Wednesday 31 January 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 January 2018                                     

Global Powers of Tamils

Today is Thai Poosam day – in the Hindu Calendar.  To me this day became special in 2007 when I was at our family temple in Thunaivi.  Until then I had knowledge that this festival was in honour of Lord Muruga and that it was celebrated in the lunar month of January (Thai) on the day of Poosam star. Our temple is Vairavar-Kali temple. On Thai Poosam day in 2007, most folks around the temple had gone to other temples where Thai Poosam was celebrated grandly. But I had work to do at the temple. I felt a bit let down and sad. But even as I moved towards our family temple I found a peacock feather on the ground. Did not find any before nor after at that place. To my mind therefore, the feather confirmed that Lord Murugan’s blessings were with me. Lord Muruga’s vehicle is the peacock.  It made sense because the whole purpose of my stay was to share my strengths with the folks there. To my mind, even though they were distracted from the common purpose, the Earth there received my Energy and shared with me the Energy of those to whom that place was ‘home’ – and this included my ancestors. Home is where the heart is. The folks of Thunaivi operate on a  very different set of values to my family’s. I needed to therefore demarcate the line of Separation to ensure the facilities that are  common to all folks who have invested in that area. The reward, I realise now is the wisdom about how to bring maintain harmony by working the ‘common system’ by leading from distance.

There is often criticism of the caste system in Northern Sri Lanka and by living in a Toddy Tapper village as part of them –I learnt that the problem was less the Senior  castes – and more the Junior castes who had their own hierarchy – parallel to the general system. In most instances they were happy and comfortable within that grouping where de facto relationships are part of the system. So, as is my way, I developed the place and stopped living there. I realised that the more I stayed there without pleasing those folks, the greater the risk of becoming a victim of different cultures. The Temple continues to be maintained by us as a Common Facility – but firmly as per my terms for which we pay. Those who overruled me – started showing more and more problems and I took that as their return karma for exploiting someone who genuinely felt for them. Had I stayed on by enduring the difficulties – I would have ‘blocked’ the path of their own karma.

I now believe more and more that the Bruce Hall problem happened at the University of NSW because of my departure as well. The simple way to explain the way I see that karma is through the Christian message to ‘do unto others what you would have them do unto you’. To the extent my work was of a standard more acceptable to high level employers in Australia and beyond, relative to those who exercised Administrative power over me there is a ‘gap’ between what I ought to have received and what I did receive. The gap develops from the time I take greater responsibility than my senior for the common outcome, in respect of  which the official senior gets credit.  To the extent I accept it without conflict – I become an owner and my contribution is entitled to be shared by the whole institution. Where this is denied/blocked – the karma gets reversed on those who had the duty to so share.

At the University of NSW this happened through migrant staff who were not committed to Due Administrative Process and hence went direct to the media.

That is how the system of Natural Justice took over and shared/distributed  that value with others who were in the same group as I  - with that ‘gap’ relative to their parallels in another culture. Where commonness is high, cultural differences would lend the attraction of ‘diversity’. Where commonness is low, the line of separation needs to be drawn.

The line of separation that comes to mind is that of Rama’s younger brother Lakshmana’s. Lakshmana  drew on the ground – asking sister-in-law Seetha to not come beyond that line. Thereafter Lakshmanan went looking for Rama – as requested by Seetha. Ravana – the king of Lanka who sought to abduct Seetha came in the form of a beggar and asked Seetha for food. When Seetha stepped outside the Lakshmana  line (rekha) Seetha was no longer protected by Lakshmana’s Protective Energy.

Wikipedia presents the current value of this as follows:
“Lakshmana Rekha, in modern Indian parlance, refers to a strict convention or a rule, never to be broken. It often refers to the ethical limits of an action, traversing which may lead to undesirable consequences. Example of use:
Constitution is very clear on the roles of the Judiciary and the Legislature, Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee said; both should not cross the Lakshman Rekha.”
This morning I received from a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora, message to which was attached a video clip regarding Sri Lankan Military Commander Jagath Jjayasuriya.  The presentation by news late last year under the heading -  ‘Sri Lanka's ex-army chief ready to testify against successor’ has published the following information:
“ Sri Lanka's former army chief on Friday accused his successor of committing crimes against suspects during the island's civil war and said he was ready to testify against the ex-military commander.
A human rights group this week filed two cases against General Jagath Jayasuriya in Colombia and Brazil, who until recently was Sri Lanka's ambassador in several South American countries.
The group alleged that Jayasuriya oversaw torture camps and was responsible for hundreds of disappearances and extrajudicial killings in the final stages of the conflict when he was a senior officer.
He was promoted army chief barely three months after the war ended.

Lakshmana Rekha of Separation around the  Armed Forces who had to follow the Rule of Law was ignored by Military Commander Jagath Jjayasuriya when he accepted the Diplomatic role. The war against the LTTE – was fought as per ‘local rules’ which excluded the wisdom of Tamil leaders and the feelings of Tamil Community that the LTTE were a part of. Even those Tamils who are anti-LTTE are not immune to the agony of Tamils who were isolated.  So long as those who caused such suffering also stay isolated – they would be protected by their ‘domestic’ interpretation of the Law. But once they step out – they are part of the International community and are open to be attacked – especially through the force of those who have invested in global justice and feel for the victims who continue to suffer, while their opposition enjoys the fruits of suppressing them.

As cited previously there is a saying in Tamil that the guy who abandons his known career is a loser as is  also the guy who touches unknown career.

Q: Why did I receive the above mentioned email ?

A:Lord Murugan is Global Power and all those who believe in Lord Muruga inherit Global Powers. 

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 January 2018                                     

Sexual  Favours at the Workplace
Muslim or Common Sri Lankan rule?

[The Board of Directors of SriLankan Airlines, which won a new lease of life, decided by majority vote to sack their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Suren Ratwatte. The board met on Thursday for the first time after all of them except one handed in their resignations, but Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe asked them to continue in office until the board was reconstituted. The board took up the continuation of Mr. Ratwatte as CEO of the national airline despite it not being on the agenda and voted by a majority a 5-2 vote to remove him.] Sunday Times report SriLankan Board votes to sack CEO Suren Ratwatte’

This move confirms that the Board does not want the influence of Mr. Ratwatte and all those who identify with him to influence their minds at Governance level. Like at the voters level, at Policy level also we have the duty to make belief-based decisions. The mind needs to be still when we vote as per Belief. A vote as per our Belief would bring us peace of mind, even if we lose at the physical level. Sadness without anxiety is also peaceful.
A Service is complete at the level at which the Satisfied Customer meets the Satisfied Supplier. At that level, the customer as well as the Supplier are Governors / Owners/One. Their Natural qualities affect each other for better or for worse. Pilots are primary service providers  of an Airline and Mr. Suren Ratwatte  was Pilot before he became CEO.  Like Academics becoming Vice Chancellors – Pilots becoming Administrators especially of other seniors tends to be disastrous – due to their lack of wisdom in General Management. The Sri Lankan Government, at the time of appointing Mr. Ratwatte to the position of CEO published the following details:
[SriLankan Airlines has appointed Capt. Suren Ratwatte as the Airline's new Chief Executive Officer, from October.
Captain Ratwatte is a pilot with over 30 years of experience in the field whose first appointment was with SriLankan's predecessor, Air Lanka in 1984.
 He joined Emirates in 1989, where he held several positions in the Company. With over 18,000 flying hours in a number of different types of aircraft, including the Boeing B-777 and Airbus A380.
 Captain Ratwatte is a holder of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and an author of several published works.
 He is a well-known human factors researcher and practitioner, having published a number of articles and essays in the field.
His expertise includes a variety of senior instructional and management roles in airlines, most recently was the Human Factors Manager of Emirates Airlines.]

I joined Air Lanka in 1979 when the new Airline was first formed. To date I carry the corporate wisdom of all those who contributed from various angles to facilitate my completion of the experience at the level of Senior Manager. Many of them were groomed by Singapore International Airlines. Hence I carry Singapore International Airlines standards as mine. In contrast, it looks as if  Mr. Ratwatte  has been carrying Emirates Airlines in himself – including as Human Factors Manager.

One of the observations by Economy Next through article  ‘SriLankan Airlines board to be sacked soon?’ published in June last year included the following:

[State Enterprise Development minister Kabir Hashim who is responsible for the national airline vowed earlier this year to "clean up the mafia" at SriLankan.
Several ministers came to Kabir’s defence on Tuesday and pointed out to both the President and the Prime Minister that Dias had been allowed to get away by snubbing his own minister for too long and called for his immediate removal.
"At this stage, the Prime Minister intervened to say that he will very soon reconstitute the board with new people," a minister said.
"I regret that I have not been able to make any changes, but I am determined to clean up the place," Hashim said in January. "I will not give up. I will fight to get rid of them."]

As per the above report one could conclude that Minister Kabir Hashim failed to follow Due process of Governance but took an Administrative approach when he stated that he would clean up the mafia at Sri Lankan. A governor who uses Administrative pathway to express himself loses his power to consolidate the Governance powers of all owners of the Institution he is part of. In this instance that Institution is not only the National Carrier but also the Government of Sri Lanka that Mr. Hashim fails.

Interestingly, the above report concludes as follows:

[In April 2015, the Weliamuna report said SriLankan Airlines was a paradise for sex predators, with the top management demanding sexual favours from staff, leading to a breakdown of discipline at all levels.]
The rights and wrongs of sexual conduct would vary as per our respective religions as well. Enjoyment of sexual happiness is an art in Hinduism – confirmed by the Kama-sutra as well as the phallic symbol representing Lord Shiva as Love. Lord Shiva represents the philosophy of  transcending body consciousness. Any earned pleasure in which we lose/transcend  body-consciousness raises our pleasure to happiness.
As per my knowledge, including through family, Child-marriages were the norm in Hindu families a century ago. They still seem to be a custom in Muslim families in Sri Lanka. But today Child-marriages are considered illegal in majority countries that Sri Lankan Airlines operates to. The way a Muslim would identify with enjoyment of sexual pleasures / happiness would vary from the way a Hindu who genuinely worships Lord Shiva would or a Westerner of our times would. The above conclusion by the Weliamuna team is invalid to the extent, there are provisions in the laws of Sri Lanka to take action against such individuals. Section  363 of the Penal Code of Sri Lanka, for example  provides as follows:
[363. A man is said to commit " rape " who has sexual intercourse with, a woman under circumstances falling under any of the following descriptions:-
(a)without her consent even where such woman is his wife and she is judicially separated from the man;
(b)with her consent, while she was in lawful or unlawful detention or when her consent has been obtained, by use of force or intimidation, or by threat of detention or by putting her in fear of death or hurt;
(c)with her consent when her consent has been obtained at a time when she was of unsound mind or was in a state of intoxication induced by alcohol or drugs, administered to her by the man or by some other person;
(d) with her consent when the man knows that he is not her husband, and that her consent is given because she believes that he is another man to whom she is, or believed herself to be, lawfully married;
(e) with or without her consent when she is under sixteen years of age, unless the woman is his wife who is over twelve years of age and is not judicially separated from the man.]

As a Muslim, Minister Kabir would identify with the special provision in subsection (e ) above. As a Governor of Muslim community, he would not have the moral right to criticize a man who enjoys sex with a 12 year old wife. But Prime Minister Wickremesinghe who is a Buddhist and is bound by subsections (a) to (d) and that part of  (e ) without the 12 year of age exemption – has the duty to reject such enjoyment as immoral.

Likewise,  business practices in countries driven by democracy and therefore the natural consent of the minority being taken as ‘right’, would vary from those in Muslim countries were the rulers are highly subjective and the ruled quietly accept such top-down Administration.

An International Airline where customers are also owners to the extent they complete their experience satisfactorily, ought not to have a practicing Muslim who accepts Child-Marriages in his community as the representative of majority shareholders who are non-Muslims. Such contradictions in judgments automatically block the passage of natural trade – especially in Democracy where the Customer is taken as right.  

The parallel of the above conflict is also identified in naming a member of the Common fleet ‘King Vijaya’ whose conduct was strongly influenced by his genes which included that of Lion family:

(1)  On 28 March 1980, Air Lanka signed a purchase agreement for two brand new Lockheed L1011-500 Tristars, the most advanced wide-body aircraft in the world at that time. The first Lockheed L1011-500 (4R-ULA) was accepted on 26 August 1982, at Palmdale, California. It was flown to Amsterdam as UL flight 566P. On 28 August 4R-ULA "City Of Colombo" left for its inaugural flight from Amsterdam to Colombo as UL566. It reached Colombo on 29 August. This was followed by second Lockheed L1011-500, 4R-ULB, "City Of Jayawardanapura". On 8 June 1984 the airline received its first Boeing 747-200B "King Vijaya" and the second joined later. The aircraft were used on flights to Europe and a few flights to southeast Asia.

Mahavamsa version of Prince Viyaja’s origin:
(2)  In this version, Vijaya's grandmother is a princess, whose ancestry is traced to the Vanga and Kalinga kingdoms (present-day Bengal and Odisha). She bears two children with Sinha ("lion"), who keeps them in captivity in a forest. After the princess and her two children escape from the captivity, her son Sinhabahu kills Sinha. Prince Vijaya is the son of the lion-killer Sinhabahu, who is the founder of a new kingdom called Sinhapura. Vijaya becomes the prince-regent of Sinhapura, but is exiled with 700 of his followers to Lanka, because of his evil deeds. The Mahavamsa version of the legend contains a contradiction: it states that during an earlier visit to Lanka, the Buddha expelled all the Yakkhas (Yakshas) of Lanka to another island called Giridipa. However, it later states that Vijaya encountered Yakkhas when he landed in Lanka, and a Yakkhini (female Yakkha) named Kuveni became his queen. Kuveni helps Vijaya destroy the Yakkha city of Sirisavatthu, and has two children with him. However, Vijaya has to marry a Kshatriya princess to be a legitimate ruler. Therefore, he marries the daughter of a Pandu king, who also sends other women as brides for Vijaya's followers. Kuveni and her two children leave for the Yakkha city of Lankapura, where she is killed by the Yakkhas for betraying them. Vijaya dies without an heir. Panduvasudeva, the son of his twin brother Sumitta, arrives from India, and takes charge of Vijaya's kingdom. The community established by Vijaya gives rise to the Sinhalese race

According to the above a Governor of the National Carrier who believes in Prince Vijaya Legend would NOT consider sexual pleasures outside marriage to be wrong. Mr. Weliamuna with a legal mind failed to draw the line of Separation of Powers

As we think so we become !

Sunday 28 January 2018

University of Jaffna - Education for Life

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 January 2018                                     

Higher Education for Life or Living?

Even as I learnt about Standard Deviation from my husband Param of Jaffna College, Vaddukoddai, for the purposes of  understanding the needs of a student whose welfare is part of my wellbeing, my mind went to the commonness I could identify with in the two subject matters – Mathematical structuring of variances and Governance  structuring of  the University of Jaffna which structure is common by law to all Universities of Sri Lanka.

 In Standard Deviation, the difference between the average (mean) and the value of  data at a certain point is squared; the total of such squared  values is then averaged (by dividing by the number of times the primary values were so squared less one) and then the square root  of that is worked out as the Standard Deviation.

The parallel of that in the University governance  structure as understood by me was explained as follows in my contribution to defending an Academic against whom the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna instituted Disciplinary Action:
a.     Section 45 of the Universities Act prohibits the Vice Chancellor from taking Disciplinary Action against Academics
b.    Section 44 (1)  of the Universities Act provides as follows:
[The Council of a University (hereinafter referred to as “the Council”), shall be the executive body and governing authority of the University and shall consist of the following persons:-
(i)            The Vice-Chancellor
(ii)          Deputy Vice-Chancellor if any
(iii)        Rector, if any
(iv)         The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, if any
(v)           The Dean of each Faculty
(vi)         Two members elected by the Senate from amongst its members; and
(vii)       Such number of members as is total to the number of members in paragraphs (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) above  increased by one. All such members shall be appointed by the Commission from among persons who have rendered distinguished service in educational, professional, commercial, industrial, scientific or administrative spheres.]
My contribution included the following:

c.     It is submitted that in terms of approving Administrative Decisions, a simple majority would be sufficient. This is due to the limits of Administrative authority stopping with the CEO –the Vice Chancellor.
d.    But where a Governing Decision is required  to be delivered, the approval by vote of those in group 44 (1) (vii) – which is the Governing Authority, needs to be greater than the vote by the other  group identified by  Section 44 (1) (i)-(vi) which is the Executive bodyas indicated by the essential qualificationtotal to the number of members in paragraphs (i), (ii), (iii), (iv), (v) & (vi) above  increased by one’

I believe that I identified quickly with the value of the above,  due to me being a self-governing person through Experience. Experience leads to ownership. Whoever / whichever group -  that developed the above structure - is to my mind, self-governing. Hence as we say through Hindu epic about the Divine Love of Rama & Seetha – At their first meeting -   He identified and She also identified. The Tamil word used to present  this experience of ‘sighting’ is Nohkhinaan for Rama and Nohkhinaal for Seetha. Nohkham in Tamil means purpose.

In Governance we identify through our votes on behalf of those whom we represent. In Administration, we relate through the consolidated value of the standards of those who developed the laws and principles – on the basis of which we measure rights and wrongs. Such developers  may never have been our direct leaders. Hence the interpretation would vary as per our ‘belief’ in the person/developer or the value itself.

A person in rural Sri Lanka – for example may never have had a Westerner close enough to believe in. But through Christianity the leader from the West and the rural citizen of Sri Lanka who practiced Christianity, may have developed common faith.

The Sunday Observer editorial under the heading  ‘Northern Economic Re-Awakening’ , brings us the following picture of current affairs:

[As Northern business people and local citizens visit the Jaffna International Trade Fair (JITF 2018) venue in Jaffna, youth and students flock to the nearby ‘Higher Education and Career Exhibition’ being held simultaneously with the trade fair. The JITF 2018 and the education fair, both end today and, are symbols of the speedy re-awakening of the Northern Province after decades of war.]

Education for a living has long been an export commodity in Jaffna. It came also at the cost of ‘Education for life’.  Education for life develops higher common thinking. It prevents emotional reactions with or without faith. Emotional expressions without faith lead to violation of rights of those who raise their thoughts to the higher level by keeping the other side in their mind. Emotional expressions without faith lead to  violation of right-to-express by  those whose emotions are within the limits of their faith. The former – i.e. emotions lacking in faith are superstitions and the latter lead to manifestations of what we refer to as miracles.  Both are of absolute value and are outside our controls. Like the gods the latter  manifest outcomes at a higher plane while the former like Asuras / demons manifest at the lower plane.

The simple example that comes to mind is the spilling of the red holy powder – Kungkumum, on the floor. Kungkumum denotes love and is worn on the forehead by all when it is  claimed to be sacred and by married women to denote they are married. When we use kungkumum merely as a ritual – the spilling is taken as superstitious – a bad omen especially in the case of a married woman. But when we use Kungkumum with faith – especially as part of sacred ceremonies or at a place of deep praying by oneself – such spilling is taken as a Blessing from Above. The latter is like the ‘plate and glass smashing’ at Greek weddings.

The more Jaffna Tamils studied for a living, the greater the risk of leaving Jaffna for good when they were economically ‘free’. Without ongoing faith based connection through the umbilical cord, such emigrants tend to not return. This often breeds militancy due to the gap between the official laws of Administration and the knowledge levels of rural folks driven strongly by their respective cultural faiths.

The University of Jaffna is such an institution where students from rural areas are in the majority. As per my observation through life in current Northern Province,  students from rural areas in Northern Sri Lanka,  – (especially from communities that have isolated themselves on caste and/or militancy bases) – tend to  learn  Tamil and/or Hindu culture related subjects than science subjects that are directly of global value. When they become more active than the science students and/or those who learn subjects like English – that are of common interests,  majority power tends to lead to militancy due to superstitious value of ‘Nationalism’ – Tamil Nationalism in this instance.

This was demonstrated through the matter in which I was/am advisor to the Defendant’s side. The complaints came from Arts faculty students and according to the information made public – there were hundreds of alleged complainants to suspend the Academic. That was use of majority rule. But when it came to inquiry – to initiate which the Defendant had to start a Fundamental Rights case in the Supreme Court – only three witnesses came forward and two of them as per my assessment were not genuine. The third one revealed at her level of knowledge that she lacked self-esteem due to inability to cope with the current requirements.  No objectively measurable evidence was produced. At the level of ‘subjects’ those who provided evidence demonstrated serious weaknesses in relating to fulfilling their position responsibilities. Using the yardstick of ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’ method, I dismissed mentally, all complainants who through the function of giving evidence demonstrated serious weakness in ownership through their official positions in the University’s prestigious structure.

The  weak student who claimed sexual harassment through phone, but without her complaining to the authorities by herself – was neutralised by another student who categorically stated that she did not feel sexually harassed but was stressed due to getting zero marks in a small part of the exam. That ‘gap’ between acceptable,  reliable/ reasonable evidence and  the number of statements received as complaints confirmed a large deviation from the accepted levels of reasonable errors.  This to my mind, established that the complaints were frivolous and vexatious, due to lack of ownership through core values of a University. One who confirms ownership could never be dismissed as frivolous and/or vexatious.

The ownership miracle that happened was the arrival of Professor Velupillai Tharmaratnam, who is a University Council member and who specializes in Maths and whose name I cited in another matter when I prepared the papers to  obtain leave to Appeal in a Testamentary matter – using Thesawalamai Law – particular to that part of Sri Lanka. Professor Velupillai Tharmaratnam arrived on the day of the submission in relation to the internal inquiry of the University matter – but after we made moves to list the individual Council members as respondents in the Fundamental Rights case in Colombo. Professor Velupillai Tharmaratnam may not have heard about the changes to amend the Petition in the Supreme Court. But that is the way of Absolute value  which stands on its own merits and does not need endorsement or proof from others. True owners merely identify with each other when their minds are still. To my mind, it was Maths that arrived through Professor Velupillai Tharmaratnam to endorse our submission on the basis of Governance values which are absolute values.

The Maths and Science parts of the University and indeed Sri Lankan Population that has invested in Maths and Science, need to use Standard Deviation and know who is further away from the acceptable level of conduct in Jaffna and to what degree ? The answer would surprise someone who used the flat method of majority rule in haste  which led to the ethnic war and arrived at a negative answer about this academic of the University of Jaffna from the point of view of the Vice Chancellor who used simple majority instead of  Standard Deviation method.

Majority vote at primary level is the flat level  using physical power. When minorities have easy access to external physical powers – such as Indians in the case of Sri Lankan Tamils and the power of weapons in general – this physical power could be overridden. Taken at the exponential level – the outcomes show positive value of Tamils who seek to be more Regional and Global. If Resident Tamils fail to value this – but keep claiming ‘genocide’ they get disconnected with Jaffna’s deeper investment in Higher Education for Life. 

Friday 26 January 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26 January 2018                

Have Muslim Women Earned Gender Equality in Marriage?

Eye-catching topic from Asia News, introduced as follows:

[A group of Muslim women on Monday stood in silent protest against the country’s Islamic marriage law which discriminates against women.
Organised by the Muslims Personal Law Reforms Action Group (MPLRG), the rally was held in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, near the Ministry of Justice.
Protesters urged Justice Minister Thalatha Athukorale to recognise their right to "justice and equality". They want the Ministry to update the status of a report on Islamic marriage that has been nine years in the making.]
As a practicing Hindu, I oppose ‘Buddhism foremost’ clause in the Sri Lankan constitution. I have equal rights as a Buddhist to contribute to National governance through Hindu culture. Those rights are earned by contributing to the feeling of Independence promoted by Equal Opportunity principles and laws. This Australia Day morning I received confirmation of this earning through a message from a fellow Australian of Lankan origin in appreciation of my article ‘Australia Celebrates Boat Arrivals !’:

Dear Gaja,
Thanks for this perspective. I too have been contemplating in the last few years or so what Australia Day actually means to Australia and to me (as I am a full Australian Citizen too).’
I responded as follows:
‘Thank you…… To me Australia Day is about celebrating illegal immigrants who arrive through waters in which we cannot visibly demarcate country borders. Whoever comes of their own free will by water are Global citizens by their Truth.’

The Australian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, was revealing actual practice of his culture which celebrates Boat arrivals. As a senior / elder in that culture of illegal boat arrivals – he was telling Sri Lankans for which ‘telling’ the Natural Powers came from his own culture.  As an official enjoying Diplomatic Immunity, the Australian High Commissioner has the responsibility to not Administer the Australian law directly in any nation. Diplomatic immunity confirms Governance powers – in this instance global governance. Hence what was practiced there was the culture of arriving illegally by boat and planting one’s claim by physical occupation when the land seemed unoccupied. Truth being eternal – It manifests when we are weak in practice of laws applicable to our current position and someone needs the manifestation at that level.
Within Sri Lanka the Muslims Personal Law Reforms Action Group (MPLRG) is the Diplomat of  the Muslim community in this issue. If majority Sri Lankan Muslims are accepting of the male being the breadwinner of the family, then by practice Muslims accept specialization – with women being the homemakers of Equal status which is usually through Separation of Powers between the Palace and the Harem.

In Muslim and Hindu families known to me through direct involvement, successful women-homemakers takeover leadership of the family in the second half of the marriage. A sacrificing woman automatically promotes herself in the natural structure to eventually become the positive Energy that cures and supports all those who have faith in her. By contrast a man enjoying excessive pleasures due to custody of powers loses control of his mental balance and becomes dependent on juniors including his wife and mistresses.

Every woman who enjoys pleasures beyond her earnings in that marriage – is effectively a mistress even though she wears the official status of wife. No law can protect her from that deterioration. On the other hand, a woman without any protection of the law – be it cultural or national – sacrificing pleasures to uphold the Common Structures of her home-environment is a most respectable divine wife. She will be recognized by every good spouse as a highly respectable leader.

As per my observations in Sri Lanka – Muslim women continue to wear more  clothing relative to other cultures, to cover their faces, hands and legs when they are in public. Until majority Muslim women feel comfortable with ‘general clothes’ marriage equality within Muslim cultural groups in Sri Lanka is bound to   make them feel unprotected by their male-folks. Their  male-folks who have taken on the main carers’ positions, in turn would tend to feel led down and demotivated. This also contributes to looking for other avenues through which to ‘show’ their superiority and hence resorting to armed rebellion – as happened with Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka where more and more women started becoming the breadwinners of the family. More and more sexual abuse after the war is also confirmation of this phenomenon.

Muslims who did not register their protest against ‘Buddhism foremost’ clause in the Constitution – do not have the entitlement  to claim equal opportunity rights in religious marriages. 

Thursday 25 January 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 January 2018                       
We've golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea 

Australia Celebrates Boat Arrivals !

The article by the Sunday Leader was headed ‘Australia warns Sri Lankans attempting to travel illegally’ . As per this article :
[“Australia’s border is very well protected. Anyone who says otherwise is lying,” High Commissioner Hutchesson said.]

Those who read the High Commissioner’s message are not likely to be the ones to take a boat-trip to Australia. Even if  the message reaches the rural papers published in Tamil and Sinhalese – the Sri Lankan mind that is looking for avenues below the law, would be immune to such messages. Hence the warning is to the Sri Lankan Government – particularly the Sri Lankan Border Protection authorities. It was said in the language of the ordinary Sri Lankan largely for the purpose of confirming the status of Australia as a ‘telling authority’ in Sri Lanka. The way authority is exerted is to reduce the status of Sri Lankans by publicly finding fault. If Australians truly felt for Sri Lankans – they would cure through confidential sharing and not public statements.

Here in Australia, I was listed as a Sri Lankan despite the knowledge by the authorities that I was Australian by law. Since I could not share my belief that I was Australian by law, I accepted the ‘below the law’ position that was allocated to me by the authorities on behalf of Australia. Hence I am able to receive  the messages to Sri Lankans on their behalf by Australian authorities. I am able to because I completed my citizenship of both nations – at the highest common level in the respective nation. The Sri Lankan level is higher than that of the Australian.  That is how the system of Karma, based on my true values guides me. In either nation I will not be ‘told’ by anyone who is yet to complete their own citizenship as per their own conscience. If anyone did try to enforce me to accept their telling,  with or without the support of their official position, and I reject it – they separate themselves from the protection of law that I have at all times demonstrated respect for and upheld the status of the structure despite feeling that I had been treated unjustly.

If Australians accept that they are outsiders to Sri Lankans – then there is an obligation for Australia to repatriate all Sri Lankans who settled down in Australia on the basis of hardship in Sri Lanka. That is the way Relativity works to support the system of Karma. If the Australian Government accepted the natural elders and true leaders – on the basis of hardship – then their heirs are entitled to use the pathway used by their leaders until those heirs feel that they would be better off in Sri Lanka. That is the right of the victim. Australians do not have the right to ‘tell’ Sri Lankans directly. Sri Lankan government has the right. Australian government has to wait until Sri Lankans are within Australian borders. Otherwise it is an attack on the Sovereignty of Sri Lankans.

As per the  news, the Indonesian President is currently in Sri Lanka. That brings back sad memories of Australians who paid the price due to the inability of the Australian Federal Police to escalate a problem to the higher global level that all Australians are entitled to be dealt at. The feelings of the mother of such a victim is reported by Wikipedia as follows:

"I feel very let down by our Australian Federal Police – we tried to lawfully stop our son leaving the country, it wasn't done..... "The Federal Police can do, go wherever they want, do anything, anytime without supervision from the Australian Attorney-General or from the Justice Minister."....."This is not good for Australians and our laws need to be changed to protect our citizens and this must not happen to any Australian citizen again."
— Christine Rush, mother of Scott Rush, February 2006.

Indonesians, like Sri Lankans are exporters of Human Resources. Australians are importers. Unless we value our own citizens at the highest common level – we would continue to ‘show’ how clever we are, by getting others like Indonesians and Sri Lankans to do our dirty work. Had Indonesia respected Australia as being a senior in valuing Human Resources  the offenders would have been repatriated. If Indonesia had considered Australia to be an Independent Nation – Indonesian government would have refused the intelligence of the Australian Federal Police.

As per Natural Justice both countries failed the test of Independence. Tomorrow we Australians celebrate the boat arrivals of British, 230 years ago presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port JacksonNew South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip]
On Australia Day we celebrate Governor Arthur Phillip raising the British flag – which is the flag of a migrant.
All boat arrivals since then are the heirs of the above migrants who bring memories of their lives in their home-nations. If Governor Arthur Phillip raised the flag by ‘seeing and believing and capturing’ then all those who see and believe that Australia will benefit by their life here as ‘free’ persons  are entitled to land here and make their claims by just landing here. Each year we celebrate – Australia Day – we celebrate boat arrivals. The more we celebrate boat arrivals – the stronger  the invitation for Boat migrants to come and succeed in Australia – as the British did 230 years ago. That is the way Karma works. This is why Jesus said ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.
High Commissioner Hutchesson may need to meditate on Jesus before invoking the ‘Boat’ message close to Australia Day. If he so does,  High Commissioner Hutchesson would hear his Christian voice inviting more Boat people to enjoy this Homeland of Ours which is girt by sea and appreciate that that pathway is the natural pathway for all migrants who genuinely seek a home in Australia. So let us sing together High Commissioners and celebrate our Truth :
Australians all let us rejoice,
For we are young and free;
We've golden soil and wealth for toil;
Our home is girt by sea;
Our land abounds in nature's gifts
Of beauty rich and rare;
In history's page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair.
In joyful strains then let us sing,
Advance Australia Fair.

Wednesday 24 January 2018


Tribute to Multicultural Baila  Legend A E Manoharan

A.E. Manoharan, the singing legend,  well known in Sri Lanka and India, passed away on 22 January 2018.  Surangani Baila song is his signature piece and has made him a legend in India and Sri Lanka. Born a Tamil, Manoharan comfortably sang his Baila Melody in Sinhalese, English, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam.

 To my mind, Manoharan touched the heart of  the Common audience and contributed strongly  to  Peace and Harmony in Sri Lanka through his singing. As I listened to some of his music – at  

I recalled my Colombo days – especially when we at M/s Satchithananda SchokmanWijeratne & CO, Chartered Accountants. (Currently  Price Waterhouse Coopers)  went on picnics – singing many of  the songs that Manoharan sang. No one was concerned whether the songs were in Sinhalese, Tamil or English. We were truly a multicultural group and I believe that those feelings we developed as a professional group – would continue to enrich all those who seek independence through multiculturalism.

At the concert in 2015 – at BMICH – Manoharan sang for Christians and Hindus;  in  English, Tamil and Sinhalese as well as in a few Indian languages. The young ladies performing the Kandyan type of Dance to Manoharan’s praise of Murugan – confirm that religions have no language borders.

Thank you Manoharan for being Common and rendering multicultural forms to your voice.  With Lord Muruga’s blessings we will work further to make Sri Lanka more wholesome for you to come back to.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 January 2018