Tuesday 30 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 November   2021

Is Australian Tamil Diaspora Promoting War?

There is a saying in Tamil ‘Manaivi Amaivethellam Iraivan Kodutha Varam / A wife happens due to Divine boon’. This is commonly known as an Act of God. Likewise, a true migrant also would happen through an ‘Act of God’. The essence of this is the Balance of Sovereignty. It is accepted that we are all born sovereign. If we therefore maintain that sovereignty – Truth gives it the form. Being ‘sovereign’ is essential to provision of service that would affect the structure of a family, institution, community or nation. Hence when using the written law, rather than one’s conscience – one needs to believe in that law that one uses. Then the outcomes would ‘happen’ through Divine system. A judgement where one believes in the law used as well the effects through which the problem is seen – would be a Divine Judgment. We refer to such a system as the system of Dharma.


The Tamil Diaspora of Sri Lankan origin has become powerful in many countries such as Canada and the UK. As per my truth – known through Tamil side in Sri Lanka, the above are Human powers and not Divine placements. In Australia, it is not the case right now. But there are indicators that some are tending towards such human status. The example presented by the ABC through its article ‘New program in Western Sydney is helping Tamil refugees haunted by Sri Lankan civil war’ – indicates this. As per this report:


[Ms Sandrasegaram, is still traumatised by her experiences during the Sri Lankan civil war.  (ABC News)

The mother-of-two said she's still haunted by her experience of the decades-long conflict, which includes being kidnapped, severely beaten and held for ransom for more than two weeks.

"I was 21-years-old at that time. They beat me and took my gold chain, bangles and the watch l was wearing and also my books … I was imprisoned in a disused and depleted house," she said.

But thanks to a new community program for Sydney's Sri Lankan refugees and asylum seekers, she no longer feels alone in her pain.]


As per the above Mrs Sandrasegaram who fails to reveal who kidnapped her – considers this to be an Act of God. If Mrs Sandrasegaram knows, then the lady has the duty to reveal that so that full facts would be taken into account. If she did not know – then it is highly likely that she would be a slave of those who facilitate her life in Australia.


As per the above report:


[Dr Seelan, who launched the program last year, fled the conflict in the late 1980s.

Thava Seelan, who launched the initiative last year, said the aim of the program was to build connections with vulnerable members in the community who often feel they have limited support networks in Australia.

"A lot of people don't even feel secure here because they are not supported by any community, so they are completely isolated in a new country, a new system — everything is new and the language barrier is there too," Dr Seelan said.

The local GP, who fled the conflict in the late 80s, has made it his mission to help others in the Tamil community piece their lives back together.

"The program is very close to my heart. When I deal with these people when they talk about the stories they have been through, I actually understand how they feel," he said.]


I provide service as per my intuition – to develop which I live with the victims as part of them. I left Sri Lanka in 1982 and therefore have had to learn from the direct victims to know how they felt. Unless Dr Seelan lived in the same social group as Ms Sandrasegaram – his solutions would not fit her. The war in Sri Lanka became so violent because the Colombo experience was hijacked by ‘ethnic’ nationalities on both sides. Hence as confirmed in my article yesterday ‘ Commonness is the basis of Divinity’.

I do not know whether Dr Seelan was tested by the authorities concerned for his ‘commonness’ with Australian Sinhalese who by default - are the other side here in Australia. Otherwise self-promotion is likely to polarize the Sri Lankan community in Australia also.


The ABC presents another service provider also as follows:


[For Ms Dhayanathan, it's a chance to use her cultural understanding and Tamil language to help those in her community affected by war.

"Many of the asylum seekers are alone here. They have no family or they have left their family back at home," Ms Dhayanathan said.

"I wanted to do something about that … just to give them support. I don't think any human being should feel that no one cares for them in this world."

Each week the retired teacher checks in with Ms Sandrasegaram, dropping by her house or simply giving her a call.

"With me she opens up because she feels like I'm her mother so she confides in me things that probably she may not talk to other people about," Ms Dhayanathan said.

The 72-year-old admits that initially it was difficult to connect.

"I used to call her [Ms Sandrasegaram] many times but she didn't pick up the phone. When I left messages, she didn't call back so it took months and months to connect with her," she said.

"She was going through a lot of depression and of course PTSD on top of that so she just didn't feel like talking to anybody.

"I could have just given up and gone and asked them to give me somebody else but I persisted and I'm really happy I did that because we have this lovely connection now."]


The human system of relativity needs to be balanced on current merit within a sovereign group. Towards this, we need to share our truth with the rest of the group/community  - so that the relativity is credible. That which cannot be shared on merit basis  needs to be shared on the basis of commonness. Below is my response through which one can relative to the post-war situation in a disenfranchised communities in Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka, which would help prevent future exodus:


[Thunaivi is a Toddy Tapper village and its twin city in terms of placement is Sangarathai of Vallalar caste. We have a Vairavar-Kali temple at the cusp. Our family referred to it as Vairavar temple but the locals refer to it as Kali temple.  Until 2005, I visited the temple and my parents had caretakers . Since we were largely visitors – I did not know about the cultural clashes until 2005. I went and stayed at my husband’s ancestral home in Vaddukoddai after completing my Tsunami Reconstruction work in Mankerni – report at http://www.austms.org/news_and_events/Batti.pdf


Mankerni folks were of Vedda origin and I was nervous to stay. But by staying there I gained wisdom about such cultures – including in interior parts of Thunaivi. My first experience of this was when someone in that part of Thunaivi said to bring out the sword against Mrs Ponmalar Rajeswaran (sister of a magistrate) who was the CEO of an NGO which got the award to manage NECORD through which development grants were distributed. In 2005, Mrs Rosa Maruthalingam whose father was employed by my father in law, approached me – asking me to facilitate the approach to Navaly road. We agreed. Then I was invited to a meeting where they wanted to thank me. There I learnt that the folks of Thunaivi were proposing to use the NECORD funds to build a development secretariat on the land of someone who was overseas. I felt upset and offered part of our temple land. After the passing away of my brother in law Yoganathan & due to conflict with my sister in law – I stayed in my other brother in law’s home across the road. Rosa and her daughter came to see me there and my other brother in law was unhappy due to caste. So we built a cottage in Thunaivi and I stayed there whenever I went to Jaffna – until some youth stoned our roof. When the two communities are separated – there is hardly any conflict. There are some women in Vaddukoddai who say ‘Nalam Nalam Thaan’ / Toddy Tapper is Toddy tapper  - and continue to act like my brother in law above. After my experience, I realised that that was their way of protecting themselves from unruly men who lived in isolated pockets in Vaddukoddai. Through Rani – daughter of Communist Karthigesan (relative of my husband) I met Mahaan – shorten form of Mylvaganam – who lived in Mudhali Kovil cluster of Toddy Tappers. Mahaan is exceptionally intelligent and is a JP. He is close to Douglas (Politician) . As per some in Thunaivi – he is a very dangerous person. But I found that when I indicated it – Mahaan would keep his distance. I attribute that to Mr Karthigesan who genuinely worked to eliminate caste based discrimination.


The recent Arasaddy incident happened close to Mudhali Kovil cluster. In the meantime in Thunaivi ‘possession’ became ownership and I kept my distance. Recently Rosa built a home along the same Road as my husband’s ancestral home and moved there. Two of her brothers were already living there and usually we do not get problems from them. Our Opportunity  shop staff is also of that caste and lives further down that road. She is soft natured and follows my instructions to the letter. Kowsi is also very appreciative that I call often and talk to her socially. Her aunt is our neighbour in Thunaivi. But my instructions are that when she comes to Thunaivi for our work – she is not to have social interactions with her aunt.


Rosa’s nephew in Thunaivi-Jeevan  who was a teacher in our school of human values – got his job as a watcher with Pradesha Sabai – on the day my brother in law fell into the well and died. I called Jeevan from here and asked him to render the help needed. Jeevan went there after the interview and led the group that brought the body out of the well. Jeevan said it was an honor he would not forget. Another guy – Vicky – a Vellala caste who drinks and by conduct is low class – approached me on my next visit and said that it was wrong of me to have allowed that caste to take the body. He said he would have done it! Then he asked me for money! He gave me some trouble in the Opportunity Shop at Vaddukoddai junction. I reported him to the Police. He makes a lot of noise but in action he is not strongly harmful. After his death – I help his son anyway I can.


In Thunaivi – a member of the Diaspora from Switzerland constructed a ‘memorial’ for his father. It was on someone else’s land and this is the building that Mr CVW inaugurated because he was CM.


The current situation is that the GS refuses to have her office there and the building was idle and this led to breaking open the gate lock to take shortcuts to the main road and also to use the toilets in the building. The Post Master refused to shift to the building. Those from across the road said I was ‘brave’ to stay where they – men would not go. That is the shortcut. It is my belief in our temple and our ancestors that continues to keep me there. After the dressing down Jeevan got from me in relation to the above mentioned building opened by CM – he is careful not to overrule me. His uncle who organised to attack the senior caste who discriminated against his clan at Sangarathai Pathrakali Amman temple is now a Councillor through EPDP . But Nadesu as an individual pays us his respects. It is bound to be different when they have group power. Yesterday Jeevan asked as follows to use the common hall for his Karate class:

[மழை பெய்து வெள்ளமாக உள்ளதனால்  இன்று சனி ,ஞாயிறு இரு தினங்களும் மண்டபத்தில் பயிற்சியை செய்வதற்கு தங்களது அனுமதியை தந்துதவுமாறு தயவுடன் கேட்டுக் கொள்கின்றேன்.]


In addition there is a young educated guy who seeks to be a politician like Periyaar. Some of their video footage was taken in front of the above building. This seriously dilutes my own sacrifices to be part them . Last night a teenager rang me regarding the building usage by the NGO. The time was 0030 hrs! But I took the call and thanked him for following due process. I will ask Jeevan to educate him about time.


In short – the problem is when they come together without a higher common pathway. The Diaspora needs to use ‘diversity’ and not unity. After all Murugan in Kathirgamam is far away from Murugan in Nallur]


As part of my service, I listen to the displacement experiences of the folks who continue to live in Thunaivi and Vaddukoddai – with the leftover of the caste system which as per my belief contributed strongly to the war. This reason is confirmed by the fact that Tamil Politicians were killed by the armed militants.


Dr Seelan as well as Ms Viji Dhayanathan, to the extent their status was made possible through the Common Resources of Sri Lanka, need to ensure that that commonness is placed in those whose welfare they are taking responsibility for. Until they go personally to their home area in Sri Lanka their assessments are likely to favour those in Australia through whom their own status would be elevated.


The war affected Tamil community here has far more support than the community they left behind. To the extent we give priority to those who are here, over those who endured pain and loss but chose to stay on there we lose the blessings of Divine power of Sovereignty.


Australian journalists who use the easy path are misleading the Government and their fellow Australians by representing the community through easy pathways that their customers are attracted by. My articles to the ABC included in the list below, have been going to them for years :


'amiesulo@gmail.com'; 'Nilantha Ilangamuwa' <ilangamuwa@gmail.com>; 'prabath' <prabath@unl.upali.lk>; 'manik' <manik@unl.upali.lk>; 'SriLanka Guardian' <feed@srilankaguardian.org>; 'ravi prasad herat' <raviprasadherat@gmail.com>; 'Swarajya' <newsletters@swarajyamag.com>; 'nsvenkatchennai@gmail.com'; 'colombotelegraph@gmail.com'; 'Dbs Jeyaraj' <dbsjeyaraj@yahoo.com>; 'Neil Jayasekera' <neil@elanka.com.au>; 'SBS News' <news@subscribers.sbs.com.au>; 'editorial.themorning@liberty.lk'; 'W A Wijewardena' <waw1949@gmail.com>; 'info@eelanadu.lk'; 'Sathiyamoorthy N' <sathiyam54@gmail.com>; 'info@trincocss.org'; 'bishoptrincomalee@gmail.com'; 'ITJPSL@GMAIL.COM'; 'Harsha Gunasena' <harsha.gunasena@gmail.com>; 'editor@thaiveedu.com'; 'editor@sundaytimes.wnl.lk'; 'dailynewsonline@lakehouse.lk'; 'Swadesh Roy' <swadeshroy@gmail.com>; 'Dr S Chandrasekharan' <bagyam1943@gmail.com>; 'voiceofnation@hotmail.com'; 'inquiries@veloxlegal.com'; 'Editor@FactCheck.org'; 'Shivanthi Ranasinghe' <ranasingheshivanthi@gmail.com>; 'colombogazette@gmail.com'; 'Jeya Seelan' <jeya86@hotmail.com>; 'Uditha Devapriya' <udakdev1@gmail.com>; 'neenagopal@gmail.com'; 'Indrajith Aponsu' <aponsu@econ.cmb.ac.lk>; 'KKS Perera' <kksperera1@gmail.com>; 'SIVA SivaSubramaniam 2' <sivaconsulting@hotmail.com>; 'Rajasingham Jayadevan' <raj.jayadevan@btinternet.com>; 'Kiruba 5 Kiruba 5' <tchrfrance@hotmail.com>; 'Valentine Kurusumuthu' <valentinetechger@googlemail.com>; 'Rajeewa Jayaweera' <rpjayaweera@hotmail.com>; 'Consortium of Tamil Associations NSW' <gunal@tpg.com.au>; 'harini.NPP@gmail.com'; 'Malinda Seneviratne' <malindasenevi@gmail.com>; 'investigations@abc.net.au'; 'Editor Lanka News Web' <editor@lankanewsweb.net>; 'High Commission of India in Sri Lanka' <hc.colombo@mea.gov.in>; 'meera.srinivasan@thehindu.co.in'; 'pererago@bigpond.net.au'; 'rajasingham narendran' <rajnarendran@yahoo.com>; 'rasika jayakody' <rasikajayakody2@gmail.com>; 'psc p' <vishwamithra1984@gmail.com>; 'jekhanaruliah@gmail.com'; 'danithevanesan@gmail.com'; 'lawije@gmail.com'; 'venkataramanan.k@thehindu.co.in'; 'sechrcsl@gmail.com'; 'Gmoa Office' <office@gmoa.lk>; 'himal@republicnext.com'; 'Zulkifli Nazim' <4s7mz@qsl.net>; 'Ravi Ladduwahetty' <raviladu@gmail.com>; 'Kapil Komireddi' <kapskom@gmail.com>; 'editor.suo@lakehouse.lk'; 'Sarath De Alwis' <sarath.de.alwis@gmail.com>; 'Harry de Sayrah' <harold.166@hotmail.com>; 'Bruce Dowton' <brucedowton@gmail.com>; 'Colonel R Hariharan' <colhari@yahoo.com>; 'Dr Velautham Sarveswaran' <vsarveswaran@hotmail.com>; 'izethhussain@gmail.com'; 'J.S Tissainayagam' <tissai30@gmail.com>; 'P. Jayaram' <jayaramp_@hotmail.com>; 'Pancras Jordan' <pancrasjordan@gmail.com>; 'TBCNEWS LONDON' <tbcnews@outlook.com>; '20collinsstmedical@gmail.com'; 'javidyusuf@gmail.com'; 'mail@prgsrilanka.org'; 'info@ahrc.asia'; 'acvisva@gmail.com'; 'sanmugam.kanagaratnam@gmail.com'


I relate to the ABC through its position and not the outcomes it can deliver. That which is supported by common values is a relationship. That which is based on immediate outcomes is for profit. This is an insult to Australian Journalism which would to towards another war in Sri Lanka – in this instance the risk is Indo-China war. One wonders about hidden agendas in the immigration programs based on current outcomes instead of deep research based discoveries.


Every time there is escalation of conflict in Sri Lanka including due to celebration of the LTTE – I feel apprehensive. Then I draw on my belief that I am Sri Lankan and that restores my confidence. Those who find fault with the opposition beyond their belief – are attacking for selfish reasons. This weakens the sovereignty of the whole community. It was irresponsible of ABC to publish this during this period when Tamils remember only militants killed in the war. They are actually praying for more pain and suffering for helpless Tamil mothers.








Monday 29 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 November   2021

Suicidal Indian Diplomat or Hindu Diplomat?

Is Death good or bad? It could be good in the case of those who seek relief or could help us eternalize the virtues of a person. It is better for the environment when we die as heroes than when we are zeroes in old age.

As per the Sri Lanka Guardian Editorial ‘Sri Lanka: Is India Scheming for LTTE Revival’:

[The Kittu Memorial Park in Nallur was opened in 1994 in honour of Sathasivam Krishnakumar commonly known by the nom de guerre Colonel Kittu, a senior member of the LTTE who was besieged by Indian Navy warships in 1993 and committed suicide along with nine other members. A number of activities are being carried out at the park, including the planting of trees as a tribute to the slain LTTE terrorists. Accordingly, the sole purpose of this park is to commemorate the LTTE terrorists.

Jayabaskaran is an Indian diplomat. Could it be a coincidence that he was the chief guest at a memorial service for the LTTE terrorists responsible for the deaths of so many Indians, including the former Prime Minister of India? Two main points can be made here. First, Jayabaskaran, a diplomat representing the Indian government, has violated the diplomatic ethics of his position and the protocols in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations by being the chief guest at a memorial service for members of a terrorist organization banned by his country. Second, the ruling Indian government may have changed its position and allowed its diplomats to participate in such activities to promote terror ideologies. Both of these issues are incredibly serious when it comes to Indo-Sri Lankan diplomatic relationship.]

The two questions I ask in return is –

1.     What  measure has the Sri Lanka Guardian used to list the  LTTE as a Terrorist?

2.     Has the Sri Lanka Guardian used the same measure to the Sri Lankan armed forces – as per the effects they produced during the war?

Mr Shekhar Gupta, the Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Express wrote in his tribute ‘Courage Amidst Hatred’ in honour of Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam -  on August 1, 1999.


[In April 1993, a gunman got Lalith, an assassination Premadasa's police blamed on the LTTE, picked up a young Tamil suspect who, it was said, died while trying to escape. A commission later pointed the finger at Premadasa. Just eight days later, Premadasa, too, joined the man he hated so much as a Tamil human bomb blew him up at a May Day rally. Gamini, the new claimant for Jayewardene's legacy, survived another year and was then, almost inevitably  shot and bombed by the LTTE at an election meeting.

I must underline that the LTTE is not solely responsible for this devastation on my first Sri Lanka notebook. Lalith was probably killed by Premadasa's vigilantes. Vijaya Kumaratunge, Chandrika's filmstar and peacenik husband, who was described as the Amitabh Bachchan of Sri Lanka and whom every visiting Indian hack approached for that one conciliatory Sinhala quote, was done in by the ultra-left JVP that saw him as a threat, particularly as the left moderates loved him.]

The above confirms that Sinhalese Politicians also targeted each other – meaning that the war was not due to ethnic differences. Majority wanted an emotional reason to fight.

We no longer have a common measure applicable to both sides on equal footing when something seems to go wrong. But in Truth our conscience would tell us whether a person was right or wrong.

A Canadian Tamil leader recently quoted:

[doctrine is divine , while religion is human’]

In turn, I used the essence of this to respond as follows to ‘Selfishness defines human behaviour’:

[Selfishness defines human behaviour]

Commonness is the basis of Divinity

Appreciating the need to use Common measures is the key to education through the media. One may report ‘what happened’ impartially and leave it to the People to interpret as per their own mind structures.  If on the other hand, one is to ‘judge’ and advocate, one needs to use Lowest Common measure.

In the case of Kittu – after whom the memorial park in Nallur has been named – the measure used is Militant measure. Following indicates his karma:

[LTTE member Seelan (Charles Lucas Anthony), a close associate of Prabhakaran, was killed in a confrontation with the Sri Lanka Army in Meesalai on 15 July 1983. On 20 July 1983 the Sri Lankan government banned all reporting about the LTTE.  In response, the LTTE planned to ambush an army military convoy.  On 23 July 1983, at around 11.30 pm, the LTTE ambushed the Four Four Bravo military patrol in Thirunelveli near Jaffna.[6] Thirteen soldiers were killed on the spot, two died later and a number of LTTE cadres were also killed. LTTE members involved in the ambush included Prabhakaran, Kittu, Appaiah, Chellakili, Iyer, Pulendran, Santos and Victor.  The ambush precipitated the Black July anti-Tamil riots in which between 400 and 3,000 Tamils were killed by Sinhalese mobs]

As per Dharma, those who become heirs of Kittu would be ready to die in combat – towards which they would invoke fights.

Yesterday, I wrote as follows in terms of  Karthigai flower  which was the flower pinned in memory of the LTTE.

[Yesterday, in response to my article about the Karthigai flower – a scientist advised me that it was poisonous. My search advised me that it was also suicidal. The signature in the above display confirms some heirs of child-soldiers reborn in the UK. It’s a free world where we do get what we work for. Those who yearn for hunter heritage would get child soldiers. That is the way with polarisation through emotions. Then they have no right to show empathy with crying mothers. When one seeks on the basis of belief one would narrow the gap between cost and benefit and take the middle path. Likewise in terms of intellectual discrimination.]

I wrote also how I celebrated a Tamil Policeman:

[This morning, I started looking for a small statue of Our Lady – given to me by Sister May Joseph of Holy Family Convent – Jaffna. That brought to me thoughts of Damayanthi – the sister of Policeman Bastiampillai who also studied at the Convent and who married a relative of mine. I prayed for his soul so Vaddukoddai would get more and more Policemen who would serve the Common Government of Sri Lanka. ]

If both are based on belief – mine would work for me in a structure where education is at the top of the hierarchy. In the case  of those who celebrated the militants – military would be at the top of the hierarchy. The two would be granted as per our respective beliefs but we would also be separated internally. Those who asked for separation and would get separation. Those who sought commonness would get commonness.

It is important that we have separate Administrative structures so that one does not interfere with the other, but would oppose the other.

Likewise India in Sri Lanka which after China in Sri Lanka would promote LTTE. That is the way Divine Dharma works. This effectively brings about Equal Opportunity structures.  This diplomat may prefer to die for India and hence the above move in a country where inquiries into political murders and terrorist attacks are rarely investigated through Common pathways. As a Common Hindu he would consider it an opportunity to die for the region.


Saturday 27 November 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 November   2021

British Celebrating Tamil IRA?

"By the time I joined Lake House the foundation for the Sri Lankan conflict had been firmly laid. Since then I have reported the events that turned Sri Lanka, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, into The Tear Drop Island and The Killing Field.

It is definitely a sad story. It is sad especially to the men and women of my generation who celebrated the birth of independent Ceylon waving frantically the Lion Flag.

I will relate this melancholy story which I was destined to cover for Tamil and English language newspapers in Sri Lanka and abroad." July 17, 2010 T Sabaratnam - Deputy Editor of the Daily News, Journalist, Sangam,”

To those who may not be able to differentiate by name - whether one is Tamil or Sinhalese – Sabaratnam is a Tamil name. Achieving that high status by many of that generation confirms the deeper investments all of us made in Common Sri Lanka. One of us Mr Sabaratnam reported as follows: in Pirapaharan Chapter 14. The LTTE Comes into the Open :

[The Sirimavo Bandaranaike government took Alfred Duraiappah's murder as a challenge. It ordered the arrest of the killers before his funeral. The task was given to the police party headed by Inspectors Bastiampillai and Pathmanathan. Both had earned reputation as efficient and cruel officers. They were able to arrest two of the four youths involved in the murder. The captured were Kalapathy and Kirupairajah. They were arrested three months after the murder. The others, Pirapaharan and Patkunarajah, were not apprehended. The police went after them. One of the officers detailed to search for the two absconding youths was constable A. Karunanithy. He was attached to the Kankesanthurai police. He was shot dead by the LTTE on 14 February 1977 at Maviddapuram. Karunanithy was the first policeman murdered by Tamil militants. That came as a shock to the police. Two other constables - they bore the same name Shanmuganathan - who were searching for Pirapaharan were also killed on 18 May 1977. One of them belonged to the Kankesanthurai police and the other to Valvettithurai police. On receipt of confidential information, they went together to Inuvil in ‘civils’ by bus in the morning for investigation. Two ‘boys,’one of whom was ‘Short Bala,’ who had identified the policemen followed them on bicycles and shot and killed them at the Inuvil Junction, on the Kankesanthurai-Jaffna main road. The killing of the Shanmuganathans had the effect Pirapaharan intended. Thereafter, police found it difficult to find Tamil police officers to investigate the murders committed by the militants, including that of the Shanmuganathans. When officers were detailed, they asked for transfers outside the Jaffna peninsula.]

All these confirm to me that the militants did not have the purpose of defending Tamil Sovereignty but by effect confirmed that they sought more power than they had. One way of achieving that was through reverse casteism about which they would have had subconscious intelligence / intuition. That is the way of Truth which is impartial. This worked in reverse direction with Tamil Political leaders who were currying favour with their seniors due to losing intelligence by failing to protest strongly against Standardization – which eventually has led to Tamils having ‘separate’ University just like our own militancy – the parallel of JVP in South. This kind of ‘copying’ is confirmed as follows by Mr T Sabaratnam:

[Thangathurai, who was operating without a proper organization, decided in September 1977 to form an organization for himself. He was an admirer of Yaseer Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. He wanted to form a similar organization when he formed his original group in 1969. His dream was not then realized. By 1977, he was convinced that the model of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was more suitable for Sri Lankan Tamils. So he gathered with his group on a September morning (My efforts to fix the date have failed) at Selva Sanithi Temple at Thondamanaru to attend the morning pooja. They organized a special abishekam [purificatory bathing of the deity]. After the ceremony, they walked to a madam [rest hut often used by the elderly, rest home] where they held the meeting. A participant recalled that Thangathurai, a devoted Hindu, recited a prayer, Saint Thirunavukkarasar’s Nam Yarkum Kudiyallom (We are not slaves to anyone)before he addressed them. He said they had operated for nearly a decade without proper organizational structure and the time had come to set up one. Sri Sabaratnam, Periya Sothi and Sinna Sothi spoke in support. Thangathurai then advocated the IRA model, a political organization to deal with political affairs and a military wing to handle military matters. He specifically proposed that they would function on the lines of the Irish Republican Army and the Sinn Fein.]

As written earlier, our family was also blessed by Selva Sanithi Murugan – which led to my brother being named Siva Shakthi Vel. When we pray with belief – Lord Muruga grants. As per the above prayer by the militant leader Thangathurai who sought freedom – Lord Muruga did grant the boon. The militants became Veddas – the Indigenous group in Sri Lanka who ‘hunted’ for their living. As per the recorded history of the temple, Mr Kathirgamar who was a fisherman was asked by Lord Muruga to build a shrine and worship Him. When Kathirgamar lamented that he did not know how to perform the poojah – Lord Muruga took Kathirgamar to Kathirgamam in South and gave him a silver spear. Kathirgamar was also instructed to perform the ceremonies in a manner similar to Kathirgamam where Sinhalese silently perform the poojahs. At Kathirgamam they are known as Kapuralayas and they wear masks. Likewise in Selva Sanithi temple also.

How can that be then race based? Murugan – as he did with King Duttagamini – granted the boon and also its opposition to balance the desire. In the case of King Duttagamini – he lost his throne to his brother. In the case of Tamil militants they lost their heirs in Public Admin and got sons who would fight like hunters and die early.

Yesterday, in response to my article about the Karthigai flower – a scientist advised me that it was poisonous. My search advised me that it was also suicidal. The signature in the above display confirms some heirs of child-soldiers reborn in the UK. It’s a free world where we do get what we work for. Those who yearn for hunter heritage would get child soldiers. That is the way with polarisation through emotions. Then they have no right to show empathy with crying mothers. When one seeks on the basis of belief one would narrow the gap between cost and benefit and take the middle path. Likewise in terms of intellectual discrimination.

This morning, I started looking for a small statue of Our Lady – given to me by Sister May Joseph of Holy Family Convent – Jaffna. That brought to me thoughts of Damayanthi – the sister of Policeman Bastiampillai who also studied at the Convent and who married a relative of mine. I prayed for his soul so Vaddukoddai would get more and more Policemen who would serve the Common Government of Sri Lanka.