Sunday 30 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 September 2018

LTTE  Attack from Chennai – True or False?

My client in Northern Sri Lanka said that her husband was aggressive and tended to break household items when in an aggressive mode.  The example given was breaking the phone that his son was playing with – after being instructed not to touch the phones. I explained to the wife that it was because her husband, when he is at work, continues to be ‘obedient’ to his seniors and once the excitement of getting a salary wears off – he needs to get the return respect from his juniors at work and/or at home. I explained to her that since she herself had not witnessed her mum expressly showing respect to her dad she was not likely to have inherited a system as I did – from my parents. My ‘advice’ to her was for her to expressly show respect to her husband – especially in his work related moods. I explained to her that if that was not possible – then to limit the freedom of their children in using adult equipment. Without this ‘connection’ the husband would accumulate ‘revenge’ tendencies and/or feel depressed at the thought of work. Given that the family is of junior caste – the risk of this accumulation of unreturned ‘sacrifice’ is greater especially when the family gets ‘benefits’ directly from richer relatives and / or where the wife also works for money with no status returns.  Majority lower cadre within the LTTE were suffering from this syndrome when they did not have ‘juniors’ to return the favour except from within their families in some cases.

A recent communication headed ‘Exhibition in Geneva by LTTE supportive group’, reported that this group sub-contracted most of the work to others – confirming the money-backing that the LTTE supporters continue to have. Those who understand the makeup of Indian society – know that this is the usual pathway of  leaders who rely on mafia power. Such groups are often formed in society where the time gap between costs and benefits is close to zero. It would therefore be wrong to use one measure on the other.

Those using the official system do not have the freedom to produce immediate outcomes, due to the ‘status’ taken. But where status is taken by force or at the lower level – for example cash for votes, the official system becomes unreliable and the natural system becomes more reliable. THIS is in essence what Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran stated when the lady asked the LTTE be brought back. But what the lady did not know was that if LTTE was brought back she would no longer have status that she now has. This is true of most Tamil leaders – including the current Chief Minister.
Cleverness is the measure of merit where inheritance value is low. Hence the above ‘show of money power’ by the LTTE supporters – especially those who did not get status return for their work and investments in that group’s hierarchy. Like the above family where the wife does not systematically demonstrate show of respect for the husband, Tamils with junior positions in the community do not show respect for these leaders. It’s largely barter trade-off.

The problem with unofficial groups who tend to have  their own system of justice – is the lack of heritage value. Their life ceases with the visible end of the apparent leader.

Recently when I referred to the 2005 Presidential elections and the karma where the Tamil votes were blocked by the LTTE towards paving the victory of Mr Rajapaksa I referred also to the allegations of money payment to LTTE towards this. Then an LTTE supporter responded by asking whether I had ‘proof’ of this bribery allegations.  I did not need proof. I was an insider and knew through the Key Performance Indicator. Those using the unofficial system needed to read Wikileaks know and identify with this characteristic. Otherwise they are not really heirs of the LTTE but are pretending to be so, to benefit from the outcomes produced by the LTTE.

 The Press Trust of India reports as follows about the LTTE power as perceived by the current President of Sri Lanka:

[Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday said that the LTTE had planned to attack Colombo with an aircraft flying from Chennai in 2009, but strategic analysts and politicians in Chennai dismissed his claim as far-fetched.
“The Tamil Tigers were going to operate an aircraft from Chennai or some other jungle area to bomb and destroy targets in Colombo,” the President said.
“No one knew it better than me,” said Sirisena, who was the acting defence minister during the last two weeks of the civil war with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) in May 2009 when the rebels were finally defeated.
“The former president was away, the former prime minister was away. There was no defence ministry secretary or army commander in the country at the time,” Sirisena said adding that it was a well-guarded secret that all senior leaders were out of the country, fearing an LTTE air raid.
“Even I did not stay in Colombo. I was at several locations outside Colombo in case the Tigers attacked the capital city,” he added. He was addressing the Sri Lankan community in New York where he spoke at the United Nations General Assembly.

Were Police not on alert when former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi arrived in Tamil Nadu in 1991? LTTE were trained in Tamil Nadu and therefore were likely to read the minds of Tamil Nadu Police and the people of Tamil Nadu as if they were part of them. Hence the ‘internal access’ to overpower them. This would have been made more easy through members of the Tamil Nadu Police who were committed to their jobs below the level at which they got paid. Crooks in the official forces are permanent negatives of that force.

After 1991, the media may not carry this negative heritage in its mind but Political leaders would.
That picture continues to be passed down to Sinhalese who compete with the LTTE heirs. So long as LTTE heirs do not desire status through politics or other avenue, they would tend to ‘win’ at that level.  That is the law of nature. JVP for example would read these minds more naturally than the President who is using the picture to ‘show’ how the Government continues to live in war-mode to ‘show’ and win the popular vote. Those who ‘completed’ the war experience would not, nor would those who operated Above the level of the LTTE. The question is – Is Mr Sirisena not as guilty as Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran?

Unless we raise our level of thinking to include higher structures that we have had the opportunity to inherit, the possibility of Tamils overpowering Sinhalese including through armed attacks becomes a reality. This is so due to lack of heritage of higher structures by both sides.

Friday 28 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 September 2018

Balance of Sovereignty

Most of us currently living in Western countries start family with the claim of Love. At that stage ‘Romance’ is presented as Love.

Relatively speaking, when we lived in the East, majority went along with ‘arranged marriages’. Love is the soul value of not only marriage but any family relationship.

Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera is reported to have stated at the  UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that Vellala (Farmer) Tamils discriminated against non-Vellala caste.
The caste system that existed then – was the parallel of Arranged Marriages. Marriages by Romance as the yardstick are individual measures. Likewise – self-governance at individual level. Self-governance at community level is a transitional milestone towards this individual measure. Romance based marriages would progress successfully towards Oneness only when the two concerned are independent of their biological families where the natural tendency is for seniors by age to get the leading positions and therefore the juniors get the ‘other’ position – where one is ‘told’ by the senior. That is like measuring the earth with physical measures and concluding that it is flat.  Now most educated folks accept that the earth is spherical. One who continues to ‘see’ and believe is right for her/his environment for her/his purposes. But that would be wrong when expressed in a common forum where one or more have done the greater work to discover that the earth is spherical and they live by that discovery. It is for this reason that those driven by mental abilities get to lead intellectually driven organizations. Large organizations that cover wide areas need intellectually driven persons/groups to function successfully. Likewise in multicultural families and communities. One would become multicultural by time based separation also. When the junior generation fails to carry forward their parental and ancestral values – there is time based multiculturalism – as in Arranged Marriages v Romance driven marriages.

This seniority by age in autocracy is the parallel of majority vote in democracy. Where majority rule is used in a multicultural society  - the whole loses its balance of Sovereignty. THAT is what happened in Sri Lanka.

 The speaker of Sri Lankan Parliament – the Hon Karu Jayasuriya is reported to have stated
as follows at the 21st commemoration of Al Haj Bakeer Markar:

[….Because the mind is the ultimate cause for everything. The verse in Dhammapada, “Mano pubbangama dhamma” teaches that mind precedes all dhamma. If we don’t subject ourselves to a shift in our minds, a united Sri Lanka will be a challenge.
All founders of religions tried to develop human mind. With religious teachings we have been taught the way to gain control over ourselves by developing the mind.
Within the spiritual life, it leads us to great achievements. In today’s society where physical expectations are given prominence, why is it necessary to develop people’s minds for such development?
That is because we are all human beings. Irrespective of race, religion or caste, because we are one, in terms of biological factors. As a result of one race being considered superior than another, conflicts have been created all over the world. When factors like politics and greed for power are added to this, huge destruction is caused.]
There is recognition that all races / religions need to be taken as Equals to practice the principle of Sovereignty of the whole and therefore the individual. But the above is also in direct contradiction of Article 9 of the Constitution – which states that Buddhism is the foremost religion in Sri Lanka. Coming to the above forum crowned by his Parliamentary status – requires the speaker to get the ‘right’ tick rather than speak his individual truth. The Parliament’s partnerships with Intellectual Institutions are like arranged marriages. You get the support of the family / institution even though you may not have the excitement of romance. The individual without such support is free to express her/his Truth. A structure that facilitates that is Democratic.
Vellala folks are more likely to have invested in structured ‘arranged-marriages’ than say toddy-tappers/Nalavar. Hence Romance based marriages carry low status in the Tamil community than in ‘arranged-marriages’. Through my own experience, I know that even worship at the temples is culturally different. Our family temple, where majority regular worshippers are of toddy-tapper culture – is less structural than the well known Pittiyampathy Sangarathai Pathrakali temple where majority are of Vella caste. The challenges in maintaining  our structural order are stronger at our family temple than at Sangarathai Kali temple due to this majority force. Likewise between armed governance and intellectual governance. The Divine power in both temples is Mother Kali. But the pathways of invoking the blessings of that Divine power are different. To maintain that balance – we invest more in structural improvements to Equal the majority power of devotees.
When the ‘structures’ are reliable – they confirm that the pathway would lead to Unity / Love / Truth. They would be reliable to the extent they are Sovereign. In structured environments they would take different shapes / forms on the way. In families these are known as relations – including son, daughter, grandson etc. In a Nation they are known as race, religion etc. based communities. Where the Government is against Federalism – a member does not have the authority while in uniform – to promote multicultural diversity.
Families headed by women who functioned as homemakers would need to do more than male-headed families due to this value, placed on external status where one has to ‘show’ to get credit. The parallel of that is that the Hindu Chief Minister of Northern Province would not get equal status as the Buddhist  Chief Minister of Uva Province and would therefore need to do more to get Equal status.

The Speaker leads us to the above conclusion as follows:

[When we consider the content of many programmes implemented by the Bakeer Markar Centre within the last few years, it becomes obvious that backdrop for today’s topic was formed through them. Specially, I believe that the “Weligama Declaration” published by the Bakeer Markar Centre several years ago, is a very important declaration. I am convinced that the dialogues that later took place at district level based on this declaration compiled by erudite monks like the late Ven. Aluthwewa Soratha thero, chief incumbent of Kirivehera who was also the Chancellor of Uva Wellassa University, together with media personnel, were very timely.]

Note – Weligama Declaration is presented by Groundviews as follows:
[In September 2006, several journalists and media practitioners began a process of reflection and discussion on their role in easing this tension and building lasting peace on the island. Collectively, they felt that they had a duty to contribute positively towards building national unity in Sri Lanka and subsequently devised the Weligama Declaration. It was accepted and signed in the Southern town of Weligama by ten professional media organizations including the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, The Editors Guild of Sri Lanka, the Free Media Movement, The Muslim Media Forum, The Tamil Media Forum and the South Asian Free Media Association.]

The question that came to my mind is whether it was appropriate for Mr Karu Jayasuriya – the citizen,  to praise an apparently Buddhist leader in an apparently Muslim institution? Also in terms of Weligama Declaration whose name sounds like Vaddukoddai Declaration, the name Weligama is Sinhalese and would be rejected by Tamils who have made very little investment in Sinhalese. A Declaration made in Thunaivi where majority are known as Nalavar – may be named - Thunaivi Declaration. But it would be read as Nalavar Declaration by the Vellala folks. The substance needs to be stronger than the looks to override such interpretations. Once we believe – the name is least important.

The Groundviews article explains further:

[The Weligama Declaration highlights several areas where journalists and the media can play a conscious and proactive role to foster peace and a better understanding of the different ethnic compositions of Sri Lanka. For example, by enabling the diversity of the socio-cultural and political aspirations of the people to be heard; by clarifying misconceptions that could worsen tension; by a greater awareness of the need to work towards peace building and by acknowledging that sections of the media have contributed towards the deepening of the conflict in the past.
With regard to the last point, this is by no means the first time that the media, and in particular the press, has been guilty of expressing power without responsibility. Sunanda Deshapriya of the Free Media Movement added that our reporting causes riots and if murder carried out by anyone is considered a heroic act and if distrust and fear is spread amongst the general public then I feel that there is some fault in the manner in which we report. We feel that the Weligama Declaration will enable us to make positive changes to the way we operate as journalists. 
But the question remains, does peace and harmony sell as well as defamation and hatred?]
If Mr Karu Jayasuriya seeks to be recognized as the good-boy by Parliament – he needs to say all the right things as the President did recently at the UN. If he seeks membership with the Common Citizen’s forum he needs to resign from his position whose duty is directly defined by the Constitution – and therefore Buddhism foremost theory. Then Mr Jayasuriya becomes the Equal Opposite of that apparently Muslim institution which has NOT changed its name to a common form.  
As per the principles of Democratic Government, this article 9 scientifically  divides the whole into Buddhists on one side and other religions on the other side.  Non-Buddhists then become the Equal Opposition of Buddhists. This was what the Hon G G Ponnambalam also proposed on language basis – known as the 50:50  policy.
Whether we recognize it or not – we need this equal and opposite force to maintain Sovereignty as a Nation. Nature confirms this by man and woman union being needed for reproduction of another sovereign unit. Whenever Buddhism is abused to exercise power over non-Buddhists – Sri Lanka loses its Balance of Sovereignty.
This week - ‘Man foremost’ rule was abolished in India where the Judiciary has ruled that Adultery is no longer a crime:

 [India's top court has ruled adultery is no longer a crime, striking down a 158-year-old colonial-era law which it said treated women as male property.
Previously any man who had sex with a married woman, without the permission of her husband, had committed a crime.
A petitioner had challenged the law saying it was arbitrary and discriminated against men and women.
It is not clear how many men have been prosecuted under the law - there is no data available.
This is the second colonial-era law struck down by India's Supreme Court this month - it also overturned a 157-year-old law which effectively criminalised gay sex in India.] BBC

When the form fails to confirm commonness or Equal status it is not democratic.  Equal status is essential where diversity is actively recognized. Can’t have it both ways. A government led by Armed Forces has to facilitate Equal level of Armed forces amongst citizens or give up its Democratic status. Where the Armed forces are deployed in non-Buddhist areas – such as Sri Lanka’s North & East – the citizens in those areas are entitled to double the non-Buddhist armed forces formed by their citizen without government portfolios.

The parallel of the above ruling in India is for the Judiciary to uphold these principles of Democracy in areas where citizens have maintained harmony. That would weaken the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

As per communication from a Sri Lankan Diaspora Leader:
[The Indian Supreme Court has ordered Parliament to frame laws to bar those accused of crimes from fighting elections]

Where the Sri Lankan media is reliable all those responsible for war-crimes also would be exposed to their local electorates. LTTE and therefore the Tamil Community was punished by such exposure through the vertical system. It’s equal and opposite parallel needs to happen to maintain the balance of diversity.  Truth through one system would naturally form Itself through the alternate system.

Thursday 27 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 September 2018

Are you Right or Are you True?

[We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men."
 *"We are intellectual prostitutes."*] - John Swinton (1829–1901) - a Scottish-American journalist, newspaper publisher, and orator.
To my mind, the reason why we ‘prostitute’ is due to excessive production of  Data – taken in its raw form to emotionally rouse the readers. Where majority are emotionally driven, this results in status being allocated as per ‘popularity’. Structured marriage comes with the blessings of those developed families with institutional values. De facto partnerships are as per the individuals concerned. The former is vertical and latter is lateral. The two should not be indiscriminately mixed.
 A newspaper is an institution with its own structures confirming its Independent mind. The truth of an individual would naturally merge with this if the individual is positioned as per the expressed value of that Truth. The way we express the Truth in a free environment would tend to be  as per the pathway through which we were successful in the past. Generally, in a free environment – those driven by seen and heard ‘outcomes’ tend to use immediate outcomes on de facto basis. It’s like hearing through the ear and speaking through the mouth. This naturally forms a harmonious structure for those with least consciousness of heritage. But the authority to ‘judge’ cannot be taken by producing more of such outcomes in excess of the need of that community. Judgment power comes from vertical elevation of the benefits in our custody. Parents who produce money and status – share those outcomes with their children. Hence their status is higher than that of the children. To the extent the children pay their respects to those parents – that group qualifies as a ‘sovereign unit’. Where the structure is more lateral – production must cease at breakeven point to confirm ownership which is no profit nor loss status. At that point – the value of readers’ efforts would equal the value of writers’ work. The lowest common value in democratic politics is the voter. The party that gets the second highest vote in a Sovereign unit is elevated to the level of the party that got the highest votes – to maintain this Sovereignty of the whole. This elevation is as per the vertical system – and the confirms the workings of our autocratic genes/heritage. Majority vote maintains harmony only when we limit it to form of our work values. It’s the parallel of who goes first in a game of  Equal numbers. Tossing the coin to see who goes first is different to tossing the coin to see who the winner is.

Sri Lanka was not born today. Those of us who completed our contribution to own Sri Lankan values – but are not current voters – need to share our Truth with current voters who then become our messengers. Truth is so wonderful that when it does not have enough believers to ‘show’ the other side – it demotes the party  with second highest votes. That was how the Tamil Political group became Leader of Opposition in 1977 and in 2015. The former was due to the intellectual contribution by those who were then voters. The latter was due to heritage powers that could influence those who liberated themselves from the prison of majority power, towards which they forewent benefits coming on de-facto basis. I believe I am one who invoked such powers in Jaffna as well as in Colombo in 2015. I had direct influence in 1977 due to my investment in being Sri Lankan. Without the latter – the 2015 outcome would not have happened. That happened due to continued investment in commonness despite separatism forces on both sides. Not many Tamils identify with this part of the 2015 election outcomes.

In his UN speech this week, the President of Sri Lanka stated:

["I was elected the president of Sri Lanka in 2015. At that time the president held excessive powers, in fact these powers exceeded the powers of a monarch, and reached almost the powers of an emperor. However, these excessive powers of the executive presidency, have been handed over to Sri Lanka parliament by me. It is with happiness I inform you of the manner in which I have let go of the powers of the executive presidency]

There is no recognition of the contribution of the root cause that brought him this victory due to the sufferings of Tamils under the former regime and their power to demote such a ruler. It is more a demotion of the former than promotion of the current. By failing to identify with this Truth – the President increases the risk of becoming the target of majority force – the whole being not as defined by land space but as per number of humans practicing a particular culture/form of governance.

 Former Prime Minister of India – became a target of this in Sri Lankan war. The Sri Lankan Forces by policy joined Indian Peace-Keeping Forces (IPKF) and later with the Tamil Tigers and therefore against the IPKF. They remained mere messengers without belief, to their current pay masters. The idle capacity invoked by Indian leaders returned to those who generated that idle capacity. True belief would cease production at breakeven point – i.e. – enough  to defend only. That is when military power was prostituted by politicians.

In the recent reports an Indian is reported to have had plans to assassinate the Sri Lankan President:

[The Indian High Commission in Colombo on Wednesday said the Indian national, who had been arrested in Sri Lanka over the alleged assassination attempt of President Maithripala Sirisena, his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa and family members ‘has had a history of mental disturbance since 2000.’] Daily Mirror report ‘Arrested Indian has a history of mental imbalance: HC
The question is who caused this imbalance? Economy Next throws some light on this:

[ECONOMYNEXT - An Indian national arrested in connection with an investigation into an alleged plot to assassinate Sri Lanka’s President and several others is an asylum seeker who had applied to the UN for refugee status, police sources said Wednesday.

A man identified as Marcili Thomas, an Indian from the southern state of Kerala had been arrested over his links with Namal Kumara, the former police informant and air force deserter who publicly declared that there was a plan to kill Maithripala Sirisena and others
Kerala and Jaffna have much in common in terms of culture. Hence the mind-structure of a Kerala citizen would be similar to the mind structure of a Jaffna citizen. The more the former learns about Northern Tamils successfully finding new homes in other parts of the world, the more he would ‘fill’ the gap by imagining himself as the victim of the Sri Lankan war. The disorderly mind ‘sees’ the manifestation of majority and believes. There were reports of Indians setting themselves on fire during the height of the war due to such influence of majority. They orphan themselves by giving up on their natural power to be sovereign. Hence instead of using UN rule to self-assess – they use majority influence – the same way servants driven by money killed when their masters gave the orders.
Our Truth gives us protective structure provided we stay and operate within the boundary of Truth. Then we become institution of Sovereignty. But those driven by majority vote would lose this power of protection the more they depend on outcomes shown to impress than to confirm sovereignty at breakeven level.

The 2015 elections confirmed that Sri Lanka needs stronger laws born out of Truth to maintain and protect its Sovereignty. One who is driven by majority would produce idle capacity without a belief based brain. To that mind – the President would seem no different to the voter. One could call this madness or just disorder due to lack of ability to use one’s brain to preserve one’s Sovereignty.

Being right as per irrelevant law – carries imaginary capacity. It is used when one thinks s/he is free. Being true to oneself produces the right measure – that keeps us self-disciplined. That Truth then becomes our law and our guide.

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 September 2018

Confirmation of War-Crimes – through Separatism

[Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva that the Tamils were discriminated by the Vellalas and not by the Sinhalese.] –Daily Mirror article ‘Tamils were discriminated by Vellalas: Sarath’

The above is a statement on behalf of the current Government of Sri Lanka. According to the above form, Vellals were not Tamils. This is factually false. But to Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera, who recognized Tamils through the Rebels his side defeated – Vellalas were a separate community above ‘Tamils’ as defined by his experience. THAT was how he pictured the problem.
Similarly, when JVP rebelled in South – they were Sinhalese and the Government they rebelled against was Sri Lankan.
If the UN were to ‘group’ us – we Vellalas also would have been ‘included’ as Tamils. When participating in UN,  we need to use UN measure and not our own local measure. Hence, when representing the Government, the Common National  measure is the measure that ought to have been used to express conclusions. The UN has the DUTY to demote the group represented by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera as not qualifying to be heard on the same footing as those who use the UN measures.
Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera has separated  the Tamil community – by failing to apply common measures. This therefore confirms that the actions of the Armed Forces were due to Separatism practices by the Government. As per the above report:
[In his speech on ‘racial discrimination’ he said the majority Sinhalese are charged with discriminating the Tamil minorities but in fact it was a section of the Tamils who discriminated another section of the Tamils.
“The high caste Vellalas kept away the low caste Tamils from Temples, schools, and Kovils. They did not share a drop of water with the low caste. In 1968, one C Sundaralingam went as far as the Privy council to defend Vellala supremacy denying low caste people from entering a Hindu kovil. Ponnambalam Ramanathan went to London to urge the colonial masters to legalise the caste system in Jaffna. In 1951, when Sinhala leaders brought social disabilities act to protect the rights of the low caste Tamils the Vellala Tamils travelled to Britain to demand the British government to annul the Act,” he said.]
Discrimination could be driven by positive or negative Energy in a particular environment. Government status is higher than Citizen status due to discriminative separation and vertical arrangement. As per that system – one who takes responsibility for the other is the senior. Farmers who were landowners were therefore seniors and those who were employed to work in those lands were juniors – just like Vice Chancellor  and cleaner respectively,  in an Australian University. Seniors represent structures and juniors represent processes that link various parts of the respective structure. If there are more processes than are needed to connect the various parts of the structure – the structure becomes weak. When processes are less in value than structures – the Energy  from Senior to Junior  flows smoothly in a reliable environment.  Hence the vertical arrangement.  Learning happens through faith in the senior as well as direct learning from the original source. When the latter is greater than the former – we need the system of Democracy – with the right to express our outcomes independently.

When juniors produce their own outcomes they separate themselves from seniors to that extent. Where this happens due to the senior not having enough Energy to flow naturally through the system, such manifestation would be ‘right’ for the whole. Where there is lack of Democracy and Equal Opportunity in that structure - the pyramid gets turned upside down. An Army Officer representing the Civilian community also confirms that to the Government of Sri Lanka – the inverted pyramid structure seems the right one. It is the parallel of Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran claiming that  the LTTE leadership was the right one for her group. This often happens when Government fails civilians and hence uses the ‘outcomes’ produced by armed groups to falsely take senior positions.

Majority in today’s Sri Lankan Tamil Community  may also have the inverted pyramid structure and hence their own representations at the UN. But, to the extent they do not have an official status as a Sovereign body, their manifestations as juniors would be junior in value to those who come through structured official governments. If their value is greater than the value of the Sri Lankan Government – then they become facilities and earn the right to be treated as Equals. Hence the Federal  structure. Most such Tamil groups are pro-rebels. Hence their certification is from that part of the Tamil Community that leads by showing outcomes with little Energy to flow downwards.

Hence Defending Vellala Supremacy was needed to keep ORDER in an educated community where, by structure the hierarchy of work performed confirmed order of status. Many Vellala folks who are committed to their Traditional pathway use this separation to uphold their inherited higher structures. They are right – to the extent the juniors carry forward their own heritage and do not discipline themselves to follow the more educated leaders.

As for Temple Water – I also found fault with my father who was conscious of his ancestral high status and  followed the above hierarchy. I found fault, once I got married and started living in multicultural society, here in Australia.  It took me to have my own experience as part of the Toddy Tapper community of Thunaivi – to learn about this hierarchical arrangement with those who had little respect for Seniors largely because they produced more of the lower level outcomes. Farming is Senior relation of Toddy Tapping. If we make the two equal – Toddy / intoxicants become part of our daily diet.

The individual in Vice Chancellor position is as Sovereign as the individual in Cleaner position. But when they wear their respective positions/uniforms – they agree to be positioned as seniors and juniors as per the core purpose of the institution. Unless therefore Thunaivi villagers submitted to this hierarchy – we are of different structures. During my father’s time in which my father accepted the likes of Mr C Sundaralingam as the leader in making policy – just like he accepted  his own ancestors who made policy in their own environment  - my father was right in areas where the space was common. Most of the Toddy Tapper community who came to our temple back then, came in their underwear – which was / is their uniform for tapping toddy. It was therefore appropriate that they would pray from outside and not come into the temple. It is not different to cleaners  standing  as observers from a corner in a graduation ceremony at the University.  We AGREE to become Seniors and Juniors in a common structure for work purposes.

Any possible excess by my father was negated by me – by developing a more democratic system – through which we included the children and grandchildren of Toddy Tappers as our juniors through an education program specially resourced by us. In turn those who come under this program structure – are allocated tasks in the altar as well as management of the temple. Now a Toddy Tapper is the elected Councillor of that village. But to represent the whole of Vaddukoddai district – he would need to have the wisdom through painful experience and / or wait for his grandchildren to earn membership with  educational structures in that area – topped by Jaffna College.

In contrast to the above, restless  rebels inverted the pyramid – which seriously damaged our learning-heritage. This has resulted in outcome driven Administration which comes with Separation by those who resist reverse discrimination. I myself moved out of Thunaivi once the youth started stoning our cottage because we went to the Police to report theft.

Most manual workers are emotionally driven. When we raise emotions to knowledge level – by curtailing / disciplining the urge to react at physical level – we are able to learn lessons. Majority cadre in rebel forces were emotionally driven. Their leaders ‘showed’ heightened emotions that  invoked fear and this would not have been possible without that vertical hierarchy. The listeners who the projected outcomes/promises carried their own fears. When the value of intellectual leadership diminishes, the fears are given form as oppression of the intellectuals. A true search towards common good would confirm this also in the case of Sinhalese rebels.

The difference is that we the Tamil Community were able to learn from our experience and hence LTTE is yet to be  Tamil representative in the UN. Their Equal other side – the Army – which claimed ‘victory’ has limited the Sinhalese majority to their armed  leadership. Both were disorderly because they claimed to be of  intellectual standards – and in the case of Sinhalese – of UN standards. Tamils are largely treating it as a project whereas Sinhalese have made the war a program. This confirms excessive production of outcomes that would ‘impress’. One needs Belief to go deeper to connect at root level.

Like the British Royalty – Vellala Tamils may become Tamil Royalty symbolizing our past. Those who go into that era would therefore separate themselves from current structures – and are fearful of the ghosts. Sinhalese who also used caste-hierarchy would thus fear these leaders who criticize that system.
Tamils who live as heirs of the vertical system – are needed for Education to lead the Tamil community. As minorities we need to mentally reproduce ourselves exponentially. If this group is ignored – we also risk armed group leading Sri Lankan Tamils during that period – as they did during successful invasion by Indian kings.

Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera invoked that leadership in a culture to which he did not contribute. He thus invoked their parallel in the inverted pyramid system – for another victory through armed supremacy. The result would be greatger disorder within the armed forces led by such a leaders.  This would lead to more risk of war-crimes charges by the intellectual investors in the UN.

In his article ‘The Story Of A Tamil Boomerang’  , Professor Mahesan Niranjan refers to the rebellion as Boomerang. To my mind anyway. To me the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976  was Brahmastram presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Since Lord Brahma is considered the Creator of Sanatana Dharma, it is believed by Hindus that Brahmastra was created by Him for the purpose of upholding Dharma and Satya, to be used by anyone who wished to destroy an enemy who would also happen to be a part of his (Brahma's) creation. The target, when hit by Brahmastra, would be utterly destroyed.]

One who creates the structure is the higher owner.  The main source of fear in the minds of Sinhalese leaders about Tamils is the latter’s deeper investment in education. Vaddukoddai Resolution confirmed this structure by intellectual Tamils – including through Vellala group. Their Brahmastram (Creator’s Weapon of Truth) demoted the intellectual leadership of Sinhalese at the global level and this has been confirmed by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera also. The Boomerang sent by armed rebels could be awakened any time – so long as the Tamil Community respects Education and logical order of the brain as the leader. Now that the Boomerang has come back – it has the opportunity to remain passive until our intellectual leadership lacks the Energy to function as required to lead the whole. Until then, like sleeping dogs they will lie in their passive corners, when not needed for Defence purposes.  

Monday 24 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 September 2018

Burying the Terrible past ?

I looked over treetops in the direction of our rented home – when I was in High School – Holy Family Convent – Jaffna. I stayed at Valampuri Hotel which I thought was more within my Budget during this high season. Jetwing where I stayed previously – was more structured but Valampuri was more ‘homely’. The Nallur festival time is high season for Jaffna. I met a few families from Sydney there at Valampuri. The best part was the feel of the Energy from my past in that area – my home-area.  I therefore identified with most of the following :

[Swami Vivekanantha and Mahatma Gandhi in the early part of the twentieth century along with several foremost artistes and academics in the forties, fifties, sixties and seventies had visited Jaffna and praised the intellectually sound civilization which existed in the Northern region.
The late Indian President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the nuclear genius was the first dignitary to visit Jaffna following the end of the war in 2009. Dr. Abdul Kalam visited Jaffna in 2012. Thereafter, it was the Indian Prime Minister who visited the North in 2009.
Therefore, Tamil Nadu Minister Sengottaiyan’s recent visit to Jaffna highlights in every way that the region should regain its lost glory as the region of civilized people in every way, burying the terrible past.] Ceylon Today article ‘Tamil Nadu Minister in Jaffna’
I do not however identify with ‘burying the terrible past’. The difficulties that we experienced during the war – are part of our experience in Jaffna. We need to escalate it to Energy level and not abandon it. That is the way of the Intellectual. I was able to ‘connect’ to my investment in Jaffna through my education – because I had raised some part to Energy level. I did that largely by attributing credit to those who facilitated my education – starting with my parents and teachers. It’s that ‘thanksgiving’ that completes the experience and raises it to Energy level. One could therefore conclude that those of us who failed to complete that cycle remained at outcome level – including in education. Such folks who did not plough back also became the reason for the pain and losses suffered by us during the war.
The war happened due to many interactive forces. How it affects us is as per our own level of investment. We are now feeling for the parents and siblings of those who have gone missing during the war – especially in 2009. But how many of us felt for the parents and grandparents of those children who were hijacked from schools and/or brainwashed to leave education to become physical fighters? The author of Tamil Tigress is one of them. Her father’s two sisters were our (my sister and I) class mates and accepted good order of the school without question. To that extent the young heir of LTTE ‘lost’ connection with her ancestral investment in law and order.
Since I stay within the boundaries of my own investments, I look for other ways in which to replenish this ‘loss’ of investment value through the intellectual pathway. To me that is how I practice the core value of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers.
The separate pathways between brawn and brain – was recently demonstrated by Sri Lankan Parliament – where heirs of JVP (rebels) demanded immediate action against Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran – as in ‘an eye for an eye’ practice. But the speaker keeps passing the matter through structures that would include our ancestors from whom we inherited that structure with all its weaknesses. Those of  us who sacrifice immediate outcomes to develop common structures would naturally empower the speaker and others in support of that pathway. Under that system the Speaker’s responsibility is limited to the Parliament and primarily what happened within the Parliament house. Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran manifested her thoughts outside the Parliament and her expressions are the responsibility of the Common Administrative system. THAT is the way of the intellectual pathway.
We need to learn from our pain and losses – to raise our current investments to the higher level – where all pathways merge in Truth.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 September 2018

Not Jaffna only but Jaffna also

[On Sept 21, 2017, the Steering Committee of the Constitutional Assembly presented its report on the new constitution to Parliament proposing the devolution of power within a unitary state.
This proposal is far short of what the Tamils have asked for. The question is: will the proposals be a step towards resolving the national question, or simply be an enabler to repeat the grievances which led the country to 30 years of civil war?] Is Sri Lanka’s Tamil party selling out the Tamil people?] - By JS Tissainayagam | 4th October 2017 through Asian Correspondent.

Following is part of the presentation by Wikipedia about Mr Tissainayagam who was detained by the detained by the Terrorism Investigation Division of the Sri Lankan Police in 2008 and  indicted  under Prevention of Terrorism Act:
[The only other pieces of evidence that the Government presented against Tissainayagam was two paragraphs he had written;
"1. In a July 2006 editorial, under the headline, "Providing security to Tamils now will define northeastern politics of the future," Tissainayagam wrote: "It is fairly obvious that the government is not going to offer them any protection. In fact it is the state security forces that are the main perpetrator of the killings."
2. A part of a November 2006 article on the military offensive in Vaharai, in the east, which said, "Such offensives against the civilians are accompanied by attempts to starve the population by refusing them food as well as medicines and fuel, with the hope of driving out the people of Vaharai and depopulating it. As this story is being written, Vaharai is being subject to intense shelling and aerial bombardment."
On 31 August 2009, the High Court in Sri Lanka sentenced Tissainayagam to a total of 20 years rigorous imprisonment, for arousing "communal feelings" by writing and publishing articles that criticised the government's treatment of Sri Lankan Tamil civilians affected by the war, and for raising money to fund the magazine in which the articles were published in furtherance of terrorism.]
After my liberating experiences here in Australia, I now tend to read the work of others at Energy level. I was in Vaharai in 2005, due to my commitment to Tsunami victims who were devotees of Kathirgama Murugan. In other words, to my mind,  the opportunity happened due to our common belief. I learnt through that experience – that the Tamils living in that area had more in common with folks living in rural North than with the folks of urban Jaffna. It is also the difference between Indigenous Australians living largely in indigenous culture and those who are multicultural ‘urban-Australians of indigenous origin’. The measure used to value the former is time based and is  different to the measure used to value the latter – using space they Energized during a particular period.

I believe that by connecting to Indigenous Australians here in Coogee – I inherited their ownership value here in Coogee. This happened largely through my workplace contributions. This has translated as ownership of  our home-unit at my level of work contribution during my period as an employee – even though I was paid relatively less than ‘Australian qualified’ and / or White Australians who ‘look’ Australian. One has to raise/allow the rising of,  one’s work value to Energy level where our the work of one energizes the other. It is that unseen, unexpected component that confirms ownership.

True Ownership of Land in rural areas are defined largely through invisible time basis. Hence the law of Prescriptive Rights. In urban areas on the other hand, ownership of land is largely on the basis of money based transfer and/or by inheritance.

Mr. Tissainayagam’s claim would be more appropriate to urban Tamils rather than the folks of Vaharai who abandoned their rights to armed rebels – for one reason or the other. The main reason was that their own sons and daughters were part of rebel groups. Like in politics – their ‘reasoning’ is that of the rebels and therefore – could not be measured by an independent person except through objectively measurable evidence. Lankan rebels were formed largely in rural environments.

Mr Tissainayagam himself would have been measured differently by different groups in Sri Lanka. The pathway through which the media measured  was bound to be different to the way the armed forces responsible to eliminate armed warriors would have measured. If the charges were therefore by made by the government responsible for the armed forces, the measure has to be deeper than through direct evidence. If indeed Mr Tissainayagam made money out of his media work far above breakeven level – then the ‘other side’ of that profit also travels with that profit. If that was not the case, but the Government made that to be so, then the Government dilutes its own Governance Energy. One whose work has been raised to Energy level would have transcended that ‘other side’.

One way in which Mr Tissainayagam could have prevented dilution of his own governance Energy  would have been to measure armed rebels with the same measure as that used for the government – that they were killing the people in that area – as if they were the government. Since Rebels are not official - they ought to be measured as per common belief by insiders or common outcome produced on project basis by outsiders. Former measure would be ‘right’ for that believer and the manifestation valid only for local consumption covered by that belief. But when bringing it outside the boundaries of common belief such expressions need to be translated and expressed in language common to all consumers – including the two sides to the war in this instance.

Truth personal to one is no longer Truth if expressed in an environment where that expression would produce profits and losses to outsiders - beyond those who contributed to that Energy and their heirs by belief. That is the automatic ceiling placed by Truth Itself. Mr Tissainayagam was right for Mr Obama – who actively practiced multiculturalism. But Mr Tissainayagam was wrong for the president of a country whose population is largely driven by Subjective powers and ancestry   – which are vertical measures on time basis. If we were democratic – there would be no need for separation of powers – even between the Judiciary and the Executive, leave alone between various cultures. The separations would happen naturally as Diversity.

Minorities driven by ‘tradition’ alone – as in Tamil only – need to keep their work values local to earn the right to self-govern. Tamils who follow the Rebels would therefore perceive a different picture to Tamils who follow National Political elders. Mr Tissainayagam  for example states as follows about  the Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran:

[Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran has repeatedly censured the military’s presence and interference with civic life in the province. But since he is constitutionally barred from working on such matters, civilians in the North and East bear the brunt of a militarised society. The Steering Committee’s proposals will only perpetuate this problem.]
Promoting Mr Wigneswaran confirms promoting Northern Province politics at the level not of Jaffna Tamils but of rural Tamils such as Vanni Tamils due to their commonness with the LTTE and its cadre. But that separates Mr Wigneswaran from the heritage developed by politicians who took the common path of politics. I live and function as part of Vaddukoddai and the civilians there do not complain of such interference. They complain actively about caste based reverse discrimination – promoted actively by Rebels for their own purposes. Now that there is no active war – the only measures known to the seniors include at social level ‘caste-based’ measures which also cause separation when juniors are abused. Juniors being juniors are highly likely to retaliate on the basis of ‘outcomes’ through which they falsely elevate themselves. Mr. Wigneswaran was ‘right’ for Colombo, using common measures. He is wrong for those who have invested in Common Sri Lankan life, including  his own alma mater – the Judiciary in Colombo. Mr Tissainayagam   would tend to think that Mr Wigneswaran was right because of his own affiliation with indigenous Vaharai community whose pain became his at least for the sake of his journalism.
Had I also supported the Wigneswaran camp – I would not have earned the following appreciation from a journalist of Sinhalese origin, who is read by a significant proportion of Tamils known to me:
[Felt blessed to hear your voice after a long time. To my mind,  without your generous help, I would be nowhere.]
Some sections of the Tamil media do recognize my work but on merit basis. They are not heirs like the above journalist who is humble enough to take junior position in that aspect of our common work. I am yet to identify with the Tamil parallel of the above Sri Lankan heir. Most of them tend to ‘tell me’.

Mr Wigneswaran is a good example of Tamil Community without independent Judiciary. Jaffna folks who are the best ruling group in North would naturally oppose such separation where the current Jaffna Judiciary and their heirs would become the future kings and queens of the Tamil community. Just because the pro-Vanni group is not able to identify with the value added through a constitution does not mean we – the pro-Jaffna group do not.

The Right to Oppose did not exist during LTTE rule. It does now under consciousness of supervision of Colombo. Colombo supervision includes supervision  of all Tamils of Sri Lanka not attached to  that particular area only but to that area also