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Belief is a binding factor.  Someone wrote to me as follows about use of blind copies in emails:

[It is common knowledge that many recipients don’t like to disclose their identities.

Businesses, insurance companies, etc. use these emails to solicit favors.]

My response to this was:

[That applies to me also. Despite that, I share my address. The various groups I share with are based on respective  ‘Common interest’. This confirms common belief. If Xxxx chooses the ‘secretive’ pathway and hence uses BC that is confirmation of his fear that the group is not bound by common faith. One way to overcome this is for members of the group to have a special email account for this purpose only. Otherwise they are not eligible to receive this kind of information which will not reach their ‘intelligence’ to strengthen self-governance. Now that we have gone global we need to confirm transparency and not confidentiality.]


The Daily mirror article headed ‘What went wrong between SF and Harin?’ reveals as follows:

[Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka today said he had lodged a complaint with party Leader Sajith Premadasa against MP Harin Fernando who was engaged in a confrontation with him at the party’s May Day rally on Sunday.]


Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s origin is in the Army community, whereas Mr Harin Fernando’s is civilian. In terms of religion, Mr Fernando is a Catholic and therefore naturally represents the Catholic community which was seriously affected by the 2019 Easter Bombings. As a practicing Catholic he would naturally be connected to the global community of Catholics. This means – he would naturally diffuse the advantages that Mr Fonseka has as a Buddhist. They are more likely to be in wider world than from within Sri Lanka.


As per the above mentioned report:

[I have lodged a complaint against MP Fernando with the party leader and I hope he takes some action,” Field Marshal Fonseka told journalists.

“Mr. Fernando should know what to say and what not to say in front of the public. The argument which I had with him was regarding the speakers list at the May Day Rally. The list has been prepared to boost the image of some members in the SJB. Even some back benched MPs protested against it and walked out of the rally. I also protested against it in a dignified manner but Mr. Fernando misbehaved. He should not behave in such a manner in the future as such behaviour will affect the unity of the party,” he added.]

Democratic Politics is about ‘showing and telling’. Autocratic Politics is about internally diffusing the negatives. This was where the Rajapaksas and the Bandaranaikes had the family advantage. This could continue to work in their favour and therefore that of any Sri Lankan government.

To the extent majority Sri Lankans considered and /or remained silent when the Rajapaksa government claimed victory over the LTTE which has been labelled as a Terrorist Group by many nations – the Rajapaksas are owed by all of them who so accredited the Rajapaksas. Those who kept claiming that the war lasted for 30 years, owe the Rajapaksas 30 years of loyalty. Only those who Opposed the Rajapaksas for acting in breach of  the spirit of Buddhism – as spelt out by article 9 of the Sri Lankan constitution, have the moral authority to find fault with the Rajapaksas over their economic policies which included high level spending in Armed Defence.

Between Mr Harin Fernando and Field Marshal Fonseka, the latter has the duty not to oppose the Rajapaksas – due to him being a Buddhist and him having benefited from the claim of 30 years of war.

In turn Mr Fernando divided through money – as reported by the Mirror:

[Meanwhile, Mr. Fernando denied that the speaker’s list was made with the objective of boosting the image of certain people in the party. “There is nothing to boost. It was I who spent for the rally and for the entire protest march,” he said.]

In families the settlement is rarely economic as it carries the risk of separation. Families, institutions and nations bound by common Energy which is invisible are bound naturally by that Energy. Hence the mother who sacrifices is recognised as Shakthi (Energy) in Hindu culture.



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