Thursday 31 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 31 March   2016

Sri Lankan Airlines’ Heritage

Sri Lankan Airlines has been highlighted one way or the other in the immediate past. As someone who shares common heritage with the National Carrier of Sri Lanka – I feel strongly about this institution which also helped me become stronger Common Sri Lankan.

I responded in detail to the current government’s report on the airline’s downward pull -  through my article ‘Captain Ranatunga  or  MP Ranatunga?’ – at

If I did not carry my heritage when migrating to Australia, I would be merely observing as an ‘outsider’. Our values are carried at three levels: Money, People and Ownership. Ownership is carried as Corporate Wisdom and/or motivating Energy.  When we are no longer seen as part of the current dynamics to make a difference to outcomes – and yet we feel happy or sad about a person or institution – the person and/or the institution is of heritage value – confirming that our own contribution  went deeper than for money and status benefits. Such investments form natural structures even though the custodians of power do not see it.  I feel this for Airlanka / Sri Lankan Airlines as well as for Sri Lanka itself.

As I was saying during a recent  family sharing – I often considered as my family mentor - my paternal grandmother living independently  in the village of Araly in Northern Sri Lanka – even though she was a mother of 10 children. No nursing home for her nor did she expect her children to take care of her. Now, I have inherited the family temple from her and when I live there – I feel like I am an extension of her life. That is the value of heritage. Likewise even after leaving Air Lanka – I mentally take a managing-owner position to identify with the Truth and support the airline through my natural Energy.

Air Lanka itself was formed by restructuring Air Ceylon – using Singapore International Airlines for management.  The current government’s plans in using Singapore as its model often brings to mind Air Lanka itself. The conflict often is between political custody of ownership powers  and money business itself. Under the circumstances there needs to be firm decision-making  as to whether the National carrier is to be of heritage value – as a ‘lesson learnt’ - or of business value. If latter – then there needs to be clear separation from the previous profits and losses – so that the current team would be free of the sins of the past that ordinary staff would not have had influence over.

In business Status is often the opposition of money.

As per the Daily News report on this:

"SriLankan Airlines currently does not have any strategic plan or restructuring plan to deal with the losses, the COPE (The Committee on Public Enterprise )inquiry highlighted. Sri Lankan was advised by COPE to evaluate their route options, draw up a new route schedule at least to cover the key destinations in the Asian region, and come up with sound market strategy to deal with the loss. The company is on a minus equity footing right now, they should at least try to break even," Handunnetti said…………………………..
"SriLankan Airlines currently does not have any strategic plan or restructuring plan to deal with the losses, the COPE inquiry highlighted. Sri Lankan was advised by COPE to evaluate their route options, draw up a new route schedule at least to cover the key destinations in the Asian region, and come up with sound market strategy to deal with the loss. The company is on a minus equity footing right now, they should at least try to break even," Handunnetti said.

Taking Sri Lanka’s foreign relations as the Airline, would COPE be able to believe that a similar recommendation would work for the current Sri Lankan Government – with Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe as the CEO and  President Sirisena as the Governor? Does COPE know whether they are making a profit or a loss in their foreign operations? Should they not know – now that the Sri Lankan Government has moved towards zero base budgeting? When the past becomes heavy baggage one needs to move towards ‘Project’ structure. Has this happened ? If so – should not the employees be afforded the opportunity to work under such a structure and be facilitated to prove themselves – in an environment ‘free’ of political interference and baggage? Have the employees been facilitated to develop Objectively measurable targets to achieve ? so they become self-employed – as owners of the National Carrier?

As per published reports  Captain Suren Ratwatte is the CEO of  Sri Lankan Airlines after the politically driven restructure last year. If the current government profited from the Board of Inquiry into Sri Lankan Airlines – then did the Government itself  not contribute to the demotivation of staff as Air Ceylon staff would have been  if most of them had remained within the restructured form – Air Lanka?

The influence of Emirates is clear to me as follows:

Wikipedia – on the Emirate influence:
[Air Lanka, which was state-owned, was partially privatized in 1998, with investment by Dubai-based Emirates Group, when Emirates and the Sri Lankan government signed an agreement for a ten-year strategic partnership. This agreement included exclusive rights for all aircraft ground handling and airline catering at Colombo-Bandaranaike airport for a ten-year period. Emirates bought a 40% stake worth US$70 million (which it later increased to 43.6%) in Air Lanka, and sought to refurbish the airline's image and fleet. The government retained a majority stake in the airline, but gave full control to Emirates for investment and management decisions. In 1998, the Air Lanka re-branded to SriLankan Airlines. ]

Lanka News – on 07 October 2015:
‘Captain Suren Ratwatte who was living in Dubai has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lankan Airlines.Suren Ratwatte who is currently employed by Emirates Airline is due to commence operations in his new role from October 2015.’

Colombo Telegraph – on 26 March 2016:
[The sad and shocking state of the country’s national carrier, SriLankan airlines was revealed recently by Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne, who disclosed that the airline which recorded a profit of Rs. 4.4 billion in 2008, took an appalling nosedive having recorded a whopping loss amounting to Rs. 107 billion, since then.
Wickramaratne, the Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise Development speaking in parliament underscored that the decision by the former administration led by Mahinda Rajapaksa to cancel the deal with Emirates, just because they refused to permit a large entourage of Rajapaksa onboard was a ‘huge mistake.’
He further noted that the cancelling of the deal with Emirates has led to the current shocking financial situation the carrier is embroiled in.]

Emirates’ investment in Air Lanka was the parallel of Economic migration to Australia. Such migrants do not have a heritage to bring with them or to share when they leave.

The Sri Lankan Airlines problem started back then in 1998 when I also experience ownership related problems at the University of NSW. The problems did not start in when  2008 when Emirates left. They may have been more visible to ‘outsiders’ in 2008. When we have more money than we have earned through our own efforts and/or through inheritance through true shared ownership – we tend to not realize our Sovereignty and tend to live off handouts. There was no real ownership bonding between Emirates and Sri Lankan Airlines and yet the former had controlling interest. The Rajapaksa Government’s own parallel of this kind of force - was against the Tamils – for which they went to the UN using LTTE but without feeling ownership in UN through investment in global standards to protect law and order. If Sri Lankan Airlines staff are to be retrenched – then it must be on current performance basis for business purposes – using global standards. The CEO who is from Emirates - must be the first one to be tested – not staff who carry heritage by having stayed on for better or for worse. 

Monday 28 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28 March   2016

Man of the Junge and the Boat stopper
Yesterday, I wrote:

The above as per the original caste system is in the same order as the Vice Chancellor of an Australian University not going to the office of the cleaner – nor even talking to the cleaner as much as s/he would to an academic. The cleaner’s family is not likely to produce a Vice Chancellor the same way a toddy tapper community is not likely to produce a principal of Jaffna College nor an Aborigine living within her/his community  becoming the Prime Minister of Australia. The reason is – as highlighted by our immediate past Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott -  the ‘lifestyle choices’ made by those communitiesLifestyle Choices by Jaffna – their Sovereign right?

This morning I read in The Australian:

Tony Abbott: I was right to defend Sri Lanka rights record
As per this report:

[Former prime minister Tony Abbott has defended his ‘decision to cosy up to former Sri Lankan strongman president’ Mahinda part of his efforts to stop the flow of asylum-seeker boats.
In a 3,700 word essay published over the weekend in Quadrant, Mr Abbott praised his decision not to join the “human rights lobby against the tough but probably unavoidable actions taken to end one of the world’s most vicious civil wars”……. In his essay, Mr Abbott wrote that he was sure former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa would have been pleased Australia did not join the chorus of international criticism.]
The problem with the above is that Mr. Rajapaksa, like Mr. Howard, lost his position as head Administrator of his country. The decision by Mr. Abbott might have been as per his personal truth. But if the investment by Australians  in Human Rights systems that Australia has committed itself to – was greater than the Truth as known by Mr. Abbott,  actions based on such personal truth would ‘shrink’ the official system. The LTTE itself made this mistake in terms of Tamil investment in self-determination. This earned them the label that they were juniors who ‘did not bring the harvest home’ for Tamils. The actions of the Sri Lankan Government in 2009  likewise, confirmed that the Government did not bring the harvest home for Sri Lankans.
Every citizen who invests genuinely in these principles, laws and values – accumulates ‘rights’ at the global level. When a group – even if it is the government – which has invested less than the consolidated cumulative value of this investment by the citizen uses its own truth to act on behalf of the whole – it fails to bring the harvest home.
Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa – is confessed to have claimed that he was a man of the jungle:
[The undiplomatic nature of some of the comments made by the former Norwegian minister, whether they were true or not, must be the result of his somewhat bitter last encounters with the former president. To mention a case in point, during an interview former “The Hindu” Editor N. Ram had with Mahinda Rajapaksa in July 2009 the latter’s secretary Lalith Weeratunge had intervened to say:  “It was about March 2006 when Mr. Solheim came to see H.E. after he became president and had also said, in the midst of other things: ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’ It was very prophetic. Later the President met Minister Solheim in New York and reminded him of their conversation on the ‘military geniuses,’ of the jungles of the North and South, and who would win. The East had by that time, in 2007, been cleared and the President had said: ‘Now see what’s going to happen in the North,[ it will be ]the same.”] Daily Mirror - The Solheim claim: ‘Mahinda planned to offer the North to Prabhakaran’

That was the Lifestyle Choice made by Mr. Rajapaksa. By becoming the Leading Opposition in Parliament in 2015, the Tamil Community confirmed yet again -  that it had invested in its Sovereignty more than it had been credited with – officially by Sri Lankan leaders. Natural forces combine to support and add strength to  the victim who invests  in the official system more than the official punishing her/him/it. Mr. Abbott himself seems to have contributed to this negative force by not joining the ‘chorus of international criticism’.  One may use one’s personal Truth to protect one’s own but if that were made official – it diminishes the structure that supports the whole that one is part of.  The then Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW did this when I assembled peacefully in 1998 -  to demonstrate my ownership through Due Process. He was dismissed – which as per my insight was due to my relatively deeper investment in the system of democracy – strengthened by fellow owners of the University – including the Chancellors. Mr. Howard in turn hired expensive lawyers to have my complaint against him dismissed – and he himself was dismissed by the People. When one who has been denied her/his earned position and that person practices the relevant law (in this instance Equal Opportunity laws) more than the official and the official punishes her/him – the good spirits naturally support the victim and this force of exponential value returns the karma to the perpetrator with a negative manifestation for the perpetrator.

In most religions we look to ‘leaving the problem to god’ once we have done our best. In Democracy we leave the problem to the Public – so their Truth will manifest in a free environment. Voting, to my mind is based on this. Votes in a ‘free’ environment – could be ‘belief’ / ‘common faith’ based and/or external thought based on the seen and the heard . When one is ‘free’ – the latter represents the former and hence majority rule.

When information is received on the basis of faith – it would steady the mind and the mind that votes with such steadiness would support the government from within – even if the form is different. What is shared is that ‘belief’ / ‘common faith’. The calculated vote needs to be based on common principles for it to support the structure. Hence Equal Opposition in Administration.

Democratic Courts are required to facilitate at least Equal level ‘facts’ as presentations of law that form the picture in the Judge’s head. Where presentations of law are greater than the ‘facts’ the matter is overregulated and the judgment tends to be an enforcement on the Public. Where facts are greater portion of the picture than the presentation of the law – it contributes towards new policies and/or natural Energy in support of the Public.   Often Courts deliver unreliable unjust decisions due to premature use of discretionary powers as per the judge’s ‘Lifestyle Choices’. This could happen also when the investment in the law by the judiciary is lower than the investment in the same law by the citizen who comes to court. As per my experience in Australia, this is the case with our judiciary who rely heavily on lawyers and tend to underestimate the litigant who has followed the law until s/he has discovered the truth at the end of that pathway.

If Mr. Abbott’s choice - to not support the International voice against the Rajapaksa regime in relation to allegations of war crimes – was as per his feelings – that would have protected Australians – so long as it is not claimed to be the best practice under the circumstances. If even one innocent Tamil was killed in that battle by an official soldier – it was the Government that would have committed Terrorism. Mr. Rajapaksa himself has revealed – that the fight was between two ‘jungle’ groups. Certainly there were Tamil civilians who also celebrated the wins by the Northern jungle group and mourned its defeat. But they also did not add to the true investment in global values of the UN. They failed to add their Energy to those who did invest at that level.  But as per the results – the latter group even though a minority within a minority – had the blessings of the gods and hence the political Equality at national level. Sri Lanka did support Australia – not by stopping the boats – but by recognizing the right of the asylum-seeker  who believes in Sovereignty in one form or the other. If even one such asylum-seeker is Australian – s/he would naturally eliminate the evil forces even if they physically enter Australia. They are all natural governors who quietly govern their groups. 

If Mr. Abbott looks deeper he would know that he paved the way for the current President – his Excellency Maithripala Sirisena with similar inner structure as himself. Both are swans and not lions when they are natural. 

Sunday 27 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27 March   2016

Lifestyle Choices by Jaffna – their Sovereign right?

While higher thinking Sri Lankan Tamils are struggling to develop a strong common pathway through which Tamils could uphold their diversity – one is often tempted by ‘quick’ money – including through aid. A simple example that comes to mind – is the  ‘gifting’ of fancy mobile phones by emigrants to locals - in Thunaivi – a village  of majority low caste Tamils. In contrast I am yet to gift any such gadgets, in return for favors and/or status. Those in my structures have to ‘earn’ them – just as I do – even now. Often I am ignored while the donors are praised in action and / or words. From that point onwards they become common outsiders to my structures.  Eliminating them is necessary to feel the Truth of my own life, and give it form in my birthplace.

Hence I believe that a house which does not carry that Truth as its nucleus would not be a ‘home’.

Through  the Hindu article ‘Sri Lanka's housing programme for North, East caught in row’ reporter T Ramakrishnana highlights this very problem. Included is the following:

[The Sri Lanka government’s ambitious project of building 65,000 houses in the civil war-hit Northern and Eastern provinces in five years is embroiled in controversy, much before it can gather momentum ……To be built through a prefabricated method, each house will have 550 sq ft. It will have facilities such as the provision of gas for cooking, solar panel, WiFi and furniture. The unit cost is estimated at about Rs. 2.1 million.  Arcelormittal Construction, a leading company, has been selected to implement the project. The unit cost has been arrived at after taking into account the facilities.
As of now, two model houses under the project have been put up in the capital of the Northern Province and the process of seeking feedback is under way. “There has been a good response,” Rehabilitation and Resettlement Minister D.M. Swaminathan told Parliament on Thursday.]

Response from whom? – the beneficiaries? In an area that has been strongly damaged by war – such modern amenities would tend to cover up the Truth. When I first went to reside in Thunaivi – there was no electricity or running water facilities in most parts of Thunaivi which as per my observations was treated by the Sri Lankan armed forces as a high risk area. I myself took it step by step – as if I was native of Thunaivi – known as Toddy Tapper village. Most of them accepted their caste and practiced a similar hierarchy within their village. We in turn are developing an institutional system that would gradually override the caste system but without damaging the investment in its core values. The UN report states for example:

[The term 'caste' refers to a strict hierarchical social system often based on notions of purity and contamination. The expert report describes how people from 'lower castes' are often limited to certain occupations which are often deemed 'polluting' or menial by others, including manual scavenging, sweeping and disposal of dead animals.]

The above as per the original caste system is in the same order as the Vice Chancellor of an Australian University not going to the office of the cleaner – nor even talking to the cleaner as much as s/he would to an academic. The cleaner’s family is not likely to produce a Vice Chancellor the same way a toddy tapper community is not likely to produce a principal of Jaffna College nor an Aborigine living within her/his community  becoming the Prime Minister of Australia. The reason is – as highlighted by our immediate past Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott -  the ‘lifestyle choices’ made by those communities.
When I first started my development work in Thunaivi & Vaddukoddai  – I was also under the impression that they would be better off with more modern facilities – including computers and wi-fi. But I realized that I was doing more active work than they towards this. Given that I earned the wealth I own – I needed to establish the structure that would confirm the values of my family. In Thunaivi the common faith was through our family temple and in Vaddukoddai through the education system that our common family invested in. Not one person has been given mobile phone for nothing. I myself used a phone purchased locally in Jaffna for Rs 3,000, until recently when I started using my more sophisticated Sydney phone.

The above pathway is developed on the basis of the following hierarchy:

Common Policy based on my own discovery of Truth apportioned as follows:

1)      Energy
2)      Human Relationships
3)      Money related enjoyment

Where the value of work done by a person calculated at money level – is less than the amount s/he receives – the paying person has authority over the receiving person. In my case, in Australia – I received less than the value of the work performed by me which was often of higher value than my counterpart groomed in Australian system. Even though this was painful – I accepted it on the outside and renounced the rest towards harmony as Australian. Now I realize that the excess value got stored as Energy and renders me feeling of ownership. THAT is the built in Natural system which is celebrated by Christians on Easter Sunday.

Unless there were complaints from the lower caste – the UN did not have a mandate to ‘judge’.  By joining rebel groups – to declare their ‘ownership’ – these lower castes already expressed their Equality and the higher castes by accepting the Rebel groups have accepted the lower castes as ‘higher class’ soldiers.

Tamils must now be facilitated to develop their own systems – including the diffusion of the caste structure except where it is still practiced for job purposes. In people intense countries the hierarchy through human relationships is healthy and one such system is the caste system. In Sri Lanka it is usually practiced ‘bottom-up’ by the older folks who developed the higher mind-order through the caste system. The UN has no right to interfere with this natural voluntary hierarchy to promote its own theory of Equality which is largely theory even in Australia which is more money-rich than Sri Lanka.

All natural hierarchical social systems are wealth of heritage value. They must not be ruthlessly removed to make way for modern wi-fi facilities – used largely for entertainment purposes in Sri Lanka.

The fact that Tamils are an Equal Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament – even though we are minority in numbers – confirms our rich Energy that gets shared naturally. Like Gandhi who was dedicated to Truth – even one Tamil who is so dedicated would influence Natural forces to bring about such outcomes.  

The richer parts of Tamil areas need to be facilitated to develop themselves and take their places as leaders of the Tamil Community. Those who accept ‘housing aid’ must first renounce ownership in Vaddukoddai Resolution before they accept welfare monies. A true Sri Lankan Tamil will earn every Rupee s/he has custody over. Those who do not have the opportunity to earn it directly – have the opportunity to share in common with their families which is the basis of family reunion facility in Australian migration programs. Those who accept money from Central Government as ‘aid’ are no longer entitled to claim Independent Tamil State. In Northern Sri Lanka the Customary Law of Theswalamai is a rich heritage from our ancestors. The Thesawalamai Law clearly distinguishes between inherited wealth(Muthusom), dowry (seethanam) and acquired wealth (Thediya Thettam). A daughter marring is given dowry – so she would not be distracted by attachments to her biological family. The dowry must represent the consolidated value of the family she is leaving behind. Devolution is of this kind.  Children who do not get married and/or continue to actively take responsibility for their parents and siblings – inherit the wealth which even though it may be less than the dowry – would be deeply rooted in ancestry and therefore ownership Energy.

There are abusers of the Dowry system as there are abusers of the Caste system. But even if one member of the community genuinely practices it  - it is worth preserving as our Heritage. Those who seek Equal distribution of wealth – as per the system of democracy – after receiving dowry -  are likely to want the benefits of both systems.  Likewise those who take handouts from Central Government and at the same time claim Devolution of Power.

Tamil areas have the duty to honor the dead as those who fought to preserve our Sovereignty as a Community. Home built with this as the nucleus must be built by Tamils and if the Government is genuine it would give priority to this – over ‘imported’ cheap housing – built to ‘show’ outsiders. The gadgets may be expensive in terms of money value but that is like a big body without soul. 

Saturday 26 March 2016

Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 26 March   2016

Opposing the UN

[I am unable to accept your view, "... Colombo where Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is largely common to all the races". He, like JR, knows how to speak and deceive all, mainly the Tamils.]

This was the response from a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora to my article of 13 February ‘Lankan War – Myth or Legend’. I responded as follows through my own family experience:

[Truth and Structure are not the same. As a Tamil you are likely to see Ranil’s  Truth as per your Truth known at its highest when you left Sri Lanka. I was in Colombo writing about current Sri Lankan structure – as per the Truth I had written in my mind,  when I left Sri Lanka before the outbreak of war. Our Truth will merge eventually but if we declare prematurely we deny hope to a large majority of Tamils relying on Public Service for jobs as well as security. That would be like LTTE which declared as per its eyes. What happens is not Truth until we make it happen and/or experience the whole effect. Until then what happens is Truth of many forces – some of which are not yet known to us.
When you say in your own article - that the young ladies seek to marry Lord Shiva – are you referring to the Relative projection or the Love that merges them with Lord Shiva? To my mind, to the extent they seek to realize Love – and therefore personify their expectations through Shiva – it is an expression of Truth. But in reality – they would marry a human to give form to this. What most do not know is that to the extent their prayers were genuinely to realize Love – the Lord fills the gap to help them complete the experience. Last night I had a discussion bordering on argument – about my sister in law’s claim that she mothered her siblings after their mother passed away. Even though most of the time my husband claimed that it was his father who fulfilled that role – he did not want to criticize his sister who made this claim in Court. I then said to him – ‘then hand over the whole inheritance from your brother – as she asked you to’.  He promptly said NO. The NO was based on his True experience as per his investment in the higher common family system, whereas the denial of her wrong claim was due to his emotional/biological attachment to his sister. That is how we also protect the ‘boys’ and blame Sinhalese leaders through different yardsticks.

Then I came to the computer and felt uplifted by your communication. I went to bed soon after sending you a reply and almost fell asleep. Then suddenly I visualized Lord Natraj  in my head and heard the message that by sponsoring the eldest brother’s son when my husband and daughter were in hospital – I had become the head of that family. Our discussions did not include this eldest brother who was the only one in the family who consciously remembered and expressed love for his mother. But he himself did not take responsibility for his family/children. Today that brother’s grandson is a doctor who came over and asked for our blessings as soon as he graduated.  Where my husband ‘failed’ due to his attachment and therefore relativity – his eldest brother who died in the camp and  whose funeral was conducted in Colombo under my guidance – filled the gap. That is also the value of Sivapuranam – chanted with faith.

Using the lower yardstick we do not realize the absolute. But if we believe and allow Truth to flow through – we complete the experience and feel wholesome. Ranil is the best reality available to Tamils and that is better than Eelam structure available to us. The gap is filled by ourselves as good governors.  Who would be your alternate to Ranil – to develop an appropriate structure including for educated Tamils like yourself?]

So long as we relate to Sinhalese – we are still relatives as their opposition. It is healthy to ‘show’ the other side as we see it – but only based on Truth independent of the other side. That is the law relating to subjective power on Equal footing. The question is whether Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s statements and actions are his Truth or as per his Duty. When we take up equal position as the Prime Minister – we do so as part of the Opposition. To be credible, we need to produce our own independent work in the issue – that would highlight the sides that the Prime Minister has not. Without this position we are not Equals in the same institution. When we take up Equal position – we have the duty to produce the opposite side of the Truth manifested by the leader.

When I made the statement “ Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe is largely common to all the races’ I was making an observation based on my own Truth.  If there was a Tamil leader who deserved that qualification in a parallel role – for example the Hon Wigneswaran – I would have chosen that personality to highlight that issue. The determination is through policies and actions. As persons both may qualify. But when we are developing structures and systems – we are talking of duties. If there is duty – there is position; if there is position there is structure. If that structure is based on Truth of an internal person – then that deserves priority over an outsider.

Those who desire quick credits through hasty reporting often end up revealing their own ignorance. Ms Rita Izsák  has published such a report on Sri Lankan caste system as follows:

Human Rights Council Thirty-first session; Agenda item 3; Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development Report of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues
Note by the Secretariat The Secretariat has the honour to transmit to the Human Rights Council the report of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues, Rita Izsák. The report provides an update of her activities during 2015. It includes a thematic analysis on the topic of minorities and discrimination based on caste and analogous systems of inherited status.

The above UN report includes the following:
[In the Sri Lanka Tamil caste system, the bottom stratum is comprised of a myriad of groups collectively labelled as Panchamar and regarded as “untouchables”. Population displacement due to war and the 2004 tsunami has resulted in a large internal displaced population in the Jaffna peninsula, with a disproportionate presence of Panchamar groups now in camps for internally displaced persons. 20 The caste system among Indian Tamils traces its origins to their arrival to the plantations as indentured labourers during the colonial era and presents unique characteristics, which differ from the traditional Indian caste system. Some features are common, however, including the avoidance of inter-caste marriage and the link between lower castes and greater levels of poverty]

As someone who lives with lower castes in Northern Sri Lanka – I am not able to identify with the above. It is hearsay and reduces the subjective power of the UN itself. It confirms that for any real solution of global standards for the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka – we need an Equal Opposition to the UN. Otherwise we would imagine problems and lose the opportunity to escalate the issue on the basis of our Truth to complete our experience of self-governance. The fact that Tamils are capable of opposition to the Sinhalese Government has been established already. But who is to oppose the UN at global level? If we try to use the UN to have wins against Sinhalese – we would weaken our own investments in higher structures. This often leads to living with our imaginations and ultimate disorder of the mind – as happens through consumption of intoxicants.

Minorities are a reality. Those driven by numbers would try to use it to excite their minds and shrink their own worlds – including at UN level. The Truth is that no one is a minority once the mind is escalated above the physical and the mental. Truth divides equally at the flat plane. When we receive or express information on that plane developed from within – we have steady minds. When those minds produce reports – they are healthy. Outsiders’ reports often carry myths and influence mental disorders in those whose minds are lacking in Truth. 

Friday 25 March 2016

NSW welcomes refugees
One of the first families to be resettled in NSW as part of Australia’s additional Syrian and Iraqi refugee intake of 12,000 has arrived in Sydney.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 25 March   2016

“..So the government said in order to kill the fish you have to take all the water away”

The pundits say ‘Root Cause’. So what is the root cause of the tragedy in Belgium? ISIS ? If yes, is the whole of the Muslim Community responsible in some way?  Belgium’s Ambassador to Australia was critical of our Prime Minister’s statement and this was confirmed as follows:
["It's dangerous because it's precisely what ISIS wants — that we would make a confusion between terrorism and migrants and between terrorism and Islam,"]

As confirmation of this I received the message from the NSW Premier that NSW welcomes refugees from Syria and Iraq.   If the Prime Minister’s statement "Recent intelligence indicates ISIL is using the refugee crisis to send operatives into Europe." were valid - what measures did we take to screen Muslim refugees? In Sri Lanka, emergency laws were activated to screen People from Tamil areas coming into Colombo. Australia did not object to this even though many of us Australian Tamils were also thus screened as if we were all Terror suspects. Yesterday I received also an email response to my article with the following message:

[The United States proudly identifies itself as the major purveyor of peace and democracy across the world. But does this self-promoted image match up to their actual policies and military engagements throughout recent history, and is warfare actually a befitting means to achieving peace? Those are the central dichotomies addressed in the documentary short In Whose Interest?, a searing investigation of several key conflicts during the last half century and the crucial role the United States played in each of them.
Urgent, probing and appropriately incensed, In Whose Interest? seeks to look behind the façade of false patriotism, and understand the reality of the United States' legacy through the world.

There was a narrative in the above documentary that identifies with the Sri Lankan situation:

The People were the water and the guerillas were the fish. So the government said in order to kill the fish you have to take all the water away

Tamils were the water in the Sri Lankan war claimed to have been against the guerillas. It had the  effect of taking away the fish due primarily to the soldier being an outsider to the People but the guerillas were/are part of the People. In a democracy – a government conscious of its cultural diversity – as Buddhist governments are  in Sri Lanka – has the duty to be an ‘outsider’ in the cultural territories of others. On that basis – they have to ‘wait’ until they have objectively measurable evidence of wrong doing – as per the law – before punishing someone – including by singling them out for searches. One has to be a relative through faith to punish internally through subjective powers. One who is being so punished needs to accept this higher authority in regards to that issue.  

Often the lesser educated would seek solutions through their religions. In the above documentary this was in reference to American power in  El Salvador. Migration from El Salvador to the USA is higher than the other way around. Money that is remitted back to El Salvador especially by the first generation migrant would often lead to the remitter reflecting lesser living standards than an American without much memory of origins outside America. The parallel of that in Sri Lanka are people of Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka migrating to Colombo where living standards are seen to be higher even today. While this is true of the rural Sinhalese also – given that majority in Colombo are Sinhalese and Government is dominated by Buddhist Sinhalese – there is likely to be common faith included in decision making – protecting the decision maker from committing the sin of punishing an outsider through subjective powers.   

If not for the economy driven migration from El Salvador to USA and from Jaffna to Colombo – the American Government and the Colombo Government respectively would not have considered the respective territories to be within their influence. It’s not different to the UN being influenced by the American money – which helped bring about an end to the Rajapaksa regime in Sri Lanka. Sovereign borders are often lost consciousness of due to economic migration.

A good current example is the current Sri Lankan Government which claims:

[ECONOMYNEXT - Colossal losses that state-run SriLankan Airlines was made to suffer since ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa chased away Emirates Airlines, and a questionable aircraft deal, is a national financial crime, Deputy Minister Eran Wickramaratne said.

SriLankan Airlines, which made profit of 4.4 billion rupees in 2008, the year in which the management agreement with Emirates Airlines ended, has lost 107 billion rupees since, then

As a founding member  of the Airlines I do not accept that Emirates makes a difference to the Sri Lankan national carrier. It should not. State run Airlines have the responsibility to uphold the Sovereignty of the Airlines through a combination of money, human resource and policy. Where money is lacking human resources need to be stronger to maintain Sovereignty.  The above reports highlights:

[The Rajapaksa administration had cancelled the visa of then Chief Executive Peter Hill because he did not bump enough paying passengers to accommodate a large entourage of the President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a single aircraft, he said.

"The CEO had said 'We should not offload all these passengers since they are citizens and they are paying passengers where there is a contract'," Wickramaratne told parliament.

"The next day his visa was cancelled in 2007."

Emirates exited the airline after 2008 sold their 40 percent shares to the government.

By pulling out – Emirates confirmed that they were reacting to Mr. Rajapaksa who was then President. Family would stay and fight – as I did here in Australia – despite wanting to run back to Sri Lanka many times when I felt discriminated against at the workplace.  I am now global feeling ownership in both nations. Beyond my efforts through the official system – I accepted losses as ‘investments’ in Human Resources – through the system of Truth. If Emirates had felt similar ownership they would have refrained from pulling out. By pulling out they confirmed that they were looking for controlling power over the National carrier and through such infiltrate into Sri Lankan affairs.

At the same time as the above report was released Kuwait News Agency reports as follows:

[Kuwait lends Sri Lanka KD 10 million - Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) has signed a loan agreement with Sri Lanka on Thursday at a value of KD 10 million (about USD 34 million) to contribute to financing construction of a complex for the Faculty of Healthcare Sciences, Eastern University…..The fund has also extended to Sri Lanka technical assistance, worth KD 455,000 (USD 1.52 million) to finance technical and economic feasibility studies for projects in agricultural and energy sectors.]

In terms of Education – Sri Lanka to my mind, is far ahead of any Middle Eastern country. As per my knowledge, the Middle East continues to import human resources from Sri Lanka and it is NOT the other way around. This brings to mind a Tamil saying I learnt in Vaddukoddai – ‘the foot without toe-ring should not ‘tell’ the foot wearing toe-ring’. Toe- ring is worn by the woman when she gets married and becomes officially eligible to groom a family – the lowest common Sovereign institution known to most of us. It is placed on the toe of the bride by the groom while the foot of the bride is placed on the Ammi/Grinding stone – confirming her strength of character. A woman of strong character is thus honored by the man publicly.  The President of Sri Lanka ‘telling’ the representative of Emirates in Sri Lankan Airlines – while not commercially appropriate would fall within this human protocol. By criticizing that decision more than seven years later – the current government is revealing its own speed to ‘show’ financial wins. In the process, the real status of Sri Lankan education is getting buried under the Middle-Eastern dollar. To my mind, it is no coincidence that this funding is for Batticaloa area where there is a strong Muslim population.

Where the funding is loan only – then the purpose needs to be within the Budget of the Sri Lankan government. Specific funding in related areas – whether they be by Hindu Indians to Northern Sri Lanka or by Muslim Kuwaitis to Eastern Sri Lanka or Buddhist Chinese to Southern Sri Lanka – are ‘invasions’ that damage the Sovereignty of Sri Lankans. Human partnership on the basis of common policy needs to be stronger than the money aid – for such transactions to qualify as family assistance. Without this  family connection such aid amounts to ‘takeovers’ even when it happens within family.

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is reported by to have stated:

He said that Sri Lankans understand well the difficulties faced by the international community concerning atrocities of this nature having experienced the horror of terror attacks themselves.  As always, we have nothing but condemnation for such acts of violence.”
“We believe that this incident highlights the need for an urgent dialogue on terrorism that must include steps in addressing it effectively”

As part of the People / Water in which the alleged terrorists / fish live, do I need to be ready to lose more of my People in this process of judgment under the guise of ‘dialogue’?

Today is Good Friday – the day Jesus who was nobody to the then Government was crucified. Jesus might have been killed for political reasons or for claiming that He believed in the Kingdom of God/Truth. By resurrecting Himself – Jesus confirmed the Absolute Power of Sovereignty. The victims who die for their belief will resurrect themselves and their loved ones who feel the loss will celebrate the resurrection provided they do not react but continue to believe in the higher self / Energy / Soul that is beyond the physical and the mental. The solution lies in that acceptance of our reality and waiting for Truth to ‘happen’ after we have tried our best. The Truth then fills our gap through ourselves. One who celebrates ‘wins’ against the death of the body of opposition is merely delaying the experience of  loss of ownership. Even one Tamil who feels such ownership and  who is so mistaken to be the fish – has the power to return the karma on the government. All that Tamils and other minorities have to do is feel ownership and leave the rest to Truth as Jesus did to rise from relativity to absolute power. 

Thursday 24 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 23 March   2016

Blessed are the Meek

The garden lights in Thunaivi powered by Solar Energy worked to render feeling of security to the ordinary folks even when Sri Lankan electricity service was blocked. Custodians of Electric Power in Northern Sri Lanka cut off supply to our temple during holy period. Now during another holy period in that area – the Electricity Board is facing the return karma. In addition to the above there was an excessive charge made during the December-January period – and the Engineer said about a week ago that it was due to leakage in camera lines. When I explained that those camera lines were there before and after – he just did not want to hear me. But Someone above confirmed that He did and delivered the message through the Minister. As per the latest news (below) the return karma was clear to me:

[Weaknesses of the electricity lines have been the cause of the recent countrywide blackout, Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya informed Parliament today.]

To my mind, the authority that blamed me is now taking that very blame onto itself.

In Hinduism as well as Buddhism – it is common for elders to be respected by humble juniors. While this may seem lowly to those who are quick to take Equal position – the humble person realizes the deeper value. Usually elders – especially those who have retired from active life – would be taken to have discovered Truth through their experiences. This accumulates Energy as do those who neglect to correct their wrongs within the boundaries of the system they were part of when in active service. As practitioners of Pranic Healing would confirm – such Energies are carried by all of us. When good elders are worshipped, this Energy is shared just like when a priest blesses devotees. The beauty of this deep level sharing is that it does not diminish the power of the one who shares. That is the way of Sovereignty.  At money level – the giver loses and the receiver gains. When money is so given and received – without particular relationship with the person through Human hierarchy – it is business transaction. Where direct human resource is given and taken without money being part of the basis – the persons concerned are internal relations. They have natural subjective power to influence each other – due to common ownership.

In a job – where one is driven more by money outcomes – than by human values – such person becomes an outsider. One who is driven by Policy is an owner and – would never be wrong in spending money. This may not be visible to the surface reader. But the real owner knows. I absorbed the loss resulting from the stoppage of electricity supply  due to my acceptance that law and order would be low due to the war. But now I realize that law and order is low due to excessive money paid to workers – relative to the value derived by the customer. Hence the customer who acts as per the rules in using, becomes the internal relation in organizations where internal law and order is weak. The Australian Prime Minister has confirmed that to be the case with our Parliament – by declaring that he would go to polls if passage of his union related legislation was blocked by the Senate. Hence voters are now ‘insiders’ in terms of Australian Parliament.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull demonstrated his lack of feelings in relation to Brussels bombings – which was reported as follows by the ABC:
Malcolm Turnbull linking refugee crisis to bombings 'dangerous', Belgian ambassador says’.

It is reported that Mr. Turnbull stated "For all intents and purposes there are no internal borders in Europe ... and the external borders are difficult to manage.
"Recent intelligence indicates ISIL is using the refugee crisis to send operatives into Europe."

The ABC however highlights as follows:
[But Belgium's Ambassador to Australia Jean-Luc Bodson has cautioned against linking the issue with the deadly attacks in his homeland this week.
"It's dangerous because it's precisely what ISIS wants — that we would make a confusion between terrorism and migrants and between terrorism and Islam," he said.]

Given that I carry the positive energy in relation to racial issues and war-related refugees – I identify clearly with the response by the Belgium Ambassador. Mr. Turnbull has confirmed that he is an ‘outsider’ to Europe and to the issue of war-refugees. Mr. Howard was an insider – as a negative force and hence his presence with the American President -  during 9/11 attack. To my mind, ISIS attacking non-Muslims is driven by shows of ‘cleverness’ – the same way Mr. Howard tried to show off his political cleverness through the ‘children overboard myth’.  One needs global feelings in such issues. If one does not have them – one must limit oneself to the known and the seen. One who lacks feelings in the issue and/or the place – would tend to make up by ‘producing more and more’ which at one point makes her/him an outsider to the issue and/or the place. That was how Mr. Howard invoked the sins of the past residing in Australia as negative forces against indigenous Australians who arrived before Mr. Howard’s ancestors. To qualify as an inner relative in today’s Multicultural Australia – Mr. Howard needed to strictly renounce Subjective powers over Persons of different culture to his – however wrong they may seem to him. Those particular persons may be wrong but even one true person who is wronged will invoke the past karma in her/his favor.

Mr. Turnbull may have made these statements against a particular group but even if one Australian Muslim is hurt due to such judgments  from the top – Mr. Turnbull would have imported the war into Australia – just as Mr. Howard did and we had the Bali Bombing. At times like this we need to identify with the pain of the victims and not try to show how clever we are at judging from outside.

In Hinduism Mothers are recognized as Shakthi/Energy due to accumulation of unrealized credits for their work and pain. Minorities who accept losses due to feelings of ownership – will be the real owners. Hence the Christian saying ‘Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth’. 

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 22 March   2016

The Real Power

I watched with interest, my grandchildren’s fascination with mermaid stories. In one episode – the mermaid in human form was moving a little boat without touching it. I have listened with neutral mind, to such narratives by Hindus about ascetics. Swami Shridi Baba is reported to have lit lamps with water. Swami Sai Baba is reported to have manifested Holy Ash from far for His believers. I was not a believer in Sai Baba  when Holy Powder manifested on my picture of Sai Baba – on 05 November 1998 – when I was down in the dumps due to my pain at the University of NSW. But the Holy Powder did manifest and on the same day the Auditor General’s report confirmed that my findings about the University were right. The Auditor General was the cow with the bell. I was treated like an unleashed cow gone mad. Yet, at issue level – we both reported almost identical findings. Once I settled down after ridding myself of emotional pain I started seeing a perfect connection between the manifestation and my pain.  I felt  that there was a deeper connection and there was a deeper reason for my pain that I was meant to experience. Now that I am able to better see the connection through myself alone – I am in awe of this invisible power that works beyond our immediate control.

Often religious pathways lead us to realizing this power. Mine was the work related/
industrial relations pathway. To my mind, the pathway through which we discover the Truth is our religion. Gandhi chose the Political pathway but without attachment to the status at the end. The value of his work thus became exponential. It is Easter time now – and by Resurrecting Himself – Jesus confirmed this Divine power within human forms. To identify with this power we need to know why something happened to us as per our own actions and beliefs. That is the karmic connection.

As an Australian I needed to make the connection for myself and others with similar makeup as myself. It was through this processes that I made the Bali Bombing connection to the deeper causes that were not seen nor known to the average Australian who leaves governance to the Government. Towards this I had to accept failures at the Public level after doing my best at the official level. In some places – like with ‘genes’ the problem is beyond our immediate and direct control. But those with good genes can replace the ailing mind with their healthier mind.

Communities that rely on religion to realize Truth/Spirituality need to ensure that they do not limit the mind of the People to stagnate at the seen and the known levels, by claiming that they are doing something lawful or unlawful in the name of their religion. The religious measure needs to be higher than the law – so that every practitioner can find her/his own completion through her/his god / conscience. All healthy religions would lead us to our own conscience. Where it is limited by law – it works against Sovereignty that all of us are capable of. The Sri Lankan Constitution for example includes article 9 which requires the Republic to give Buddhism the foremost place:
[The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e)]

 This by its very existence is anti-democratic. Equal rights are mentioned after this as follows:
[while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).]

Article 10 states: ‘Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.’

Article 14 (1) ( e)  states : ‘Every citizen is entitled to the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching

One who practices article 9 and promotes Buddhism as the foremost religion – becomes a Buddhist and therefore cannot practice Articles 10 & 14 (1) (e) . The word ‘foremost’ takes away the right to Equal Opportunity. One needs a large doze of Truth to be ‘free’ of institutional pressures. This is why, in a Democracy,  religion needs to be outside  the influence of politicians. Where majority voters are Buddhists and are conscious of the above legislative power, they naturally carry the force that denies  minorities their equal status. The  idea underpinning Articles 10 and 14(1)( e) becomes a mockery.

The true Constitution of a Nation is its horoscope. It informs the reader of the good genes and the bad genes in addition to providing the framework for the Common pathway. Common pathways bring our minds together through habitual practice. To the extent we believe – in the supervisor and/or the framework itself – we own the consolidated experience that the Real Constitution represents. The Real for a particular block of land is the Truth manifested on that Land and/or in the name of that Land. Buddhists who killed Hindus, Christians and Muslims in Sri Lanka and/or in its name due to their belief in their own Sovereignty - acted in breach of Article 10. Likewise every Non-Buddhist who killed Buddhist to uphold her/his own faith acted in breach of the Constitution. We may not believe in the Constitution but so long as we take up a visible position – we need to ensure that we ourselves are not guilty of the charge we are accusing the other of.

Where both sides are guilty – one way to preserve the Sovereignty of the group is to submit to Truth discovered outside both pathways – religion by the Sinhalese and language by Tamils. No status should be officially allocated on the basis of proficiency in religion or language. Neither has the capability of spreading beyond borders towards Commonness towards regional and global harmony. Those who stay local need to have strong ancestral powers to realize their Sovereignty. Those who seek to go global need to lose consciousness of those ancestral powers.

Jihadists who kill in the name of Islam – are doing worse than the Sri Lankan Government, by going way outside their borders to exercise their current powers through excessive money. Each community that uses the lateral pathways established by others, towards its own current satisfaction is damaging its own roots when it crosses the borders. 

Tuesday 22 March 2016


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 March   2016

Turnbull Policies or Abbott Realities?

['It's very easy for me to campaign for the Turnbull government because the Turnbull government is running on the record of the Abbott government - and that makes me a very enthusiastic supporter. The Turnbull government is seeking election, fundamentally on the record of the Abbott government - stopping the boats, finalising the free trade agreements, our strong national security policy,' Mr Abbott said

Mr Turnbull said while there had been some continuity between his government and Mr Abbott's, there were also substantial differences.
'The bottom line is there is continuity and there is change, and there are many policies that have been announced and many initiatives that have been undertaken that were either not policies or not being pursued by Mr Abbott] he told the ABC

The above reminded me of the advice by the Registry Officer of the Federal Court of Australia – who suggested that I would be better off going to Industrial Relations Commission than to come to Federal Court on the basis of Racial Discrimination – including against former Prime Minister John Howard. Applying that rule here – at issue level the choice is between  Mr. Turnbull’s proposed Industrial Relations law and Mr. Abbott’s  ‘Stopping the Boats’ policy.

In my case then and now – the choice is latter – ‘Racial Discrimination & Stopping the Boats’. If on the other hand it had been Mr. Turnbull v Mr. Howard – then the choice would have been former.  This is also the difference between whether one would vote for President  Sirisena’s side  or Prime Minister  Ranil Wicremesinghe’s side in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, I would vote for the latter.  As governors we vote for issues that need the support of Truth that would keep the balance needed for internal harmony.

 In Australia, as a first generation migrant – I developed a true structure that future migrants could rely on – to successfully realize feelings for Australia. This needed me to publish the Truth I had discovered as an Australian at the workplace – the institutional environment where I was most exposed to denial of earned benefits on Equal footing and where I often accepted lower status as the less violent pathway. At other places I made up the loss through my own mind and forewent the status that was denied and expressed my Truth in support of the leader  I most identified with. But at the University of New South Wales – I could not. Even though I was not conscious of it then, I now realize that it was my duty to establish the Truth at a place where law and order level was relatively lower than even the Public Service where there is more idle time than in the Private Sector. Majority in my immediate family are graduates of the University of NSW and hence the deeper feeling – so the next generation in our family inherits stronger values.

Recently a Community elder shared his feelings  about  Saint Yoga Swami through reminder about  Saint Yoga Swami’s Memorial on 19 March – with the following message:
"Whatever work you have to do, do it well. That in itself is yoga." - Yogaswami

Another of Yogaswami’s great sayings is ‘Summa Iru’ / Be Still. During my battles at the University of New South Wales – our dear friend Sunthu sent me a message with ‘Summa Iru’ when I was about to write to a manager at the University. I stopped myself from expressing my support to that person who was part of the hierarchical system. Sunthu is a quiet devotee of Yogaswami and had not sent me any email prior to that. Hence I took it that Yogaswami himself was sending me the message through Sunthu as a messenger.

Yogaswami himself was an outstanding performer in his job as storekeeper under a British Manager. But Swami resigned and practiced yoga most of the time – actively by walking to the homes of poor to listen to their woes and to bless them and passively by sitting in one place. When the mind is still we are in Yoga. As a Spiritual leader – Swami’s  status  was raised above dignitaries – including foreigners. But Swami himself seems to have found Truth more to his liking than rules of work/industrial relations. The higher respect for Swami is not likely to have happened if Swami had remained in the position of storekeeper. Recently my Australian friend said that she likes to take up high positions if she can be in the governing board!  Where it is not likely that we would be – we need to seek and find the place where we are assured of governorship – even if it is governance of One. Yoga Swami had hundreds of thousands to govern directly and exponentially  indirectly. Values that spread naturally beyond time and place borders are exponential.

Now that I have gotten over the pain at the University of New South Wales, I am able to identify with the reason why I did not go up the path of Industrial Relations but instead traveled down the Racial Discrimination pathway. It was by resigning from that active work that I became a voluntary Governor of the University – one who has not set foot in the University after undertaking such as the bail condition to have myself released from custody. Both Governors of my time – Sir Anthony Mason and Dr John Yu – expressly demonstrated that they identified with my feelings. As I say in terms of Mothers – a good mother identifies with other good mothers. This is often the yardstick used by me during my service in Northern Sri Lanka where more and more young ladies are choosing to go out and work. I use that yardstick to prioritize use of my resources.

Had I continued at the  University of New South Wales, I would have ‘waited’ for the Administrators above me to be democratic. By discovering the Truth and manifesting It despite the pain and loss – I believe I upheld the true structure that I had developed as a first generation migrant from the Indian Subcontinent.  In a few years, with more and more Asians migrating to Australia for economic purposes – and the larger migrant communities here to support them -  the struggle would not be as strong as it was for my generation. But from time to time there would be some to whom human values and ‘ownership’ would be more important than ‘money’ and status from outside. By registering my Truth – I was leaving my heritage for them. The  University of New South Wales was going global both ways – importing foreign Vice Chancellors from the West and students from the East. It needed its own Truth to have a stable mind. It is the core duty of any University to seek and find the Truth. That is when its roots are stable. Hence I brought out my experience and got listed as a Pariah for expecting practice of Equal Opportunity. That is the parallel reality of ‘Boat People’ being listed as lesser refugees than those who fly into Australia. Migrants who claim that there is no racial discrimination at the Australian workplace are the parallels of ‘flying refugees’. They are more likely to vote for Mr. Turnbull in an election than for Mr.Abbott.

This does not mean that Mr. Abbott is a racist and Mr. Turnbull is humane. As per my interactions, as individuals both are caring. But when the brain is active – cleverness often overtakes human values. As highlighted in the Tamil movie Dhoni which we watched together as a family – not all children are good in Maths and Science and indeed academically outstanding. Often parents who grew up in the Indian Subcontinent – living in Western culture tend to push their children to become like them or worse better than them. It was disappointing to note that along these lines, during the current festival at Sydney Murugan Temple also – children were being promoted to ‘perform’ during spiritual ceremonies. Children who are natural like Saint Sambandar was as a child – would add to the spirituality of that place. Those who are not – become distractions. Temples need to be places where Truth is shared.

Likewise, Politics to be healthy – needs to be based on Truth rather than ‘marks’ for performance. Truth keeps the mind of a person still so that the manifestations of Natural combinations would happen. Once I resigned from the University of NSW – the two main persons – the Finance Director and the Deputy Vice Chancellor who left out investigating the Finance Director against whom I had complained – got into trouble through an Australian groomed staff. Some in the Australian Tamil Community thought that I was that staff.  In terms of Spirit – yes, my Truth was also a force that challenged through local staff. It is to balance these Spirits – so they are positive – that we need to vote – sometimes for the less smart leader but one who has more time for the lesser people – as was the case with Mr. Abbott when he added his status to the Bali 9 leaders – sons of migrant families. Not many ‘smart performers’ from the two migrant communities were visible during those shows of support. But Australian leaders like Mr. Abbott compensated. In turn some of us are working in Northern Sri Lanka through community sharing to ‘stop the boats’ and to go to Australia with dignity as students – paying money by borrowing from their relatives who have migrated due to war or to find their own ‘Australia’ in Sri Lanka – through institutions such as ours – the Australian Tamil Management Service.

As I learnt through the Caste system - Racial discrimination  is not always bad. Where there is a healthy alternate system to manage hierarchical power – one needs to eliminate race based or caste based discrimination. If the old system is removed without that healthier alternative – reverse discrimination starts happening. When we clever ones with lower status are active – we produce more and more opportunities towards this. Hence the need to resign from active paid work and into service work where one accepts only voluntary submissions – be it in money form or status form.

Why would I vote for Mr. Wickeremesinghe in Sri Lanka? - because the educational pathway  is my heritage from my parents and ancestors along the time based hierarchical pathway. Sri Lankans – especially Tamils in areas seriously weakened by emigration of professionals need structures through which they could hope and expect to be like I was when I left Sri Lanka – a Professional. Without such real leadership – some are sending their children for extra tuition from year 1 and others, like Aborigines,  are resigning themselves to the opportunities they ‘see’ – which may seem narrow to us but to them it is the limit that would motivate them. It’s not different to Aboriginal ‘lifestyle’ choices that Mr. Abbott referred to when he thought he was ‘free’.  

If we vote for issues we are governors and our vote is of global value. If we vote for the individual – our vote is local and we would be limited to the mean of such local values. 

Monday 21 March 2016

Multicultural sharing in Sydney  under the Leadership of the Hon Philip Ruddock

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 21 March   2016

Ownership Power

‘No one can topple this Government – PM’ – reports Sri Lankan Daily Mirror. I spy  with my little eye – something starting with ‘V’ already working from within to topple this government. Here is the path to that root:

Last week, I rang the Northern Province chief electrical engineer  asking him whether they had raised the credit as agreed – for the excess charges of Electricity to our cottage in Thunaivi Vaddukoddai. We were charged four times above the expected amount for my  December 2015 consumption. When I rang to find out – why ? - I was asked to bring the bill. When I went to the office in Chulipuram – there was no one and the door was locked. A field worker who was walking out of the gate asked me to wait – saying they would be back soon. I waited patiently and finally the security officer opened the door. When I asked to speak to an officer he asked me what the problem was an took the bill – saying he would hand it over to the officer. I concluded that the offers were not going to return that afternoon.

Later when I rang I was told that it was Chunnakam problem. When I rang Chunnakam I was asked whether I had lodged a written complaint? I did one but there was no response. I rang again and was asked to send another. I sent another. On and on it went. Eventually – a team of three came – checked the meter; said there was nothing wrong with the meter; sealed the meter – and was about to walk away. I asked them to check the Temple meter (because no reading was recorded for December - for the temple serviced by the cottage). They looked at it – and said that they needed to change the meter as it was an old one. I asked them why the meter-reader had not reported it when he came to take the readings? There was no response. The chief inspector just repeated that the meter was too old.

Through my experience I worked out that the meter readers had not been recording with care which sometimes resulted in high level bills. Once before when our Training Center bill was high – I discovered that the later reading showed a lower reading  than the previous one. When I pointed this out – the reader said they would not take any reading for a few months but charge us only for the minimum. I agreed but noted that the Electricity Board was not committed to good service. This was a bit sad for me given that I had close relationships with two of its former General Managers – Mr. E.C. Fernando – through work and Mr. N. Sanmugarajah as my close family. Their dedication to good administration was not upheld in Vaddukoddai. As a customer with feelings of ownership I filled the gap.

But try as I did – I could not do so with the Temple & Cottage. To the surface reader – it may seem just high consumption  by us or mistake by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). That would be the parallel of  Prime Minister Ranil’s ‘No one can topple this Government’ claim. But the one with the True Experience would know that that high bill was a manifestation of accumulated karma – remaining there to render each one their share of blame – as per each one’s Truth.

After the Dismissal of the Vice Chancellor of the University of NSW, followed by the removal of former Australian Prime Minister Mr. John Howard – and related experiences, I have learnt that a true owner always invokes the Truth – often subconsciously. The purpose of Laws – especially the complex ones is also to protect ourselves from such manifestations by investing in the positive on regular basis. It is our true investment in the law that works this Energy at its roots. As I said in my draft appeal-submission sent to our lawyer in relation to the Testamentary case of my brother in law that went before the Mallakam Courts:
(a)   this being a Testamentary case of a Hindu and the Common Hindu belief that we carry only our True virtues / p<]f]iymf and sins / pavmf into our next life and that our loved ones and relatives – add to the True values we take with us – by adding their own through various ceremonies. For these reasons the Court for its part needed to show the highest possible respect and value for the Estate of Mr. Subramaniam Yoganathan – a Hindu covered by Thesawalamai Customary Law – so that our Heritage would be preserved.
(b)   Truth v Knowledge - Where the Truth brought to Court through Due Process forms a bigger picture than the picture presented to Court as per the knowledge of legal experts – such Truth must be recognized for the purpose of changes to the laws and policies. Legal Experts whose experience in that issue is weaker than their investment in the law and court processes – would tend to block the path of  Truth brought to Court by  the litigant with deeper experience – especially where such experience has been painful. If that were to happen, the Court system would have failed the very society that it is required to serve.”
I realized more and more after my Australian experiences – that once we feel true ownership – we work the system – naturally and often subconsciously in the case of those with lesser status than they have earned. When such persons are in need – Truth manifests Itself to protect and support them – so they can balance the books for their own purposes.

Mr. Howard’s makeup – as a Politician was not conducive to upholding Equal Opportunity principles and laws. Mine was/is  very strong in this regard. Hence by engaging with him through his position as Prime Minister – I established a relationship – even though Mr. Howard the Person did not directly interact with me. Had he been truly committed to Equal Opportunity values – he would have – at least as per my mind – as the Hon Philip Ruddock did.

Mr. Howard’s father  is reported to have been  an admirer of Sir Winston Churchill and I come from a family that respects highly – Gandhi who was called a ‘half naked fakir’ by the Englishman. Such followings determine the order of the mind that receives the seen and the heard and strongly influence the known. When the known is largely as per one’s own Truth it is a Natural force through which we influence Nature / Truth.

Last September after I returned to Sydney – I arranged for additional security cameras and fencing for the Temple. The Temple camera system was powered by the cottage for security reasons. Those who did not want the camera system – due to their own reasons – reported that the electric connections were sparking when it rained and the Electricity Board just disconnected supply without any inquiry or discussion with our staff. It was just before the 9 day Navaraathri (9 nights) celebrations  at the temple in honor of Goddess Saraswathy and we used battery power to make up for the Electricity stoppage. We installed expensive Solar Lights during our most recent stay in Vaddukoddai.

The Camera and the Lighting system are to improve the Security in that area – especially for the working women. Through such purpose - we became the government in that area. When the apparent government – represented by the CEB cut off supply – our pain and difficulty and the extra cost – reversed itself exponentially – affecting even the President. THAT is true Citizen’s power.

CEB may not have the resources to serve the higher needs of development taking place in Northern Province. But Human Resource can always more than make up for lack of money resource. The CEB officials are rude as if they are masters and the consumers are servants. Where the consumer is more law abiding than the supplier – the supplier must take the consumer as ‘right’. Otherwise – any show of power – due to custody of the supply key – would go towards toppling the Government in charge at the time the customer had the pain.

They say – that there is a god within each of us. Owners place themselves with those who have faith in them. Where such owners are ordinary customers / citizens – the reversal being exponential is far greater than when a supplier / government is right and is rebelled against. The current Sri Lankan Government may be more right than the previous one. But it is not immune to customers/citizens returning the karma due to weak Administration. The solution is not to take higher position than an unknown customer/citizen but equal position until known otherwise. To know the reasons why something happened, each one would make the karmic connection as per their own Truth. Such Truth will be right for that person and would merge naturally to manifest the true picture of the whole – for better or for worse.