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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 January   2021





England had a ‘double set’ of institutions – the dignified ones ‘impress the many’ while the efficient ones ‘govern the many’. The dignified or ‘theatrical’ parts of the system played the essential role of winning and sustaining the loyalty and confidence of the mass of ordinary people whose political capacities were minimal or non-existent; they helped the state to gain authority and legitimacy, which the efficient institutions could then use.” Walter Bagehot in the book ‘The English Constitution’


In Hindu culture – dignity was recognised as Goodness and efficiency as cleverness. In the epic Ramayanam – Lankan king Ravana was recognized as being clever, while Divine incarnation Rama was good and clever.


In current Sri Lanka UNP was seen as Good Government and the Rajapaksa government was ‘Clever Government’. Since they are in different formations we continue to alternate between the two, more and more frequently.


Given that Ceylon / Sri Lanka was under British rule, it would be natural for those who value the positives in British rule, to identify with this. This is likely to be valuable to know which part of government we identify with more – the dignified one or the efficient one.  As per my experience, one who is disciplined develops dignity, through which s/he identifies with the dignified part of official government.


As per Sunday Times report ‘Northern farmers unable to shed ‘tax’ imposed by separatists’:


[For farmers in the north, the virus pandemic made it worse in addition to a decades-long practice introduced by the LTTE during wartime in markets where a portion of their produce had to be discounted mandatorily, as a tax.

A northern farmer who wants to sell 100 kilos of cabbage, would be paid for only 90 kilos by either a retailer, or broker. The rest — 10 kilos — is considered as a mandatory discount.

Velayutham Kathirkamanathan, a farmer from Atchuvely would go from Jaffna to the Kodikamam public market to sell bananas.

The banana bunch weighs over 60 kilos, but he would be paid only for 50 kilos by the buyer, who he says, had been buying the produce for a longtime and expects a discount.

“We cannot demand, or fix a good price, without agreeing to the mandatory discount. If we raise the issue, there would be no one left to buy,” Mr Kathirkamanathan said, noting this is the norm.

With the recent closure of public markets for weeks following coronavirus infections, farmers could not get a fair price, he added.

This mandatory 10 percent ‘discount’ began during wartime when the then Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam declared it as a ‘tax’ from trading at public markets. Today, nearly a decade after the defeat of the separatist movement, the practice continues.

Over the years, northern farmer federations took up the issue at every district coordinating committee meeting, but it remains.]

In the meantime, the Efficient Tamil Diaspora is taking its work to wider world – largely by ‘finding fault’ with the Sri Lankan government but without recognizing the need for good governance by Tamils, of Tamils who were dominated by clever administration.

To my mind, this is because Cleverness was way above goodness – as proven by the killing of Rajiv Gandhi who was part of Indian Royalty.

The more cleverness we ‘show’ beyond the level needed by us, the stronger the confirmation that we are lacking in Dignity which usually happens when we fail to value our elders and ancestors.  Hence the shift to past where only our side seems to have ruled. Tamils shifted to Ellalan and Sinhalese to Duttugemunu.


 In his FT article ‘How sound is Sri Lanka’s collective consciousness?’ Mr Harsha Gunasena highlights:


[Bandaranaike created a false patriotism by nationalising privately held assets and businesses. This patriotism was reduced to providing employment in these businesses to the political supporters of the successive political parties. Eventually the government budget had to finance these loss-making institutions. Still, this false patriotism is powerful enough to create a public opinion that we should continue with the State ownership of those entities. 
It is beneficial to the rulers, therefore they promote this false patriotism by misleading the collective consciousness of the people. Then the people request the continuation of the entities with state ownership although they themselves are at the receiving end of this whole game. No one is requesting the government or forcing it by demonstrations to run those institutions profitably


That which was worse was that Bandaranaike promoted Buddhist Sangha whose role it was to uphold the Dignity of the Nation through Buddhism. Instead it sought the executive role to show ‘Efficiency’  - greater cleverness than the Political leader. In their eyes, the political leaders became ‘juniors’ in Buddhist affairs and when they were disobedient – they had to be eliminated.


The LTTE likewise did this to Tamil elected leaders. Hindu extremists did that to Mahatma Gandhi. All due to lack of Dignity needed to govern.


When we are lacking in Dignity, we need the Equal and Opposite manifestation. Hence Opposition in Parliament. Both sides then compete to produce cleverness but within half the space. It’s like two sides in sports – say cricket – so no single side bats all the time.


Currently, the Tamil side assisted by the Diaspora is batting. The Sinhalese side might ‘declare’ as per the local victory where they were the umpires. Even if the former wins through the International Criminal Court –local Resident Tamils will have to find their own solutions – beginning with becoming independent of the Diaspora. The northern farmers parallels  are Tamil migrants who are influenced to pay ‘taxes’ so they would think they are included in the Global group. The LTTE legacy continues in a softer form.


Thus far there has been no indication from the UN that the inquiry would include the Tamil perpetrators. Many seniors in the Tamil Diaspora ‘dream’/ ‘hallucinate’ so they could ‘forget’ that their dignity was ‘lost. I felt that this was the case with members of  Ontario Senior Tamils Benevolent Association’ to  whom Dr. Senthuran Gunaratnam, Psychiatrist, delivered a talk on  seniors' mental health issues. -

 The response was very poor and the questions raised indicated to me that they were trying to show off their own new knowledge – i.e. they were batting. The reason to my mind is Dr. Senthuran Gunaratnam’s age. Dr. Senthuran Gunaratnam failed to bowl – like the Rajapaksas, probably due to his sense of importance to Dignity in delivering his medical services.


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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 January   2021





My granddaughter Aanza said that she got her cooking skills from me and her father (our son). I felt deeply touched by this. I believe that she does;   - not so much due to any training by us but due to completed experiences. Aanza would always enjoy my cooking and I ensured that I brought my grandchildren into me, as part of myself  as the common customer I cooked for. Likewise, when I am writing,  I bring into me the most junior person who I feel has a need. Yesterday, even though I was tired after dealing with an extended  family issue, I wrote the article ‘MEDITATING FOR UN POLITICAL POWER?’. The responses were strong and very rewarding. The latest one is on Jethawanaramaya Forest Monastery (Buddhist) . The monks seem happy and ‘free’. I know of parallels in Hindu places – including Kathirgamam and Thiruketheeswaram. Do we inherit the values that the monks / holy men & women have discovered about the Absolute Power , through meditation  and natural way of life? Is this known as Universal Power based on which we govern?

As per Wikipedia Sri Lanka is the oldest democracy in Asia and  - Universal suffrage for all irrespective of race, ethnicity, language, or gender was implemented in Sri Lanka in 1931. It is obvious that Sri Lanka did not actually practice democracy and this resulted in internal wars.

As per the Australian article ‘UN accuses Sri Lanka of reversing course on war crimes’:

[The UN human rights chief has called for an International Criminal Court investigation into Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatist conflict and sanctions against generals and others accused of war crimes.

Michelle Bachelet accused Sri Lanka of reneging on promises to ensure justice for thousands of civilians killed in the final stages of the 37-year separatist war that ended a decade ago.]

I also complained to the UN of Racial Discrimination in Australia. I discussed this in Melbourne under the subject matter :

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION – A ZERO BASE APPROACH’ through - Discussion Paper Presented to the United Nations towards inclusion in the UN ANTI RACISM SUMMIT – April 200 about which I published  as follows through Sri Lanka Guardian:.

[I sent also a paper before the Battle of Vanni, to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. This paper was based fully on my own research and was presented under the title ‘RACIAL DISCRIMINATION – A ZERO BASE APPROACH - Discussion Paper Presented to the United Nations to be included in the UN ANTI RACISM SUMMIT – April 2009’. If Ms Pillai had been like the author, she would have responded to me using the paper as an excuse. I did not expect a response from the UN. I do the work at UN level (as per my expectations of UN standards) but do not expect direct returns from them because I have learnt through direct experience that they do not have the wisdom to recognize individuals without portfolio. Through my experience, with higher authorities including Australian Government, I believed that the work I had done had already produced outcomes, ‘waiting’ to be picked up by the right person at the right time. Ms Pillai confirmed this through her personal visit to Australia and was highly critical of the Government’s refugee policies. To me that was a positive outcome that I was able to ‘see’ due to my contribution on the issue, at UN level.]

The war peaked in May 2009 and I was there to help the victims – using my investment in fellow Sri Lankans and my belief in God.

That was how I exercised my Universal Franchise in the issue. But the more influential folks use the official avenues:

[In May 2014 immigration lawyer Tracie Aylmer lodged a complaint against Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and others, in relation to Australia's treatment of asylum seekers. Ms Aylmer alleged Australia's policies violate Article 17(2) of the Rome Statute and that the Australian Government was committing atrocities in breach of Article 7 (Crimes Against Humanity) of the convention. Australian Senator Andrew Wilkie made a similar formal request that the ICC investigate these matters in October 2014. These claims are arguably supported by United Nations special rapporteur on torture Juan Mendez who found that "Australia has violated the right of the asylum seekers, including children, to be free from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment] - Wikipedia

My parallel was my own case against Mr John Howard when he was Prime Minister. Mr Howard was brought down by the exponential power of migrant vote.

So, this time even if the UN takes the matter to the ICC, one needs a person with high standards who has escalated her/his/their  personal feelings to the UN level. Such a person ought to express through one who believes in the UN. I do not know of a single political leader who qualifies in this regard.  Hence if we complain to the highest authority we believe in – the results will happen through the Universal system of belief.  Otherwise, not only the Government but the Tamil leaders are also pulling the wool over our eyes. If it goes to ICC – the first accused  would be all those who celebrate Maaveerar / Great heroes.  As per the Universal Franchise Court – we make declarations of belief.  At ICC – one needs evidence that would satisfy the global mind.  

Friday 29 January 2021

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 January   2021




Saint Yoga Swami who is identified with Nallur, in Northern Sri Lanka, gave us Natchinthanai (Good thoughts) in addition to continuous sharing of his spiritual realisations. Many politicians and senior administrators went to Saint Yoga Swami for blessings. This included the son of Lord Soulbury, Santa Swami. Dr Vimala Krishnapillai writes about Natchinthanai and Santa Swami:

[Santa Swami along with a few others played a central role in translating them to English and getting them published by the Sivathondan Nilayam of Jaffna.

When Lord Soulbury died and Santa Swami inherited his father’s title, Yogaswami sent him back to England to do his duty, saying “Go back to England and be a Lord!” These words, like all of Yoga Swami’s utterances were pregnant with meaning. The pun made in English was on the word ‘Lord’ which can be taken to mean God – ‘the one who has no master but himself.’ ]

But Swami did not get directly involved in Politics. Swami was already One with Universal power.

I was therefore shocked to learn today that one of the signatories to the UNHRC was stated as ‘ Velan Swamikal, Sivaguru Aatheenam’

At first I thought with apprehension that it was Velan Swami in Hawaii. But some search confirmed otherwise. It is the person pictured above.

I am disappointed with all of the Tamil political leaders that they were so poor in support of the People that they had to resort to such men in religious robes. Tamil politicians are becoming more and more like Sinhalese politicians who desired the popular vote and ruined Sri Lanka in the name of Buddhism. This is what happens when we have premature freedom.

If we do not separate Religion and Politics by law, we would have more and more wars in Sri Lanka just like ISIS led wars. Each time we use religions status as a political tool – it weakens the consolidated value of our belief in the Absolute. This is the reason why we had the Easter Bombings. The Negative Energy was no longer within the correctable period. It had become Universal Sin. So sad!

The guy pictured above would have all the strength he needs from Nallur where the Administration is Perfect to the true seeker. UN is a mosquito in relation to Nallur - the Absolute 

Thursday 28 January 2021



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 January   2021




The poor use belief instead of science to solve their problems. This is true of many areas in Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The Economy Next article ‘And Then She Got Covid’ reveals:

[Minister, Pavithra Wanniarachchi, and her colleague the State Minister for Women’s and Children’s Affairs Piyal Nishantha de Silva who consumed the concoction for the cameras have tested positive for Covid 19 and are under treatment.


Wanniarachchi was found positive from an Antigen test and a subsequent PCR test confirmed the diagnosis, her Media Secretary Viraj Abyesinghe told EconomyNext.

This government which successfully practices the art of governance by distraction promoted the potion produced by a medically untrained Shaman of the Goddess Kali, “guaranteed” to protect us from Covid 19, even as the second wave engulfed the country.]


Ground Views in ‘A Tribute to Malathi de Alwis and Her Work’ reveals:


[Malathi analyzes the figure of Viharamaha Devi, the mother of Dutugemunu as the epitome of feminine sacrifice and patriotism in Sinhala Buddhist nationalism, which we are all now expected to emulate. She describes how nationalist ideology and rhetoric has been able to construct Viharamaha Devi as a woman without blemish; who never forgot her place as a woman but was skilled in military tactics and governance; who nurtured her young son to be a true patriot and nationalist and encouraged him to wage war against the Tamil king, Elara, even when his father had forbidden him to do so. Malathi shows how nationalist ideology frames Viharamahadevi as being “moral” and “right” even when she called for violence, even when she supported and encouraged the call to arms for the protection of the Sinhala race, the Buddhist religion and motherland. Indeed, she is considered as having placed the needs of her country above her own, knowing her rightful place, and content to take pride in her son’s achievements. She is considered to encapsulate the vulnerability of the Sinhala nation and its people’s determination to retain what was perceived to be rightly theirs (a unified country dominated by the Sinhalese). The appropriation of Viharamahadevi by Sinhala Nationalists, Malathi argues, enabled the production of a particular kind of Sinhala womanhood – nurturing, sacrificial and patriotic – that is always already imbricated in Sinhala “history,” “culture” and “tradition.”


The current President has invoked not the powers of Parliament but the power of King Dutugemunu who defeated Tamil King Ellalan from South India. Let us try and work out how the powers of our respective heritages worked:


In yesterday’s article ‘STEALING HERITAGE?’ I highlighted that according to Canadian Tamil Flag – the roots of Tamils ‘are being nourished by the three symbols of the three ancient Tamil dynasties: Cholas, Pandya’s, and Cheras’.  The significance of Chola Flag is highlighted as follows:


[On the coins of Uttama Chola, the Chola Tiger was shown sitting between the twin fish of Pandya and the bow of Chera. The flag of Chola is mentioned in Periya Puranam, which was compiled during the 12th century by Sekkizhar]


The exact words are : வளர்புலிச் சோழர் /Valar Puli Cholar . It means Developing Tigers of Chola Dynasty.

Between the Chola Ruler  and Saint Sekkizhar, former is Relative Executive power and latter is exponential Governing power. Hence the following personification through Lord Nanthi – Protector of Truth – symbolising  Periya Puranam (Great Epic).

The LTTE chose the static version of  ruler’s flag . They would therefore invoke Dutugemunu’s heirs – to have continuous fights.


The logo of the University of Jaffna is Lord Nanthi. The first line of the first verse is:


[Ulakellam unarnthu otharkku ariyavan / One  who is rare discovery of those who feel and preach the Universal Power]


The Maveerar / Great Heroes’ memorial at the University of Jaffna therefore invokes the relative ruling power of the army and not the exponential governing power of Truth through academic research and teaching.


 The destruction of the war memorial on 08 January could be taken to be the power of the Consolidated Academic Mind of the University clearing the pathway of relativity, to make way for  Absolute power  of Truth.


So, did Goddess  Kali curse the Health Minister?


As part of the Government, Ms Pavithra Wanniarachchi has the duty to uphold  Buddha Sasana. Goddess Kali is Hindu Goddess. If a Hindu Opposition therefore invoked Mother Kali then the opposition part of  article 9 of the Constitution – articles 10 & 14 (1) (e )would get invoked :



10. Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.

14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;


If therefore the discoverer of the native vaccination against Covid19, had declared himself to be a Hindu – the vaccine would have had the exponential powers to fight against the enemy of exponential power. The work that goes into development of a vaccine is stored as Energy in that vaccine. If Ms  Ms Pavithra Wanniarachchi sought Native medication, she needed to find a believer in Buddhist .


As per the Ground Views article ‘Malathi’s work has been indispensable to understand Sinhala Buddhist nationalism and its construction of the good woman’


As per Wikipedia:


[In 2014, de Alwis produced an exhibition with photographer Sharni Jayawardena called "Invoking The Goddess: Pattini-Kannaki Devotion in Sri Lanka" at the India International Centre in New Delhi.]


Goddess Kannaki is also Hindu goddess. The work of  Dr Malathi de Alwis is therefore relative and lacks the exponential power of belief. I also pray to Goddess Kannaki. Such prayer would go directly to heal the pain of good wives whose husbands have been unjustly punished – including by the Tamil armed groups. This morning I shared as follows with a fellow Hindu:


[It is so very sad that our community killed Rajiv Gandhi. What is worse – ‘asingam’ is that we pretend that it did not happen. ]

As per my insight – those of us who genuinely care have invoked the Regional power of independence – including through Gandhi power. Whenever those who are globally independent get feel and identify with the victims – those in our traditional home areas get empowered to live independently in their home areas. This is direct and immediate sharing. The relative power by Tamils as well as Sinhalese, through foreign governments is relative. The more the visible outcomes the stronger the relative power that a ruler needs. This is as in Einstein’s E = mc2


The more we feel the closer we are to Universal Power. Hence Tat Tvam Asi – Thou Art That. If we are Sri Lanka – then we invoke Global Power. If we are Tamil only – we invoke Tamil power led by South India. If we are Sinhala only – we invoke Sinhala power led by Southern Sri Lanka. If we are Buddhists only – we invoke Buddhist power led by China.



Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 January   2021






As per my understanding of the issue, the Indian government is caught between Tamil Nadu State and Sri Lankan Government, when deciding on the pathway to take in relation to Sri Lanka’s ethnic issue. The response from a valuable reader, in relation to my article ‘CANADA & THE IMMIGRATION WHEEL’ – included reference to the above Tamil Heritage stamp in Quebec province. As per Tamil Guardian:


[The stamp’s central tenant is the palmyra tree, a common sight in Tamil regions around the world greatly respected for its versatility and resiliency. Its roots are being nourished by the three symbols of the three ancient Tamil dynasties: Cholas, Pandya’s, and Cheras. The seeds and fruit of the tree are the art, architecture, literature, and a rich heritage which, in the design of the stamp, are found surrounding the tree.

In addition to these elements, we knew this stamp needed to represent the colour and brightness of the Tamil community, which is why I decided to create a background filled with various colours. I also incorporated some of our Tamil letters in the background of this stamp as the Tamil language and literature is something so rich and an important part of our heritage. There is a classic Tamil text called the Tirukkural. This text is divided into three books, each with truthful teachings on virtue, wealth and love. These works shine light on ethics and morality.]


This stamp is like the Mullivaikkal Memorial in Thanjavur through which we learn:


["This is a memorial that will showcase to the world the ignominy and untold sufferings of Tamil people in the tear-drop nation. It will remind every Tamilian that the fire should burn in the heart of all Tamilian until the criminals of the Eelam war are punished."]

This means that the LTTE are also punished. Who is punishing? Indian Tamils.


Tamil Guardian also confirms that presents the thought structure that underpins the Quebec Tamil Heritage stamp to be:


[The stamp’s central tenant is the palmyra tree, a common sight in Tamil regions around the world greatly respected for its versatility and resiliency. Its roots are being nourished by the three symbols of the three ancient Tamil dynasties: Cholas, Pandya’s, and Cheras. The seeds and fruit of the tree are the art, architecture, literature, and a rich heritage which, in the design of the stamp, are found surrounding the tree.

In addition to these elements, we knew this stamp needed to represent the colour and brightness of the Tamil community, which is why I decided to create a background filled with various colours. I also incorporated some of our Tamil letters in the background of this stamp as the Tamil language and literature is something so rich and an important part of our heritage. There is a classic Tamil text called the Tirukkural. This text is divided into three books, each with truthful teachings on virtue, wealth and love. These works shine light on ethics and morality.]

Cholas, Pandya’s, and Cheras as well as Thiruvalluvar – the author of Thirukural.  This confirms that the Sri Lankan Tamils are dependent on Indian Tamils to claim sovereign status. The report goes on to present as follows:


[On April 14th 1961, the Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi released the pictured stamp in protest of the Sri Lankan governments “Sinhala Only” policy. This stamp was used as a vehicle to express the frustrations of the Tamil people and their legitimate claims to speak and communicate in Tamil. The Quebec Tamil Heritage stamp is a tribute to the perseverance of Tamil identity. An emblem recognized by Canada and Quebec, a place where Tamils are free, proudly, to speak and celebrate their heritage as Tamil Quebecers and Tamil Canadians.]

If this is a true account – then the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution was to mentally annex Sri Lanka’s North & East to South India.  But the same medium published a totally different version of the stamp on 29 August 2012:

Those who are true to themselves would not need to use lies. By using lies they are insulting all those who genuinely fought for Independence in Sri Lanka . These Tamils have carried with them the heritage ‘stolen’ from Independent Lankan Tamils.

When we are true to ourselves, we connect to the Universal power of Truth. Then what we do for the needy in one place naturally produces returns as per our need at another place and/or another time. Such power is exponential. Stealing heritage brings about negative exponential power that controls us like the devil.

Tuesday 26 January 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 January   2021




I learnt through Indian Political Epic - Mahabharatham - about Vyuham in a war which is the structure through which the each side presents its consolidated power. To my mind that is a strategic structure. When structured as per the origins known to us – we include all those minds in that structure. Vyuham is also management structure for workers and v.v.; Government structure for citizens and v.v. There is also the invisible Vyuham that organically develops as per our true contributions at ‘purpose’ level. This often remains as static Energy and quietly supports our activities. The truth we learn becomes Energy to the extent we do not draw benefits from it. A Vyuham formed by such Energy, is difficult to penetrate.  The most challenging Vyuham in Mahabharatham is the Chakra/Wheel Vyuham – which is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


[Prince Abhimanyu was trapped in the chakra-vyuham (formation like a turning wheel), wherein the army in consequent concentric circles moved in the opposite direction thereby trapping and confusing the enemy, and protecting its core which was the only vulnerable point of the entire formation. The core once pierced would throw the entire vyuham in a disarray]


The price paid by Abimanyu was his own life.  Abimanyu is celebrated as a great hero. As per my belief, those who do so would inherit the static Energy of the Chakra-vyuham and its nuclear force – Courage.


Those of us from war torn areas would naturally invoke these Energies when we are true to ourselves. When we are true to ourselves, we access Universal Energy. Hence conscience votes.


The latest to ‘show’ participation in the Lankan ethnic war is Canada. CBC Canada reports :


[Brampton mayor Patrick Brown has promised to build a monument to commemorate the lives lost in the Sri Lankan civil war — what many people in the Tamil community call a genocide  — after a memorial was torn down at a Sri Lankan university.

The destruction of the Mullivaikkal memorial at the University of Jaffna two weeks ago —  a monument that was erected in 2019 to honour the lives of Tamil civilians who died in the war — led to public outrage from many Tamil diasporas across the world. 

In response, Brown took it upon himself and his city to do good by the community.

On Wednesday, Brampton City Council unanimously voted to build their own memorial to commemorate the Tamil lives lost in the war.]


The Vyuham for immigration by Canada is:


[ Canada does not grant residency to LTTE members on the grounds that they have participated in crimes against humanity] Wikipedia


The Vyuham by Brampton mayor Patrick Brown then means that LTTE Tamil supporters are Opposition of Brampton community. Others identify with the mourners are


It is the Human Right of every human to mourn the dead in her/his family. Those to whom the victims are family,  the Perpetrators are opposition within the common territory. Beyond that they are enemies. Hence  to Tamil victims  LTTE are Opposition. Beyond that they are enemies.


That is how the declaration by Brampton mayor Patrick Brown is to be read in the global context.


Today we Australian migrants celebrate Australia Day and Indigenous Community Mourn this day. The above picture was sent to me by our son who is visiting Adelaide. To me, it is no coincidence that Pradeep sent this today when I am celebrating MY LIFE as free Australian. This is what we share with every community that we are part of.


On this day in 2012, I attended the first session of the Testamentary case in relation to my Brother in Law Subramaniam Yoganathan. I prayed to Australian Nationalism through my own liberation. The judge who was senior in age – shouted at the opposition and at both side lawyers stating that they were conducting a court outside the courtroom. That was a declaration of his own Vyuham, based on Thesawalamai customary law.


We were declared losers in the Mallakam District Court but I learnt first hand the reality of a woman in that part of the world. We escalated and appealed to the Jaffna High Court. There the parallel of Brampton mayor – Mr Manivannan who is now Jaffna Mayor, represented us. Judgment was delivered in March 2018. This judgment upheld the verdict by primary court. On that basis, I contacted Mr Manivannan to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Heirship – but he referred me to Mallakam District Court. Our continuous efforts to obtain it have failed. From time to time, I wondered whether the current Judges are themselves not able to make an order due to confusion of the order by the primary judge. This is pertinent due to the fact that we established in the High Court that the Mallakam District Court’s decision was interlocutory. Hence the final verdict was undeliverable.


Something urged us to contact the Registrar of Mallakam District Court yesterday. We learnt that the matter is being stalled and the certificate has not been issued. We tried many times to call Mr Manivannan but he cut us off, confirming his lack of commitment to ‘memorials’. Canadian Tamils who are condemning the Sri Lankan Government use the likes of Mr Manivannan to steal the war issue. The timing of the memorial propaganda is confirmation that the Jaffna Tamil is being cheated of  her / his heritage. Canadian Tamils could have erected such memorials in 2009 as per their own feelings. Had they done so – effectively they would have disciplined the LTTE.  But to the extent Canadian Tamils celebrate LTTE as war-heroes, they tears of pain for the victims are crocodile tears. The crocodile-like Vyuham is known as Makara Vyuham. Its importance in the Sri Lankan was could be discerned through the following by Wikipedia:


[Kurukulam clan

The Makara has also been used as a clan symbol by the Karavas and Karaiyars of Sri Lanka, who both share similar origin and were collectively known as Kurukulam. Since at least 14 century AD, they have used Makara flags in their ceremonies. Clan titles such as Aditya and Varunakulasuriyan were used by them, to indicate their connection to ancient Hindu god Varuna]

The LTTE chief was of Karayar community.

[The Karaiyars were by the Portuguese described as the most "warlike" tribe and their chiefs as most serious adversaries of the colonial Portuguese. The Karaiyars revolted six times against the Portuguese in the conquest of the Jaffna kingdom, who aligned and also commanded over the troops of Thanjavur Nayak Kingdom, whose king was Raghunatha Nayak. The first revolt led by a Karaiyar chieftain who was defeated near Nallur by Phillippe de Oliveira and his army.]

The LTTE which fought against educated Tamil Politicians would have been of similar mind structure of Sinhala Karavas in combat. Hence when we celebrate great heroes the share goes on Equal footing to the Sinhalese or Tamil – through the common system.

The first and most natural memorial for the victims of the ethnic war is in Thanjavur  and was commissioned by Ulaga Tamil Peravai (World Tamil Confederation) whose founding Chief Mr Nedumaran gave the following message:

"This is a memorial that will showcase to the world the ignominy and untold sufferings of Tamil people in the tear-drop nation. It will remind every Tamilian that the fire should burn in the heart of all Tamilian until the criminals of the Eelam war are punished."

When Truth is the Lady Justice, those who caused the pain also would be punished. Accordingly, the LTTE chief’s name has been left out in Thanjavur. That is the way of Truth.

If Canadian’s are truly committed to restoring the dignity of Tamils in Sri Lanka – they have to first discipline their own who ‘show’ support without any Vyuham / Strategy. This could begin with Brampton City Council sharing its wisdom with Jaffna Municipal Council. Towards this Mr Patrick Brown needs to take senior position above Mr Manivannan who has endorsed the Vyuham of the student protesters at the University of Jaffna.