Wednesday 30 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 September  2020



Is  Velanwita Village an Orphanage?

There is personal belief and there is Universal power of Belief. The value of meditation is to access our truth within. Truth is perfectly balanced and hence the identification with our truth would balance our own minds. Then to the extent of our needs, we would access the Universal power and direct ourselves accordingly. This is also Soul Power.

Towards this, every nation is taken to be Sovereign, until known otherwise. The voting system is to facilitate the voter to access that Sovereign power through her/his personal belief. It is the duty of the elected person to become that central pool and confirm that in action in the form initiated by the believing voter. Hence if the voter writes, the leader must write back. If the voter expresses verbally the leader needs to verbally confirm the other side. If the voter does neither but believes  - the voter has direct access to the power of belief of the whole relationship. That is the way of Universal powers. When we for example write articles without expecting any returns they are declarations of our belief. Hindu Vedas are of this category. They are complete in themselves and hence confirm Independence.

In his Colombo Telegraph article ‘Need For Systems To Maximise President’s Commitment To Development’, Dr Jehan Perera, the Executive Director of National Peace Council of Sri Lanka seems to endorse verbal orders as valid:


[President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s statement that his verbal orders should be considered as circulars to be implemented has generated considerable interest as it goes against the norms of state administration. There has been much commentary on it, not all of it positive. The president issued this directive at a meeting organised for him in one of the country’s most underdeveloped areas. His desire to cut through layers of bureaucracy on the spot could be based on his previous experience as a serving military officer and later as Defense Secretary. The large number of requests made by the residents of the village of Vilanwita in the Badulla District could have been the reason the president made this announcement to ensure that the decisions he was making would be implemented.

Velanwita which was the focus of the president’s attention will be a fortunate beneficiary of his visit. It was clear that the president was not satisfied with the findings he made regarding the living conditions of the people who had voted for him in very large numbers. He visited the homes of people and also their agricultural lands to get a firsthand experience of the problems that needed the government’s attention. While in Velanwita he issued another directive that if a written inquiry from one institution did not receive a reply within fourteen days from another institution, it would be deemed to be approved. This may solve the problem for those who seek the approval. However, the potential to adversely affect the rights of others needs to be considered.]

According to the above – there is no need for a local leader through whom one’s belief is channelled towards the Nation’s central pool of Governance power. The elected leader is like the mother of the local electorate. The Administrator is like the father. This president has acted as if this village is an orphanage under the direct care of the President. Adaderana reports ‘20A will not make Prime Minister a nominal post – Mahinda’. But this action by the President makes even the Ministers responsible become dummies.


The British established a reliable Administrative system in Sri Lanka. This included written Administrative communications. Such is needed when there is lack of belief. The British as foreigners needed visible evidence. Verbal only communications confirm subjective powers. Silent communications confirm governance powers. As a governing president, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa would have just listened and then shared his feelings informally without any visible Administrative power. That sharing would cure the needy – Energy to Energy. In turn, the president would have felt deeper ownership in rural Sri Lanka through rural issues other than Defence which is his expertise. Unless the problems as expressed by the people were within his ministerial portfolio, the president had no Administrative authority to make direct orders.


I am therefore disappointed with Dr Jehan Perera’s views which include the following:

[Among the decisions taken by the president to improve the life of the people was to upgrade the road, provide drinking water and to provide electricity to the village within three months. In addition, he ordered that the village school be provided with a new building and to increase the number of teachers. As there were also people from neighbouring villages who attended the meeting they too presented their problems which received solutions. All of these people can consider themselves to be fortunate as they will be getting first priority among all other villages when it comes to obtaining funding from the government budget which is presently in deficit due to the shortage of financial resources. The national economy needs to expand and wastage needs to be reduced if this largesse is to reach a wider population.]

The president has confirmed highly subjective approach which is the enemy of democracy. One would expect that from this president who is empowered by family. The parallel of this at family level is the attempt to bring president’s brother - Mr Basil Rajapaksa into government through the 20th Amendment, by removing the ban on Dual Citizens in Parliament. Family dynasty extends as religious dynasty and beyond as racial dynasty followed by Communist dynasty.

This is not democracy. The vision of National Peace Council of Sri Lanka is presented as follows:

[A just and peaceful Sri Lanka in which freedom, human and democratic rights of all people are assured.]

If Dr Jehan Perera had been true to himself he would have distanced himself from the above claim through National Peace Council or from the President’s subjective pathway. The problem with dual citizenship has been manifested through Dr Jehan Perera who seeks to be promoting Democracy as well as Autocracy at the same time. That is like being on the side of American Government and the Chinese Government at the same time. Hence the timing of this manifestation.

Tuesday 29 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 September  2020



Universal Franchise and Universal Outcomes

The voting system is referred to as Universal Franchise. In his paper ‘Is our Nation at crossroads for crucifixion or resurrection, Anura De Silva claims:

[Ceylon in 1931 was regarded as the oldest democracy in Asia in terms of universal suffrage]

Suffrage, as per my understanding is the right to vote. It becomes Universal due to Belief. Hence I wrote to Anura:

[Very good analysis. If I may say so – the real solution in a democracy would come from the People. You have highlighted this as ‘Ceylon in 1931 was regarded as the oldest democracy in Asia in terms of universal suffrage’ Universal suffrage confirms self-governance right. We may not fit other models. But do Sri Lankans without portfolios seek to govern themselves? It would be good if you can highlight one such experience in your circles]

Anura’s  response included the following:

Self-governance will be the light at the end of the tunnel and the destination of the long journey

My response to it was:

[To my mind, it is the beginning at individual level and the destination is global ownership through various group levels as milestones. As Dr Chandrasekharan has highlighted – ‘ I quote Once we are true to ourselves - Truth does the rest”.  But will Xi Jining and his CCP come out with the truth ever about the pandemic that has led to immense  loss of a million lives and we are still counting?’

My belief about the virus was as per my true investment for my purposes – largely work at the University. Hence I wrote from the beginning that to my mind it happened due to the leak in lab. Dr Chandrasekharan has from time to time confirmed his identity with my philosophical expressions. Hence we join the global group that is seeking to find the cause of the spread.

I expect our democratic pathway to likewise lead us to a feeling of Global connection. To me, both are Universal Suffrage. ]

My Universe may not be the same as that of another in terms of form. Mine could be just myself, my family, my work institution, my profession, my community, my country, my region or the globe. Hence how far my reach is, depends on my need and my need is as per my investments. I invested in Research ethics at the University of NSW through my Accounting Profession. The immediate return was pain. Since I did not compromise, that pain gave me access to the Common Ethnics of Scientific Research. One who is disciplined has the natural insight into the mind of the less disciplined. This is confirmed through the authority of a senior. Hence my intuition about the virus being from the lab and not through bats in the markets. The speed at which it spread was electronic.

In his article ‘Corona Virus (Wuhan) and the Chinese Hypocrisy’ published by South Asia Analysis Group, Dr Chandrasekharan quotes as follows:

[Dr. Li Meng Yan, who was a doctoral fellow in Virology and Immunology in the Hongkong School of Public Health said that the Corona Virus was developed in a Government Laboratory in Wuhan and that the WHO is very much a part of the cover up.  She said that the mention of the Wuhan wet Market was a smokescreen.  She claimed that she was in Wuhan to investigate a pneumonia outbreak and stumbled upon the in formation about the deadly Virus.


Four PhD scholars including Dr Men Yan( the others are Shu Kang, Jie Guan and Shan Chang Hu) have published a report giving an alternate narrative to the origin of the Virus as man made( meaning modified by researchers) Virus variation.  The article is titled “Unusual Features of the Sars Cov. 2 Genomes suggesting sophisticated Lab modification rather than evolution and delineation of its probable synthetic route.


The 26 page report says-


Sars Cov 2 shows biological characteristics that are inconsistent with a naturally occurring Zoonotic virus.


The report further describes a gnomic structural, medical and literature evidence which considered together strongly contradicts a natural origin theory.  The evidence shows that SARS Cov.2 should be a Lab product created by using bat Corona Viruses ZC45 and ZXC21 as a template and that a lab induced variety can be created within six month.


The Virus thus produced may have accidentally leaked as the Wuhan Virological Research Lab is notorious for not adhering to strict safety standards although it is declared to be of P4 status.


Dr. Giuseppe Tritto an internationally known expert in bio technology and Nano technology in his book on China- Covid 19 believes that the CCP is behind the spread of the Wuhan Corona Virus 19.


Dr. Shi Zheng Li who is still living in China has forcefully ruled out the possibility of the Corona Virus escaping from the Laboratory.  We can only sympathise with an outstanding Scientist like her as she cannot but mouth the official stand of the CCP. ]


Mine was intuition based. The intuition was due to the discovery of the exponential effects of desire based Medical Research here in Australia and the takeover of Hambantota port in Southern Sri Lanka, by Chinese government through its ‘free-money’. My deep belief in Kathirgama Murugan in Southern Sri Lanka rendered the ‘insight’ to find the root-cause. China’s takeover was unethical. Hence the natural conclusion that Chinese Government influenced Research would be more unethical than Australian Government influenced Research.


The common person’s belief based use of Research findings is also an exercise of Universal Franchise. One who uses it with belief has the power to expose unethical practices at her/his universal level. Chinese to whom China was/is their homeland, had/have such power. Likewise, scientists anywhere – at global level


Many of us who have been hurt due to loss of our investment in democracy especially due to war – would have naturally contributed to the powers that invoked this universal spread which would in turn go towards preventing wars in which bioweapons would be used. Major powers that invest in CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defence are likely to get restless if they become unethical especially at government level. China’s takeover of Hambantota port was unethical and undemocratic. When there is a war, such restless groups are likely to experiment with their discoveries and inventions. I have found the conduct of some Tamil Administrators to fall within this category of victims whose mind structures seem to have had major restructuring – which is unnatural. Another war in Sri Lanka would make it worse – especially for Southerners. If Northerners try to profit from the war – they also would become victims again.


The Coronavirus has given us an early warning about such damages. If we limit the exercise of our powers to the areas that are our world – and we are peace-loving, we would prevent such disasters in our world. Evidence of this is available in the areas where there are war-antibodies and therefore less victims of Coronavirus.


Every sovereign group produces its own balance. How and when – is as per the needs of deepest contributors to sovereignty through any avenue. Corona happened due to the awakening of Silk Road heritage which is a Universal heritage. Hence the effects were global.

Monday 28 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 September  2020



Indo China & Tamil Sinhalese LAC

Recently a member of my immediate family urged me to overlook protocols in relation to someone who has become family. I said that to him they may be mere Associates but that to me they were relations. The difference is in the sacrifices we make without enjoying immediate benefits. These include senior-junior relationships in which seniors share their benefits and juniors pay respect in return. Usually, such relations are formed on the basis of common belief. The common belief happens when someone or some group disciplines itself towards regulated forming and/or maintaining  a pathway. The higher this pathway, the stronger the relationship. The stronger the relationship the greater the natural sharing of commonwealth.

The Sri Lankan ethnic issue is no longer a local issue. It has become regional and global largely through positive migration and hence the dynamics have changed. In terms of India,  I believe that this is strongly influenced by a relationship through Hindus in Sri Lanka who are almost a 100% Tamils. Most Hindu Spiritual leaders are of Indian origin as is Lord Buddha. That is the way of Creation which balances the Universal manifestions of truth through birth and death.

Lanka’s interaction with China has largely been for business purposes and there is no relationship where cash becomes the medium of interaction. The Common Sri Lankan does not consider Chinese as relations. The Common Sri Lankan is related to Indians through common Spiritual Leadership. When problems are submitted to Buddha or Shiva – India has the responsibility to take the senior position. When it does, Prapancha/Universal forces empower such leaders.

When the Rajapaksas allowed Chinese to develop port facilities in their home electorate of Hambantota they failed to think of what that would mean to India and therefore to those Sri Lankans who were relations of Indians including through Buddha and Kathirgama Murugan – the Protecting Deity of Southern Lanka. In fact, subconsciously they appear to  have allowed their minds to be driven by China’s brain. This would not have happened if they had placed Relationships above Associations – including business Associations. Every Tamil who believes in Murugan is a relative of Sinhalese who also believe in Murugan as Katharagama Deity. The deeper believer is the natural senior in that relationship. Mrs Bandaranaike who introduced Buddhism foremost article  in the 1972 Constitution confirmed that Murugan was junior to Buddha in Sri Lankan law. Everyone who was empowered by Buddhism foremost government – therefore attributed lesser status to Murugan than to Buddha in their minds. The Buddha shrine that was built during the war years in front of the Hindu shrine on top of Kathirgamam Hill – confirms this. I protested when I first had the sight. No human responded. But Lord Muruga heard me and continues to activate my intuitive powers in that area. Hence my insight into the fire at the opening of Shangrila hotel – Hambantota, when I was seeking to know the root cause of the Easter bombings. Only believers have such connections to deep corporate wisdom.

What happened, happened due to the manifestations in ‘free’ environments. Then the laws natural to that manifestation become the culture of the area where the manifestation happened and the group that manifested it. Armed militants who broke away from the relationship with a lawful government thus developed their own culture which is different to the official culture. If war crimes were committed during the last battle without common witnesses and the victors celebrate victory openly – then the culture of the victors becomes the culture of their side and all those who accept that as victory. The laws applicable to that group would be as per that culture. This is the reason why the 20th Amendment is proposed – so that opposition could be confidentially suppressed and secretly eliminated. That is something that one would expect of the Chinese government as per their culture. The immediate past government needed the 19th Amendment due to its culture being different to that of the current government. The 20th is being proposed largely for the same reason – that this government cannot work a democratic structure.

Some claim that this government would contribute to developing more business. The question is whether such could be sustained. A lawyer, like a politician would think only of her/his side and maximise that side’s advantages. If a lawyer thought like a judge – it would be difficult to win. Recently when reconciling between two parties to a marriage – I took the side of the wife who had less support including from her own relatives. I went to the truth known to me and determined the ‘common’ area which is fairly strong due to community values that both have invested in. That I knew would happen naturally when they were on their own. Beyond that I actively took the side known to me more and who also would be more naturally influenced by my leadership. I am satisfied that they would maintain the common structure and as individuals would be free to live as per their own likings. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the India China border is the boundary of the Common Area in the above relationship

This is also my approach to the Sri Lankan ethnic problem which has impact on India, China and American relationship or Association. The current president and his family members have relationship with America but not with China. This needs to be reflected through the laws of the Nation. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution is the LAC in Sri Lankan ethnic borders.





Sunday 27 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 September  2020



Buddhist Colonialism in Lanka

Facts are manifestations and they have current life due to the experience of current causers of the manifestations. When we cannot directly connect the manifestation to a person and/or group we use the Objective path and look at causes instead of causers. We identify with the cause through belief and or intellectual logic. The latter requires a common measure which is usually recognized as the law. The could be locally developed as per the true experiences at that place or it could be foreign – copied without belief. The latter would show balance when clinically applied. The former requires belief in the original group that had the experience and/or belief in the heirs of those original persons / groups known as ancestors.

In essence – one needs to have had the experience that resulted in ‘facts’ as well as the experience of the measure/law used to uphold the truth. Usually, the latter is accumulated through respect for seniors and/or the original cause – which usually would have been to satisfy a common need.

Frequent changes to the Constitution by the ruling group has become habitual in Sri Lanka – especially when one side gets overwhelming majority votes at an election. The frequent change confirms lack of belief in the origin. Where belief is lacking, the manifestation becomes matter. This is the case with Buddhism foremost article in the Sri Lankan constitution.

My attention was drawn today to the Sri Lanka Brief article ‘THE 20TH AMENDMENT BILL – LEST WE FORGET’  - by Dr Nihal Jayawickrama who quotes as follows:


[In the National State Assembly, on 3 August 1978, the Leader of the SLFP, the late Sirimavo Bandaranaike, concluded her speech thus:

“I would like to state, on behalf of myself and of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, that the day on which the dictatorship of His Excellency Junius Richard Jayewardene is established by means of the so-called Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, will also be the day on which we begin our struggle outside this Assembly. We will go to the people, and together we will strive to set alight once more the lamps which you have extinguished. I know that there will be ranged against us not only the forces of local reaction to which you have given new life, but also those of neo-colonialism which have at long last been provided with a foothold here in Sri Lanka. I know that the full force of State power will be used against us, and we will probably be arrested under your new laws, and brought before your new courts, and locked up in your new jails. But no people fighting for their freedom have been deterred by such acts, threats, or fears. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party, which has been sanctified by the blood of its founder, will certainly not be deterred.”

In one of those inexplicable ironies of Sri Lankan politics, it was a UNP minority Government that, with the support of the majority SLFP, successfully disengaged from the 1978 Constitution, and it is the SLFP that is today lending its enthusiastic support to reinstate what its former leader described as “the dictatorship of His Excellency Junius Richard Jayewardene”.]

It was Mrs Bandaranaike who introduced Buddhism as foremost religion and Sinhala only as official language. When there is group seniority – it confirms autocracy. Sinhala Buddhist rule over every non-Sinhala, non-Buddhist to whom any part of  Sri Lanka is home is therefore colonial rule. Hence Mrs Bandaranaike’s accusations above were applicable to her and her husband whose intelligence Mrs Bandaranaike inherited. Her heir Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa completed the separatism.

04 February is celebrated as independence day in Sri Lanka.  The reason is presented as to ‘commemorate the country’s political independence from British rule in 1948’. What happens if we were actually celebrating separatism instead of independence? We would inherit separatism – generation after generation.

If we were truly National – we would have recognized all cultures including English who contributed to regulated pathways of enjoying common rights and its manifestation – commonwealth.

In his Daily FT article ‘Comprehending the puzzles of 19th and 20th Amendments’, Victor Ivan highlights this as follows:

[It is important to note that the misappropriation of public property served not only as a constraint on persons contesting parliamentary elections, but also was considered a disqualification in being elected as Members of Parliament. The legal provisions in regard to this disqualification were stipulated in the Article 13 (3) of Soulbury Constitution of 1948, which is quoted below. 

Quote “A Person shall be disqualified for being elected or appointed as a Senator or a Member of the House of Representatives or for sitting or voting in the Senate or in the House of Representatives if he, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf or for his use or benefit, holds, or enjoys any right or benefit under any contract made by or on behalf of the Crown in respect of the Government of the Island for the furnishing or providing of money to be remitted abroad or of goods or services to be used or employed in the service of the Crown.” Unquote 

 Article 91(1) (g) of the Constitution provides as follows:

[No person shall be qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament or to sit and vote in Parliament –

(g) if during the preceding seven years he has been adjudged by a competent court or by a Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry to have accepted a bribe or gratification offered with a view to influencing his judgment as a Member of Parliament or as a member of the legislature prior to the commencement of the Constitution.]

The current constitution was born in 1978. Anyone who is found as per the above structure to be guilty of the above offence, prior to 1978 is disqualified. Not those after 1978 which Bandaranaike monarchy was replaced by King Jayewardene who did not have any direct heirs to takeover after him.

We could consider the above article to be the heir of Article 13 (3) of Soulbury Constitution of 1948. Most secular laws of Sri Lanka that were included in the 1972 constitution, followed by the 1978 constitution have this colonial heritage as their base. Hence when we celebrate ‘independence’ we celebrate also this heritage from colonial rulers. By celebrating this on 04 February we are separating that heritage and are celebrating only the laws prior to and after colonial rule. Hence those who celebrate the departure of the British – do not inherit their independence values and pathways. Instead, they are limited to their own heritage – largely in the form of Kandyan Law.

This makes the Judiciary that carries the heritage, the natural Opposition of the government. Groups that did inherit those minds – would consider it to be of global value. Those who frequently change laws towards outcomes they desire, would not develop heritage nor heirs. They would leave money that would corrupt their heirs.

Relationship is essential in structures. Those who forego immediate benefits towards common good – become foremost / senior relations. When they are disrespected – the structure will not work for custodians of power who so disrespected. Associations work for particular outcomes and hence become lawless at the higher levels of society, as well as beyond their time as rulers. They make no heritage nor leave any heritage. That is the sad state of Tamil as well as Sinhalese leaders in current Sri Lanka.



Saturday 26 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 September  2020



Tamil Hunter Genes Lead Lanka

Zero and Absolute have no physical form. One is totally dependent whilst the other is fully independent. Fundamental values that laws are based on, require the latter. What happens when they are not?

Let us take for example  - ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan constitution. ‘Foremost’ confirms that it is not absolute. As per my knowledge, this is never used in practice. I believe that Buddha himself attained Nirvana/Ultimate Reality. Hence why has no government written down the laws of Buddhism as applicable to Sri Lanka? Is it of zero value in the constitution? Does it therefore keep diluting the governance values of other parts of the constitution that are actually practiced by the People?

If Buddhism is the law of Sri Lanka – then Buddha is the Absolute power. How can then a President be immune from prosecution – as if s/he were less than the Absolute Power of Buddha?

Is a citizen who believes in Buddha immune from prosecution as if he were Buddha? If on the other hand, the Constitution is Democratic and the president is democratically elected, and such election was based on Belief, such a person is entitled to immunity from prosecution because of that absolute value of belief. Such a person is the parallel of Buddha in a Buddhist system. In a Democracy even if one citizen is not a Buddhist   there is no completion through Buddhism and therefore no entitlement to immunity from prosecution. Hence there can be no presidential pardons. Where there are – the naturally downgrade the value of the written law.

As we keep learning, the current government is including in its makeup those who have been convicted by the Judiciary. To the extent it is belief based – our civilization is limited to that level. This is NOT Buddhism nor Christianity.  It is true of some parts of Hinduism – in the form practiced by hunters and other primitive tribes. Hindu Saint Kannappa Nayanar was a hunter and he offered meat to Lord Shiva. His name was Thinna and Wikipedia presents the legend as follows:

[Thinna noticed that one of the eyes of the Shiva linga was oozing blood and tears. Sensing that Lord Sri Bhalanetra's eye had been injured, Thinna proceeded to pluck his one eye out with one of his arrows and placed it in the spot of the bleeding eye of the Shiva linga. This stopped the bleeding in that eye of the linga. But to complicate matters further, he noticed that the other eye of the linga has also started oozing blood. So Thinna thought that if he were to pluck his other eye too, he would become blind to exactly know the spot where he has to place his own second eye over the bleeding second eye of the lingam. So he placed his great toe on the linga to mark the spot of the bleeding second eye and proceeded to pluck out his other and only eye. Moved by his extreme devotion, Lord Sri Priyabhakta appeared before Thinna and restored both his eyes. He made Thinna one of the Nayanmars and he was called as Kannappan or Kannappa Nayanar.]

Lankans who carry Veddha/Hunter genes would find the laws of Sri Lanka to be foreign. The likes of Premalal Jayasekara and Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan – if they were elected through due processes – confirm the existence of such groups. This is true also of armed militants – both in South as well as in North. LTTE leader Prabhakaran was such a leader in North.

Martyr Thileepan belonged in that group. Martyr Thileepan’s memorial falls today. Those who are seeking to hold memorials for Martyr Thileepan would forego their own body and not seek Judicial approval to do so. If someone who died to uphold the law was to be remembered, the Judiciary has the duty to facilitate such a memorial. When militant supporters make such a claim – it is lacking in belief and therefore is frivolous. When Mr Wigneswaran who carries the title of Justice claims it – it is like a Hindu priest offering meat to Lord Shiva/Guru Thevo Maheshara.

Friday 25 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 September  2020



Northern Province CM’s Third Eye

My attention was drawn to Mr Wigneswaran’s Parliamentary speech on 24 September. Of interest to me was reference to Article 154R (3) of the Constitution, which states:

[(3) The Government shall, on the recommendation of, and in consultation with, the Commission, allocate from the Annual Budget, such funds as are adequate for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Provinces.]

The way the current national government is proposing to implement a structure they would be comfortable with and developed when they were in government, Mr Wigneswaran also goes to 2014 alleged facts. Accordingly, Mr Wigneswaran claims that only Rs 1650 million came into their custody and that the rest (Rs 10,350 million) was allocated to Central Administrators who lacked the time to spend the money, which resulted in return of a big portion of the allocation.

The above article is preceded by the following:

[154R. (1) There shall be a Finance Commission consisting of –-

(a) the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka ;

(b) the Secretary to the Treasury ; and

[(c) three other members appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, to represent the three major communities, each of whom shall be a person who has distinguished himself or held high office, in the field of finance, law, administration, business or learning. ]

(2) Every member of the Commission shall, unless he earlier dies, resigns or is removed from office, hold office for a period of three years.]

154R (1) (c ) came into birth through the 19th Amendment.

I do not know whether the above requirements were fulfilled after 2015. If they were not – the then did Mr Wigneswaran question them?. Article 154R (5) requires as follows:

[(5) The Commission shall formulate such principles with the objective of achieving balanced regional development in the country, and shall accordingly take into account –

(a) the population of each Province ;

(b) the per capita income of each Province ;

(c) the need, progressively, to reduce social and economic disparities ; and

(d) the need, progressively, to reduce the difference between the per capita income of each Province and the highest per capita income among the Provinces.]


Did the Northern Provincial Council at any time prepare a Budget within the above guidelines and ensure that it prepared a case towards ‘Accruing’ that amount in the ledgers ? Did the then Council work with the Governor towards developing such a model which other Provinces also could have used? If the answer is ‘no’ then that Council is not ready for Devolution of power. Devolution to an ethnically separated group needs to be accompanied by Objective Accountability measures.


In democratic systems – the Customer is taken as right until proven otherwise. Customers here are the People, in this instance. The various groups’ needs would need to be identified. Such a report was prepared by us in 2013 for Women Headed Households in Chankanai division.


A similar report was prepared for the approval of Governor Dr Suren Ragavan in March 2019, for a unit specializing in post war needs.


If funds are allocated on project basis  they cannot be taken back on time basis. Anyone who is serious about devolved management would take that pathway and be open to other investors also – on specific basis. If finding fault with each other is the goal – then we confirm that we are not empowered by the needs of the People. One who is not so empowered lacks the authority to represent the People.  


If the Provincial government concerned does not have that kind of Planning and Budgeting system – it lacks the authority to receive monies from private contributors. Those who left Northern Province due to the war – need to pool their resources to develop Democratic Resource Management systems which would confirm successful mind merger with those in Motherland. Otherwise, they would owe those who are suffering due to lack of Human Resources, while the seniors enjoy better life in their new home nations. Every refugee owes this debt to the community in whose name s/he emigrated.


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 September  2020



Sri Lanka’s Third Eye

This morning, I talked about ‘insight’ which I believe develops when we forego physical level pleasures and see through our pre-existing truth within. This might have been after Gwen spoke to me last evening and I was reminded of how her husband Dr David Garlick valued me. David also identified with my ‘insight’. In the above talk I used the message that came through Yoga Joseph about sugar:

[It is a very well known fact that regular use of Sugar & Salt cause health problems.

Children who are trained not to consume them will develop taste buds that do not crave for them even as adults & thereby lead long healthy lives.]


Yoga forwarded also the ABC (Australia) article headed ‘Experts warn Parkinson's disease may 'explode' after COVID-19’:

[The loss of smell and taste are worrying COVID-19 symptoms because they indicate possible damage to the brain. ]

I have experienced loss of taste during this period and we have had Parkinson’s patients in our family. I recalled the essence of a sharing with Gwen, last evening, in which I said that when I think I can find a solution I focus and focus on it and I do find the solution. If I think I have no control over the causes – then I do not think about it. In the case of Covid19’s above connection it is not something I have control over. But on the other hand, the loss of taste would lead to consuming less sugar and salt and therefore contribute towards better health. So why worry? This meant that my brain was still functioning well for my purposes.

When we copy / plagiarize we tend to be over-excited and hyperactive. To that extent we become under-active / depressed when we cannot sustain the memory that triggered the excitement. In Tamil, we call this Aarva-Kolaaru (Problematic Enthusiasm). It’s a problem because of the other side. Desiring a perfect body also indicates Problematic Enthusiasm. The more we are aware of our inner strengths the less affected we are by the ever changing body which decays in the end.

To the extent we have invested in good health – we would have control over how future problems would be addressed. Me worrying about it beforehand is not prevention but distraction from current challenges over which I do have control. When I enjoy through the deeper mind, I know that I am enjoying in common – including with the future heirs.

Then I noticed ‘Looking beyond your Senses’ and a clip with the following tribute:

[Meet Louis Benedict, a Deputy Editor at The Sunday Times. He has been in the industry for over 50 years and has inspired generations with his ability to proof read, write editorials and be involved in most editorial work even with a longstanding visual impairment. Here’s his story...] at Daily Mirror’s Life Online.

This is about Louis Benedict using his third eye because his eye sight was failing him. My friend Vijaya’s brother in law also was blind but he brilliantly taught physics. This is because our inner powers work without distraction when we accept the limitations of the external. When we plagiarize, we bring the external into us without its root. When we respect, we bring the essence of the contribution by the original discoverer into us. We bring the root with the external. That is the third eye wisdom.

Then I read the following :

Pilleyan appointed co-chair of Batticaloa DCC ahead of vote on 20A’ – published by the Island.

Pillayan is a former militant and carries wisdom from his own experiences as an armed fighter. This handout then means that if there is another war – Pillayan would need to be paid more bribe to not join Tamil militants who are heirs of his third eye wisdom.

As per the report:

[Political sources said that in addition to the TMVP vote, the SLPP was sure of two more votes-one each from the National Congress (Digamadulla MP A.L.M. Athaullah) and the SLFP (Jaffna District MP Angajan Ramanathan)]

They are both representatives of  ‘Assimilating Minorities’ – as many migrants are here in Australia.  The article goes on to state:

[Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage on Tuesday (22) claimed in parliament that 17 Samagi Jana Balavegaya lawmakers were engaged in secret negotiations to switch their allegiance to the SLPP. SJB leader Sajith Premadasa insisted in parliament that none of his members would do such a treacherous thing.]

If Sajith looks within – he will know that he formed SJB before he became independent of the UNP . This is like working for two competitors.   

The way to defeat 20A is to continuously present in Parliament opposition in the consciousness of 19A – as if it were still active. 19A  is a permanent resident of the Parliament – watching through the third eye.

Thursday 24 September 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 September  2020



Muslims became the Media of Tamil Militants

On 22 September, my media Energy took me to the Rediff article ‘India's Dilemma in Sri Lanka’ by Dr Badrakumar. How I got there – I cannot remember. Why it came to me – I know through my own assessment of myself through my true Sri Lankan position. I accumulated Energy through the Hindu pathway which is also largely Indian pathway. Along that pathway I formed relationships including through my media work. The passage of my book ‘Naan Australian’ to National Library of Australia is shown to be linked to ‘Library of Congress -- New Delhi Overseas Office . As per Wikipedia report ‘The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution, and it serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world

That to me is the way Universal Franchise of Democracy works. I believe that it was this power that took my attention to Dr Badrakumar’s article which had intelligence needed by Sri Lanka, at diplomatic level. As Jesus said - I was seeking and I found. That article was presented by Sri Lankan media through Asia Times two days later . The original was published by Indian Punchline on 18 September. I concluded when I noticed it this morning that the Sri Lankan media was not seeking to be independent, as strongly as I did.

When we complete our experiences we develop Energies at that level. These Energies come to us when we are in need. When we cannot ‘see’ or quickly know the connections – and they have a manifestation - we call them miracles. At Energy level we refer to it as intuition. Successful Democracy is supported by this intuition. Love, Truth, Ownership – they are all different names of this ‘Intuition’.

I connect to the intuitive power of Tamil Politicians when writing about Lankan Tamil Independence. The value in that is that I would then naturally access the wisdom of the Political Opposition in the minds of Sinhalese politicians also. Together they form Sovereign Sri Lanka. This way I have mind merged with the consolidated Energy of America & India in Sri Lankan issues. Many Tamils condemn the current American President. To me they are ‘foreign’ matters. I am automatically connected to the Australian Energy in this. Any more would amount to ‘gossip’ which would distract my mind from Sri Lankan issue.

It was this Energy that connected me to the fire at Shangrila Hotel Hambantota which was opened by the then President Sirisena. The government’s official news portal reported as follows on 02 June 2016:

[President Maithripala Sirisena declared open the Shangri-La Hambantota Resort & Spa in the port city of Hambanthota yesterday (June 01).

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, one of the major hotel chains to enter the island after the end of the war with Tamil Tiger separatists, by investing USD 120 million in the 145-acre, 300-room beachfront resort.]

The indicator was that Mr Sirisena who was part of the government that brought an end to the armed war  was celebrating foreign investment while civilians in North & East who were opposed to the government were suffering due to the sudden isolation and closure. That attitude is Separatists attitude. This resulted in warnings from India being ignored by Mr Sirisena’s Defence Ministry which in practice was driven by Executive power in breach of the provisions in the 19th Amendment which banned Executive Presidency. Had Defence been allocated to an elected member of Parliament who was open to Tamils and had not benefited from alliance with the government in 2009 – that would have kept the channels open with India and therefore prevented the 2019 Easter bombing.

If Sri Lankan government had remained connected to Indian intelligence – especially after India’s support to Sri Lankan government  in the final stages of the war to eliminate the LTTE – the 2019 Easter bombing would have been prevented. On the other hand, if Catholic leaders in Sri Lanka had stayed away from Buddhist-only leaders – they would have merged with other minority religious groups to Oppose Buddhists and thus become part of the Sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. Opposition by belief confirms an alternate pathway and separation of powers. Had Catholics grouped themselves with other religious minorities, they would have negated the influence of ISIS mentally in Sri Lankan Muslims who are separated from government and who carry old wounds. These Muslim Separatists became the medium of LTTE members who were killed by soldiers who did not follow the rules of war to the extent the Sri Lankan government claimed they had followed. As per natural laws, Buddhist had no jurisdiction over non-Buddhists. LTTE were Non-Buddhists and hence the government needed laws that were intellectually balanced and practiced so the system of karma would not takeover on cumulative basis as per Universal Franchise.

Buddhist leaders who are bound by the theory of rebirth have the moral obligation to seek through that pathway.  Mr Sirisena was obviously not such a believer. If the current President also fails to use the intellectual method – through Secular laws – he also will end up like his predecessor – especially if he has Executive power which can be manipulated by China. 19th Amendment is his protection from handing over Sri Lanka to the Chinese.