Wednesday 18 May 2022


18 May 2022





Yesterday, the Sri Lankan Parliament defeated the Motion against the Sri Lankan President. The Hindustani Times reports as follows:

[The motion by Opposition Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP M A Sumanthiran to suspend Parliament’s standing orders in order to debate an expression of displeasure over President Rajapaksa was defeated with 119 MPs voting against it, the Economy Next newspaper reported.]

I was satisfied that my ‘intelligence’ in this issue was balanced.  On 01 May, I presented it through my article headed ‘TAMIL POLITICIAN DEVIATING FROM DUE PROCESS’. I was categorised by some Tamils as ‘ignorant’. But the Sri Lankan Parliament has upheld my belief in it.

I stated ‘Any process in Parliament needs to be taken through Due Processes established by lawmakers past and current. Without those minds – the current passage has the risk of imbalance brought about by  emotions.  When Mr Sumanthiran presents it without belief that his constituency seeks this, it becomes ‘personal’ which is dangerous in politics as has been proven by the current government.

The emphasis is on ‘past’. As per the system of Karma – when there is a restructure at fundamental level – only the Truth from previous structures comes  into the new structure. The Protests have disrupted the Parliamentary structure of Sri Lanka – as we knew it. The happenings seem like that of the Russian Revolution and the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II followed by his exile. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa’s current plight seems to be manifestations of those forces. Did Communism win to defeat the Monarch of Sri Lanka?

Today is the Anniversary of the defeat of the LTTE remembered through the sufferings of Victims of war. The Truth will prevail there also. Those who actually ‘use’ civilians as a shield to remind themselves of the LTTE would invoke LTTE  which also said  Communism but actually practiced autocracy. To mourn for civilians – one should not find fault with or celebrate either side in the war. Loved ones need to be facilitated to have their own outlets to remember and then celebrate the lives of those who died in war. Even soldiers have to be celebrated for their contributions to civilian life. It is cruel to deprive Civilians  of this right to mourn. Playing politics even in the mind – blocks this pathway for civilians.

The TNA’s motion was politically driven and lacked governance power of the Constitution. Due Processes are the less visible pathways through which many of us connect to our ancestors. An outstanding example of this in Sri Lankan Parliament is Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The amazing  truth is that this defeat of the No Confidence Motion is actually an endorsement of the President’s appointment of the Prime Minister as per Article 43(3) of the Constitution:

[43(3) The President shall appoint as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament who in his opinion is most likely to command the confidence of Parliament.]

The current constitution originated in UNP mind. The Tamils of Jaffna also relate more to UNP  than any other party, in terms of  National leadership. During the 2018 Constitutional crisis – TNA had that support of the People of North to act in favour of UNP. Those ancestral powers worked against the No Confidence motion in relation to the President who confirmed the Confidence of the Parliament by appointing Mr Wickremesinghe of the UNP. If we live by our truth, the truth of the Universe comes to support our own true work.  




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