Saturday 30 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 September  2017

Sri Lanka - the Battlefield of Asia ?

[Belgium is ready to share experience with Sri Lanka in the ongoing constitutional reform process, Belgium Foreign Affairs Minister Didier Reynders said.
He expressed this view upon meeting Foreign Affairs Minister Tilak Marapana at the Belgium Foreign Affairs Ministry in Brussels on Wednesday.] Daily Mirror article ‘SL Constitutional reforms: Belgium offers expertise

[Directorate of Legal of the Army Headquarters in coordination with the office of the Co-ordinator, 'Public Outreach Programme on Constitutional Reforms and Constitution Making' organized an awareness programme at the Army Hospital auditorium in Colombo Thursday morning (28) in order to educate Army personnel on the subject.] – – under the heading ‘Army Officers & Soldiers Educated on Constitutional Reforms

Most would consider the two reports to be disconnected and independent of each other. But to the global mind that has deep interest in Sri Lanka – the two are Naturally connected.  The TIME indicates / confirms the commonness – as 13 May being the connection between the cause of Rape & Murder of Miss Vidya (Vidya means knowledge). To me it is no coincidence that this special daughter of Saraswathi (Vidya’s biological mother) came in that form for a higher purpose. Likewise I see a connection between the offer by Belgium and the training of Army in Constitutional Reforms. Belgium

[From the end of the Middle Ages until the 17th century, the area of Belgium was a prosperous and cosmopolitan centre of commerce and culture. From the 16th century until the Belgian Revolution in 1830, when Belgium seceded from the Netherlands, the area of Belgium served as the battleground between many European powers, causing it to be dubbed the "Battlefield of Europe", a reputation strengthened by both world wars.
Today, Belgium is a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of governance. ]
One could say that currently Sri Lanka is the ‘Battlefield of Asia’, carrying the genes of constitutional monarchy/presidency.

To my mind, the deeper our investment in the issue / system the more intuitive our connections. Yesterday, for example – after writing the article ‘Vidya Daughter of Saraswathi’ I went to the medical clinic at Maroubra to have my blood-pressure related prescription renewed. After issuing the new prescription, the doctor on his own said words to the effect that there is now in Australia ‘PAMP minted Lakshmi’. So saying the good doctor went ahead and showed the picture to me on his computer screen. The commonness here is Lakshmi – but the uncommon manifestation was the connection between my name and the above gold coin. I thanked the doctor deeply – meaning I blessed the doctor.

As we drove home I shared it with my husband who also identified with this being an extension of another experience. On 18 September I noticed an email re award of Nespresso Coffee Machine. Since ours was leaking and our son had said that he would arrange for it to be repaired – I thought I would save him the trouble by receiving this award. The first email took me into another area in which I was directed to a quiz. I did register at the back of my mind that there was a cost of $4 something per minute and further at the back of my mind $97 something being the maximum charge. But I did not expect Nespresso to be unreasonable and hence went ahead and called the number 1902228173. It was a quiz and seemed easy and relaxing. It was towards the end when the quiz was stopped that I started realizing that they must have been charging me. I rang my husband first and said that I had erred and he said not to worry about it. Then I rang Telstra and asked them about the charge for the call and they said it was $4.46 or $4.96. I was then satisfied that I could afford the call and that it had value at that price. Then on 27 September, we received the Telstra bill but the charges were $97.76  I felt cheated but realised that it was due also to my own lack of focus on such possibilities. I kept disciplining myself back to my habit of blindly deleting such messages / invitations. The following morning during meditation I balanced the gap by the fact that I got an extra day accommodation income for about the same amount – without having to go through extra work. I then felt better and thanked the forces that helped me ‘fill’ that ‘gap’. The next day, I received a further bonus of $100 for some work I had done in the past for which I was not expecting any income. I made the connection to my completion of the experience by taking responsibility for the call charges and yet not having to feel sorry about it for too long – due to reward from past exertion which happened unexpectedly at that TIME. The doctor confirmed it further by sharing with me his appreciation PAMP Minted Lakshmi. To my mind, it was my own commitment to earning higher level income and using it at that level – that brought me the comfort I needed followed by the happiness that Mother Lakshmi was always with me in my heart. As someone once shared with me – the richest person is not one who has most money but one who needs least. To my mind, since I worked to earn my money now that money is working for me and is coming to me to keep my mind filled with satisfaction through the fullness of abundance.

Sri Lanka has within itself all it needs to be self-governing. When the government connects to its Soul – the values would fill the Government’s mind and prevent it from taking from outsiders.

Friday 29 September 2017

Vidya Daughter of Saraswathi
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 September  2017

Today, we Hindus celebrate Saraswathi Poojah – in honour of Mother Saraswathi, the Goddess of Education. To my mind, it was no coincidence that the verdict in the matter of Rape and Murder victim Miss Vidya Sivaloganathan happened during Saraswathi Poojah. Yesterday, when we as a family learnt more and more about the Judgment delivered by the three judges the Hon  Balendren Sashi Mahendran, the Hon Ilancheliyan Manicckavasagar and the Hon Annalingam Premashankar, I registered that the name of Vidya’s mother is Saraswathi. The timing of Judgment happening during this holy period means to my mind that the judgment has been blessed by Mother Saraswathi – the Goddess of Education. This meant also that Vidya died for our education and will resurrect herself to educate her People. Divine beings resurrect themselves.
While getting informed, another ‘commonness’ that struck me was 13 May being the Anniversary of the Allaipiddy murders :
‘Allaipiddy murders refers to the May 13, 2006 killing of 13 minority Tamil civilians in separate incidents in three villages in the islet of Kayts in northern Sri Lanka Wikipedia
Vidya was also raped on 13 May. To my mind that was the natural connection needed to educate many   in that area to whom women were ‘substance of pleasure’ rather than respectable beings. I learnt through this matter, that there were toddy tappers in that area. By being part of Thunaivi community (known as toddy tapper community) I learnt about how their mind structures were designed. Now that they are coming out on their own - meaning without the supervision of the seniors by profession / work they often do not know consciously what the right code of conduct is – especially with those who are more educated amongst their own group. The likes of Vidya in the meantime become attractive to those with least investment in education.
A few months back I said to our coordinator in Thunaivi that I had cancelled plans to build accommodation in our land there – because the intrusions from youth (mostly young adult males) were worrying. I said for example I could not think of bringing our granddaughters there and be comfortable and relaxed. Then our coordinator said words to the effect ‘they would not do anything to you madam or your family’. This was said within the Energy circle of our family temple at the place where I sit and meditate during the early hours of morning, while residing  in Thunaivi. I believe that my lessons learnt at that place happened due to my mind being clear through meditation. I may be the medium or another may be. But I know intuitively as to what I ought to do.
On one occasion, I started writing a cheque in response to a request from a lady who usually repays her loans promptly. But I made a spelling error and because I was seated there – I took the ‘mistake’ as a spiritual warning against that payment. I immediately cancelled the transaction itself. Later I realised that the lady was asking for it for her son to start a business and when the money was not forthcoming easily, the lady did not even come to see me during my following visit. On previous occasions, the lady would visit me and have long chats. Her absence meant she did not feel a deep need nor gratitude for my previous assistances. Had I paid her – I would have denied another more needy person and/or task of that money. Such ‘warnings’ have happened to me through Saint Yoga Swami also and I have shared them through my book ‘Naan Australian’ which to my mind found a home in the National Library of Australia – through the spiritual pathway of the Soul. I did not make any physical or mental efforts towards this passage. To me that is a big confirmation of Soul power. Hence my identity with this power that Miss Vidya had/has in terms of Education. Once we identify with this Soul value – we would feel the eternal presence of Vidya in that area. Many of us have contributed  in various ways towards this elevation. The Judges have given it a very high form.
When we have no conscious knowledge of the causes of a manifestation, but we identify with the ‘reasons’ for manifestation Naturally and Intuitively – this means that we have been part of the Causal forces. One of the less sensational parts of the Judgment came from his Honour Justice Ilancheliyan as follows:
[Justice Illancheliyan criticized Deputy Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran’s  conduct over aiding & plotting the escape of the main suspect Swiskumar from arrest.]
Mrs. Vijayakala Maheswaran who is currently the State Minister for Child Affairs and formerly the Deputy Minister for Women’s Affairs, would resign from her   position if the lady had any dignity as a woman and mother. According to news report by
 [Prof. Thamilmaran got involved due to Children’s Affairs State Minister Vijayakala Maheswaran. She had called him and said, “This boy is good. He is known to us. He is in the Swiss. Help him now and he will help you” and got him to release Swiss Kumar through Jayasinghe, a pupil of Thamilmaran. There is another secret behind Vijayakala’s request – Thamilmaran hopes to contest at a future election from Pungudutivu on the TNA ticket. Shashikumar is a racketeer in the area and his help will be needed for Thamilmaran to contest an election.]
Elected members share their belief through their Soul connections. If we women  do not respect ourselves as women, we would share our weaknesses and fears with others in a ‘free’ environments. It is possible that until now Mrs. Maheswaran did not identify with her lack of respect for herself as a woman. But the above judgment needs to be taken into account at least in terms of structures that would protect the women and children of Sri Lanka.
This is not the first time his honour Justice Ilancheliyan upheld the higher values in life – especially family relationships. During the primary hearing of my brother in law’s Testamentary case at Mallakam Local Courts – the Magistrate failed to discipline the other side lawyer Mr. Yogendra, who kept referring to me as non-family because this marriage to the brother of the Deceased  is my second marriage. This led to me declaring to him that I was not a Prostitute (Appendix). The judgment at the primary level was to dismiss us and uphold the sisters of the Deceased who were aliens to divorce and remarriage, as the more legitimate heirs. When we appealed and the matter came before appeal judges including his honour Justice Ilancheliyan,  the very first time Mr. Yogendra mentioned that I was not family due to being married previously – his honour asked him words to the effect ‘It’s lawful marriage isn’t it?’ 
Within our society, we have the parallels of both sides – Justice Ilancheliyan and Magistrate Gajanithibalan. The former had firm boundaries as to what was relevant and what was not. The latter to my mind failed to uphold the dignity of the laws of marriage which were already integrated with the Thesawalamai Customary Law applicable to Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka. Likewise politicians and law-enforcement officers. When a true practitioner is damaged the damage to the system is exponential.
Manifestations such as rape and murder happen due to the consolidated value of all our investments in that issue and in that area. Those who contribute beyond the physical and mental returns personal to themselves get naturally connected through their Souls. THAT is the basis of ownership rights. Without the soul-value – the transactions are for business and relativity purposes and/or are towards frivolous gossip.
Except for the guy known as Swiss Kumar – the rest of the accused in Vidya’s case  did not seem to have networking capability. Swiss Kumar made business out of ‘freedom’ in enjoying sexual pleasures, demonstrating that he had seriously ‘cheated’ the Swiss authorities who by law were required to respect even same-sex marriage in a highly civilized system that facilitates all types of genuine relationships. But such freedom to someone from an area where even heterosexual marriages are not firmly upheld, would overwhelm someone like Mr. Kumar who seems to hail from a background similar to Thunaivi which is basically a toddy-tapper community. Majority there do not share in the family values of those trained through the higher pathway, largely through the system of education. Punishing Swiss Kumar is likely to put fear in the minds of others who migrated on false claims to nations that respect ‘freedom of the individual’ much more than those who are driven by ‘majority’ power or gang power.
Of  most serious concern is Mrs.  Maheswaran who holds the policy position of exponential growth for better or for worse. When one is naturally  committed to one’s Sovereignty – that person influences through her/his soul and would often perform regularly beyond her/his duty. Such contribution endows Governing power on that person. When such person makes laws – they would be of positive value in uniting the group they are part of. But those with law-making authority who fail to do their duty and try to block others from doing theirs become disturbers of Peace and Harmony. Like those driven by Soul power these custodians of power also spread themselves exponentially to fragment society.
The first duty of a person who is responsible for regulating the administration of women’s affairs is to ensure that the common woman in the relevant area feels connected to the leader intuitively –as a child is to mother. All those who go through pain without compensating benefits – but accept the pain and loss  so the rest would have more than they have earned – have the power of this intuition. That Soul power is naturally shared with their group and beyond with those who are in genuine need of those services. Such power is Universal and often spreads Itself without us being conscious of It. Miss Vidya has become that power for Pungudutheevu and for all those who shared in her pain as if their Sovereignty had been  attacked.
At Thunaivi, we are already conducting sessions through which the respect for females is consciously developed and shared at family level. When the family is regulated towards  Sovereignty, the community it is part of is naturally empowered by such Sovereignty. That is the need of the moment for Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Excerpt from Naan Australian - Chapter 29
[In that Mallakam Court – Mr. Yogendra became the Judge. When Mr. Yogendra stated about my second marriage – and that because of that I was not family – the Judge did not discipline nor did he ask the question as to its relevance to the case.  But when I started giving evidence about my knowledge of what happened in the family in relation to inheritance matters – the Judge stated that it was ‘hearsay’…….
When asked by our lawyer as to why I sought Administration, I stated that I had been leading the Administration of the Common family after getting married to Mr. Paramasivam and that this was an extension of that. I said also my brother in law took over responsibility of the common family after his father passed away and that he paid for my husband’s education after the death of his father. I said that my husband was in the final year of his University education when his father passed away. It is significant that later when directing our lawyer – the Judge said that what I had said about distribution of wealth by my father in law was ‘hearsay’ because I was not part of the family then. But in relation to the payment for my husband’s University accommodation – the Judge said that because my husband had himself received money from his elder brother Mr. Yoganathan – he is not likely to have understood the wealth  distribution system.  In other words – THAT part of my evidence was not hearsay to the judge even though I was not physically present when that happened.
The Judge went further and said that we are not likely to have talked about any of this before my brother in law passed away. The Official Judge said that we were now talking about what happened for this specific purpose. To my mind it confirmed the same message to the Court  by Mr. Yogendra – but using different language – that I was desiring money that was not mine.
As the Judge went on elaborating how it would have happened – I kept shaking my head vigorously.  I knew that I was not allowed to speak in that court unless I was spoken to. I did prepare  a lengthy 34 page witness statement about the evidence I believed was needed by the Court to deliver its verdict as per the Truth and not through hearsay. ……….
I  was effectively ‘dismissed’ after the above question by Mr. Yogendra and my response to it.  I looked at our lawyer and he signaled that I could step down. I stepped down, wore my shoes and picked up the file of documents including the exhibits which were effectively dismissed by all that bullying under the leadership of Mr. Yogendra fully endorsed by the Judge. I carried that document file in my hand but this time the clerk said for me to handover all the documents needed to the lawyer.  I looked at our lawyer and he said to leave the file on the bar table. No documents were used in that Court. But they were already in the Court of Natural Justice as per my true intentions.

As I picked up my file I said to our lawyer ‘I am really disappointed with you.’ At that moment Mr. Yogendra who was standing next to our lawyer – at the head of the bar-table also looked in my direction – and I said to him in Tamil ‘na[f viAl maT ;lfAl’  / ‘I am not a prostitute’. So saying, I  walked towards the Public end of the Court. Then I heard our first lawyer Mr. Nadarajah say to me that I was being summoned. I turned around and walked back to the  witness box and removed my shoes. But I did not get on to the box because no one asked me to.  Then the Judge asked me in a stern voice ‘;T '[f[ ;dmf?/ What is this place?’  I was confused. I was wondering whether the Judge was referring to me not being accepted as  a Ceylon Tamil???  I did say ~mamf instead of Omf in Tamil, when giving evidence.  My mother spoke Indian Tamil as she was born and brought up in Burma.  I was wondering whether I was showing signs of my mother through my Indian Tamil for the word Yes.   ~mamf is Indian for Yes.  Omf is Ceylon Tamil. …..
Besides, Swami Sathya Sai Baba came in my early morning meditation and blessed me. Given that Swami was Indian – I may have brought that pronunciation during the court session. All this was running fast in my mind when the Judge said ‘;T nIti m[fbmf.  cnftil kAtkfkibmatiri kAtkfk PdaT ']fD etriyata? pdicfc ']fD ecalfli nirvak `tikarmf EkdfdidfD ;pfp `TkfKriy tKti ;lfl ']fD kadfdiyacfC.  ecalfLl ecalfbtvid  ndtfEtlfl kadfdibT Mkfkiymf.’ (This is Court house – Don’t you know that you should not show street behavior here in Court? You claim to be educated and sought Administrative authority. But now  through your conduct you have proven that you do not deserve that.  It’s not good enough to say in words. More importantly your conduct must confirm your claim) 
I looked blankly at the Judge for the first part of the above outburst by the Judge. Then the penny dropped – that somehow the Judge had got knowledge of my statement to Mr. Yogendra. It’s often mind reading.
So – on top of being effectively labeled as a prostitute and a cheat – I was now being accused of street behavior. I just stared at the Judge.  The woman in me broke down and cried – silently inside. It really was too much at this point for that soft woman within. 
Then our lawyer spoke out and said to the Judge ‘I apologize on her behalf but her behavior is understandable given that her second marriage was brought before this court again.’  The Judge immediately showed a smiling face to the lawyer and explained that it was not given consideration.  Our lawyer then said to me ‘You better apologize’ . I looked him straight in the eye said ‘No I won’t. I spoke the Truth. I have no reason to apologize for.’

  No one said anything for a few moments and I took my file again – this time from the floor and my bag next to it, wore my shoes and walked away. At the other end of the bar table I bowed to the Judge’s chair  – where my real Lord was seated as per my mind to the extent I spoke the Truth relevant to honor my dead relative,  and walked out of the Court room. ]

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 September  2017

Who Owns the Constitution?

[Chairman of the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reform Lal Wijenayake says no party can criticise the new Constitution as all parties representing Parliament are involved in the interim committee to formulate a new Constitution.
Speaking at a program held in Kandy, Lal Wijenayake said a 21 member Steering Committee lead by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed.
Lal Wijenayake said MPs Bandula Gunawardena, Dinesh Gunawardena and Prasanna Ranatunga represent the Joint Opposition while MPs R Sampanthan and MA Sumanthiran represent the Tamil National Alliance in the Steering Committee.] News Radio Report: No one can criticise new Constitution –Wijenayake
The representatives of  various Political parties have the opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the making of a law as per their  belief which is also taken as the belief of the group that elected them. Belief based outcome IS above the law made by those who came into those positions for lesser purposes of money and status. Hence the Sovereign status enjoyed by Sri Lanka within the Global Community. We need workable laws to regulate the distribution of  inputs and outputs at the lesser levels.
The official Opposition in Parliament therefore is elevated by law to Equal status as the government, to diffuse through intellectual work,  the value of components included in the proposed law. If all members of Parliament were taken to be acting on the basis of Belief – then the outcome represents of Absolute  value. When Absolute value is given physical form at the primary level it would divide into Equal halves – each side seeing their side physically and needing the intellect to see the other side mentally.
Hence the Opposition in Parliament, has the additional responsibility of objectively criticising the outcome projected through the law, on behalf of those who would be offended/damaged by  a section of the Public through actions that could be measured through this particular law. This ‘section’ is taken to be 50% until known otherwise. In other words it is taken as non-belief based power opposing this law.
When this component is known otherwise the following structure needs to be recognized:
(1)  Where majority of the law makers Believed in the issue, they would include minority as part of themselves – as parents include children in a family. Under the circumstances, majority that ‘includes’ and does not offend and alienate, would follow the higher laws of nature  and therefore would regulate the minority naturally, with the support and guidance of Natural forces. Under those conditions, one does not need any  human law because   common belief would naturally work the system to keep the offenders in minority/junior  status. Under those circumstances the corrections happen internally and confidentially. Hence all is fair in Love.
(2)  if the offenders are part of majority and that majority alienates by Particularising that which ought to be Common, the power of the Law is needed by minority side to oppose the offenders’ group on Equal footing, so that the offending tendency does not quietly grow like cancer, due to cover up and impunity. Then a law that shows Objectively measurable  inputs and  outputs becomes is necessary so that the whole does not get damaged due to cover-up on emotional basis. Minority group is empowered to become Equal for this reason. Since they cannot be equal at numbers level – they have to show additional input at the objectively measurable level to maintain the Equal status through a combination of Numbers and Work visibly above the level of majority. Successful militants do just that.
The  Opposition in Parliament has the Administrative Power and Duty to criticize on the basis of projected outcomes, after majority decision by a subcommittee has been derived. The Business approach to Financial Management starting with Zero Base Budgeting which the current Sri Lankan Government has claimed to have committed itself to, works on this principle of Equality between objectively measurable inputs and outputs at the breakeven (zero advantage) level. If those who represent Tamil National Alliance in Parliament are in minority in this Committee on Constitutional Reforms, they have the duty to present logical arguments that would show in picture form in the mind of the most junior member of their side – the inputs (causes)  and their projected outputs (effects) to ‘fill the gap’.
Gandhi did just that when he said in South Africa that the new laws of the empire under General Smuts’ Administration, would have the effect of  showing all non-Christian mothers and wives as whores and their sons as bastards. Gandhi naturally developed  higher thinking structure due to foregoing pleasures / benefits within his reach to become part of the poorer/junior most  environment he was serving. Hence he was able to produce that ‘subjective’ loss of status, as picture in the minds of majority would-be victims of unjust laws. It’s the other side of ‘Sinhala only’(past) and Buddhism foremost (current) provisions in the Constitutions of Sri Lanka. This increases the power of majority – leading to the deterioration of their mind power vis a vis their counterparts in Non-Buddhist communities.
Religion is a healthy pathway due to Belief. Secular pathway is more suitable where non-believers in religion are on the rise.
As per the Island report ‘Prelate calls for referendum on new constitution’ :
[ A referendum should be held on the new constitution proposed by the government, Venerable Anunayake of Asgiriya Anamaduwe Sri Dhammadassi Thera told the Highways and Higher Education Minister Lakshman Kiriella.
Ven. Sri Dhammadassi Thera said so after receiving a copy of the interim report submitted by the Steering Committee appointed by the Constitutional Assembly.
The Asgiriya Anunayake Thera told the minister that it was not sufficient for the draft constitution to be passed by the Parliament and it had to be approved by the people directly.]
The above is in breach of Article 9 of the Constitution which places the responsibility of using Buddha Sasana/Code  as the highest measure. This would work as in (1) above if majority Buddhists and therefore majority Sri Lankans were Believers in Sri Lanka. It is the parallel of General Smuts’ law that recognized only Christian marriages as being lawful. The mind that is insecure in an environment where majority were/are Non-Christians would resort to such top-down measures which are in conflict with Democracy even when they may be better for the whole in terms of status and money. The above Buddhist leader has confirmed that :
(1)   He did not believe that Buddhism based belief was the strongest force driving Buddhists in current Sri Lanka
(2)   Majority Buddhists carried that status for lesser purpose than ownership. Hence they needed to ‘show’ the picture through the more appropriate ‘secular’ path of Referendum. In other words, Buddhism ranks below the secular pathway even to a Buddhist represented by this Buddhist leader.
The Island reports further on this as follows:
[ A copy of the interim report was also presented to the prelate of Malwatte most Venerable Tibbatuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera.
The Most Venerable Mahanayake Thera said that he was not in favour of the executive presidency under any constitution. ]
The above confirms Article 9 of the Constitution through which Buddhism and therefore Buddhist leader has the highest status in the country. It is therefore understandable that he would not want a secular leader above him. The name of pathway we follow to get to the position is the name of that position that we achieve. If a non-Buddhist were the executive president, then such a president is entitled to be the executive of all positions generated through the secular pathway that Democracy clearly is. In a Subjective secular system that Sri Lanka currently follows in most areas, executive presidency would work well where juniors are driven by ‘effects’ and seniors by ‘causes’. The above monk is confirming that the Politicians of Sri Lanka using the secular pathway are not capable of leading in Administration through the subjective pathway. The extreme example of this was the previous regime which ‘killed’ to attack and win and therefore acted in breach of Article 9 of the Constitution. More importantly, if Buddhist monks accepted that as just leadership, that could would  mean to a true Buddhist that  Lord Buddha had already vacated the leadership position of that group.
Like in the case of Buddha – who is the less visible governor within the Buddhist community, the president could be kept symbolically reminding us of the past. But given that the Buddhist monks benefited from such presidency – they do not have the right to judge / decide either way.

In the Ceylon Today editorial headed ‘No one is above the law’, the editor states:
[ Defence Secretary, Kapila Waidyaratne, categorically denying any possibility of the LTTE raising its head again, has clearly stated that Security Forces personnel accused of crimes will have to face the law of the land.
The comments made by the Defence Secretary is timely, in the backdrop of UNHRC High Commissioner Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al –Hussein's meeting with President Maithripala Sirisena in New York on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka and the President's response to the comments made by the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights at the 36th session of the UNHRC in Geneva a week ago.]
LTTE went through many name changes prior to holding this name. Just because I qualify to be listed as Hindu by others, does not mean that I am a Hindu by belief. Likewise Buddhists. A leader of an armed force, has the authority to project on behalf of another only when they are part of the other. To state that LTTE would not raise itself again -  contradicts the following expression by the editor:
[Despite bringing an end to the three decades of separatist war, successfully, Sri Lanka faces an arduous task of improving the human rights situation as well as spearheading the peace and reconciliation process to strengthen unity and integrity in the country. ]
So long as the power of the junior is stronger than the power of the senior – the possibility of war / conflict exists. LTTE carries strong negative karma due to their elimination of  Politicians through whom the leadership opportunity was created. To most who sought through the Political pathway – the Hon SJV Chelvanayagam was the leader of Tamil Nation and hence they refer to him as Father of the Nation. Those to whom militant leader Velupillai Prabhakaran became the ‘Thesiya Thalaivar’ / National Leader  the Hon SJV Chelvanayagam cannot be ‘Thesiya Thalaivar’. The separatists war happened not only between Tamil militants and the official government but also between those who were committed to  the Political pathway and those who wanted to ‘see and show’ results by forming coalitions with outsiders such as Indian Tamils. This would happen again and again where India’s Tamil Nadu Government is disorderly and the Sri Lankan Government covers up its wrongs through majority power. It is better to face the devil than be surprised. LTTE was merely the surface medium through which the disorderly politicians had passage for the separatism they espoused, including through Sinhala only, Tamil only and Buddhism foremost.

The weakness could be cured only when those who have it recognize it in their mind’s eye – as the Indians who followed Gandhi did, due to their own suffering of indignity. So long as Tamils are fearful of finding fault with the ‘boys’ even for disciplinary purposes – the next batch of militants are already in the making including in the minds of Indian Tamils as well as Diaspora Tamils who celebrate militancy. Whether it is right or wrong – depends on the measure used. It certainly is not the current constitution of Sri Lanka to which non-Buddhists cannot claim ownership. 

Monday 25 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 September  2017

Water for Jaffna Project – Foreign Intelligence to Manage Tamils?

The Sri Lankan Government is opposing the move for foreign judges to hear allegations of war-crimes. The Government is entitled to such ‘privacy’ only to the extent it has maintained its Sovereign status. To the extent Tamils were treated like ‘foreigners’ by the Government soldiers Tamils are entitled to insist on foreign judges who are more worthy of their trust. The lack of entitlement on the part of the Government is indicated by the latest move in regards to Water Project in Jaffna:

[Water for Jaffna: simple, brilliant plan from expat Lankan engineer
Reducing evaporating surface area of Vadamarachchi lagoon
A new project for water supply to Jaffna utilizing rainfall into the Vadmarachchi Lagoon with a surface area of 78 sq. km. was announced on Friday by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Policy Development Office.
"The Project envisages making use of 20% of the annual rainfall in to the Vadamarachchi Lagoon with a surface area of 78 sq km. This project approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the Chief Minister of Northern Province, is implemented under guidance of Vidya Jothi Eng. A.D.S Gunewardana, retired Secretary Ministry of Irrigation and retired Director of Irrigation," a news release issued by the office said………………………………..
The Dutch and a number of British Government Agents have tried their hands at supplying water through the lagoon with little success. However, the specialists who were engaged with this matter have established one important fact. The lagoon can be leached under controlled conditions," it said.

"Lately the Israeli, American, German and Australian consultants have carried out feasibility studies to supply water to Jaffna’s population. All these attempts were unsuccessful but now a Sri Lankan Engineer, Professor R.K. Guganeshrajah of Surrey University, has come up with the new proposal to prevent evaporation partly with a simple but brilliant engineering intervention by storing 20% of total rainfall on 78 sq km in a small tank of 10 sq km thereby reducing the surface area from which evaporation is taking place.] – The Island

Vidya Jothi Eng. A.D.S Gunewardana, by name, gives one the indication that s/he is of Sinhalese origin. Likewise, Professor R.K. Guganeshrajah gives one the indication that s/he is of Tamil origin. Given that Reconciliation between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities is taken as part of the National agenda, and given that the land area in which this project is based was strongly influenced by militants and given that Jaffna is generally considered the Tamil capital  in Sri Lanka, the placement of persons in positions is most important. Vidya Jothi appears to be 5th ranking honour presented as follows by Wikipedia:
[The Vidya Jyothi is a Sri Lankan national honour awarded "for outstanding scientific and technological achievements". It is the highest national honour for science in Sri Lanka for outstanding contribution to the development of the country through dedicated work in the chosen field. It is conventionally used as a title or prefix to the awardee's name. Vidya Jyothi ranks lower than Veera Chudamani; … Veera Chudamani ranks lower than Deshabandu…. Deshabandhu ranks lower than Deshamanya…… Deshamanya  is the second highest national honor of Sri Lanka (after the Sri Lankabhimanya) awarded by the Government of Sri Lanka as a civil honour Sri Lankabhimanya is the highest national honour of Sri Lanka awarded by the President of Sri Lanka on behalf of the Government. ]

Those who know Jaffna from the inside would identify with the deep investment made by the Common Jaffna Tamil in Higher Education. The title of Professor therefore would be one of the highest ranking honours to the Jaffna man. Hence placing Professor R.K. Guganeshrajah as the highest manager in technical part of the project would have demonstrated value for the investment made by the Jaffna Tamil in Higher Education. In terms of overall management, there were others available – indicated by the following for example – at :  
[Countering Climate Change: Maintaining Food production in Jaffna, Sri Lanka Thiru Arumugam, Freelance Consulting Engineer, Sydney, Australia Kanagasabapathy Shanmugarajah, Freelance Consulting Engineer, Sydney, Australia Lucius Mendis, Member, Governing Board, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka
………………………………………In January 1983 a report was submitted to the President of Sri Lanka, J R Jayewardene urging the completion of the scheme. The President convened a meeting in May 1983 at which he directed the Government officials present to implement the scheme. He also appointed K Shanmugarajah, a co-author of this paper, as Consultant for the Project. Unfortunately the 1983 internal disturbances occurred shortly thereafter and the implementation did not proceed. In July 2003 the then Minister for Irrigation and Water Management, Gamini Jayawickrema Perera, after visiting the project site was to submit a cabinet paper for the completion of the project. He described it as an “all embracing solution for water problems in Jaffna”. Due to change of Government shortly thereafter, no further progress was made on project implementation. In October 2007 at the Annual Sessions of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, held in Colombo, a Resolution was passed by an overwhelming majority with only one dissenting vote. The Resolution urged the Government to complete this Project. This Resolution has been conveyed to the Government. A presentation on the River for Jaffna Project was also made by the principal author of this paper, Thiru Arumugam, in November 2007 in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the Nobel Peace Prize winning Pugwash Organisation’s Workshop on Learning from Ancient Hydraulic Civilizations to combat Climate Change. A resolution worded as follows was passed at this Workshop, proposed by Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala, President, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs and seconded by D L O Mendis, a co-author of this paper: This Pugwash Workshop resolves to recommend to the Government of Sri Lanka that the project known as A River for Jaffna that was started some fifty years ago, and almost completed, but is now in a state of disuse and abandonment, should be restored without delay, as a most important step towards including Sri Lankans of the Jaffna peninsula in the development and enjoyment of the natural resources of the country, thereby contributing to early achievement of a durable peace. This Resolution will receive global publicity when the Proceedings of the Pugwash Workshop are released in the near future. When this project is finally completed there will be a complete transformation in the agricultural productivity of the Jaffna Peninsula and the quality of life will also be greatly improved by solving to a large extent the problem of salinity in wells.]

Mr. DLO Mendis did contact me over this project which  I felt was due to the indicators that I was a Democratic Project Manager – already active in post-war development work in Northern Sri Lanka. But this project seems to not have been taken to completion stage. In any case, Mr. Mendis demonstrated his respect for the Jaffna mind and to me that is of Common value. As per the effects, the current leadership seems to be driven by ‘takeover’ mentality. If the above report by the Island is factually correct and the Hon C.V.Wigneswaran did approve the project – then Mr. Wigneswaran is not entitled to claim ‘Genocide’ on behalf of  Northern Tamils.  Mr. Wigneswaran is no longer eligible to seek the removal of Sinhalese Army from Northern Province. One needs to be Common to hold that entitlement. I wrote recently about this as follows:
[An individual who has contributed strongly to Commonness of a group would naturally feel motivated to stay within that group and continue to serve that group. But when other members of the group take the person for granted and fail to feel gratitude or at least show respect to fill the gap between cost of their membership in that group and the benefits they draw from and/or due to being a member of that group – the higher contributor loses motivation to stay within the group. Those who have transcended their attachment to benefits are able to share with wider world. They feel ‘free’. But those who are attached to the  benefits would tend to fill the ‘gap’ between costs and benefits – and hence they would tend to ‘think’ they are free, based on the excessive benefits or feel depressed due to lack of return for their costs/investments  and would tend to breakaway  into a smaller unit over which they have greater control and/or kill/eliminate  the other side to reduce their side and try to takeover power once they are able to control the cost-benefit structure. This happened in the case of Tamil militants as well as Sinhalese militants. In the case of Tamils the higher risk was from Tamil Nadu in India. Many leading members of the Tamil Tiger group built direct bridges with Tamil Nadu through fishing and smuggling activities. Eventually this bridge became stronger than the others through more regulated pathways formed by higher mind structures. ]

Vadamarachchi is part of that area which brought our community the Indian influence. This project would therefore have the effect of seriously demoting the educated mind of Common Jaffna Tamil who did not forget Jaffna even after migrating to Colombo and beyond. That would go towards killing the motivation of the more educated Jaffna Tamil to contribute to development in Jaffna. What have you done Mr. Wigneswaran!

Sunday 24 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 September  2017

Higher Post-war Development through e-learning

[Sri Lankan authorities have admitted in a Dutch documentary that thousands of babies born there were fraudulently sold for adoption abroad in the 1980s.] BBC World News Report ‘Sri Lankan baby trade: Minister admits illegal adoption trade’

One of the accusations made against the Tamil Tiger leadership was their use of children in combat. One  cannot use the same law to relate as to which is right and which is wrong if  the structures / contexts in which the respective outcomes were born are different. Common law could be applied only where the manifested outcomes happened through Common structures. Until we know otherwise, we are entitled to taken them as common if as per our knowledge the laws are applicable to both sides. Those who claim to be Sinhala Nationalists are not  therefore entitled to use Sri Lankan Common Laws nor take remuneration through  positions based on the Common Sri Lankan structure. Recently I received Communication under the Subject matter:Take Action against the Hunt for our War Heroes Bill aka the Enforced Disappearances Bill
The BASIS / Law / Value of my response to this is explained as follows on the basis of three Sri Lankans’ express views:
1.    Shivanthi Ranasinghe wrote : REGISTER YOUR PROTEST SIGN THE PETITION
My response: Shivanthi Ranasinghe’s influence – goes towards endorsing majority and hence protecting armed forces from outside scrutiny. I looked at the message/suggestion and decided to stay away from it because I follow the structured system to the extent I can without compromising on the Truth I have experienced. Hence I could not have obliged Shivanthi

2.       Jayasinghe (To my mind an Australian Sinhalese) – ‘What is wrong with setting up The Office of Missing Persons? Don't you like the idea of Human Rights?  A decent society protected from criminal

My response: – in terms of global communication principles and values (Mr. J) has demonstrated lack of commitment to current merit based system. Hence when I read his response to Shivanathi – I took it to be on personal relationship between Shivanthi and himself where he was the Senior.   So he merely asks the question using other people’s theory to keep his senior position

3.     'Rajeewa Jayaweera’ of Sri Lankan origin now living in London to Mr. Jayasinghe:
- If there is nothing wrong, could you enlighten us, reasons for world’s two greatest ‘defenders & offenders’ of Human Rights i.e. USA and UK besides your adopted country Australia have not ratified the Convention?
My response: To answer Rajeewa who has demonstrated respect for my current work, through our common investment (Sri Lankan Airlines) – Sri Lankans are to be taken as Sovereign until proven otherwise. The armed officers fought their equals and had to use the principle underpinning the conclusion ‘all is fair in Love & War’. The line was drawn by the LTTE for it to be ‘free’ of common order. If under those circumstances the soldiers had followed the common order – they would have had less energy to protect themselves – leave alone kill the enemy. Unless Tamils who are free of LTTE influence seek such lawful pathway – they would be defeated in the global context. Sinhalese fear this defeat and hence this move.  Likewise USA & UK Governments to protect their soldiers.  They don’t need to so long as they do not claim ‘victory’ while in official positions. The mistake the Rajapakse regime made was to claim victory despite knowledge of breaching the common law and using the international system to list the LTTE as Terrorists. By celebrating victory – they alienated themselves while taking remuneration out of the Common Purse. Without the protection of Commonness, these moves are all threats from that wider world in which Tamils now have gained membership – through Politics as well as Public Administration. UK & USA are leaders in that group. Sri Lanka is a junior. Sri Lankans on both sides do not want to be juniors in the global common  system. They would rather be ‘free’ in their small world. That was the lesson learnt about Thunaivi – a toddy-tapper village in Vaddukoddai who are being taken over by welfare providers in the name of post-war development. They were considered a high risk group during the war and rightly so. It does not take much to lead them to emotional pathway – the one they are comfortable with and through which the more distant person – however good s/he may be become the enemy – hence the demotion to enemy status - as in sledging.
Common Laws help us to think along the same structure, to give form to a problem and therefore the solution. The discriminate mixing of expressions leads to chaotic waste by demoting knowledge to Data/information.
There is a saying in Tamil that the pain of the child complaining of lack of salt in his rice-soup and the pain of the child complaining of lack of sugar in his milk are to be taken as Equal. In other words, when cultural differences happen due to structural reasons, dfferent orders in which money is shared,    one cannot reliably relate one with the other. A big part of Higher Post-war Development is happening through e-learning.
 That pathway drew my attention recently to Groundviews article – ‘The Danger in Distorted Education: Sri Lanka’s History Curriculum’ in which the author whose article, to my mind, was born through the  milk-consumers’ pathway states:
[In June 2016, the Global Education First Initiative (GEFI) convened a debate on the ‘Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education’ at the UN in New York. At the event, Anusheh Bakht, a GEFI Youth Advocate, observed that school curricula were often used as political tools to ‘perpetuate a certain belief system to guide thinking.]
In Sri Lanka, Those who were involved in Baby Trade / Child labour in Kandy are milk-consumers due to carrying the Royal Kandyan / Political Leadership genes, whilst those who recruited children for combat were / are rice-soup consumers. So long as these children were confined to their own areas – they were ‘saved’ from earning the curse of   groups outside their cultural boundaries. I learnt this lesson while serving the Toddy-Tapper village of Thunaivi in Vaddukoddai District in Northern Sri Lanka – which gave birth to the Political Declaration of Independence in 1976. Given the caste-based discrimination that existed in Vaddukoddai at that time,   the Senior castes who led the manifestation of this declaration were in the ‘milk-drinkers’        group and the junior castes who demonstrated brawn power took over the manifestation. The example that comes to mind is the Hindu Legend of Churning the Ocean of Milk, in which Lord Shiva – the Destroyer of Body-Consciousness consumed the Poison that came out first during the churning and in which the Asuras (those driven by brawn-power) hijacked the Nectar that came out after the poison was cleared. The Nectar came with Lord Dhanvantari – the Lord of Ayurvedic Medicine – to my mind, the parallel of Lessons Learnt in the war issue. It’s the closest to Natural cure.

If we take the two sides as LTTE and the Sri Lankan  Government – then LTTE becomes the demon. When they are judged by Law that was NOT followed by the Government, the Government becomes and abuser of Power in the Court of Natural Justice. If we accept that both sides had their demons and their gods, AND we have the parallel of Lord Shiva – the higher mind that has transcended majority power – that mind swallows the poison representing the common weaknesses – we have the  Ayurvedic Medicine – the Common Natural Solution. The alternative is to devolve twice – first to separate on ethnicity basis and then again to separate the brawn and the brain so that we live in our own separate worlds. In the above legend one of the Asurar/member of brawn community,  pretended to be Thevar / member of divine community and took his turn to have a share of the nectar distributed by Lord Vishnu in damsel form. The moment he completed the task – Lord Vishnu severed  this Asura Swarnabhanu’s head from the body and we have two de facto planets – Rahu and Kethu in Astrology – a science in which both Sinhalese and Tamils have invested. To my mind, they represent incomplete worlds which think they are sovereign. So long as they operate individually – they are harmless but not progressive. When one joins the other for Common purpose – one must take the lower position as per the nature of that purpose. Academics for example need to take the position of juniors when learning about armed combat and Armed forces need to take the position of juniors when seeking to be driven by knowledge based global participation. 

Friday 22 September 2017

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 September  2017

University doing the work of  Parliament?

[But people such as Guruparan and Thananchayan wonder: “Can they trust the results of a process where they believe they’ve sacrificed so much, where they must go to the Supreme Court just to affirm their right to self-determination?
If they get a new Constitution, would it actually represent their interests?] Daily News article ‘Mavai Senathirajah’s landmark decision’
The above declaration was made in the consciousness of the case Chandrasoma v. Mavai Senathirajaha in which the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka ruled that seeking Federal structure was not unlawful. The reasons included the following:
It is established that there is a clear distinction between words ‘federation’ and ‘confederation’. The main issue in this case is whether advocating the establishment of a federal state is tantamount to establishment of a separate state. It is relevant to consider the manner the federal states were formed in various parts of the world. United States of America, Australia and Switzerland are federal states. Thirteen States which were former colonies of the Great Britain joined to establish United States of America. The reason for uniting under one state is to promote trade and to ensure the security of the States. Six States in Australia in fear of pacific powers united to establish a federal state. In order to remove linguistic and regional differences Swiss federation was formed. Great Britain, France and Italy are examples of unitary states”.  
No we did not need the Supreme Court to educate those to whom Tamil Nationalism meant Federalism. We need to be ready to go to Courts to defend our expressions of belief are challenged and/or we are anxious that our Belief based pathway would be blocked by others. It is for this reason that we manifest our belief as ‘facts’.  As per Daily Mirror report on this matter:
[The Learned Counsel for the Petitioner at the hearing and in the written submissions based some of his arguments on the Vaddukoddai Resolution passed by the newly formed Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) on May 14th 1976, which advocated establishment of a separate State. The contention of the Counsel for the Petitioner was that the ITAK has unconditionally and unambiguously endorsed all resolutions of the TULF going back to 14 May 1976.  
In regard to this submission the 1st Respondent (ITAK secretary) in his written submissions took up the position that the claims to territorial Statehood made in the Vaddukoddai Resolution adopted over 40 years ago in 1976, at the 1st National Convention of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) presided by Mr. Chelvanayagam, QC, and Member of the TULF and not by ITAK.]  
The above mentioned Vaddukoddai Resolution led to the Tamil Political Party TULF becoming the leading party in National Parliament through National Elections in 1977. This meant that Tamils had the Blessings of Natural Forces to have Equal power in Parliament. This happened again in 2015. Every Politician who is true to her/himself – will know that this Equal  is the maximum status one is entitled to in a Sovereign State. The 1977  achievement was hijacked by the Tamil militants who were strongly influenced by India’s Tamil Nadu. Once that influence starts – we lose the value of Sovereignty.
One could form a law, based on one’s own true experience and/or inherit from others by paying our respects to them. Once we pay our respects – we are no longer juniors but Equals in status to the one from whom we inherited.  A child who pays her/his respects to the parent becomes an Equal in power even though s/he may hold junior position in the structure. The Vaddukoddai Resolution was/is  the manifestation of   such minds which paid their respects to Common Sri Lankans – whatever form they came in – and this group of Common Sri Lankans included Tamil Political Leaders who gave birth to the Vaddukoddai Resolution. They respected the laws of Sri Lanka, even though they opposed some provisions. It is indeed the duty of an Equal leader in Democracy, to Oppose. But the way it was interpreted by militants was different – they interpreted it as Separatism. That was ok – so long as they separated themselves from Politicians using the official pathway. By hijacking the effects of that resolution militants became guilty of cheating the owners who gave birth to that Resolution. Now there are those who follow the essence of that Resolution at their own levels and there are others who follow the militant leadership. Recently I received an invitation to attend the 30th Anniversary memorial service of ‘Thiyaki Thileepan’ here in Australia, confirming the endorsement of the latter.
When Sinhalese JVP opposed the Government – they revealed their goal to be  to overthrow the Government. Most of the time we do not identify with natural causal forces. We tend to learn more quickly through effects. No, younger Tamils like Dr. Guruparan and Mr. Thananchayan, did not ‘sacrifice’. Had they sacrificed,  their minds would have risen to higher level thought structure. They ‘lost’ those who would have led them towards Self-Governance through existing pathways including those practiced  outside their local territory. One is entitled to take a loss as sacrifice only when one had earned the value – through merit and/or by paying one’s respects to those who have already earned the value.
Unlike Australia and other Nations mentioned by the Learned Judge , the separation happened due to our failure to pay our respects to those from whom we inherited opportunities and wealth. Even in the case of the above discussion, was it a Political Discussion or an Academic discussion? Given that the resources of the University of Jaffna were used should it not have been an Academic discussion with the conclusions shared with the People of Northern Province first?
As per the Daily News report:
[Professor K. Guruparan, head of the Department of Law at the University of Jaffna, was more critical in his assessment of the decision.
The fact that a political party in Sri Lanka has to go through the Supreme Court and convince Court that they are not advocating for secession, is in itself an attack on free speech,” he said.
To my mind, the above confirms too much external knowledge and very little internal belief. This could happen if the goal is the establishment of a Separate Country in which the likes of Professor  Guruparan would hold much higher positions than they do now in the Sri Lankan context. If we take Multicultural Sri Lanka as the parallel of heterosexual marriage, Tamil Only Eelam would be the parallel of same sex marriage. Sinhalase already accepted Sinhala Only and hence tried to make it law and if not for the opposition of Tamils they would have disenfranchised themselves from other multicultural nations including Australia and certainly India – the largest Democracy of our times. By seeking separation instead of Equal Opportunity, Tamil militants – especially the LTTE also was seeking to disenfranchise themselves. Between Tamils and Sinhalese, one got the Terrorist label and the other War-Criminal label. If both are legitimate, then we are separate groups.
The question is – ‘Is same sex marriage for aliens or for fellow Australians of diverse make up?’ Where it is the latter – we are ready to give birth to the laws to confirm our maturity as a multicultural nation. The generation that went through the pain and sacrifices of alienation owns the first right to interpret the law. That is NOT the younger generation that Dr. Guruparan and Mr. Thananchayan belong to. The first right to interpret self-governance laws, is with  the generation that had to dumb-down to prevent internal fault finding to save the Community’s dignity as a whole. We migrants dumb-down all the time here in Australia until natural forces takeover, including through issues that are common minority issues to majority group as well.
Neither the Hon Sumanthiran nor Professor Guruparan seems to have the willingness to dumb-down to be with the locals. During a press conference earlier this year as published at Professor Guruparan says that those with knowledge should not use such knowledge to intimidate the ordinary folks. Professor Hoole trained in America for example asks on the basis of a matter that manifested at the  University of Jaffna: What indeed are our values in Jaffna?
The above matter came to my attention through those who have faith in my ability to heal internally through the system of Dharma / Natural Justice. I learnt through the contacts available to me that there was possibility of misinterpretation by the older generation, of more democratic management practices. I identified with this through my own experiences in Resource Management here in Australia and in terms of Marriage in Sri Lanka where those who carried the old Tamil & Muslim mind-structure through which they had power used my second-marriage to demote me in Courts.  
When I read Dr. Hoole’s article I identified with Dr. Hoole’s negative assessment of the immediate past Vice Chancellor Professor Vasanthi Arasaratnam strongly driving his conclusions that Dr. Dharshanan was guilty as charged by the University Council. As per my mind, the Natural rule of Subjective influence is that the same source that you rely on could not be right in one matter and wrong in another. If the University Council was wrong in terms of Dr. Hoole then they cannot become right in the case of Dr. Dharshanan, in Dr. Hoole’s mind. The article seems to be based on private war between Dr. Hoole and Professor Vasanthi Arasaratnam. Dr. Hoole states for example:
[Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts (RAFA)
The recent case of Dr. S. Dharshanan shows how much Tamils care about protecting women. On Sunday, 18 Oct. 2015, as part of the Sarswati Poosai festivities, children at a famous dance school on Navalar Road, Nallur South showed off their talents. The Chief Guest that evening, like a cat among the young pigeons, was Dr. S. Darshanan, Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Music at RAFA.
What was strange was that at a Special Meeting of the Council of the University of Jaffna, on Wednesday 14.10.2015, Darshanan had been interdicted after numerous complaints of sexual harassment by his students and colleagues Yet, it made no difference in Jaffna. He held a great job. He was therefore still fĂȘted at the music school where he extolled religious values in his speech. Several men preying on women (and even boys) continue to be similarly honoured in Jaffna so long as they are educated and hold high positions.
Recently student complaints against Dr. Dharshanan forced matters to a head. Prof. Arasaratnam had suppressed these complaints since 2011. His mother-in-law is her beautician. Cornered, a Special Council Meeting was forced on Arasaratnam when a harassed student threatened suicide. Council Minutes confirm that the complaints date back to 2011 at the University’s RAFA and that they center around Dharshanan and one Mr. Robert Arudsegaram. Complainants included many female staff members of the Music Department besides students. (I have heard of students having to go to staff quarters to meet their teachers where they are met by a staff member wearing only a towel round his waist).]
How did Dr. Hoole come to the conclusion that Dr. Dharshanan was a ‘cat among young pigeons?’ The fact that he condemns the Vice Chancellor to whom he lost the position – could be found in his articles. During those elections when I felt that Professor Arasaratnam was the best choice for that position at that time, I read articles about alleged sexual harassment by the then Vice Chancellor. Abusing laws – be they cultural or legal – is as damaging to our brain as the damage caused to the minds people by the problematic act  which a person is being accused of. In this case Dr. Hoole had to have ‘objectively measurable’ evidence that a valid complaint was made by the persons affected, before he wrote about someone else’s experience. It is valid for him to  write subjectively about his own experience and about those who are part of himself. Beyond that one needs ‘facts’ provable through objectively verifiable evidence’. To insert in this article the message ‘I have heard of students having to go to staff quarters to meet their teachers where they are met by a staff member wearing only a towel round his waist’ confirms low level thinking order and if I were Dr. Dharshanan I would institute Defamation action against Dr. Hoole and Colombotelegraph who published this article. We are innocent until found guilty by one who has the due authority. Now I understand why I did not feel inclined to support Dr. Hoole to become Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna. Dr. Hoole fails to meet the basic requirement of Objectivity  needed to be demonstrated in Democratic Management. This weakness exists despite his American exposure or is it worse because of it? Back then my decision was made after praying at Lord Shiva temple within the University. The meditation I felt while there helped me clear the distractions to identify with the need to distract from this kind of deviations. If members of the University of Jaffna did not have the strength to protect themselves we are not eligible to claim that we are self-governing.
It is my understanding that Dr.Dharshanan is incurring high level legal costs – just to move the University Council to hold an inquiry. My question to Professor Guruparan and Mr. Thananchayan is: ‘what contribution did they make to research and find an in-house  discovery, through the path of law, to identify the causal forces that manifested this matter which is treated as dead-matter by management? - motivated by  the core purpose of Research and Teaching of the University?..  As per today’s communication from the Diaspora the Hon Sampanthan says in relation to the Constitution: ‘ Sri Lanka is a country inhabited by different people with distinct identities, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims , the Malays, the Burghers and so on.  Sri Lanka is also a functional democracy, in which several political parties function .’
Those using the subjective pathway need to take their place behind those who use Democracy as their main pathway.