Wednesday 31 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
31 August   2016

Devolution by the People of Jaffna

As part of my routine when in Jaffna town – I visited the fruit and vegetable market – which I remember as Periya Kadai (Big Shop). There were many groups of Sinhalese and the shop-keepers did not seem to have much difficulty in communicating with the Sinhalese customers. Many shopkeepers even spoke Sinhalese. To me, that was a big way forward under the current government which facilitates the People to lead themselves. Whether this is documented or not becomes secondary. Like Thesawalami customary law – the Practice of ordinary folks has eliminated the need for particular laws – such as ‘Buddhism foremost’ or its other side Eelam only . Different groups would have interpreted these differently and they would all be ‘right’ to the extent the interpretation is Experience based.

As per recent news report – ‘A strong NO to Sinhala only’ former President, Madam Kumaratunga is reported to have stated:

 “Tamil-speaking people had firstly demanded language rights and the continuing refusal to resolve their primary problem led to frustration and anger and other discriminatory actions and restricted opportunities, willingly or unwillingly, snowballed to a point, culminating in a terrible ruthless war that destroyed the country.
“In most government departments and ministries for a long time we did not have a single person who could communicate in the Tamil language; the government is now very serious about facilitating its institutions to have sufficient officers to work in the Tamil language.

THAT is the award of victory to the Tamils as a community. This is not likely to have happened in Sri Lanka – without the Tamil Tigers. The point at which one recognizes the need of the other side confirms the level of the leader’s self-confidence in the position through which such declaration is made.

In turn, the Tamil leader of the Opposition is reported to have stated :

[Tamils “no longer want a separate state” and want a united Sri Lanka, seeking a solution to the decades old issue through the new Constitution with the participation of all communities, leader of the Opposition and the main Tamil party…….The Tamils want devolution of power and no longer want a separate state. We do not want our children killed by war. We want a solution within an undivided country] Press Trust of India

This confirms that there is already ‘Unity’ at Political leadership level also – eliminating the extremism of ‘Sinhala Only’ and ‘Tamil Eelam only’ at policy level. The problem however, seems to continue with those in-between who did not suffer as much as the Politicians nor the ordinary People due to the war.

In her article ‘Cheers in Colombo, apathy in Jaffna’ Ms Kishali Pinto Jayawardene states:

‘Let us be clear about this. The fate of the South’s ‘disappeared’ during the state brutalities of the eighties had not been the motivating factor for this Government’s headlong rush into ‘solutions’ despite the colorful intertwining of state excesses against the Sinhalese during the eighties to justify the effort. Rather, it was the plight of the ‘disappeared’ in the North and the East which was the central international pressure point necessitating this mad scramble by the coalition Government and its allies, including the North’s Tamil National Alliance (TNA).’Sunday Observer

It may seem mad but was necessary to do what they did – to facilitate expressions such as the above from both side leaders who are wiser now due to Experience. Recently a Vaddukoddai relative said that if I had tried to sue the head of State here in Sri Lanka – as I did in Australia, when I sued the Hon John Howard – then the Prime Minister – I would have suffered great damage. He does not relate to my suffering that led to such action nor the consequences of it. As is usual in this part of the world – the young ones – make their own declarations including about others’ affairs. They do not ask and learn! This guy was surprised to hear that I was able to represent myself in Court in my Colombo Land case. Like with the above leaders, lay litigants need to be facilitated to represent themselves in Jaffna also. Otherwise, we would need more and more reconciliations  between Judgments as per the Courts and our own Conclusions as per local customs.  In Democracy, the lay person in Court – is the Equal Opposition of the Legal Professionals.  Often including in Australia – we are treated as second class. But if as per Truth we had practiced the law way above the legal professionals – the system of Natural Justice manifests results that would confirm our real status to ourselves to strengthen our self-confidence and facilitate our inner judgment – the one with which we live.

There is good reason for the Political leaders on both sides to make statements as mentioned above. Tamils due to their migration to Western countries – developed this global base much more than did the Sinhalese. Pleasure and Pain are equal and opposite  values of a sovereign entity - at the physical level. To the person who has already suffered Pain – Pleasure is comfortable and sweet. But one who enjoys Pleasure first – needs the ability to bring to mind the Pain  that would surely follow in due course or that person risks losing self-confidence when Pain strikes. The pain of Sinhalese due to their rebellion against the Central Government was not felt by Tamils in North to whom until recently the Southern Sinhalese were largely ‘foreigners’ as Tamils of North were to the Southerners – except for employment related purposes. It’s this Natural ‘foreign’ attitude that contributed to the extension of the war until there were deaths on both sides – more on the Tamil side due to lack of official backup power.

The two cannot be equalized or even related directly – to claim one was more than the other. Where there is Common Faith – that faith naturally gives the picture of the ‘other side’ as if they were a part of us. This could be developed through regular investment in laws – which are equally balanced – through time and/or culture. Equal status in our mind, prevents us from the temptations of taking  leadership desires and risk invoking the Real system from taking delivering judgments. As I said to mothers here in Thunaivi – about their sons throwing stones to damage the lights in Common areas – if the parents disciplined their children – I would not need to discipline them. If I also did not discipline them – but left it to Mother Kali – after doing my best under given circumstances – the punishment would be cumulative and would be harsher. It would therefore be unwise for those who have had problems with social leaders to upset a ‘social server’. When I say Mother Kali – I mean themselves – their own conscience. That works better than the law and order officials to transform young ones. I treated them as Equals before Mother Kali, until known otherwise through common experience and hence my natural pathway. Some mothers said – that Mother Kali would ‘show’. I said Mother Kali would show me as per my investment and the other person as per their investment – if we are not concerned about each other’s welfare. They did not consciously understand that logic but they knew intuitively and I knew that they knew. Such is the pathway of common faith. To achieve this we had to use Mother Kali foremost  principle here in Thunaivi.  But that was not as per law but as per our acceptance of natural authority – as per our direct experience. I am able to observe great improvements to ‘security’ here in Thunaivi. Just yesterday – our tuck-tuck driver tried to ‘advise me’ to raise the level at which our solar lights had been placed – saying that otherwise these guys would steal it easily. That again was taking position above these folks who are of lower caste than himself. I said that we have had the solar lights for months now and there has been no damage to them. The mind filled with common faith – heals and cures confidentially – often without even the person with the healthier mind her/himself being conscious of it. All we have to do is to recognize first through the commonness. Where we are not able to do so – we need to consider the other side as being Equal and stay away from taking leadership role and feeding our desire for power-play. This would prevent war. Towards this we need some space of separation and that is needed by all minorities in Sri Lanka. Whether we recognize it or not – someone who has operated without the other side – has earned that freedom to produce her/his own outcome. I said to the above mentioned tuck-tuck driver that these young ones are now becoming a protective force in this area. I am the proof of it.  

The Buddhism foremost policy for example – will naturally develop the right to Equality by the Common  group of  minority religions. That is the law of Nature. The requirement is that the minorities  need to be ‘Consolidated as Common’ to show a structure. The Law of Nature / Truth is the most perfect law of all.  At Policy level – both side rights are perceived.  Once one side is put into practice – the other side’s right naturally turns into entitlement. When such entitlement is demonstrated – the person with official authority who acts to prevent it and/or to punish the practitioner becomes an abuser of  authority – even if s/he acts as per the stated law at that point in time. Buddhism foremost within a Democratic Constitution therefore created an entitlement to the consolidated group of minority religions. Where members of majority religion who also have official power,  fail to recognize this Equal Opposition they lose their Sovereignty and to the extent other religions are able to make natural faith -based connections with those outside the physical boundaries – for example Indian Hindus in the case of Sri Lankan Hindus – Sri Lankans need their parallels of those others to be sovereign. For example Chinese Buddhists. If Buddhism foremost is therefore actually practiced – then Sri Lanka needs to go global to enjoy Sovereignty. To the extent a Sri Lankan Hindu has already realized Sovereignty – s/he would automatically be empowered by others who have realized Sovereignty / Independence through the Hindu pathway. Likewise those who have realized Independence through Democracy.

Every person   who realizes ownership of  Sri Lanka through any part of the land that is recognized  by law as Sri Lanka – will Naturally invoke this Equal entitlement with those in power to influence Policy through appropriate manifestations. Truth would find its gap to manifest Itself in confirmation when one side acts. That is the law of Nature. This ownership could be realized through investment in Policy also.

The official Policy itself would not directly support us at this level but our investment in it through practice beyond the level of our duty as per our official position and / or our belief – renders  that entitlement to influence. The ‘gap’ between Law and Reality is thus filled through Acts of God.

The Southern rebels did not have this entitlement that other minorities had/have  due to ‘Sinhala only’ and ‘Buddhism foremost’ policies in addition to Administrative power  not through merit but through majority votes. The second highest scorer gets status Equal to the Party in Government in confirmation of the above true value. Where Truth manifested Itself the two sides formed through the Center Line would be Equal and Opposite to each other. Hence the Equal Opposition in a democratic parliament. Not so in an autocratic parliament where time separates outcomes from inputs. In Democracy – time stands still and hence we need both sides to be produced at the same time – but independent of each other. Without this other Equal side – there would be no harmony with nature by a person claiming benefits in the name of Democracy.

When the above balance is maintained – Natural forces consolidate to support such Parliament.

In Sri Lanka – Truth manifested Itself  in 1977 and later in 2015 to fill the gap and confirm the Equal Opposition status earned  by Tamils as leaders of minority  Communities. If Buddhism leads – then all others need to form Natural Coalition of Minorities – to maintain the system of Democracy. Otherwise there is no Democratic foundation for such laws. Those who had belief in Truth – would have been in awe of the above outcomes in 1977 and in 2015. But those who sought to ‘show’ cleverness-based wins would have been blind to this real power – which was achieved without Hinduism being declared as the foremost religion of Tamils.

We often forget the gap filled by Truth/Love/Nature once we ‘see’ the outcomes we desire or think we are entitled to. But Truth works continuously to manifest Itself to keep going the ‘balance’ of Nature.  Religion is a pathway that leads  to identifying with the forces that fill this gap. Once it is given specific status – this power is localized. Hence the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka could be maintained only through Equal status to the consolidated power of all non-Buddhist religions being the Opposition of  Buddhist Leadership in Democracy. The leading religion amongst minority religions is Hinduism. Hence Hinduism is the Leader of the Opposition in National Parliament where Government has allocated foremost place to Buddhism. Under autocracy – this would not have been the case. This manifestation would not happen until there is real need locally. When locals are connected to groups beyond Sri Lankan borders  that practice higher levels of Democracy they become the media through which this global power is confirmed. In 1977 – the manifestation of Equal Opposition Leadership by Tamils – happened largely due to local power – especially through unjust Administration in Public Service. In 2015 – the achievement was global due to the connection made with Mother groups outside Sri Lanka as well as Tamils like myself investing intellectually through higher pathways in Democratic Governance.

The Leader of the Opposition the Hon Sampanthan is reported to have stated – ‘We hope the new constitution will provide a solution so that the country can be developed with the participation of all ethnic communities.

To my mind  the solution is already working – through the People. Like in the case of Thesawalamai Law – codified by the Dutch the new Constitution needs to codify the true practices and beliefs of those who feel Sri Lankan rather than think Buddhist first or Tamil only.

As per the Press Trust of India report, the Leader of the Opposition stated:

We aimed to develop like Singapore. But we have failed as we are still looking for solution to address the question of north and eastern Tamils.’

Periya Kadai in Jaffna town is showing signs of Jaffna becoming little Singapore – the parallel of  ‘Little India’ in Singapore. Tamils on their own could not have developed Singapore out of North-East due to lack of leadership parallel to that of the Hon Lee Kuan Yew whose parallel would have been a combined leadership between a smart intellectual politician supported by the LTTE leadership. The separation between leaders of Northern LTTE and Eastern LTTE – further confirmed the lack of Consolidated Power within Tamils to sustain vertical growth and leadership through autocracy – which Singapore had under the Hon Lee Kuan Yew and continues to have through not only his political heirs but also minorities to whom Singapore became home especially through financial prosperity in return for hard work. The ball is now in Colombo court to do the rest including through balanced policy.

Ms Kishali Pinto Jayawardene  laments as follows in relation to this ‘gap’:

[The law ‘being lost in translation’
To be brutally frank, despite the sentimental reminders that I find myself awash in with regard to South Africa’s transitional justice experience, I would be hard put to find a more obvious contrast. The South African process was led by towering personalities in law, in civil rights, in religion and in social justice who hailed not from the secluded corners of ‘white’ privilege but were instead firmly situated among the South African dispossessed and who counted as honourable, the time spent in prison as punishment for that commitment. Their knowledge of constitutional law was profound. This was in fact, a major reason why their efforts stood up to rigorous scrutiny by the courts and formed a formidable body of jurisprudence which civil rights activists used extensively.
In Sri Lanka however, the law appears to have been ‘lost in translation.’ Indeed, this is evidenced beyond the transitional justice sphere where legal challenges come from multiple fronts ranging from the procedural (VAT Bill) to confusion in regard to constitutional concepts (proposal that the 2006 contested Singarasa judgment of the Supreme Court may be ‘over-ruled’ by the Speaker).
Reportedly there has also been a simply bizarre proposal that amendments may be entered into the OMP law after the Bill has passed the seal of Parliament and the certification of the Speaker. Meanwhile the much touted asset recovery of criminals of the former regime splutter in legal confusion, only partly owing to loyalists of the former regime. The whole is characterized by what can only be referred to as the phenomenon of great incoherence in government.]

This is the confirmation that the Sinhalese majority did not suffer due to Tamil Tigers as much as Black South Africans did due to the rule by White minorities. When the suffering is true – there is wisdom to manage the whole group. In Sri Lanka, it was the minorities that suffered and did so as ‘separate groups’. Hence they did not develop enough wisdom through experience – to internally structure the appropriate Democratic constitution for the whole. In Democracy – majority need to have suffered to give form – bottom-up - that would be naturally workable by majority. Top down use of Law works against this.

In Sri Lanka, where belief based prescriptive rights in relation to land ownership is recognized by law, we need its parallel in terms of Law itself. To the extent one practices the law more than the person officially in charge – the official needs to step aside for the practitioner to derive  her/his value to become the law at that point. This is called a ‘facility’ and the system is named ‘My Bus’ and ‘My Train’ and so on. In Australia we still do not have ‘My Court’ but Australia is more likely to reach the destination before Sri Lanka.
Whether we recognize it by law or not – the ‘gap’ is filled by natural forces when one side or the other has earned it. Laws that are not practiced – are abandoned laws and hence the true practitioner becomes the law-maker. A new Constitution that does not facilitate this pathway – is wasted.

Today is the Ther/Chariot festival of Nallur Murugan – the Lord of Democracy. Theivanai and Valli are the two partners – one representing the official system of marriage and the other the natural influence. They are the two eyes that never meet but have the One sight. Murugan represents Global pathway to Leadership. All those who truly believe in Murugan would realize this Natural leadership – even though majority of them would not ‘show’ that leadership status. Law makers in Democracy need the blessings of such Natural leadership – where it already exists. If Mother Theivanai were to act like Mother Valli the One without official power – then Mother Valli would need to fill the gap by taking leadership through Absolute Love. When custodians of power act like they are the People – they make Opposition of themselves – and People have to rise to lead the Government to fill this  gap through the Absolute power of Truth so the Balance of Democracy is maintained.

Sunday 28 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
27 August   2016

Did Australia Bribe or Donate?

The drunken guy here – in the village of Thunaivi was shouting at his brother in law – calling the latter’s wife a whore. The whole neighborhood gathered around them – without anyone trying to intervene.  Two weeks later – everything seems normal between the two families.

There is law and there is culture through which we find fault with each other. The lawyer for our opposition in a testamentary case stated in court many times – that I was married twice – and that did certainly seem to have influenced that particular judge who said that I was behaving like a street woman. If there was some element of Truth to it – the return karma is not likely to happen in a direct way. To be true – the person claiming / accusing ought to have been hurt or damaged by such characteristic. I took legal action in Australia against the persons who I believed were responsible – but the Courts overruled it saying that they did not have jurisdiction. Subsequently the person who initiated it within the family – lost her wedding chain at the Sydney Murugan temple and I felt that the karma was returned. The leader of the group claimed in Court that she was not allocated a dowry but was given a donation!

The above are examples of different mind orders within Vaddukoddai where the first declaration of Political independence was made in 1976 and this strongly influenced the Tamil Tigers.

Where the gap between the Politicians who made that declaration and majority people of that area is too wide – such declarations die naturally without nourishment. Whether the Tamil Tigers were Rebels or Terrorists is determined by who makes the assessment and/or what measure is used. The Sri Lankan Government which was instrumental in listing the Tamil Tigers as Terrorists – now stand accused of allegations of bribery and corruption. The latest one is against the current President of Sri Lanka – all the way from Australia.

As per Australian Broadcasting Corporation / Fairfax reports:

Engineering giant Snowy Mountain Engineering Company is being separately investigated over claims its staff sought approval to pay kickbacks to foreign officials, including a donation to the party of Sri Lanka's president Maithripala Sirisena when he was a cabinet minister

Given that the current President – Mr. Sirisena was part of the former cabinet – and given that the Sri Lankan media is also heavy in its criticism of the former President – Mr. Rajapaksa through allegations of corruption – should one be surprised by such revelations? As I said recently in Thunaivi – during a public meeting – ‘where someone in a family is weak and it is allowed to prevail – the weakness is bound to become public knowledge.’ As they say in Tamil – ‘when the price of  eggplant gets cheap (i.e. when the supply increases) it will come to the market’. Likewise corruption reports. Once it comes to the market – the whole group / family stands accused of that trait. Many of us have suffered due to this ‘habitual pattern’ of the mind – due to Tamil Tigers being labeled as Terrorists. Whoever contributed to the manifestation of this – i.e.- the matter coming to the market – will get their share of  return karma when an innocent person suffers due to such label.

The above mentioned allegations – may not end up with lawful action against the current President. As they said to me in terms of defamation – Australians did not have jurisdiction over Sri Lankans. Why so – even if the laws were identical? – because the thought order is not arranged as per the documented law – but is strongly combined with cultural thoughts and inner beliefs – to allocate rights and wrongs. Buddhism being a foreign religion to Australia – there is bound to be differences in thought order,  due to these inner influences.  It is for this reason that when something is purely local – to those who have lived in Thunaivi over long periods – I do not get involved. They would not understand my reasons in using a particular measure – and I would not understand theirs. When there is a need I use Truth which is awesomely Universal.

Recently the local priest here in Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai -  lost his brother weeks before the priest’s daughter’s wedding was to take place/took place. Under normal circumstances the wedding would have needed to be postponed until the ceremonies were completed for the one who passed away. As per my knowledge this period  is 16 days for priests and 31 days for lay persons. Our priest was able to complete the ceremonies within the 16 day period. But some had said that because the brother who died converted to Christianity due to migration and due to him becoming non-vegetarian after that – the longer period of 31 days applied. Our priest was naturally anxious. When he came to our temple the day before  the wedding – he asked for my blessings. I kept my hand on the priest’s head and blessed that the wedding  would go well and also that the marriage would be healthy. I believe that our minds merged and the father of the bride did not reveal signs of anxiety any more. I shared my Truth which cured him of his anxieties due to a bigger system in which he was no longer important due to his old age. Our system was much smaller but it was based on my Truth. The priest connected to this due to his faith in the same Deity – Mother Kali. THAT is the value of Common Faith. This would not have been possible if we did not, at our temple, replace blind rituals with healthy practices that did not contradict the values of old rituals. To our priest – the blessings were from Mother Kali – in whom our priest has deep faith. The priest could see for himself that I was still going well with my development projects in that area – despite the low law and order level in those local folks. This helped him connect to my faith and therefore my confidence in current measures. The wedding went well and confirmed the value of common faith.

Had the Sri Lankan President resorted to common faith – he would have been able to override old habits. But the old habit of allocating foremost place to  Buddhism invoked the previous thought order – and hence to the extent the President also caused the punishment of his former  boss – he invoked his share of that punishment by activating Article 9 of the Constitution. If ethnic conflict is something of the past – then Article 9 needs to be eliminated or at least kept passive. Once activated – it comes up with the problems that the President’s horoscope includes.

Time and Place give different forms to the same Truth. There are many who are critical of former President’s reliance on the horoscope. Others have appreciated that as being instrumental in the new regime taking its place. But the above mentioned allegations confirm that old habits die hard. They have confirmed that the current President is activating old mantras instead of using his Truth within the local group – a group that is  the parallel to those sharing common faith through our temple. This group is strongly led by our family – common to Sri Lanka and other nations that have become home to our extended family.  Faith has no limits through Time and Place based boundaries.  Then there are members of our Engineering group – like Santhirahasan & Pushpa, Thiruketheeswaran,   Vaddukoddai youth group – such as Raj Gunaratnam and Prabha Maheswaran who resource us when we have a need – Professor Prem Kumar & wife Thavamany who regularly contribute to our educational programs - even though we do not ask them. The higher level contribution is from those who express their appreciation of my sharing of experiences. That goes direct to the higher mind – starved of immediate returns and therefore is open to higher structural returns. Without the latter – including through myself – my programs would not continue. It’s the common belief that keeps the motivation going.

One of the names that crops up here in Thunaivi is that of the Hon Douglas Devananda. I wonder whether the Common Government would have done well to have Mr. Devananda as their Tamil partner to compete and invoke the competitive forces of the Tamil National Alliance which is the official Leading Opposition in National Parliament. The contribution by Mr. Devananda to Hindu structures during his time as the Minister responsible for Hindu culture – would help retard the forces of ‘Buddhism foremost’ from getting manifested. Between TNA and Mr. Devananda – Mr. Devananda highlighted my work to the President whereas the TNA as per their silence  do not recognize my contribution at all – not even at the level of Vaddukoddai where their office is not too far from our Training Center.

But Truth waits for no man. Today the folks of Thunaivi made the decision that I would be their patron  for Development projects in Thunaivi. They sought my assistance in writing reports that would be used by the Tamil Diaspora in Europe. In turn I propose to derive my return through training in higher common work practices which would help develop higher mind order and therefore prevent wars of the kind we experienced over three decades.

This realization was preceded by fear of legal action in one of the project which they undertook on their own towards more or less ‘free money’ – which like Australian Aid without Accountability has resulted in the current President facing the above mentioned bribery allegations at social level.

From the Sri Lankan President’s view – it may have been donation and Australia has no jurisdiction over such ‘freedom’ to call it donation as per Sri Lankan rules. As per Aussie rules – it may have been bribery paid. What happened becomes secondary due to Australian Aid – which makes Sri Lanka a relative. This resulted in Australia providing Aid that promoted the elimination of the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) during the same period when  Australia was accommodating Tamil migrants to whom the LTTE were Freedom Fighters. When there is no law/measure – that is common to both sides – time tells – each one as per their own pathway/within their own jurisdiction.

Whatever the Sri Lankan President may confirm as having happened becomes secondary to knowing the character that was surfaced in a ‘free’ environment. That is the Truth and one who is true to her/himself would read it and include or exclude her/himself accordingly to develop a mind order - with or without the President. 

Thursday 25 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
25 August   2016

Northern Development Projects

There is a saying in Tamil that we must not forget the pathway through which we are at our current destination. This is needed for relativity. On that basis – what does Northern Sri Lanka need?

As per the New Indian Express article ‘North Sri Lankan Chief Minister sets goals and parameters for development projects’ the Chief Minister has stated that ‘any plans for the economic development of his province will have to be discussed with first with his administration and should be based on a scientific survey of the province’s resources and felt-needs.

The lady officer representing the Local Government said at Thunaivi the other day that feelings were more important than knowledge. Like Mr. Wigneswaran – she was theoretically right. But when it came to herself – she was effectively promoting stealing another’s work and savings. As mentioned before – some folks of Thunaivi – a village within Vaddukoddai District – built a cultural hall on land that did not belong to them. The president of the People’s Association – who confessed to not being able to read or write – referred to the Prime Minister as Ranil. He was the one who invited the Chief Minister to the opening function back in June. Given that there was ‘no scientific basis’ through which the Chief Minister shared his status with those folks – he now stands guilty of having blessed the stealing of others’ property in the name of the Public. The guy who extended the invitation is known more for his brawn power than his good conduct.

Stealing Land is common in this part of Northern Province where possession is ownership. Scientifically speaking – knowing that most folks  of this village are illiterate – shouldn’t the Chief Minister have verified the outcome as per the Science of Land ownership? The local officer was coolly stating that the Land would mean nothing to the legal owners who are now overseas! I protested and said I represented that group – and therefore considered it to be wrong assessment of the Diaspora to whom such land represents their ancestry. It must therefore go down to the heirs of those original owners. I myself am fighting against an illiterate  Sinhalese occupant of my Colombo land towards preserving my family heritage in that part of Sri Lanka. The lady officer said also that if the Chief Minister learnt about the problem he would commit suicide out of shame!  I have not received even an acknowledgment for my sharing from the Chief Minister. Hence I could not picture the above outcome.

The more local the management gets – the greater the intuition needed in making decisions. One needs to be humble enough to seek the leadership of those who have wisdom – even if such persons have no official portfolios. The Chief Minister failed the test of humility and hence is limited to knowledge based management of projects and not feelings based management of programs. One with feelings would have been humble enough to seek the blessings of the wiser person in this regard – as Radha Aiyar did.( Buddhist Government v Buddhist Opposition -

As per the above report the Chief Minister ‘ observed that due to the 30 year war, officials in the provincial administration have acquired the habit of following the diktats and decisions of the Central government without bothering to give their own inputs based on local experience. It is time they learnt to operate in an era of democracy in which there is an elected government in the province’.

Those officers are also voters of Northern Province. What has the Chief Minister done to improve their experience based wisdom? The example that comes to mind is that of the Village Head – Grama Sevagar – of this area. We donated land on the promise made by the officers of both governments – that their offices would be moved to the new building on that land. This move did not happen. The building is largely idle. To me it is a lesson learnt about the reality of ‘hoarding’ in this area. The then Grama Sevagar who is part of the Central Government – came over to inspect and order that we stop building. The excuse was that our toilet pit was too close to the well. The toilet next door was even closer – but he turned a deaf ear when I pointed to the ‘local experience’ – confirming the above observation by the Chief Minister. I shifted the toilet pit a few feet – to accommodate the 40ft requirement. Had the Local Government advised me when the plan was submitted – then I would have been saved this additional cost and the pain of having been roughly disciplined by that officer.   As is my way I wrote many letters explaining to him the right pathway. There was no apology but he was more cordial.

A few years later – when the Government was giving away bicycles to families with students and one of our mothers with two sons did not get any – the Grama Sevaka (GS) had his return karma. Like the GS was relative to me,  that lady is less respectful of the law than the GS and more a local than the GS.  She demanded her share and as per the recorded report – that lady complained of Eve Teasing against the GS to the Vaddukoddai Police. As per the local report – the GS was kept in custody for a day! To my mind, through my common faith in Mother Kali – I identified with the return karma for the GS who failed to value that I had come here and was staying in that area alone without the protection of my immediate family – to share my strengths to offset the weaknesses of these folks who have very little knowledge of law and order.  I did that in Vanni to help the Tamil Tiger Administration and later in Mankerni, Batticaloa – a place with which I had no direct physical  connection until then. I reported to the UNDP in the former role and the Sri Lankan Central Government in the latter project – because they were the donors of resources as far as those positions could relate to. Here in Thunaivi – I report to Mother Kali at policy level and to my own past at structural level.

The 30 year war has also empowered the physically stronger younger folks prematurely. Hence without the threat of Central Government reporting – Jaffna would be limited to local administration – which is the parallel of the Sri Lankan Government with Global Monitors  prior to the 2015 Parliamentary elections – especially in relation to management of multicultural human resources. If Mr. Wigneswaran, like me had been born in Jaffna – he would have the natural feeling for the place he represents. Since he was not – he needs to seek and find someone of his background and generation – born in Jaffna – to give form to the heritage our generation would share with other generations to whom Jaffna has been and / or would be Home.

As per the above report:

[The Chief Minister pointed out that officials even manipulate surveys to suit the wishes of the Central government. In a survey of war widows, officials told the widows not to say that their husbands had died due to the war but of some natural cause]

The officials tend to manipulate to get the money – the same way the war card is played to get funds from foreign agencies. The donor agencies need to first study the situation and have firm relationships with the local agencies to make the projects global. As per the above mentioned report:
[The Chief Minister made it very clear that the provincial administration would not welcome large, capital intensive, projects in which the locals will only be hewers of wood and drawers of water.” We will not allow outsiders to rule over us and will not allow our resources to be looted,” he said.]

When the Jaffna man is driven neither by Truth nor Common Order – he would plunder his own – as demonstrated in Thunaivi-Vaddukoddai. With the exodus in the name of war – Jaffna does not have enough local Administrators. They reject Diaspora assistance. As a senior academic of the University of Jaffna said in 2010 – ‘you give us the money and we will give your name to our vehicles and buildings.’ That was exactly the case with that cultural hall that the Chief Minister inaugurated at Thunaivi. This would certainly disconnect Jaffna with its ancestors. Preserving the property value of true ownership is important not because of its economic value but because of its true value which resides as Energy in that area. Our family property for example – reflects the common values that our family has contributed to over the years. This includes Education. When the Common Building was officially opened by the Government Agent – on 11 September 2008 – to me it was my uncle Sri Khanta who is part of the ancestry of that position, declaring it open. The outer form was Mr. Ganesh. That building needs to show the consolidated values of all those who have invested in that area through Common faith.

Mr. Wigneswaran for example is listed as being the relative of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan and Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam. One of their heirs Professor Henry Sathananthan contacted me during the 2009 encampment towards planning the Health Services his group could provide. Professor Sathananthan who passed away recently - generously shared his status with those  in need of status. As per internal grapevine – Mr. Wigneswaran is also related to us – through our Vaddukoddai family connections. But this is not published nor is it used to help the folks of Vaddukoddai who were specifically targeted during the war due to the Vaddukoddai Resolution from which the Tamil Tigers drew their strength. Neither has Mr. Wigneswaran followed in the footsteps of Professor Sathananthan to enlist my support in developing democratic structures. I do my little bit through the avenues available to me – including through legal proceedings, the management training  and the Coffee shop business through which to share my wisdom in small businesses of global standards. A couple of Sinhalese Police Officers have enlisted themselves as our students. Not so any Tamil officers.

Being hewers of wood and drawers of water – initially is necessary in self-employment and through such in self-governance. It generates humility – so we would respect others’ work and not steal their property when they are not looking. Some health service women workers approached the Provincial Government late last year / early this year – in relation to confirming them in those positions. The Provincial Government failed to really grasp their problem. The workers took it upon themselves to go to Colombo to meet the Health Minister. The group did not even know where to go – but they were ready. I had returned to Colombo the previous day and was getting  ready to go back to Australia. When I heard about the plight of this group – I went with them to the Health Ministry – presented their case and now many of them are working in substantive positions. I was able to invoke the Common Administrator in Colombo to derive the results. This helps me identify more with Colombo Health Administration than with Jaffna Health Administration which lacks confidence in Common Public Administration.

 Many migrants to the West are hewers of wood and drawers of water at least at the initial stages. I myself worked as nursing aid and my husband worked at a car wash and at restaurants to maintain himself  financially as a student. Hence our heirs in Jaffna and Vaddukoddai – have to keep the tradition going by working as hewers of wood and drawers of water in projects funded by the nations that facilitated our globalization. Taking shortcuts leads to premature death due to excessive enjoyment of pleasures. 

Wednesday 24 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
24 August   2016

Buddhist Government v Buddhist Opposition

All reliable laws would align with the laws of Nature. As per the law of Nature – every physical manifestation when viewed from a level plane with zero elevation from the place of manifestation – would show only one half of itself to an observer. On time basis – one has to go over to the other side to see the other half. When one person does the seeing through time based difference – both sides are in that person. That person who is able to hold the old in the mind, is naturally endowed with autocratic/subjective  powers of the whole. Where we need to see / show both sides at the same time – with zero time difference – we need to have our twin on the other side. The place of viewing is moved and one is entitled to know immediately the full picture. When one accepts the other person as her/his equal AND does not ‘see’ the other side but relies on the other person to report the sight – that person is empowered by Democracy. THAT is the law of Nature.

Political parties in Democratic Government have the duty to make up this structure to ensure Equal Opposition that they can rely on. The group with highest vote needs to devolve the excess to the group with second highest – to satisfy the requirements of Democracy and have full sight of the whole. When such devolution happens wholeheartedly – the laws of Nature consolidate with such a person/group to manifest the Truth. Truth is Sovereign.

 Hence the Equal status to Opposition in Parliament towards this Sovereignty. The recent division within the SLFP (Sri Lanka Freedom Party) happened due to the self appointed Joint Opposition led by former President, taking up the role of the other side. They needed to show Diversity in their outer form – to earn this position. Woman and Man become Mother and Father through natural attraction – due to this outer difference.   That is the law of Nature. The adjustment came through separation – when both sides failed to take their places as per the official pathway. This downgraded the Government that failed to reject the Joint Opposition. Tamil National Alliance on the other hand is the official opposition leadership in Parliament. Had this been recognized actively by the Government – the self appointed Joint Opposition would have been allocated junior position. That would have meant higher status for the Government at global level.

Effectively – it is the UNP (United National Party) that is now in Government and the Tamil National Alliance is the Equal Opposition. To the extent the TNA sees the UNP  as its equal other side – and v.v. – we have a Naturally democratic government. SLFP was mere pathway and that is their earned karma.

The recent editorial by the Island under the subject heading ‘Foremost place for Buddhism’ introduces us to this subject matter as follows:

[The government continues to draw heavy flak from its critics for an alleged attempt to do away with the constitutional provision (Article 9) which gives the foremost place to Buddhism when it formulates a new Constitution. Ruling politicians insist that there is no such move and their detractors are on a sinister campaign to propagate a diabolical lie for political reasons. Cabinet Spokesman and Minister Gayantha Karunathilake told the media on Sunday that Buddhism would continue to be given the foremost place in spite of claims being made by the critics of the government.]

Where one ‘form’ is given ‘foremost’ place due to Natural belief – the belief that such is needed to manifest the Truth at that place – and this is done by a leader through the Democratic pathway – Truth makes the adjustment – as per the real – the time based system practiced by the leadership. Hence the separation. This would not have happened if the Tamil Politicians also had continued in the pathway of the Tamil Tigers – through ‘Tamil Only’ claim in National Parliament. If Devolution of Power is sought at secondary levels – as Mr. Wigneswaran is seen to be seeking – we would not have had the Separation in SLFP. Being Equal Opposition in National Parliament is parental position. One empowered by Devolution continues to be a junior living away from the parental home to enjoy lower level freedom. This is the way of the ‘only’ and ‘foremost’ groups.

Tamils need to treat the other side as Equals to enjoy the National level power. Ideally where Buddhism is attributed foremost place in a Constitution that is meant to be democratic – all other religions must form in action - an Alliance to make up the Equal other side. As indicated by the Island Editorial – this is an untouchable Article for Sinhalese politicians – some of whom even converted to  Buddhism to win Government position. That is Sri Lankan reality. One who is truly democratic would tend towards forming such coalition of minorities if they were truly Sri Lankan. The Hon G G Ponnambalam recommended this 50:50 in parliament. But that would have gone against democracy. Forming Natural coalitions by victims of such parties that indiscriminately mix the two systems – would bring about the changes through the Truth of majority race where at least one member of  minorities in such Opposition is truly democratic and treats the majority race as Equals. Where minorities ask for devolution or separation -  they lose this opportunity to be Equal other side through their faith.

In Australia, where there is no such special provision parallel to Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – there has been decline in regular practices of common religion. But there is greater harmony which facilitates each one to learn within her/his space. Doing away with Article 9 may likewise witness a drop in religious following. A politician who fears such drop – would tend to arm her/himself with such laws of temptations.

This does not however mean the end of the road for minorities. Every Hindu, Muslim or Christian – who within her/his religious space actively pays respect wholeheartedly to her/his religious leader/s of that place -  to become One with them – completes the journey and empowers her/his side – the opposition of the Government - to become Equal to that of majority religion. When that happens – Natural forces consolidate to manifest the outcomes. The gap in lateral power is thus balanced by invoking the ancestral power to complete the journey of faith particular to that place. A Muslim in Kathangkudi – for example – could invoke her/his ancestors to complete the journey quietly in her/his space. Once completed – that part of Sri Lanka is the whole world for that person if that place is officially listed as part of Sri Lanka. Every government has the duty to accept it as such in the case of minorities by Constitution – who are like the mothers in older cultures that depended on physical strength for a living.  Man who looks down upon woman creates lesser child due to artificial forces. Man to whom woman is Equal and different – enjoys the beauty of Diversity.

During the hearings of the Testamentary matter relating to the Intestate Estate of my brother in law – Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan, I observed this push by majority at Mallakam Courts in Northern Sri Lanka. The other side looked more local as per current definition than I did. But as is my way – the moment my husband declared that he sought  ruling as per Thesawalamai – I started studying that law of Thesawalami. I was amazed by the perfection in that law – that upheld woman as an Equal to man. Had we accepted the internal ruling by the other side – driven by sisters – we would have lost the power of blessings of our elders who gave us Thesawalamai. We may still lose in Court through judges who are influenced by majority power – but we would be better recognized by the society that is empowered by  Thesawalamai in more than one way.

On Monday for example – I participated in the wedding of the daughter of – Vaddukoddai Priest - Radha Aiyar – who is well known for his faith in Mother Pathrakali  - the presiding Deity in Vaddukoddai. Our Vairavar-Kali temple relatively speaking is tiny. But it so happened that Radha Aiyar came to us during Saraswathi Poojah – the 9 night  festival dedicated to Education. Last Sunday – despite the demands of the wedding Radha Aiyar came over to perform the poojah – at our little temple. Some parents of year 5 students who were due to sit their Scholarship Exam on Sunday – sought the blessings of Radha Aiyar. Radha Aiyar said to them – ‘Get Ammah’s (Mother’s) blessings.’ Radha Aiyar himself bent his head and asked me to bless him towards the marriage of his daughter. This could have happened only due to genuine faith in Mother Kali by both of us. The following day – I prayed at our temple for the marriage before I went to physically participate in the wedding. As I was not familiar with that part of the community – the government of Hindu Vaddukoddai – I hesitated at the entrance to the hall. Then, Kumar – a guy of about our age and a member of the Swiss Diaspora – walked towards me and took me right to the front – as if I was a close relative. After the ceremony when I was getting ready to leave and went over to Radha Aiyar he who had difficulty walking – said ‘Ammah you came!’. So saying Radha Aiyar carried the tray of holy powders and walked towards the couple – asking me to follow him. I had no choice but to follow Radha Aiyar. The lovely priest walked straight to the  Manavarai – the wedding seat – asked the photographers to take the shots – and asked me to bless the couple – ahead of the long queue on the other side. To Radha Aiyar – I was the Chief Guest. I felt so very moved by this spontaneous manifestation of Common faith. To me that was the return for my investment in Thesawalamai – despite the insults from my in laws and their legal team – during the court matter.

Just the day before, I attended the People’s meeting at Thunaivi – where I took my place – as allocated in action during an opening ceremony in June. The Chief Minister – the Hon Wigneswaran was the Chief Guest at that opening ceremony. I was taken back to Sydney before the opening ceremony. But unlike Radha Aiyar – the cow with the bell – Mr. Wigneswaran did not share enough common faith with me in Thunaivi – to share his official status with this cow without the bell even after the ceremony. Hence on Sunday – I took my place with the People and not with the organizers. The main issue was about the legal title of the land that was possessed by the folks of Thunaivi – to build a cultural hall. I had warned the organizers to ensure that the true owners were not deprived of their rights but money from overseas blinded them to such advice. Now they face challenge from the legal title-holders. It was to prevent such hasty constructions that  I persuaded our family to donate part of our temple land towards building the Development Secretariat out of NECORD funding. But like the Tamil only – mentality of the Tigers – these folks had the Thunaivi only mentality – and separated themselves from the higher castes towards premature freedom. Now they have buildings without the Development minds. The last one of them was opened by Mr. Wigneswaran. Devolution at surface level – would result in more and more of idle buildings on stolen/unlawfully occupied  property. When the deeper purpose is possession to ‘show’ – the hasty mind builds the walls of separation.

Be it Buddhism or Tamil (Hinduism), it would be wrong to promote ownership of part when majority  are capable of realizing ownership of the whole – especially through Common Secular Education. If at least one side is true to its position – then we would prevent future internal wars in Sri Lanka. That is when we would not join the global warmongers.

Where Article 9 is activated and the other religions stay within their space – the Government would weaken itself through internal separations. ‘Ask and you shall be given’ said Jesus. Article 9 is a continuous asking by the Government wearing the democratic crown. They will naturally separate internally – when there are no takers outside Buddhist groups. That is the way Dharma has been upheld in Sri Lanka. Who needs separation above enjoyment of the whole through Independent observer status of  majority karma?

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23 August   2016

Tamil Eelam in Australia – True or False?

During the height of my challenges against the Central Administrators of the University of New South Wales, a Governing Council election was underway. Majority members of my immediate family were part of the student alumni and hence had official voting rights. I did not despite my strong contribution to the University Management system through my Truth. Just yesterday, I received from a holy person the following message of appreciation which melted my heart:

Greetings to you from Sri Lanka. It is the  first time  I am writing to you, though you have  sent me  your soul searching articles and  letters  and  replies to letters, etc  so  often. I am truly  grateful to you for your  sharing of your noble  thoughts. I  have not replied to your  letters and  I may not reply often in  future too, yet I want you to know  that there is  someone in Sri Lanka who reads  your soul  provoking  articles regularly and meditatively. You are   searcher  of Truth and The  Eternal Truth will bless you abundantly till you are One  with It

Each time I recall the feelings I experienced when I read that Independent and unprovoked Communication I melt. There were shades of it from senior leaders at the University of New South Wales. Dr. John Yu – the second Chancellor of my time wrote in response to my analyses about the termination of the Dean of Science:

[Dear Gaja, Thank you for your note about the Dean of Science.  You would appreciate that it would not be proper for me to discuss any details of this with you but I hope you might have some reassurance in the fact that the Vice Chancellor discussed the matter with me at every stage….You and I are always concerned about people and I know that these factors were also given every consideration.]

Both communications are confirmations of completed relationships – even though I did not interact physically with either of these leaders. To me both are Natural owner-leaders of their respective institutions. They take the value of such completed experience to every institution / relationship they make themselves part of.

As confirmation that someone who identified with me as a fellow owner – who also had access to the official forms at the University of NSW – I received voting papers – which like the above message from the Holy person – melted me and continues to melt me each time I go into that ownership experience. These sweet connections confirm that the Lord’s system works to protect and support those who are part of the system of Truth – and value Truth above any other return.

I am therefore not surprised about the listing of Tamil Eelam as place of origin, in the Australian census forms:
Australia lists ‘Tamil Eelam’ in census’ – Sunday Times report
In my own Australian passport the place of birth is stated as ‘Jaffna’.  In my husband’s as Vaddukoddai. They would both mean Tamil Eelam to someone who grew up in a Tamil area during the war. The feelings one has is important to give life to the census statistics.
As per the above report by Namini Wijedasa:

[In Canberra, Sri Lanka’s High Commission received a barrage of telephone calls and emails on August 6-7 drawing attention to the inclusion of “Tamil Eelam” on the ABS website for the ongoing 2016 national census. It was given the same code as Sri Lanka and Ceylon. This meant that Australians of Sri Lankan origin participating in the census were offered the option of selecting “Tamil Eelam” as the country of birth.
The High Commission swung into action on August 9, which was the first working day after the matter was drawn to its attention. An official protest was lodged with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and also with the Head of ABS. It is learnt that High Commissioner S. Skandakumar spoke directly with the ABS and followed up with a letter.
In the letter, Mr. Skandakumar asked the Head of ABS to inquire into how “Tamil Eelam” made an entry into its website when the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was listed in Australia as a terrorist entity, under Australian regulations promulgated to give effect to UN Security Council Resolution 1373. It was underscored that the name appearing on an official website was unacceptable.]

The question is whether the Sri Lankan High Commissioner had the right to intervene in the way we Australians define our place of birth to our Government? If the question said ‘place’ and we say Jaffna – it is the way we interpret the question. Literally taken - Tamil Eelam is Tamil Lanka. I also received an email advice that if we said Sri Lanka as place of birth – the Australian officials were likely to read it as Sinhalese. I am able to identify with that through my own experiences with the Australian Police Officers. They listed me as ‘Indian’ by looks – and later when they had knowledge of my country of  birth – they listed my nationality as Sri Lankan – despite my strong protests that I was Australian by law. The pro bono lawyer to whom I was sent by the Courts said he saw nothing wrong with that description. The courts upheld it until the last time – when it was changed in court records even though the Police records listed me as Sri Lankan. I had a real need and I was in custody when the above happened. Not so the protestors to the Census details. Which should be or priority – looking good to many or being good at least to one?

Taking that picture as right as per my allocated position by the average Australian Officer  – I asked that the Sri Lankan Consul General be brought to my assistance. The Police rang the Consul-General but he declined stating that he did not have jurisdiction. Now the Sri Lankan High Commissioner is getting the return of that karma also. Those who take up official Sri Lankan positions – inherit the sin-reserves accumulated in those positions.

When the Sri Lankan President stated last week that ‘Theravada Buddhism is only religion that heals restless minds -’ , where were the leaders of other nations and hybrid judges and most of all the UN?  Did our Australian High Commissioner intervene like Mr. Skandakumar did? The way Australians manage their internal system is not the business of Sri Lankan officials. As per later reports in this regard:
[Australian High Commissioner (HC) Bruce Hutchesson has responded to the Sunday Times following last week’s page 1 lead story “Australia lists Tamil Eelam in census”, stating that, what happened was that internal guidelines of the census enumerators accidentally got into the official website. Not that the country’s national census recognised ‘Tamil Eelam’ as a separate country.]
Is the Australian government going to change the ‘Place of Birth’ – in the passport also? As stated in our internal Tamil emails –  which listing did not include Mr. Skandakumar – Sri Lanka would be interpreted by the average Australian official  as Sinhala  Buddhist. Is that not what the Sri Lankan Government  - including the current President - also keep promoting? Why are they now complaining about the reality that we have had to put up with over years? More importantly – does the Australian Government seek to facilitate the Truth or does it seek to please the Sinhala-Buddhist Government?  I am also Sri Lankan / Eelamist / Ceylonese. They are all different names to the same place. To my mind Jaffna is also the Capital of Tamil Eelam/Lanka. To others it may be Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Hill Country  or Kilinochchi. Unless there is a law that prohibits us from  interpreting  a place as per our own experiences – the Government has no jurisdiction to prevent such expressions. The Government may change the questions but the way we answer as per our true contribution to our Australia. Truth is always healthy. We may be marked failures by the officers but those become our investments in global values.

In fact – if a person realized independence through Jaffna or Vaddukoddai – that becomes ‘home’ to that person. When that feeling of ownership is carried with the person to other nations including Australia – it enriches those new Nations which become our homes. Facilitating such expression is healthy for that place.

To the Australian Government - pleasing the Sri Lankan Government should not be more important than recognizing the rights of an Australian to express her/his Truth. There was no indoctrination from the Tamil Diaspora in Australia. They merely confirmed what I already knew through my own experiences – that to the Australian official of non-Lankan origin - the Sri Lankan problem is just another irritation or interest  in a day’s work.

Ultimately – as we noted in the case of the President’s experience at the Hindu Holy Mount of Thirupathi – the Lord sends us the messages of pass and fail – as per Truth. A President who promotes Buddhism for political purposes – but goes to Hindu Shrine for personal belief – creates the returns to those who use that position as part of their mind-structure. Sinhalese and indeed the Tamil High Commissioner Mr. Skandakumar – to whom Tamil Eelam is LTTE only  – reveal their own fears due to lower level reception of the True Sri Lankan of Tamil culture. Until this is righted they would continue to get their fear-returns for the desires they enjoyed by sidelining minorities with deeper feelings of ownership – be they Hindus, Muslims or Christians; Tamils or Burghers. The Common faith never fails its true investor.

Australia promotes Diversity. Tamil Community in Australia is different in culture to Sinhalese Community – due also to the Politics of Sri Lanka of  which we are the messengers. Between an official and person without portfolio who has invested more in an issue than the officer – the Lord recognizes the person without portfolio before the official.

To have stronger commonness as Sri Lankans than with other Tamils – for example of Indian origin – we need to have the experience of commonness as Sri Lankans. This seems less and less possible under the current President who is naturally Sinhala-Buddhist and is honest about it. He just does not abuse it consciously. Neither does he override it intellectually to prevent Buddhist-only expressions.

The Cause happened in Sri Lanka and the Effect happened in India and in Australia. That is the power of the Common citizen of all three Nations. 

Monday 22 August 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
22 August   2016

The Car of Juggernaut, as depicted in the 
1851 Illustrated London Reading Book

Response to Theravada Buddhism only came at Thirupathi from Hindu Vishnu

On 19 August I published under the subject heading ‘Sri Lankan President promises Separation!’ my analysis of the following:

[President Maithripala Sirisena says that the Theravada Buddhism is the only religion to heal the restless minds of the people who are living in this stressful contemporary society.]

Today I received the return confirmation that the Sri Lankan President was disciplined at Thirupathi Hindu Temple:

[Driver keeps Lanka President waiting as guards grow tense]
TIRUPATI: A major security lapse came to the fore during the visit of Sri Lanka  president Maithripala Sirisena to Tirumala on Sunday. He was forced to wait  for 12 minutes for his car after a darshan atop the Tirumala hill, giving  jitters to the staff of the Tiruumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD),  especially the security.  An inquiry has been ordered into the lapse.    SiriSena reached Tirumala late on Saturday night for a two-day pilgrimage. 
Upon arrival, the Sri Lanka president was received by TTD chairman  Chadalwada Krishnamurthy, executive officer (EO) Sambasiva Rao, Tirupati  joint EO Pola Bhaskar and other officials. He made a night halt at the Sri  Padmavathi guesthouse and arrangements were made for a visit to the temple  of Venkateshwara at Tirumala early Sunday morning.   
At 3 am Sunday, the president along with his wife Jayanthi Pushpa Kumari  Sirisena, son Daham Tharaka and other family members attended the Suprabhata  Seva. When they came out of the sanctum sanctorium, the driver of their car  was not in the seat.   
Sirisena and his wife waited for about 12 minutes inside the car as his  security stood guard around it. Even as TTD staffers scurried around, the  driver coolly returned from his own darshan of the deity. Immediately,  Sirisena was driven at speed to the guest house

The above reminded me of my own experience in Colombo – at the Hare Krishna Temple in 2004. I had just arrived for the 25th year anniversary celebration of Air Lanka and was staying at Galadari Hotel at Galle Face. I then heard the sweet music of chanting by Hare Krishna devotees. I quickly went out of the hotel and took a tuck-tuck to the Hare Krishna temple in the suburb of Pettah, I joined those who were waiting for the chariot to arrive. The celebrations were for Lord Vishnu as Lord Jaganath – the Lord of the Globe – without a beginning; without an end.  How I got even with the ‘us only’ women – who upset me is in Appendix. It happened through my faith in Lord Vishnu.

This article is significant due to its timing. I wrote the response and went back to Australia. There my struggle to free myself of the white-only mindset resulted in me being arrested and sent to Prince of Wales Hospital where I was formerly Revenue Manager – for assessment for mental fitness. I doubt that the Judge would have resorted to this had the lady educated herself about my real performance which was not shown through my status allocated by the Administrators University of New South Wales.  But the Lord knew. The hospital which was ‘home’ to me due to my investment beyond my position duty. The confirmation that I was examined on the same day this article was published is in the following excerpt:

Mrs. Paramasivam is a 55 year old lady originally from Sri Lanka and currently resident in Coogee. She has been resident in Australia since 1985.

She states she was previously employed as an accountant with the University of New South Walesuntil 1998. Following a disagreement with her employers she resigned, although she subsequently returned on a casual basis. She feels that she was dismissed on racial grounds and that her former employers should be jailed. (instead of her). She has appealed her case to a number of organizations but has not been reinstated.

She has not worked with this organization since 1998, she states, (Gaja’s note: I did not because I did do consulting work thereafter – but Dr. O’Neil was speaking to someone on the phone and hence wrote his own imagined version) but nonetheless states she writes to her former employers on a daily basis for the past seven years to advise them on policy matters. She feels the Police, University and Judiciary are colluding against her. She states that eventually the truth will be revealed and likens her predicament to that of Mahatma Gandhi. (Gaja’s note: Dr. O’Neil asked me specifically whether I thought I was reincarnation of Gandhi and I said ‘NO – but I identify with some of Gandhi’s work’).

She denies any previous contact with psychiatric services other than a recent assessment at Prince of Wales Hospital (1/11/2004) in which no evidence of mental illness was discovered. She denies any history of self harm.

At interview today, Ms Paramasivam was courteous, pleasant and appropriate. She was neatly dressed. She denied depressed mood and there were no biological correlates of affective disorder.

Speech was normal in rate and volume. She described a number of unusual religious experiences in recent years.

She described a number of “visions” of a Hindu deity, Sai Baba. He has appeared to her in the sky. “He had an orange glow and He showed me the gap in His teeth”. She states that red dust miraculously appeared on the hand of an image of Sai Baba in a picture in her house in 1998. She states that as recently as yesterday she saw Sai Baba and that He spoke to her calling her “daughter”. She states she was able to touch His Feet.

There was no evidence of formal thought disorder or cognitive impairment. She feels strongly that she must continue her current course of action in the name of a “higher truth” and that her religious experiences are not unusual. (Gaja’s note: They are not unusual  to millions of Hindus or even to Christians who celebrate Easter).

She denies any thought of harming herself or others, in particular University staff members.

Based on my interview with Mrs. Paramasivam and perusal of a lengthy letter addressed to the Registrar and Prosecutor of Waverley Local Court dated 18-11-2004, I believe it likely that Mrs. Paramasivam meets criteria as a mentally ill person within the meaning of the Mental Health Act. She describes a range of beliefs meeting the definition of delusions and hallucinatory experiences.


For non custodial disposition:
·                     That Mrs. Paramasivam be transferred for assessment and possible admission under Section 33(1)(a) of the Mental Health (Criminal Procedures) Act 1990

For custodial disposition
·                     She will be referred to the prison mental health services.

Dr. Conor O’Neil MB DPM MRCPsy
Senior Registrar in Forensic Psychiatry
Statewide Community and Court Liaison Service

To me it was no coincidence that this article was published on the say day when the mental health specialist at Prince of Wales declared that I was following in the footsteps of Gandhi. That confirmed the way our real karma comes to support and protect us through our own minds.

All those to whom Australia was not ‘home’ failed to identify with me and hence used the weapon available to them to downgrade me.   Likewise – those who fail to identify with Tamils like myself as being natural leaders of Sri Lanka – would use weapons available to them to demote the Tamils to disadvantage them. But the Lord knows and hence the warning at Thirupathi – where like the driver I also prayed as a lay devotee – taking my order in the long queue. It was an opportunity to accumulate credits in the real world.

The relevance of Ahimsa - a rejoinder
I read with interest, the excerpts from the keynote address by Justice C. G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, when he spoke about the Relevance of Ahimsa on World Peace Day. You captured this in the Daily News on 04 October - two days after Gandhi's birthday.
Justice Weeramantry says 'We cannot lose sight of the fact that one of the richest parts of the intellectual and cultural inheritance of all humanity consists of the great and sublime teachings of all the religions and we have no right to deprive our children of a perspective of religions other than their own'.
Following elders
I agree. Reality is that majority Sri Lankans do not 'intellectually' learn religion, but follow their parents and elders, mostly intuitively. Where rulers/governments had/have direct involvement in religious activities, there was material value in learning religion top-down.
To that extent, the value of religions needs to be realistically and practically assessed through visible objective measures. Otherwise, we risk further loss of value of our respective religions.
I asked Gamage, the driver who took me to Galadari Hotel from Katunayake, on my recent visit to Colombo, as to how he practised Buddhism. Gamage said that he went to the Temple on Sundays with his family. He highly recommended the temple near my hotel. I asked him about Kalutara Bohdi Temple and he did not seem to know much about it.
I asked in particular about Kalutara Bodhi because of my plans to visit Kalutara with the SriLankan Airlines team, for its Commercial Conference. I remembered with appreciation, Sir Cyril De Soysa, for whom I worked many years ago and who I understand established the Kalutara Bohdi Temple.
Yet, Gamage did not know about this even though he is educated up to G.C.E (Ordinary Level). Likewise the new graduates joining SriLankan Airlines did not know about Captain Rakitha Wickremenayake the founding chairman of Air Lanka when it was formed 25 years ago, Mr. Kula Kulesekaram the founding General Manager and Mr. Colin Martinus the founding Commercial Manager.
A big part of my contribution to the Commercial Conference was to connect the young ones to their ancestors in the Airline religion. That is how we share their wisdom intuitively.
Religion need building up
Religion, like law, needs to be built into our daily life so that when the structured system that we intellectually follow fails us, we could take solace in the Truth that resides within us as our personal God - however humble and simple that Truth may seem to be.
On my recent visit to Colombo for example, I had clear and direct evidence of this 'invisible' Force. On the first day of my arrival, when I set out to buy a pair of flat slippers, I ended up at the Hare Krishna temple, waiting for the arrival of Lord Jagannath (Juggernaut) who was being taken on Procession. I realized that I was not accepted by the ladies amongst whom I was seated.
It's an intuitive feeling which was later confirmed by a lady who asked me to tie my hair up. I obeyed orders even though I noticed other young girls with their hair down. I took the first opportunity to go outside and wait for the Chariot and when the Chariot did arrive the priest threw a packet of sugar candy towards me. I followed the girls who were dancing and ended up right in front of the altar and enjoyed a glorious Dharshan of Our Lord Jagannath.
Lord Jagannath
I felt that He approved, based on the feeling with which I went to the temple. As if to confirm this, the Indian Priest included in his discourse, a story about how Lord Jagannath rejected the services of the priest who had rejected, Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana - the king of Lanka, on the basis that he was a foreigner and the brother of Lord Rama's enemy.
The Indian priest giving the discourse said that the Lord recognized the feelings with which we served rather than the form. I felt that the Lord spoke to me through the priest. These are everyday miracles for those who do have faith.
These are examples of how, with all my success in the material world, I am still intuitively led by Divine messages in knowing rights and wrongs and that I am not alone when I feel right even though the whole community might seem to think and/or say I am wrong.
The lady who asked me to tie my hair up may also feel likewise as per HER system. If I do not do the work to reconcile her system with mine, I would have conflict within myself. Likewise that lady for whom it would be more difficult to understand my "minority" system. I was a minority in that group. At the physical level, majority vote must be respected in a system of democracy. This was why I plaited my hair even though I did not feel that it was righteous.
Respect to Buddhism
Taking Sri Lanka as a whole, Buddhism must be respected and accepted as the leading religion if we are to rely on our intuition and conscience to realize Peace.
Majority Sri Lankans are physically driven. Hence they need to 'see' to believe and follow. Towards this they need to 'see' their leaders consciously and expressly following their religion in everyday life.
I was heartened to note that most public expressions included their Tamil versions, thus giving the feeling that Sri Lanka is a multicultural country requiring the Objective system at the lower levels of management. Within each group one could be driven by intuition and subjective measures - as if we were family following one religion.
Buddhism is a powerful connector not only within Buddhists but also across religions, especially with Hindus who often connect Buddha to Lord Vishnu. God comes to us in the Form that we genuinely give Him.
One of my colleagues asked me after the Sri Lankan Commercial Conference, whether I truly believed in God. I said yes. He asked me whether I believed in One God or many gods.
I said that the One God came to me in many forms as per my genuine beliefs at the particular moment of need. If we believe Truth is God, as Gandhi did, God comes to us in the form of Honest people. If we are honest, we will invoke honesty in the other person. If we believe in finding Truth through Justice and the Legal system, God comes to us through the highest practitioner of the Law.
The Judiciary, which Justice Weeramantry is a part of, has failed Sri Lankans. Our Judiciary have separated themselves from the PEOPLE instead of separating themselves from the Government, as per the Doctrine of Separation of Powers in a system of democracy.
The Doctrine of Separation of Powers has been used and abused as per the convenience of the Judiciary. Hence there is NO Common Law recourse for the ordinary citizen, but each one is for himself - with his own sense of Justice.
In people intense countries it is inevitable to a large degree that the person at the bottom would not see and read the law the same way as the person at the top.
Gandhi's best service
The best Service Gandhi did to India and therefore to the whole world was to do this translation THROUGH HIMSELF. Where Gandhi knew that a law was being interpreted differently by himself on behalf of the ordinary Indian, compared to the British, he first tried to bridge the gap through education - usually interpreting the law into everyday household language. It was after this that he acted in breach of the law when he felt the law worked against all Indians as well as the British.
Anyone who truly followed Gandhi's mind, would realize that Gandhi made himself into a feeler. Mothers are feelers and Fathers are thinkers in a traditional family.
When representing the whole family/group one has to feel. This is how a member of a democratic parliament is elected. When leading the family/group, one has to think-as is the role of a government ministers so that there is vertical growth. Eventually, until the thinkers also feel, they are not complete.
It's by feeling one with the people that we hurt when the people hurt. Gandhi felt with the British also by renouncing the benefits from his work in Politics. Hence Gandhi became the Law. Any law that Gandhi could not identify with was counter-productive and/or wasteful.
Loss of loved ones
Gandhi's Ahimsa was essentially to absorb the losses of his loved ones. Towards this Gandhi accumulated good karma/social credits through his self-sacrificial ways, the basis for which he acquired from his mother.
By renouncing the benefits but doing the WORK, Gandhi followed Krishna's Geetha. Krishna commands Arjuna to fight, but to do so without attachment to the fruits of his work.
The Arjuna in Gandhi actually fought the British mentally. Had Gandhi truly followed Krishna and I believe he did, he would have eventually separated himself from the British and fought a physical war - as per the rules of Dharma. Towards this he would have needed to be a doer like Arjuna. But because the British felt the Truth in Gandhi - there was no need for the separation - but instead independence.
AHIMSA is not absence of physical war. It is absorbing other people's mistakes by doing extra work to make up for their unearned benefits and absorbing losses through one's personal credits - to become the whole.
Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam