Thursday 30 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 May  2019

Cargills and Jetwing are Jewels in the Education Crown of Jaffna

Yesterday I wrote as follows to Mr Jerome Auvity - Director Operations - Jetwing Hotels Ltd.:
[The message I share with my global community is that next to the Public Library – Cargills and Jetwing are jewels in the crown of Jaffna. They are more educational and training  institutions than trading institutions. This is why you responded. Thank you]

I believe this to be the case due to my inner wisdom about Northern Tamils. One who marks oneself right and the other wrong ceases in the travel towards truth at that level. One who keeps going without marking rights and wrongs – discovers the connection between Cause and Effect. Such a mind accepts right and wrong on Equal footing – and hence travels steadily until the end. The end would be as per the core purpose of the travel. If this is oneness of mind – then rights and wrongs on the way do not matter. I believe that my book ‘Naan Australian’ got carried to Australian and American libraries – without my knowledge – due to this true Energy. They seek and therefore they found. All of us have such experiences within our families and our  workplaces. But one needs the power of forbearance to keep going when one is found fault with by the person in authority. Simple Meditation on my own Truth helped me develop this forbearance.

Weaker job opportunities for Tamils in Colombo became a reality after 1983 attacks in Colombo and other multicultural areas. So long as Colombo remains multicultural it would contribute strongly to commonness in Sri Lanka. Australia’s Haisem Zahab who has been charged with allegations of Terrorism confirmed the connection between isolation-cleverness development and risk of disorderly deaths including in one’s own community. The judge hearing the case revealed insight into the character of such isolated folks through the word hermit. Many of the acts of cleverness demonstrated by Haisem Zahab apply also to the Jaffna Tamils who manufactured their own improvises during the time of restrictions. Indiscriminate application of the law to punish without consciousness of the negligence of the responsible authorities to ‘include’ would invoke the punishment against that very authority – provided the victim submitted to Truth discovered by her / him. I have seen this happen more and more at the Australian workplace and the reward was that placement of my book in the libraries. In the case of Jaffna University library one of my clients placed it there as a gesture of gratitude. Completed experiences empower the institution and the place where the completion happens. Laws that are largely for the purpose of common order do not have this kind of universal power. If Haisem Zahab is overly punished we may never discover the reasons why victims of unjust discrimination join their own groups beyond their home nation. Tamil militants found Tamil Nadu; White Australians found White Americans; Sri Lankan Buddhist governments found China and Muslims found Middle East. It’s a kind of comfort one needs when separated from mainstream. Even if one member of the community is punished by irrelevant laws – and that person in turn rejects that injustice – the system of Natural Justice has the duty to manifest the other side. When we go beyond the human system of law and order such Energy is of positive value to the person and the home-group of that person. Gandhi is an outstanding example of this positive Energy. On the other side we have those who neglect their duties as per the laws they use to find fault with in juniors by position. Once we abandon those laws they become negative Energy which would invoke itself to damage those very persons who took benefits and their home communities. Positive Energy needs the Negative Energy to manifest an outcome at the visible level. Once out of our control – they work on their own – like ‘acts of god’.

Excessively punishing the Muslims at a time when the President has exonerated Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thera has the potential to isolate Sri Lankan Buddhists as a disenfranchised community below the confidence of levels of nationalists who form associations with others outside Sri Lanka. What happens today to non-Buddhists would happen to Junior Buddhists tomorrow – when there are less and less non-Buddhists left to rule over. If Buddha said to release – then the President must consider the Muslims arrested also as Buddhists and pardon them. That is when there Lord Buddha will take the throne of  Sri Lanka.

Wednesday 29 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 May  2019

Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Zahran cured Australia’s Haisem Zahab

They say that Time and Place movements are Agents of Change. If we freeze time and place we go into virtual reality. When we freeze time we find a manifestation that takes us half the way to truth.

Yesterday, on Channel 9 news I heard the news I heard about Haisem Zahab who gave evidence in NSW Supreme Court to defend himself against Terrorism charges. Further search took me to the following :

[Zahab claimed he relied only on social media for his news, and that he did not realise ISIS was involved in attacks on innocent civilians because he was in a "bubble".
Justice Bellew found that hard to fathom.
"I just have a difficulty with the proposition that one can be -- as it were -- in a "bubble", completely divorced from the fact that there are -- and have been for some years -- widespread reports in every possible media, social or otherwise, about the evils of ISIS," he said.
"You would have to be almost a hermit for those reports not to come to your knowledge, surely?"

…..Zahab said his change of heart began about two months after he was incarcerated.
"When I was arrested I was a sympathiser with ISIS", he said.
"Once I was sent to prison, I was watching normal TV, meeting with Imams."
"I would see ISIS doing terrorist attacks on innocent civilians."
"The nail in the coffin for me -- which told me I'm right in rejecting them -- was the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday attacks against Christians."] 'I've Come Out Of A Cult': Terror Tradie Now Rejects ISIS at

As part of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community carrying the LTTE Terrorism label I do identify with Zahab’s confession. I identify also with Zahab’s isolation from mainstream society – through my own feelings at the Australian workplace. Many reports on Sri Lanka’s Easter bombings refer to what happened to the Muslim attackers as ‘Brainwashing’. The question is whether it is / was caused by the weakness in the citizen or brainwashing by the government and its agents.

Yesterday, Channel 9 reported also on a White-Australian boy as follows:
[Kaleb Murphy, 11, says he wants to be at school, but the little boy faces huge behavioural challenges.
His parents aren’t giving up on him, and they don’t want the education system to, either.
Statement from the NSW Department of Education
Wiripaang Public School has worked extensively with the student and his family since the start of the year to support him and provide the most appropriate educational setting.
As students’ needs change, schools and the Department work with parents to consider a variety of options to ensure these needs continue to be met.
The student’s parents have been invited to apply to have their son enrolled in a different class, but they have declined to apply.
The school, Department and specialists are continuing to work with the family..]

On the one hand we have parents of a child who does not think there is anything wrong with him and on the other we have the parallel of the Government that thinks that there is something wrong with its citizen who is clever but shared his skills with an organization considered to be ‘Terrorists’ by the Australian Government – not by direct experience but to its common thinking with other governments that have had the experience. ISIS in the mind of the rebel is the parallel of the parent in the mind of Kaleb Murphy. Like ISIS they do not want their child to be treated differently – not even as a junior but as an Equal in his group. The question therefore arises as to whether it is fair to punish Haisem Zahab as if he committed the acts on Australian soil, while Kaleb is merely disciplined administratively.

As per the above report:
[The Sydney-born electrician, who moved to Young with his family to escape the "rat race" said his "obsession" with ISIS began when he read reports in the news and on social media about the Assaad regime using chemical weapons against its own civilians in Syria.
"Seeing the images of the children and civilians people just choking to death had a massive effect on me," he told the court.]
A good proportion of LTTE also would identify with the deaths of civilians in majority Sinhalese areas to be the reason why they became militants. Majority citizens learn about the laws of the country at workplaces. Where employers show a totally different outcome to one’s own measure –through personal measure, common law or truth,  one feels an outsider. I know this through my own experience here in Australia. The parallel of ISIS / LTTE for me was the group that offered through emails ‘donations to assist war-orphans’. By this time I had invested enough in the official system to be protected by it. I had also been to the LTTE area through UNDP to assist them establish an appropriate Public Administrative system. As per that true interaction I felt urged by the inner voice to accept the offer and keep going as far as I could to facilitate them but without acting in breach of the law. Not too far into the system – we were alerted by the bank that a draft sent by the other side was fraudulent and also the money transfers they were attempting to make were from ‘unclaimed monies’. I asked the bank to take action against them. They did not. The parallel of that in the Sri Lankan case is the Muslim community asking the Law enforcement officers to take action against some of the attackers. In my case when the officers of our bank failed to do so and the Australian Federal Police tried to threaten me with denying access to any banking service in Australia -     I concluded that they were of the same kind as the offenders. One was apparently inside the borders of law and the other outside. I escalated the matter to the Ombudsman who also ‘dismissed’ me. Recently when I learnt through the TV news that a couple had lost almost a million due to an official banking transaction – from one bank to another – I identified that the problem was due to these inside Terrorists. Banks are prone to make mistakes. But when they fail to own that they are wrong and refuse to engage with the customer who feels genuinely hurt – and the customer is more law abiding than them – the system of karma returns the karma to sender. In this instance later when the problems into such practices by banks were inquired into – I mentally actively participated in the inquiry.
To the extent we discover truth we have converted our work and sacrifice into Energy. Energy is a Universal connector. The question therefore needs to be asked as to whether one who finds the official system unreliable and her/his contribution to the system is wasted is wrong in isolating her/himself to enjoy her/his cleverness in privacy? As per my own assessment of myself – I would not hurt anyone just because they hurt me. I use the pain to become independent of my contribution to them and physically exit from that system that did not work for me.
Justice Bellew is reported to have stated "You would have to be almost a hermit for those reports not to come to your knowledge, surely?". I was at the time I was isolated by the University of NSW. That isolation helped me hear the voices of the wise in that environment. This included the architects of the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901. When I studied that Act I realized that the authorities were wrong and were acting as if they were brainwashed by custodians of power at the University and later at the bank. I learnt also that I had the power to invoke such manifestations by wrong doers so long as I stayed within the law and where I knew I was wrong by law as per MY INTERPRETATION of the law - to accept the punishment. In all of the above instances I was well within the law. This helped me connect to the minds of those ancestors. Those who take revenge and/or act to hurt would be limited to the protection of law.

The current Sri Lankan government is reacting to punish Muslims through the law. But since 1972 they have ‘brainwashed’ dependent citizens to think that the Sri Lankan Constitution which includes Buddhism Foremost article is democratic. It can only be democratic if Non-Buddhists become Equal & Opposite group to the Government. The Junior in vertical order becomes the Equal Opposition in Democracy. Once a daughter or son becomes a parent – the parent must share power with that person. Likewise when smaller community groups become leaders of their community and demonstrate good governance within the community – it is the duty of the government formed through majority vote to share power and not treat them as juniors who could be ‘told’ and whose cultural laws could be tampered with. When a self-governing individual and/or group is treated like a junior and is punished – the return karma is exponential. The Energy brings universal support to uphold the righteousness of that individual and/or group. Once we leave the rest to god – it is god’s duty to take care of Dharma.

Sri Lankan Buddhist isolated themselves through Buddhism foremost attitudes. Hence the Lord of Dharma left them out of the latest manifestation of global proportions. The Opportunity is for Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka to treat each other as Equals and seek their own respective solutions as minorities. I believe that Tamils of Sri Lanka have been successful in this to a large degree. The reason I identify with is the respect for our ancestors even if it is by a few. In democracy that becomes global power. Hence one is entitled to conclude that Sri Lanka’s Mohamed Zahran cured Australia’s Haisem Zahab by showing where such shows of cleverness would end in one’s own mind.

Tuesday 28 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 May  2019

Equal Opportunity Dharma for Religious Schools

Sri Lanka Guardian reported as follows under the heading ‘Sri Lanka: PM appreciates Muslims support in hunting the extremists’:
[Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe met with representatives of the Civil Society and the Trade Union Collective at his official residence on Saturday 25th May.
The meeting took place on the invitation of the Prime Minister, those in attendance were; Ven. Dambara Amila Nayaka Thera, Dr. Wickremabahu Karunaratne, Dr. Paikaisothy Saravanamuttu, Dr. Jehan Perera, Prof. Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Saman Rathnapriya and Raja Uswetakeyiyawa.
The Prime Minister thanked the various groups for the unyielding corporation during this period of turmoil in ensuring peace was regained.
“We've been able to observe Ramadan, we've been able to have the Friday prayers, we've been able to have the Sunday mass and we were able to peacefully observe Vesak very successfully” the Prime Minister stated at the meeting.
The meeting was informed that the Muslim community was assisting in ensuring that no further radicalisation would take place amongst the youth. He explained the measures being taken including the newly proposed Madrasa Education Bill and the amendments to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act.
The Premier explained that a Parliamentary Select Committee was appointed by the Speaker of Parliament to inquire into the Easter Sunday terror attacks. He further added that he had requested a preliminary report on the allegations levelled against Minister Rishard Bathiudeen. ]

The structure of the above group if factual – confirms that non-Muslim groups have ganged up against Muslims to ‘tell Muslims’ what to do. The Muslim leaders may promise ‘no more radicalisation’. But what would the Lord of Democracy do to those leaders who are demonstrating serious breach of the basis on which Democracy is self-regulating? One of the founding principles of Democracy is Equal Opportunity. In Democracy – if Muslim schools are be brought under the Common Secular system of Administration – so should Buddhist, Hindu and Christian schools. The words ‘We've been able to observe Ramadan’ is deceptive. The Prime Minister is Buddhist and the entitlement to ‘manage’ the Muslim mind seems to be taken by saying ‘WE’ observed Ramadan. If the Sri Lankan constitution is to be an instrument of Truth – it separates Buddhists from non-Buddhists through article 9. To be effectively democratic – a Buddhist must not look from the non-Buddhist side. If s/he does know the other side – s/he must remain silent in that regard in a political forum. In an Administrative forum such expressions on behalf of the opposition – amount either to blocking the development of the other side and batting all the time.

This morning I was directed by SBS to the interview of our  former Prime Minister Paul Keating by Gilbert Kaplan in September 2009. Mr Keating quotes Gustav  Mahler as follows in that interview:

[Paul Keating: ……And something Mahler himself said, he said -- I got a quote here which I should use -- he said , “I hope I’ve expressed myself sufficiently clearly in my works, and that you can absorb the emotion and experience I embody without verbal explanations if you approach them with your inner eyes and ears open.” Now, I always have, and why I was interested in him was the solace and the exaltation, but above everything else, the poetic structure and the tonal imagination. Another quotation of his which I found very revealing, he said, “Creative activity and the genesis of a work are mystical from start to finish.” Get the word “mystical from start to finish, since one acts unconsciously as if prompted from outside and then one can hardly conceive how the result is coming into being. In fact, I often feel like the blind hen who finds a grain of corn.” In other words, he’s searching around, but of course, as we know, he’s touched because he finds the things unconsciously and mystically.]

Whether it is Music, Religion or  Law the genesis of our true work are mystical from start to finish. If the proposed laws to change Muslim religious education and marriage are to make Muslims more democratic – then the makers of new laws who are non-Muslims have the duty to go into their own investment in democracy – the proposed alternate system –and see with their inner eyes and listen with their inner ears to the democratic outcomes that that investment is showing. Likewise such law-makers have the duty to go into their own religious schools and marriage laws to identify with parallels that are damaging to their community.

Community laws help regulate ourselves as diverse groups. The hijab ban and these proposed changes to marriage laws relate directly to women. If they are mentally taken away from their base – they are more likely to rebel through new-found ‘freedom’ without the balance of responsibility. That is how militants are often born. The Buddhist parallel of Madrasa schools are the Pirivena monastic colleges.  While in theory they do come under the Ministry of Education – in true democracy non-Buddhist religious institutions must have their own Common Ministry until the Sri Lankan government is certified  by Seniors in Democracy that they are no longer abusing democracy while practicing autocracy – as if non-Buddhists are juniors. The Prime Minister has demonstrated that through the above forum. Each and every member of that forum has the duty to apologize to their Muslim parallel and also recommend that their own religious institutions also be brought under the ministry of Education. Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu for example needs to argue against Aranery (Schools of righteousness) which promote Hindu values and come under the administration of Ministry  of Hindu Religious and Cultural Affairs. A good proportion of University of Jaffna students consider that University to be Hindu University. Rural folks in North prefer their children to attend this University for cultural reasons. Back then this University happened to appease the Tamil leaders who strongly protested against the quota system for entry to University – introduced in 1972. In reality it remains largely a Hindu University where the risk of militancy is high. The reason is enforced commonness to ‘show’ wider world.

Even the law school of that University has demonstrated lack of courage to practice the law against politically influential members of the Governing Council. Courage is one form of Truth. Hence Thairiya Lakshmi (Courage Lakshmi) in Hinduism. Militants committed to Independence would naturally access this power. If Muslims have their own parallels at mosques – the form shifts from schools to places of worship. The root cause – the natural cause remains with the Autocratic Government that enjoys the fruits of democracy.  

Monday 27 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 May  2019

Ayurveda / Siddha  Medicine and Islamic Laws

As per my discovery, every manifestation happens due to  emotions, thoughts and feelings. In spirituality we refer to them as Body, Mind and Soul. Emotions are most temporary and feelings are eternal. As I often say – ‘Mothers are feelers and Fathers are thinkers’. This distinction is necessary in every reliable structure. My yesterday’s article was headed ‘Sri Lanka/Sri Lankan is Surname and Islam/Muslim  is Given name’- I highlighted that if the marriageable age of women in Muslim law is to be raised to the same level of Common law – then the other side of the balance – i.e.- polygamy for men also ought to be changed to monogamy. A reliable law has two equal and opposite sides. Given that the existing cultural marriage laws have worked well for Muslims of Sri Lanka, one could consider it to be a reliable law of the kind that Siddha / Ayurveda Medicine is.  When these are practiced with faith they become perfect – without any side-effects. It is therefore important that the Equilibrium of these cultural laws without side-effects are not interfered with by law makers and law enforcers.

It is my understanding that Siddha means pure / perfect. Any science/law that stands on its own rights and works independently is a perfect law. All belief based laws are perfect laws. Imported laws become imperfect when used by a non-believer. Like Muslim Law, and Thesawalamai Law, Kandyan Law applies to Sinhala Buddhists whose origin was covered by Kandyan territory. There are parts of it that protect Buddhism for example Section 5 relating to Gifts to Temples. A reliable customary law works as per Siddha / Belief / Purity of Mind. It could be integrated with mainstream when the believers’ powers are stronger than users’ power. Otherwise it would not work and the gap between theory and practice would be widened.

The mind in the jungle would pick up these natural powers more quickly than urban minds driven by the seen and the heard. I realised the power of Thesawalamai Law during the testamentary case of my brother in law. Lawyers and Judges merely mentioned Thesawalamai but demonstrated lack of faith in our ancestors. A good section of Jaffna Tamils continue to practice sections of that law. But, like the Sri Lankan Prime Minister who proposed the alterations to Muslim Marriage Law – my sisters in law claimed common law equal sharing – but after having enjoyed dowry. This then upsets the Equilibrium of the Energy that supports the self-operating independence of the family. My husband and I went as far as we could – based largely on my respect based belief for the true practitioners of Thesawalamai and Sri Lankan Hindu marriages. Each time a verdict looked unfavourable to us – I felt pain. That pain helped me look within and this helped me balance my own work until I felt satisfied that I had satisfied the law as per the original makers.

The Hindu legend that depicts this tug of war between the body and the soul is the Ocean of Milk legend as reflected in the sculpture at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi  airport. (picture at top)
In Sri Lanka some heritage lands are referred to as Swarnabhoomi (golden land). They are the parallels of some farmlands here in Australia that cannot be sold unconditionally on business basis. Lands on which we realise truth become sacred lands. In the wake of Easter Sunday bombings it is important to study whether this Swarnabhoomi parts of Sri Lanka were brought under common law.
The Island reported on 06 October 2016 as follows, under the heading ‘New land laws before end of year’:
[A new legislation titled "Lands (Special Provisions) Bill" would be presented to Parliament before the end of the year to do away with or relax various restrictions on land use and ownership, Lands Minister John Amaratunga said.
He said the Bill would grant outright ownership of lands to those who possess Swarna Bhoomi and Jaya Bhoomi deeds. He said disputes among the members in the same family had risen due to various restrictions in the law on land ownership and transfer. He said the new legislation would solve those issues.]

This is the parallel of repealing sections of Muslim law to bring it in par with Common Law – at least in looks. Minister John Amaratunga is also Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs about whose mind collusion with Australian government  has already been discussed by me. It is interesting that the following would be reported about Mr John Ameratunga:
[In 2018 John Amaratunga was accused of aiding the fraudulent acquisition of a property worth Rs. 7 Billion from an elderly couple as well as holding them hostage. Eighty-six year-old Wimalsen Fernando and his wife Shiranie Fernando learnt that their property in Gregory’s Road, Colombo was fraudulently acquired by a person named Prasad Deshapriya Vitharana of Kalubowila. When the property was visited by the couple they were held hostage by Amaratunga's guards and privately hired goons. When the couple's lawyers attempted to enter the property they met Amaratunga in the property who used abusive language to threaten them and attempted to evict them from the property but the lawyers forced their way to the couple. The couple was threatened and Vitharana had extorted money from them with death threats. While the couple complained to the Cinnamon Gardens police they did not have an inquiry for more than five months and no statement was taken taken from Amaratunga. When the media questioned the police they claimed to be "unaware" of the incident. John Amaratunga accepted that the accused was a friend but denied the allegations that he abused his powers to stop the investigations or that to threatening the lawyers instead he claimed he only asked them to leave calling them trespassers.] Wikipedia

If that land was Swarna Bhoomi of Prasad Deshapriya Vitharana of Kalubowila – then cheating him of the right to that land would invoke calamities at the level of the one who disturbed that Equilibrium of belief. Given that Mr John Amaratunga is Minister for  Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs the calamity happened to damage his portfolio. Mr Amaratunga’s residence is stated as ‘88 Negombo Road, Kandana’ – not too far from the churches targeted along the Western coast.

Insiders are believers. They do not need proof. The root cause of opportunity is Belief. The root cause of a problem is lack of belief.
Minorities in any society need to be facilitated to practice their beliefs within the privacy of their culture – as regulated by their respective cultural laws. Land is a reservoir that preserves our true heritage. When we practice self-governance we confirm our heritage value and empower that land to be Swarnabhoomi/ Land of Perfection/Nationalism.

Hambantota is Sri Lanka’s Swarnabhoomi due to Indigenous Kathirgamam. To my mind, this was why the warning against  indiscriminate tourism manifested itself  during the opening ceremony of Shangri la Hambantota. Positive or Negative – Siddha powers manifest naturally on their own.

Sunday 26 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 May  2019

Sri Lankan is Surname and Muslim is Given name

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister is reported to have promised a more common Sri Lanka including through marriage. This is reported as follows:

[Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is reported to have informed the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka yesterday that the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act would be amended to increase the age of marriage to 18 for Muslim women in a move aimed at unifying the personal laws as far as possible.]
This confirms the negligence of the Muslim community – especially politicians, lawyers and judges to bring about commonness and therefore equal footing on which diversity is to be practiced. The health of diversity is relative to the strength of commonness. Those with greater contribution to commonness are part of management in any institution/family. Others are dependant beneficiaries who have to say thank you and demonstrate respect for  seniors. Those who feel thank you are naturally empowered to work the whole. That is how the value of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Once they do so they are equal to/common with seniors. Hence the voting age of 18 by which one is expected to have become the common senior. But then how many Politicians treat the voter as being common to her/himself until known otherwise?

In any case why should the Prime Minister explain to the diplomatic community ? Is the government doing this to ‘show’ commonness that does not exist in Sri Lanka? The law maker needs to ‘believe’ and has no requirement to prove.  The Minister for Islamic Affairs – Mr M H A Haleem has the responsibility to discuss this in parliament – on the basis of his belief. As a Hindu woman I value both – the minority status of the wife as was practiced largely in India and the equal status of woman as was practiced by the Indigenous community of Sri Lanka and structured in Thesawalamai Law applicable to Jaffna Tamils. The law on Equal footing separates at common level. From then on the two sides are diverse. A Muslim woman becoming eligible for marriage before 18 must be read within the ratio of women working in wider world to those women who are largely homemakers. Where majority are homemakers – and men are facilitated to practice polygamy gender based equality is maintained through a combination of age and numbers. It is interesting that the Tamil militant group LTTE relative to Muslim militant groups consisted of a high proportion of women. One is entitled to conclude that Tamils practiced as law, gender based Equality more than Kandyan Sinhalese or Muslims whose men by law were facilitated to practice polygamy.

Enforced commonness is likely to weaken our investment in order. Laws of marriage  help us regulate our enjoyment to recognize our rights as per our contribution to the structure that the laws confirm. The caste system allocated high status to those who forewent immediate pleasures towards common wellbeing. A woman who contributed to commonness at equal or greater level as her male counterpart was recognized as Shakthi / Energy which spreads Itself through Its own powers. The man who relied on his  status tended to limit himself to the fortresses where he was king. Energy / Truth is universal power. A Muslim woman who quietly contributes to commonness would tend to have more power to invoke the traditional powers of her culture more than man like the leader of the Easter bombing group who needed the high status of ‘clergy’ to think like a king. With changes to the law to ‘show’ equality may weaken this link through traditional powers that come on their own to protect the believer. 

Our family also practiced the dowry system until me in my family and our children’s generation in general. In lieu the son got the status of the surname and the residual of the common wealth. The law of Thesawalamai spelt out the rules. In  the case of my husband’s family, the sisters who received dowry claimed that it was ‘donation’ once they knew that they were no more entitled to share in the commonwealth of the family. I represented my husband in the testamentary matter and that was how I learnt about the beauty of Thesawalamai law which had perfect order for the families that practiced the dowry system as stated in the law. The Jaffna courts failed to uphold the values of Thesawalamai law but my genuine investment – especially in terms of order of thought – of our Thesawalamai ancestors – translated as Administrative wisdom which blocked the common law distribution by Mallakam District Court – after Jaffna High Court ruled that the Mallakam District Court’s verdict was interlocutory. The Mallakam District Court did not have the jurisdiction to carry out the order which was ruled as being interlocutory. All this happened during the reign of king of law – Mr C V Wigneswaran. He had the status and I had the Energy to invoke our ancestral power in the form of Legal Administration. The Energy was developed due to true commitment to the laws of marriage – customary law in first marriage and common law in second marriage.

Women who complete their customary law marriage experience may take rebirth in common law system and v.v. But when parts of the marriage law are removed – as proposed by the Prime Minister – it would bring about calamity at exponential level due to denying practitioners the enjoyment of the ancestral-protection through their traditional pathways.

If  Muslim women are ‘told’ to raise their level of independence – through the 18 year limit – then men also ought to be ‘told’ that they can no longer practice polygamy. This would mean that the law enforcement officers could walk into a home where the man is polygamous and charge him with unlawful conduct. It would also mean that the children of consorts would be bastards. Then we would need to expect more bombings.

This government has treated Muslim women as minorities to be ‘told’. At first it was the hijab and now it is the marriageable age but without removing the law of polygamy for men. The mayor who wears a hijab brings great value to her community and more importantly to the foundation that supports that community in the UK – the Commonness. This lady confirms that not all common laws lead to commonness. In Sri Lanka where common law is often overridden by personal thought structures even at presidential level – commonness is achieved at the destination of true diversity. The Common Government failed because it was more for show and less for real. The parallel of that is likely to happen between Muslims and Buddhists – through men in both religions who carry their religious names as surnames instead of Sri Lanka as the common Surname.  


Those who lack the courage to repeal article 9 which affords Buddhism foremost status – as if it were the surname of Sri Lanka – have no moral authority to correct Muslim laws and cultures.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 May  2019

Did Australia contribute to Sri Lanka’s Easter Bombings?
The truthful and proud story of 30-year war victory should be revealed to the future generation as well as to the world- President Sirisena to soldiers
Outcome can be controlled in the short run but in the long run the root causes should be eliminated. – caring citizen Harsha Gunasena in his Colombo Telegraph article ‘Attacking The Outcome Without Addressing The Root Causes’
The two contradict each other . That is the inner conflict that Sri Lanka carries in politics. I feel that recently Mr Mangala Sameraweera gave us a clue to reconciling the two – his sharing in Parliament presented by Daily Mirror under the heading ‘ I won’t call myself a Buddhist, but one who follows Buddhist Philosophy: Mangala’
The Defence parallel of Mr Sameraweera’s declaration  would be ‘I do not fight to possess but to feel ownership. It is also the difference between Sri Lanka the land and Sri Lanka the nation.  The more we think as nation, the less we would need to possess.

If the 30-year war was indeed a heritage – then Easter Sunday bombings were the opportunity needed for the Sri Lankan Defence forces to go global. More civilians died in the 30 year war than in Easter bombings. To be spiritual – both Opportunity and Problem must exist in the One mind. When the Sri Lankan president pleaded with foreigners to ‘leave his country alone’ he confirmed that his forces were not capable of addressing global terrorism. The reason is in the very 30-year war – which was fought not on global policies, not to protect Buddhism but as a tribal war. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – the architect of the victory of the war  himself  referred to it as Jungle warfare  when he stated that he was from the jungles of South and that Prabhakaran was from the jungles of North. Born in Sri Lanka, we are entitled to celebrate our indigenous heritage through such jungle culture from time to time. But then we must not do business with outside jungle territory. That would be the parallel of Veddhas claiming the right to rule today’s Sri Lanka and Aborigines claiming the right to rule today’s Australia. Neither is valid during current times.

As quoted in my yesterday’s article – the religion of Veddhas is Animism which is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[ Animism (from Latin anima, "breathspiritlife") is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork and perhaps even words—as animated and alive. Animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system of many indigenous peoples especially in contrast to the relatively more recent development of organised religions.]
The parallel of that in Hinduism is Shakthi / Energy worship. The homemaking traditional woman depended on herself to know right and wrong in the privacy of her home. There was no visible reward for her work relative to the man who brought home money for his work. To the extent the woman worked as much as man but was rewarded less by others the woman developed Energy which is another term for Ownership or Love or Truth.
In the Tamil community militants were a minority force. Hence their exceptional cleverness. But the moment they came out into the official path they lost that advantage. If we take Sun Tzu’s quote as presented by Professor David Kumar : “If you know enemy and know yourself, no need fear hundred battles. If you know yourself but not enemy, for every victory you suffer one defeat. If you know neither enemy nor yourself, you succumb in every battle.”
 the LTTE did not know the Politicians on the other side. Sri Lankan armed forces who were Buddhists did not know themselves nor the enemy and therefore actually succumbed in real terms. They would succumb again and again to ‘jungle forces’ as has been proven by the Easter bombings and the reaction by the President and his forces.
In 2017 – two years before the bombings, a joint press release was published under the heading:
A Joint Press Release by the Australian High Commission and the Ministry of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs
Included in it was the following:
[On 1 March 2017, Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson, together with Minister for Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs the Hon John Amaratunga, launched the Market Development Facility (MDF) to support inclusive growth of tourism and related sectors in Sri Lanka.
Under MDF, the Australian Government is contributing up to 1 billion rupees over four years in business grants and development services.
Speaking at the event Mr Hutchesson said “the private sector is the engine of growth and of job creation. Australia is extremely proud of its
competitive tourism industry. We are launching MDF today as one way of sharing our know-how and experience with our Sri Lankan friends.”
Minister Amaratunga added that “travel and tourism is the largest service industry in the world. This collaboration between Australia and Sri Lanka has great potential to create many new jobs and to further improve industry standards and the tourist experience in Sri Lanka.”]

This came at a time when Tamil civilians were still grieving due to losing their homelands to the armed forces and not knowing where their loved ones who disappeared during the 30 year war were. Even one Australian Tamil feeling with these indigenous Tamils with little knowledge of organized secular ways would return that karma to sender. Those who live and enjoy ‘tourism’ at that time disconnect with these homefolks. But those of us who felt with the victims have the power to return the karma to the Christians who did not oppose tourism during this recovery period.

Tourism-Christian is the parallel of Secularism-Buddhism combination. When we discard the rules and laws particular to our group that were not used for commonness – and keep going, we would find that Natural Spirit that animates us all as one human race. I learnt about this power through Coogee which confirms Indigenous heritage in this part of Australia. We moved to Matraville which was named after a White American migrant. We thought we needed more space. But we were isolated there and my husband and our daughter were seriously damaged in an accident. Eventually it led to great financial difficulties. Some did say the Vasthu was not good for us there. Back then I brushed it aside. But after my deep experience at the University of NSW I felt more and more like an Indigenous Australian. I began recognizing the power of the earth and water to heal me. Vasthu Sastra is the Indigenous version of modern architecture. As a victim I combined forces with Indigenous Australians who were displaced from Coogee towards an ‘amusement pier’ on Coogee Beach. Such combination was natural and not through conscious relativity as per rights and wrongs. Later when the Bali bombing claimed highest number of victims from Coogee – I felt that as a Hindu I could help balance that karma through my natural ownership of Coogee.

The Earth stores Truth of its experiences as Energy. When we are in need – and we believe in that land – it rises to protect our dignity. To the extent Sri Lanka was entertaining tourism and Buddhist government celebrates armed victory, while indigenous Sri Lankans were grieving we need to learn that Sri Lanka is becoming a haunted place. Militancy in Sri Lanka, during our generation began with the JVP and not the LTTE. To the extent the government ‘forgets’ this and celebrates victory – it confirms invasion and not ‘defence’. One who defends does not win or lose. One who defends protects. The Easter Sunday tragedy is the Australian parallel of Bali bombings. It was from 2015 that ANZAC day is being celebrated on Coogee Beach to honor those who gave their lives and comforts to protect our dignity. In Sri Lanka – all  communities need to be facilitated to celebrate those whom they believe are heroes who gave their lives and comforts to protect the dignity of the community and therefore the individual member to whom that community is family. This is not limited to the government forces. When it is – the karma returns with interest.

Friday 24 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 May  2019

Indigenous Religion is Senior to Buddhism in Sri Lanka

I often come across situations including within family where I seem to be wrong to someone else and I am right to myself. If however, the other person is institutionally my junior, I take firmly the position that I am right. If the other person is respectful of truth – as seen by me but is not a relative in family or other institutional structure - I share my truth. It is then left to the other person to take it or leave it. But such sharing strengthens my own commonness with the other person. Most of  my writing work is of this category.

The Presidential Pardon of Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero raises the question in my mind as to whether the President is acting again to strengthen the negative racism karma due to which Sri Lanka continues to produce and import extremism. Racism when left uncured leads to extremism. Punishing the apparent perpetrators is mere rap on the knuckles. It does not cure the root cause. Ada Derana reports as follows:
[UNP Parliamentarian Dr Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe recently called for the grant of a presidential pardon for Gnanasara Thero before Vesak Poya Day.
A strong social and political discourse was formulated regarding the release of Ven. Gnanasara Thero.
The Attorney General had filed the case against Gnanasara Thero following a petition submitted to the Appeals Court by the Former Homagama Magistrate and current Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake.
On 24th of May 2018, the Homagama Magistrate’s Court ruled Gnanasara Thero guilty of threatening Sandhya Ekneligoda, the wife of missing journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda within Homagama court premises.
General Secretary of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organisation Ven. Gnanasara Thero was sentenced to 6 months of rigorous imprisonment on 14th of June 2018 for threatening Sandhya Ekneligoda.
Former Homagama Magistrate and present Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake, Deputy Solicitor General Dileep Peiris and prison officers had given statements against Gnanasara Thero.]

This therefore is very much Judicial Ethics v Politics with the law. The following report by Wikipedia would help us form our own connections between the cause and the manifested effect – i.e. Presidential Pardon of a Buddhist monk found guilty by the Judiciary:

[In 2010, he was elected to Parliament from the Colombo District. In 2012, he was elected President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. During his tenure he led the Bar Association in support of former Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake during her impeachment. Following the 2015 presidential election he was appointed Minister of Justice. In 2017, he was sacked form his ministerial position by President Maithripala Sirisena at the request by the United National Party due to his views against the Privatization and involvements on Judiciary of Present Government. However, he was appointed Minister of Ministry of Higher Education & Cultural Affairs in May 2018. In 2018, with the on set of the 2018 Sri Lankan constitutional crisis, he was appointed to the new cabinet of ministers headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Minister of Education in October 2018.]
As an Observer of the impeachment of Chief Justice matter, I  connected  the outcome to Political power being senior to Judicial power in Sri Lanka. If both sides are Buddhists  - then the ‘Buddhism foremost’ constitutional empowerment and  relativity applies. That overrides any democratic structure that Buddhists in Sri Lanka are yet to fight for as a priority.
In contrast, Non-Buddhists are empowered by the Constitution to be Democratic. Article 14 (1)(e ) of the Sri Lankan Constitution confirms this as follows:
14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;
We interpret what happens, as per our own belief / investment in truth. Article 10 of the Constitution confirms this right as follows:
[Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.]
To my mind, Article 10 confirms that Belief is Divine power. Article 14(1)(e )  on the other hand spells out whether and how this could be manifested in the land known as Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka becomes divine land to the extent the people of Sri Lanka uphold the truth. Where this truth / belief cannot be manifested in common we need separation and hence article 14(1) (e). Article 9 places the DUTY to protect such separation to Buddhist-leadership amongst civilians  and between Government and citizens – to the Government.  The Easter Bombing is an extreme example of the negligence by the government to follow Article 9 which specifically provides for 14(1)(e ) Responsibility to Protect.
I learnt through my Tsunami Reconstruction service in Mankerny, (to which I was called due to my belief in Saint Yoga Swami) that many LTTE members were from Veddha Indigenous group and in this instance most of them were Tamils. On the basis of age – Indigenous religion is the most senior religion in Sri Lanka. Some Tamils claimed as per their relief that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was an Avatar. Hence the LTTE leader was referred to as sun-god by them. While I do not identify with that – I have the responsibility to respect their belief and hence I distanced myself from them – so I did not interfere. It would however make sense that the Indigenous community of hunters would respect the warriors amongst them as heroes. I learnt also that they believed in Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam – presented by Wikipedia as follows:
[Veddas, along with the Island's BuddhistHindu and Muslim communities, venerate the temple complex situated at Kataragama, showing the syncretism that has evolved over 2,000 years of coexistence and assimilation. Kataragama is supposed to be the site where the Hindu god Skanda or Murugan in Tamil met and married a local tribal girl, Valli, who in Sri Lanka is believed to have been a Vedda]
This community is confirmed to practice also the religion of  animism presented as follows by Wikipedia:
[Animism (from Latin anima, "breathspiritlife") is the religious belief that objects, places and creatures all possess a distinct spiritual essence. Potentially, animism perceives all things—animals, plants, rocks, rivers, weather systems, human handiwork and perhaps even words—as animated and alive. Animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system of many indigenous peoples, especially in contrast to the relatively more recent development of organised religions.]

Hence when an official who is Buddhist punished an Indigenous person within LTTE that official was acting in breach of Article 14(1)(e ) mentioned  above. The reason is that s/he was practicing her/his religious belief.

As per the above report:

[In the reign of King Rajasinghe II (17th century) in his battle with the Dutch he had a Vedda regiment. In the abortive Uva-Welessa revolt of 1817-1818 of the British times, led by Keppetipola Disawe, the Veddas too fought with the rebels against the British forces.]
Hence one is entitled to conclude that to those followers of Vedda religion – LTTE would have been ‘Freedom Fighters’ and those who punished them would have become punishable by divine powers. In contrast – a true believer in Buddhism would not identify with Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero who has demonstrated strong attachment to the physical and therefore emotions of ‘anger’ which confirms its other side ‘desire’. If therefore Veddas invoked their belief based powers the abusers of the power of that land – would be cursed by diseases and calamity.
Had Buddhist monk Gnanasara Thero been a true Buddhist – he would have meditated inside prison during this holy period. But like a Vedda who forgot his ancestors, Mr Gnanasara has confirmed that he wanted physical freedom above mental freedom. By facilitating this – the President has also contributed to diseases and calamity as per Vedda culture, would continue to plague Sri Lanka – unless we the civilians take care of each other.  To the extent we take our earned positions we would be supported naturally through our belief in Common Sri Lanka – which is also the way of Veddas.
This morning I was directed to the article headed What Is Religious Fundamentalism? at

I intend reading this article later. But I need to first write as per my own belief as Sri Lankan and not as Australian. As Australian I observe. As Sri Lankan I have the power to offset the negatives for my motherland through every unit of energy as in the religion of animism.