Monday 31 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 May 2021





As per Indigenous Australian belief, sacred sites should not be disturbed. I believe that this applies to any heritage. I believe that  heritage is Energy. When we respect a person, place or theory, we confirm the presence of Energy.  It is therefore exponentially damaging to invoke heritage towards current benefits – which are matter. To my mind, on that basis China became the origin of the Covid virus when it invoked the Silk Road heritage. This has been repeated by Canadian Tamils who actively supported the war memorial reconstruction at University of Jaffna, for current political benefits. They thus caused the Indigenous Canadian spirits to take Equal position through Universal Commonness. Hence as per my mind, it was Tamil Canadians who claimed Genocide that invoked the Kamloops Indian Residential School’s negative heritage which is presented by Wikipedia as follows:


The Kamloops Indian Residential School, part of the Canadian Indian residential school system opened in 1893 and ran until 1977. In May 2021 the remains of 215 children were found buried on the site of the school. Located with the assistance of a ground-penetrating radar specialist, Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation Kúkpi7 (Chief) Rosanne Casimir indicated that the deaths were believed to be undocumented and that work was underway to determine if related records are held at the Royal British Columbia Museum. In a statement released by the First Nations Health Authority, CEO Richard Jock said: "That this situation exists is sadly not a surprise and illustrates the damaging and lasting impacts that the residential school system continues to have on First Nations people, their families and communities." ]


As per ABC Newsreport:


[Residential schools were "an integral part of a conscious policy of cultural genocide" against the country's Indigenous population, according to a Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada report in 2015.]



To my mind, the fact that the exposure happened at a school and that it has been referred to as Genocide by wider world is no coincidence.


On 13 January 2021, I quoted as follows, in my article headed ‘WAR MEMORIAL IN UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO?’:


[As per 680 News report headed ‘Tamil-Canadian rally condemns destruction of Mullivaikal memorial in Sri Lanka’: [Tamil-Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area organized a car rally Sunday, to condemn the destruction of the Mullivaikal memorial in Sri Lanka.

The Mullivaikal memorial is a series of stone sculptures commemorating the thousands of civilian Sri Lankan Tamils killed during the last phase of the country’s civil war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and Sri Lankan government forces. The facade portrays events across the decades-long conflict from the burning of the Jaffna Library in 1983 to children killed in the 2009 civil war.

The memorial was unveiled in 2019 at the University of Jaffna and reportedly bulldozed by Sri Lankan authorities on Friday night.

The rally commenced at Brampton City Hall and drove down to Toronto City Hall and Queen’s Park.

Brampton mayor Patrick Brown called the move a form of “structural genocide” and condemned the move.]


The University of Jaffna was the memorial for merit based entry to University through Sri Lankan Government’s Standardisation Policy 1971. That memorial was disturbed by armed combatants – especially the LTTE,  which recruited  members from schools. Ms Niromi de Soyza, the author of the book ‘ Tamil Tigress’ – as per my knowledge, studied at Holy Family Convent – Jaffna where her aunt was my classmate. By joining armed combatants, Ms Niromi de Soyza, contributed to Genocide of Tamil intellectuals.

A University has the responsibility to seek and find truth. The logo of the University of Jaffna carries the message ‘Knowledge is that which leads us to the truth.’ The origin is Thirukural couplet 423. Hence when the war memorial was constructed at the University of Jaffna, it effectively covered up the negative energy that armed combatants established in Jaffna.

When the Canadian Government failed to address the true issue that underpinned Tamil protests in Canada which led to Genocide declarations highlighted as follows in my article ‘DUALITY OF CANADIAN GOVERNMENT’ on 19 May:

[Gary Anandasangaree of the same party stated his alleged belief as follows:

[As we near the 12th Anniversary of the #Mullivaikkal #Genocide, I rose in the house to pay tribute to our fallen Tamil brothers and sisters. The march towards justice is long and painful, but we will continue until justice is served.]

Many Canadian leaders receive my emails but the only ones who cared to respond were Tamils. Some may think that it is not fair to expect the leaders to read them. But I do believe through my own experience, that the Truth leads us to read that which is close to Universal power of truth. When we do not – it manifests its own to balance the powers of Commonness.

I do believe that by expressing my belief I am contributing to the sovereignty of my hone-groups – Sri Lanka and Australia.

The Sovereign powers of the University of Jaffna need to be maintained through respect for the truth that gave birth to it, followed by current laws common to Sri Lankan Universities.

In this regard, I responded  as follows to one who to my mind, covered up a University Council Member - Mr Aru Thirumurugan’s ignorance displayed here in Sydney:

1.    You state:

[Goddess Saraswathy -- Provider of Knowledge and Wisdom being in a standing posture (very rare) demonstrates JHC is there to make their students to be spot on and outstanding in their chosen field and be a God loving good citizen.]

Gaja’s Response:

When I was a little girl, my mother said to me

Kehl Mahale; Kehl!

If Laxmi is in standing position she would go out;

we pray to Lakshmi in sitting position –

so she would stay.

When we pay - Whatever will be, will be]


You have explained why மெய்ப்பொருள் / – another name for Saraswathy has walked out of your Alma Mater

2.    You conclude:

[You have not only hurt me, Aru Thiru with your baseless comments and other old boys of JHC in the email loop. My humble request is, please refrain from making comments without knowing well the person and or the substance under discussion.]

Mother Saraswathy who groomed me at Holy Family Convent is saying that you are confusing yourself – by stating that you are humble but at the same time you are ‘telling’ me how to conduct myself. That is like Thuriyothanan addressing Krishna as Idayan / Shepherd boy!

The conversation began with Mr Aru Thirumurugan’s shows of ignorance shared with the Australian Tamil Community:



Sent: Thursday, 26 April 2018 11:07 AM
Subject: Dr Aru Thirumurugan 's blunders


Dear Fellow Hindu Australians,


I share with you my comments about the negative value of the recent discourse delivered by Dr Aru Thirumugan at Sydney Murugan Temple  cultural hall – these have been already sent to The Saiva Manram Inc: – Dr Aru Thirumurugan states that the audience at Saivamandram on 22 April 2018

1.       At 20:27  - That the Audience have done punniyam / spiritual virtues


This implies that Australia is more spiritual than Sri Lanka.   How does Dr Aru Thirumurugan know that?  Spirituality is exponential and not relative.


2.       At 21:53 - Dr Aru Thirumurugan  states that Tharman went after Thuriyothanan to seek the support of Lord Krishna. This is technically wrong. It was Arjunan who went to Krishna. There is a difference between Dharmar’s seeking and Arjuna’s seeking. Arjuna’s was from the soul. Hence the Bhagavath Geetha was shared with us through Arjuna and not through Dharmar.

3.       At 29:18 about the Earthquake and the deaths due to it – as if that was a negative karma. We chant Sivapuranam to elevate the achievements of the person passing away – to the higher level – towards absolute value.  Hence ‘ paasamaam pattraruthu paarikkum Ariyaneh!’ / One who eliminates affection . 

 There is pain in us when we lose  sight of a loved one – which happens at death of the body. But that loved one lives with us to the extent we invest/ed in that loved one as if s/he were a part of us.  Hence the worship at the Feet – the pathway.

There is much disorder and mismanagement at the University of Jaffna. Does Dr Aru Thirumurugan  touch the Feet of Lord Natrajar there . I do.  As per Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Sri Lanka: A Coup at University of Jaffna Council’ -  Dr Aru Thirumurgan was recently reappointed by the UGC to the Governing Council . How often does Dr Aru Thirumurgan ‘talk’ to the students and staff of the University of Jaffna about Sivapuranam?  Is that not one of his first duties?


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Saturday 29 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 May 2021





I dedicate this article to Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekharan, my invisible editor, who was always there to encourage me whenever I felt downhearted about Nationalism issue. As per New Indian Express:


[S Chandrasekharan retired as Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat (RAW). He was in charge of India’s Sri Lanka operations for many years]


I have not come across any Sri Lankan writer, other than myself paying their respects to Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekharan. My genuine contribution was expressed as follows:


[Dear Dr Suryanarayan,

          It was with a heavy heart that I read your eulogy for Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekharan. I must say that I was a bit fearful that this noble person might have become a victim of Covid when I had not heard from him since end of March when Dr Chandrasekharan wrote

A wonderful piece!  I wish others had been as frank as you are!



Today I learnt the details through your article ‘ Death, be not proud: A tribute to RAW’s Chandrasekharan

I feel so very sad because Dr Subramanyam Chandrasekharan was one of the few writers who encouraged me from time to time, in addition to reading my book ‘Naan Australian’ and expressing appreciation. It is indeed with a very heavy heart that I write this to you. To me, it was no coincidence that I found your article through Twitter notification. Given that I do not use Twitter regularly, I feel that Dr Chandrasekharan’s soul was guiding me to read your article, published today by the New Indian Express.

Thank you deeply for sharing your feelings with us. I do believe that Dr Chandrasekharan has contributed deeply to Regional Harmony and in particular to India-Sri Lanka relationship. When we merge our Nations merge.


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam]


I kept marvelling as to the Common mind of Twitter that informed me during the time of my need. That is the way of Universal Power.  This morning when the Twitter mail came, I went into my account with greater focus than I have consciously done up until  now. There I noted a recommendation to read the posting of Paari Saalan @SaalanPaari about Good Governance, using Tamil secular bible - Thirukural.


As per my interpretation, Paari was opposing Naam Thamilar Party’s expressions including at Twitter account - @tmpntkofficial. This effectively is opposition to LTTE, due to this Party treating LTTE leader as a hero. The posting recommended to me :


[நல்லாண்மை என்பது ஒருவற்குத் தான்பிறந்த இல்லாண்மை ஆக்கிக் கொளல். (Note the point பிறந்த, not உணர்ந்த)]

[As per my interpretation -  the above means: [Good governance happens when One eliminates no governance that existed at birth] In Sri Lanka, we went astray through armed combat by youth who desired more]

The emphasis highlighted by Paari was that it is form that existed at birth and not realised nationalism.

The nationalism that I develop and show would therefore be different in form to that developed and shown by my children. That explains why the LTTE failed. They effectively were born after Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was given birth – as the pathway to Tamil Political Independence in Sri Lanka. Hence when LTTE was born Tamil Nation was already in given form. They cannot claim credit for giving birth to Tamil Nation. Hence they could not develop Good Governance structure that was better than the one that existed at the time of their birth. By killing the architects of Vaddukoddai Resolution, they promoted deterioration of Governance within the Tamil community.  That is the way when we copy or steal intelligence. Now that Seeman also has done that – his party also would fail to develop good governance structures.

In Sri Lanka, the parallel is happening due to Colombo Port City. In his article ‘Rajapaksa arc of political history begins to descend’ – Dr Dayan Jayatilleke highlights under One country, two systems’ :

[The TNA’s Sumanthiran and Rasamanikkam refer to the levy imposed on goods purchased in but taken out of the Port City by non-residents. They correctly identify this as a customs duty imposed at border crossings. 

My question is this: if Jaffna Mayor Manivannan was arrested for the crime of appointing a municipal security unit which wore a uniform which resembled not only that of the LTTE-appointed police force but also of the current Colombo Municipal Council, what would be Colombo’s response were the Northern and/or Eastern Provincial Council to charge a levy on goods—say, mangoes, onions and prawns—purchased within the province by non-residents on their way back to the south? The Council would be dissolved for a ‘separatist’ gesture, the Chief Minister and Cabinet arrested and any civic protest crushed by the military.

By 1976, Tamil Politicians had given birth to the Tamil Nation political entity. Yet, Dr Dayan Jayatilleke has highlighted the example of Manivannan who is recognized in Northern Sri Lanka as an LTTE supporter – due to his own declarations and partnerships. If Manivannan also takes it – that would oust him from the law abiding part of the Jaffna Tamil community. Dr Dayan states:

[‘One Country, Two Systems’ was the doctrinal formula that summed up the special relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China to which it historically belonged before separation by colonial control. The formula was also meant to attract Taiwan back to the fold. ]

The parallel of China in Sri Lankan Nationalism is India. The arrival of IPKF confirmed this. Dr Dayan goes on to state:

[The Gotabaya regime does not believe in negotiation and consensus. It practices unilateralism. Bilateralism is mainly with China. The regime seems to believe that the world or at least Asia is already or almost unipolar, with that ‘pole’ being China. In short, the Sri Lankan regime behaves as if that which China may be aspiring to, is already a reality. ]

Tamil leaders realised this during the final stages of the war when Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa was in total control. Hence the war crimes accusations. I am not aware of any Opposition to this by Dr Dayan. The mistake was for Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa to promote his brother as a president without realising that his brother would do to him effectively what the LTTE did to political leaders. This is why the wise say about juniors, ‘you get the behavior you reward’.  In turn, LTTE supporters would now be replaced by Chinese. Had both sides limited themselves to showing  that which was in existence at the time of their birth both would not have lost Sri Lankan ownership. Dr Dayan in turn failed to attribute to Tamils the home-made One country two nations declarations by Tamil Politicians and intellectuals.




















Friday 28 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 May 2021




Yesterday, I wrote about the burning ship at Colombo port :


Splash reported as follows:

[Speaking with Splash today from Singapore, Tim Hartnoll, the executive chairman of X-Press Feeders, said that poor packaging was responsible for the acid leak, which the crew had detected while in the Arabian Sea thousands of kilometres away from Sri Lanka. On detecting the leak, the ship’s captain then contacted two ports – Hazira on the west coast of India and Hamad in Qatar – requesting to offload the containers in question. The requests were denied and the ship, which was delivered from a yard in China this February, made its way to Sri Lanka.]

This morning, I noticed that Economy Next  has also published a report on this, based on Splash247 report. This meant to me that my belief was guiding me – even though I do not have institutional support. That to me is the true value of democracy.


As per my experience, when we do our best karma which is the net value of our true contribution, does the rest to join us to the network of Belief. I have observed this, in the case of those around our family temple in Thunaivi in Northern Sri Lanka – where those who insisted on acting in breach of the rules became mentally ill and the locals said it was punishment by the deity. It is a kind of self-discipline by the community – in a language they understand.


The good thing about this is that we do not need ‘external’ powers such as the Police and the Army. Once we make the connection between cause and effect, as per our own truth/belief -   the Universal power of truth takes over and joins our true contributions or  negligence to our respective karmas. From then on it is difficult to trace the direct connection.


As per latest news reports, the American president has directed his nation’s intelligence to produce a report on the origins of Covid virus – especially whether it began at  the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At our own levels, we also need to know why – as per our own intelligence. If we have the intelligence to go deeper than the benefits we are likely to receive for our discovery – we move towards this Universal power. The ‘gap’ between costs and benefits goes towards ownership. Where benefits are greater than costs – we lose ownership value. An owner has intuitive knowledge and hence Performance Indicators in Management. The gain or loss is exponential like nuclear energy,  in the case of ownership.


In the case of Covid, the spread has been confirmed to be exponential in many areas. Locking borders would help draw on the sovereign powers of each State and brings the spread to relative levels. By now each state would have invested in this process and hence to the common citizen – such measures would be the protection from exponential spread. During discussions on my Vesak article a Tamil Diaspora leader shared as follows:


[In 1965 I had to collect some information from Galle Municipal Council for the WHO funded Galle Water Supply Scheme  , regarding development plans for schools, Industries , hospitals, private & public institutions; there was a clerk who was very helpful to me ,a soft spoken nice person; when approaching full moon day his personality changed and he was getting aggressive ,did not turn up for work for three days, the others told me it was a regular feature, he was on leave the day before  the day after and on full moon day . I have heard of people behaving in that manner but did not  experience it to firmly believe in it, when he returned from leave he was usual very passive and helpful. It was this experience that made me understand people are affected by the moon  ( Lunar ) and are called lunatics ]

The above connection was used in law for a long time. As per Wikipedia report – this was the case in the USA until end of 2012:


[On December 5, 2012, the US House of Representatives passed legislation approved earlier by the US Senate removing the word "lunatic" from all federal laws in the United States. President Barack Obama signed the 21st Century Language Act of 2012 into law on December 28, 2012]


If the belief that moon’s rays affected the unsteady mind, was held by Americans for so long, there is no hurry for them to know the origin of the virus for global purposes. All they need to identify with is their own belief. Every owner’s belief is valid – even it the form in which it is expressed is different to that of others.


Disturbing the Peace of Memorials is considered to be a sin by many communities including Aborigines of Australia. The Silk Road heritage is such a global heritage led by China. The Belt & Road Initiative is disturbance to that heritage. When we make Peace with our ancestors – Covid would lose the exponentiality and become relative. Towards this one needs to believe in the whole. When one acts out of such belief – every such act  is a prayer.  All those who so believe become elders of that community. When elders bless – the positive nuclear value invokes itself to offset the negative.















Thursday 27 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 May 2021





It is accepted that Time and Place are natural agents of Change. If we freeze both – we go into virtual reality and have the experience. Any problem that is experienced comes with its solution / opportunity. To identify with both at the same time we need a still mind. Belief renders the courage to go into a problem as if it happened to us. I believe that it was because Gandhi went into the experience of the manual workers as if he was them that he discovered the solution. Space was thus made zero to have the virtual experience.


During my search for reasons into the Easter Bombings, this approach – as to how the ordinary Sri Lankan who is religious minded would relate to the experience, that I came across the Shangrila connection through the fire that happened during the opening ceremony of their hotel at Hambantota – which is in the area of Kathirgamam which is a sacred place to me – through my personal experiences. Hence on 07 May 2019, I shared my belief based knowledge through my article headed ‘Tourism & Terrorism – Separate or One ?’


Today’s Sri Lanka news headlines carried the following on the same page:

Sri Lanka passes controversial Port City Bill – by Seatrade Maritime

Ship fire rages for 6th day off Sri Lanka, India sends ships – by AP News

The Port City article presents the following:


[Sri Lanka's parliament has passed the controversial Port City Bill, creating the country's first Special Economic Zone despite complaints around sovereignty issues.

The Bill declares 269 hectares of reclaimed land annexed to the city of Colombo as the country's first special economic zone (SEZ) for services-oriented industries.

Under the legislation, a special commission appointed by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, whose constituency contains the port city of Hambantota, will be established to govern the SEZ. The commission will enable businesses to operate in any recognised foreign currency within Colombo Port City. Colombo Port City has been raised on reclaimed land adjoining the Port of Colombo, which remains under the control of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA).] Seatrade Maritime News


The one on Ship fire report presents the following:

[The MV X-Press Pearl was anchored about 9.5 nautical miles (18 kilometers) northwest of Colombo and waiting to enter its port when the fire began six days ago.

The navy believes the fire was caused by chemicals being transported on the Singapore-flagged ship. The ship was carrying 1,486 containers, including 25 tons of nitric acid and other chemicals that were loaded at the port of Hazira, India, on May 15.]

Splash reported as follows:

[Speaking with Splash today from Singapore, Tim Hartnoll, the executive chairman of X-Press Feeders, said that poor packaging was responsible for the acid leak, which the crew had detected while in the Arabian Sea thousands of kilometres away from Sri Lanka. On detecting the leak, the ship’s captain then contacted two ports – Hazira on the west coast of India and Hamad in Qatar – requesting to offload the containers in question. The requests were denied and the ship, which was delivered from a yard in China this February, made its way to Sri Lanka.]

The Corona Virus also was made in China. Once we lose control – the issue goes into the jurisdiction of Universal powers. Accordingly, by freezing time to this week and place to Sri Lanka under China rule, MV X-Press Pearl has confirmed the fate of Colombo Port City, which was referred to as a Vessel by Dr Gehan Gunetilleke in his article ‘Salvaging the Port City Project’. The model of that Vessel came in the form of X-Press Feeders! Like in the case of the virus – the contamination is also exponential in its spread.