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19 May 2022





Today is the anniversary of Our Lady of Schoenstatt  at Mulgoa.  On 21 May 2009, I wrote as follows to Professor Sathananthan from Vavuniya while serving the refugees in the camps:


‘This is the power I feel  at  Our Lady’s church at the Sydney suburb of Mulgoa.  In fact it so happened that I worked on this project on 19 May – the anniversary of Our Lady of Schoenstatt  at Mulgoa. It was on 19 May 1999 that the then UNSW Chancellor Sir Anthony Mason sent word that he heard me in relation to Grant Reporting.  I believe fully that Our Lady of Schoenstatt who has healed war wounds of thousands of Australians of Lankan origin is blessing us in this Service. It is no coincidence to true believers.’ (The full text of the communication is in the Appendix)


To me that endorsement from the Chancellor – Sir Anthony Mason happened due to my faith in Our Lady.  While waiting to get the ultimate clearance from the officer concerned I prayed to Lord Buddha through the statue in the officer’s room. As usual I operated on my own. There were many indicators that divine powers were guiding me. To me, yesterday’s  anniversary of the final days of the war is also a reminder that faith always works – even if I am a minority of one.


The appointment of the Prime Minister who in 2005, was led down by the Tamil community taken as a whole, strongly indicates to me that the ethnic problem of Sri Lanka has become ‘history’ after the ‘Protests’ by those who believed in Democracy. The protestors provided the pathway that ought to have been provided by the main Opposition party. But the faith invoked the UNP – the main Opposition to the ruling party and the first ruling party after British rule. In his letter to the Prime Minister, published by Daily FT under the title ‘Krishantha urges RW to secure legitimacy and credibility’, Chairman - Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited Mr Krishantha Cooray includes the following:

[So, it was with a heavy heart that I watched you being sworn in last week before President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in a dark, empty room. I imagined to myself how different it would have been if this fifth swearing in ceremony had better resembled your previous ones. There were no cheering crowds, because you had won no election, and had received no mandate to govern.]


The same event filled my heart with joy. I did not see the individual Ranil but the UNP ancestry in Common.   The fact that Ranil was Prime Minister at this time when Tamil civilian deaths were mourned in Colombo for the first time since 2009  - confirms the way truth works. My contribution to this was Opposition by ‘alternate belief’. This is also the power of any minority. It is also the reason why Ranil became the PM.


Laterally this same ancestral power is recognised as majority power. Ancestral power is time based while current power is place based – with each person / voter being considered a place – for example the Electorate. One who believes in the whole of Sri Lanka invokes this power – even if s/he has no portfolio. When Mr Wickremasinghe was ‘dismissed’ by the People who were driven by the Rajapaksas – he became close to the ancestral powers and their medium. His mind became ‘free’ of majority influence and hence open to ancestral powers.


Yesterday I explained this to an Eelam Tamil group as follows:


[When I write my Truth the positions that I place the other side in receives my work at its soul level. In the case of Mr Wigneswaran – that is as part of the Judiciary. It was during his time as CM that I became the victim of irregularities in Northern Courts. Hence when I write to him, that position receives it. Mr W did not take responsibility to address the Court Admin as a service. Hence he needs to be included – especially in post war healing.

It is a kind of protest – like in Colombo – but without attacking the position.  ]


Yesterday, on the special day of mourning for Tamils – the person who was attracted by Mr Wigneswaran’s position of Chief Minister – to invite him as Chief guest but failed to invite me – initiated on his own – the next step in that Testamentary matter. To me – that was the parallel of Ranil being appointed Prime Minister.

Dr Kapila Ranasinghe in his Daily FT article ‘225: Come out of the dark, you do not have a mandate’ declares :

[There’s ‘no’ mandate for the entire 225 MPs to represent the public when they are hidden in the bunkers or in alternative houses due to being chased by the public. ]

The parallel of Official Parliament in the case of these writers – is the Official Media. The Daily FT published both contributions but not mine. Why ? – because both these writers are Mani Kattina Maadukal /cows with bells/

But someone somewhere becomes the medium to acknowledge my real status. Recently after I communicated the message in the Appendix,  Dr Victor Wimalasingham wrote as follows:

[Dear Dr nadeasan

I found yr responses to the lady Gaja reprehensible and unacceptable

You have neither moral right nor professional authority to comment on her mental state.

Calling her mad, delusional and weird is an infringement of her of personal rights to say what she thinks

I too disagree with much of her views, but does not give me the right to call her names and cast doubt to her sanity.

I am astonished that many in this forum who consider you special, have not cautioned you on your response to the views about this lady’s comments. If they did I apologise to them.]

There was another member who shared his feelings privately. But no one else did. I thanked  Professor Sathananthan who from time to time referred to me as Dr Gajalakshmi. That respect for my intelligence – to my mind – manifested through Dr Victor Wimalasingham. 

In the case of Parliament – so long as we believe in Democracy – we will invoke Ancestral powers to manifest in the form of Democracy – as practiced by the person who invokes the Ancestral Powers. The person in official position is only the medium.  This applies to the Media also. Hence the power of Social Media.  If the current Parliament is to go home – so should the current official media. When official Democracy fails – ancestral powers manifest through those who currently practice Direct Democracy. They are then the Opposition of the whole – provided they are independent of the Official system. Essential is the belief in ancestral powers that are invisible.










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Subject: RE: Orthopedic, Occupational and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Unit atVavuniya General Hospital


Thanks Satha,


The proposal stands on its own merit and would appeal to all those who genuinely seek to participate. Eventually it does not even matter whether we get the funds or not. The resources will come in one form or the other - provided all of us feel that we are contributing to relief from suffering.  The work we have done so far has already contributed towards this.


Having said that, I do believe that the Australian government would respond. If they don't we would take those Australians who do,  as the real  government for this participation in a global issue.


The grant proposals I prepared have so far  been well received by donors including Australian and NSW governments.


I am happy to seek to meet with the second secretary here at the Australian High Commission and forward the proposal through them to the Aust Government. Kolitha - as fellow Australian would add value if he would join me.


Hence once we finalise the proposal with all the necessary signatures including yours , mine, Kolitha's and the Ministry officials confirming their participation - let's take it to the Aussie government. If you would rather I come there and take the proposal to Canberra – as we –proposed to previously - I am happy to do that.  David Holly of the Aust Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been showing  strong consciousness in this regard.


Satha, whilst going through this proposal I was reminded of a similar proposal  (Prosthetics and Orthotics) for UNSW Sports Medicine under the leadership of Dr. David Garlick. This was in collaboraton with La Trobe - and we did win the grant from Federal Government. Towards this it is important that we speak their language / the style and format. This is what you recognized through the budget. I will forward this email to David’s partner and wife Gwen (David has passed away) and others who may also seek to add their participation through this project.

I read through Tom Spall’s (of Australia Sri Lanka Business Council)  comments.  Will include his suggestions as much as possible but as you would appreciate - this is not just a business proposal but a humanitarian one. Hence the 'income value' at patient level would commence only after the project has integrated with mainsteam healthcare - which is estimated to take 10 years. Two years is a terribly short period and would suit pure cash based activity/project without regard to feelings  of all concerned.  Tom asks whether Vavuniya is the best place. It was chosen by the Sri Lankan government and it does seem the right place as per my feelings for the patients who are the most important people in this project.  If not for them we should go for a private  medical service in Colombo or Kandy.  In fact we are seeking to establish more and more places of worship in Vavuiya  so that the feelings of the detainees would be the power that would work this service.  This is the power I feel  at  Our Lady’s church at the Sydney suburb of Mulgoa.  In fact it so happened that I worked on this project on 19 May – the anniversary of Our Lady of Schoenstatt  at Mulgoa. It was on 19 May 1999 that the then UNSW Chancellor Sir Anthony Mason sent word that he heard me in relation to Grant Reporting.  I believe fully that Our Lady of Schoenstatt who has healed war wounds of thousands of Australians of Lankan origin is blessing us in this Service. It is no coincidence to true believers.


 By the end of 10 years  mainstream public healthcare may be ready to operate on business basis to the extent patients have choice of going elsewhere. Until then we cannot legitimately take the business approach. A monopoly controlled by the State is part of the program and therefore does not lend itself to business /project approach.


Tom has referred to depreciation. This would be left out in the Cash Flow statement. It will remain in the Cost statement.  Capital expenditure would be picked up in the cash flow.  I have included both in the initial draft to make up for the Equipment costs which are yet to be included. Once they are in the two would be separated and shown appropriately. At total level they would look the same.

The Land of the Vavuniya hospital being shown as a cost as well as benefit - is the beginning of this move towards business approach which really is merit based approach. Right now at patients  level we cannot calculate merit basis because they do not know to assess the value of service as Australians in general do  now. They could not before when I first started in Public Service.


The patient value is the parallel of EFTSU (Effective Full Time Student Unit) based on which University funding for teaching is provided at the variable level. HECS is part of this component and is therefore picked up by the students to the extent of HECS.  The rest is still largely on cost basis and that too historical.  But we are gradually moving towards the cost-benefit system - especially for private students / customers. At that level we need to produce objectively verifiable outcomes which could be measured independently and by each investor on his/her own base for his/her use. This is why I have included Australian 'status' in the proposal. This is the closest we can get to right now to Tom's patient value. Right now we must not even look at patient numbers to calculate efficiency. We must just recruit 'service' oriented participants whose every stroke of work and pain would contribute to common ownership. With strong level of common global  ownership - the unit is likely to lead Sri Lankan Healthcare towards global standards.




---- Henry Sathananthan <> wrote:

> Thanks Gaja

> Lets try both, but how. Sath


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> To: Henry Sathananthan

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> kottegoda Vithana'; 'Kolitha Wickramage';;

> 'Thushara Ranasinghe';

> Subject: RE: Orthopedic, Occupational and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

> Unit atVavuniya General Hospital


> Thank you Kolitha and Satha.


> Why 10 years ?


> That is how long it is estimated for the project to integrate with the

> Health program of  the nation.  This is also  an indicator  of  how

> long it would take the patients to heal and  feel  part of the national  system.


> We suggest a contribution of AUD 400k from the Victorian Government

> and 700k from the Federal Government.  The rationale is as follows:


> Australia's  status through this participation increases to the extent

> of Rs

> 28 million which is about AU$400k. This could be directly related to 

> the project  through the visible and direct  aspects of  medical  services.

> Roughly speaking - this is the value added through  Australian Medical

> services, to Sri Lankan medical  services to help the latter  seem

> more global.



> The $700k contribution is to participate in global governance  through

> Humanitarian Services.  It is to  satisfy and confirm Australia's

> responsibility as a global leader in democracy.   It is like taxes to

> central government but  instead of  going through UN we go  direct to

> the victims to provide humanitarian services - humanitarian services

> could be safely provided  by  anyone who feels and have the  moral

> authority of True  feelings.  To the extent  Federal  Government does

> not pick this up, we would get the contribution from feelers  of  Sri

> Lankan origin  and then go to  wider world if necessary.


> As you would  appreciate,   these figures would  change  as per  equipment

> costs. But in general this is the  framework that would give the total

> picture for  global  participants.


> love

> gaja





> ---- Henry Sathananthan <> wrote:

> > Thank you Kolitha. I forwarded it to the Governor yesterday for

> discussion.

> > Two questions:-

> >

> > 1. Why 10 years?

> > 2. How much to you actually want from the Victorian Government?

> >

> >  > >

> > Good to have a note on justification of budget before submission.

> > This is the way we apply for grants. This is  mandatory. Grants are

> > very

> competitive

> > here.

> >

> >   

> > We will meet the Governor very soon. Thx. AHS

> >

> >

> > 

> >

> > From: Kolitha Wickramage []

> > Sent: Wednesday, 20 May 2009 3:58 PM

> > To: Henry Sathananthan

> > Cc: eeshara kottegoda Vithana;; Gajalakshmi_Param;

> Thushara

> > Ranasinghe;;

> > Subject: Orthopedic, Occupational and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

> > Unit atVavuniya General Hospital

> >

> >

> > Dear Prof Sathanantha et al.,

> >

> > Here is the proposal (draft) with the costings provided by Ms

> > Gajalakshmi, Total Costs came to Rs. 99.11m over 10 year duration.

> >

> > Status contribution from - Sri Lanka  = Rs. 21.27m

> >

> > Status contribution from - Australia  = Rs. 28.29m

> >

> > Dr Gamini can you please send the list of Ortho equipments for a

> > General hospital Grade in Sri Lanka please.

> >

> > Many thanks,

> > Kolitha


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