Saturday 31 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 31 October  2015
Australian Peter Norman contributing to American Liberation

Sri Lankan Tree of Sovereignty

I learnt through Uthayan Newspapers which has its head office in Tamil Heartland of Jaffna – that Councilor Samantha Ratnam has become Mayor of the city where our son lives with his family. It felt good – as if we were part of the Governance in that area. If not for my deep commitment to balancing the ethnic powers in Sri Lanka – I am not likely to have made this discovery. I sent a congratulatory note to Mayor Ratnam and then shared the news with our  children in Melbourne. As if in reward, this morning I received email from a fellow Australian of Sri Lankan origin about Australian Peter Norman who is presented to us as follows:
[ Norman was a white man from Australia, a country that had strict apartheid laws, almost as strict as South Africa. There was tension and protests in the streets of Australia following heavy restrictions on non-white immigration and discriminatory laws against aboriginal people, some of which consisted of forced adoptions of native children to white families.].

Today other Australians are benefiting from the deep sacrifices by good and honorable men like Peter Norman whose simple gesture in wearing the Human Rights Medal along with two Black Americans went a long way towards Australia becoming global. Without such sacrifices Ms Ratnam could not have become Mayor of Victorian City of Moreland.

This leads us to the question as to whether the Australian Government was wrong back then with its White-Australia policy? Did the Separation protect White Australians from becoming as easy-going as Indigenous Australians? Did that Separation contribute strongly to today’s Australia standing tall enough to facilitate a colored female becoming Mayor? My spiritual guru’s example comes to mind. The essence of it is that - when a plant is young we need to fence and protect it – so it would not be attacked by animals. Once that plant grows tall it provides shade to those very same animals. By migrating to Australia, Ms Ratnam’s family has confirmed that they did not suffer due to British rule but that they suffered more under Sinhalese rule which empowered the rough voters. As per published details:

[Aged 6 at the time, Cr Ratnam said she remembered the 1983 riots in Colombo that gave rise to the country’s 30-year internal war, including her family being split as they took refuge when Sinhalese Sri Lankans burnt Tamil Sri Lankans’ homes.
“I remember seeing the streets burning and for the first time seeing adults crying,” she said.
“It was an experience that changes you in many ways, but going through it together with family helped the healing.”
Her family left Sri Lanka in 1987 and Cr Ratnam said it wasn’t until she moved to Brunswick seven years ago that she felt at home.]

I identify with this FEELING of Burnswick the suburb chosen by our son when he migrated from Sydney to Melbourne. This to my mind happens when others of similar spirit have made ‘home-investments’ in that area. The Land attracts you if you are of its type. Ms Pearl Thevanayagam a well known Sri Lankan Journalist – also a victim of 1983 riots - similarly is outstanding in her own field. Neither of them could have succeeded without the maturity to integrate at the higher level or have the courage to declare independence at lower level. I chose the latter pathway and accepted my status as a migrant as per MY generation Australians.

In 1983 – the then Sri Lankan Government headed by President Jayawardene reacted to the LTTE which killed 13 Sri Lankan soldiers. Had Mr. Jayawardene respected the verdict of Truth through the voters which like in 2015 resulted in the Tamil Political Group becoming Leading Opposition in Parliament – he would not have rewritten the Constitution in 1978 to go back in time – towards Monarchical rule – the parallel of foreign rule that Sinhalese are now complaining about in terms of the American sponsored UN resolution. Like Place – Time also could make one ‘foreigner’.  

One who comes to power as per a particular structure has the responsibility to respect and uphold that structure unless changing the structure was the mandate on which s/he comes to power. A good leader needs only her/his Truth to uphold harmony and express it through policies based on existing laws. Sri Lankan Politicians have strongly been influenced by India’s power due to Tamils in both countries. To the extent a Sri Lankan Tamil believes that Sri Lanka is her/his home – s/he protects Sri Lanka from Indian invasion. What matters is that feeling of Sovereignty and not how large the Land that represents it is. Thus a Sri Lankan Tamil who feels Sri Lankan, would protect Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty more than a Sinhalese who actively claims ‘Sovereignty’ without feeling one with the Common Sri Lankan. Until therefore such persons realize Sovereignty they need to be segregated through Powers - so they would not damage the Sri Lankan Tree of Sovereignty.

Colombo where Ms Ratnam’s family lived – is by its very nature the Common Capital of Sri Lanka. Be it Sinhalese or Tamils to whom Colombo is not ‘home’ – they have to learn the Common culture. It could be expressed in any language but the culture must be Colombo.

 Mr. Jayawardene who lived in Colombo demonstrated desire for fame by moving  the Parliament in 1982 - to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte  (also known as Kotte) - a suburb of Colombo, described as follows in Wikipedia : [ In 1391, following the conquest of the Jaffna Kingdom by Prince Sapumal (Sembahap Perumal), Kotte was given the epithet 'Sri Jayawardhanapura' ('resplendent city of growing victory'). It became the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Kotte, which it remained until the end of the 16th century. ]

The above confirms that there was a Jaffna Kingdom and that Southern leaders felt threatened by this Kingdom. Jaffna does have Power of its own and whenever ‘foreign’ influences are brought in – by Southern leaders going back in time – Jaffna would naturally manifest its Ruling Power. Natural Justice would support this if the system of Democracy is used for benefits while Administration is conducted as per a ‘foreign’ system – a system of the past. Hence fear of Indian invasion by those voters who do not practice Democracy in current Sri Lanka. When Benefits are earned through current system – we need to pay our respects to that current system. When this is done – we eventually become that system and enjoy eternal joy through the higher mind. If therefore one goes back in time – one becomes a foreigner to the current system. When one enjoys the benefits of the current system – one becomes indebted to the current system and passes on a burden her/his heirs.

As an individual – Mr. Jayawardene who was born a Christian and got educated through Christian colleges – converted to become Buddhist. The move from Colombo to Kotte – was its later parallel – confirming an unsteady mind.  In 2009 when I went to Sri Lanka to help our nephew whose father was displaced from Vanni – and eventually died in the camp – I went often to Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center at Barnes Place Colombo (around the same area as Mr. Jayawardene’s home) to pray. While others were singing I was thinking about the battle area and the question came into my mind ‘Who started this?’ Then the answer came ‘the killing of the 13 Soldiers’ and right then a flower from Swami’s picture fell. This kind of Guidance was not new to me – after my Australian experiences when also Swami kept showing me the way to follow. Those who start off with particular outcomes would not recognize  such Guidance. Given that I was Sri Lankan – praying in Colombo – I got this answer. The soldiers represented Colombo so long as they were in Uniform and hence the response said that  a Sri Lankan was killed by a Tamil.

Since then I have  learnt that LTTE itself was funded by India and hence the fear in the minds of Sri Lankan Politicians wearing the Sinhala Buddhist clothing superficially – would have led to denying Tamils in Colombo their earned right to be protected from Sinhalese extremists with homes far away from Colombo. I feel that it’s fear of India that influenced President Jayawardene to move his capital to Kotte.  Had he been true to his Christian beginnings – he would have not felt the need to move anywhere but remained close to his home in Colombo. Leadership through Politics requires us to remain close to ‘home’ in our minds. When we move away – we need conscious Administration to be fair and just to all concerned. Hence the need for Objectively verifiable outcomes to establish credibility.

Associate Editor of Straight Times of Singapore – Mr. Ravi Velloor  recently summarized the Indian karma  as follows:
[To pressure Colombo, Indira Gandhi covertly began to fund and arm Tamil groups.
The rest is history. The Tigers would not only turn on their own state, but on India as well , and even Tamils themselves - wiping out rival groups and key political leaders. They would assassinate Indira's son, Rajiv Gandhi, as he campaigned to return to power in 1991. The civil war would rage for more than a quarter-century until it was finally put down in 2009 with jaw-dropping brutality, this time with India's covert assistance for Colombo.]

Sri Lanka, in a political sense was / is insignificant to India and this has been confirmed by the way they keep changing sides. But even if one LTTE member believed that s/he was fighting for Independence AND was directly hurt by the Indian Peacekeeping Force – that believer had the power to return the karma to the source. The signing of the Indo-Sri Lankan award in 1987  by President Jayewardene and Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, leading to the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was/is strongly resisted by Sinhalese extremists and resulted in threats to Mr. Jayawardene’s life:
[The LTTE rejected the accord, as it fell short of even an autonomous state. The provincial councils suggested by India were the once that didn't even had powers to control over revenue, police, government sponsored Sinhala settlements in Tamil provinces . Sinhala nationalists were outraged by both the devolution and the presence of foreign troops on Sri Lankan soil. An attempt was made on Jayewardene's life in 1987 as a result of his signing of the accord. Young, deprived Sinhalese soon rose in revolt, organized by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna(JVP) which was eventually put down by the government.]

Any Government of Sri Lanka needs the support of true Sri Lankans to successfully govern Sri Lanka which has now become a Lesson for the International Community to learn from. Sinhala and Tamil Nationalists will contribute to upholding this Sovereignty  only once they realize their Sovereignty through their own local pathways. When they interfere with the process of Sri Lankan Governance – often due to their own desires and fears – they become the animals that attack young and growing plants which when they mature would provide shade to these very animals. 

Friday 30 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 30 October  2015

Idle Tamil Opposition Leadership Position in Sri Lankan Parliament

1.      “Weerawansa noted that Global Tamil Forum President Father S.J.Emmanuel had said that he will be visiting Sri Lanka soon as he has been invited by the Government.
Father S.J.Emmanuel was included in a proscribed list by the former Government over alleged links to terrorism.” - Joint opposition questions state of democracy – Colombo Gazzette

2.      Weerawansa also said that he will file a complaint with the human rights commission against the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) for arresting him recently over his passport.”

If the above two statements were made during the same session of parliament – (they appear to be so) then they negate each other and deny themselves the Administrative value.

If Mr. Weerawansa accepts the previous government’s ruling against Father S.J.Emmanuel – then he becomes that Opposition in Parliament with the same mind order as the Government that made that Ruling. When subjective powers are taken up in Parliament – one side is Government and the other side is Citizen. Given that the current Government overrode the previous Government’s ruling – it became the Opposition representing the Citizen and the person accusing became the Government as per that law.

The second statement that he would make a complaint to Human Rights Commission was of a personal nature and did not have the height to be taken up in Parliament. In Parliament one has the right to show the connection between Cause and Effect – as per one’s Truth AFTER following the lawful process. Following the lawful process is our Royalty to Parliament. Mr. Weerawansa has every right to go to the Human Rights Commission as a private citizen and not as an elected member of the People who is taken to have made investment through lawful conduct – to have ‘ownership’ rights.

I complained against the then Prime Minister of Australia – Mr. John Howard to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission after going through the Administrative processes step by step. Given that I did it as a victim without official portfolio – the process was excruciatingly painful. I had to be conscious that I was a victim – so I would be active. I needed to be active to empower Equal Opportunity positions at the highest level of Governance that a migrant of my generation was capable of – especially one from war-torn Sri Lanka. I thus became the real Opposition in Australian Parliament in terms of Racial Equality. My losses incurred - step by step through the Administrative processes fitted wins as per the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 –  wins at the Prime Ministerial level. I was not physically present in Parliament which held the Prime Ministerial position, but my investment in that position was present. Once we are in Truth – we have still mind and the investment works for us. One who so invests would identify with the returns when they  happen and would know that the actions were needed to protect the Nation. The fact that Mr. Howard was present with Mr. Bush during the 9/11 attack – confirmed to me that my warnings to Mr. Howard were appropriate.  In Court – I had the Equal position through the legal system – to subjectively Oppose Mr. Howard. I did not have that in Parliament. Mr. Weerawansa has it in Parliament and when he complains in Parliament he is confirming abuse of Parliamentary position.  This confirms also that the JVP Rebellion that he contributed to was on false grounds – and was of the LTTE Karuna kind. Eventually – Mr. Howard lost his seat and therefore the Political voice and became an ordinary citizen like myself. The simple Truth worked to downgrade him. Every migrant who truly rejected Mr. Howard and his followers on the basis of her/his experience – contributed to this outcome. The position needed was that of junior migrant. The Judiciary is required to the Separate so it would facilitate this Equal position. Australian Judiciary failed beyond the basic Administrative process. Our Judiciary was strongly influenced by the highly paid lawyers who were using the ‘idle’ minds of Judges to show off their cleverness – through rote-learning. So let’s not fool ourselves that the Australian Justice system is Saintly relative to the Sri Lankan Justice system. One has to be ‘Common’ to make such judgment.

A Rebellion to be true – needs to be (1) After all lawful processes available in that environment have been exhausted and (2) Need to be based on one’s own experience.

As per November issue of Puthinam London:

[pibnft ;[mf vaZmf  Vzlf - ;vbfbalf uRvaKvT m[it m[mf mdfDmlfl miRk m[mf Pd.  `nft m[tfti[f  evqipfpaD K]mf. nadfdibfK oR K]mf, cYMktftibfK  oR K]mf,  vIdfdibfK oR K]mf, nayfkfK nayf oR K]mf - ;T ;ybfAkyi[f niyti.
The environment of birth as well as living – shapes not only human mind but also the animal mind. The manifestation of that mind is the character / trait. There is a trait of  the nation, there is a trait of the society, there is a trait of the family – there is a trait for each breed of dog. This is Nature’s Law. ]

I appreciate through my Australian experience that a person of lower position in a relationship can ‘restructure’ the mind of the  person in the higher position by accepting the lower position as the right position. Then our true investment in the higher position goes into the environment of Truth – and works as the invisible power to demote the position allocated by that person to the junior despite having had the opportunity to know the truly earned position of that person and treat  her/him as an Equal. Those who rebel prematurely are actually missing out on this opportunity to demote the leader through Natural Justice. They rebel to eliminate that person so they could take that place. This is true of both JVP as well as LTTE Rebel leaders.

I contributed to the Global system by going through Australian Laws rather than Politicians. Once we use Politicians – we are taking lower position than they and NOT Equal position. To be valid at global/total level – one needs to produce Independent outcomes to confirm one’s position independent of another – but relative to the Equal Opposition as per the Law. Hence the requirement of Objectively Measurable evidence in a multicultural/hybrid environment. This is the real power of minority in a Democratic system. Often those who have been beneficiaries of the subjective system relative to minorities – fail to recognize this strength. Those within the minority group who desire the leadership position use other forms to reduce the status of the person in the higher position – including weapons – but not limited to weapons. This may be deserved by that other person but that is NOT democracy. Democracy is confirmed when both are Equal at the end of the relationship – be it at a higher or lower level than when the two involved started.

Yesterday, in response to my article  ‘Australian Ownership of UNHRC Resolution’ a Sinhalese of Army background responded:

[Sir Desmond is Sri Lankan born;  so he is not an outsider.  Let's get it right.  Was Pulidevan to be saved or killed. One or the other?
RW (Ranil Wickremesinghe) the 'PM' was praying the SL Army does not succeed. He had signed a pact with VP. So is he jealous of  Pulidevan;  not that he is 'not concerned' about P death(even though he had allegedly come under a white flag) but has not said anything about  his concern or not for VP's?
 The military Commander on the spot decides action on the ground and is fully responsible for  his decisions. What is RW saying? That the army officer disobeyed a MOD/ MR (Ministry of Defence/Mahinda Rajapaksa) order?
Is it that MR wanted to save P but the field commander killed him while carrying a white flag?  On this RW must be summoned to the 'HYBRID'  commission. Let's see what his song will be then .
There are 2 words that describe what RW spouts together with the mouth pieces of the LTTE who are as guilty of the destruction caused to the Tamils as the LTTE despite  Sambandan's  tears. I do not want to spoil your morning]

To this I responded as follows:

Thank you.  The mind at the time was Sri Lankan or British is the question. If he were Sri Lankan - then there needs to be objectively measurable confirmation of his participation as a member of the Diaspora - as is the case with many of us.
Ranil has been elected by the People and unless he is proven wrong through objectively measurable evidence - he is to be taken as 'right' in terms of expressions in Parliament. That is the subjective power of any government which MR also enjoyed abundantly. My writings would confirm that I did not dispute this at any time - even though I was accused of  being MR fan at that time.

If as an army expert you contradict Ranil  - why don't you write publicly through your column? Is that not your duty as a governor of the army now that you have retired from active duties?
In my case I do not play politics. I take the Administrative value - as identified with through my Truth - to structure my position vis a vis the other POSITION. That contributes to reliable administrative structures.

 The Position we take in a free environment needs to the True for us to contribute through the system of Truth with Universal access. During my Australian experiences I submitted a paper to the UN on Elimination of Racial Discrimination – to which I did not receive even an acknowledgement from the UN. But when Ms Pillai with the attributes I could identify with – came on board – AND – like me went to grassroots level – I knew that the Truth in UN had received my contribution.

The path of Truth is so very beautiful in its  perfection. It’s never too late to submit our contribution to the Truth we know and/or to the person who has shown us our Truth and thus has become our Spiritual Guru. That is all and everything Sri Lanka needs. As per Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – Buddhists have the responsibility to discover their own Truth first – through the Buddhist pathway. Hence the invitation for Father Emmanuel to convert the Buddhists is in breach of Article 9. 

Thursday 29 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29 October  2015

Australia Represented in Vaddukoddai 

That Bad Sri Lankan Government?

Tamil National Alliance member - The Hon M.A. Sumanthiran said in parliament recently also that he had highlighted that the employment of Sir Desmond de Silva, by the former Sri Lankan government was inappropriate. The essence of the objection could be discerned from the following excerpt of  the speech made by him in Parliament on 17 March 2015:

[I state with responsibility that Sir Desmond de Silva was previously retained by the then Government of Sri Lanka to provide it with an opinion with respect to the legality of the conduct of the Government forces during the last stages of the war. On 23rd February, 2014, five months before he was appointed by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to chair the Advisory Council to the Commission, he provided his client – the Government – with a legal opinion stating: “Based on my instructions, my analysis of the relevant law, from the factual matrix made available to me and other research, my opinion is that great mass of civilian deaths which occurred in the final stage of the conflict were regrettable, but permissible collateral damage”.]

To my mind the message from  the TNA Member of Parliament is that Sir Desmond was bought over by the former Government to state what the Government wanted to hear. Fair enough. The following excerpt is from a report of the Global Tamil Forum regarding expressions  by Mr. Sumanthiran in September 2015:

[TNA parliamentarian M. A. Sumanthiran called for “internationalised prosecutions” for mass atrocities committed in Sri Lanka, as part of an accountability process for the crimes.
Speaking at a panel discussion on Saturday hosted by the Global Tamils Forum (GTF) in London Mr Sumanthiran said the TNA had “no trust in a local judicial mechanism” which is why they are pushing for “internationalised prosecutions”. “One of the most important things is that victims of these crimes must have confidence in these courts and they will not have any confidence in a pure domestic system,” he added.
He stated that this strategy must run parallel with a long-term push for referral to the International Criminal Court, which he believes will eventually come with a “reformed Sri Lankan government”.
Considering ongoing challenges in Sri Lanka, Mr Sumanthiran emphasised the importance of security sector reform, but also the difficulty in achieving it. “The military is the same military, the Terrorist Investigation Department is the same people guilty of serious violations,” he said.
In response to a question concerning the LTTE, he stated the, “LTTE was a product of a problem of majoritarianism” and “the defeat of the LTTE cannot be agreed with because the means used to defeat the LTTE weren’t just to defeat the LTTE, they were to suppress the voice of the Tamil people once and for all.”

This particular message could be identified with, by most of us. When I was participating in Court process at Waverley Local Court here in NSW Australia – to have the Trespass charges against me dismissed -  a trader in that area asked me where I was from? I said ‘Sri Lanka’. He then wanted to know which part – North or South? I said North. He then said words to the effect ‘That’s where the bad Tigers come from’. My mind was already low – due to suppression of my ‘earned rights’ at the University of NSW – resulting in me having to go to Court to release myself. It plummeted further down when I heard this from someone to whom I was an outsider. Had the University endorsed me as per my performance and upheld my earned status – the above remarks would not have affected me. I would have accepted the remarks as coming from someone reading the news and without any deeper knowledge of Sri Lankan Tamils. Now he would say about the Sri Lankan Government also – ‘that bad government’. Hence, the Sinhalese Diaspora’s pain after the UN Report. If one were to ask ‘what have you really lost?’ – I doubt that any individual would have a valid response. It’s that personal loss and/or renunciation that gives a true base for ownership.

The conduct of the Tamil Diaspora was a strong force influencing the Turning of the Tables.  One needs to be careful in not losing that value by being hasty about ‘returning home’. I myself wanted to run away from Australia back to Sri Lanka after the University of NSW experience. On 11 August 1998 which was during the period of Nallur Murugan Festival, I wrote the letter of resignation from my substantive position at the University of NSW – after not being able to bear the ‘persecution’ I felt from Central Administrators of the University of NSW. I addressed my letter to the Dean of Medicine who did demonstrate appreciation – which I believe was because like Sri Lankan Tamils – he was expecting / promised Devolution of Powers to Faculties: (Now Professor Bruce Dowton is Vice Chancellor of  Macquarie University)

Dear Bruce,

This morning, in consultation with my husband, I made up my mind to return to Sri Lanka as soon as possible – to a place where I can perform as a Professional in all my creativity.
I heard Pauline Hanson on the 4 Corners Programme last night. Ms Hanson suggests that we go back to our countries of origin if we cannot be like them. It hurts that we even have to hear such things. In the name of ‘Freedom of Speech’ we – the new Australians are being made to lose our freedom to live as individuals. If the leadership of Australia is unable to turn it around – to make up for their negligence in failing to hear the cries of the new Australians – One has to wonder whether Ms Hanson is expressing what these leaders (and employers) feel themselves in their heart of hearts. This is the million dollar question to which I have been seeking a favourable answer – that the leaders of the country to which we brought our children and made them call it their ‘home’ would ensure that it is ‘home’ for our children. But my experience during the past 13 years has failed to deliver the answer that I have been seeking so desperately. When an educational institution such as the University of New South Wales also demonstrated that it was no different – I do not wish to waste any more time – hoping.
I am sorry if this causes you any inconvenience, but I am quite happy to hand-over to your satisfaction – to a person of your choice. I am not arrogant to think that I am indispensable – there are so many excellent Accountants in the market (might even ease the unemployment problem!) and I sincerely wish you the very best – for you are a good leader.”

CC: Vice Chancellor

Many Medical Faculty staff were upset but not so Central Administrators. I now realize that the position I developed through my true contribution would not let me go back. THAT was/is Australian Ownership power. Dr. David Garlick and Ms Gwen Harrigan – who developed a Business Unit within the Faculty of Medicine – adopted me – and communicated their need for my services. I restructured my work to suit them and for the rest of the time – I pursued my Governance work through the higher Administrative processes followed by Legal Processes. The process was a release – and this is what I recommend to Victims of war also. I am working with them in Vaddukoddai - through every step of this pathway.

When I learn about children being attacked – I recall how my children were looked after by an Invisible Power with least external support – while I was at work. These were the discoveries I made about how God had received my genuine work – as service and stored them for me to be drawn on, when I needed them. Had I therefore run away to Sri Lanka – I would have lost the value of my Australian family that I myself had worked hard to develop and sacrificed to nurture. Likewise, my Professional Position as an outstanding Accountant specializing in Democratic Accounting systems. They are mine developed through my true, voluntary contribution. Sharing this Truth is the best contribution I could make to prevent unjust wars in my home environments.

Hence when I read the following report about Fr. Emmanuel – the head of Global Tamil Forum – I felt he was abandoning post:
Nava Lanka Samasamaja Party General Secretary and Ceylon Today's Columnist Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne told the writer that Fr. Emmanuel has accepted a personal invitation extended to him by the President and the Foreign Minister to work on the 'reconciliation' process the government has launched.
"Although I have accepted the personal invitation of the President and of the FM to come home and work for reconciliation, I depend very much on the cooperation of the progressive forces of the South to explain the whole truth to the Sinhala masses and I hope we have at least made a start in liberating the masses from the falsehoods of politicians," he had told Dr. Wickramabahu.
Under the Rajapaksa regime, in 2014, the Global Tamil Forum was banned along with many other organizations under United National Security Council Resolution 1373 for 'supporting terrorism'

The Global Tamil Forum represents a large section of Tamil Diaspora in the United Kingdom. It has political power in Britain – to a far greater degree than Sir Desmond de Silva. When Mr. Sumanthiran used the GTF platform in September this year – he was using that political status. The above report about the return of Father Emmanuel confirms that Mr. Sumathiran was part of the process through which the current government bought over Father Emmanuel. What was bought over was the Political Status of  Tamils in the UK. The LTTE also did this in 2005 when it ‘sold’ the Political Rights of Tamils to the former President who is now at the center of war-crimes charges.
I believe that I was meant to invest in Sri Lanka as a Global person. Hence I act independently  at all times. That was a position that I developed from zero base. When I expected benefits relative to my position and/or  others in that environment by being ‘nice and pleasant’ to the custodians of power in addition to performing outstandingly as per my assessment of the position duty -  the ‘gap’ causing depression kept growing. By resigning – I was renouncing all of it – as if I did not belong in that environment.   I had much pain because at that time I could not ‘see’ the higher position that I had developed through my genuine contribution. Only a perfectly reliable system could have kept account of my contribution and kept my earned seat ready for ME to take, confirm and pass on to the next generation as well as share with wider world during current times. Hence the birth of Australian Tamil Management Service. The partner in the Sri Lankan branch is a Sinhalese – as are the Auditors. I did not need any Presidential invitation to do this. I believed in the ordinary Sinhalese – as I believed in the ordinary Australian. Where they did not perform as per their structures – I adjusted my position to suit them and the structure known to them.
The place where I was taken to is Vaddukoddai and the standards are Australian. The Service is ‘Prevention of War’ by strengthening  security of the individual – especially women and children and developing self-employment opportunities – especially in high risk areas such as Thunaivi. If they later make up their minds to ‘protest’ / ‘rebel’ it would be an independent decision and that would need to be respected and valued. But that was not the case with LTTE recruitment. The way I renounced my earned benefits – of my own free will – these folks would need to renounce their earnings after following the law applicable in their area – as per their interpretation of the law or as per their Truth alone. This is the training they get through secular positions structured through our Australian Tamil Management Service.
If Father Emmanuel is therefore intending to educate the Sinhalese Masses – then I conclude that he is now a Sinhalese. This is why one must not have even a drink in the Opposition’s home – as Lord Krishna demonstrated when He undertook to try Reconciliation to prevent war.
Those of us who emigrated to new nations – have responsibility to uphold our true  positions in our new home-nations. If we abandon post, we damage the structure and the group and all those who relate to that group would need to restructure their own relationships. Father Emmanuel has a DUTY to Britain to remain a British Tamil at least until the Sri Lankan ethnic problem is adequately addressed. Lord Krishna recommends DUTY above Benefits because we owe our society of previous generations and the society of future generations  owes us. We need structures and positions towards this. By recognizing our ‘positions’ we recognize that owing/debt which is called Duty when it is for ownership purposes. When we fulfill our DUTY we inherit the Structural Values of that position and the Institution. Hence the Ownership Right. In any relationship there is Duty before Rights. It is indeed testing times for British Tamils – whether they are owners of the Tamil issue or mere users. Likewise the TNA at National level.  

We are all Ambassadors of the Nations we claim we belong to.  Father Emanuel needs to restructure his services to reflect his British values also. That is how we would resolve our illegal immigration problems also. Otherwise problem one would evolve as another.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 28 October  2015

Ownership of UN Resolution

A Diaspora Leader forwarded to me the video clip of the Hon M A Sumanthiran’s speech on 22 October, in Sri Lankan Parliament, in relation to the UNHRC Resolution. I was indeed impressed to note – the use of ‘ownership’ in Mr. Sumanthiran’s speech. THAT gave me the feeling that I was making that part of the speech myself. I believe that each time we sacrifice earned benefits – we develop natural structures. Each time we activate the Royalty due to us from such a pathway to uphold our investment – it become the Law that governs travel along that pathway and also the Protection of destination. When ‘effects’ are received without such travel they are most temporary and often lead to damage to the Natural structures and their pathways. Ownership is important to preserve structures and pathways not only for us to have inner peace but also for the next generation and wider world that includes us.

Yesterday I watched on SBS TV program – a White Reporter commenting on the skills of a Worker in a coconut oil factory. The Reporter commented that  he did not think he could break the coconut without hurting himself.  When questioned the Worker said that he had never hurt himself.  The Worker – however continued to fill his basket and he lifted the heavy basket and walked towards his next station.  The guy who takes care of our Temple garden in Northern Sri Lanka came to mind. They just go about their work – day in and day out – unaffected by external forces/distractions. The problem arises when locals are distracted by foreigners. They then tend to remain in the local structure but desire the benefits of the other.

Mr. Sumanthiran highlighted that Sir Desmond de Silva – a  British legal expert had recommended a full hybrid Court made up fully by outsiders in the case of Gambia but has  participated in the Sri Lankan inquiry as part of the Paranagama Commission ‘for saying what the Government wanted to hear’. The Gambian declaration was to my mind for the purposes of  Status from an International group. The Sri Lankan declarations were for money. Both are right in terms of  ‘employment’. Neither is appropriate from an owner. The Paranagama report itself was ‘internal’ and like declarations in Parliament – they would have helped those who subjectively followed their respective leaders to identify with their respective needs through a confidential ‘internal’ – process. By  bringing outsider into the problem – the then President denied Sri Lankans/Sinhalese the opportunity to seek and find an internal Political solution. On Equal Opportunity basis a Tamil Commission also ought to have been appointed – to facilitate internal Resolution. It is not for the purpose of ‘showing outsiders’. Towards this one needed a true Sinhalese for the Paranagama Commission and a true Tamil for the Tamil Commission. Once a problem is known to be due to a subjective factor such as ethnicity – the two sides involved need to be facilitated to look at their own contributions to the alleged problem; OWN their contribution and then decide whether they want to ‘keep’ it that way even though it may seem wrong to others OR find their own solution or declare that they are not able to find a solution and escalate it to the next higher level. The Gambian situation could have happened due to outsiders wanting to ‘takeover’ the problem prematurely while Gambians went about their life like the above coconut factory worker. Only a Gambian by contribution to the Gambian structure has the right to judge through the Local process. Foreigners have to wait until the problem becomes global and has global purposes. The outcomes should not disturb local contributions through local Commission. Hence the two should not overlap.

If the Paranagama report had been published before the UNHRC  Resolution – it would have denied the UN the mandate to take on areas covered by the local Commission – for the reason why there is now an inquiry against Sir Desmond de Silva. Paid officers should not rank above owners. At UN level – the inquiry needs to be through Objective evidence available – and the decisions need to be primarily for global purposes. A Hybrid Court of the Gambian type would not have suited Sri Lanka where a high percentage have invested in global life – especially through Education - long before this war. When Tamils did not get University places – they went overseas – Britain being their first choice. Tamils often sold their land towards this. They are entitled to draw on this investment during the time of their need. The British have so far not let us down in this regard. If the current Sri Lankan Government led by Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe is able to find its local solutions – then the UN Resolution would be completed and there would be no need for physical level involvement. The UN has to wait until the local processes are exhausted. Then too – the UN must have a further mandate to take direct responsibility for the parts unaddressed by the Local Government.

One of the issues that the Prime Minister seems to be addressing is the White flag issue at the last stages of the 2009 battle – when UN was part of the Decision making team. As per Daily Mirror Editorial  [ Referring to the white-flag issue, Mr. Wickremesinghe claimed, “this issue came up when the LTTE leaders and others were coming with white flags. The Commanding Officers on the spot should have decided whether that was a genuine surrender or a ploy to carry out an assault. But in this instance, the decision came from Colombo and was passed down to the Army. It was not a decision taken on the battlefield. Why did that happen? Whom did they want to rescue? They wanted to safeguard Pulidevan who made that deal of taking money in exchange for the LTTE telling the people to boycott the 2005 presidential elections. We will speak the truth. Who gave money to save Pulidevan? Who put the deal through during the presidential election of 2005? There are people here who are aware of it. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) members are aware of it. What is the truth? What was the need for Pulidevan to be rescued? But Pulidevan should be held responsible for the destruction caused to the Tamils. If Pulidevan was not there Mr. Rajapaksa could not have come into power. It should have been a decision of the Army to accept the surrender or not to accept those coming with white flags.”]

Here the actions of the non-army Government are being considered to be the root cause of the problem that happened. They say that all is fair in Love & War. To my mind, the message is ‘Don’t interfere with Truth once it is discovered’.  The old pathway needs to be forgotten and the new pathway for which the Love / Truth is the beginning needs to be followed.

In a recent experience in Thunaivi in Northern Sri Lanka – a Vaddukoddai resident strongly conscious of caste based status – tried to find fault with the persons of lowest grade involved in the problem. Given that Thunaivi folks have invested less in secular systems than Vaddukoddai folks – I seek and find their Truth and then bring them under our Training structure and explain to them where they failed me – their trainer. If I were driven strongly by ‘outcomes’ my mind would join forces with Vaddukoddai folks who are still carrying the caste structures – albeit largely  for their internal purposes. I disciplined the Vaddukoddai party as follows:

1.      If you seek to ‘judge’ then you need a position above them. The structure through which you have to do this is my secular structure and not your leftovers of social structures. Then you have the responsibility to Train them – because we are a Training group.
2.      If on the other hand you do not want to train them – then stay away as an outsider and take Equal position. Under those circumstances you have the responsibility to ‘wait’ until the visible outcomes produced by them become damaging to you and your structures.

Those who take Equal position must ‘wait’ until objectively measurable outcomes are manifested by the other side. Otherwise the pathway is open for reverse discrimination through those who lack investment in local culture and therefore subjective power. This often happens through quick Aid by foreigners – who bypass local leaders. Diaspora members who ‘give’ money without commitment to Common structures that integrate the past and the future through the present virtual reality are also in this group.

Through the above revelation in Parliament the Prime Minister has opened the Subjective pathway for both sides to address their own weaknesses. The successful leaders would use ‘internal’ methods confidentially to keep their side in lower positions as followers and not become active in the new common system. The side/s that fail would confirm that Sri Lanka, like Gambia is ready to be taken over by Foreigners. Tamil side has enough leaders to go global but not enough to make the internal corrections. The Chief Minister of Northern Province – the Hon C.V.Wigneswaran is one who has involved himself with the ‘internal’ corrections. The likes of the Hon M.A.Sumanthiran have the capacity to lead the global pathway once the internal corrections are made. Pulidevan got killed due to his own disloyalty to the LTTE’s stated cause of Independence – through which he raised his position above those of Politicians and Civil Administrators in the Community. If he did not mean to surrender but used the opportunity for survival – then he died a hero.

TNA together has the responsibility to facilitate both – the Truth about LTTE and other armed groups – and also the establishment of a Customized  Secular system that would suit Tamils as per their Diversity and facilitating the training of all Tamils through such a system – led by the Provincial Councils where Tamils have won Governance.

When the Sri Lankan Government cosponsored the UNHRC Resolution – the TNA as Leader of the Opposition was also cosponsoring it. It has Equal Responsibility as the Government to make it work as an Owner and not for status benefits, leave alone the cheap money benefits by which the LTTE got distracted. Australia also has cosponsored the Resolution and has the responsibility to actively work through the Sri Lankan Diaspora in Australia towards Common solutions – including in terms of immigration. Those of us who are Common Owners of both Nations would Naturally contribute to this Common Solution even if we do nothing – Summa Iru/Keep Still  - as Saint Yoga Swami says. When our mind is filled with Truth it is Still in virtual reality.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 27 October  2015
Gotabaya Rajapaksa & Karuna Amman

Democracy Going with the wind

The Hindu report headed ‘Ex-LTTE Commander Karuna To Join Pro-India TULF’ brought to mind the Sinhalese saying ‘Vaasi Pathatta Hoiah’ – (Vaasi=Easy; Pathatta=side; Hoiah=tassels in the cap). As per Uthayan Newspaper:

[2004 ஆம் ஆண்டு  தமிழினத்தின் போராட்ட வரலாற்றில் மிகப்பெரிய துரோகம் நிகழப்பெற்ற ஆண்டாகும். அந்தத் துரோகமானது சிங்கள தேசத்துக்குப் பெரியதொரு வாய்ப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியிருந்தது. இதற்கு சூத்திரதாரியென இன்றைய பிரதமரான ரணில் விக்கிரமசிங்கவைத் தமிழர் தரப்பு எண்ணியிருந்ததுவிடுதலைப் புலிகளின் கிழக்கு மாகாணத்தின் கட்டளைத் தளபதி என அழைக்கப்பட்ட மட்டக்களப்பு கிரானைச் சேர்ந்த கருணாஅம்மான் என அழைக்கப்பட்டு வரும் விநாயகமூர்த்தி முரளிதரனின் துரோகச் செயல்களும் அவர் மேற்கொண்டிருந்த படுகொலைகளும் உலகத் தமிழர்களால் மறக்க முடியாததும் மன்னிக்க முடியாததும் ஆகும்.]

[The year 2004 was the year in which the worst act of disloyalty happened in the history of the Tamil struggle. That act of disloyalty became a great opportunity to the Sinhalese Nation. Tamils  accused today’s prime minister the Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe  as the causer of this. The Disloyalty and the Killings of  Eastern Commander of the LTTE  Vinayagasmoorthi Muraleetharan, known as Karuna Amman – cannot be forgotten nor forgiven by Global Tamils]

If this were indeed true – then Global Tamils had/have  the duty to  publicly condemn ‘Disloyalty and/or Murders’ by any Tamil – including within LTTE’s Northern Leadership. Any Tamil who condemns Karuna has the Responsibility to first dismiss from her/his mind all victories in the battlefield due to Karuna. That would help us embrace the path of Truth. We need to question also -  the deservedness of the Northern LTTE Leaders who recruited Karuna and promoted him to the high position.

I myself met Karuna in 2003 through a UNDP project.  Since as per my own assessment -  I have been an Observer of the LTTE from a higher position – I observed Karuna on the same basis as other LTTE Leaders whom I happened to meet. As a leader – he demonstrated control over his men. I learnt that he had deep intuition about war in his ‘home-territory’. I wrote a couple of days back  ‘The parallel of Mecca happened to Batticaloa in Eastern Sri Lanka during Tsunami Act of God.  Karuna Amman – who defected from the LTTE in 2004 became ‘foreign’ to Jaffna Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka. The timing of major events that personally affect us – would show us the connection.’

We seem to often ‘forget’ that Truth has its own pathway and whenever Its members have a need, Truth manifests Itself. The only pathway through which Jaffna Tamils got to know Karuna was through his performance in Battlefield – under Northern LTTE structure. In terms of  social culture – Batticaloa Tamils rank lower than Trinco Tamils and higher than Hill Country Tamils in the mind of the Jaffna Tamils. I do not know of a Sri Lankan Law or Global Law that makes it illegal to  so rank on the basis of culture. Countries like Australia where majority are migrants need laws to prevent such influence. But countries like India and Sri Lanka – with very low percentage of migrants need to preserve Human Hierarchy through the subjective system.

When Karuna submitted to  the Rajapaksa Government in 2004 – he did not take with him just the winning skills. He took also  the ‘curse’ of the Northern LTTE. In turn LTTE by failing to eliminate Karuna – confirmed that their elimination of Tamil Politicians – claiming that they were disloyal – was FALSE. Thus LTTE manifested its own ugliness in 2004 itself. Their return came through Karuna himself who empowered the Rajapaksa Regime to eliminate Northern LTTE from then on – the final blow coming in 2009.

There is a ‘human system’ and there is Truth. Where we know that our ‘system’ is lower or higher than that of another group in our environment – and we seek equality - we need to be driven by Truth to come to Zero Base start – as in rebirth. This is not easy for those who have invested in the higher pathway – such as the National or Global  pathways. Foreign funders who ‘used’ the LTTE for their own selfish reasons – paying money,  made ‘servants’ of the LTTE.  Likewise, migrants who take welfare money without feeling Equal to senior migrants. By accepting such money the LTTE accepted their lower status. Karuna was first to declare freedom on that basis. One would find such ‘domestic’ minds playing the global game – through a submissive Diaspora – amongst the Sinhalese also. Just this morning one such coward wrote ‘I am away from home often on family-related matters’ when requested by a fellow member of the Sinhala Diaspora to organize a petition to the UN. Like girls and boys getting married and still clinging to the ‘family comforts’ of parents these guys desire the ‘benefits’ from both worlds. They are often allergic to ‘structures’. When blessed by a true elder  the structure goes with them.

As per my mind, taken as a total package –- a  Tamil has,  to her/his support -  stronger  culturally developed hierarchical system than Sinhalese. The Suya-Gowravam / Dignity of the Self - as been more strongly preserved by the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka – often resulting in invoking insecurity in members of the majority who get physically close to such Tamils. Northern LTTE by not surrendering but dying in the battlefield – have confirmed this. We may give up on ourselves and our Suya-Gowravam towards ‘free-floating’ benefits. But the true investments of ALL to whom a block of Land was/is ‘home’ will manifest the Truth to protect its Suya-Gowravam as Motherland – when there is even one individual at that time who is in need of such manifestation. I do not know about others but I needed this in my Motherland and Mother culture.

Like Scarlett O’Hara of Gone with the Wind – Karuna Amman was driven by the Business of armed struggle. He had more ‘freedom’ in the East towards this than Velupillai Prabhakaran had in North or Mahinda Rajapaksa had in Colombo. (As per latest news - President Maithripala Sirisena revealed on 22 October that there is a palace with luxury facilities thirty feet underneath the President's House located in Fort, Colombo.) Like Scarlett – Karuna disrespected People structures. How could Karana then be ‘judged’ by Jaffna Tamils who used him as a ‘servant’ instead of an Equal owner?

My mother said that once money influenced a relationship – family values got diluted. Often in People rich countries – Human Values become the end of relationships. Human Values bypass money values and we find it easier to relate as per positions. This was the strength of Jaffna Tamil relative not only to Southern Sinhalese but also all other Tamil Communities. Thesawalamai confirms this Human Value structure. Thesawalamai may not be actively used today. But the true value continues to support anyone whose actions fit Thesawalamai code.

Often Northern Tamils are accused of caste based excesses. But given that caste was part of the employment hierarchy – its net value is still positive where both sides are true to their respective ancestry. It’s not different to Aborigines v White Australians on the basis of work hierarchy. So long as it protects the WHOLE – the leadership in that hierarchy is ‘right’.

It is now reconstruction time in Sri Lanka and the worst affected areas are also the ones with least structure. Be it JVP or LTTE  - after a point – leaders abandoned the human value relationships with their cadre. Where the lower cadre were of socially lower hierarchy one needs a zero base start in any relationship. Majority Jaffna Tamils rely heavily on the caste system as it is convenient for them to do so. To the extent this is matched by the respective Human Value structure – it is their ‘right’ to take higher or lower position and face the consequences. The higher position has the responsibility to bless and not to fight as the Sinhalese Government keeps doing. Those who ‘train’ them to the higher level as per their current positions often encounter challenges due to lack of appropriate mind structure.

One such leading trainer – Fellow Australian  Dushan Perera who has been training youth from Jaffna at Iceman Technology in the Colombo suburb of Kandana – shared with us his insight into this need as follows:

The current day kids expect a full salary, even during the training period and that mentality will take a while to adjust’

To which, I responded as follows:
They also fail to respect their elders in the field because they have easy money from elsewhere.’

You have highlighted this with :

[It is better to get smaller refrigerated trucks if required by fisheries societies and they should not be given free of charge by NGO's]

To which, I responded as follows:
[I agree totally that funding ought to be on loan basis rather than ‘donation’ basis. Donations/Aid – weaken the natural structures in a particular area. ]

The Tamil Diaspora seriously damaged  the internal infrastructure of the Community by giving out easy-money towards ‘wins’ – in the business of war. We have learnt through experience that ‘Summa-money’ / welfare-money -  without a need – damages our Suya Gowravam. Truth leads us along the highest pathway possible for us and our group of Common Belief. Truth needs to be facilitated to lead. The UN could be such a facilitator for Sri Lankan leaders. But local leaders need to facilitate their own true spiritual leaders. This need not be religious leadership. This could be political or administrative leadership.

Karuna is a clever political businessman. That’s his natural makeup. He should not be judge through Jaffna eyes. We don’t need to promote him nor condemn him. LTTE  ought to have devolved power before 2004.  To the extent Batticaloa Tamils believed in Northern Hierarchy, Batticaloa’s compensation was facilitated by Tsunami Reconstruction Funds from the International Community. That is the way Truth compensates the truly needy group. Even India which facilitated the 13th Amendment to the Constitution did not have this insight into the Tamil Community of Sri Lanka. How could one expect UN to win where India has failed? Truth never fails. 

Monday 26 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 24 October  2015

Rohana Wijeweera who learnt from Indonesia

Preserving Sri Lankan Sovereignty

The Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament, the Hon Rajavarothiam Sampanthan  asked the question as to how we Tamils embraced violence. ‘I Am a Sri Lankan and Sri Lanka Belongs to Me’ –  Mr. Sampanthan said in September this year from his position of Leader of the Opposition. Then he said in October this year in Jaffna ‘Great Destruction has happened to the Tamil Community due to Violent pathway. The question as to why we resorted to violence continues to remain unanswered. There may be many reasons as to why we chose the path of violence. Some reasons may be justifiable. But the question as to why we chose that pathway still continues to be unknown.’

The first Statement about his contribution to Sri Lanka – is structured through his JOB. It’s a job that leads other Sri Lankan Tamils to become the ‘other’ side in a political debate. But in later years we need to know also as to why we could not prevent violence in our environment. At the Fundamental level – the reasons are the same – whatever our pathways. Our expressions are as per our mind-structure at that time.

A Sri Lankan mind would construct as per her/his discoveries as a Sri Lankan. People may claim that they are Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Sri Lankan. Only the claims of those who have ‘ownership’ in that group are true and therefore provide stable mind-order. Often, statements of politicians are strongly influenced by the minds of their physical environments. Even though they may be genuine – they could be interpreted differently by others. We still do not know the form of the claim made by the Vaddukoddai  Resolution. At the emotional level there is consensus amongst those who have invested superficially. Hence majority become rulers in Democracy.  At the feelings level also there is inner peace and therefore harmony which spreads to support wider world. They are like Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Force respectively. To my mind – where the two are present in a group at Equal level – it is a self-balancing group. Likewise Politics and Governance need to be Equal forces in an independent nation. This is not limited to the Government but to all disciplines. The deeper contributor would tend towards a still mind through Truth discovered by her/him and the genuine political contributor would revolve around that deeper mind.

As per the Ceylon Today report about JVP Rohana Wijeweera, the leader of the Southern Sri Lankan Rebellion is reported to have stated: [:What I intend by a successful attempt to face suppression is that through the attempt, reducing the suppression temporarily. It cannot be done permanently of course. Temporarily pushing aside suppression. Removing them or escaping from suppression………I do not accept anything as a great peaceful procedure. The reason is the people who lecture about peaceful procedures have taken opposite action while behind the screen. That is what they have done and do now too.]
Applying that to current politics in Sri Lanka and the killing of  then Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon Lakshman Kadirgamar one is not surprised by reports of  the Prime Minister claiming that ‘Kadirgamar killing was linked to Rajapaksa deal with LTTE’. Like the JVP, the LTTE also demonstrated that it did not believe in any ‘peaceful procedure’. Gandhi believed in Peace because he was committed to Truth. Truth being of absolute value would support any number of believers of Truth in that form. Hence Gandhi successfully led India to Independence whereas those who resorted to show – were unsuccessful.

As per published reports – both Rebel leaders lived in luxury – way above their earned level. The more money benefits we enjoy the less the contribution structure. The latter is like superannuation – which supports us when we are not working actively.  Recently I recalled during a family discussion -  that when I left the University of NSW,  due to my efforts to uphold the Truth I had discovered about the University – I withdrew my superannuation to fill the gap. I now do not have any superannuation but I get enough money through my husband’s income to maintain the family structure that we have developed in common and also the gradual development of a structure that would represent both our ‘positions’ in Sri Lanka – when we left Sri Lanka. This would not have been possible if I had not been true to my employment in Sri Lanka as well as in Australia. Leaving this ‘system’ as a heritage for our children and others who believe in us – is far more worthy than leaving the ‘Cash’ and other money properties without heritage connection.

The TNA Leadership position is of heritage value due to all our investments in true Democracy. Those who took the Sinhala only or the Tamil only  pathways contributed to this position to the extent they discovered the Truth and/or believe/d in Sri Lankan. Those who invested directly into Sri Lankan structure – contributed through their regular activities to the common mind-structure. Sri Lankans did not have to wait until they discovered the Truth. A Sinhalese or  a Tamil who would need to.

Likewise when one takes the investments in cultural pathways – where the two systems are identical – and there is common belief – we invest in each other’s national or community pathways also. Hence the investment by Sri Lankan Tamils through Hinduism in India. Buddhists of Sri Lanka on the other hand rely heavily on their own scriptures and local Buddhist leaders than in Buddha as he lived in India. Hence it is a narrower pathway than the former. Neither the JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera nor the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran invested through the religious pathways in the origins and hence in India. Instead they invested in Communism which becomes violence unless the top leadership is equal to the bottom and is seen to be so. They may have enjoyed less than the Politicians but both enjoyed when they had the ‘freedom’ – more than the lowest ranking officer in their group. One is entitled to have the material possessions for the purpose of position but not for individual enjoyment. During the inquiry preceding the killing of the JVP leader the following exchange is reported to have taken place:

Chief Justice: Another procedure is to grab weapons that are in the possession of government armed forces.
Rohana Wijeweera: I have not said that. However, I am saying that if it comes to a situation where there is a threat of massacre of Communists and Revolutionists without dying in vain as it happened in Indonesia, we have the right to fight against it. That we accept.

If Sri Lankan rebels copied Indonesian rebels – then they brought with them also Indonesian problems into Sri Lanka – for example drugs. All of us have come with built-in Justice systems. Human Justice systems may be delayed and denied –but the Natural Justice system never fails. It just waits for the right time and for the right place – for better or for worse.

Through Rohana Wijeweera we have learnt that the JVP was escaping suppression by the Government. I identify with that as a True statement. Likewise every LTTE member who is true to her/himself and declares her/himself to a true Sri Lankan is already a positive contributor to Restructured Sri Lanka. To punish them again through the human system amounts to res judicata and given that the Natural Justice system is the highest Justice system any additional punishment and/or reward would reopen the can of worms. Closure through belief is the solution needed by Sri Lanka to preserve its Sovereignty.