Tuesday 30 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 June  2020

LTTE Surrendered to Goddess Kannaki

I did not  see it on Sunday, 28 June. It was before me today – Tuesday. The article is the ‘Lost in sea and believing in God’. To many that would seem insignificant – without special connection. But to me it happened through divine blessing – a message from St Anthony whose day to my mind is Tuesday. It then means that I was meant to read it. As per my experience based belief when I read something that touches my heart – as if I had had the experience – we are of common faith.
As I read the article as a common individual – not knowing details about the individual other than that he was a Navy officer, I appreciated the special quality in this person – Loyalty. I discussed this aspect with my husband and started writing this article. Then I looked up the name and learnt that he is indeed a decorated officer. I concluded that it was my genuine concerns for the Navy that took me to this person who expresses appreciation for his gurus.
His article begins with ‘It was in 1984, 36 years ago, that I returned to Sri Lanka, from India, after completing my Sub Lieutenant Technical course.
Later ‘my training at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC), Dartmouth, UK, where Royal Navy take ‘survival at sea’ training very seriously. They put you in a liferaft and keep you out at river Dart for a whole night during winter. Midshipmen from Asian and African countries who did the International Midshipman Course at BRNC with me cursed the Royal Navy instructors the whole night for keeping us exposed to very cold weather in river Dart. I realised the importance of that training in BRNC. However, the situation there was different. We were on a liferaft in River Dart, and not floating in water. Due to the cold weather in the UK during winter, if you fall into water, you will survive only a few minutes. You will die of hypothermia. The situation here in warm Sri Lankan/Indian waters is different. We would survive a longer period, maybe 24 hours.

The fact that this individual attributed credit to India and the UK for his training confirmed humility – which is healthy in a subjective system. Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne confirms his high class as follows:
[I saw Kachchtivu Island on horizon, where a small church was built by a fisherman, who was a survivor of a storm, and dedicated it to St. Anthonys. We were too weak to swim towards the island. I told my sailors that help would come soon. I am a Buddhist, I am a firm believer in God Skanda (God Kataragama) and St. Anthony. When we get a sea appointment, we go to St. Anthony Church, Kochikade and light a candle because St. Anthony is the Saint who looks after seafarers like us. Our ships in the Colombo harbour, before proceeding to the sea on patrol first, turn towards St. Antony’s Church to invoke its blessings. Before taking over my sea appointment in the North, I lit a candle there. I prayed to St. Antony.]

As a devotee of St Anthony at Kochikade, I fully identify with the above revelations.

As per my experience, St Anthony is also the Presiding deity/Saint  of Jaffna’s coastal area, which was home to many of my classmates at Holy Family Convent – Jaffna. Last year, I went to one such church on the day of St Anthony’s feast .  The connection between Kachchatheevu which is common to India and Lanka through fisher-folks is confirmed as follows in the article by Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne:
[A book written by the late W. T. Jayasinghe, the former External Affairs and Defence Secretary, titled, Kachchtivu : And the Maritime Boundary of Sri Lanka, says: "The sea surrounding Kachchtivu are fertile fishing grounds and fishermen from Sri Lanka have from time immemorial been venturing into these waters. It is recorded that fishermen of Point Pedro went as far as Kachchtivu to catch turtles during particular seasons. The Portuguese administered Kachchtivu as part of Jaffna and Sri Lanka has been exercising sovereignty and jurisdiction over Kachchtivu and its adjacent waters without interruption." (Page 18)]

The nature of the fisher folks of Northern Sri Lanka could be discerned by the following:

[We were very weak by morning. Around 9.00 hrs / July 2, 1984, we saw a fishing trawler at a distance. They saw us floating and came towards us. I silently prayed again that it should not be an Indian trawler. We the SLN are not the best friends of Indian trawlers poaching in our waters.

It was a Sri Lankan trawler which came from Gurunagar. They took us on board. I looked at my water proof watch. Time was 10.20 hrs. We had been floating for 20 hours and 20 minutes. All of us survived. The Tamil fishermen were very kind to us. They gave us water to drink, which tasted very sweet. We had not taken any water or food for almost 24 hrs. Most of us were shivering from the cold and had signs of dehydration. The fishermen gave us sugar and bread. This was the breakfast of these humble people. I ate a piece of bread with sugar with tears in my eyes.

I thanked St Antony for being kind to us. I was determined to come back to the small St Antony’s Church in Kachchtivu soon to light a candle. Soon we were spotted by a SLN ship. The happy news communicated to the Naval Base, Karainagar "Ravi and his boys are safe. We are bringing them home". A reception at the Naval base was unbelievable, led by my senior batch Lieutenant Parakrama Samaraweera (Pol Samare or Nalaka who died in Mullaitivu in 1996) and six of my batch mates. All these happened when I was a 21-year old, way back in 1984. Thank god for allowing me to live. Thanks St. Anthony.]

LTTE leader hails from coastal area. The above folks are confirmed to have been experienced as follows:
[This was the breakfast of these humble people. I ate a piece of bread with sugar with tears in my eyes.]

The above is a far cry from the description ‘leader of the world’s deadliest terrorist group’.
Wikipedia confirms their royal genes as follows:

[The Karaiyars emerged in the 1980s as strong representatives of Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism. The nuclear leadership of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam have background in the wealthier enterprising section of the Karaiyars.
Historically, they have also been referred to as Kurukulam, Varunakulam and Karaiyalar. Sharing similar origins and status are the Sinhalese Karava.]

And also:
[The Karaiyars were assigned the western section (present day Gurunagar) and the harbors of the Jaffna Kingdom. The Karaiyars formed the generals of the Jaffna kings and officered the navy of the Aryacakravarti dynasty. They used the Makara as emblem, the mount of their clan deity, the sea god Varuna, which was also seen on their flags. Kannaki Amman is one of the chief deity of the Hindu Karaiyars whereas Francis Xavier and Virgin Mary are one of the chief saints of the Christian Karaiyars]

To my mind, it is no coincidence that the LTTE died in Nanthi lagoon – in the same area of the Kannaki Amman temple. It confirms that they were true to their own laws. Our dynasties protect us even at the hour of our death. Hence the LTTE are honoured by fighters in the Tamil community to whom Mother Kannagi is the presiding deity.

The author completes as follows:

[My mother was 82-years old and she broke her hip in 2017, when I was Navy Commander. She gave me most of the valuable documents she was keeping with her. One of those documents was my horoscope, written by a world-famous astrologer who was a very close friend of my late father. My horoscope was written only up to 1st July 1984, and the astrologer had said the remaining part of it would be completed some other day. My late father or mother did not know why the astrologer had postponed writing the second part. Now, I know why he did so. However, I survived on July 1, 1984.

When I was the Navy Commander, I was given the opportunity by His Lordship, Rt Rev Dr Justin Ganapragasam, Roman Catholic Bishop of Jaffna to build a new St Anthonys Church at Kachchtivu. I was more than happy to do so. The present Navy Commander, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva was the Northern Naval Commander at the time. I grabbed this golden opportunity with both my hands. Piyal did a wonderful job and built a beautiful church for St. Anthony in six months. I do not miss attending yearly feast, which attracts thousands Indian and Sri Lankan devotees. On 1st of July, I remember how lucky we were to survive in the sea.]

If these Navy commanders were able to come together to build a Catholic church, they naturally have set aside Article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution which requires Buddhism to be upheld by the Government. They have thus become true Buddhists – disciple of Buddha who transcended the physical and became Common Energy.

Each time the government celebrates victory over LTTE – their Naval forces would be weakened due to furthering themselves away from Mother Kannaki who has included the LTTE as part of  Herself.  

Monday 29 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 June  2020

Aborigines,  Indigenous Tamils & Karuna Amman

Our daughter recommended the Killing Season documentary about Australian Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. I remember Kevin Rudd mostly through his genuine expression of ‘Sorry’ to the Stolen Generation. It is something that I did not have as per my experience in Australia nor Tamils in Sri Lanka. I associate Julia Gillard as the one who fell down at Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi when she was Prime Minister. Ms Gillard explained that as having to walk in heels whereas men were free to wear flat shoes. This meant that to Ms Gillard the memorial land was of the same value as any other lawn. Ms Gillard did not respect as sacred the grassland as ‘heritage home’ of Gandhi. The reference to men’s advantage was the level at which Ms Gillard carried discrimination pain. Other such pains happened to ‘others’. Rudd on the other hand won through Gandhi power to defeat Mr Howard and become Prime Minister. The believer would read the picture at the true level – beyond the visible and beyond the known.

I believe that I submitted  my genuine pain to the political system in which I lacked direct experience but one through which these leaders operated. When we so submit – our contribution is exponential in value. Thus the People have the power to strengthen or weaken manifestations during political leadership. The coronavirus is a direct example of this. But once submitted we must not draw direct benefits from such manifestations. We may share our experiences but not demote them to ‘rights and wrongs’ at our level nor likes and dislikes. When we do, those forces return to us exponentially – as in Pandora’s Box. The other powers to which we joined ours cannot be managed by us. Hence once made common we must not particularise.

When I read the ABC article ‘Covering black deaths in Australia led me to a breakdown, but that's the position this country puts Aboriginal journalists in’ I felt that the author Award winning journalist Allan Clarke, was hurting due to not having ‘closure’. Closure, as per my experience becomes possible not from the outside but from our own restructure as per our truth. The more we use the pathway of the culture that is in power – the less likely we are to bring about closure. Gandhi himself became Indigenous Indian to have the experience as an Indian. As highlighted in the above documentary – Kevin Rudd did not identify Naturally with Labor values at grassroots level. But he is a deep Australian blessed by Indigenous Elders. Those of White Australian culture and struggle to become global – would not connect to this.

Allan Clarke who has emigrated to France – has difficulty to bring about closure due to this reason. Taken globally one would feel pain for the new migrant who is unable to openly take pride in her/his past at the same level as an Indigenous person who is punished more than he would have been by her/his own elders. In Tamil – they say that the pain of one who cries that there is not enough salt in the soup is taken as equal to that of the one who cries that there is no sugar in the milk. To identify with the pain of the other one needs to become the other. When one invests in common one sees both from the higher plane. This becomes natural when one has common roots. At the biological level – this happens through physical togetherness. At the mental level – this is actively promoted by common pathways including laws. At the spiritual level – all one needs is to be true to oneself and the system does the rest. In many communities ‘mixed blood’ children were taken away by the ruling ‘system’ for the same reason by Hitler promoted the Aryan race and tried to eliminate the ‘migrant races’. Hence to the extent Blacks in America are later migrants than the heirs of White Americans – their plight is the parallel of migrants  and not that of Indigenous Australians.

This is also crucial in appreciating the Ethnic problem in Sri Lanka. The problem of discrimination was felt by Tamils in parts of the country where  Sinhalese were in majority. Colombo was the capital of multicultural Lanka. Those living in North and East largely as per their own cultural laws were not directly affected by this. To them the opposition and protests were indirect – as the Tamil Diaspora is currently doing. Likewise Indian Tamils. The moment such indirect investors interfere directly – including through ‘free’ donations – the path to the root where the Energy of Independence is – is blocked. As opposed to it – if one realises independence in one’s own local area / unit – even if it is just her/himself – the system does the rest and delivers as per that person’s need – anytime, anywhere.
Karuna Amman – the former Eastern LTTE leader is also effectively a ‘stolen’ child.  Karuna is indigenous to Batticaloa whose folks’ mind structure is different to that of Northern Tamils governed by Theswalamai law. The way Karuna sees ‘right and wrong’ would be different to the way Mr Wigneswaran would have seen right and wrong as a judge of the Apex court. To the extent Karuna made a statement of fact – it is sacred.

In the Ceylon Today article ‘Hero Turned Zero; Karuna Amman Will Be The Ultimate Loser’ author Gagani Weerakoon whose name suggests Sinhala origin – presents as follows:
[Calls for proper investigation againt Karuna’s claim comes from all factions in society.
Close ally of former Minister, Patali Champika and supporter of Samagi Jana Balawegaya, Kaduwela Municipal Councillor Boseth Kalahepathirana, on Thursday (25), filed a Fundamental Rights Petition seeking a Supreme Court directive to the acting IGP Chandana D. Wickramaratna, to apprehend Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias Karuna Amman, and to enforce the law.
Attorney General dappula De Livera, IGP Wickramaratne and Karuna Amman have been named as respondents. 
The petitioner has stated that while addressing a public meeting in Digamadulla on 19 June, Karuna Amman had claimed that he is more dangerous than COVID-19 and that he had killed 2,000-3,000 Sri Lankan soldiers in one night at Elephant Pass.]

The fact that Karuna rose to power within LTTE confirms that he killed soldiers as per the rules of the LTTE. When using it in politics – Karuna was confirming that killing the opposition is creditable. Towards this he used his vernacular. How can that be unlawful in a country where killing citizens outside the process of law is regularly celebrated by the government?

To the extent Karuna identifies himself as LTTE heir – he is doing the parallel of what the current President did in celebrating  Victory Day in May. Every fighter has that moral right to express her/his achievements in what to her/him was just war. There is no common measure between the two sides to claim one to be right and the other to be wrong.

It would have been perfectly in order for the politicians to claim credit in their local areas where belief rules above the written law. Karuna did just that. Not so member of this current government. Mr Patali Champika and his party - Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) by failing to challenge the May celebrations through which the Armed Forces were claiming that they were dangerous because they killed the world’s most dangerous Terrorists – the Tamil Tigers – are promising exploitation of minorities who dare to show their governance forces.

A just court would dismiss the petition. If Karuna is punished – then that will be a loss to the current government’s party. One is entitled to conclude that this is a cheap political stunt by the SJB.
So long as indigenous folks express themselves within their own home areas – those who are not directly affected have no moral authority to sue them – to return that pain to the causer. Why is Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa who is most likely to have been affected not suing on behalf of the Nation? Stung by the scorpion?

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 June  2020

Covid-19,  the LTTE & Buddhist Clergy

As per Thesawalamai law applicable to Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka, there is a clear distinction between current earnings and inherited wealth. Former is recognized as Thediya Thettam and the latter as Muthusum for boys and Dowry for girls when they get married. These are the structures that we inherited from our Tamil ancestors of Northern Sri Lanka. Right to use Thediya Thettam is determined by the current costs that contributed to  earning the wealth. Structurally speaking they are taken as the current structure during that time of earning.  Accordingly Thediya Thettam is shared equally by the spouses and the residual value is inherited equally by the children. One has no right to distribute inherited wealth as per one’s wish. To the extent one ignores this – one loses connection with elders and their consolidated mind.  

The law of Thesawalamai is inherited. Secular laws made by the Lankan parliament are current laws.
During a court battle in Northern Sri Lanka, in relation to a testamentary case of a bachelor, his sisters who were given dowry, claimed that they were NOT given dowry but that it was a donation. The judge asked for documentary evidence. Since the sisters did not deny that they received wealth – the evidence needed was whether it was out of the then current earnings as reward for doing more than their duty or as per the structure of Thesawalamai customary law. If latter it was dowry and in their case it was confirmed by the sisters living in the property they received from the parents. But the judge eventually did not ask for evidence but ruled as requested by them.

Judge Elanchellian who is recognized as one of the better judges in Northern Sri Lanka – did not see anything wrong with the above judgment. These were discoveries I made by studying the applicable law and applying it before taking my contribution to Court. Even though they failed me – my ancestors have blessed me and hence I wrote Jaffna is my Muthusum and not Dowry – largely in the language of the current folks of Vaddukoddai where the first political declaration of independence was made. Without such reinforcement, such declarations would lose value quickly.

Karuna Amman who declared that he killed thousands of soldiers during the war is from Batticaloa and therefore is not an heir of Thesawalamai mind. In terms of armed fighting, he did accept and demonstrated respect for the leadership of Northern LTTE leader. But when he separated himself from Northern power – he lost the right to inherit and hence was limited to his own Thediya Thettam/ earned wealth. The structure decides which category our wealth belongs to. With heritage – all we need to do is to respect those from whom we inherited it. From then on that heritage leads us. Current exertion is thus reduced to that extent. Likewise status.

The then President, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa shared the status of SLFP – a party that he inherited – with Karuna Amman by making him Vice President of SLFP. Then he lost the blessings of all those who sought separate identity for Sinhala Buddhist leadership of Sri Lanka. In terms of current wealth in combat – LTTE lost power and eventually lost itself. But to the extent the LTTE respected politicians – their contributions merged with politics – largely through Northern structures due to the Vaddukoddai Resolution that empowered the Northern LTTE.

There are now calls from Buddhist clergy for the President of Sri Lanka to bring war-crimes charges against the LTTE, through  UNHRC:

President must press war crimes at UN against LTTE
[The National Bhikku Collective (NBC) has urged President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to create the necessary framework to prove to the United Nations (UN) that based on the recent statement attributed to former LTTE militant Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman, war crimes had been confirmed as having been committed by the LTTE. Karuna claimed that he had murdered close to 2,000-3,000 soldiers during the Elephant Pass battle.] – Ceylon Today
As per the common mind of the Global media, Mr  Gotabaya Rajapaksa became president on the basis that he would withdraw from the commitment made by the previous government to the UN in this regard. This meant that the pathway through which wider world could invest in Sri Lanka’s harmony was truncated. Likewise – the pathway through which Sri Lankans would invest in the global community. This promise has been strengthened by the election mandate to repeal the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which is strongly underpinned by global values. At the moment the connections in both directions are largely intellectual. With the withdrawal that part of the brain becomes passive or become overly excited under a local structure – as was demonstrated by the President himself who has installed Army leaders to civilian positions – making the global investment by civilians redundant and dispensable.   One example is the manifestation of the mind of ASANGA ABEYAGOONASEKERA – of Observer Research Foundation who wrote under the heading ‘Rajapaksa’s leadership in Sri Lanka’s domestic politics amidst regional instability’:

[The efficient leadership of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was demonstrated in managing the recent Covid-19 pandemic crisis. It is a proven leadership which will be a significant factor to ensure a landslide victory in the upcoming election for the Rajapaksa front.]

Whether it was against the LTTE or the Covid-19 – the credit is to the Armed Forces and their leader Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Civilian positions were downsized to suit this leadership. Otherwise the armed forces would become as idle as Karuna Amman – the former  LTTE eastern leader.  Relative to global levels, both were blown way out of proportion  to impress the less literate voter.
The UN for its part is reported to have communicated as follows, by News 1st:

UNHRC calls for an investigation on ‘Karuna Amman’

[The United Nations Human Rights Council, in a twitter message on Thursday, called for an investigation on former LTTE Commander and Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, alias ‘Karuna Amman’, over the recruitment of child soldiers for the LTTE.
The UNHRC said, quote “We note that ‘Karuna Amman’ is being questioned for his alleged past crimes. He should also be investigated for wholesale recruitment of child soldiers, a crime under international law. Accountability should apply to everyone,” unquote.]

This in essence requires the government to investigate the allegations made by every Sri Lankan war victim – including victims of war against the JVP. When victims of both groups connect through their pain – the government that makes idle promises – as if it were god – becomes dysfunctional.
The current government has every right to bring about laws through its position in National Parliament. But it has no right to damage the heritage of any other group – cultural and/or political. Sri Lanka’s history has demonstrated more than once – that when heritage is damaged – the return happens naturally – including through diseases over which we do not have control.  The claim that the President controlled the spread of covid-19 confirms that the victory  over ‘terrorism’ claim also was false.

To be true – one needs to believe in the measure being used – even if it were not a measure included in the written law. That belief needs to be deeper than the belief by the non-judicial participant’s belief in what happened and/or why it happened. Otherwise one does not have the moral authority to judge, leave alone deliver the judgment.

According to the above mentioned Ceylon Today report:

[Co-Convener of the NBC, Ven. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thera said he had personally spoken to the President over the phone concerning the controversial remarks made by Karuna Amman. He claimed that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva, Switzerland, was continuing to level baseless allegations against the security forces for having allegedly committed war crimes during the war. He noted that the recent comments made by Karuna Amman, could be effectively used to counter those charges made against the security forces by the UNHRC.]

The above confirms lack of faith in Buddha Sasana which ought to be the highest common law scripture between two Buddhist leaders. This kind of idle use of laws largely for the purpose of status – is the real enemy of Sri Lankan harmony. Once Buddhism foremost is repealed – the ordinary citizen would become more active in the use of common laws and values. The more dependent one is on the past that one does not respect – the more idle and disoriented one becomes. That is what has happened to the current Lankan President.

Saturday 27 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 June  2020

Rajapaksa reversing Rajapaksa pardon

I believe that when one is genuinely seeking, truth surfaces truth.

To my mind, the CID’s investigations into former Rebel leader Karuna Amman seem to be an attempt to ‘show’ the gullible that they are doing something. If they are acting as per the law – they ought to have investigated him when he came into the open. But back then he was protected by the Rajapaksas. Did the politicians have the mandate of the People to erase wrongs by conversion to politics? The then President had the power to pardon as per Article 34 of the Sri Lankan Constitution.  Yet the then government failed to demonstrate such a process. Instead, the Ruling party’s candidate is reported to have stated as follows:

[Colombo (News 1st); Karuna Amman received legal pardon when he defected from the LTTE to support the government of Sri Lanka in the war against terrorism and it is similar to one becoming a crown witness, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna candidate S. B. Dissanayake said on Monday.
“Karuna Amman was the LTTE’s former leader for the East and, he defected with a strong force to join hands with the Sri Lankan Army”, Dissanayake said adding that Karuna Amman’s defection was instrumental to secure victory in the northern battle.
On Friday, the 19th of June, Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman, the Leader of the Tamil United Freedom Front also known as “Karuna Amman” said he killed 2000 to 3000 Sri Lankan soldiers in one night at Elephant Pass when in the LTTE, as opposed to the number of lives claimed by COVID-19 in Sri Lanka and said “Karuna Amman is dangerous than the Corona Virus”.] News First

The policy as per the above reasoning would be – a criminal who switches political  loyalty to the party in government – is pardoned. Article 34(3) provides as follows:
[34 (3) When any offence has been committed for which the offender may be tried within the Republic of Sri Lanka, the President may grant a pardon to any accomplice in such offence who shall give such information as shall lead to the conviction of the principal offender or of any one of such principal offenders, if more than one. ]

This appears to be the essence of Mr Dissanayake’s interpretation. If that is the case, we do not need written secular laws but be driven by belief based decisions as interpreted by the elected leader.
As per the above article – Karuna was free to express as he did. The CID by questioning Karuna have negated that effective pardon by the then President. What a circus??

Friday 26 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 June  2020

Did LTTE Leader Resurrect through Karuna?

The issue of Karuna Amman who led the Tamil Rebellion in Eastern Sri Lanka is a manifestation that confirms risk of ongoing war. Muslim parallels manifested this force through Easter Sunday bombings. When positive Energy is weak, negative Energy manifests itself. Each one of us contributes to this through our ‘home’ areas and groups. Batticaloa was also attacked on Easter Sunday and to the extent Karuna Amman failed to prevent it in his home area – he effectively lost power as political leader. He is clever in guerrilla warfare and by falsely elevating him to political leadership, the Rajapaksa government diluted the value of its own political power. By ‘showing’ victory against LTTE who represented armed rebels within the Tamil community the Rajapaksa government covered this up – probably to themselves also. That is how quid pro quos often end up demoting our cultural status. They dilute the heritage value of our work and sacrifices.

Karuna was referred to as ‘Throgi’/Traitor by supporters of Northern LTTE. If Northern LTTE also had considered him to be a  ‘Throgi’ that did not manifest in the death of Karuna nor any public statement by the LTTE leader. One is therefore entitled to conclude that the Northern LTTE had demoted itself or that it accepted Karuna’s separation. Karuna himself confirmed the latter through his interview with Vasantham TV’s Athirvu program in September 2015.

As per my assessment – Karuna was clever and Prabhakaran was disciplined. Hindustani Times reported as follows through its 2010 article headed ‘Karuna Amman warns arm groups in the East’ reported as follows:

[Making it clear that Sri Lankan government will not tolerate any groups in the east carrying arms, former Prabhakaran aide and now a Union minister Karuna Amman asked them to disarm themselves.
"If any people carry legal or illegal weapons in that area, we cannot accept that situation. Because now only people are enjoying freedom after thirty years. They suffered a lot. Now they are starting to enjoy their lives," Amman said.
"Already we have disarmed all the eastern people. There are no armed cadres there now," the deputy minister for resettlement Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman said of his Eastern bastion.]

The real weapon was the Energy to Oppose. That continued to live and hence the recent outburst from Karuna who needed attention. In the above mentioned interview, Karuna confirmed that he respected Prabhakaran highly. The fact that it was due to the discipline through which Prabhakaran developed a structure from zero base was brought out through the interview. But that was military structure and not democratic civilian structure.

As per my insight – the war came to an end because of Karuna’s defection. A separate Tamil State through LTTE would have been a military state.

If the Tamils of North and East did not want war – then Karuna facilitated it. By the same token, by being inactive in real Politics, Karuna is drawing on his past ‘wins’ to elevate himself. That is the way with quid pro quos. Both sides go back to their permanent state once the effect of the pleasure is exhausted. To elevate pleasure to happiness and cost to investment in structure  -  one has to sacrifice that which s/he thinks is hers/his. This sacrifice results in structural protection which eventually fructifies as protective Energy which is an eternal power that comes with us and with those who believe in us.

Institutional and cultural structures are developed towards this election from benefit to structure and structure to formless Energy. Form limits the power to particular place and time. Formless power is eternal and exponential and hence is carried with us eternally as our soul-power.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 June  2020


I was recently sharing my belief that we needed a boundary wall around our family temple to preserve its positive Energy from youth who reject our rules and occupy the temple premises to chat and relax. It took us a long time to educate them that it was private property with its own structures as developed by us and not ‘free’ to be used by anyone as they pleased. This was necessary for them to respect each other’s homes as ‘private’ and not free public. From time to time I felt the message from the Divine power which I believed protected me and guided me – include when local leaders overrode my instructions. Once when they installed a tap as per their convenience, out of our funds but in breach of my instructions , I cried – and complained to the spirit of my grandmother from whom we inherited the temple. The following morning the daughter of the person in charge said to me over the phone that her mother had gone to the hospital because  the mother’s hand which was wounded and healed years before  had swollen without any apparent reason. Hence the daughter was fearful that her mother was doing something wrong. As explanation of how that was indicated the daughter said that there was a snake that had wound itself around the Thiruvaasi (the aura plate behind the deity). I immediately connected it to my prayers to my grandmother. Since the daughter was honest with me – I said not to worry – but to pray to Nagapooshani Amman – recognized largely through Nagapooshani Amman temple in Nainativu in Northern Sri Lanka. The daughter said later that she had done so and the snake quietly went away.
The parallel of the above is swearing instead of affirming when taking an oath. I myself learnt from my mother about the faith of Mrs Sri Khanta – wife of former Government Agent of Jaffna. According to that legend, the lady had an indicator at the temple - before they knew officially that Mr Sri Khanta was succeeding to that position. Back then that position including governing powers. Their daughter in law Mrs Chitra Sri Khanta  continued to demonstrate her belief in that shrine in many ways – including special donations. I had the good fortune to become the connecting medium when I regularly visited Jaffna. I believe that by respecting Mr & Mrs Sri Khanta who by structure were our family seniors, I also inherited their belief in Mother Nagapooshani. On that basis, once when I was taking photos inside the temple which was then not prohibited – my camera battery lost power. I took that as an order – not to take photos within the temple. From that day onwards I stopped taking photos inside any temple. Now I keep that as a lesson that if we use our Energy to show – there is less to Feel.

Today when I read the Economy Next report ‘Inquiry into alleged desecration of the Nagapooshani Amman temple in Nainativu, I felt disturbed. I was disturbed similarly in 2006 when I felt that Thruketheeswaram temple access was being taken over by Military. I then wrote to Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. The letter is published by Lanka web under the heading ‘THIRUKETHEESWARAM TEMPLE ACCESS UNDER MILITARY CONTROL’.

As per the Economy Next report:

[The Prime MInister’s Office has ordered an inquiry into an incident that happened last week at the historic Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple on Nainativu island where some police and military personnel allegedly entered the temple wearing their boots.
…. Speaking to EconomyNext, former TNA MP Mavai Senathiraja said that police and military personnel had entered the temple premises without removing their footwear last Saturday (20 June) which the first day of the annual flag-raising ceremony.]
This would not have happened at Nallur temple where the Temple Administrators are highly orderly. Whenever I saw army personnel within Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple, they were without not only shoes but also shirts – as per the rules of traditional Hindu temples. Obviously, these officers were assuming war-mode due to their empowerment through Covid19 crisis.
Unless therefore there was evidence of Terrorism inside the temple – the army has ‘invaded’ Hindu shrine by using military power.
The above happened on 20 June. On 23 June, the President’s attitude towards Buddhist culture is confirmed as follows:
President wants media to help preserving national identity and Cultural values
[……President Gotabaya Rajapaksa highlighted the necessity of right media practice that helps preserving Sri Lankan identity and cultural values.
He made this comment during a progress review meeting with the Independent Television Network(ITN) at the Presidential Secretariat today(June 23).
The changes that should be made to create a new television culture incorporated with the state of the art technology and the requirement of programs to improve knowledge were discussed at this meeting. Majority of the people accepted the National Policy Framework; ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ presented during the Presidential election campaign. The President stated that he does not want media to promote his personal image. “What I expect is to take to the people, the vision enshrined in the policy framework, which my government is committed to execute” President added.]
There was no emphasis on ensuring that separation between Buddhist culture and non-Buddhist culture is highlighted. Buddhists have to have external/intellectual  knowledge of the rules of other cultures. In Buddhist temples Hindu deities are demigods, whereas they are Presiding deities in their respective Hindu temples. Unless the army were Christians – their respect for their own religion would have influenced them to enter a shrine without shoes. Once when I was waiting for clearance to board the plane from Colombo to Jaffna, I happened to lean against the wall around a bo-tree. I was asked by an Army officer not to do that.  I complied. I expect the Army officers not to lean on temple walls, leave alone not to wear shoes inside Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. I expect the current government to give form to this right to be respected on equal basis.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 June  2020

Karuna Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

Karuna was effectively renamed Freedom Fighter by the Rajapaksa government when he was made Minister for  National Integration in their government. The above picture shows that the current President was happy to have Karuna on his side. Unless the LTTE terrorised after 09 March 2009 – the Rajapaksa government did not have the Dharmic (moral) authority to punish them – including through death. Given that article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution requires the State to foster Buddha Sasana – which I believe would lead to truth – any punishment rendered in the name of  actions prior to 09 March 2009 is in breach of the fundamental duties as per the Constitution.
On 25 January 2008, the BBC reported under the headlines ‘Renegade Tamil rebel jailed in UK’:
[In court on Friday, Col Karuna said he had received the false diplomatic passport from the Sri Lankan government.
He said the defence secretary in Colombo, who is also the brother of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had arranged the documents for him.]

Given that the government did not deny the above or challenge the BBC, one is entitled to conclude that it is based on fact. Given that the current president supported his brother who rewarded Karuna, one is entitled to conclude that he was part of the ‘bribe’ paid to Karuna to switch allegiance. This breach of fundamentals of warfare including tribal warfare confirmed that war crimes were committed during the period March to May 2009. One does not need any international court once one’s universal court – the mind driven by truth - delivers that judgment.

If one does not believe in the national or global judiciary – but continuously believes that crimes were committed Natural Justice takes-over. Such a believer need not have knowledge of law beyond her/his environment. All s/he needs is her/his conscience based thoughts shaped by the common law of her/his environment. Natural Justice does the rest.

On 27 October 2015, I wrote about the ever shifting mind of Karuna under the heading ‘Democracy Going with the wind’ – at - http://austms.blogspot.com/2015/10/gajalakshmiparamasivam-27-october.html
Am I surprised by Karuna’s latest declaration – that he killed soldiers? No! Karuna knows his powers and so long as he in his mind, is a freedom fighter as per his environment - he would not be  afraid of death. Likewise, the current president, in his own environment. The moment they become politicians – they become fearful of losing the next battle. That fear is already showing in the current president – and many have highlighted it already – each from their own angles. Politics is an alien environment to the current president.

Since  I do not have any official portfolio – I am free to identify with them through the pain of the victims of their actions. As per that assessment – Karuna is NOT GUILTY under the current government; nor are the Easter Bombers for that which was invoked by Buddhist supremacy claim,  capped by the then government’s negligence of secular duties. By pardoning on 26 March 2020 Staff Sgt. Sunil Ratnayake who was found guilty in 2015 of killing eight civilians, including a 5-year-old, at Mirusuvil, in northern Sri Lanka, in 2000, Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa confirmed that he did not believe in the Sri Lankan Judiciary.

As per the timing - Karuna’s elevation as well as Staff Sgt. Sunil Ratnayake pardon were for political purposes. This automatically demotes the institutional values of the Presidency. Any pardoning by the Governor needs to be belief based and on behalf of the whole. If Sri Lanka is sovereign, the value of the Presidency is equal to the total value of the citizens. The pardon becomes part of that Sovereign force only when juniors get lesser punishment than seniors in a group. Pardoning  Staff Sgt. Sunil Ratnayake limits the level of order in the armed forces to his level. It is disrespectful of the more disciplined members of the armed forces who did not cross their position lines.

If the Sinhala Buddhists continue to uphold this government – then we would have more suicides of intellectual Sri Lankans who have no pathway to develop belief through higher Common Law. Effectively, Rajeewa Jayaweera was killed by Covid19 which blocked the pathway to intellectual management of his ill health through the mind connection to Health experts. Now that they are under the armed forces – that pathway is blocked to intellectuals. These are equally application to the Tamil community driven by armed forces. We have to first release ourselves from the profits of war. Then the political pathway will become the highway to reliable governance.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 June  2020

Suicides – Public or Private

On 13 June, when I learnt about Rajeewa Jayaweera through Island news report I shared my grief as follows:
From: gaja param [mailto:gajalakshmi_param@bigpond.com]
Sent: Saturday, 13 June 2020 12:30 PM
To: 'prabath@unl.upali.lk'
Subject: Death of Rajeewa Jayaweera

So sorry to learn about Rajeewa. I got to know him through Sri Lankan Airlines issues. Feel so sad. Thank you for your tribute to a good man
Since I did not hear back from the editor, I mourned alone – like an orphan that Rajeewa confirmed to have become. Faadhila Thassim and Saman Priyankara Nammunige of Ceylon Today have asked the question about Rajeewa:

Public Tragedy or a Personal Egress?

To my mind, it was both. What we – the public relations of Rajeewa can do to make amends is to identify with the reason why? – without being judgmental. Towards this have to become Rajeewa through his public position. That effectively is to take Equal position at structural level. When I wrote to the editor of the Island it was written to an official senior in media structure. When I did not get a response back, I concluded that the editor did not care as I thought he did.

On 06 April 2020, I responded to Rajeewa as follows:

[In his article ‘Empower The President To Manage Covid-19’, Rajeewa Jayaweera highlights as follows:
[Despite these early signs, Sri Lanka geared itself for parliamentary elections and made merry without introducing necessary preventive measures. Mandatory screening of incoming Chinese, South Korean, and Italian passengers did not commence till March. Chairman Civil Aviation Authority announced strict screening for all incoming passengers without exemption only on March 12.  
That was one day after the first Sri Lankan, a tourist guide, was diagnosed with the virus on March 11. He had contracted the disease from a group of Italian tourists he had accompanied earlier on. 
A ban on Italian tourists from entering the country was not implemented until March 13 despite Lombardy being in Stage 3A (Cluster stage) by February 21.
Meanwhile, we were busy playing ‘big matches.’ One is unable to fathom why the President did not issue a directive to cancel all cricketing encounters scheduled in March. ]

To my mind,  the above was a criticism of the government responsible. It was further confirmed as follows:

[Unlike western countries (even they are reeling under the virus), our country’s health system is not geared to cope with the virus in the communal stage. What we would do with 2 ICU beds per 100,000 persons when Italy could not manage despite having 12.5 ICU beds per 100,000 is mind-boggling.
The worst affected countries have not introduced curfew but have opted for strict lockdown mechanisms. Citizens are permitted to visit supermarkets and pharmacies in the vicinity. ]

The above news report indicates the Public reason for Rajeewa’s death:

[He noted how he suffered from a herniated disc, a defect in the spinal cord, and was afraid of the post-surgical recuperation process he was undergoing, while his vision was also deteriorating, adding that he did not want to continue to live with such issues.
“I no longer have the will, nor the desire to undertake such an exercise at 64, but I have lived my life and I look forward to my departure,” the letter reads.
There were also sensitive personal details that led to Rajeewa’s decision, as mentioned in his letter, in which he states that he trusted his family, including his three sisters and brother, to understand the reason for his choice to end his life.
Jayaweera admits he considered his life from 27 March up until the day of his death as being on ‘borrowed time’, as he had initially planned to commit suicide on 27 March and had made plans accordingly, which included that of meeting his family for the last time for dinner a few days prior to this.
However, as he mentioned in his letter, he could not do this as curfew was imposed.]
The above if true, confirms loss of confidence in Sri Lanka’s Healthcare Service – as in ‘2 ICU beds per 100,000 persons’ in his article of 05 April. Together they confirm loss of faith in the Healthcare system. The Sri Lankan rate of infection as per published figures was exponential from 15 March. Given that Rajeewa had ‘pre-conditions’ as per his ‘projection’ he would have had to rank last to get treated.

As per my recollection Rajeewa was in the UK when he first responded to my article on Sri Lankan Airlines through which we were both contributing to institutional values in Sri Lanka. That relativity also would have contributed to loss of ‘sight’ that he would get overlook the physical pain through mental satisfaction that he was contributing to strong institutional values. This is something that all members of the Diaspora returning physically and/or mentally to Sri Lanka to live as Sri Lankans,  need consider. Dual citizenship develops duality. When one is idle the other becomes active. When we merge the past through its truth – the past empowers us to regulate ourselves in the present. When we become idle in the present – the past overtakes and controls us. This is reflected as strong debilitations in the horoscope. They remain passive so long as we are active in the present and/or are fully conscious of Truth which is eternal and exponential in value.

To the extent we failed to identify with this need in Rajeewa we are all responsible for the Public aspects of Rajeewa. By remembering and adding our truth to his – we make him an eternal part of our Public life.