Friday 30 September 2022


30 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




As per my experience when I share my belief, other believers in the issue share their belief with me. The forms may differ, but we develop ‘commonness’. This commonness develops into Sovereign power that leads and supports us from within. Some of these return forms are in Opposition. They contribute to a ceiling on the manifestation, at that level – so others are also facilitated to participate at the Common level.

Yesterday, I wrote about the need to maintain the PTA. Today, I was directed to  "We don't need a high security zone" at 

The expressions by the ‘protestor’ are in Opposition to mine. The line of Common manifestation is drawn at that level.  Then there is the report on this issue at  ,

according to which:

[The police have launched extensive investigations over the involvement of some politicians who had encouraged some ‘protester’ groups to overthrow the government by forcefully occupying Parliament and preventing a vote to elect a new President following the resignation of former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in July.]

The above, is in line with my own expressions at the time of manifestations. They also confirm the need for PTA which was enacted in 1978. As per Wikipedia:

[Under the PTA of Sri Lanka, a person can be detained for periods up to 18 months (renewable by order every three months) if the Minister has reason to believe or suspect that any person is connected with or concerned in any unlawful activity. Unlawful activity includes even pasting posters on walls, and is punishable with death]


If therefore the President therefore ‘suspected’ that the Protestor in the above video was influenced by those against the Parliament, he has the power of the law to imprison that lady. Given that this has not happened, I conclude that the President and the Police are not abusers of the law. This approach confirms the ancestral value of PTA which need to be left undisturbed for current purposes.

The power of belief was today confirmed through the message headed ‘Federal Senate of Brazil pays tribute to the Institute of Sathya Sai Education of Brazil.’ at


My response to the communication included the following:

[This message brings to my mind, the legend of Poosala Nayanar :

[Pusalar was a Shaiva, a devotee of the god Shiva. He wanted to create a grand temple for Shiva, but did not have the money to do so. Thus, Pusalar decided to build a temple to Shiva in his mind with his imagination. He followed the rituals of temple-building, sanctified the ground and lay the first stone of his mind temple on an auspicious day. Over course of time, he completed his mind temple and selected a holy day for the Kumbhabhishekam ceremony, when the temple is consecrated and the image of God installed in the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum)….


My question to you and this group of  Sri Lankans is – Are you (1) the followers of the king who built a grand temple, (2) the heirs of Poosala Nayanar or (3)  neither? The king of this group is Mr XXX who as per my knowledge is not a devotee of Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Dr Kkk who chose to share this, has listed Mr XXX, first on his list.  If the sharing was belief based, Swami would have appeared in  Dr Kkk’s dream and indicated to him the true order as per belief. Your belief in Sri Lanka – which is common to us, has influenced you to share with me. Thank you. This group, like the Rajapaksa family, is driven by the visible connections. They would promote their own clan and be comfortable with it. They will be failures in Democracy which we have inherited through Poosala Nayanar.



Thursday 29 September 2022


29 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Laws are of two types. One like the Parliament, is current and they mark us right or wrong as per our current actions. The other is ancestral like the Queen/King and confirms Preventive  power. Examples of this are  the British Royalty, and ‘Buddhism foremost article’ in the Sri Lankan constitution. Both are Preventive heritages.

When invoked for current benefits, they would result in exponential costs. The global example is the disturbance to World Heritage – the Silk Road by China, resulting in the Covid Pandemic. At Sri Lankan level, the immediate past President disturbed the ‘Buddhism-heritage’ after using the Secular pathway to occupy the position of Head of State in the secular structure. This resulted in exponential economic collapse and the self-dismissal of the President.


Now, the Tamil National Alliance is on a campaign to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA)


Which of the above two does the PTA belong to,  at the level of the Tamil community – current need or ancestral protection?

Yesterday a Tamil elder shared his concerns with me as follows:

[Tamil Political prisoners arrested under draconian PTA  still in jail

PTA is misused to arrest and torture Tamil youths. ]

My immediate response was:

‘Many nations still carry LTTE on their Terrorists- listing. If we seek the energy of those nations, we need to confirm that through affirmative actions, in law and order that we are not Terrorists.’

If we believe that we as a community,  did not need PTA in the first instance, then we have to accept political killings as unpunishable by our current laws, and therefore we consider the Politicians who were killed to be part of the ‘freedom costs’.

This then gives us a recent origin, with armed rebels as our ancestors. That would be the Ancestral power that would support us naturally and exponentially. This would be only when there is a war.

If on the other hand, we consider the armed rebels ‘guilty’ of war crimes, using the same measure that we used with the Sri Lankan government at UN level, then PTA becomes an ancestral law that protects our ancestral powers in civilian life also. Ancestral powers awaken themselves to protect us when we are in need.

If therefore, the current campaign to repeal the PTA is successful, then any future attacks by other communities and foreign powers would need very strong current laws, to mark rights and wrongs. We would also need to campaign to repeal all cultural laws older than the PTA. The Tamil law of Theswalamai, Sinhalese Kandyan law and Muslim law in Sri Lanka, are all laws that protect our ancestral powers. By practicing them with respect, we strengthen our ancestral powers which naturally offset the ‘unsettled wrongs’ that have become sins.  That is how ancestral debts are settled.

I presented this as follows to the above mentioned Tamil elder who stated:

No response for the genocide of 147,000 Tamils [UN estimated 80,000]

My response:

But we as a community have not addressed Tamil rebels killing Tamil politicians. That is then the level of impunity that we have allowed ourselves. To that extent, we lost the moral authority to accuse another community of ‘genocide’.

If therefore PTA is repealed, so should the ‘Genocide’ accusation. That would be a huge loss to Tamil Politicians in National Parliament. These would apply also to Sinhalese Political parties such as the JVP who took up arms to come to power.



Wednesday 28 September 2022


28 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Democracy is based on majority power of the ruled. Autocracy is based on the power of the ruler. When one is active, the other becomes Energy. This is like the sins or virtues in a horoscope, drawn up as per the stars at the time of our birth. Where the brought forward Energy is stronger than the Energy generated by the current system, there is an exponential collapse of the current system. This happened in Sri Lanka, through Buddhism being used actively alongside the secular system. By taking oaths at Buddhist shrine, the immediate past president OF Sri Lanka, made Buddha Sasana, the current constitution and Secular law, an ancestral power, driven by its own power. This led to Democracy becoming an ancestral power. Global powers therefore opposed him and his government.

Buddhism in Sri Lanka is an ancestral power. Mr SWRD Bandaranaike, whose death anniversary was on 26 September, was the first political head of Sri Lanka, to become a victim of his own ‘Sinhala only’ language policy which has now mutated as ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the constitution. The Buddhist influence is confirmed as follows by Wikipedia presentation:

 [On 25 September, Somarama had visited Bandaranaike at his private residence, Tintagel, in Rosmead Place, Colombo. Since Somarama appeared to be a member of the Buddhist clergy, he was not searched for weapons and given free access to the prime minister as he began his routine meetings with the public. The monk then fired a revolver at Bandaranaike as the latter stood to greet him; he was rushed to hospital but died the following day despite six hours of surgery by Ceylon's most skilled surgeons. A Supreme court trial found Somarama, Mapitigama Buddharakkitha, H.P. Jayewardena guilty and pronounced on all three of them the death sentence (death by hanging)]


Given that all concerned were practicing Buddhists – their punishments also ought to have been as per Buddhist laws, to be a natural deterrent in a Buddhist nation.  Colonial law became ancestral power during  SWRD Bandaranaike’s rule. When ancestral power is murdered, the result is exponential punishment. The Corona virus is such an example of self-punishment.  This is prevented  by settling our Pithur Kadan/Ancestral Debt. This will lead to positive Ancestral Energy supporting us. It cannot be settled by a currently active relative system.


Former Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka, activated LTTE power and thus earned the negative Energy of the lawful path. As per the report ‘Wiggy proposes regional councils at provincial level’ at   :


[Thamil Makkal Thesiya Kuttani (TMTK) Leader and Jaffna District MP C.V. Wigneswaran said yesterday (26) that he had requested Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena to constitute Regional Councils for each province since every province has different issues. 

Speaking to The Morning, Wigneswaran said that since the problems in the North are different to those in the South, he had therefore suggested to Gunawardena to establish regional councils in every province. “Our problems in the North are different to those of the South. I suggested that we have Regional Councils for each province,” he added. ]

The above is the parallel of ‘Sinhala only’ policy by SWRD Bandaranaike. It is no coincidence that this policy was made public on the death anniversary of SWRD Bandaranaike -  Hindu Wigneswaran’s natural opposition by belief.

In turn, Tamils driven by ‘hearsay’ are finding fault with the queen who represents our Common British Ancestry.

Hence the following contradiction:

[He also noted that he had suggested that Prime Minister Gunawardena visit the North to ascertain the problems there and seek solutions.]

How can the mind that is ‘common’ or is opposed to Tamil Nationalism be expected to read / identify with the problems of Tamils? The LTTE would punish him as a Traitor

Mr Wigneswaran has thus killed his own ‘Genocide claim’. One who truly believed that it was Genocide, would not pollute that area by inviting a member of the very same government to identify with the problem and facilitate a solution. This invitation has confirmed that Mr Wigneswaran has already killed the Genocide claim.


Sunday 25 September 2022


25 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




Does a child owe its mother? If yes, how is that debt settled? What happens if the debt is not settled?

When we have our own belief-based answers to these questions they would apply also to the motherland. These questions came to my mind when reading Sunday Observer Editorial ‘Engaging the Diaspora’ at

As per the editorial:

[President Wickremesinghe understands perfectly well the need to engage with the members of the Sri Lankan Diaspora, most of whom would like to “pay it forward” as far as their brethren in Sri Lanka are concerned. After all, most, if not all, expatriates have received free education and free healthcare in the land of their birth and are duty bound to help their countrymen back home who funded their education.

Hence the President’s timely invitation in London to the Diaspora to invest in all areas of Sri Lanka, not just in the North and the East. He painted a true picture of the rather dire situation at home in extending this invitation. We hope that the Diaspora will take up this offer and help their Motherland in its hour of need.]

Whether one owes the land one is born in is the key question here. What happens if one were made to feel like a Terrorist in one’s Motherland? Does that Mother also become a Terrorist and does the land also become Terrorist Land? Recently, a young Australian law student shared with us her University experience in this regard and asked the question as to what picture came to mind when one heard the word ‘Terrorist?’

Let’s analyse through the following passage from the editorial:

[It has been 13 years since the battle against terrorism ended and now it is time to give up these discriminatory labels for good. As President Wickremesinghe has repeatedly said since assuming office, the Sri Lankan Diaspora means just that – all Sri Lankans of all ethnicities and religious groups living abroad. It is in this context that the President met the Sri Lankan community in the UK.

Prior to that, soon after ascending to the Presidency, he had ordered the de-proscription of certain Diaspora groups which had given up their separatist sentiments and aspirations to all intents and purposes. This has been welcomed by the Sri Lankan Tamil community all over the world and many such groups have since vowed to work together with the Government of Sri Lanka to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation.]


If there are no Terrorists in Sri Lanka, then why do we need the Prevention of Terrorism Act that was activated by President Wickremesinghe ?

In terms of the LTTE, the Tamil community taken as a whole, would classify them as armed rebels and not as Terrorists. The editor of Sunday Observer refers to them as Terrorists.

13 years ago, the Sri Lankan government took the path of Retributive Justice. This meant that every Tamil who felt that the LTTE were rebels was alienated.  

The Sunday Observer has published an interview with Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ali Sabry ( )which includes the following:


[Q:  Has Sri Lanka made any tangible progress with regard to the human rights situation in the country as demanded by the Core Group and other countries at the UNHRC?

A: Yes. I mean not because anyone demands it but we have done that very well. If you look at it after the battle against terrorism, 12,194 LTTE cadres surrendered and all of them were rehabilitated and reintegrated.]

As per Wikipedia:


[Retributive justice contrasts with other purposes of punishment such as deterrence (prevention of future crimes) and rehabilitation of the offender.]

Additional rehabilitation on top of taking an ‘eye for an eye’ through the war – is double punishment. Do members of  the community that was so punished, legitimately owe the Motherland at the same level as those members of another  community NOT listed as Terrorists  for identical actions?

When a government punishes a citizen unjustly, that automatically causes debt owed to that citizen by the government and does so exponentially. Where such citizens fled Sri Lanka for that reason, they do not owe Sri Lanka. Their new Motherland is the new Nation that adopted them. The Tamil Diaspora has a good proportion of such folks who have no debt owed to Sri  Lanka.

Wednesday 21 September 2022

21 September 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Those in my immediate circles tend to identify positively with the Queen or passionately criticise British rule to oppose us – the Public heirs of the queen. Likewise, those in my Sri Lankan circle  praised the Rajapaksa family after the war or passionately criticised the approach by the Sri Lankan government, in ethnic war. One example of the latter is headed ‘War-ravaged Sri Lankan Tamils suffer amid economic crisis’ at

[Under a blazing sun, a 44-year-old Tamil man tends his rented patch of peanut field in Sri Lanka, only able to move around on his hands because an air raid in 2009 took both his legs and injured his left arm….

….The 2009 air raid was during the last stages of a 26-year civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) group that fought for an independent Tamil state.]

Who is part of our government and who is part of our Opposition? This is essential in finding the truth we need.

In the case of British Royalty, one Australian of Sri Lankan origin wrote:

  [By the way you say you wrote to your Queen too. Did you receive a reply. You are tarnishing the image of Australia by your malicious posts and it cannot be ignored by people who love Australia. Before crying for somebody's queen you first respect the country that gave you refuge. Otherwise, if you are not happy, as Pauline rightly said, go back to where you came from, provided they are prepared to take you back]

As per the above Australian’s expressions, his mind has been structured to recognise himself as senior to me in Australia and hence he was, like Pauline Hanson, telling me what to do. I responded as follows on the basis of my belief in the Australian constitutional structure:

[I wrote to the queen because she is also our queen. The response came from within me. That is the power of the true Queen.  It is like my mother coming to me when I am in need. If you have had that kind of experience, you would understand. According to you Australia has no queen. That is an unlawful expression]

The Tamil Pauline Hanson supporter wrote:

[Before crying for somebody's queen you first respect the country that gave you refuge]

The above, to my mind, is a Separatist claim.  It is highly likely that this structure is due to support for LTTE and /or continued bashing of the Sri Lankan government,  without belief in the issue. Mere knowledge does not lead to belief. Mere Experience, unadulterated by external hearsay is guaranteed to  lead to belief.

Al Jazeera reports that, ‘an air raid in 2009 took both his legs and injured his left arm’

 One can work out his responsibility in ‘what happened’ to him only through his personal conscience. The parallel in the case of our Queen is how the young lady had to take humungous responsibility for the whole British Empire which rendered males the first right and duty to inherit the thrown/leadership. Its democratic parallel is the Right to  Governance by winning majority approval. Its Jaffna Tamil parallel is Male inheriting from senior-male and female inheriting from senior-female. In the case of British Royalty, this is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Male-preference primogeniture accords succession to the throne to a female member of a dynasty if and only if she has no living brothers and no deceased brothers who left surviving legitimate descendants.dynast's sons and their lines of descent all come before that dynast's daughters and their lines. Older sons and their lines come before younger sons and their lines. Older daughters and their lines come before younger daughters and their lines.]

 To my mind, a believer in any system, would invoke its powers through her/his belief as per her/his true need. All one has to do is believe. The rest happens automatically, provided one does not weaken one’s belief by due to desires.

I appreciated the power of this through the Testamentary proceedings of my Brother in law – Mr Subramaiam Yoganathan of Vaddukoddai. Mr Yoganathan passed away Intestate. My husband claimed Administrative Rights on the basis of Thesawalamai law. At his request, I managed the matter in the Courts of Northern Sri Lanka. Neither of us knew the details of the law.  I studied it with faith, in the consciousness of Jaffna culture of my times. The Courts ‘failed’ us and awarded equal share which meant that daughters who received Dowry were double dipping. Interestingly the decisions were delivered during the period Mr C V Wigneswaran was Chief Minister. The parallel is to hold the Queen responsible,  for what happened before Independence in British territories such as India and Sri Lanka.

The above mentioned Tamil Pauline Hanson supporter, has thus far NOT said one word of criticism against Mr C V Wigneswaran but keeps blaming the queen for what happened during British rule. There are many Tamils and Sinhalese like him.

In the High Court of Jaffna, Mr Visvalingam Manivannan, represented us but failed to find fault with the Judgment, which confirmed to me that he did not believe in Jaffna Tamil ancestry. He is now Mayor of Jaffna and to me he carries no ancestral powers in his management of Jaffna.

I therefore conclude that voters like these Separatist-Tamils would bring to power, the likes of Pauline Hanson.


As for the Rajapaksas, they already have become the Royal family of Sinhala Nation and need to retire from active politics so the younger Sinhalese have the opportunity to uphold Sri Lanka’s dignity as a Sovereign Nation.  That is the role of Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe about whom the following report was published:

[It was only some  important people who had accompanied President Ranil Wickremesinghe on his recent tour to Britain to attend the funeral of British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II, a spokesperson from the President’s office confirmed today.

According to the spokesperson, only President Wickremesinghe, Ms. Wickremesinghe, a special aide, three security personnel and the Director International Affairs attached to the President’s office were in the tour party. “The Director International Affairs had to join in the tour to organize media coverage in Britain,” she said.

She was responding to comments made by MP Kumara Welgama, who said the delegation which the President took to Britain was 'a little high'.] Daily Mirror


The Parliament has no direct right to question the Governing President, who like the queen, represents Ancestral Powers.