Friday 27 May 2022


27 May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The change in Sri Lankan Government happened due to Sinhala Buddhists protesting in Colombo. It was ‘Effects’ based and not ‘ Cause based’ .  Each person sharing in the pain is therefore entitled to form her/his ‘reasons’ as to why s/he thinks it happened. As per my discovery, if we enjoy unearned benefits we lose our mental balance.  The pampered brain keeps looking for handouts and develops brain obesity. When we earn and/or respect knowledge we have well balanced brain. Hence structures where the junior is facilitated to respect the senior and thereby maintain the mental balance. These ‘institutional’ structures assist us in drawing strength from commonness while protecting our ‘sovereign independence’. As per my discovery through my life, I mentally moved away from those who failed to recognise me as per my achievements but continued to treat me as a junior, because they enjoyed being seniors. This helped me protect my ‘integrity’. At the same time I stayed within their reach – as a mark of respect for the Common structure which supported me. I now extend this to the communities and Nations I was part of in becoming global.

Today I received an email from a member of the Tamil Community group:


please remove my e-MAIL FROM YOUR LIST,




My response was:

Since you ask me whether I am a Tamil or a Sinhalese – I ask you whether you are a separated Eelam Tamil or Common global Tamil. A global Tamil would not have asked such a question’

Then there was this about the current Prime Minister cum Finance Minister of Sri Lanka from an LTTE community member who qualified as Chartered Accountant in Sri Lanka after his own write up about printing money:

[So What is money ? Can money buy you love ? Ranil thinks , it can !!]

My response was :

[To know how Ranil thinks you and Ranil must be ONE or relate through the same structure.  Are you junior or senior to Ranil?]

The above LTTE supporter shows disrespect for the governance structure of Sri Lanka.  

A junior using the commonwealth settles her/his dues to the structure through respect. Otherwise, the person has the duty to limit her/himself to worker level and not ‘owner level’. Every person who contributes to the common structure is an owner. Once the junior-most person completes her/his work as defined by her/his position in the common structure – any work without benefits goes towards ‘ownership’. A CEO who fails to complete her/his contribution as per the position therefore ranks below this person who is contributing to ownership.

The core purpose of Anti Discrimination laws is prevention of such structural damage. I experienced this kind of pain in Australian workplace even after being recognised for more than 10 years as a high performer. Hence my actions against the Central Administration of the University of NSW followed by various members of the governments. Each time the court dismissed me as a frivolous litigant – it weakened  its own ownership in common Australia. That was how I identified with my own contribution to Mr John Howard losing his seat.

The current Sri Lankan problem is not due just to the Rajapaksas. All those who were denied their ownership status – after completing their position duties – contributed to ‘ownership’.  Those who satisfied the requirements of their lawfully structured positions and continued to work in that position without additional remuneration – became true owners. Ownership rights are exponentially powerful. Any damage to it is a curse one brings down on oneself.

A document headed “Mawatha – a Policy Document” was forwarded to me also. It says ‘Let Truth Lead the way’ .

The preamble includes:

[The Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 established the basic premise of the nation state with this concept. And although this definition has undergone dramatic changes over the past four centuries, it has remained largely grounded on this foundation……..]

My experience says that Sri Lankans have enough experience to base policies on their own experiences. The alleged policy document goes on to state:

[What do we believe in?

We believe in a Free, Democratic, and Equal nation. We believe that our nation must reach its fullest potential on the world stage.

We believe in a Caring government and a society.

We believe there is a way to address poverty and inequality that plagues a vast majority of our people.]

A senior Tamil Politician highlighted that there were no Tamils in the ‘panel of experts’

The panel was heavy with qualified folks. But the pathway happened because the intellectuals failed to educate the manual or process worker.

Gandhi was successful because he became the ordinary citizen by status but had the knowledge of law. Even as an ordinary citizen be forewent simple pleasures which takes one to the common level of enjoyment of the poorest citizen. Hence his ability to lead the ‘vast majority’ – not by visible example but by his true sacrifices.

Given that the ‘protestors’  are the reason for this change, and they demand that the President must ‘step down’ – any solution would stem from that Energy. This does not include ethnic minorities.

The new Prime Minister Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has so far not indicated that he would  address the ethnic issue as a priority.

Given that this group did not protest when this President took oaths as a Buddhist one is entitled to conclude that this group also separated itself from minorities and failed to share in their pain – leaving the minorities to deal with their own pain.

Hence their proposals are  ‘Sinhala-Buddhist’ only as prescribed in the Constitution. They were the cause of the current effects. If any aid is ‘given’ this cycle will repeat itself – leading to foreign takeovers.

In rape – enjoyment without consent is a core factor. Likewise in policies. One who truly feels common would make laws that are common. Without this feeling of ‘consent’ – any Sri Lankan law / policy would continue to lead to non-cooperation followed by mental separation followed by weakening of the whole. Aid through such a government would compound the ethnic sin and lead to more frequent rebellions – as per the law of rebirth.


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