Sunday 31 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 March 2019

Australia on War Crimes Investigations
The Associated Press report was headed ‘Australia: Sri Lanka war crime allegations should be investigated’
I interpreted the above as the Press using our Ambassador to profit from our misery. The Press quotes as follows:
["The approach we are taking is that we do want to work with the Sri Lankan tri-services. The war finished 10 years ago. We need to think about the future," Philp said.
We do know that there are serious allegations. We certainly believe that they should be taken seriously,” Philp said.
He added that the Sri Lankan government’s recent co-sponsoring of a resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Council reiterating its commitment to investigate the allegations gives Australia confidence.]

I interpreted the above as our Ambassador seeking to enjoy the best of both worlds.
The war is going on and will go on until the victims bring about closure. It’s not different to racism in Australia. We the victims have the right to bring about closure. Until then no one has the authority to shut the door and this includes the International Criminal Court (ICC).
For his part Mr Wigneswaran – the former Chief Minister of Northern Province, has made comments to the effect of  endorsing foreign judges - ‘It is not against the Army;  It is against certain persons in the Army
Foreign Judges are brought in to find out the truth’

The interpretations by the two – one Australian and the other Sri Lankan -  place them naturally in one group.  Our Truth is the foundation of our interpretations and needs to be taken as such when spoken by those who think they are in ‘free environment’. Demoting Sri Lanka for personal reasons has the risk of misleading the very victims one claims to speak on behalf of. When we vote we are facilitated to be ‘free’ and this helps us to be true. But when Judiciary decides they have to use the Law as its supervisor. To that extent one is not free until the law and we become One.

The ICC inquiry would need to include the conduct of Dr Palitha Kohona’s role in the final war. This means that Australia is also standing accused of the charges against the Sri Lankan government. Does Ambassador Philp want the Australian Government’s  role in this through Dr Palitha Kohona also to be inquired into? Given that the Australian government has so far not moved to strip Dr Palitha Kohona of his citizenship means that Australia is also in the side taken by Dr Palitha Kohona who was part of the management of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade responsible for Foreign Policy. Thus, Dr Palitha Kohona has become an example of the perils of dual citizens in policy making. The quid pro quo was his elevated status as the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations.
The parallel of this duality exists in Mr Wigneswaran also. During his election campaign  followed by his tenure as Chief Minister, Mr Wigneswaran presented the picture that he endorsed LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran as ‘brother’.
This was confirmed recently by News In Asia under the heading ‘Former North Lankan Chief Minister lauds LTTE leader for forging Tamil unity
[Speaking at a Jaffna-Kilinochchi district conference of the Eelam Peoples’ Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRF), Wigneswaran said that the unity of all Tamil parties is the need of the hour and that they should take the cue from “younger brother” (Thambi) Prabhakaran and forge a united front to fight for Tamil rights.]

This call is contradicted by the endorsement of Foreign Judges who would find Annai (elder brother) to be as guilty as Thambi.  This was the reason why Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam who is much more global than Mr Wigneswaran – does not want to form partnership with Mr Wigneswaran. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam is the best intellectual politician Jaffna has and we need this just as much as we need Tamil Opposition in National Parliament. Both are needed to raise the platform from quid-pro-quos to knowledge based decisions needed for life.

As for Unity – citizens who have financially benefited from the rule of LTTE would not care about the LTTE getting a  bad name by ‘Foreigners’ . To them – members of the Diaspora who have taken the role of financiers are the ultimate government. These Diaspora leaders are the parallels of dual citizen Dr Palitha Kohona. Unless a global body is able to raise the problem to the global level – they would not be able to find the ‘Truth’ in form common to all investors. There is currently no faith based connection between victims in Jaffna and the Diaspora leaders, leave alone foreign judges. Academic leaders at the University of  Jaffna take the attitude ‘give us the money and we will give you our status’.

Promises have creditability only when they are founded on truth. The Truth of the Jaffna Tamil includes the pain of losing status as an educated group – which status was seriously demoted due to the promise of ‘freedom’ from a government that was not a relative to majority living in Jaffna. Political power without belief leads to frivolity.

As for Federalism, Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka have enjoyed Federalism to the extent they practiced the laws of Thesawalamai. As per my current experience – even judges to whom North is ‘home’ are not committed to Thesawalamai which is like ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Sri Lankan constitution. Mr Wigneswaran as Chief Minister did not establish reliable Administrative order in Northern Courts – through the voters who believed in his intellectual status. This was followed by the Tamil People’s Council which – as Gajendrakumar highlighted became Mr Wigneswaran’s  personal address for identity purposes.

Jaffna was put to the test of  Federalism by us through the Testamentary case of our brother in law of Vaddukoddai. The foreign lawyers (from Colombo) influencing the judges – delivered and outcome that is in breach of fundamentals of Theswalamai law.  The lawyer from Colombo who represented the opposition submitted case law Puthatamby et al v Mailvakanam et al – D.C. Jaffna, 577 in support of their argument to apply Common Law.  But as per that ruling  of – Lawrie A.C.J stated:

[ – Thesawalamai undoubtedly is the law governing inheritance in the Northern Province but sub-sections 5 and 7 of section 1 seem to be silent as to the succession of remote relations to each other. 5 and 7 deal only with the succession inter se of members of the same family, father and mother, brothers and sisters]

The Mallakam District court used common law basis and dismissed our objection. This was upheld by Appellate High Court of Jaffna, led by Mr Elancheleyan. That confirms the level at which Northern Courts are committed to Federalism.  They have confirmed that they are more comfortable with Unitary state structure than with Federal structure.

Mr Wigneswaran did not demonstrate the urge to bring order to the very system that he was a part of. Based on my own experience, Mr Wigneswaran could have done this as ‘service’. A true owner does not need status to transform a disorderly system. Mr Wigneswaran is as foreign to Northern Sri Lanka, as the foreign judges would be to Sri Lanka. Neither would identify with and naturally share the Truth they discover. In Northern Sri Lanka – the judges and lawyers ‘tell’ and we have to say ‘yes sir/ if you say so sir’. That is the Truth to discover which we did/do  not need foreign judges. Had we opposed this at the workplace and in public administration – we would have not had the war by saying ‘yes Anna / if you say so Thambi’.

Unity can happen through majority depending on handful of minorities – like militants. When they do – they disconnect with their educated ancestors. Can’t have both and expect to claim inner peace and outer harmony.

Saturday 30 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 March 2019

Jaffna 67% and not 80%?

Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s revelations  facilitated by IBC Tamil TV  at  confirmed to me yet again the downgrading by Jaffna Tamils their heritage in the intellectual pathway. The news report  at  reveals that only 67% of Jaffna students qualified to progress to Advanced level also confirms the lower priority to higher education by the current generation Jaffna Tamils. One of the core issues on which Tamil Politicians demanded self-determination was the standardization of university entrance which disadvantaged Tamils. That was against the rule of Natural justice because it meant double advantage to majority race – (1) through the power to elect government and make policies in their favour and (2)   the policies that facilitated higher status and/or head start to majority race. So long as we fought against such injustice and continued to fight against recurrence – we would be supported by Divine powers / Dharma. Ultimately justice happens as per our own consolidated  divinity within.

Last year our eldest granddaughter sat her HSC here in Australia and my contribution included prayers at Our Lady of Refuge at 4th Cross St in Jaffna. In February this year, I thanked our Lady for answering my prayers. That is a shrine at which my mother prayed frequently when we were living in that area. In 2016, when I said thank you to my mother at our cottage in Thunaivi where our family temple is – I ended up at the church after disorderly conduct by youth in that area which resulted in bringing to a halt our Pongal celebrations. At the church – I shared in the sweet rice by workers who celebrated Pongal at Catholic church. I felt that my mother from within me was guiding me to take a break from Thunaivi youth who had little or no regard for education and had enjoyed high status during the war due to some amongst them becoming combatants. To the extent these combatants upset the educated Jaffna Tamil by being disrespectful – they diluted the rights of Jaffna Tamils to self-determination on the basis of subjective unjust discrimination in education by the government and thereby placed a ceiling on higher common thinking. Aren’t the pro-militant groups espousing that very same pathway?

One of the accusations against  Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam seemed to be that his party was failing to engage at grassroots level. The Educated person driven by the intellect – has to be like Gandhi to deliver at grassroots level. But this then defeats her/him as a politician because most at grassroots level are driven by immediate outcomes for their votes – in a language they understand. Politicians like Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam have their first duty to their natural electorate which is largely those to whom education is first priority. Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam has the capacity to escalate the need of his electorate to global level but such leaders are handicapped by their own political electorate to which higher education for life  is not a priority. Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s parallel in Northern Public Administration is Dr Suren Raghavan whose status fell recently at UN level - due to his parallel of Ponnambalam’s politics – the media.
Given that intellectual investors  are in the minority in Northern Sri Lanka, blaming the government through current voters – who have failed to value their ancestors – would be to defeat oneself.  Without the likes of Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam in Northern Politics, Jaffna in North would be the parallel of Kotte in South. Then we become true minority and not Equal power. Right now, Jaffna voters are driven more by compensation for their suffering than for prevention of future wars which is possible only by escalating the issue to global level.  

I learnt through my life at grassroots level – that the moment electorates with idle youth are denied the freedom they enjoyed during war-isolation, they would abuse their power as per their past titles. Youth employment is as important as women empowerment, in redeeming ourselves from this mess. The distance between the so called representatives of the public and grassroots public in Jaffna – was confirmed through the above discussion – during  which Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was questioned as to why his group would not join forces with Mr Wigneswaran. When asked the common public  response was that he was all words and no action person. Not one at grassroots level certified Mr Wigneswaran positively. Majority in North are disconnected with their intellectual ancestors and that is the worst punishment that we have given ourselves. Mr Wigneswaran acted more as a politician than as an heir of intellectual Tamil Administrators from whom we inherited the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between Politics and Judiciary.

As Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam kept emphasizing – that the value is not in the individual but the common value. Had the Tamil Diaspora of Jaffna origin invested in current population in Jaffna, through intellectual pursuits as a foremost priority - Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and/or his heir would be the Chief Minister and the admission percentage to higher education would be 80% - with the blessings of Natural Justice.  The project he could start with is legal administration in Northern Courts – so that the lay litigant would be Equally respected as the lawyer members in his political group. This is essential for self-governance. Without this – it is all about taking over power from the Sinhalese.

Friday 29 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 March 2019

Indian Karma in Australia

[Hanson characterised One Nation as a party that would never “sell its vote”. “Perhaps that’s why big organisations and big business don’t give us donations,” she said.
Except they do, as a cursory look at One Nation’s donation disclosures reveals.
One of the most recent donations listed on the federal register is from the coal mining giant Adani. It gave the party $15,000 in May last year.] - the Guardian article  –‘ Fact or fiction? Pauline Hanson's defence of the One Nation scandal’

The above reporting work  happened due to Australians looking for the true reason why the Christchurch massacre happened. Those who are seeking through their Truth would find the Truth. The Truth may be different to reality. Pualine Hanson through her Truth helped me become Common Australian through my identity with Indigenous Australians whom she demoted in status. There is a Pauline in majority custodians of Australian Government power. I now realize that in 1998, I experienced at the University of NSW, the parallel of the demotion pain that Indigenous Australians who resisted ‘White Only government power’ experienced. Without the actual experience, it’s difficult to identify with the commonness of  the pain of one who complains that the milk lacked sugar on the one hand and the pain of lack of salt in the rice-soup by the other. Likewise, the pain of Muslims in Christian society vs the pain of  White Australians who live off their White only heritage.

This problem prevails in Sri Lanka also with Tamil only and Sinhala only groups. This was  observed through the different interpretations by the media and the Governor of Northern Province of the picture presented by the UNHRC:

[A member of the Government delegation, Northern Province Governor Dr. Suren Raghaven, claimed in Colombo that the High Commissioner “admitted that certain facts incorporated in the UNHRC report against Sri Lanka could not be condoned whatsoever.” He also claimed Bachelet had advised two of her senior officials who attended the meeting “to be more responsible and cautious hereafter.”
The comments by the governor made at a press conference in Colombo was widely reported in the local media.
‘A fair reflection’
“Neither of these claims are true,” Bachelet said. “Either the newspaper misunderstood the Governor, or the Governor misunderstood – or misquoted – me.” The high commissioner said she stands fully behind the report and the oral statement she made when presenting it to the Human Rights Council, and that she believes it fairly and objectively reflects the situation in Sri Lanka.] -

The question is whether the UNHRC compiled the ‘facts’ as per its own interpretations or as per the experience of the victims raised to the global level? The pain of law-abiding citizen who is denied the due outcomes– as per her/his interpretation of  the law is the same as the pain of one driven by the supervisor who represents the government in a subjective system. I myself had to step out of that system to identify with the Truth about racism at the University of NSW – as per my interpretation of the law. This now helps me interpret more commonly unjust discrimination anywhere - including due to race and not limited to race only.

 As per that Truth – the pain of a parent of a Sri Lankan government employee who follows the express and/or implied orders of her/his supervisor and dies in combat  is the same as the pain of a parent who supported militancy expressly and/or by quiet acceptance. The ‘innocent-citizen’ would not belong in either group. The government is answerable to them. Others have to find their own answers through the choices they made.

The true citizen is one who is common through experience or is independent of both systems and their measures. One driven by Truth will make the karmic connection. The Adani group was disrespectful of Indigenous feelings and Mr Turnbull to a degree became their medium and lost his status. This often happens when one is not true to her/his culture – but relates indiscriminately by mixing other cultures. Money often becomes the reward for such conduct. Ms Hanson is distancing herself from  her White-only ancestry and therefore White-only policy which alienated Indians also. Likewise, the Sinhalese only and Tamils only groups in Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankans with common experience would identify with this alienation by our ancestors who are a truly common power with passage of time. They are accessible to anyone to whom that land is ‘home’.

We are globally & universally connected to each other through our Truth – even though we may not consciously know it. One who seeks this oneness identifies with the Truth without the frills of reality. 

Sunday 24 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 March 2019

India Redeems Sri Lanka from China’s Debt-Trap

Yesterday when we were discussing the NSW election trends with our neighbour I revealed that I voted for Labor as an expression against Mr Howard who came into the scene at the last moment. Liberal won at State level but Coogee won at electorate level. This has been presented by 9 news as follows:

[Michael Daley may not have become premier of NSW but that didn't stop the Labor Party celebrating its win in the Sydney seat of Coogee.
The coalition have been returned for a third term, but it's not yet known if it will be a majority or minority government with the NSW Labor leader conceding defeat before 10pm on Saturday at Coogee Bay Hotel
Although Mr Daley admitted the results were disappointing, he was visibly gleaming from Labor's win in Coogee which was previously held by the Liberals with margin of 2.9 per cent margin.
Labor's Marjorie O'Neill snatched the seat from the Liberal's Bruce Notley-Smith with a swing of 5.5 per cent to Labor.]

Mine was one of those votes. Last time I voted for Liberals due to Mr Mike Baird who according to me had contributed strongly to ‘commonness’. I am satisfied that my vote went towards balancing the racism karma that Liberals led by the likes of Mr Howard carry. That part of the earth that is our home is protected by the true common structures developed by us – even though they may not be shown through us .

This week, Australian of Sri Lankan Sinhalese origin raised the question ‘Will India invade us again?’ this was in response to India recent statement that it seeks the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution fully implemented. Around the same time we learnt about India’s involvement in Sri Lanka, right next to China’s investment in Hambantota. The picture that has evolved would be read by each investor as per her/his investment in National and Regional governance. In this instance India’s politician who heads India’s side of the investment is a Tamil. This person is my opposition’s parallel in Australian governance. It opposes China at China’s level.

China was brought into Sri Lanka’s Hambantota in the vicinity of Hindu Kathirgamam, by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. This at regional and global levels demoted India’s status and therefore India’s investment in Sri Lanka. Whether it be Mahendran in Central Bank or Jagathrakshakan of DMK in Tamil Nadu – they are Tamils who raised their apparent status through Singapore Business. Their real status is much lower than the apparent status. The real shows through in what they consider to be ‘free’ environment. A good proportion of Sri Lankan Tamils invested in them through Tamil culture above Sri Lankan Commonness. 

Chinese involvement in Sri Lanka confirmed this freedom by Sinhalese which is being repeatedly ‘shown’ by the Sri Lankan government that fails to discipline the Rajapaksa government over its excesses in the 2009 war. To the extent the UN failed to match its support to the Sri Lankan government to win this war against its own citizens – the UN is powerless to discipline Sri Lankan Government.  At best it could become a facility through which each member nation derives its own opportunities and benefits – as in the ‘user pays’ system. India therefore protected its investment in Sri Lankan Tamils at policy level – through pressing for implementation of  the 13th amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution. At the same time, the heir of the Indian leader MG Ramachandran who was respected as Big Brother / Anna by the LTTE – won - down South – through the Oil refinery project about which is presented  by Foreign Brief as follows, under the heading ‘Indian refinery in Sri Lanka raises questions about foreign investment dependence:

[Today, India’s Accord Group, in co-operation with others, will begin construction on an oil refinery in Hambantota, Sri Lanka.
Notably, China already has a 99-year lease on a port in Hambantota it obtained in a $1.1 billion debt-to-equity swap. Sri Lanka is an important strategic location for China’s Belt and Road infrastructure. In addition to the billions still owed to China for infrastructure projects, Beijing agreed to lend Sri Lanka a further $989 million to build a highway connecting Colombo to Kandy on Friday.
In an effort to realign Sri Lanka’s economic dependence away from China, the oil refinery is Sri Lanka’s largest foreign investment and India is managing 70% of it.]

India has invested officially in Democracy much more than China. A huge chunk of Sri Lanka’s investment in India is through religions – both Hindu as well as Buddhist religions. India’s Tamil Nadu’s Hindu community – taken at 87% of  its population of 72million works out to be three times the total population of Sri Lanka. In natural terms therefore – through common faith – Sri Lankan Tamils have immediate and natural access to three times the power of its total population .

China is connected largely through money. This lacks the energy to work the common system – the very energy that is accessible through common faith. Hence when we separate the outcomes from the Energy / Policy, the Lankan Government which used Chinese money to win the war – defeated itself at the global policy level. This was confirmed by India at the recent UNHRC session.
LTTE made itself a junior to Tamil Nadu politician – MG Ramachandran who did not have enough commonness with Democratic leaders to make democratic policies of global standards. MGR was recognized as Puratchi Thalaivar / Revolutionary Leader and this matches the support rendered to Velupillai Prabhakaran in many parts of  predominantly Tamil areas of Sri Lanka – including Hill country where MGR was born.

The greater the following of Revolutionaries in Tamil areas of Sri Lanka, the less the space available for intellectual Tamils – Puthi Jeevi’s. In an area dominated by those who are driven by immediate outcomes – usually shown by Revolutionaries – Puthi Jeevi has less space. The greater the space taken by unearned mass / outcomes, less the Energy sharing. In democracy, the two sides have to be Equally independent and therefore the mind is lowered from the real height of a Puthi Jeevi  to share with others who are less intellectual. The gap is filled by common faith.  Such a leader is a real democratic leader.

Through those Sri Lankans to whom India is family – Sri Lanka has the opportunity to draw on that democratic power – beyond visible land  borders. Without India, Sri Lankans conscious of their local borders would be caught by China’s debt trap. That was due to weak leadership by Mr Rajapaksa who also acted like a Revolutionary. 

Friday 22 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 March 2019

UN, the Diaspora and the True Constitution of Sri Lanka

This morning’s mail brought the UNHRC recordings in relation to Sri Lanka. I paid special attention to two personalities I am familiar with due to my own interest in them as members of our community. They are Mr. Gary Anandasangaree who represented Canada and Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam who represented the Association Bharathi Centre Culturel Franco-Tamoul. Neither has demonstrated development of an institutional base in Sri Lanka’s war affected areas. Both are sons of Sri Lankan politicians who seem to have inherited the one-way path of politics which seems to be senior to  their investment in the discipline of law.  In democracy they have to be Equal and separate.

As most of us would identify with through our own families, relatives are those who carry common roots working towards common outcomes. Without that ‘commonness’ we are individuals only. When we connect the outcomes with that common root – we are able to ‘relate’.

Mr. Gary Anandasangaree confirmed relationship with Canadian Tamils of Lankan origin and Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam confirmed relationship with French Tamils of Lankan origin. The UN by its very structure is formed as per current values developed on Equal footing. Relatively speaking Mr. Gary Anandasangaree demonstrated more merit and status through Canada, than did Mr. Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam.

Such global representation confirms the real status taken by resident Tamils in such global forums. We may be the senior-most member of our family. But in terms of common community and society – the relativity is as per our contribution to ‘commonness’ at community and society levels. In a ‘free’ environment – where we are facilitated to act independently  - the position we take confirms our true relativity. UN may allocate Equal status as per its policy. How we use that Equal status as our base depends on the depth of our commonness with other members through the issue concerned – in this instance Human Rights.

As per my direct experience, Mr. Gary Anandasangaree’s investment in Current Sri Lankan Tamils is largely dependent on private Canadian Tamil investment in Sri Lankan Tamils – largely through individuals at family level. As per my own family – a good proportion of which is in Canada – this is nowhere as deep as mine. I know of Mr. Gary Anandasangaree’s family through my mother who was a family friend of Gary’s family. My mother shared with me as to how clever Mr. Gary Anandasangaree was but not any common value developed directly with those victims left behind in Sri Lanka.

Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam’s group in Sri Lanka includes Mr Manivannan who is also a practicing lawyer. Mr Manivannan represented us at the Civil Appellate High Court of Jaffna but when President’s Counsel Mr Parathalingam who represented our opposition came to court -  Mr Manivannan was socializing openly with Mr Parathalingam while I stood alone and later walked over to the Registrar’s office on my own to complain against officers of the court who blocked my entry on the basis that I was wearing a skirt. I was wearing a long skirt which covered my ankles. But Mr Manivannan did not accompany me to add his strength to upholding the rights of the ordinary skirt-wearing Jaffna Tamil woman. When subsequently  that rule seemed to have been withdrawn, I concluded that my complaint had reached the right brains.
Truth finds Its way to manifest the other side of Itself manifested by a believer in the system. Mr Manivannan’s  ‘commonness’ with Mr Parathalingam PC was stronger due to their investment in legal practice whereas my relationship was current. Had Mr Manivannan been strong in his wisdom in Thesawalamai law, which that case was about – he would have taken the position of senior to Mr Parathalingam PC. I demonstrated such seniority when I took Equal position in that court when Mr Manivannan was absent for political reasons. When Mr Parathalingam PC stood up in court and stated that he would move to have our appeal dismissed and thus influenced the judge to warn me  - I stood up and stated that I would represent myself. The parallel of that is for a war victim to represent her/himself at the UN. In court, I realized that Mr  Parathalingam was using Administrative weakness in court, to his advantage. But Administration is the common stage on which l had equal rights as Mr Parathalingam PC, as per my democratic assessment. In real terms I was his senior. My contribution to Legal Administration through my own experience – empowered me from within to take my true position at that moment in court when our lawyer was absent. We won that round and eventually we blocked the passage of the legal verdict which dismissed our facts. That is known as Soorasamharam – the elimination of demon by Divinity.  It also demoted Mr Manivannan politically when he participated in the local government elections in Jaffna. The stronger believer in the Land wins as per her/himself. Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam would naturally be infected by such weaknesses in Administration due to being in the same political group as Mr Manivannan.

We become managers of a system by sharing in ownership pain. Until then we are largely beneficiaries only. A person who fails to experience parental pain – remains a child.

Since the victim’s groups currently residing in Sri Lanka were not directly represented by anyone at the UN – my conclusion is that the current competition is between global Tamils and the Sri Lankan Government. Be it the Canadian politician or the Sri Lankan politician – neither has the right to represent citizens of two countries at the same time. Principles on which Dual Citizens are prevented from being elected to parliament apply to all such official representations.

The need is for the two – Lankans and Canadians/French to be continuously connected through small structures of global standards that Tamils currently resident in Sri Lanka would be able to work independently. Without such connection expressions of such participants confirm frivolousness. Yesterday for example I received the following complaint from my ‘media group’:

[K Shivajilingam's threat to divide the Republic of Sri Lanka into not two but four states is a direct violation of the Constitution 157.
157A. (1) No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.
(2) No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.
(3) Any person who acts in contravention of the provisions of paragraph (1) shall, on conviction by the Court of Appeal, after trial on indictment and according to such procedure as may be prescribed by law, –
(a) be subject to civic disability for such period not exceeding seven years as may be determined by such Court;
(b) forfeit his movable and immovable property other than such property as is determined by an order of such Court as being necessary for the sustenance of such person and his family;
(c) not be entitled to civic rights for such period not exceeding seven years as may be determined by such Court; and
if he is a Member of Parliament or a person in such service or holding such office as is referred to in paragraph (1) of Article 165, cease to be such Member or to be in such service or to hold such office.]

I responded as follows to the above:

[Thank you. Mr Shivajilingam is neither an elected leader to represent Sri Lankan Tamils at national level, nor does he have an official position through which to express on behalf of law abiding Tamils. Hence his remarks are frivolous and vexatious. Reacting to them would also be frivolous and vexatious]

The Truth is that ‘Buddhism foremost’ article invalidates article 157A. Buddhism is senior in autocracy but is taken as being Equal in Democracy. Division happens when diversity is recognized. Separation happened in 1972 on the basis of religion – as Buddhist state and non-Buddhist state. Hence the Buddhist state cannot ‘tell’ non-Buddhists not to separate on cultural basis. THAT is the provision of the real Constitution of Sri Lanka. A true Sri Lankan would identify with this heritage based protection.

Thursday 21 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 March 2019

Mr Rajapaksa & Mr Howard

[But in an election as close as this – a YouGov Galaxy poll on Monday identified a big, 5.2 per cent anti-government swing in Penrith – the tragic events in Christchurch might swing the government's way.] Financial Review article ‘NZ's tragedy could shift NSW election
The above connection between the New Zealand tragedy and our State elections confirms the thinking that majority voters hold a government responsible for national and international problems. We often do not make such connections for national and international Opportunities.  Hence we are accepting that we are citizens only and are not yet self-governing.  The self-governing citizen would vote for the party that actually demonstrated her/his values as the government’s.
The Truth we experience is the root cause of our expressions of government. As an individual – the Australian who attacked Muslims in a mosque, may seem right to him if he had not been facilitated to invest in multicultural Australia. The likes of Pauline Hanson are his gurus. To many migrant communities whose pain caused the downfall of Mr Howard, Mr Howard who did not discipline Ms Hanson when Ms Hanson  was in his party, would seem part of the root causes of the New Zealand  tragedy. That is how heritage is naturally shared. Where the common measure is not actively practiced, Truth is the reliable measure. I was this Truth – that I was part of the government of Australia – that led me to resign from my position at the University of NSW and demonstrate my opposition to complacency by majority race.
Many Sri Lankans criticize the current Sri Lankan government as being ineffective. But to me – this government was valid by being passive. This meant, I was able to share my governance values more during this period  than when the government was active militarily, under Rajapaksa rule which naturally invokes the militancy in Tamils.  
Pro-Eelam activist Ms Usha  Sriskandarajah, for example has posted on Twitter - ‘India your actions disgust me
Ms Sriskandarajah refers to the article ‘UNHRC Resolution, Guided by India, to Give Breather to Sri Lankan Government’ published by ‘the Wire’. In essence, it refers to the additional time rendered to the Sri Lankan Government to solve the ethnic issue ‘internally’. The Sri Lankan parallel of Mr Howard is Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. They were both toppled by apparent minorities who became Australian and Sri Lankan respectively, despite suppression and denial of earned rights and benefits during their reign. India to Sri Lanka is the big brother that Australia is to New Zealand. Hence in Truth there are no boarders between the two.
Through my investment as a global Tamil, I see advantages to Tamils currently living in Sri Lanka, being  facilitated to continue with their recovery, if  Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe – however passive he may be –becomes the winner at the next national elections. The NSW parallel of  Sri Lanka’s UNP -  is Labor. They both promote self-governance by the ordinary migrant more than their opposition in government.
As per India’s Truth – war would be promoted under the Rajapaksa regime which would be disastrous to the Indian government’s investment in Tamil Nadu which as per my knowledge ranks as the sixth (out of 29) largest state in terms of votes. It is also the state where former Indian Prime Minister whose son Rahul Gandhi is contesting in the upcoming Indian elections, was killed by the LTTE of Sri Lanka. Politics is a one-way path. It’s when the other side is recognized that it becomes Administration. Groups/States/Provinces that are self-governing due to their diversity – hold greater power than is apparent and/or known. The attack on the former Indian PM could be taken as Tamil Nadu’s attack on Central Government.
Likewise, the NZ attack could be taken as being against NZ government that has moved towards multiculturalism – starting with indigenous New Zealanders. To one who is strongly attached to status through White-Australia policy – such a government would be a group of ‘traitors’ and hence the attack is political. Likewise to LTTE supporters like Ms Usha  Sriskandarajah who lacks investment in the victims currently living in Sri Lanka, India’s support to the UNP led government would seem like an attack on gun-activism. If Tamils voted against UNP led by Mr Wickremesinghe – Mr Rajapaksa and his heirs would return to the throne. Each independent voter adds also her/his Truth to governance as per her/his pathway. To that extent the pathway will be open to her/him when s/he is in need.  
Where we lack intellectual structures to include all concerned – our own Truth must guide us. Truth being of Universal value, would protect us from real devaluation of our true values – including when we die at the physical level. During election mode – we should not oppose the side during whose regime we self-governed. Here in Australia, I was punished under the regime of Mr Howard, for seeking to self-govern. However clever the current Liberals may be – the moment they include Mr Howard in their election campaign – I have the duty to oppose that side through my vote. That is the Truth I share with Sri Lankans also.  

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
19 March 2019

Daily Mirror - Are you aware that Sri Lanka is not land belonging to Buddhists?

Knowledge becomes wisdom when we experience that knowledge. Until experienced, knowledge is ‘external’ to us. That which is external to us does not have the power to work itself through us. Hence we need common laws and processes through which we think in common and act in common. The Christchurch massacre happening during this holy period for Christians would not seem  coincidence to the deeper reader with experience/wisdom in Equal Opportunity values and laws.
Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka) for example as published the following as part of the editorial - Terrorism, hate speech and religious bigotry - on the Christchurch massacre:

[The perpetrator, was apparently ‘radicalised’ over a period of time via social media and the web, using what is referred to as ‘dark sites’. Before embarking on his murderous rampage, Tarrant uploaded a hate-filled  manifesto which he claimed was the cause celibre behind his murderous rampage and the means to save western civilisation from Islamists and foreign invaders bent on destroying western civilisation and Christianity. The man was not probably aware that the US, Australia and New Zealand are not lands belonging to the European community.]
My question to the editor is – ‘Are you aware that Sri Lanka is not land belonging to Buddhists only?’
The word ‘only’ is missing in the editor’s observation. Australia, as it exists today belongs to those of European origin also.

The editor states ‘In Sri Lanka, we too underwent a similar brainwashing when our politicians from both sides of the racial-divide spouted race hatred. More recently, we saw the rise of religious bigotry against our brothers in the Muslim community. Fortunately the attempts to destabilise the country were contained.

I am not aware that Muslim politicians in Sri Lanka contributed to those riots between Muslims and Buddhists. To my mind, the source was the interpretation of ‘Buddhism Foremost’ policy in the Sri Lankan constitution – which makes Buddhism senior to any other religion in Sri Lanka and therefore Buddhists are senior to a person of any other religion.  This provision is fundamentally flawed in terms of democracy and when invoked against a more democratic person, and the other person does not retaliate,  it would attack the investment in democracy by Buddhists of Sri Lanka. That I believe, was how Tamils who are largely Hindus, Christians and Muslims – became leading Opposition in National Parliament despite being a minority of about 12%. This is the parallel of Mr Fraser Anning becoming Senator with only 19 votes – which is .0076% of the total votes of 250,126.

White Australians attached to White seniority, are the parallels of  not only Buddhist supremacists  in Sri Lanka but also of Tamil supremacists in Tamil only areas where they reigned supreme before democracy replaced seniority with Equality, where at least one party was conscious of diversity.
On 11 August 1998, when I resigned from the substantive position I held at the University of NSW  that was also to protest against such supremacists. The feeling was surfaced by Ms Pauline Hanson who spoke on TV and represents such supremacists  and therefore continuously attacks the investment in democracy by other Australians. I was guided by my inner Truth.

When one is found to be wrong there is room for hope that they would correct themselves. But with extremists – the ceiling is already in place in terms of self-assessment. Hence when they act against someone who has ‘included’ them as part of her/himself, it is a sin that cannot be corrected through the system that allocates rights and wrongs in the current environment. I believe that it was Lord Muruga power in me that led to my non-violent expressions through which I became the Equal Opposition of the UNSW management. This then means that I still belonged. The rest happened naturally through each person’s Truth.

But no one except my immediate family and a couple of  UNSW staff,  directly supported me in that democratic pathway.  If Brenton Tarrant was wrong to a mind, then I ought to have been ‘right’ to that same mind. The rest is mere hearsay. Knowledge needs to recognize both at the same time and/or on Equal footing.

Monday 18 March 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 March 2019

Same-side Goal in Ethnic Politics

This morning, SBS News reported under the heading – 'Nothing will divide us': Faith leaders, politicians unite against hatred after NZ terror attack’
Not every Australian would identify with this unity. Last night, Twitter brought us the following message about Ms Chelsea Clinton on the issue:

[Clinton attended a vigil honoring the victims of the terror attack in New Zealand where 49 people were killed at two mosques. A woman present at the vigil confronted Clinton, saying the massacre was "stoked by people like you and the words you put out into the world."] -

I guess, this morning, when I wrote as follows to an engineering Alumni group of University of  Peradeniya, Sri Lanka,  I was in the position of the young lady who accused the ‘Clinton group ’  and the likes of Ms Indira Vasanti Samarasekera OC,  (née Arulpragasam) the 12th president and vice-chancellor of the University of Alberta are in the ‘Clinton group’:
[This group is trying to fool itself and others through this ‘reunion’. Until this ‘project’ the group did not share experiences as if it was ONE body. My brother had to abandon his hard-earned Engineering place in 1983 – after Sinhalese batch mates attacked him. I had to try very hard to persuade  him to complete his university education in Canada.
The Human Energy inherited from this Faculty needs purification before ‘showing’ improvements to visible assets. If the inherited Energy is positive, the system would work itself. If negative – the repeat of 1983 would be added to every future activity initiated by those groups that caused the violence within the University – including through heritage from this group, that failed to take affirmative action over the past 36 years of separatism practiced by this very group. 
The better way would be to go together to High Schools that produce high rate of Engineering entrants. As per current reports Moratuwa University is preferred to Peradeniya University for Engineering – especially by Tamil students. Restore the commonness of Peradeniya through improved  Human Values. If you seek to fool yourselves – that is fine. But please stop fooling the younger generation by pulling the money-cover over Human Values weaknesses in you. The Truth is known through your actual conduct over the past 36 years when the Nation was in ethnic crisis. Truth alone can unite us naturally.
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam]

The ethnic problem of Sri Lanka was globalized and continues to be globalized by both sides to the conflict. When we are global, every other ethnic problem in any part of the world, becomes ours also. It matters not which side we view it from – so long as we use common measures of  global commonness.  

This morning’s mail directed my attention to the story of a former combatant-couple published at

The Truth that I  identify with  in that story is that to those  combatants  LTTE were the Government group. They were the non-State party in the Sri Lankan ethnic war. Tamils also made up two teams – one that supported the militants and the other than supported non-violent practitioners of the laws of Sri Lanka. The above victims belonged in the former team. By expressing expectations of support from the Sri Lankan government, they are confirming that they are expecting the opposition group to support their heritage!  

Recently in Northern Sri Lanka, when we attended Mallakam Local Courts at the request of the Opposition’s lawyer – at one stage I had to leave my husband with the Opposition lawyer to go downstairs and find the 84 year old lawyer who represented our side. When I came back my husband and the Opposition lawyer were missing and by systematic search I found them in the registry room where the Opposition lawyer was writing out the ‘joint motion’. When I asked my husband – he said that he noticed the Opposition Lawyer was in need of light and fan. Hence he also moved in. I said to him – that was ‘same side goal’.

The above ex-combatants were doing similar. In the meantime, TGTE – Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam is getting ready for its next term. The above mentioned story is a vote against the current TGTE  committee. To the extent we claim diversity we need to refrain from becoming ‘common’ in politics and claiming ‘same side goals’ as our victories.

As per my experience, UNP the political party has the strongest heritage in Northern Sri Lanka, through law abiding Tamils who have not expressly joined any non-political Tamil team in the ethnic conflict. This was confirmed when we met the Prime Minister’s group in February, at the North Gate by Jetwing hotel. The way Truth worked – the Hon Vajira Abeywardana, Minister of Internal and Home Affairs and Provincial Councils and Local Government, chatted to us and made the common connection with my husband on the basis that he was an Engineering graduate from Moratuwa University. This was followed by an introduction to the Prime Minister who also demonstrated interest in the fact that my husband was teaching at University of Technology, Sydney. To me all this was confirmation of our positive heritage in the University of Peradeniya’s Engineering faculty which continues to connect us globally. We as a global family paid our respects to that University in 2013. The rest is led by our educational heritage of positive value.

In the process I appreciated the group value of UNP which connected us to a fellow engineer more strongly than we would have anticipated. That is the way of Truth. It lives in us as our heritage.