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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 31 Aug  2015

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Tamil Opposition Leadership = One Nation

The importance of Structure is confirmed yet again in Sri Lanka after the recent Parliamentary elections. As per latest news report:

National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader Wimal Weerawansa says ‘President Maithripala Sirisena should not appoint the Opposition Leader but it should be based on the consent of the majority of opposition MPs so that the opposition could function in a proper manner

I doubt that the above would be taken seriously by the elected leadership. But it confirms the need for strong commitment to Law and Order through regular Administration if we are to prevent separation through rebellion – as would be the case if former rebels were not diffused by clever management. The first principle in Administration is that the process must be common to all sides and at primary level – to both sides of the matter under consideration. Facilitating Equal Opposition in Parliament is the first step in Administration. It has already happened – showing Tamil National Alliance to be the winning party. Those who talk about new pathways are confirming weak Administration if they are close to Government.

Administrative structures are like Savings Accounts. Majority rule is like loose-cash. It’s when we discipline ourselves from immediate enjoyment that we would structure savings out of loose-cash. Arts help us develop such structures for ourselves and not accountable to others. Rebels who are self-governing and seek to express themselves – would therefore use such art forms and express to themselves within their home-areas and not in public.

To be valid in public anytime anywhere, a statement / outcome must stand the test of  science/ logic.  As per the Lord’s Creation – when true discoveries are made and are shared with wider public – the discoverer/s are Energized each time the discovery is used anytime anywhere. That is Eternal Heritage developed by raising work to Energy level through sacrifice of benefits and opportunities. Once the Energy is experienced – one recalls the pain of sacrifice only to enjoy the beauty of Natural systems.

Using Einstein’s E = Mc2  in Governance Energy E is Self-Governance / Sovereignty. Mass M is Votes and Speed of Light C is the Speed with which we go into the True value of our Vote. The fastest known form of Energy is Light. Hence to be Self-Governing one needs to be able to invoke our own vote / endorsement of ourselves at the speed of light   times  the speed of light (exponential value). Hence Energy cannot be counted in numbers / mass measurements. It has to be experienced to be identified with. Einstein himself  said this about his above mentioned discovery – that he had to mentally travel with light to make the final connection.

Self-Governance  likewise needs to be Experienced. When we speak on behalf of  our group as Mr. Weerawansa mentioned above is reported to have done – the collective voters take the place of Mass in the Energy equation. Unless therefore Mr. Weerawansa is able to go into the Truth / Belief of all his voters and through such connect to the Truth of the whole – his statement is not supported by Natural system of Governance through Belief. At Public level  - my Declaration (confirmed yesterday by Mr.Sampanthan at Sri Lankan level) that Tamil National Alliance already has the leadership due to the 1st and 2nd  Parties forming unity government – is of Global Value.

Likewise if President Maithripala Sirisena ‘appointed’ the Leader of the Opposition – that would be in breach of the Law. If such appointee were from the President’s Political Party – then one who is true to her/himself – would continuously influence the separation between the President and the Prime Minister – for effectively – the President also becomes the Prime Minister’s Opposition (due to both being of two different parties)  and both have the duty to operate as each other’s opposition to show the ‘other’ side. The influence could happen through a true Tamil Politician doing his duty.  Lord Muruga – common to Tamil and Sinhalese – would deliver as per the Truth. 

When we are in particular positions that others rely on through structured pathways – we have the duty to override personal feelings / emotions to honor the consolidated value of all those who use/d those pathways – now and in the past and would be in the future as per our common heritage/savings.  That’s when we have ownership in the whole. A child thus may be equal or stronger in total value to the parent due to the child taking more care of her / his parent than the parent took care of the child. But once we take positions as child or parent respectively  as per structure – the apparent value needs to be raised to the invisible level as a Force and beyond as Energy. Force as confirmed by higher status -  could be brought down to voting / matter level – when someone has need – but then the structure must be changed if the changeover is long-term/permanent. Usually if Energy is drawn on – a restructure is needed. Hence the changeover to Democracy led by Equal Opportunity principles and values.

In Sri Lanka’s Political  structure – Tamil minority is the parallel of the child. But once we go into Administration the structural rule is that a Tamil = Sinhalese = Muslim = Burgher until proven otherwise through common law/applicable legislation.

The call is now on the UNP leader – the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe to facilitate the public acknowledgement of the outcomes of the Political process. THAT would confirm whether or not Mr. Wickremesinghe would lead Sri Lanka towards global integration or weaken the Brawn power that Mr. Rajapaksa exercised to keep Sri Lanka as one Country.

Once Tamils went to vote under the One structure – we have the responsibility to honor that structure until all other avenues are blocked. Like the child who may take care of the parent more than the parent took care of the child – as minorities we must take care of the Government more than they took care of us when we declare that we have realized self-governance. Likewise any citizen. Then, our contributions and sacrifices rise to Energy level. This Energy clears the pathway for us anytime, anywhere to uphold our Truth and enjoy the Beauty of Nature through Experience.
Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka stated in April this year through his article ‘Mr. Sampanthan most Unsuitable to be Leader of the Opposition Due to the Political Project he Subscribes to and Political Views he holds.’:
 ‘We have already had a bitter experience with Mr. Wigneswaran and we mustn’t repeat or compound it. Mr. Sampanthan is a cultured gentleman, a superb speaker and a fine parliamentarian in the old tradition. But he would be most unsuitable to be made Leader of the Opposition. It is neither because he is an ethnic Tamil nor because he is the leader of the TNA that Mr. Sampanthan must not be appointed the Leader of the Opposition of the Sri Lankan parliament. It is because of the political project he subscribes to and the political views he holds.

As Political  leader of Tamils – Mr. Sampanthan has the DUTY to bring forward the collective emotions of Tamils as they are during the current period.  His own feelings may be different or may be the same. It’s when he is in Administrative mode that his performance needs to be measured on merit basis.
Mr. Wigneswaran may have disappointed politicians like Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka. But as Chief Minister of  Northern Province he has connected to the hearts and minds of majority Tamils seeking to elevate themselves through higher education. Many of us are already using the Provincial Council facilities to join forces with the officials to regenerate confidence and motivation in the folks of Northern Sri Lanka – through Public Administrative structures on democratic basis. If Mr. Wigneswaran is a disappointment to the likes of Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, the Politician – then it is political victory for Tamils. Mr. Wigneswaran upheld the Law and to the extent he raised his contribution to Energy level – he would be empowering those who believe in him to respect the law.

In addition – Mr. Wigneswaran uses the higher religious pathway to raise the mind-order of his followers. The Himalayan Academy,  Kauai's Hindu Monastery in Hawaii has recently published Mr. Wigneswaran’s article entitled ‘We Are God’s Instruments!’ in which he states: ‘The proximity of great souls reminds us that we are just humble servants
who should fulfill duty with dispassion and faith and leave the rest to God’. The above Monastery was established by disciple of Yoga Swami of  Jaffna.  Yoga Swami is known to have guided Sri Lankan Administrators and beyond. I was guided by Swami here in Australia – confirming Swami’s Divinity. Majority in the group of Yoga Swami devotees who gather regularly for prayers and meditation are professionals. One feels the value of  law and order shared through such activities by many such leaders including the Pasupati family – well known for their Professionalism. In our own ways we are continuing to support the folks in Northern Sri Lanka and such pathways to promote self-confidence as a Community. Spiritualism spreads Itself  with the blessings of the Energy of Holy souls such as Yoga Swami.

Mr. Sampanthan might disappoint Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka the politician who supported Mr. Rajapaksa – but his claim to the Opposition Leadership is already inspiring us – the Diaspora – to share our Energies – so Northern Province would lead the Nation through Reliable Administration. 

Sunday 30 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30Aug  2015

Majority Numbers & Minority Energy to confirm Sovereignty

It was indeed such a relief to learn this morning that TNA is claiming its duly earned position as the Leader of the Opposition. As per today’s news:
[The TNA statement said that both President Maithripala Sirisena and the Government had gone public “in a commitment to treat the Tamil people as equal citizens of this country.” It added, “However, a reluctance to recognise the democratically elected representatives of the Tamil people of the North and East as the main opposition party when such is clearly the case can only be reflective of an unwillingness to honour this commitment….”]
Whether TNA Leadership read my emails or not – the common mind-order is good to identify with. Eligibility  to lead at physical level through majority, is raised to the Administrative level through the law that says that the Opposition has Equal status as the Government. The rule is that one cannot be on both sides at the same time. That really is Commonsense which seems to be getting weaker and weaker in Sri Lankan Politicians.
How can 60 be Equal to 16 asked a Canadian Tamil? It cannot be at the physical level only. At Grade 1 level – one is marked only as per performance at that time in that test. But as we get educated more and more – we are assessed as per our cumulative performance – until some of us get to philosophical level and claim PhD qualification. That higher elevation is possible only when we carry our past achievements as motivating force in our mind and this is confirmed through higher status compared to one who counts at physical level only. At the highest level – there is only identity with the whole and this is what Self-Governance is about.
Here in Australia I was marked down by Central Administrators of the University of NSW – for having philosophical differences with Australian qualified Accountants! If true – then at least one side – myself or the other – had to be a PhD and the other a fake. At philosophical level we cannot have differences. We integrate naturally at that level through our Truth. Truth being absolute – we do not relate but are self-sufficient – as in self-governance.
When we copy and do not get caught – we start thinking that that is the right pathway and others who research and find theories – are wasting their time! So they downgrade the real Philosophers by telling them what to do. Then when members of minority communities,  like Man Haron Monis of Australia and Bryce Williams of USA kill  - taking an eye for an eye – we give surface reasons – such as bail laws and  gun laws to satisfy the masses. There are no PhD’s truly researching and finding the Truth about why they resorted to such violence. They just did not feel that they belonged. The law says they are Equal but their mind said they were not treated as equals.  Minorities who downsize themselves to the status allocated by those in power through Law and/or through numbers – would identify with the other side – and merge. But this requires sacrifice of earned benefits – leave alone ‘expected-benefits’.
Truth when manifested at the physical level has two Equal & Opposite sides. To measure and know the values we have to have no time based differences. Hence to have half the view we have to stand parallel to the vertical plane on which the physical is assembled. Where we have two persons to measure – Time is frozen.  That is voting. To measure the whole we need equal numbers on both sides. Hence if a Parliament is a true representation of the whole – it must have equal numbers on both sides. When they come together they represent the whole.

In Democracy, majority forms government and how does one find the Equal other half to represent the whole? We use laws to elevate the value of the second group through status – which is the beginning of Administration. Where the minority number side does higher level work and/or makes deeper sacrifices, to bring  the laws and the law-makers and practitioners into themselves to fill the gap – in numbers – they do become Equal or greater in value. It’s like Force being equal to mass times acceleration. Those who believe in Newton would accept that there is an equal and opposite to every force. We cannot see it. But by sacrificing our status and bowing our heads to Newton – we bring Newton’s mind-order into us and then when we use it – we realize the Truth of it through experience. Likewise with any law – including Laws of Equal Opportunity. The higher practitioner of Law should not be told by the lower practitioner directly – but needs to submit from lower position. To merge to become Sovereign as a whole – a mere politician therefore must bow her/his head to an Administrator however much smaller the community of that Administrator may be compared to that of the Politician. Numbers need to be weighted by true status earned to know the value. The current election outcomes in Sri Lanka – have confirmed this Equality of Tamil Community with that of the Majority race. Without showing  this in its structure – the Sri Lankan Parliament is not entitled to be called a Democratic Parliament.

In Democracy, one who sees and declares the value from one side is not entitled to do so from the other side also. To do so is to claim that one was entitled to bat as well as bowl at the same time.

In terms of Sri Lanka, given that the Sri Lankan Government failed to apply the law in terms of rebels – but used majority force to eliminate them -  Tamils as a Community are now seen to be even more of a minority – due to the status reduction. The status we are allocated is the confirmation that we have made greater contribution than another to elevate the physical value to higher level – to cover more persons than are physically known to us. Our emotions are invoked through our physical observations and contacts. To raise them to intellectual level, we need to prevent expressing them at the emotional  level and raise them through common measure to higher level so the brain can discriminate and know right from wrong. This would then serve and support also others physically away from us.

Under the subjective system – when we bring our seniors into us – we get their mind order and hence we operate as One. The junior does not need to calculate rights and wrongs nor present the completed service to outsiders. But where the seniors’ mind order when worn by the believing junior does not lead to such Union – we need democracy with Equal Status to both sides. Like in immigration – we do not calculate but allocate them as Equal with zero advantage at the starting point. Towards this  the two are pooled and the whole is divided through the middle to represent the whole. Then there is level playing field to measure current performance on merit basis.

Many religions – including Hindu religion through Shiva-Shakthi formation confirm this philosophy. At family level – under the traditional system – man’s status was elevated to the higher level on the basis of  man needing to think he was stronger to go out and bring provisions for the whole family. In physical numbers man and woman are counted as equals. In terms of status – a wife is a combination of mother and daughter and a husband is a combination of father and son. When the two positions are equally taken by both sides – husband and wife are equal and are seen to be so. Hence the Shiva-Shakthi formation and the yin and yang formations in Chinese philosophy. Until we find this Equality – we are yet to discover our Sovereignty.

In Governance – a Sovereign Nation would reflect this Equality in Structure through the formation – by using Administration/Law to fill the apparent gap. Force is not seen but at elevated level it exists. Shakthi / Energy is not seen but Shiva/Consciousness cannot function without Shakthi.  Members of Parliament elected through Belief – represent Consciousness. They cannot function without the Energy of the less visible but equally powerful minority – even if it were minority of One. Truth is absolute and even if One member of minority community  identifies with the Parliament – that minority side would work the Parliament. They would have Divine Blessings towards this. It is the natural duty of Nature to support those who support Nature. This Energy which naturally connects self-governors becomes motivating Force is not seen or known but is identified with through Experience. As sung by a Hindu elder – every day which passes without me identifying with this Sovereignty within – is a day not lived.  

Saturday 29 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29 Aug  2015

Black Magic & Voter Faith

I was feeling refreshed after responding to the Pandits of Colombo 7 – one of whom said about me towards the end of our conversation in relation to the article ‘Lord Muruga Blesses America’ :

We can thank Lord Muruga that the gnat is finally gone.  What a pain in the neck!
She should be spanked by a naked fakir!

I gave this ‘Association of Muthalalis,  Golayas & Panthangkarayas’ (Traders, henchmen and bribers) more of the same as part of the ‘continuing education process’. Then I relaxed and the anecdote I first heard in Papua New Guinea came to mind.

It’s about the Fisherman who claims ‘Jesus I was not serious but just joking’. This guy was trying to catch fish and was waiting a while when he resorted to a vow to give Jesus half the fish he caught. Soon a big fish was hooked. Quickly this guy thought ‘why would Jesus want the fish – I will keep it all’. Then the fish slipped away. The guy said ‘But I was only joking! Jesus does not understand the difference between being serious and joking!’. Thinking of this in relation to the Election outcomes in Sri Lanka – especially in relation to the position of Leader of the Opposition which according to my calculations rightly belongs to the Tamils if the two leading parties form Unity Government – I  went to ‘Sri Lankan News’ and read the ‘Ceylon Today’ article ‘US backing local inquiry into alleged war crimes - Old wine in new bottles by Manekshaw.

I was impressed that the author had noted the main ‘dress-change’ act by Tamil Politicians as I also had noted. The author says about this:
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarians are sarcastically described as 'white veshti men' by the voters in the North and the East for appearing in their traditional white attire during their election campaign.
However, a week after the election, four of the newly elected TNA Parliamentarians led by their Leader R. Sampanthan and Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran appeared in western attire wearing suits to meet the US Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal Desai at the US Ambassador's residence in Colombo a few days ago.’

The dress change did seem strange – considering that Sri Lankans were hosting Americans. It gave me some further indicators  as to why TNA was not claiming the position of Leadership of the Opposition. Some excerpts from the above article in this regard :
The failures experienced in the political moves in the past three decades in bringing an end to the armed struggle had led to extensive human rights violations and war crimes.
It was none other than the US Government that realized extensively the adverse effects of the war in the Island when the resolutions were brought against the Rajapaksa regime by the UNHRC in Geneva in the past three years.
Since the Tamil National Alliance had emphasized on an International probe into the alleged war crimes in its Election Manifesto and requested the voters from the North and the East to stand by its stance on demanding an International investigation, the new move by the US Government to support the domestic investigation will certainly put the TNA in a dilemma towards building a healthy reconciliation process.
With the credibility lost over the local investigations and commissions which were established in the past to bring relief to the war victims by establishing truth, the new move by the US will be viewed by the people who seek justice as nothing new but 'Old wine in new bottles

Focusing at the National level  instead of  just the TNA, the Island Editorial states in regards to the Leadership crisis:
Empty rhetoric
People were urged, before the recently concluded election, to vote wisely and they have done so. They haven’t enabled either of the two main parties which are responsible for taking turns to bring the country to the present pass, to secure a working majority in Parliament, thus compelling them to work out a compromise formula. When governments get comfortable or steamroller majorities they get intoxicated with power and their leaders act like druggies. It is only when they are weak that they behave and respect the public.’

This applies also to the official media which fails to recognize the Minorities without whom Majority cannot be Majority and therefore do not have the power to form Democratic Government. In other words like the Fisherman who promised half share to God the Politicians who promised half share to the True Opposition, are now thinking of keeping the whole in whatever form they can. As per the Election outcome – Tamils have won the Leadership position if the Party that got the second highest seats takes up Government Portfolios. Yet  the above editor seems to have forgotten about the TNA’s position. The Editor states:

The Maithripala Sirisena faction of the SLFP and the UNP had been planning to form a joint administration even before the August 17 parliamentary election because that was the only way, they thought, they could keep their mutual enemy Mahinda Rajapaksa at bay. But, today, some of their ambitious members are not happy with the ministerial portfolios they are to be given, we are told. Two dogs at the same bone seldom agree, as they say. The on-going wrangle over ministerial posts has found expression in acrimonious rhetoric from both sides

When the two main Sinhalese parties came together to form Common Opposition – to remove former President Mahinda Rajapksa and his clan – they were acknowledging that neither could do it on their own – Mr. Rajapaksa’s party through internal measures nor the Opposition UNP through the elections. Yet – in numbers Mr. Rajapaksa’s group was in the minority. If such is the case with Mr. Rajapaksa clan – it is also true of  Tamils who are have the capability of producing another Velupillai Prabakaran with India’s support.

In his brilliant article ‘Election Defeat: International Conspiracy Or Hooniyam?’ Gamini Weerakoon of Sunday Leader confirms similar mind order to mine – as to the invisible powers that work the Lankan mind:

Two old friends of the Forward School for Backward Boys were meeting at their Waterhole to analyse the election results…………..

Nodath (No Teeth)– the UNP (the party that came first) guy* to Sududath (White Teeth) the UPFA (the party that came second)* : Your party must decide on the kind of conspiracy deployed – Computer Jillmart, substituting ballot boxes while in transit to counting centres, stealing manape votes at counting centres or the old fashion tactic of ‘bath (rice*) packet and a bottle of arrack(*)’. I will give you a tip. Investigate bribery of astrologers and deployment of Hooniyam(witchcraft*).
Find out who gave a dead rope to Mahinda on the inauspicious time and day to hold the presidential election? I know the CIA got to Mahinda’s Achilles’ Heel – astrologers. Using RAW Indian decoys they bribed astrologers to give Mahinda dead ropes.
The RAW then got to Thovil (devil-dancing to heal*) ceremonies which Sinhalese down centuries have sworn by. They performed Hooniyam and buried charms in compounds of the Rajapaksas. Mahinda got wind of the possibility of Hooniyam quite late. That’s why he fled to Kurunegala.
So what to do Machang? asked Sududath in desperation.
Nodath: Remember Vermin Silva who unearthed a Hooniyam buried in the Rosemead Place residence of Mrs. B. Get him to your side. Poor fellow is now trying to jump into the Kelani Ganga after Ranil said, no.

*Gaja’s interpretation

Through Murugan Philosophy, I have explained my own thinking along these lines – not as witchcraft – but as true belief. President Maithripala Sirisena for example went to Kathirgamam before the Presidential elections. If he won due to Lord Muruga’s blessings – then like the fisherman above – he was also promising half share to Tamils in Government. Little did he know that his own party in Parliament would lose that status through the formation that was developed by Sinhalese Leaders. A relative-in-law said to me that when she got married and went to Kathirgamam and could not get the sweet rice that was being distributed – she prayed to Lord Muruga to bless her with a tall daughter. She did get a tall daughter but later the parents had difficulty finding her a taller husband!  My experience in 2005 was the opposite. Like Tamils I was a minority devotee at Kathirgamam – when I went to thank Lord Muruga at Kathirgamam for clearing the pathway for me to take the Tsunami Reconstruction Proposals for Mangkerni in Eastern Sri Lanka to the then President Madam Kumaratunga. I travelled by Public Transport had not booked in advance for accommodation. The lodge that usually accommodated Sri Lanka Transport Board families gave me a room just for one night. After a shower – I went straight to the temple – even though I was hungry. I managed to get close to the altar and later found a mother and daughter next to me speaking in Sinhalese and communicating with one of the priests. Soon after mass we were ushered out and this priest gave me a big lump of sweet-rice and said in Sinhalese ‘wait outside for me’. I felt that he had mistaken me for that other lady. I turned around – but that lady was not there. I went outside and waited. The priest also did not turn up. Then I went to the Ganesh shrine next-door sat down and had the sweet rice for dinner. To this day I believe that Kathirgama Murugan sent me that rice because He kept account of my service.

All the intelligence agencies mentioned in the above conversation – are the ‘other side’ of true belief. They are the demons of selfishness generating business / work for themselves. Hence they qualify as witchcraft.

Going back in that consciousness to the Common Opposition - once they managed to remove Mr. Rajapaksa through this Common process they planned similar for Parliamentary elections. At that time – they did not realize that this was likely to make the TNA the Opposition Leader in Parliament – confirming that Tamils were Equal in status to Sinhalese even though the latter are in the majority. A reliable Administrator would have known at THAT stage that this was going to happen. Even now – if the Party with second largest vote considers the Opposition to be of Equal status to the Government – and abstain from accepting Cabinet positions – they would have half the Fish.  When they go back on their promise to even One believing voter, the big fish will slip away through Divine Intervention invoked by the President at Kathirgamam – where Murugan – the Tamil God is the Presiding Deity. Whoever prays at Kathirgamam Murugan Shrine – is praying to the Tamil minds that gave form to their Philosophy through Murugan. The Nation reports that TNA’s entitlement has been confirmed by the President’s Party’s spokesperson:

‘Sri Lanka Freedom Party spokesperson Dilan Perera has been quoted in the media in his personal capacity that he believes that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has the right to hold the post of the Opposition Leader. Some of the UPFA members who were elected and parties affiliated to the UPFA are of the view that they have no intention of joining the national government therefore will sit in the Opposition.’

Those who are ‘attached’ to the benefits without having truly earned them on common principles – would tend to ‘divide and rule’ as the above UPFA section seems to be doing. What a mess!

The Tamil problem if  ‘forgotten’ by those in official positions would continue to invoke wars in Sri Lanka. In essence, we are now seeing a repeat as follows:

1976 Vaddukoddai Resolution – has evolved as UN Resolution
1977 Election Victory which facilitated Tamils to take up Leadership position– seems to be that of the Tamils again if UNP & UPFA form coalition government.
1978 Constitution paving the way for a messy Presidency – is promised in another form by this new coalition which is not able to even declare as to which party has the Opposition Leadership.

Reminds one of the 2000 American Presidential election mess. Are we copying Americans to eliminate the threat of war-crimes inquiry?? That the karmic punishment for plagiarism.

As per Colombo Gazette report ‘Political groups based in Tamil Nadu have threatened to stage a protest next week against the US Government decision to back a domestic investigation on the war in Sri Lanka.
Tamil Nadu politician Thol Thirumavalavan said that he has organised a protest outside the US Embassy in Chennai on September 3 against the announcement by the US that it will sponsor a resolution in support of Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council.’

When true believers pray – vows of the unjust would turn towards the true devotee and against the worshipper looking for quick outcomes – through temporary wins.

I recall in appreciation the feedback by Patrick Harrigan to supporters in Michigan, during our Tsunami Reconstruction Service:

 ‘You will immediately notice the professional approach that Gaja and Julia have brought to our work in Mankerny, which hitherto had consisted of my occasional visits, including 18 annual pada yatra foot pilgrimages through Mankerny, whose poverty never prevented the Mankerny folks from feeding the multitude of pilgrims on their long trek to Kataragama. Gaja’s style also tells you something about her motivation in wishing to serve the poorest devotees of the inscrutable god of Kataragama, Lord Skanda-Murugan

Friday 28 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28 Aug  2015
Premier of Ontario at Canada Kandasamy (Murugan) Temple 

Lord Muruga Blesses America

It is quite common these days for us to see Politicians visiting Temples of various faiths. Yesterday, I  prayed  to Nallur Murugan of Jaffna Sri Lanka, through the internet. Yesterday was the 9th day of Nallur  festival. Nallur is very significant to me and Nallur Murugan is in my heart. The feeling invokes higher consciousness during festival time. Yesterday, I was also looking for an appropriate day for our students of the School of Human Values in Thunaivi – in Northern Sri Lanka to visit and was checking for the day of Mango Festival – the Mango competition being the time Minority Power was established as Equal power to the Parent – by the second son in the Hindu Holy Family. The students of the above school are preparing for a competition through an article as to  whether as per their assessment - they are Ganesh or Murugan to their parents. This would help rebel peacefully in democracy by the physically active and not practice reverse discrimination against intellectuals.  Hence I was looking for the day of the Mango Festival. A brief excerpt from my book to confirm the significance:

Muruga and His elder brother Ganesh were offered a special mango as prize if they came first in the race to go  around the world. Muruga who travels on the Peacock – flew around the world and observed with His six faces – to claim the prize mango.  In the meantime, Ganesh the elder of the two – went around His parents – claiming they were His world.  Muruga got upset and hence His renunciation. As per the Legend, Muruga  stood on Palani Hill in South India – from where He has aerial / 360 degree view. Hence my belief that Muruga represents  the Power of Democracy.” JAFFNA TAMIL HERITAGE      –       NALLUR MURUGAN – Chapter 13 - Naan Australian

I was therefore happy to note that the Hon Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of  Ontario – not only visited the Canada Kandasamy Temple but participated in the religious ceremonies. Likewise her team. I noted similarly that Sri Lankan Premier the Hon Ranil Wicremesinghe also visiting Ponnambala Vaneswarar Hindu Temple in Colombo. They may or may not believe but they respect other faiths as equals.

Yet, a Canadian Tamil wrote to me on the subject matter of ‘ Tamils Have Earned Opposition Leadership’:

‘Your writings are replete with catchy phrases like objective pathway and subjective pathway, Divine Powers and Universal Power.
It looks though you are a hotchpotch, mixing religion, politics, philosophy etc. Gaja Param, you should know only a section of the UPFA/SLFP has joined the national government.
About 60 MPs have decided not to join the government but remain in the opposition.
In that situation, surely one of the 60 MPs must be appointed to the post of Opposition Leader.
For Sampanthan with 16 MPs to function as Opposition Leader is extremely ridiculous.
The situation at the time Sampanthan wrote the letter is different from the situation now.’

My response to the above was:
My work may seem hotchpotch to you. But your interpretation of the law certainly is miserable to my mind. Opposition Leadership is on the same basis of eligibility to form government. Party as a whole is taken and  the Government Party cannot be split. They have formed a coalition and they have to honor that. That’s the philosophical  picture as well as the legal picture which  has been confirmed by Mr. Sampathan. You seem to dispute that also???????????’

I doubt that many Tamils consciously know why Lord Muruga is known as the Lord of Kali Yuga – the current era. But those who pray with faith and/or believe through experience – have little difficulty going Global through Democracy.  Such will respect  Democracy in Public Administration as well as Politics. Similarly – Leaders who believe in Democracy would be comfortable with believers in Lord Muruga and both groups would comfortably use each other’s work values by paying the due price. Once in the other’s area/structure – they need to demonstrate respect. Then in common area – where they disagree – they would respectfully disagree and demonstrate respect as equals.

It is therefore important for Tamils to get educated about democratic practices in Administration – now that the Sri Lankan Government has announced that it is moving towards Zero Base Budgeting system from 2016 onwards. My expertise in this was developed through Australian Public Service based on my private sector experience.  As written yesterday  to the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia ‘As per my Australian experience, I expect the Sri Lankan Government to face stronger resistance to the changeover, than we face/d in Australia.’

As per my assessment in Northern Sri Lanka – Tamil Administrators need much training to move towards Zero Base Budgeting and this could result in Tamils not being able to take their win at the elections beyond that point. This inability – as demonstrated by the above Canadian Tamil could result in them boycotting parliament instead of taking their Equal position. I get emails of congratulatory messages to the TNA being forwarded to me but I am still waiting for TNA to claim its due place as EQUAL Opposition Leader. Whether they are facilitated to do this or not by the Subjects in power  is another matter. If they respect the Law above Politics, they would show that here and now.

But those who have to ‘see’ to believe – will keep looking for political majority by looking to others – starting with Indians. If TNA claims its position and files legal action, if another is given that position – then that would be the promise to everyone that TNA would work for Sri Lanka first and try its best to complete the experience within Sri Lanka. Otherwise Sri Lanka would continue to be led by subjective power and therefore majority votes and not by Reliable Administration independent of Politicians.

As per Colombo Gazzette : ‘Mr Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor is reported to have stated that when the report on Sri Lanka by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is released, the Government must not be defensive and that that the US will judge the new Sri Lankan Government, not by its promises but by its actions and achievements.

And in response to the question : ‘International probe on human rights violations is expected to be in favor of Tamil people.  What is your opinion on this?  In terms of the human rights violations that have occurred [inaudible] what is your stand?’ – Mr. Malinowski is reported to have stated:

‘The important thing is that there be a judicial process that is credible to the people of Sri Lanka and to the international community.  For that process to be credible, I don’t think it has to be a completely international process, but it does have to be independent of political leadership.  It has to be led by people who are trusted by the minority communities and it should have some degree of international involvement, even if it is a domestic process organized under the laws of Sri Lanka.’

Now, if  TNA lawyers fail to make their claim of Equal Opposition as established by Law – then they will continue to live in the past and isolate themselves. If that is the way they choose to lead – then their followers would be unfit for Democratic Administration which is more important to minorities than to majority.

Now in response to the question as to how equality is brought about where a section of one party has more numbers than TNA ? According to Wikipedia accessible to the Common Sri Lankan:
The Leader of the Opposition in the Sri Lanka is the politician who leads main opposition. This is the leader of the largest party not within the government, usually the leader of the second largest party in the Parliament. The post of Leader of the Opposition is a political office common in countries that are part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

If UPFA seeks Opposition Leadership then not even one of its members must be seen to be in Government. The other alternative is for those members to cross over to UNP and known as UNP before taking oath. This would still confirm that they fooled the public but structurally it would be correct.

One who seeks looking for majority support would stagnate at Political level. The problem in Sri Lanka has been this stagnation. Now even Tamil Politicians seem to have acquired this disease and as per Global Principles we are as guilty as the Government of Sri Lanka.

To be really Equal in position at the physical count – one needs to have exact numbers – as in a game of cricket which to be valid is judged entirely on merit basis starting with ZERO advantage in terms of number of participants. Who bats or bowls first (time advantage) is known through the toss. In Politics – at voting level – Time is frozen by no Parliamentary activity during elections – and the votes are cast at the one time. Majority leading Government is the parallel of the toss. The person with stronger Administrative skills but minority numbers will choose to Lead the Opposition (to bowl first) – so they can score points by defeating the Government through the Administrative and Legal processes. Those who are politically driven would tend to become complacent once they are in governance without equals on the other side. God’s creation is such that – when we have less but our aim is high –we would work more. If TNA is not ready to take on that position – all our efforts to go global are wasted at the Parliamentary level.

Tamil Hindu  Heritage of Global Democracy is through Lord Muruga with His six faces. Five faces represent our five senses and the center - our surface memory. When making our decisions – we use the inputs through these five senses which is combined with our existing common memory of the past lesson.  If in Sri Lanka – we had only five political electorates and a sixth (say Colombo) carrying common knowledge of the past that would be the Federal capital – as Canberra is in Australia. With that as the base – if the elections showed a result of  3,2 and 1 – the eyes, ears and smell saying one thing and two others another and the last one something else  – then the first group leads the FORM of the decision. The second and third groups facilitate the ‘other’ side to make it complete structure. The second group leads that Opposition. At the physical level – every manifestation has equal other side as in a flat coin.

Since in Sri Lanka,  the first two groups have joined forces – the right to represent the Equal  other side belongs to the third one even if as Gandhi said  if you were a minority of One. The Truth is the Truth even if no one manifested it or recognized it. It manifests Itself to support the genuinely needy – in this instance the Sri Lankan civilians who suffered due to the war and the subjective powers that were taken by the winners on both sides.

When we eat – we send our pleasures and displeasures/pain  of that activity through our tongue, nose, hands to the brain. The eyes that see the food also send their own message. They are all different in looks but Equal in power. To this is added hearsay talk about that particular food or anything you hear during eating time. The mother who cooked has the value in her surface brain through her work of cooking. This may be zero for those who do not cook and/or those who do not have knowledge of the work that went into the final product. Such that is the sixth avenue. The value of the message that goes to the brain is the net of these inputs. The rest is not wasted  if they also did the work. But they may not have been active at that time. As per the system of Nature – we do not remember which particular organ gave us that decision/ memory. The ones that combined to make the decision are the governing organs and the rest are pooled as the Opposition – representing the Governed – with the one that dominated being the Leading Opposition. This is often the memory of the worker / mother with lesser voice.

Once the decision that the food was good or bad – nice or bitter – goes to the brain – it is time for Administration – on the basis of Health and no longer taste. Those who fail to so Administer – are limited to the physical and often are unable to enjoy long term satisfaction through food or other physical enjoyment. The mother who cooks without getting the winning prize – enjoys better health – because the moment our costs are higher than our benefits – we are service providers and when our contributions are beyond our official positions – we are independent of the structures and yet with the power to work the structures through that ownership power. A homemaker who stays at home without going to temple and develops this belief through every chore – works the family even though the money and status of others in the family may be far more visible and exiting. Thus the power of the believer is absolute. It is the Eternity promised in all religions.

In terms of  National Governance – a Politician in Parliament may be exiting to be associated with but the dull-looking  citizen who BELIEVES – will work the system through other believers in the system. This is often not visible but one feels inside.

Truth being absolute – it would form two Equal parts when manifested naturally at the physical level. Our laws take into consideration this law of Nature and hence in democracy this is facilitated through Equal Opposition at the beginning of the Administration and in autocracy – it is known through time by freezing the position to particular subject/s. Equality is that seen through time in the Subjective system.

 We use both in various combinations and that is fine so long as we do not do so to draw more than our benefits and/or to not pay our costs. The best system for a group is as per its own realized Truth. India due to its rich  human resources and deep believers in Divinity – can afford the Subjective system. Australia through its lesser human resources but higher per capita money resource – better suits Democracy. Sri Lanka as it is now,  better suits the subjective path which could be utilized better through devolution. But then Tamils need to not claim Equal recognition outside their devolved area. Tamils have Equal Rights at National level – ONLY IF they are ready for Democracy in ADMINISTRATION. This leadership position is the test to Tamil Confidence to go Democratic and be self-sufficient as Sri Lankan Tamils.

I believe that it is no coincidence that Mr Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor made this declaration in Sri Lanka during Nallur Murugan Festival when the powers that work  Democratic systems are most active in Northern Sri Lanka. God Bless America for its Democracy which is a treasure that would empower all democratic Sri Lankans who would also be believers of Murugan Philosophy of which Nallur in North and Kathirgamam in South are strong forms for Sri Lankan Tamils. We Northern Tamils do not see Kathirgama Murugan as often as we see Nallur Murugan. But when we believe we feel the same. Likewise Government and Opposition are both Political groups that give form to One Public Administration. Once in Governance there is no distinction and there is no need for Reconciliation. 

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26 Aug  2015

Tamils Have Earned Opposition Leadership

We don’t hear enough voices for  independent Tamils being heard at the Political Leadership level. The voters have done their duty – either by calculating and voting for their share in National Governance or by voting through belief. Most of us voted through Belief. I shared my earned independence through such belief. My vote would have motivated all those who are independent and believe they are Tamils and/or Sri Lankans. Hence I would find some of my returns through election outcomes and the rest as Administrative Opportunities possibly at global level.

Most of us do not know enough about the Political pathway. Many Politicians do not themselves know. A Sinhalese would not know much about the Tamil Political pathway and v.v. – the same way a Muslim would not know the Christian pathway and v.v. But those who are active in politics must know what to expect from their own group’s pathway. As per my observations not many Tamils seem inclined to take the Political Leadership that is already Established and is waiting  to be taken. It has happened through genuine voters of all ethnities who are independent in their own local areas/groups. Those of us who are part of the Diaspora – voted through such independents  and through others who are humble with us – as many Vaddukoddai folks are with me. The former is the Objective pathway and the latter the Subjective pathway.

The Objective pathway where the Independent even if just a Homemaker would invoke the powers of all Independents when there is a need in the environment in which s/he feels ownership – is a reliable pathway for investors of global standards. It’s like the stock-market but will be reliable only if one is eligible to play the global game. When we pray to Divine Powers we invoke the Universal Power. We may invoke through different pathways but where belief is genuine – we support each other – even by being on the other side. Tamils who have written off Sinhalese and v.v. are not true believers in this power. Neither have they become independent through pathways outside politics – for example Public Administration, Family, Job, Business. Those who take the more sensational route – miss out on Beautiful Belief.

I believe in Belief. I therefore recognize that the Political Leadership that has evolved through Common Government by the Sinhalese Political Parties during Presidential as well as Parliamentary elections is confirmation that their beliefs are of One form. It confirms that they are not eligible to Oppose each other to show the ‘other side’ of Policy manifestations then and there. They chose to be one side before the  elections. If they change sides for the purpose of becoming Opposition then they are fooling the voters and worse - they are confirming Disorder in Administration.

The signs are showing already. According to Asian Mirror:

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that former Minister Kumara Welgama is a good candidate for the post of opposition leader.
 Speaking to local media, Rajapaksa said that many elected SLFP MPs agree that Welgama is a good candidate for the post.
 Rajapaksa added that he has no intention of becoming the opposition leader.
 He also maintained that it was easy to do politics with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe since he did not take revenge.

The highly destructive nature of someone attached to authority of a position without having earned it – is demonstrated by former President. Commonsense would confirm to most Administrators of reasonable standards that one cannot be right and wrong at the same time using the One measure. At the Political level – Rights and wrongs are represented by Government and Opposition. How could one party therefore be both in Government as well as in Opposition? President and Prime Minister by failing to confirm that as per the Law – TNA is the Leading  Opposition. I am surprised that Mr. Sampathan is failing to do his duty here.  Taking the position of Leader of the Opposition is his DUTY.

On 10 April 2015Mr. Sampanthan wrote to the Parliament through the then Speaker:

After the conclusion of the Presidential election in January 2015 the Leader of the UNP has become the Prime Minister and a number of  members of parliament of the UNP are Cabinet Ministers constituting the government. The Leader of the UPFA is the President and a member of the Cabinet ( in fact the head of  the Cabinet) and a number of UPFA members of parliament( in excess of 26) are Ministers some of them in the Cabinet, therefore the Government today is composed of both the UPFA and the UNP, disentitling both of those parties from occupying the seat of the Leader of the Opposition. No member of parliament elected from the UPFA or UNP can be the Leader of the Opposition. This clearly is the legal position as well as one that accords with parliamentary tradition, both of our country and the Commonwealth. the resultant position is that it is the ITAK that is entitled to the post of the Leader of the Opposition, having 14 members of parliament. The DNA has 7 members one of whom is also a Cabinet Minister now.
We consider it necessary to  write this to you in view of the views expressed by  you on Wednesday the 8th of April 2015.’

There is no question of who becomes Leader of Opposition. It is legally the position of  Tamil National Alliance.  Any other MP getting it would be in breach of the Law.

I am surprised that Prime Minister Mr. Wickremesinghe who is also a qualified legal advocate is failing to do the right thing as per the law and facilitate this earned Position of a Tamil leader to be confirmed. Failure to uphold this true outcome would confirm Mr. Wickremesinghe’s weakness in Administration also. We then get more of the same as has already started happening through the above suggestion by Mr. Rajapaksa who also brings shame to his profession. A profession is only as good as its members and the values its members believe in.

Well, true justice never fails. If TNA is not confirmed to have EARNED the Opposition Leadership – then Tamils must look more actively towards Global Administrative actions through the UN.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 Aug  2015

Minority Leadership – Living with the Gods

On rare occasions, minority gets to lead majority. When such opportunities happen and/or are taken in the appropriate mindset – stable and reliable Administration will follow. The force of cause would be equal to the value of effect when this happens. Such an opportunity has arisen in Sri Lanka as it did back in 1977. Such repeated manifestations confirm that the minority side is Equal in value to majority side. The ‘sides’ in this instance are not the physical voters but the forces working through the respective sides. The vote of a Sinhalese,  strong in Administration, may thus go in support of  Tamil side as a force  and v.v. The higher the mind order the greater the real value of the vote. At primary level we count the physical vote. At secondary level we multiply the vote as per height of brain order and the circle it covers. At tertiary level – that vote is of exponential value. The last is also the least visible and is often not built into the structure by the selfish. Then we keep seeing repeated manifestations of minority wins where minority continue to uphold their beliefs anyway they can, despite threats by visible majority who through complacency become minority power at total level.

An educated American of Sri Lankan origin who does not identify himself with either ethnicity in conflict responded as follows in relation to Tamil Leadership in Political Opposition in Sri Lanka:

“I beg to disagree that TNA ought to lead the Opposition. Symbolism plays a large role in Politics. It will send the wrong signal to illiterate Sinhala as well as an inviting opportunity for Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists to exploit the ethnic divide that can lead to more disunity, even trigger riots.
It is time for Tamils to bury the hatchet and move on, towards an universal goal of peace and prosperity for all in Sri Lanka. Economic considerations must transcend all else. This is Sri Lanka’s last chance. Just read the Economic Statistics to get a sense of urgency and realism!
The risks of making TNA leading the Opposition are too high; the benefits illusory, even hallucinatory.”

As opposed to this, a British-Tamil Diaspora Leader wrote:

I usually, tend not to comment on all your articles. I do agree, we need to coexist in this Island. However you have not still understood the mentality of the Sinhala politicians with the "Mahavamsa Buddhist Mind Set" and this mindset is true in many rural and urban Sinhalese. The Educated few also have this  notion, that they are the sole people who need to govern this Island. They are still not willing to accept that the Tamils &,Muslim's are equal partners of this Island. In the recent wrangling over who should become the opposition leader, many of them including Mr Clean Ranil or Mr MY3 (good governance) and Madam Chandrika have not yet shown any willingness to give this position to TNA leader. Champika has already shut this door on TNA's face.  Are we all living in a fools paradise? The problem was created by British in 1833 with the unification of three sovereignties and handed over the full power of governance to the Majoritarian 'Sinhala Maha Janathwa' who are now under the impression that the Island is theirs and others are mere interlopers who should, Just take the crumbs thrown at them, shut up and listen. We can write facts to any journals until our blood flows through the pen nib, or we can shout until we lose our voice box. no one will heed our plea or plight! USA and the Internationals who helped passing the UN resolutions in 2013,&2014 are now slowly moving away to support the Sri Lankan government. UN report may end up in garbage. Tamil Diaspora can only scream and kick their own legs. Sorry to be pessimistic but that is the reality. Best wishes to keep on disseminating your knowledge, Best wishes

In many ways, both of the above writers are saying the same thing in different ways – the Sri Lankan says that majority would not let minority be Equal in Parliament. The Tamil confirms that he has given up. To my mind neither of the above have experienced life as a minority. As educated males they have both been majority forces in Sri Lankan hierarchical system. Neither would understand Sinhalese only or Tamil only rebels and their racing minds. In fact both would disconnect with these two once an educated leader like Mr. Sampanthan is in leadership.

My response below to the Tamil leader was as follows:
Thank you Dr. for your valuable feedback. I am happy to note that you recognize that we need to coexist as Equals. This cannot happen unless we Tamils feel Equal. Going separate would reduce the value of both sides. The side that gets the higher common persons would be more independent than the other. This I believe is the Tamil side but only if it includes the likes of me who work with our heritage as the foundation. Many known to me sold their lands and brought the money into their new countries of residence. They eloped from Sri Lanka.
I do not understand the mindset of Sinhala politicians with the "Mahavamsa Buddhist Mind Set". But I do understand the ‘Traditional Tamil  Homeland Mindset’ of my side. I therefore take the former as the trump-card when the latter gets active and vv.
In both instances these are to cover up their weaknesses  and lack/absence of solution that would serve all.  Most Hindu Tamils cling to caste based discrimination for similar purposes. They would otherwise become victims of reverse discrimination and that destroys all our investments in common civilization.  
In terms of UN – it is an avenue through which we can keep bringing the Sinhalese into Administrative pathway through legal avenues.  To me I am the UN in any global environment where I am present. All those who sought support of  UN structure  - have the responsibility to go global in their standards and not forget the UN once we have our use of it. In terms of global governance – UN is the parallel of the Parents and Ancestors under the Traditional systems – based on religion such as Mahavamsa and language based homeland – such as Tamil Traditional Homeland.  As we know, most Tamil youth do not follow their parents but go their own way. As per my observation Rural Sinhalese touch the feet of their elders. I have observed this tradition not only in Colombo airport by departing children but at Sydney airport also – all Sinhalese and not Tamils.
In rural areas in North – some do touch the feet of elders (not necessarily parents) but the moment they have power in their hands they try to ‘tell’ the same person whose feet they touched – as LTTE did. No we do not have a ready-made solution but that is good. We need to make it ourselves.
Q: Is Tamil Politician entitled to become Leader of the Opposition ?

I believe that we need to first of all recognize that we are part of the Global Community now and Separation is senseless in our current environment where all ethnicities of Sri Lankan origin live all over the world.  Separation may confirm total power for politicians who are strongly ethnic but that would also drastically reduce their Democratic value. Those who frequently use majority rule keep downgrading the whole until the lower grades in Administration understand the outcomes and takeover control. Once an Academic of University of New South Wales said to me that Union Leaders say one thing as Union Leaders but speak the same language as Management, once they become part of Management!  This is true also of  both side rebels in Sri Lanka.

The current governance picture at National level has been described as follows by Mr. N. Ram, former editor of The Hindu in his article ‘Ranil hopeful of political solution to Tamil question’:

“The Sri Lankan political situation has taken an interesting turn with the narrow victory of the United National Party in the general election, its leader being sworn in as Prime Minister for the fourth time, and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two main parties, the UNP and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, paving the way for a ‘unity’ or national government.”

Where two Political parties come together to form ‘unity government’ neither qualifies to be the Opposition. The reason for this is that Subjective Power – i.e. Political Power -  is time based and once Government is formed – Democracy demands that the other side be ‘shown by another group of  believers who give form to their belief -  independent of  those in Government. If there was no immediate Opposition, one has to ‘wait for time to tell’ through experience.  If therefore Hindus and Buddhists form Government then neither would qualify to form  Opposition because of their Unity through religion. The Christians being the next large group in Sri Lanka would become the Leading Opposition. Likewise if Sinhalese and Tamils unite to form Government – Burghers whose mother tongue is English would be the Leading Opposition with Equal rights as the Unity Government. Such a formation would be the most healthy start for a reliable Administration.

In the current context under  as Political Parties - the next eligible is the Tamil National Alliance – TNA – as per seats. The question in relation to this was structured as follows:

“There is a feeling that the present political situation provides an opportunity to move fairly quickly towards a political solution to what is regarded as your principal national question – the Tamil question in the North and East. You have supported devolution. What are the prospects of making progress towards a permanent political solution? A lot of time was lost after the war ended in 2009.”

The response from the Prime Minister is reported to be:

‘There have been a lot of administrative barriers, which have to be removed. Secondly, there has been a request by some of the Provincial Councils that as far as the powers exercised jointly, by both the Centre and the Provinces, concurrent powers, are concerned, some of it could be transferred to the Provinces. Those are the main issues and we have to work this out. We have to discuss this, the two main parties and the TNA [Tamil National Alliance], the third one. They will be the three key players in formulating [the proposals].

Unless TNA is recognized as the Leading Opposition – Tamils  would be worse off including through Devolution of powers on Equal Footing as other provinces. Tamils have worked for and sacrificed for this issue to be made global.  The current structure of votes won confirm the pathway for Political Solution – not as a Handout but as the right of Tamil Community. If this were not accounted for – then Tamils must continue to insist on UN Investigating the war-crimes charge and insisting on Anti Racial Discrimination Legislation to be implemented forthwith.

Tamils in turn at individual level must bring about action against those who are believed to be discriminating against Tamils on the basis of Race. That would be an Administrative solution facilitating Managers and  Lawyers on both sides to lead the development of the solution with the full participation of civilians. But the UN must actively monitor this and have a special pathway through which  appeals could be made to its own Administration through Global Administrative pathway, by individuals as well as groups without government support.

To my mind, if Opposition Leadership is not facilitated for Tamils who have justly won that position – the road is ‘closed’ for Political / Group solution – with or without Devolution.  If our earned position is not facilitated, then Devolution becomes a handout – with or without India’s assistance. All Tamils must reject anything less and keep fighting for Equal Opportunity to access Common Wealth of Sri Lanka.

I believe that this Opposition Leadership is the 50:50 recommended by Mr. G.G. Ponnambalam with one of the cleverest legal brains known to our generation. It would also reincarnate Tamil Administrators such as Pillai’s (who are described in Wikipedia as:‘Pillai is a Tamil speaking community hailing from the elite caste of agricultural landlords called Vellalars.’) or Udayars who Administered Social Justice and Mudaliyars who were great combinations of Business and Administration – especially of Coastal Borders of their homelands. To my mind we can each classify ourselves as per our current skills and functions and draw on Tradition to become high level owners of the land we occupy and our diverse culture. Caste by name only is of little value once out of the local environment due to time and place changes. The substance that renders real value to a common group would bring us together through our skills and mind orders. We would then have the blessings of all those higher contributors who transcended mere physical separators. That would be like living with the gods. 

Monday 24 August 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 Aug  2015

Freedom & Independence

Often politics is used to get into positions of power and those who equate Independence with Freedom often end up abusing the higher position power. Raising the physical enjoyment to the higher level to form common structures, principles and values leads to Independence of the  physical. Frequent use of Majority-rule tends to lead towards increasing production of outcomes / benefits at trading level. Unless some part of our costs / inputs are used to strengthen existing structures and/or to develop new structures, the excess gets wasted and/or gets distributed as handouts. Foreign Aid to Sri Lanka often has the quality of ‘handout’ because it does not go through ‘Common Structure’. Likewise welfare payments in Australia.

When the system requires contribution to Commonwealth of the system – the inputs and the outputs are elevated to the higher level. Our costs and / or benefits are more stable and reliable when they are passed through such a higher structure. In terms of Tamils – it is common practice for daughters to be given dowry. Sometimes these happen at the lower level and hence are called ‘donations’. The difference between Dowry & Donation is the difference between Independence & Freedom. Dowry is given by parents and/or others in higher positions in the family,  when a daughter gets married and becomes part of another family. This requires restructures in both families. It also confirms the share of Commonwealth the daughter was entitled to as per the ‘providers’ and/or as per the law – such as Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka.  In the new family it goes towards a zero base start between the new bride and her husband who is expected to earn money and status from outside the relationship and the ‘home-group’. If this is the wife and not the husband – then the husband needs to bring in bride-price or respect the wife as the person eligible for higher status in their relationship. A relationship based on such Common Principles would always lead to realizing wholesomeness and peace.

A donation for the marriage to take place without consciousness of such endorsement / sendoff from the family of the daughter/wife – is an acknowledgement that she is of lesser value than her husband to be.  Recently a Vaddukoddai daughter left home without the blessings of her parents who were acting at trading level. As per my knowledge this daughter took care of her home as a home-maker – which released her mother to make-home for her working-son in Vanni. She started a relationship with the guy arranged by her parents but the parents changed their mind when there was an apparently  more attractive proposal. The daughter left home. My heart went out to her because she was entitled to higher structure and status than was allocated – as if she had eloped. Even mothers of daughters who had actually eloped with boys of their choice – were critical of this young lady. I called the grandmother and the mother of the young lady and explained to them that the young lady was entitled to a dowry and therefore higher common status when she started her married life. I pointed out the level of discipline and commitment demonstrated by this young lady and said it was the duty of the parents to give what they can in money-wealth taking into consideration others in waiting. The rest of her share I pointed out needed to be through respectful status allocated to her by her birth family and community. The marriage took-place a couple of days ago with our blessings also being communicated. If not for this leadership – it was highly possible that there would have been a big fight between the fighters in both families – with the girl’s family converting their debt to the daughter into a sin. Such debtors do not have the true qualification to bless others’ marriage. The girl leaving her parents despite following their rules – was like me leaving the University of New South Wales – despite performing highly in my job but where my seniors close to the Vice Chancellor – were performing at Trading level. I did not accept any send-off from those who failed to include my higher contribution – at least as structural level. I therefore felt the urge to include it in the National structure through legal process on the legitimate basis of  my entitlements as per Equal Opportunity Law.

One needs to have raised one’s contribution to the higher structural level and beyond to Energy level. Women who (like Minorities) often get less than their male counterparts but accept it as the way of the system and/or because they see their returns through others in the family – are called Shakthi / Energy by Hindus for this reason. The males (like majority) who respect women / minority as Equals – are naturally blessed by that higher Energy-power. Males in Traditional system, give form to Higher Consciousness by showing the Truth. Without the Energy that works that Consciousness – no relationship becomes wholesome. Majority may look ‘free’ but they would not be independent to show and to work the system. Minorities in turn would devalue their own status by reacting instead of raising experience to ownership level to become the invisible force that works every corner of the system.

Under the subjective system – juniors often pleased their providers without belief in them – for receiving more than their earned share of benefits where the providers were not strongly committed to common principles and values . Structurally this was built into the hierarchical system – so one would show respect for the other also to be eligible for common use. When this enjoyment exceeded that structured share – such juniors/voters/countries weakened themselves to permanent dependent status. They often changed the provider to show Freedom while, in Truth – they continued to move further and further away from Independence. Poorer folks, Beneficiaries and Aid Receiving countries – thus become less conscious of  their Sovereignty and therefore weaken their self-respect and self-confidence by taking shortcuts through money only donations without Common  underlying principles and values confirming someone’s Truth. Often this is covered up by showing more Freedom.

A Tamil Diaspora leader wrote to me yesterday in response from France:
So ma’am you are the well-educated lady asking the Tamils to live independent of the Sinhalese governments. Appreciate  your good work.
As per my Research – this leader connects to Fundamentals when discussing the need of Tamils as a Community. Given that I do not have any official leadership status I identify with the above responder recognizing my contribution to  Independence as the Energy that works the system. Those who seek ‘Tamil Eelam only’ need to show separation from Sri Lankans in addition to ‘Sinhalese-only’. To the extent they were supported by Common Sri Lankan facilities and are yet to settle their dues – they would  depend on the official system dominated by ‘Sinhalese only folks’ Donating the status to show separation and freedom to make their own mistakes and correct them confidentially. Tamils who seek to be independent under One Sri Lanka – contributing Equally or more to the Commonwealth – would become / have become the Energy that works the whole.
Where according to the official system of Democracy – woman is required to be taken to be equal to man until known otherwise – but is allocated lower position – and the woman accepts it – and reduces her contribution to the Commonwealth to that level – the stature of the whole diminishes in value. Likewise when minorities continue to be dependent of governments that fail to fulfill the Democratic requirement to allocate Equal status to members of minority – until known otherwise on merit basis – merit being calculate from zero start.
If on the other hand, Tamils seek delegated powers – they like dowry  must come – through an appropriate structure – showing and confirming respect for the parent group which is duly allocated as a the new-subsidiary’s inherited status. Every member of the new group has the responsibility to show equal respect for those who remain in the parent group. Every member of the independent branch – be it Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslim or Burgher is entitled to take Equal status as the parent – but no more – however money richer the new/child  branch may become. The parent is the reservoir of the Commonwealth. That is when the new unit would acquire the power to feel ownership of their own unit which started with the blessings of the parent. Every ‘Sinhalese Only’ or ‘Tamil Only’ person who separates without settling her/his debt to the parent – distances her/himself eventually to lose identity and self-confidence. The less visible powers are greater challenges. Sri Lankans as a combined force have shown the strong possibility of the beginning of this kind of structure. Sustaining this is the current challenge for us all – with or without voting eligibility. Many of us were the Energies that influenced these outcomes