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My global minded medical friend wrote in response to my yesterday’s sharing:

[Thank you, Gaja. I too believe in karma, the unknown force when the sins took place in a past (now forgotten life).

The very driver of samsara.

The present tragedy in Sri Lanka may be attributed to the karma of mistreatment of the Indian Tamils in the hill country, pogroms set up by crooked Politicians against the minorities, and finally the thousand or so years of ill treatment in the North East based on caste.

(Also the human atrocities of both sides during the civil war).

These have probably added up to the present debacle that Sri Lanka is facing, an unrelenting debt crisis as is happening in Kenya.]

My response was:

[Thank you. At first I acknowledged the system, as I did in the case of Swami. But now I know that it is real. To me it confirms that – each one of us carries divinity within us. When our true service is not respected by the respective beneficiary, the god in that person accepts it. That is then exponential power. The person who enjoys the benefit without doing what s/he can, develops debt which becomes ‘sin’ when the debt is not settled. Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekharan of RAW quoted me on this in one of his articles. He read my work regularly and continues to support me even though he left his mortal coil in 2021]


Most Sri Lankans known to me have some knowledge of astrology through horoscopes. Accordingly, there are periods during which those who fall under the same star have similar experiences.


Recently, Channel 9 reported as follows about Chris Ulman:

[Uhlmann said the only other time interest rates increased during an election campaign was in 2007, when incumbent Prime Minister John Howard lost to Labor's Kevin Rudd.

"John Howard always promised that interest rates would be lower under the government that he led," said Uhlmann.]


Yesterday, in his Island (Sri Lanka) article headed ‘Why were interest rates raised?’ – Dr C A Saliya said about the current state of Sri Lankan economy:

[The behaviour of market forces in macroeconomics is not instantaneous. We cannot experience the impact of these forces, immediately, like fire or wind. We would feel the behaviour of market forces such as inflation, unemployment, stock markets, interest rates and exchange rates, only with a time lag. Then it may be too late. We can now feel their impact because neither the political authority nor the officialdom made a serious attempt to manage them even though many economists and others had warned well in advance that our country was heading for bankruptcy.]

The Common Sri Lankan would call these unrecognized influences ‘karmic forces’. Like in the case of Macroeconomics, the effects of karmic forces are not immediately known. But they would be ‘felt’ by those who have positive karma in the issue and/or place.

In the case of Mr John Howard I contributed to his downfall by escalating my discrimination pain to policy level. This meant that I did not take any lower level settlement – even in my mind. The measure was my own cost – especially in terms of ‘lost status’ through the label that I was a frivolous and vexatious litigant. When Mr Howard lost his seat – I measured through my feelings and knew that the value of my work was added to the Universal system of karma.


Then I learnt about the Common connection between the Australian Health Ministry and the Sri Lankan government’s breaches in Health Service provisions revealed by ABC’s 4 Corners program on 02 May, under the title ‘Profiting from the Pandemic


Again I have positive karma with ABC. Hence that karma helped me complete the picture in this issue.  Where we do not have independent evidence, our experience based intuitive intelligence completes the picture for us – as per our current need. 4 Corners presents it as follows:

‘LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: Nimal Perera has emerged as a bag man for the ruling Rajapaksa family.

In 2016 it was Perera's confession which prompted the spectacular arrest of the prime minister's son, Namal Rajapaksa. Perera had admitted to collecting millions of rupees on Rajapaksa's behalf from a real estate company.

In your opinion, would you describe Nimal Perera as a collector for…?

WASANTHA SAMARASINGHE, ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGNER: Of course, of course. On behalf of the Rajapaksa's family, he was the famous collector of their family.

LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: And there's Aspen Medical…

It was anti-corruption campaigner Wasantha Samarasinghe who tipped off the police…

WASANTHA SAMARASINGHE, ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGNER: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. That is the account Aspen Medical used to send the money to Singapore Sabre Vision accounts.

LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: … triggering the years-long probe by Sri Lanka's FCID, or Financial Crimes Investigation Division, into suspected money laundering offences.

WASANTHA SAMARASINGHE, ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGNER: Nimal Perera, he wants to protect the Rajapaksa's connections. Firstly he tried to hide the whole, this connection. Finally, CID found so many details. That's why he couldn't continue that lie.

LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: The police could find no evidence that Sabre Vision Holdings or Nimal Perera had performed any service for the money paid by Aspen Medical. Those funds never went to the hospital …

The money trail led here, to this property in an affluent suburb of Colombo. Nimal Perera purchased it with some of the money from Sabre Vision Holdings. But what really caught the attention of police was that it was soon combined with this property immediately next door. It housed the private offices of Namal Rajapaksa, the then president's son.

The question was obvious… Was Nimal Perera again secretly collecting money for the Rajapaksa family, this time from the hospital contractors?

And if so, what was the role of Aspen Medical?’

LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: Mr Perera told us he was an agent for the head hospital contractor, but never did anything for Aspen Medical.

So why did Aspen Medical pay you two payments of €687,000?



NIMAL PERERA: No, Aspen Medical has not paid to me.

LINTON BESSER: Nothing at all?


LINTON BESSER: It sent the money into the accounts of your British Virgins Islands company.

NIMAL PERERA: No. It's wrong.

LINTON BESSER: Sabre Vision Holdings.

NIMAL PERERA: Yeah, that is my previous employer.

LINTON BESSER: At the time of those transactions, according to business documents from the British Virgin Islands, there was only one beneficiary of Sabre Vision Holdings, and that was Mr Nimal Perera.

NIMAL PERERA: No, that is because of, by default. Since I became the managing director of that company, I became the beneficial owner.

LINTON BESSER, REPORTER: Mr Perera's explanation to Four Corners differed wildly from what he originally told the police.


The above indicates to the genuine seeker:

1.    The connection between Aspen Medicals – the Australian company and Mr Namal Rajapaksa, in relation to Hambantota Hospital

2.    That British Virgin Islands was the vanue for exchange.

The picture is completed by the following:


British Virgin Islands’ Premier Andrew Fahie was arrested Thursday on charges of conspiring to import cocaine and money laundering after a successful sting operation led by U.S. authorities.

British Virgin Islands premier arrested on cocaine-smuggling and money-laundering charges


We call it time based karma. Australian Benjamin Judd of Channel 9 presented it as follows:

[There's a niggling belief in the Western psyche that bad things always happen in threes. From natural disasters to household mishaps, if it's happened twice, it's definitely going to happen a third time. Particularly when it comes to death.

And it doesn't seem like an irrational belief – sometimes celebrities do appear to die in groups of three.

In 1997, the world was shocked by the deaths of Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and Gianni Versace. In 2009 it was Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon. And as recently as 2014 it was Joan Rivers, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Peaches Geldof.]


It looks as if the Protestors empowered by just-minded Sri Lankans are completing the picture in Sri Lanka.

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