Sunday 31 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 May  2020


Yesterday’s communication brought the following response:

[Dear Ms.Gajalakshmi,
You write copiously, but I do not see in your writing any suggestions on how the Tamil Persons in this country can live side by side with the Sinhala and Muslim persons OR have I missed your opinion?. Please share with me, even privately, a few proposals you have.]
I do not have firm proposals but I believe that I have the Energy of my true experience which I share through my regular communications. I did share with this person who responded – the outlines of projected development proposals in North & East – Sri Lanka. When we genuinely care those places/groups communicate their needs to us. We then merge those needs with our true abilities to serve and satisfy their needs. Often my communications help the needy discover their own ability to earn income through opportunities that are pictured through the ‘merger’. To me that is merger at policy level. Hence they are not easily identifiable by those who are used to ‘structured’ approach.

To my mind, the deepest sharing happens through belief. Yesterday for example, I was recalling my experience with Christopher Pulle – a Josephian who served the needs of many other Josephians through a regular social forum. This morning I learnt that Chris has passed away. That kind of telepathy happens naturally to confirm our true commonness.

I identify with reports in the media – the same way. When someone else’s need is mine, my mind is led to the relevant articles. I did not have a person physically close to me – who made that connect between belief and effects. I learnt it through my own experiences and now I am able to help others find out through their belief - why something happened to them. These are Energy sharings and are most effective and least visible.

On that basis, I feel that the Philadelphia racial riots are strongly connected to the American President’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization in which America also has shared heritage. Elimination of Racial Discrimination has been a program to which the UN is strongly committed. All those who work to eliminate unjust inequality on the basis of race are empowered by this commitment by the UN at world level. This helps us find the courage to express ourselves as per our discovery. Making discoveries through belief - of the connection between cause and effect is the sure way to eliminate injustice. Pathway of Belief  is the least painful pathway and is the most disciplined and therefore reliable pathway.

Like the American President – the current Sri Lankan President also promised separation  from another arm of the UN the UNHRC that facilitated the group led by America  to find fault with the Sri Lankan Government. We thus invoked Racism at Policy level through denial of burial of Muslim victims of Covid19.
In her article ‘Sri Lanka's COVID-19 Response Is Proof That Demonisation of Minorities Has Been Normalised, published by the wire, Dr Harini Amarasuriya shares as follows:
[A leaked conversation between a moderator of a talk show and his panel (which included a government minister as well as representatives from the opposition parties), between takes, from a pro-government television station, revealed this attitude all too crudely. The discussion that was leaked suggests that the whole point of insisting on cremation is to teach the Muslim community that they must follow rules – that they cannot have their own way.  Enforcing cremation was articulated as an opportunity too good to be missed to teach the Muslim community a lesson.]
The consequences of the above are confirmed by Dr Harini Amarasuriya as follows:

[However, till a cluster of infections were discovered in a Navy camp, shifting attention away from the Muslim community, the notion that infections were rife among Muslims was the prevailing view. ]

For my part – I was connecting the Navy to the Virus through China taking over Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port – for the Silk-Road program. When we have no pathway to make intellectual or visible connections between cause and effect – believers find a way through to the extent of their need on the basis of their belief. Mine was prevention of war Sri Lanka. Hence I made the connection with the Navy. Most discoveries begin with belief.

Today I learnt through Wikipedia that ‘Philadelphia is the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps’ .

As per my interpretation of Hindu philosophy, natural elements carry our  karma. The system of karma works as per the essence rights and wrongs that are no longer within our control. The essence is stored by each Soul and is shared beyond the body – with the environment in which the experience happened. Why Covid19 became global  has been the basic question for which I was seeing answers. The main avenue that came to me was the Silk-Road which was being used for current economic purposes. Damage to a structure is far more painful than damage to current work and benefits. Heritage happens due to sacrifice of structural ownership by sharing with the whole world. The Silk road has been listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is not China’s alone to do as it pleased.

Dr Harini Amarasuriya beautifully articulates this psychology as follows:

[Behind recent campaigns calling for ‘one country, one law’ was also the need to bring the Muslim community to heel. Most calls for ‘unity’, a ‘Sri Lankan identity’, also reflect the majority preoccupation of ‘taming’ the minorities and bringing them under the benevolent control of the majority community.]

To the extent the Sri Lankan government used global resources to claim victory to continue with this control over minorities – it would naturally be affected by what happens in those countries – for better or for worse. There have been reports of the American Navy training the Sri Lankan Navy. Muslims of Sri Lanka must have prayed hard to return the karma to sender.

Saturday 30 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 May  2020

Dual Citizenship Dismissal of  Mr Premadasa’s group

To my simple mind, in democracy, one cannot be member of two political parties at the same time nor represent two electorates at the same time. The absolute power of representation is confirmed through one common form from top to bottom.

When Mr Premadasa replaced Mr Wickremesinghe as Leader of the Opposition in national parliament, I assumed that he did so as UNP member. Mr Premadasa’s new party Samagi Jana Balawegaya was not in existence when this Parliament was formed in 2015. Hence today I was surprised to learn as follows:

[Ninety-nine members of the United National Party (UNP)  including its one-time Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa and Party Chairman Kabir Hashim had their party membership suspended yesterday  widening the rift with the UNP’s breakaway faction, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB)] UNP gets tough on SJB article by FT
My search led to following discovery:
[11 February 2020 - Election Commission accepts the appointment of Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa as the leader of Samagi Jana Balawegaya and Ranjith Madduma Bandara as General Secretary.] Wikipedia

Mr Premadasa had the duty to resign as leader of the Opposition and from UNP membership before registering as member  of another Political Party. This was an issue when SLPP was formed with Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as the real invisible leader and Dr G L Pieris became his proxy. By becoming leader of a party that did not exist in 2015, Mr Premadasa was in breach of the Doctrine of Universal Franchise which prohibits dual forms of belief. A belief expressed at primary level can have only one form. This is why we cannot vote for two or more contestants in the one election. This is why, in democracy one who has dual citizenship cannot be in Parliament.
The fact that Mr Premadasa has effectively set aside all these values that we discovered through Parliament – is upsetting. More upsetting is that UNP led by which Mr Wicremesinghe – which was the architect of the 19th Amendment to the constitution permitted it. Dual citizenship is not permitted in Democratic leadership because majority voters realise belief through one form. If Mr Premadasa was member of both UNP and SMJ – he disqualified himself from making policy. By birth Buddhism may be the junior religion of Hinduism. But if the same person was a Buddhist priest and Hindu priest – there is no common pathway for Buddhists or Hindus to realize Nirvana / Liberation through that person.

By not questioning this dual membership back in February – the current President failed in his duty to oversee Parliament on behalf of the People. Likewise Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa who became Prime Minister. Mr Rani Wickremesinghe is reported to have stated:
[that following the defeat of Sajith Premadasa at the 2019 Presidential Election, the UNP Parliamentary Group took the decision that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers would leave the government and sit in the Opposition.]

 That was find because the new president chose his brother to be Prime Minister. But in opposition – one is required to work harder than the government to effectively complete the picture of  Parliamentary Sovereignty. When the two sides interpret through same form of belief – they become  senior and junior and not equal opposition. What a mess!! – all because the true opposition of Tamils was overridden to show pretend opposition to please Sinhalese.
I expected much better from Ranil.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 May  2020

Historic folly of Tamil nationalism 

and Not Sinhala Nationalism?

At the primary level, we tend to use ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ as our measures of judgment. At secondary level, we use rights and wrongs as per common intellectual measures. At tertiary levels we identify with and are empowered by the truth WE discovered.

I wonder which measure Dr Dayan Jayatilleka used when stating ‘The problem the Tamils face today goes beyond the historic folly of Tamil nationalism not settling for a stalemate with structural reform as in Northern Ireland, instead of supporting to the bitter end a war for a separate state which was utterly lost. The problem they face is similar to that which the Palestinians do, in that there is an ultra-hawkish administration which has decidedly turned its back on the earlier consensus on the nature of the problem and the contours of a solution, and is moving swiftly and unilaterally to shape a final geopolitical outcome of a zero-sum character.] Financial Times articleIs it the end of Tamil political history?

There are some aspects in the above message that are ‘demoted’ by me as being for personal glory. The real value to Sri Lanka is taken as per my belief.

I feel that the best way to discover  the core of the message is through ‘Thinking and being’ speech by  Dayan Jayatilleka at TEDxColombo, on 08 October 2013.

The message I received through that speech is that Dr Jayatilleka was analysing through – the Buddha, Jesus Christ and Che Guevara – the discovery of the soul value of each form. Dr Jayatilleka claimed to structure the topic through the coordinates of Success, Endurance and Discovery. To work out how Dr Jayatilleka passed a verdict on Tamil Nationalism let us use the three values as stated.
In 1976, Tamil politicians declared successful identification of virtual Tamil State  through Vaddukoddai Resolution. Tamil Politicians endured the punishment and harassment by the Sri Lankan Government and the Sinhalese with weak cultural  order. Tamil militants also were by this time infected by JVP ideology which like   Che Guevara followed Marxism. The natural infection between the two rebels groups is indicated as follows by Wikipedia account about JVP leader:
[The young Rohana Wijeweera was emotionally affected. When Rohana Wijewera’s further education was in jeopardy as a result of his father being incapacitated, the CPSL arranged a scholarship for him to study medicine at the Patrice Lumumba Friendship University in Moscow. There, he read the works of Karl MarxFriedrich Engels and Lenin, and became a committed Marxist.
By this time, the Communist Party of Sri Lanka was divided into two factions: the Chinese faction and the Soviet faction. Wijeweera broke away from the CPSL which was aligned with the USSR and joined the Ceylon Communist Party (CCP) led by N. Shanmugathasan.]
About Mr Shanmugathasan’s contribution to China’s Communism, Wikipedia presents the following picture:

[Nagalingam Shanmugathasan was a trade unionist and Maoist revolutionary leader in Sri Lanka. He was the founding General Secretary of the Ceylon Communist Party (Peking Wing)…… After graduating from the university in 1943, Shanmugathasan joined the trade union movement, and became a full-time activist of the Ceylon Communist Party. He became the head of the Ceylon Trade Union Federation and led several strikes, including the general strike of 1947, the Hartal (general strike) of 1953, and a transport strike in 1955………
After the formation of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), which conducted armed struggle, Shanmugathasan played the role of liaison between China and CPI(ML).
In 1971 Shanmugathasan was imprisoned for one year during a crackdown on revolutionaries following the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (People's Liberation Front) rebellion. Shanmugathasan was targeted by the government for his espousal of armed revolution for political change and for being identified as one of the political mentors of  Rohana Wijeweera, the founding leader of the JVP. While detained in prison Shanmugathasan authored a book, A Marxist Looks at the History of Ceylon.]

These values would have naturally been inherited by Tamil rebels as well as JVP which is in Parliament. Ironically, it is the current government that is demonstrating that it has also inherited those  pro-Communist China genes. This happens in a free environment when one fails to stay within the borders of her/his stated belief. We the People discovered that the very government that punished Marxist rebels was itself infected by Marxism. Dr Jayatilleka himself shifted and is now a Diplomat under the SLFP ideology.
The Marxist in Dr Jayatilleka presents as follows about Tamil Marxists:
[The problem they face is similar to that which the Palestinians do, in that there is an ultra-hawkish administration which has decidedly turned its back on the earlier consensus on the nature of the problem and the contours of a solution, and is moving swiftly and unilaterally to shape a final geopolitical outcome of a zero-sum character.]

In contrast Prime Minister  Mahinda Rajapaksa presents his strategy as follows – which has buried Tamil Marxism and dismisses Tamil Politics and goes direct to the Tamils as if they are political orphans:

[Before I go into this answer, it is important to note that the issues the Tamil people have in Sri Lanka are very different to the issues that the Tamil politicians have. It has been my joy to serve the people and avail them of opportunities and luxuries denied to them previously with projects and development to help with the reconciliation process.
However, with the politicians, the road has been long and hard. Tamil politics in this country has for too long been dominated by the idea of carving out a separate Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka or at the very least obtaining devolution of power to an extent bordering on a separate state. This is not a practical proposition. Most Tamils live outside the North and East. In the East, the Tamils are a minority. The majority of the population of the Colombo city are Tamils and Muslims
News 18 report headed ‘Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy is Non-aligned, Both India and China are Valued Friends: PM Mahinda Rajapaksa’

The basis of the above that has become common knowledge is in the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. This happened after the 1972 Constitution which divided Sri Lanka by religious faith through article 6 which attributed foremost place to Buddhism. In democracy the sovereignty of the Country is determined by the Sovereignty of the People. Each voter has the authority of her/his belief which is Universal power. Hence the Sri Lankan constitution is valid representation of the Universal Franchise only on the basis of belief.  A Buddhist leader bound by article 6 of the 1972 Constitution and article 9 of the current Constitution has no authority over non-Buddhist voters. The word ‘foremost’ confirms relativity. A value cannot be relative as well as absolute at the same time. The Constitution to be valid – has to stand on its own sovereign power. The application of any rule has to flow from our belief. Hence if the Constitution is the source of our belief in law – the way Buddhists apply the law would be different to the way non-Buddhists apply the law. The Vaddukoddai Resolution confirms this in terms of Tamils who are non-Buddhists. There are exceptions such as Dr Ragavan – the immediate past governor of Northern Province. Dr Ragavan in Jaffna is the parallel of Hindu in Kandy.

If as revealed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, Tamil Politicians are taken to be asking for Separate State that is attachment to the physical. This applies equally to Sinhala Politicians who confirmed dependence on Buddhist votes to get into parliament. If they believed in Universal Franchise they would have NOT depended. Relativity confirms structured dependence. Article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution confirms structured dependence through its relative value.

As per my discovery  - when we do the utmost we can and endure the punishments on the way – we own that relationship as a whole. Endurance which Dr Jayatilleka talked about happens when one part of us hurts the other. That is when we become the whole. When we make a profit out of it – it is no longer endurance. Endurance confirms sovereignty.

By interpreting the law without belief,  one may claim custodial rights. But when the believer who has adversely and continuously held a position declares her/his claim to the leading position it is the duty of the non-believer to stand aside – even if the law had already entitled her/him to be the leader. This is because of the Universal Franchise of Belief. This is the basis of Prescription Ordinance of Sri Lanka which we inherited from the British.

During the Constitutional crisis in 2018, the votes of elected politicians  were known to have been in the market. By confirming that he made available ‘luxuries’ to Tamils – Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa confirmed that he is in the habit of ‘buying and selling’ votes and is not about sharing the Universal Franchise of Belief. One who profits, will lose the opportunity to Endure.  Hence at the level of ‘seeing is believing’ – one needs majority to confirm leadership.

A Sinhalese who is attached to physical  custody as main measure of ownership would interpret the Tamil claim as Separate Tamil State. The LTTE also did that. Since Mr Rajapaksa claims that his fight was against the LTTE and not the Tamil community – he has the duty to limit his criticism to LTTE heirs in politics and not to those who followed lawful politics.

The government which is claiming to provide ‘luxuries’ to Tamils confirms primary level interpretation of ownership. It flows from ‘showing victory’ against those who by law are its own citizens. The higher thinking Tamil sought and achieved Spiritual ownership – which to my mind was the transcendental success that Dr Jayatilleka referred to in his speech. Reference to the Buddha and Jesus Christ confirms this. Likewise, Che Guevara at microcosmic level. The Vaddukoddai Resolution is the political parallel of Che Guevara’s parallel.

Land based relativity  confirms separation. Rights based separation confirms Spiritual ownership. It confirms Universal Franchise. When our belief is expressed in common form at group level that is beyond criticism and beyond allocation of rights and wrongs. Those who express belief in different form are entitled to Separation of Powers. Hence the Separation of Powers between elected members with custody over Administrative rights to Execute and the Judiciary. The Judiciary needs to believe in its own elders which includes the British in Sri Lanka. Where this belief is weak – they are strongly influenced by current custodians of power. Then they become dependents of the Executive Government and lose the enjoyment of Sovereignty. Such persons are not entitled to discretionary powers but only direct application of the law as interpreted and presented by the two sides. Only believers of the law are entitled to discretionary powers of the Judiciary. Those who are dependent on the government are extensions of the Executive Administration.  

The 13th Amendment to the Constitution under India’s influence came about due to the belief of Tamils in our Ancestors.  I feel this was supported by Dr  Jayatilleka also. Like negative Energy, Positive Energy also manifests in different forms. But once it is Energy – current participants have no direct control over it. That Energy leads us for better or for worse. THAT is Natural Justice.
 Dr  Jayatilleka seems to lack the insight to identify with the  self-isolation that Sinhalese have created for themselves through attachment to majority power. They first alienated themselves from the Universal Franchise expressed within Sri Lanka. This has since been extended to isolation at global level – even though Sri Lanka has a rich heritage of European laws which are still practiced in Sri Lanka and which naturally provide Separation from Executive Government.

So long as Tamils of Sri Lanka believe in our Ancestors – there is no end to our political leadership of Sri Lanka – as the Hon Arumugam Thondaman confirmed this week. Our soul lives in the parliament and the judiciary forever through true believers in Sri Lanka. Those who believe only in Buddhism or Hinduism  or Islam or Christianity and not in Common Sri Lanka – need to not come into Sri Lankan politics. If they did – they would be exponentially damaged when they rule over a true Sri Lankan.

Friday 29 May 2020

Ms Gillian Craven
Community Liaison Officer
Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Programs Branch
Citizenship and Social Cohesion Group
Department of Home Affairs

29 May 2020

Dear Ms Craven

Invitation to Indian Subcontinent communities to provide feedback

Thank you for your invitation to provide feedback including on ‘Community misconceptions’ and “Instances of misinformation or scams targeting my community”.  I attach copy of a letter from Dr Harold Gunatillake ; 20/499-505 President Ave: Sutherland NSW 2232 .

The letter is addressed to the Hon. Dr. Hugh McDermott MP for Prospect. The subject matter is stated as ‘ Your talk delivered at the Tamil Congress’.

Originally, I received this letter on 26 May and was headed ‘Mullaitivu massacre’. That communication was to a forum which is more or less neutral in this issue. They discuss ‘general’ topics as ‘general Sri Lankans’. Today’s email came to me through the Global Tamil Diaspora.

Dr Gunatilleke states in his letter to an elected leader [  LTTE terrorist movement headed by Prabhakaran was banned and condemned by all governments of the world, as a ruthless killing group to create their own State called “EELAM”]
As per my knowledge, this is not factually correct. Even if it were talking about them now is disrespectful of all soldiers who died in combat. Such expressions could be abused by others who are looking to reinvoke the war.  The parallel of this is a publication about me as an LTTE Agent. -
Paramasivam, GajaLakshmi


Melbourne based Eelam activist and admirer of Prabhakaran who she classifies as a “Freedom fighter”.

My picture of LTTE leader is not one formed by direct interaction or part of the LTTE structure. I got to know many in that structure during ceasefire time – through a UNDP project. I had the duty not to ‘judge’ either side but share my wisdom in Public Administration that would suit Tamils of North-Eastern Sri Lanka. I continue to provide this service through Australian Tamil Management Service. I actively promote self-governance at the level of the local structure of the person/group. As per the individuals who believed in the LTTE – they did consider their leader to be a ‘Freedom Fighter’ . To my mind, no one has the right to mark it right or wrong publicly, unless  they have been personally affected one way or the other. Belief alone renders us Universal franchise to express our judgments.
My work to reconcile and develop fellow Australians of Sri Lankan origin is therefore seriously damaged not only by the above source abusing media power but also Dr Gunatilleke’s intent of separation as indicated. The picture below taken from  Dr Gunatilleke’s letter shows Separation and not unity:

Dr Gunatilleke highlights as follows from the speech by Hon. Dr. Hugh McDermott:
[Today, May 18th is the 11th anniversary of the Mullivaikal Massacre. Part of the Genocide that targeted the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka and resulted in the deaths of 160,000 innocent, unarmed men, women, and children. Many were murdered because of their culture, faith, language, and traditions. The Sri Lankan Government must acknowledge and accept responsibility for this Genocide. ]

The above expressions are valid by someone who by belief is connected to victims who believe that they were specially targeted and are not aware of any law in their environment through which they can mark themselves ‘wrong’. In democracy this belief based marking of rights and wrongs are expressed  by the elected candidate. Such expressions are beyond Public criticism by others. If it were believed to be unlawful by a fellow Australian, then such action needs to be taken through Due Processes as per the powers of relevant authorities in whom those powers have been lawfully vested.

At the primary level, we tend to use ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ as our measures of judgment. At secondary level, we use rights and wrongs as per common intellectual measures. At tertiary levels we identify with and are empowered by the truth WE discovered.
Tamil victims of war empower Australian politicians to escalate issues to global level.  That was how the UN Resolution against the Sri Lankan government happened. Sinhalese Sri Lankans had equal opportunity to share their pain with Australian politicians who represented them. That is true Democratic politics which eventually will contribute to laws that would prevent divisions and separations.

Like in the case of Covid19 – we have to work from the effects backwards to find the cause. Where there is no independent evidence the path to the root-cause is led by belief. The solutions would work for the believers who continued to seek a solution for themselves and their heirs.

Dr Gunatilleke states ‘ You are blindly sympathetic to this defunct terrorist movement, rousing again and joining the second generation of Tamils in Australia who fled from the country to escape from the ruthless killer, killing innocent civilians, including Tamils, and you should be embarrassed yourself for joining such a group.’

This confirms the current government’s claim that they ‘liberated’ Tamils from the LTTE. LTTE did kill Tamil politicians – the same way the current Sri Lankan government is imprisoning its political opposition through their power over the armed forces. That is the language of enforcement at that level. But Tamil civilians are the authority to proclaim that the Government liberated them from the LTTE. If they so proclaim – they are making orphans of the hundreds of thousands who died, were injured and continue to suffer trauma due to the war. To the extent the government lacked the power to control them the government failed in its duty to facilitate a secure environment. The test was in Colombo where LTTE had no direct power. All the ethnic riots that happened in Colombo where minorities were not protected by the government – empowered the LTTE through belief based network – which like the Covid19 infection is exponential in power. Unless Dr Gunatilleke’s community is more damaged than ours due to the war – he has no priority rights to be heard by the global community, leave alone speak on their behalf.

The 2009 pain and loss is the manifestation of cumulative pain and loss that Tamils accumulated over the years. Unless addressed during this generation, like the Coronavirus – it will mutate to produce far more damaging outcomes which would have global impact.

China’s current government’s interference with the Silk-Road heritage towards current economic benefits invoked exponentially the cost at that time at present values. Such interference cause exponential damage when so invoked by non-believers. One who seeks the blessings of the past would not interfere with the heritage. The fact that Coronavirus began in China and spread from China confirms that the Heritage has been disturbed. Likewise, the Sri Lankan government celebrating victory instead of remembering and paying its respects to all those who died and/or were damaged due to the war  -  invoked the Heritage of Democracy towards which many Sri Lankans forewent their existing autocratic powers. At today’s value this is something that is far in excess of the skills and abilities of the current government which made itself dependent on China’s handouts – including by selling Hambantota port.

Sri Lanka has become a state that is dependent on regional powers. India supported the LTTE out of common belief. If China also had helped the government through Buddhist belief – then Hambantota would not have been sold potentially to carry Coronavirus by sea. On the basis of effects – the indicators that the sleeping dragon that the Silk Road is – is killing all outsiders to that heritage.  A Chinese who desires current outcomes without paying her/his respects to ancient China is an outsider to the Silk-Road.

Ms Craven, I do believe that Dr Gunatileke is driven by desire for current profits out of the pain of Tamils. In common terms this could Australians who seem to be rough and less educated than him in terms formal pathways. On the basis of my belief as illustrated above, I urge you to assess both our communications and take appropriate action.

Yours sincerely
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

Thursday 28 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 May  2020

Tamil Power Activates Lankan Parliament

One who reads as per visible manifestations needs proof to know the root cause. One who believes identifies through indicators.

The Sri Lankan politicians have been arguing over whether or not to reconvene parliament that was dissolved by Presidential proclamation on 02 March 2020. But divine powers chose to bring them together through a Tamil:

[The remains of Arumugam Thondaman,  Minister of Community Empowerment and Estate Infrastructure Development will Lie-in-State in the Assembly Hall of Parliament from 10.45 am to 11.30 am tomorrow Thursday, May 28, the Parliamentary Secretariat said.
The 54-year old politician died yesterday due to what was described as a fall at his home.
President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and Ministers are expected to pay their respects to the Hill-country leader.] – Economy Next

This indicator confirms stronger relationship with India as indicated through the Currency Swap – reported as follows by me yesterday :

[The Thirteenth amendment was strongly influenced by India which absorbed the pain of repatriation. Today, the Tribune reports – ‘Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has requested India to provide a special $1.1 billion currency swap facility to boost country’s draining foreign exchange reserves in view of the economic slowdown due to the pandemic.]

These are indicators that the President and his allies are turning to India and the death of a Tamil Political leader – seen by Sinhalese as Indian Tamil – paves the way for them to confirm unity with Tamils at the top level.

After the 2009 battle many Sinhalese wrote publicly for Tamils to go back to India. The Rajapaksa government thus facilitated separatism as a virtual reality. The writers’ intentions may have been just to win the argument. But if the receiver takes it as per her/his truth  and if s/he feels hurt by it, the message gets returned sender. If the reverser is compassionate, the original sender gets healed to that extent. I believe I returned some messages to heal the senders.
Mere custody / occupation does not confirm ownership. True ownership is felt and is sometimes not visible. It never dies. It is passed on from generation to generation and true heirs would identify with it one way or the other. In this instance – Democratic Parliamentarians who enriched Sri Lanka have confirmed that they live in the Sri Lankan Parliament also. Now the Hon Arumugam Thondaman has chosen to join that ancestry to confirm its ‘commonness’. The Ceylon Workers’ Congress that Mr Thondaman inherited through his grandfather confirms National power of workers.:

[The CWC was formed by Peri Sundaram and G. R. Motha as an Indian Estates Workers Trade Union in 1950. It was an outgrowth of the Ceylon Indian Congress (CIC), formed 15 July 1939. In 1950 the CIC changed its name to the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) and became the largest trade union in the country. Another trade union, the Democratic Workers Congress (DWC), was formed in 1956 as a breakaway faction of the CWC as a result of leadership rivalries between the president, S. Thondaman, and the general secretary A. Aziz. The former retained control of the CWC to date. Thondaman was the dominant trade union leader of the Indian Tamil workers for nearly four decades. As president of the Ceylon Indian Congress, he contested the Nuwara Eliya seat at the 1947 general election and won. His party put forward eight candidates in the plantation electorates and seven of them were returned, they were Thondaman, S. M. Subbaiah (Badulla), G. R. Motha (Maskeliya), K. Rajalingam (Nawalapitiya), K. Kumaravelu (Kotagala), C. V. Velupillai (Talawakelle) and D. Ramanujam (Alutnuwara).] Wikipedia

Those who believe in work and invest in it beyond the benefits drawn develop exponential powers of  ownership which give us natural connections beyond current times and place. Thank you Mr Thondaman for sharing that heritage with us and contributing to Parliamentary unity through work unity.

Wednesday 27 May 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 May  2020

Imaginary Majority Power

As I read the Times of India headlines ‘Arumugam Thondaman, Sri Lankan Tamil minister, dies’ I stood up despite my shock and paid my respects to Mr Thondaman who was hero to Hill Country Tamils of Sri Lanka. I was shocked because Mr Thondaman was younger than I. A great loss to Sri Lanka which is very weak in multiculturalism.

My attention then turned to Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Beyond the 13th; Frozen Politics in Sri Lanka’ by Harsha Senanayake. This 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution,  is deeply connected to Hill Country Tamils. As per Wikipedia report:

[The Sirima-Shastri Pact of 1964 and Indira-Sirimavo supplementary agreement of 1974 paved the way for the repatriation of 600,000 persons of Indian origin to India. Another 375,000 persons were accepted as citizens of Sri Lanka, which made them enter the polity. These repatriation agreements were the harbingers of the destruction of this community, which had evolved into a composite group with a distinct culture of its own. In the 1950s and 1960s this community was clamouring for education and recognition of its distinctive culture. This brought in the emergence of a community consciousness and the artisan of a distinct community]

Today, Australian Tamils of Sri Lankan origin are fighting for the rights of war-victims to be settled in Australia as per Australia’s global commitments. But back then, we – the descendants of Jaffna Kingdom failed to strongly protest against the above mentioned repatriation of Tamils. Even if there was no prospect of effecting a direct  change in the government’s decision – true belief based objections accumulate as reserve energies.

The Thirteenth amendment was strongly influenced by India which absorbed the pain of repatriation. Today, the Tribune reports – ‘Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has requested India to provide a special $1.1 billion currency swap facility to boost country’s draining foreign exchange reserves in view of the economic slowdown due to the pandemic.The above confirms that India is ‘giving’ and Sri Lanka is ‘taking’. Included in  the giving - are the taxes paid by the above group and their descendants. Human Resources are higher in value than money. Common policy resources are exponential in value. The Sri Lankan government repatriating the above group and naming LTTE as enemies is a reversal of policies. Likewise, using articles after article 9 of the constitution which confirms Buddhist superiority is a reversal of policy. Hence the exponential deterioration of Buddhist values as well as Democratic values. The latter has led to problems in holding elections!  Where Buddhist clergy are the driving power – Democracy goes into hibernation. Now we have autocratic rule again in Sri Lanka.

Senanayake states ‘The post-Anti-Tamil riots in 1983 phase saw the enactment of the Thirteenth Amendment which mandated the state to create provincial councils as a measure to accommodate the political aspirations of Tamil people. Post-2009, Sri Lanka has assured the promulgation of a new constitution as per the mandate that the present government headed by Maithripala Sirisena received in 2015. The new constitution is currently being drafted and it is well past its schedule which is causing much concern in political and academic circles.’

Constitutions that are not challenged nor actively used – are of no value. The example is the above stated Buddhist article in the constitution which is usually ignored by most parliamentarians. But they are fodder for intellectuals and media  - as confirmed by ‘Face the Nation’ program of 25 May 2020.
Even one citizen who abides by or opposes an article in the  Constitution on the basis of  belief – invokes its power of the constitution as if s/he were the Constitution. That is how Absolute power works. Those who rely on majority  power weaken themselves with time and eventually start hallucinating. A believer never hallucinates. Hence in opposition the true believer in minority side becomes Equal Opposition. That is the weapon that the Sri Lankan Tamil believer has to defeat unfair, unjust discrimination due to being Tamil.