Friday 28 June 2024

28 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






I read with  interest, Dr Upul Wijayawardhana’s articleAll those deaths in vain!’ - at


As  per my belief, deaths in war are immensely valuable, for they are towards Common purpose. To the extent the person believes in the purpose for which s/he is fighting, that purpose is fulfilled. More importantly, the death goes towards fulfilment of the purpose for which her/his side was in the war. When such deaths are remembered and honoured by us, our Energy goes towards prevention of unjust wars.


The article concludes as follows:


The Indo-Sri Lanka Peace Accord’ resulted only in 13A and over 60, 000 deaths, the blame for which should be apportioned on the UNP and the JVP. Now that a presidential election is around the corner, the son of the president and successor of the JVP have made about-turns on 13A for expedience! Were not all those deaths in vain?’


On 25 June, I published as follows, under the headingCOMMON WAR HERO’:


The main feature of the 13th Amendment is reported to be:

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka (13A) is amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, passed in 1987, which created Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka.’

One who appreciates the Truth that the armed rebellions by Sinhala JVP and Tamil LTTE were due to lack of employment opportunities in Junior castes, has ownership of the problem and therefore the Opportunities to successfully address them.  Had the 13th Amendment been genuinely considered, and  therefore devolution of power was a reality, the caste problem also would been addressed, by localising the issue. The  Indo-Sri Lanka agreement was an opportunity to access the solutions that is in the minds of Indian leaders.

Once we stop learning from our ancestors, we weaken our heritage-based intelligence. This often results in weaker relationships in democracy. Strong relationships are underpinned by trust. Those who trust themselves will naturally form reliable relationships with others who trust themselves. That is the way of the Soul.








Thursday 27 June 2024


27 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam







Today’s mail included two on Julian Assange:

1.   Assange freed as part of plea deal

2.   Patrick Cockburn: Julian Assange was monstered for doing what every journalist should

I felt free to respond now. Until now, I chose not to publish, my feelings in this issue, as I felt for Julian’s family.  Today, I was free of anxiety, and I responded as follows to the first mail:


[As a fellow Australian, I felt for Julian for the excessive punishment he suffered. But Julian acted in breach of the ethics of journalism. I relate to it through fundamentals of negotiable instruments. In essence stolen property is not negotiable. Julian did not do the work to have knowledge out of the information he published/leaked.  Ethics of journalism include respect for the original makers/owners. That intelligence published by Julian was government’s property.


[The right to  publish work/intelligence is derived by Opposing as Equal. That confirms our discovery through an alternate pathway. In this instance, it was journalism. The path of  Democratic Journalism includes Adversarial journalism which position I take often take to criticise governments.  Towards this, I need to be independent of the government. Such independence is confirmed by an alternate/diverse pathway. This requires Separation of powers between  the two groups – as between the  Parliament that makes laws and the Judiciary that exercises authority of the law. In Julian’s shoes, I would have followed the independent pathway of Adversarial journalism . I would have declined ‘plea bargain’.  I was arrested and sent to prison on the allegations of trespass. I independently studied the law, and freed myself by representing myself in court.  I thus became the Equal other side to the University Administrators. My book ‘Naan Australian’ found its way to National Library of Australia, via Congress Library. That is the way of Truth.]


Time and place of publishing facts is important to harmony in our environments. If as Patrick Cockburn has suggested,   if every journalist published governments’ secrets, our intelligence would be lowered due to all and sundry using the information at data level.  Data becomes knowledge, when there is order in the way we receive data is reliable. Knowledge becomes intelligence, through ownership . Julian did not own the information gathered by the government.


Those who lack institutional authority and seek the de facto , pathway, need to be driven by truth. Truth is the most reliable power known to us. When we identify with our truth, we would identify with others’ truth and this leads to natural mergers. In true love, the order happens naturally. Overregulated relationships fail due to excessive power at the top. If this was/is the case with the US government, then disorderly publishing would further damage the American order. This could happen due to excessive regulation,  which leads to idle authority. Truth is the lasting solution .


Wednesday 26 June 2024

 25 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Five days ago Mr Sarath Fonseka, revealed an interesting discovery in Sri Lankan parliament. The Daily Mirror reported it as follows:


‘We as ex-military men strived hard to maintain the unitary status of this nation but there are others who are trying to create unrest just to win votes. These leaders have genes of those who made 600 police officers surrender to the LTTE. This leader was killed by the LTTE later,” he said.’

Fear of death is the enemy of any soldier. The soldier who fights to defend/preserve Sovereignty, is a winner in death also. Such a soldier becomes the Common Sovereign Power of all those who fight to defend/preserve their own sovereignty as individuals and/or groups. Hence, their actions during war are considered fair.  In life, they were two sides of the One coin, to the extent they were true to themselves.

 Sovereignty is a precious quality that is the source of  our inner peace.

Mr Fonseka was referring to President Premadasa, who collaborated with the LTTE to free Sri Lanka from the grips of the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force). The LTTE was the balancing power and President Premadasa, being a People’s President, respected sovereignty of the ordinary man. He felt in 1983 July about that there would be trouble if the  funeral of 13 soldiers killed by the LTTE, were  held in Colombo. Wikipedia reports as follows:

Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa, fearing violence, was against holding the funeral in Colombo, but was overruled by President J. R. Jayewardene

If the  then PM Premadasa had been respected, Black July would have been prevented.  His heirs carry those common genes.

I discovered this through belief and practise of Hindu philosophy which promotes belief in Elders. In Australia, we attribute that the Indigenous folks were the First Nation in Australia. This offsets  the Racial Discrimination sins of the past.


Tamil Elder Chelliah Kodeeswaran of Jaffna

 I stated recently about funeral rights – through  Mr Kodeeswaran who fought for his fundamental rights to continue working in the language he had already learnt:

[I searched and found a writeup at -

As per the article ‘  Though he was born in Jaffna Meesalai his heart was inseparably interlinked with Trincomalee.’

This has not been substantiated and if not true amounts to hijacking family’s rights to honour Mr Kodeeswaran.

Mr Kodeeswaran was fighting for his fundamental rights to continue working in the language he had already learnt. I believe that his contribution went towards  the following article in the constitution:

18  (2) Tamil shall also be an official language.]



 Our first opportunity to realise group sovereignty is the family we are born into. When we know the Truth of that family and  are led by that truth in relating to others in the family, in every relationship in the family, we lay the foundation to progressing towards group sovereignty , beyond the physical influence - at community, national & global levels.

As per my conclusion, Mr Fonseka’s gene  theory is false due to personal ambitions. My reasoning as  a commoner is as follows:

The order to surrender was preceded by the following bitter experience by the LTTE, due to unethical conduct by the  army:

[One noteworthy incident took place close to an army camp in Batticaloa in the first week of June. The army arrested two LTTE cadres and they were ordered to kneel on the road opposite their camp in the scorching sun for over six hours, amid bantering and other sorts of humiliation from the watching army personnel. One LTTE cadre bit his cyanide vial and died]

As per the above, the Sri Lankan Army failed to respect soldiers who were fighting to preserve sovereignty. President Premadasa valued Sovereignty and hence was ready to die for the cause. He effectively died as a soldier who did not fear death by another soldier. Hence he is a Common war hero, and his heirs, biological and/or through belief, will inherit the common genes. Mr Fonseka on the other hand, confirms his genes to be from Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse, who abandoned the position of President. This is indicated by the following, in the Daily Mirror article -  Sarath Fonseka to split from SJB; to run for President :

He is also expected to work with intellectuals and prominent personalities during his campaign.’


This was confirmed by the following:

MP Fonseka was critical of a pledge given by the SJB leader that he will implement the 13th Amendment to the fullest.’

The main feature of the 13th Amendment is reported to be:

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka (13A) is amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, passed in 1987, which created Provincial Councils in Sri Lanka.

This recognises Common devolution of power on secular basis and not on ethnic basis. Indian structure is  already being shared with Sri Lankans, through Hinduism & Buddhism.  Since Buddhism is healthy in Buddhists , Devolution of power to provinces also would work for Sri Lanka.



Monday 17 June 2024


16 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




It is five years  since the Easter bombings happened in Sri Lanka. On 31 July  2019, I shared my feelings through the article - ‘Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’. I included the following in the article:

Yesterday I learnt about the Japanese suicide bombers who attacked Ceylon on Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942. Because Sri Lanka is my homeland, and because Easter is about resurrection, I felt a deeper connection between the 2019 Easter bombings and the 1942 Easter bombings.’

How did I ‘find’ the twin? The indicator is in the following in the article:

‘Time and place influence natural changes to the forms in which truth is manifested. Truth that happens at a particular place is naturally invoked positively or negatively by current generation when the mind is passive. Those living in the past usually have passive minds in terms of the present.’ 

Majority Sri Lankans follow the system of ‘karma’. I believe in the system of karma, which is the pathway through which the truth, travels with us. Thus,  whenever we feel, it is part of our truth. Thinking may lead us to feel, but until we feel, it does not become our truth. As per my discovery when we feel, we become the media of positive karma, and when we idle,  we become the media of negative karma. Thus, I became  the medium  to publish the connection with Easter Sunday – 5 April 1942 karma , due to my belief in St Anthony's Shrine, Kochchikade.

Positive or negative, our truth /karma is inalienable part of us. When positive it has stills our mind to form positive structure, to accumulate more positive Energy. When negative, it disturbs the mind and invites  the devil to use it as his workshop.

On 13 June,  the anniversary of the feast of St Anthony, Daily Mirror published  its findings under the heading ‘Easter Attack could have easily been avoided if SIS and DMI hadn’t misled CID - Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne’ .

Neither the State Intelligence Service, nor the Directorate of Military Intelligence, would have gone to 1942. As per the Daily Mirror, their minds were very local and tended to use current measures. LTTE has been mentioned many times.  While one cannot ignore that possibility, one needs to also consider the global influence – especially due to the Tamil Diaspora’s influence at global level and the risk of foreign powers using Sri Lanka’s ethnic divisions  to their advantage.

Rights & wrongs are valid as per current laws valid only to the extent there is no unjust discrimination.  Beyond that, the issue is governed by Truth of the genuine seeker.


Saturday 15 June 2024


15 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


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Mr Neelaakandar Kandasamy of the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney,

said , discussions in Tamil community, were currently cantered around the Common Presidential   candidate in the upcoming Sri Lankan elections.

This has been confirmed by  Mr.Amirthanayagam Nixon, Senior Journalist, Editor –, in his Colombo Telegraph article, headed ‘Why A Tamil Common Candidate In The Presidential Election?’ I thought about it. In 1977, Tamil politicians were promoted to Equal status in national parliament. This happened due to common voters in all communities, including Sinhalese who felt Sri Lankan, in their own ways.  My reasoning for this included    Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.  Truth delivered Equal status outcome in the National Parliament,  including through Sinhalese voters, who demoted the Sinhalese government. That is the way of Truth.


Mr. Nixon  seates:

Civil society organizations are leading this initiative in a democratic way. Attempting to field a Tamil common candidate in the presidential election is not a racist act. It is a democratic right.’


So one needs to appreciate that the victims of autocracy are reason for defeat of an autocratic government. In other words, the group becomes common victims. One who continues to be self governing in autocracy, becomes a leading reason for change. S/he is the cause of change.

Reliable Administration is the Natural Opposition of  majority power.  Former is vertical power and latter is lateral power.  The right to be Equal before the law is fundamental in democracy.

One who is true to fundamentals of democracy, will oppose unequal opportunities. This accumulates ownership through an alternate pathway. But the corpus needs to be the same. One cannot be north and the other south.

To be effective, all minorities, including Muslims & Burghers , need to be represented in the Opposition. After the expulsion of over 70,000 Muslims from the Northern Province, in 1990, is a block against forming democratic commonness. But where majority in opposition are against such expulsion, the power base becomes clean.

If majority seek to be democratic Equal Opportunity is essential. It requires forgoing  higher status to be Equal except in Administration. Tamils have a rich heritage in reliable administration. This is the pathway to develop Opposition to the autocratic presidency.




Sunday 2 June 2024

01 June 2024

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam






Recently, Professor Sarveswara of the University of Jaffna presented the view that the University entrance exam was competitive due to limited places. Hence questions were made tougher to limit the numbers! The  more I thought about it the  deeper I realised that the policy of standardization was a clever policy! Wikipedia introduces it as follows:

 The policy of standardization was a policy implemented by the Sri Lankan government in 1971 to curtail the number of Tamil students selected for certain faculties in the universities. In 1972, the government added a district quota as a parameter within each language.

Now when I think of it, I realise that it was a clever policy! Later,  in 1990, when the LTTE which had taken over government in Northern Province mind, expelled Muslims from North, they used the same policy of district quota! To the extent Tamils failed to oppose it in their minds, Tamils were no longer victims of Racial Discrimination. That is the way of Truth. To deserve natural compensation of Intelligence one needs to not react nor inherit.  Both are confirmed by the community that benefited by the policy of standardization :

Yesterday’s Daily Mirror report  Propaganda to insult Buddhist philosophy, Buddha’s character: Parliamentary Committee reveals’ includes the following:

‘Those who carry out propaganda insulting the Buddhist philosophy and the Buddha's character are engaged in various businesses in this country as well as in other foreign countries and spend a lot of money to carry out such work, a Parliamentary Committee has revealed.’

To my mind, the above is false. In 1972, the then government, included in the first republican constitution, the Buddhism foremost article. This confirms relative value. The current constitution carries it. This means that it is not of absolute value. The value of Heritage is absolute. Hence every Sri Lankan believer in her/his religion including Buddhists, is  more powerful than the government. The reason is belief is absolute. Hence the requirement of Beyond reasonable doubt to punish criminals. Belief needs to pass the test of ‘No doubt’.  Reasoning is intellectual and hence is relative. To the extent we use laws made by others, there is bound to be lack of belief. Hence reasonable doubt is permitted. To that extent it is relative.

Then one needs to ask why one needs absolute value instead of relative value? Absolute value is independent and works on its own. The best example is the Sun. The parallel example of Relative value is the earth which operates due to Sun’s Energy.

When the Sri Lankan government decided in 1971, to  apply the rule ‘district quota as a parameter within each language’ it played a political game. It separated on the basis of language. Language  is the most visible form of any culture. That which is visible is most relative.  Absolute power is invisible/infinite. Hence, one who seeks the visible, above the Absolute, was confirming drop in intelligence/independence.

The attachment to language was revealed in 1956, through  the Sinhala only language policy . The standardisation policy confirmed attachment to it.

Hence the drop in intelligence from the absolute to the relative which effectively is ‘self-harm’.

The implementation of standardisation policy began in 1972 – the same year Buddhism foremost was introduced as a fundamental value through the constitution. So long as Buddhism foremost is in the constitution, those responsible /parliamentarians, will be less intelligent than the independent citizen. This has been confirmed by the Parliamentary Committee  that blames Propaganda as the reason to insult Buddhist philosophy, Buddha’s character.

One who believes in Buddha, will know from within that one who trades in policy, with profit motive laid the foundation to trade in Buddhism. That is self-inflicted Sooniyam/ Black magic.