Wednesday 11 May 2022



I have learnt through my experiences that Natural Justice travels with believers as our soulmate. To the extent Sri Lankan protestors were/are believers in democracy, Natural Justice invokes the Equal and Opposite force of any expression of protests. The resignation of the Prime Minister could have been taken as such an action. But the reactions that followed by both sides confirmed that the protests themselves were lacking in the strength of democracy.

The signs were there – with singing and dancing within the protesting group. The result is the undemocratic dismissal of a democratically elected  Prime Minister. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was NOT a democratic leader. Had he been democratic, he would not have taken the actions he did against the LTTE who at best were also dictators.

Majority within the attackers as well as protestors would have been Buddhists. Dr S.B.Asoka Dissanayake has shared with us the following Buddhist code:


[Some monks observed that certain judges accepted bribes and adjudged cases unjustly.
Hearing the matter, Buddha described the state of the true justice.

Dhammapada verses 256 and 257.

He is not thereby just because he hastily arbitrates cases.
The wise man should investigate both right and wrong.

The intelligent person who leads others not falsely but lawfully and impartially, who is the guardian of the law, is called one who abides by the law (Dhammatta).

It is time for us to reflect and not to let and slip the law into the hands of the ordinary.


Mr Sumanthiran and others calling for the arrest of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa is appallingly unjust. The Parliamentary process was through ‘No Confidence Motion’ . Politicians have the duty to stay within the code of the Parliament. Any member of the Parliament – placing decisions made as if they were in charge of Administration of law and order, needs to be put through disciplinary action.

Mobs are driven by emotions. The best way  is to facilitate peaceful expressions of painful emotions. My avenue was through my writings. Each balanced article becomes a natural protection against future pain. The pain that I experienced without retaliating or taking compensation, effectively becomes  my sacrifice. This in turn is my protective armor from being ‘fooled’ from then on.

Mr Sumanthiran has demonstrated that he lacks this protection despite the pain and suffering that Tamils went through due to ‘mob’ actions by both sides to the ethnic war. Shame on him.

 The Law is like a plan. Any action that we take needs to be tested through the plan. The plan would vary from group to group. Politicians who don’t have a plan would follow the mob. This is what is happening in Sri Lanka again.


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