Tuesday 17 May 2022

17 May 2022



"Comment is free, but facts are sacred". ….A newspaper should have a "soul of its own"  - British Journalist – CP Scott

The core purpose of Media Freedom is to share this soul power with the People. When we are true to ourselves, we identify with the truth in others. That is Soul-Power. Most discoveries by our ancestors are not known to us. But they Exist. We access them when we identify with our true needs.

In The Morning article ‘People’s protests: Some observations’, Attorney at Law - Sajini Fernando shares as follows:

[However, at the time of writing this article, I saw some disturbing posts circulating on social media about how the daughters-in-law of the former Prime Minister should not be killed, but be considered public property, and how female supporters of the ruling party should be assaulted and raped for the political views they hold. Although the catcalling, sexual harassment and objectification that we women are so used to is not condoned in the GotaGoGama space, I wonder whether this is a false sense of security confined to this space, when I see what people choose to publicly share on social media platforms, under the guise of supporting those who peacefully oppose the ruling party and the corrupt system.]


Victory through unregulated pathways surfaces the truth in its natural form. This led to war-crimes accusations against the Rajapaksa government. In turn, the Tamil politician who relies on the LTTE voters is showing illogical conclusions such as claim that the President could be ‘removed’ from office through ‘no confidence motion’. That is how Mr Sumanthiran confirmed his dependence on the ‘protestors’. – expressed through the interview with  The Print  -  Why Gotabaya Rajapaksa must go & Mahinda may flee to Africa : Sri Lanka MP Sumanthiran

Mr Sumanthiran’s claims are the parallels of those in social media – highlighted by Sajini Fernando . Both are Attorneys at law. If the Bar Association of Sri Lanka was operating through its soul, it would know that it does not have the moral authority to ‘advice’ the President through the space developed by the civilian Protestors.

 Why did Attorney at law Ms Sajini Fernando not report against Mr Sumanthiran’s deviations from the process of law at this point in time? Ms Sajini Fernando  says ‘Although the catcalling, sexual harassment’.   As per my experience in lower Courts in Colombo as well as in North (Mallakam) – the word is not ‘Although but Because of’.  Judges fail to discipline lawyers who fail to respect the woman. Often ‘social habits’ surface in ‘free’ environments – such as the media, armed war and  parliament.  Official Media that is not true to itself is the parent of Social Media.  Likewise, the Unregulated army gives birth to guerrilla forces. Most importantly – in current Sri Lanka, the unregulated Parliament is the father  of the Protestors. Every Politician who ‘votes’ for them confirms this. 

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