Tuesday 28 November 2023

28 Nov 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




Sunday Times: 

Before he dies, Alex in video statement explains his horror at the Vaddukoddai police station

By S. Rubatheesan



The death of a 25-year-old youth after he was arrested and allegedly subjected to severe torture by Vaddukoddai police officers during more than 72 hours of detention has sent shock waves through Jaffna, sparking a public outcry for justice.

When the magisterial inquiry over the incident began at the Jaffna Magistrate’s Court on Friday, details emerged about the arrest of the victim along with his friend, the torture methods allegedly used by police officers, and the circumstances that led to his death. A key eyewitness statement and the testimonies of several individuals were presented to the court.

Nagarasa Alex and his 20-year-old friend Suthakaran Thuvarakan were arrested by Vaddukoddai police on November 8 for their alleged involvement in a robbery. It is alleged they were subjected to severe torture while in police custody before being produced in the Mallakam Magistrate’s Court on November 12……..


Sri Lankan Diaspora Elder:  This brings to focus once again on the granting of police powers to the Northern and the Eastern provincial councils; it could be said that even Tamil speaking policemen too might give vent to harsh & violent treatment in handling suspects: but over the years racist politicians have been feeding the Sinhalese hoi polloi’ with the notion that Tamils have always been inimical to the Sinhalese , that they have been later immigrants from South India , in addition to having been supportive of the militants. This sentiment appears to have been ingrained in the psyche of the defence personnel to a greater extent than in the minds of the ordinary Sinhala plebs.

                                                                                If the majority of the police personnel in the North - and in the East - are Tamil speaking, one can expect a better rapport being established between the apprehended suspects & the arresting policemen. There would not be a communication gap so that a suspect might be able to explain his position - why & wherefore of his particular situation at a given time, say at nightfall or in an environment where there  had been a scuffle etc. If the 800 constables selected to serve in Jaffna , Mannar, Mullaitivu & Kilinochchi are given only batons and not rifles, then the central government would be able to get rid of its myopic perception of the Tamil police force becoming the nucleus of a nascent militant movement!!!



Gaja: It is hurtful to know that this boy had suffered. I became apprehensive when I received photos from Vaddukoddai in which a Tamil militant was carrying the body of his mate as if in combat.  I felt that it could go strongly against  those who were emotional about it.  Now my fears have been confirmed. We need diplomacy now.


This morning I thought further about it after writing as follows to a fellow owner:


Gaja: It  must be an indicator from your feeling of ownership. Like minded folks naturally share their Truth with each other. Hence majority power rules, in democracy.

Also  to a Sri Lankan Diaspora Elder: 

Gaja: Truth is received by us at different levels. The form in  which we share that truth would be ours. Hence the belief that God is One, We often agitate to share our knowledge rather than our truth. Unless that knowledge has our own truth as the base, it is not ours . Hence we need to use them within quotation marks. When on the other hand, we receive the same information at a lower level of understanding but as per our experience it is true. The parallels in our Tamil community are Sri Lankan Tamils and Eelam Tamils. In terms of the Middle East crisis, the parallels are Jews and Arabs as a community on the one hand and those in Gaza on the other. The home area / the corpus is different but the feeling /soul is the same. Hence when we love one, we love All.


In summary, we need  to ensure that we are within the same ownership circle when we claim the Right to Oppose.  Natural Ownership is a Universal  Power. Those who fail to discipline their own community because they love them, naturally accept that group  as their home group. Then they would go through natural restructure to govern at the level of Opposition. This could be in truth higher or lower than their previous position. I presented this as follows to a New Owner:


New Owner : This is really interesting. I think you should put a motion in to review the capital works plan at the AGM. The members of the Committee have kept us all in the dark for too long. 


It is our money and we never get clear answers. It is a shame you are unable to be on the committee. I think it would be very useful for all of us to have someone who is fully competent with  our financials and also interested in full transparency.


Gaja: I have learnt through experience that as a minority, that I have the power of intuitive intelligence about the whole. If I became part of the official group, I would painstakingly educate them. Had they nominated me and elected me, I would have educated them. In Democracy, we need strong Opposition. Democratic power works best when the Opposition is Equal or stronger. Hence I would not become part of the official group.  Thank you for caring.


Some may prefer to become the official system themselves. Others may prefer to stay as part of a smaller minority group as per the official  classification. So long as we operate within our respective circles, there would be natural harmony.

In the case of the above death in custody, as per the intelligence that came to me, the rebel hierarchy invoked by the Tamil Eelam Diaspora who supported Hamas in the Gaza conflict. This is confirmed  by the following:

I became apprehensive when I received photos from Vaddukoddai in which a Tamil militant was carrying the body of his mate as if in combat.’


The diaspora becomes the medium through whom global powers are shared with their kith & kin at home. Yesterday was Great heroes’ day anniversary.  Parliamentarian Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam led a group to respect those who died fighting for Tamil Eelam. The following report was published in this regard:


‘Sri Lankan police prevented dozens of Tamils, including a member of parliament, from commemorating Maaveerar Naal at the site of a cemetery housing the war dead earlier today, forcing them to light lamps on the roadsides of Amparai.


In the Court of Natural Justice, where Truth delivers judgment, the question of jurisdiction would need to be asked first. That question is:


‘Does Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam represent Eelam Tamils or Sri Lankan Tamils in Jaffna? Those who did not openly pay their respects in Jaffna, are Sri Lankan Tamils by their silence. In Vaddukoddai, where the Death in custody happened, Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s party is active through Mr Sugash Kanagaratnam, no such group event was reported. Hence one is entitled to conclude that in Vaddukoddai Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s group does not have majority power.

As per my intelligence, this is due to the heritage power of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. It continuously opposes armed militant power. Heritage powers are exponential.

Saturday 25 November 2023

25 Nov 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




A couple of Academics at the University of NSW commented on my ‘insight’. I put it down  to them ticking me ‘right’ in my assessment of them.  One of them said to me in terms of recruiting junior academics, that he would intuitively know who the right candidate was. This is the way of intuition which to my mind, is how a mother knows her child intuitively. The stronger the pain, the deeper the intuitive connection.

I was reminded of this when a wise medical expert in our forum wrote as follows: in emails shared under the subject matter “Putin thinks ‘decades ahead’ – key aide”.


The first response:


It is clear that the Democratic system of Govt has several shortcomings as opposed to the Communist countries. In the Communist countries there is a perception that the people are not free, a myth perpetrated by western countries. People in Communist countries are looked after like the Kibbutz in Israel. 


An Elder responded to the above:

I agree with you; one of the very many shortcomings in a so called democratic country has been the ‘dictatorship of the press’: the reporters of such press have been well trained in the art of distorting information. Several of Murdoch’s media outlets let flow fake news so subtly that readers/viewers are not aware that they are being brainwashed: In communist countries , it is government news and most listeners/viewers are now fairly well educated in perusing news: even the not so educated folk, are wise to the ways of the media world. Therefore the dissemination of information in authoritarian states too may be dissected & comprehended by discerning readers


The originator of discussion contributed further as follows:

Very true. The media are so well controlled nowadays, that the collective corporate media are able to synchronize their false narratives, leaving the more naive Westerners swearing it is the truth, swallowing them hook, line and sinker, without any critical analysis.

They were so effective that throughout the Ukrainian War, no account even mentioned the possibility of a Nuclear War breaking out. The money and weapons from the West kept flowing, with hardly any protests.

Democracy in the West has become far more restrictive (freedom of speech, hounding of scientists / physicians during the COVID19 times to hide many truths including the structure of the COVID19 virus which had explicit evidence of human manipulation).

Democracy does not work when oligarchs become puppet masters!’


My response to this was:

‘Interestingly, you mention Covid19.  It was named Corona/ King Virus by the wise.  In my own way, I connected the Corona to the war in my book. Please see attached. I connect/ed it also to the disturbance of World Heritage – the Silk Road.  The Virus confirmed restructure from majority power of democracy to minority power by oligarchs.  It was natural restructure due to us, including Tamils using majority power selfishly and losing intelligence which is the natural power that we the heirs of minority are born with. That is how truth balances the system of karma.

The  Respondent:

Dear Gaja

I would agree with your views that the Tamils are losing intelligence especially in SL. It is only my opinion and not backed by any definitive empirical proof. Why did we the heirs of minorities are born with intelligence? It could be many reasons. I suppose our parents and forefathers were educated much more than the majorities. Additionally, the British employed our forefathers due to this education, honesty, and intelligence. This was passed on down the family. As such the heirs also exhibited this love of education, intelligence watching their parents while growing up. So now the vast majority of the Tamil intelligence are abroad, and they are accumulating a more advanced form of intelligence and knowledge. Just a thought. That is all.



I identify with most of your response. I am not able to identify with the following:

So now the vast majority of the Tamil intelligence are abroad, and they are accumulating a more advanced form of intelligence and knowledge’

As per my discovery, Intuitive Intelligence is the most effective and efficient type of intelligence. It could be inherited or developed in current life. It needs a sovereign environment to live. Vast majority of Tamils who went abroad would not have this exceptional intuitive intelligence, if they assimilate and are no longer a minority. They may gain knowledge but to feel ownership in their new environment, they have to endure the hardships a minority endured in that environment. We must feel one of them but not be their juniors. The stronger our pain as a minority, the deeper our insight into the whole. The Tamil diaspora includes a vast majority who seek to win against Sinhalese, rather than help their heirs in Sri Lanka  develop/maintain their sovereignty. They thus dilute their own sovereignty and therefore Intuitive Intelligence.

Also, minorities who feel ownership  develop  intuitive autocratic power. Minority ruling majority is Autocracy. Officially this is invisible divine power.




Friday 24 November 2023


24 Nov 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





‘The Albanese government has granted 860 Palestinians trapped in Gaza with temporary visas since the outbreak of Israel's war against Hamas on October 7.

According to a report from the ABC, the cohort have been issued with visitor visas which would allow them to remain in the country for between three and 12 months.’ Sky News

‘India’s government has long accused Canada of a lax attitude towards those who want to establish a Sikh state, known as Khalistan, in northern India. Canadian Khalistanis blew up an Indian airliner in 1985.’ The Economist

The family's wish to stay in Australia has been supported by some members of the Biloela community as well as refugee and asylum seeker advocates. Anthony Albanese , Prime Minister of Australia has supported granting permanent residency to the family, stating "These people should be settled here in Australia. It won't undermine the government's migration policies. It will simply say that this is a government that is prepared to listen to what the community are saying and saying so strongly"’ Wikipedia


All of the above confirm a common motive in recruiting refugees from war-affected rebel communities. The message to these communities is ‘stay within your own rebel communities, under your de facto government. This is fair on the basis of belief, which confirms a fundamental right to self-govern.

But it also alienates law-abiding citizens from these communities . Recognising multi cultures within the same community is a big challenge for mainstream citizens.

During the early periods, refugee-migrants generously support their own communities in their motherlands. But with time, those in motherlands takeover power and alienate the members of the diaspora and there is conflict between the two groups. This was confirmed in Canada, where I was once asked by a florist to speak in Tamil!

Eventually, they takeover Political leadership of their respective communities and marginalise those who abide by the official law.  The system of law practised by us confirms our common path. The closer it is to global laws, the stronger the binding power of the community.


Tuesday 21 November 2023


21 Nov 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



As per my understanding of Lawful Australian mind sexual pleasure enjoyment between consenting adults was right. One of the recent hearings was about a Sri Lankan cricketer in Australia.

I thought about it when I was in respect to Optus service when each staff member had her/his own interpretation of due process in Refund process. I sought a refund due to my feeling of being misled in terms of the new package. There were features that I did not need, but was being charged for. My expectations were based on my own standards. Accordingly, I would have brought the customer’s need as mine and then tailored the service. Then there is no requirement for consent.  In the absence of such oneness, consent of the customer is expressly required.

When we are bound by the same laws/culture, the level of  natural consent is high.


Recently, a member of alumni social group  stated in a discussion  about Hindu faith:

 [I prefer to be rational and do not believe in blind faith.]


I responded as follows:

‘This means we should not have jury judgments. Most members of the jury lack knowledge of secular law. They use their own beliefs to confidentially work out whether one is guilty or not guilty as per their belief applied by being blind to any external law. Hence Lady Justice is blind. When we believe, our judgment is perfect. Hence the requirement ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ in criminal cases. Reasonable doubt margin is allowed for the use of law one does not believe in.’


Belief confirms absolute consent.  In the case of Optus, there was an indicator  which helped me appreciate why the I felt ‘cheated’. It happened through the following news report:


A strange coincidence’


At the hearing, Ms Bayer Rosmarin initially defended Optus’ public communications during the outage, running through a timeline of social media posts and interviews she conducted during the day. “When we had the cyber incident, it was the last time the Singtel board was in town, and they were in town again … which was a strange coincidence,” she said. - ‘We didn’t have a plan’: Financial Review report  Optus admits it was caught out’


Was that Coincidence or Divine Indicator ? If indeed the lady was ‘running through a timeline of social media posts’ the public was important to her. Singtel board were Outsiders to Australians and they would be more focussed on ‘Business approach’. The two would be in conflict.


During the senate inquiry, seated next to the CEO was MD , Networks, Mr Lambo Kanagaratnam of Sri Lankan origin. Majority Sri Lankans believe in religion being the pathway to liberation from the temporary ups and downs in the material world. In Hinduism such liberation is confirmed by ‘Tat Tvam Asi’/ “thou art that”, which mean the truth of the individual owner and the whole that the individual feels part of are One.


As a long-term customer, I was entitled to be facilitated with care. Given that I was treated as less, I went into the system again and again and established their weaknesses to get business despite customer dissatisfaction. Once we go into a system through our truth, we learn the truth of the whole, including that of our opposition. This is the way the Optus CEO confirmed that Singtel Board was opposed to her down to earth service.