through another pathway to that of the majority.

Given that Truth is the destination of all valid laws/theories – Truth when disintegrated at mental level would show laws/theories that are self-balancing. On time basis – a subject would enjoy work and enjoyment alternately. One who enjoys first and earns later – has to pay more due to time delay and v.v. Hence mothers enjoy parenthood more than fathers.

 On space basis the two need to be produced at the same time, with the outcomes being visible to the whole.  Where there is a higher person common to the two sides – such a person would be of higher mind than the two being measured. To be just – that higher person needs to be at the same height from one as with the other. Until then such a person would tend to use the easy pathway to rule in favor of the side closest to her/him – especially when one gets rid of ‘supervisors’.

In Western nations, democracy was facilitated by seniors by age, accepting their own children as equals. They preferred this to suffering due to juniors moving totally away from ‘home’ when they had financial freedom. Here in Australia, religion was one of the avenues through which Subjective powers were ‘taken’. To the extent the then juniors accepted this but did not themselves get the opportunity to become Seniors by age only – one of the following would have happened:

1)      They accepted it by sacrificing their entitlements OR
2)      Rejected the seniors by keeping the memory active in relation to the costs they the juniors paid.

Those who sacrificed, got in return Belief of the whole relationship at the level of the higher contributor. Those who carried forward the memory beyond the valid time and/or space – would have become reverse discriminators if they stayed within the same space or had higher status than those senior to them in age in a new space. Where this does not happen because there is no way out – they become depressed or frivolous through hallucination.

Those driven by physical numbers have to sacrifice more than those driven by mental influence. Under the hierarchical system the mind of the senior includes the mind of the junior due to the combined effect of Responsibility and Surrender respectively. The Senior who does this due to true Love / Belief in Commonness/Heritage – clears the junior’s mind of the unwanted – and thus becomes one-minded. Where the junior has strong Love/Belief – the junior surrenders to the senior – and has her/his mind connect to the mind of the senior and carries the consolidated value wherever s/he goes. But to become Belief – this Seniority should not be taken over by anyone else. If it is mere submission it would amount to compromise and that Seniority would be exercised  over person who appears to carry lower position or is known to carry lower position through a particular law. To qualify as belief -  the entitlement/benefit cannot be re-invoked  by that person . For example Dr. Bandarage who has taken her Buddhist mind with her to America, is taking authority over the UN Rapporteur  through Sri Lankan Constitution instead of the Global Principle of Equality. As an Academic carrying Western certificates – I expect the lady to ‘quote’ her source or use fundamental principles from zero base - when presenting to the wider Public.

Dr. Bandarage states:

[Unlike most other pluralistic countries in the world, Sri Lanka has Cabinet level Ministries each to protect and foster Hindu, Islamic and Christian Affairs in addition to Buddhism. The critics of Article 9, including the U.N. Rapporteur, fail to acknowledge that Article 9 has not prevented Sri Lanka from allowing widespread Christian evangelical and Islamic Wahabi  proselytization and conversion which are not permitted in Islamic and many other nations. In contrast, international attempts to sever the historical link between Buddhism and the Sri Lankan state, is sowing seeds of disharmony, aggravating tensions, resistance and inter-religious conflict]

Not all laws are practiced nor are all discovered Truths, legislated. With much of Sri Lankan Laws – the source is not Buddhist philosophy but Roman-Dutch as well as English philosophy. By repeatedly using their fight against colonization – those who did so – have categorized themselves into group (2) above. As those who are versed in Prescriptive Rights would know – Title through physical possession needs to be continuous and uninterrupted over a given period. When Colonial rule is treated as ‘foreign’ rule – one loses the claim of entitlement through physical occupation over long uninterrupted period. Where on the other hand, minorities more accepting of Colonial Rule – for example Tamils, Muslims and Burghers – included those rulers also as their seniors – they have greater right to Prescriptive Title by accepting the difficulties as discipline. Hence they are more likely to be connected to the minds of those Communities than are those who reject that period.

This breeds ‘fear’ due to the memory of colonization at physical level only. Hence the fear of Indian invasion as well as Muslim and Western invasion. The parallel here in Australia at People’s level is  Muslim invasion due to Indonesia and Malaysia. This habitual fear prevails also with Tamil Only claimants within the Tamil Community against Westerners and Middle Easterners. Thanks to the proximity to Tamil Nadu – this ‘invasion’ fear is not present in most Tamil minds. This fear is brought out as follows by Dr. Bandarage:

[A Tamil politician was appointed as the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition even though his Tamil National Alliance party won only 16 seats as opposed to the much larger number of seats gained by the United People’s Freedom Alliance of the Sinhalese.]

The Laws of Democratic Elections require a group to be distinctly Diverse in its form as woman is to man - to be eligible for the position of Equal Opposition. Wikipedia reports as follows about last year’s Sri Lankan elections:

1.      The United People's Freedom Alliance is a political alliance in Sri Lanka. The current leader of the United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) is Maithripala Sirisena and Mahinda Amaraweera is the general secretary of UPFA. 

2.      The 2015 Sri Lankan parliamentary election was held on 17 August 2015, ten months ahead of schedule, to elect 225 members to Sri Lanka's 15th Parliament. The incumbent United National Party (UNP) led United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) won 106 seats, an increase of 46 since the 2010 election, but failed to secure a majority in Parliament.  The main opposition United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) won 95 seats, a decline of 49.  The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the largest party representing Sri Lankan Tamils, won 16 seats, an increase of two from 2010.  The remaining eight seats were won by Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (6), Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (1) and Eelam People's Democratic Party (1). Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, leader of the UNFGG and UNP, was able to form a national government with the support of UPFA MPs loyal to President Maithripala Sirisena.

No party had the simple majority of  at least 1 to become eligible to form Government. Had UPFA formed its own coalition – it would still have had only 101 seats out of the 113 needed to form government and with Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Tamil EPDP they would have formed at best a coalition of 103. Given that there was an opportunity to join the Government under the excuse of  the new formation – some crossed over. The form – like in Sinhalese majority - is UNP due to majority  members being of that party. UPFA members thus lost their identity as UPFA. But legally they remained UPFA and this disqualified the UPFA from become the Leading Opposition.

By retaining their Diversity – TNA won that position. It was NOT appointed on merit. In 1977 – TNA’s predecessor TULF was the second highest scorer and hence won the position. But the then Government brought about legislation to deny that Diversity and therefore Equal status – and Tamil leaders resigned. This time – they have wider world’s support to stay in that position. This support has become possible only due to  Natural Forces of Belief through Tamils investing in Global Values more than Sinhalese and more than they did in 1977, keeping the uninterrupted connection with cultural Ancestors through their acceptance of Colonial minds also. Forces of Nature facilitated this through migration. The role of LTTE in this was to keep the official armed forces away and also to prevent compromise and acceptance of lower standards of their parallels in Government. The LTTE was ruthless when it opposed but there was order and that can come only from common mind within their group. This LTTE mind lives on and could be quickly invoked especially in those who do not know of any other alternative but Tamil leadership.

Often Hindus are found fault with for abusing caste system. Whenever I noticed those in my ‘class / caste’ using that I resisted it expressly – including with my father. But after living in Thunaivi – a village of Toddy Tapper caste – I realized that many of them carried genuine respect for those in the higher caste. I found them thinking at the higher level than the cleverer youth amongst them who failed to carry that connection and whose family elders practiced separation and isolation – so they had the ‘senior’ positions in the isolated group. It’s these youth who became ruthless within LTTE. They did take orders from LTTE Leadership but resisted higher caste within LTTE. There were others in LTTE who accepted new leadership as per secular system and they added health to the Common mind. Youth from higher caste families whose minds could not project ahead to hope for return of their investment in seniority – took advantage of the LTTE positions and to the extent they accepted  LTTE rules – they became even in their mind through exercise of status over juniors within LTTE. Even now, some young ones say to me when they talk to me freely – that they were attracted to LTTE because of the Order in the Authority carried by them.

To the extent LTTE was orderly -  it has rendered Diversity in the armed forces also. Until now – they have remained a clever and more orderly army at the lower levels, than the official army. The more disciplined they are and the stronger their habit of taking order from Intellectuals becomes – they would become a Diverse and more Respectable Army than the official Army.

It is for these reasons that juniors need to be facilitated to share their Truth. Alternate policies take us downwards – as is the case with Sri Lanka at the global level.

Becoming Equal through Truth is already the case with Hindu religion which as per my knowledge is senior by age also to Buddhism as it is practiced in Sri Lanka. Such religious minorities who Believe – will Naturally invoke Divine powers to defeat again and again – the less faithful. Towards this borders will be removed by natural forces to redefine Sovereign Borders as per Truth. Belief is Truth and Truth is exponential in value. It does not recognize any laws other than Its own, leave alone numbers that render mere volume. Dr.  Bandarage is a clear example of using Buddha’s name to support Ravanas in Sri Lanka. Where Buddha is the leader as spelt out at the physical level the Land Includes India.  The Law is not true of  Sri Lanka when applied  at the physical level only.

Like the Buddhist Clergy-Politicians who worship Buddha at physical level - Ravana – the king of Lanka used physical powers to rule.  Rama renounced His status as Heir to the Throne – and with that he disconnected with the wrongs of his father’s past that would have become sins if they had not been corrected during the time his father was in power. Rama thus protected His dignity and the real eligibility to be good King/Governor. When Rama went from India to Discipline Ravana of  Lanka – He went without any official portfolio. To my mind, had Rama gone as King – Ravana would have been defeated but Ravana would not have transformed himself before dying in the Land of Lanka.

Given that Lord Buddha renounced his throne – he is of Rama’s group and not Ravanas group. Yet, Ravana groups are growing amongst Sinhalese who are being Traitors to Buddhism. Every Buddhist in the armed forces has the duty to use her/his powers through Secular laws and leave the weapons within the official premises and the times they are bound by the Secular laws. This did not happen during the wars against minorities. Hence they are all Ravana followers and not Buddhists. Administrators who protect them are also being disloyal to Buddhism.

Tomorrow is the Hindu festival of Deepavali – the Festival of Light / Wisdom by  Truth killing the Demon Asura representing  attachment to the Physical. Happy Deepavali to all those who value Truth and Blessings to all those who have the potential to seek and find Truth.

Friday 28 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
28 October   2016

Law & Order or Terrorism?

[Udalagama was released on a cash bail of Rs. 50,000 and three sureties of Rs. 500,000 each. The court order comes just weeks since President Maithripala Sirisena launched a verbal attack against the arresting and remanding of Army Intelligence Officers who have been involved in various criminal activities including being linked to murder.] – Colombo Telegraph report - Under Pressure From Sirisena, Army Intelligence Officer Involved In Lasantha Murder Released On Bail

[While the fall out of the President’s remarks led to the eventual resignation of Bribery Commissioner Dilrukshi Wickramasinghe, the issue is likely to end there. No commissioners of the independent commissions have resigned and the United National Party (UNP), though it may be feeling aggrieved, has not made any comment on the President over his outburst.] – Daily News Article – Laying Unrest to Rest by Lakdev Liyanagama

The strongest causal force in both manifestations is the Sri Lankan President who has already confessed to using his Conscience in the case of Bribery Commissioner.

Using our Conscience is an entitlement so long as it is to judge thyself and those who are part of thyself. No one who judges her/himself through her/his conscience would be disorderly. But when judging others – one has to use the Common Law and/or the Truth of the person with Deeper Common Interest in the relationship/the whole. They say in Tamil that the pain of headache is recognized only when it happens to oneself. The media has finally dug deeper about the President’s interference because the first example above is about the murder of leading Independent media personnel – Mr. Lasantha Wickrematunga. But that media is yet to find fault with the Buddhism Foremost declarations by the President. The reason is the same – personal measures are indiscriminately extended to cover the Nation by using the Common License.  

The Daily News author continues to state:

[The incidents in the North in contrast could potentially be more disruptive to the government in the long term. It all began on Friday when two male students attached to the Jaffna University sustained fatal injuries after they were shot at by the Police for disobeying orders to stop their motorcycle at a roadblock at the Kulappidi Junction in Kankesanthurai……… Hence the government was taking no chances. A special team from the CID was dispatched from Colombo to commence an investigation into the incident and security in the area was intensified. Almost immediately President Maithripala Sirisena instructed the authorities to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident.]

My question is - why is the President getting involved / interfering at this stage? Is the problem a Law and Order problem or a Terrorism problem? This question could be asked of  Mr. Lasantha Wickrematunga’s death inquiry also. As per most published reports the Minister for Law and Order is the Hon Sagala Gajendra Ratnayaka, MP. The immediate past President of Sri Lanka and Mr. Sirisena’s then boss – held this portfolio also. Hence Mr. Sirisena’s actions could be attributed to his following of his former boss.   In essence this interference is for the same reason why Mr. Sirisena claimed that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist Country. It is as per his Conscience which tells him that he came to power because he is Buddhist. Hence the sharing of power with his family and with his Buddhist community. It is so very natural – so much so that he does not seem to think it is wrong. It would not be in his world – just as LTTE was not wrong to their families and others who had earned the right to be in the Armed Forces but did not get the jobs because not only were they too far away from Central powers but were close to those who felt discriminated against. But until it happens to them – the media is not likely to dive deeper into the Indian Ocean to find the Pearl.

Mr. Liyanagama of Daily News states:

[Police killings, as evidenced by the spate of killings of African Americans by Caucasian policemen in the United States recently, evoke public criticism and a strong reaction everywhere in the world. In Sri Lanka, the killing of university students has almost always had political connotations and repercussions. This incident is not only a death due to Police action, it also a killing of a university student and has the potential to escalate into an ethnic issue as well.
Hence the government was taking no chances. A special team from the CID was dispatched from Colombo to commence an investigation into the incident and security in the area was intensified. Almost immediately President Maithripala Sirisena instructed the authorities to conduct an impartial inquiry into the incident.]

Yesterday, Mr Malinda Seneviratne who to my mind is also a Media Leader – responded as follows to my article ‘Youth Rebellion and Democracy’:

[Northerners/Southerners: note the sleight of hand here.  Immediately the impression is given that North is all about Tamils, South about Sinhalese, and that it's a 50-50 divide in terms of territory and population.  I won't say 'Think Gajalakshmi Param' because I am sure Gajalakshmi Param HAS thought.  ]

Yes, I thought as if I were those students’ families and how hard Tamils had to struggle to get that University in Jaffna as partial compensation for the disadvantage due to quota system to enter the Common Universities. The Corporate wisdom of Sri Lankan politicians would include this history. All those who feel part of Jaffna will include this in their roots – as Belief. Mr. Malinda is also guilty of cronyism for failing to work out the risks to this University when the President declared that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country. If he had used Common Law – he would have derived the calculated Intellectual answer which I knew intuitively through Belief.  

During  the elections to appoint a Vice Chancellor for Jaffna University were taking place in 2011 – I prayed at the temple of Lord Shiva within the University premises.  That University has a Hindu heritage and I needed to draw on that deeper power beyond the seen and the known through which Professor Hoole is quite rightly challenging the Vice Chancellor’s Administration. Professor Hoole’s pain is similar to mine at the University of NSW – where as per my knowledge there is no Church. I did not have that secular pain in Jaffna just as Professor Hoole as per his revelations does not seem to have had it in America.

These are root powers that manifest naturally when we are not conscious of them. This is fine – so long as we do not use them on others. If we do – then we would manifest their own past and to the extent benefits were desire-driven – the fears also would surface. Hence as per my insight - Buddhism foremost invoked Siva powers – not only through Siva Senai – but also through the University of Jaffna carrying Lord Shiva Belief in its roots.

The lesson we need to learn from the above is that social media which when genuine works more through belief  than through human laws - has been more powerful than the official media which has been taking the ‘softly-softly’ approach with the Sri Lankan Government but hard condemnation of the Northern Province’s Chief Minister who had the responsibility to express as per the Common Belief of the  People who elected him. The birth of Siva Senai and the killing of the Jaffna University students are all manifestations in support of Separation AFTER the President declared that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country. It is common habit for the current government to act as if the group led by the immediate past President is their real opposition. The Tamil Community’s TNA leaders in Parliament had the responsibility to Oppose the President’s declaration at the UN. They did not. Every non-Buddhist member of that Parliament using Democratic pathway to get into their positions - had the responsibility to join the official Opposition and claim Equal position (the 50:50 referred to above) as a coalition of Religious forces. They did not but others to whom their religion was as important did – in their own ways.

My own contribution is to prevent injustice. Towards this I share my commonness by being part of the sections of the community where I am respected as a wise elder. Each time they respect me physically and/or mentally – they get a dose of that commonness. Mr. Sirisena is lacking in this with other cultures. Hence his presence will invoke separation until he steps down from or out of that Common Position. Due to his loyalty to his former boss – he would continue to protect the ‘victory against the LTTE’ and also the armed forces that made it possible. To the extent this victory was earned by enforcing one-sided laws such awakening would also awaken the Tamil Tiger forces.

When I met eastern LTTE leader Karuna Amman in 2003 during the ceasefire period – he said that both sides were waiting to see who would fire first. Those who are clever but not good, will continue to awaken opportunities to fight. That is the way of the young and the restless.

Mr. Liyanagama concludes:

[Even then it would not resurrect the two undergraduates who had their lives snuffed out in a most unfortunate manner but it will at least ensure that their deaths do not lead to an unnecessary conflagration that consumes the nation in ethnic divisions and creates conditions for more unrest yet again.]

To my mind the death of the Jaffna University  undergraduates happened for the same reasons as the death of Journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga. Both due to desire through naming those who are not part of themselves – as Terrorists. This invokes the Ravanas in the Tamil Community also.

 Desire has speed. Coupled with position power – it would continue to override Intellectual Discrimination until it is returned to sender after the excitement  wears off and/or when the benefits of those who have sacrificed towards common good are damaged and/or are taken away. That’s when Belief invokes Itself. We then become mere messengers or observers. There are many of us within the Tamil community to invoke such powers subconsciously. All those who sacrificed earned benefits towards the Dignity of Independence – and are seen and treated as part of the ‘other’ side including by the media – carry this power. It is for these reasons that such elders’ blessings are sought even by the cleverest of performers.

Those in power who truly seek to prevent war – need to raise the value of these students and Lasantha Wickrematunga to Policy level.  That is the way to redeem themselves of their own sins. 

Thursday 27 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
27 October   2016

Youth Rebellion and Democracy

[I have been both a university student activist and a university teacher. I am therefore doubly appalled by the killing of two students at Jaffna University and am heartened that university students all over Sri Lanka are demonstrating in protest against the killings and in solidarity with their counterparts.] – All Lives Matter: Northern Killings & North-South Protest by
Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke

Being doubly appalled is an intellectual expression. Feelings  based expressions are exponential in value. That is the difference between how the two groups – Northerners and Southerners would receive the information. A Southerner like Dr. Jayatilleke would not share in  the Experience of Northerners as I would, unless Jaffna is home to him or the issue of Sovereignty is a home-issue to him. One logic is based and the other is experience based. Where logic is not broad enough to cover the whole – one needs to resort to Experience to identify with the Truth which is the true base of all real solutions. After the repeated declaration by the Lankan President that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country – one has to be logically  blind to expect a Common solution to the main Sri Lankan problem which is conflict of interest between systems – cultural and official.

Dr. Jayatilleke who has had global training has the duty to use global language. The other alternative is to use his experience in common at the local level which is NOT with the students but is with politicians. Student experiences when extended to politics – lead to double dipping into Common Resources in the name of Democracy.

Democracy works when those with higher status renounce their consciousness of higher knowledge – even when it was duly earned by them and being with the junior / minority to have the same sight as the junior / minority. But towards this, the other  has to be current junior/minority and not past junior/minority. One who identifies himself through his lower position in the past – is living in the past and is stealing  the space from others who have the right to that space. During Colonial rule we were all juniors. To keep claiming that Buddhists fought for Independence along with the allocation of Buddhism foremost status in the Constitution is to live in the past. Such leaders must renounce all benefits through the system of Democracy unless Affirmative Action is taken to compensate minorities – in another area.

To my mind, University students all over Sri Lanka protesting has happened only because Southerners also have had their share of difficulty due to seniors of Dr. Jayatilleke’s generation being ‘attached’ to the benefits of power rather than valuing the Structure that worked for us. Just yesterday Mr. Vaithilingam Sothilingam – an Australian of Vaddukoddai origin expressed yet again his deep appreciation of his father from whom he inherited shares in famous Pathrakali Amman Temple in Vaddukoddai. This young guy hardly goes elsewhere but goes every year to take care of temple activities. That is how ancestral powers are carried forward as motivating Energy.  

Dr. Jayatilleke who shared in the benefits of power of the Executive by being sent to the UN – is using his local youth experience to relate to this matter and not UN principles and values. As per the information so far available to us, the two youth were killed not because they were  University students. The deeper issue through which we have to investigate is whether the Police used excessive force and if yes – why? This was raised  by the Northern Chief Minister and rightly so.

If we the Northerners find the Truth – that will help Southerners also. But towards this we need the young and the restless to not react prematurely. Truth is the only redemption available to us now that we have abused our intellectual powers and shrunk our mental capacity to remain local only.  To think at UN level – we need to use the fundamental values of UN’s  ‘International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination’ which to my mind was strongly influenced by the Sharpeville Massacre on 21 March 1960. The genesis of the above convention is presented as follows:  “In December 1960, following incidents of antisemitism in several parts of the world, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning "all manifestations and practices of racial, religious and national hatred" as violations of the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights and calling on the governments of all states to "take all necessary measures to prevent all manifestations of racial, religious and national hatred” – Wikipedia

If therefore even one citizen of Jaffna allocates the reason to be racial – it is healthy for us to probe through that avenue rather than generalize as Dr. Jayatilleke has done. If we do generalize, the youth would copy each other.  The lower the order the easier it is to react and produce more of the same. Youth have the responsibility to present their Truth and not provide alternate logic as per their own generation’s culture. Democracy facilitates this. But when Governing leaders  who have the responsibility to share their Truth through Policy structures and language – take the easy way out and express their personal Truth as per their personal Conscience – they steal the junior’s allocated space. They also make juniors of themselves, relative to others who have used the higher Common pathways.

Dr. Jayatilleke for example states ‘This is an opportunity to cut across ethnic barriers and build North-South solidarity which can evolve into a common identity as Sri Lankans.

Why should Tamils cut across ethnic barriers in a Buddhist country? Why should we dilute our Diversity and accept a weaker Secular pathway – except when it is specifically spelt out in the law. As per latest news – TNA has had to specifically ask for a Tamil version of COPE (Committee on Public Enterprises)  report on the Central Bank Bonds matter. TNA Leaders can read English. But the way we comprehend would be different as per our own ethnicities. The way I am likely to interpret the Tamil or the English report is likely to be different to the way the Hon Sampanthan would. It’s like various users reading a company Balance Sheet. Those of Common Interests using one particular pathway would comprehend in Common. Yesterday for example a lady whose name was recently added to my email list wrote to me:

[You obviously have a deep knowledge of the subject, but find it difficult to express your meaning in a few well chosen words; as a result, this reader finds herself thrashing and struggling in the murky mishmash of anecdotal reference and metaphysical motif - used too abundantly and indiscriminately - to get a firm grip on the ideas you try to convey.  This is a great pity.  
Another point I would like to make is that however biased and emotionally tied you are to a topic, your credibility suffers when that fact is too obviously positioned.  Raise interest by allowing the reader to think you are clear headed and unbiased. 

Your aim should be to kindle sufficient curiosity in the reader to encourage reading the entire article.  I am truly interested, but, I cannot be bothered sieving through all the detritus to get to the nucleus.]

To this, I responded as follows:

[Thank you for recognising that I have deep knowledge of the subject. I am sorry if  my presentation is making it difficult for you to  get to the core of my message. I do tend to be philosophical as well as express at grassroots level.   I work with both groups and hence the difficulty.   But I do get reasonable responses from those who like philosophy – including academics. I worked closely with academics and they are the first group in my email list. I am also regularly invited by Australian Government to contribute to policy – general as well as specific to Sri Lanka. I would however like to improve to cater to your mind group also and would thank you to provide me with specific  areas that you could not grasp – so I could improve.
As for being emotional – I am personally not that emotional in these issues.  But I do present on behalf of those I work closely with at grassroots level. Hence the emotional angle – so those interested in policy and management of Human Resources would know the ‘other’ side.
I guess that at this stage of my life I am more interested in sharing my Truth as per my experience rather than capturing readership. It’s too difficult to reconcile the two and my choice is with the experience as is. Sorry if that turns you off.
Thank you again and looking forward to further feedback from you]

In this instance, to my mind  that lady’s interests were general in terms of the issues I was writing about.  Mine is specific to my need which is closely connected to Sri Lankan Common interests and how best Tamils at grassroots level could participate in this Commonness that I enjoy. In addition, when I write from Australia I am empowered by my contribution to Australian commonness in language as per the average status I was allocated by the pundits at my workplaces. I expect that relative to my style the style of Dr. Jayatilleke would be more attractive to the lady and her group. But as per my belief and the feedback I receive in terms of substance – mine is of exponential value.

As a Tamil – my intuition is naturally connected to Tamils – especially from Jaffna. I am also able to invoke the Educational Energies in Jaffna due to my own contribution as an orderly high performing student of Jaffna. The likes of Dr. Jayatilleke have the responsibility to first hear our ownership feelings before he takes leadership and recommends his logic as per his obsolete junior position outside Jaffna.

As for cutting across ethnic barriers - why did Dr. Jayatilleke not cut across ethnic barriers and accept LTTE as rebels or call JVP also Terrorists? The labels of outsiders would be different to the labels of insiders due to the above mentioned intuition which leads to natural Commonness. Using Terrorism label one cannot wipe the slate clean and start from zero base while at the same time carrying forward Buddhism foremost. The Government which proposes to use Zero Base Budgeting system – has much to do to get rid of the head start through Sinhala reports and  Buddhism foremost. Otherwise the expenditure into restructuring the Public Financial system – would be a waste.

It is my belief that when god comes down to earth – god assumes the form of the environment in which god is born. When one believes through a god at the temple/church – one needs priests and / or follow the rules of that temple/church. Such followers often do not specifically identify with god’s share of the outcomes. But those who believe in god in human form – would be able to relate to god without going to temple/church – due to their own experiences. I was of former category but from time to time did allocate god’s share. But when holy powder manifested in the picture of Sai Baba we had at home even though I was not a devotee – when I was hurting deeply due to unjust discrimination at the University of NSW – Sai Baba to my mind was god on earth. He was able to do something that I could not through physical and/or mental powers. That is Divinity which we are all capable of but only few achieve at the highest level. There are components in problems and opportunities that are beyond our physical and mental capabilities. Knowing that is important in finding real solutions. For starters – one needs to ask as to why Buddha did not protect Sri Lanka from the war – despite majority being Buddhists (physical power)  and Buddhism being the foremost religion  of Sri Lanka (mental power) ? Think Dr. Jayatilleke , Think! – Think by looking within and going into the roots -  Truth known to you about your home community. Your first duty is to yourself as part of  your home community. Whether it is acknowledged or not – Tamils who have suffered more than Sinhalese are the owners of this ethnic issue and of their homelands – to the extent they accepted their losses and are carrying on with life. In those areas – theory / law exercised by those to whom Jaffna is not home – must come AFTER the interpretation of the locals is shared. That is Democracy as per Customer is Right principle and that is Dharma as per Laws of Truth.