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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







On 25 May 2023, Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam spoke in Sri Lankan Parliament, about the illegality of  Buddhist shrine built at Thayitti, in Northern Sri Lanka. On the same day, the President of Sri Lanka, stated at the Nikkei forum in Japan, in terms of the subject matter Democratic Values & Human Rights –

‘If the West wants a rule based order, the West must adhere to these rules all the time.’

The problem was surfaced by the Tamil MP on the same day the Common President provided the solution. The commonness is from Royal College Education in Colombo. That commonness renders Equal status in Colombo.


Land-grab is not just a Sinhalese problem. This was highlighted in the following conversation:


Tamil Diaspora Leader: (About the local speech) Thank God we have Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and Gajendran to take the fight to the Chauvinists; however it would be of no avail: the travails of the North East Tamils would be of no concern to the International community . At the Geneva  sessions in March & in September , lots of speeches will be made , some countries paying lip service to Tamils’ rights , while a few other nations will be shedding crocodile tears over the violation of human rights, crimes against humanity , war crimes committed on innocent Tamil civilians. That’s all .

Gajalakshmi - Truth is also another name for God. In Thunaivi, not far from the office of Suhash, Mr Wigneswaran, then the chief minister inaugurated a building which was built on occupied land. To date, Suhash has not protested against it. They in fact become the contributors to the culture of ‘illegal occupation’. Truth is not with them. They are at the same level of civilisation they accuse the other side of


When we merge all known manifestations through our own truth, we have the solution at our own levels. In the President’s shoes, I would implement a Rule-Based-Order for both side MPs - Sinhala & Tamil - in national parliament. This would lead to ‘common interpretation’ at base level.


When the lowest level applier – say the police constable or the citizen, is able to apply the rule directly, political variations would be minimised.   The rule in the case of land occupation ought to be that the complaint has to be by the owner and/or her/his representative.  Where none is present, the local government authority needs to certify that as per its records, that there are no active owners.  Thereafter, the issue is between the local government and the National government responsible for Police powers.


The example that comes to mind is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


On 21 May 1976 several leading Tamil politicians (A. AmirthalingamV. N. NavaratnamK. P. RatnamM. Sivasithamparam and K. Thurairatnam) were delivering leaflets when they were all arrested on government orders.  Sivasithamparam was released but the others were taken to Colombo and tried for sedition. All the defendants were acquitted on 10 February 1977 after a famous trial at bar case in which around 70 leading Tamil lawyers, including Ponnambalam and S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, acted for the defence.


The above actions and arrests happened 5 days after Vaddukoddai Resolution was manifested on 14 May 1976. Hence the ‘fear’ and ‘desire’ were due to Vaddukoddai Resolution.  This was preceded by the Tamil Nadu experience presented as follows by Wikipedia:


In January 1976 the Union Government of India dismissed the state government of Tamil Nadu, accusing Chief Minister Karunanidhi of corruption, and imposed President's rule.  Ponnambalam represented Karunanidhi at Supreme Court &  justice Ranjit Singh Sarkaria's commission of inquiryKarunanidhi was cleared of the corruption charges.


To the extent Sri Lankan government benefitted from India’s contribution to independence from Colonial Rule, but failed to pay its respects to India, the Sri Lankan government’s mind would have the polarised experiences of desire and fear in its relationship with India. Hence the above victory in India would have caused fear in Sri Lanka, contributing to the ‘arrests’


The Indian experience confirms merger of minds through law. But this is no longer a reality after weapon based opposition by both sides. Hence the need for simple rules.


Hence the need for Rules Based Order. Some of us practice that in family life when challenged by differences in culture. We do not run to the authorities for family problems.

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Sri Lanka is the oldest Democracy in Asia, with a Parliament tracing its origins to 1835 and universal franchise sustained from 1931. Yet, our multiparty political system is not the norm in other parts of Asia…..It took the West over a century and two World Wars before Democratic Values and Human Rights became the norm. Similarly, in Asia, I doubt that there will be an immediate consensus on the fundamental values of the political system or a definition of Human Rights that is acceptable all Asian countries. Moreover, the strengthening of democratic values in a complex background of big power rivalry is also an onerous problem. - President Ranil Wickremesinghe highlights Asia’s significance at the Nikkei Forum on the Future of Asia in Japan



If the above is true, to that mind - the tragedy in Mullivaikal, Sri Lanka, in 2009 is not fact, but myth. A fact has truth or belief as its soul. If the 2009 battle that resulted in deep pain and suffering for Tamils, is ignored by Sri Lankan government,  it is a myth to them.  Hiroshima’s pain also would have become a myth if the Japanese had accepted the atomic bombings in 1945, as senior’s disciplinary action towards including the junior.  I present this as follows in my book ‘Different Logics, which is with the Sri Lankan president also.



In Australia, I did not recall the professional status I enjoyed in Sri Lanka. But to the extent I earned that status on merit basis and/or by paying my respects to seniors, that status renounced became my intuitive / natural intelligence in the global system of Democracy.’ – chapter 19 – Sweet & Sweetness


The pain I endured, to make a home in Australia, for my family, became a heritage, due to its sacrificial nature.  Likewise, Japan in global context.  The Sri Lankan government is the parallel of the West about which the Sri Lankan President states

If the West wants a rule based order, the West must adhere to these rules all the time.’


As per Wikipedia,

‘The rules-based order (RBO), describes a set of global, rule-based, structured relationships based on political, economic liberalism  and liberal internationalism  since the late 1940s… More specifically, it entails international cooperation through  multilateral institutions (like the United Nations, World Trade Organisation  and International monetary Fund)


Sri Lanka’s separation with RBO was confirmed through Mullivaikal bombings 64 years after Hiroshima and the above speech happened  78 years after Hiroshima.

The President emphasises the power of China as follows

‘Asia’s strength is derived from its openness.

The territory comprises some of the world’s wealthiest economies and some of the poorest; large sub-continental powers as well as small states.

This diversity has only served to strengthen the region’s role in the global arena. All of our countries benefited from the cooperation between the US and China in the post-Cold War era. Yet the subsequent rapid rise of China and the inability of the two countries to agree on China’s role on the international stage have led to rivalry and needless tensions in our part of the world.

The recent plan by the Sri Lankan government  to export 100,000 toque macaque monkeys to China indicated to us that the debt to China by Sri Lanka, was becoming a sin. Now this express support for China further confirms this.  Given that the IMF came to the rescue of Sri Lanka, one would expect the president to express appreciation for RBO and the West.  Lack of gratitude accumulates negative karma.

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24 May 2023

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Foreign Minister Penny Wong says Australia's relationship with India has "a lot of momentum" after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a raucous welcome at a cultural event at Sydney's Olympic Park overnight. – 9 News

The stated purpose of Mr Modi’s visit to Australia, was the QUAD. But the outcome was in the form of Economic Migration.  At the deeper level, it is a loss for China, in terms of settling its own people in other nations, like Sri Lanka.

To the average Australian, Sri Lankans also would be ‘Indians’. Likewise Ms Wong would be ‘Chinese’. As per the above report, Ms Wong concluded as follows:

"What's important here is we've got the world's largest democracy, the world's most populous nation, India, saying 'We want to partner with others to ensure an open and resilient Indo-Pacific that is a region which is peaceful and stable',"

To my mind, this happened as per the need of both nations. The parallel of this is simultaneously happening in Sri Lanka also. India needs emigration and Australia needs immigration. If there is a war involving China and India on opposite sides, Australians of Indian origin would be in the front-row, of Australian Forces. They were in the Sri Lankan war, after China invaded through Hambantota on the excuse of  Belt & Road initiative. Hambantota is in the religious jurisdiction of Hindu Tamil Philosophy of Murugan – the deity of Democracy. Hence each time Sinhalese prayed to  Murugan – they prayed for victory through armed war and also for Indian Hindu Tamil migration to Sri Lanka. It is a kind of Royalty to the Hindu philosophy to custodians of Hindu power in Sri Lanka.


In addition, it is also in conflict with their belief in Buddhism. Two philosophies of different beliefs would naturally merge at the destination of Truth/God. The pathways must run parallel and not meet. If they met on the way one becomes senior and the other, the junior. Hence Buddhism foremost article naturally diluted the power of Hindu Murugan in the mind of Sinhala Buddhists.


In Sri Lanka, Murugan in Kathirgamam is relatively  poorer than the Murugan of  Nallur – in Northern Province. The ultimate reality was loss of wealth by South and gain of wealth by North through emigration to economically progressive Western countries.  This is the essence of the saying 'Failures are the pillars of success.’ This is true where the two groups are with one sovereign power and the side that failed seeks and finds the weaknesses that caused its failure.


In the case of QUAD, the member nations are against China’s military power. But the average Australian of Indian origin would tend to view it simply as Opposition to China. Hence in its own way, QUAD power has been strengthened through Indian culture of loyalty in Australia, through immigration.

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21 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





The US is not keen to pursue a new iteration of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Sri Lanka at present, visiting US Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) Afreen Akhter told The Sunday Morning last week.  Security partnering: US not pursuing SOFA with SL at present  - The Morning


Last week the American President failed to turn up for the QUAD meeting in Australia. This was reported as follows by CNBC under the heading ‘Australia cancels Quad meeting in Sydney after Biden postponement’. But the same President attended the G7 summit in Hiroshima.

Today, I was invited to comment on ‘How Will Our Religions Handle the Discovery of Alien Life?


My response began as  follows:


I believe that all beliefs, including through science and secular law are religions. As the author has highlighted, ‘if you marry the Spirit of your own generation you will be a widow in the next’ This is time based. If place based this would read as ‘if you marry the Spirit of your place, you will be a widow in in other places.’  

SOFA was a local agreement. If the parties got married under that agreement, they would not have global partners.


I continued to explain my logic as follows:

Buddhist Sri Lankans and Hindu Indians are examples of this. This can happen due to realising that we are Universal souls or due to recognising only through the physical – such as Tamil Eelam & Sinhala only. One in the relative world has no authority to mark one in another world right or wrong. That is the law of Sovereignty as well as the base of relativity.


You respond to the question ‘Is Earth a privileged place? Do we have an obligation to care for beings on other planets?’ as follows:


(They are trying to care for us morons bent on destroying our planet!).


If  ET is from another form parallel to Earth they have no jurisdiction to take care of us. They are like a Buddhist government that is unable take care of other religions. Similarly USA has no jurisdiction over Sri Lanka in local issues.


If ET is considered Universal  Energy, yes it certainly has authority to take care of us, including through Disciplinary actions.  The vertical form of this Universal power is known as ancestral power/heritage. Religious form is such vertical form. 


The USA had such global power through UN to take action against LTTE. On its own it had no such power to help or to punish.  In terms of Tamil Eelam – even if we see it through eyes of the traditional owners of Tamil homeland, unless we believe we are traditional, we had no jurisdiction over areas developed through funds earned in multicultural areas such as Colombo and Kandy. Likewise, Sinhalese. One version of ‘Chief Seattle Speech’ presents this beautifully as follows:


‘Your dead cease to love you and the land of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb and wander away beyond the stars. They are soon forgotten and never return. Our dead never forget this beautiful world that gave them being.’


In other words, those of us who genuinely value local heroes / relatives will raise them to Universal level. Beyond that they cannot be accessed through local communities. We have to become Universal. In Democracy, this is global. Hence those who married local autocrats like LTTE chief, or Gotabaya Rajapaksa, would become widows at global level.


 Now that there is Natural restructure of Global positions due to Covid, those of us who sought sovereignty at local level, would not be able to access global opportunities. The Americans have lost interest in SOFA, and to a lesser degree in QUAD. Hiroshima is the brain where intuitive Energy of Nuclear Healing is preserved. In Sri Lanka, this is at Mullivaikal, in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. But only those who share in the agony of victims, without taking revenge or benefits will have the insight to identify with the solution written by our common ancestors .



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20 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






The People may be distracted by ‘separatism’. But Truth keeps revealing that the current president is focused on the ethnic issue and seeks to get the right ticks from the global community.’ Gajalakshmi  Paramasivam LOVE OR NIRVANA?


‘Many of us agree that the provincial councils don’t have adequate powers, but have a historic context and have been part of our constitution. Even then, the government is reluctant to hold elections to them. Clearly, the President has set his eyes on national election , This exercise (talks) is only to show the international community that he is a leader willing to engage with the Tamils, that is all.’ TNA MP  Sivagnanam Shritharan through the Hindu.


Two members of the same Tamil community, with contradicting/opposing views of the same person occupying the position of President of Sri Lanka. Who is true and who is false?

The Hindu article is headed ‘No agreement in devolution talks with President Ranil Wickremesinghe: Tamil National Alliance’

The Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord was an accord signed in  July 1987. At that time, the two leaders were from two different nations. The warring side was not  from India. Or was it Indian Energy channelled through the LTTE?

Right now, quite a few Indian Tamil Cinema groups have become active in terms of the Sri Lankan war. Not one of them is known to be part of  the Sri Lankan Tamil community.  To be Equal Opposition, the whole needs to be One. The Tamil Cinema could therefore be the natural opposition of Sinhala Cinema. But not so of Sinhala Politics.

On 14 May, I learnt through an Alumni group about the passing away of Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran . It affected me as a professional because of his sister who also was in my ‘batch’ of Chartered Accounting students and was part of my hostel community. Such relationships are formed on higher common structures.

Later, another respectable professional referred me also to the eulogy headed ‘Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran, the philosopher-physician’ by Professor Panduka Karunanayake of Sinhala origin. I was deeply touched by the eulogy by one Sri Lankan to another. This gave me hope for ‘Common, Sri Lanka’ for which I did not need foreign involvement.

As per a recent communication headed ‘Foreign interference in the community’ from Australian government, we need to beware of being brainwashed by foreign governments and other foreign groups.

The question needs to be asked as to whether one has the right to enter into an agreement with another government about ownership rights and contents of the constitution? The 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution was born out of the Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord. The LTTE was NOT a party to it.

The provincial council structure was part of the 13th Amendment. It resulted in the killing of the Indian Leader by the rebels who felt left out.


Any new ‘agreements’ on ‘ownership’ rights would lower our level of governance.  Those who believe in the law,  have ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Constitution. A believer in National law will be supported by all those who genuinely practised or Opposed that law. Buddhism came to Sri Lanka from India. Likewise, Tamils. Manimekalai who is the nucleus of the Tamil epic, about which Wikipedia states:

The Manimekhalai palm-leaf manuscripts were preserved and found in Hindu temples and monasteries along with those of Silappadikaram. It is the only surviving Tamil Buddhist literary work, though commentary and secondary Tamil literature evidence suggests that there were other Buddhist epics and texts in the Tamil language at least till the 14th century’


If Tamils therefore identify with Buddhism, they would feel supported by Buddhist ancestry. If we identify with Hinduism, we would feel supported by Hindu ancestry. The two would then oppose each other, after we declared at Vaddukoddai  that we were politically independent of Sinhalese Nation.

This was tested in 2013 when Mr C V Wigneswaran became Chief Minister of Northern Province went back ‘home’ to multicultural Colombo. His words and actions are not in harmony. As per the Hindu report,  Mr Wigneswaran who now represents Jaffna recommended an interim Administration at the Provincial level. This means he is not able to identify with Jaffna’s ancestral Administrative Elders. I believe that I am an Administrator of global standards. I therefore naturally oppose Politicians. This naturally eliminates political weaknesses in the common group. Mr C V Wigneswaran reacted to Buddhism ‘to show’ the voters and showed ‘Hinduism foremost, damaging our investment in religious commonness. In turn he missed out on the blessings of our Elders of British origin from whom we inherited Public Administration of global standards. What a mess!

So long as we have common souls like Dr Sabaratnam Sivakumaran, the philosopher-physician’ and  Professor Panduka Karunanayake, as our Elders we will continue to make our own Sri Lanka where Professionals and Philosophers lead the military.


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18 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Am I living in Truth or am I thinking that I am living in Truth? What is the test? As per my discovery, that truth, if experienced would be the certifier. Hence ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ test in Court. If we have doubts – it means we don’t believe.  In a court of law, some  doubts are allowed due to different cultures using different beliefs. In the adversarial system, judgment is   the stated  truth of  the side that produces more ‘facts than the other. In the inquisitorial  system, the decision is made by the senior.


The Sri Lankan constitution provides for both in terms of religion. Article 9, which renders ‘foremost’ status to Buddhism confirms the inquisitorial system. Articles 10 & 14 which are under fundamental rights section, need the inquisitorial structure.  Hence I wrote as follows yesterday, under the headlines ‘TAMIL NATIONALISM OR SEPARATISM?:


The Lesson Learnt  from the LTTE is that we need an Equal level Opposition to diffuse the other side. This is essential in Democracy. LTTE fought against armed forces . Both sides fought outside the boundaries of law.

Given that Sinhala only is no longer a political tool in the constitution after the 13th Amendment we need to fight against its mutated form – Buddhism foremost in article 9. In other words, religion against religion. Given that Buddhism preaches non-violence, we need to strictly follow non violence in practicing Hinduism. This will make them junior to us. Each time this is interfered with we need to take legal action against the Government under fundamental rights articles 10 & 14(e) of the Constitution.’


The confirmation that it was needed, came this morning through Daily Mirror article ‘The runaway prophet? Glorious Church says he didn’t flee’, which begins as follows:

Prophet’ Jerome Fernando, the man in the middle of controversy over his statement on other religions including Buddhism……’

Kelum Bandara also reported under the heading ‘Pastor Jerome lands in hot soup over insulting Buddha’:

Over the weekend, a video showing Jerome preaching against Lord Buddha and Buddhism made its rounds on social media, creating an uproar amongst the majority of Buddhists, who demanded immediate action against the self-proclaimed Prophet for his derogatory remarks…… In his video, Jerome claimed that in a Buddhist’s mind, they never hear the love of Buddha as their focus is enlightenment.’

"But to be enlightened you need light. The name Buddha itself means enlightened one. So what is greater, light or enlightenment?

Some social media users even went to the extent of calling Jerome a self-proclaimed fake and demanded an apology for insulting Buddhism, while some others called for his arrest, claiming he was attempting to cause religious disharmony in the country………………. Meanwhile, the police said they would act if a complaint was lodged against Jerome Fernando. ‘

Will the police charge under article 9 or under articles 10 & 14 (e) ? Would Tamil Nationalists consider this an opportunity to highlight the risk of separatism promoted by this conflict between two conflicting provisions in the constitution?

The latest news report confirms arbitrary arrest as follows:

Pastor Jerome Fernando, who is facing a CID investigation over his hate comments against Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, will be arrested upon his arrival at the BIA as there is a travel ban issued against him by the Colombo Fort Magistrate, Police Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa said.’

In yesterday’s posting, I stated also as follows:

Belief in the same corpus through different pathways naturally oppose each other and do so exponentially.’

The following happened on the same day:

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed three new governors for the Wayamba, Northern and Eastern Provinces a short while ago, the President’s Media Division said. 

Accordingly, former MP Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena was appointed as the Governor of the Wayamba Province, P.S.M. Charles as the Governor of the Northern Province and Senthil Thondaman as the Governor of the Eastern Province.’

The timing confirms that mine was a governance contribution, be it in agreement or to oppose.

The interesting connection with Mr, Thondaman and India is confirmed as follows: at


INS ‘Batti Malv’ arrives at port of Trincomalee on official visit

The Indian Naval Ship (INS) ‘Batti Malv’ arrived at the Port of Trincomalee on a formal visit this morning (16th May 2023). The visiting ship was welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in compliance with naval traditions.

INS ‘Batti Malv’ is a 46m long ship which is manned by a crew of 101. She is commanded by Lieutenant Commander MAN Singh M Mane. The Commanding Officer of the ship called on Commander Eastern Naval Area and Commandant Volunteer Naval Force, Rear Admiral Dammika Kumara at the Eastern Naval Command Headquarters today. Meanwhile, the ship’s crew was engaged in a Visit Board Search & Seize (VBSS) training exercise at the Special Boat Squadron Headquarters in Trincomalee.

During the ship’s stay, the crew will take part in several programmes organized by the Sri Lanka Navy, with a view to promoting cooperation and goodwill between two navies. They are also expected to go on a sightseeing excursion in Trincomalee.

Concluding her official visit, ‘Batti Malv’ will depart the island on 17th May and she is expected to engage in a Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with a ship of the Sri Lanka Navy off Trincomalee.’

Yesterday I published the view of my opposition as follows:

Tamil Diaspora Elder: In 1947 the East had 45% Tamils, 45% Muslims , 6% Portuguese Burghers & 4% Sinhalese. At present there are  over 40% Sinhalese, 30% Muslims & 30% Tamils. From 1947 to 1960 there had been no Seruwila electorate in the Trincomalee district. Very soon the Northern and Eastern provinces will send less Tamils MPs to parliament.’


The People may be distracted by ‘separatism’. But Truth keeps revealing that the current president is focused on the ethnic issue and seeks to get the right ticks from the global community.

To use Father Jerome’s measure ‘Does the President Love his nation or is he Enlightening the country so we would balance the Equal Opportunity Equation through Administration?


Wednesday 17 May 2023

17 May 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






Discussion with a  Tamil Diaspora Elder, on the basis of  Flawed Expectations: The Executive Presidency, Resolving the National Question, and Tamils’ by Kumaravadivel Guruparan.


Tamil Diaspora Elder:All the executive Presidents from JRJ to Gotabhaya Rajapakse and his proxy Ranil Wickremasinghe, in fact all the Prime ministers too from D.S. Senanayake to Dinesh Goonewarddna have , irrespective of their divergent political differences, been in  unison on the point of resolving the Tamil National question:


Gaja: The way Ranil Wickremasinghe became president is different to those of others.  Out of the current politicians known to me he has proven to be the most law abiding one. He confirmed this during the constitutional crisis in 2018. President Sirisena came to power due to desire which seriously damaged his own heritage under Rajapaksa led SLFP of his generation. He may have come to power through lawful process. But his conduct in using powers without belief became sin. Sins spread themselves exponentially. Now the positioning is as per that karma. When we keep our minds still, our positive karma surfaces. When our mind is idle, our negative karma surfaces. Both spread themselves naturally.


Tamil Diaspora Elder: ‘resolving the Tamil issue is simple and unambiguous; Sinhalese residents will be settled in every province in order that the Sinhalese will be a majority in deciding the elected representatives in the Pradeshiya Sabhas, urban councils , municipal councils & Provincial councils ( already Tamil members are a minority in the Eastern Provincial Council ) . This process will be gradual but will  certainly be carried out slowly and surely .’


Gaja: As per Gayathri Mantra’s ‘OHM BHUR BHUVA SVAHA’, we bring together, the body, mind and soul / past present and future. Truth alone has this uniting  power. Majority power is the most visible power. In terms of the above forms, it is the Body / Past. By depending  heavily in the past, we go backwards. As per the theory of rebirth we take only our Svaha / Truth / Soul into our future.


Tamil Diaspora Elder: In 1947 the East had 45% Tamils, 45% Muslims , 6% Portuguese Burghers & 4% Sinhalese. At present there are  over 40% Sinhalese, 30% Muslims & 30% Tamils. From 1947 to 1960 there had been no Seruwila electorate in the Trincomalee district. Very soon the Northern and Eastern provinces will send less Tamils MPs to parliament.


Gaja: True ownership never dies. Gayathri Mantra is known also as Savitri Mantra confirming that truth is eternal. As you would know, Savitri brought her husband back to life. If we bring the truth of 1947, we would identify with its global form in the present.


Tamil Diaspora Elder:  Within the next 20 years Tamils & Muslims will be a minority in all the 22 districts. Thus according to the Sinhalese ruling class , as long as Tamils form a minority - like in the districts of Colombo, Kandy etc., - they cannot indulge in vehement protests.’


Gaja: Not visibly so. But if Tamils raise their thinking to global levels and use global laws, the local protests become global without any conscious efforts on our part. Such global minded Tamils will naturally influence globally visible outcomes such as the one that happened in 2022.


Tamil Diaspora Elder:  One or two vocal struggles could erupt but they would be crushed with the jackboot of the Army . The defence personnel have been housed in permanent residential quarters in N/E. I myself have seen beautifully built residential accommodation in ‘vallai veil’ on the Jaffna - Point Pedro Road; after passing Atchuvely , There is a Pillaiyar temple midway at “vallai” . As one proceeds further on the road, on the right there are a number of residential quarters constructed . There are many such quarters constructed all over the North and the East. So folks this is how the ruling coterie will solve the Tamil problem within the next 20 years .’


Gaja: Pillaiyar / Ganesh & Murugan are Common deities of Tamils & Sinhalese. If Tamils have deeper faith in these Divine powers , Sinhalese who worship them would become juniors to Hindu Tamils. Majority power would then be merely to ‘show’ outsiders, as happens in most Western countries. Rishi Sunak is a good example of how global Hindu power works.


 Tamil Diaspora Elder: The Indian governments have been well aware of this. I had saved a well written analysis of the Tamil issue by a career diplomat of the Indian foreign device . I’ll search for that article and forward same to you, Ganesh .


Gaja: In the real world India is our senior at country level and our Elder as per truth. Wherever Hinduism is practiced genuinely, India, the elder gets her share. As per Wikipedia for example:


Indonesian Hinduism

The Gayatri Mantra forms the first of seven sections of the Trisandhyā Puja (Sanskrit for "three divisions"), a prayer used by the Balinese Hindus and many Hindus in Indonesia. It is uttered three times each day: 6 am at morning, noon, and 6 pm at evening.’

Bali is a global island. If we chant Gayathri Mantra with belief we also will become global – without leaving Northern Sri Lanka

The Lesson Learnt  from the LTTE is that we need an Equal level Opposition to diffuse the other side. This is essential in Democracy. LTTE fought against armed forces . Both sides fought outside the boundaries of law.

Given that Sinhala only is no longer a political tool in the constitution after the 13th Amendment we need to fight against its mutated form – Buddhism foremost in article 9. In other words, religion against religion. Given that Buddhism preaches non-violence, we need to strictly follow non violence in practicing Hinduism. This will make them junior to us. Each time this is interfered with we need to take legal action against the Government under fundamental rights articles 10 & 14(e) of the Constitution,


In the publishing , Flawed Expectations: The Executive Presidency, Resolving the National Question, and Tamils " Kumaravadivel Guruparan highlights this as follows:


The preceding analysis makes clear that the modus operandi of the presidential elections did not contribute much to drawing Tamils into a national constituency. In fact since the mid-1990s it appears that any presidential candidate seeking to attract votes from the Tamil constituency can only do so at a very serious risk of alienating the Sinhala Buddhist voting block


Belief in the same corpus through different pathways naturally oppose each other and do so exponentially. But when benefits are taken, they become relative powers. When the corpus changes from Sri Lanka to Tamil Eelam, we become outsiders and therefore separatists.