Saturday 30 April 2022




The suggestion by Mr Ali Sabry to raise sales tax is the parallel of increasing the Application / Filing fee in Sri Lankan law Courts at a time when the Courts have no money. Many avoid going to Courts because they do not understand the workings of the Courts. I am well educated and I interpret the law as per my genuine need, after doing my best to resolve internally through common processes. In Australia as well as in Sri Lanka, I found that lawyers often ‘influenced’ the judges to deliver as per their own liking. The higher the level the matter is taken to, the higher the price for the litigant. In Australia, this has been addressed to a degree by facilitating lay litigants to represent themselves in Court. Not so in Sri Lanka. Our family’s testamentary matter in Northern Province is stagnating due to deviations from administrative processes to satisfy the lawyers. I often opposed even my own lawyers taking shortcuts to ‘win’. This resulted in the Registrar pausing and learning to independently interpret the law.

The parallel of lawyers in Courts are the Politicians to whom the People run for favours from government departments. This leads to corruption of Due Processes. Due Processes are the minds of those who made them. When they are practiced beyond that generation, and/or beyond the boundaries of the local area where they were made – they confirm positive Energy of exponential value.

In Colombo, we follow largely, the British law. The way it has evolved over the years in Britain is vastly different to today’s practice in Sri Lanka. To the extent the difference is due to social / religious cultures they are  still reliable. But to the extent they are polluted by desires of those in powerful positions, they become unreliable.

The simple code to be used by leaders who have subjective power is to show credit for followers of Due Processes rather than those who ‘show’ attractive outcomes. In the case of both sides to the ethnic war Visible outcomes were rendered foremost importance to due processes – especially those that received no or least credits. This resulted in the loss of due process mutating as loss of finances from the West.

Increasing Sales Tax is likely to make the folks to go back to making their own. This is the parallel of People having their own ‘internal’ settlements without needing expensive lawyers. Then we would not need elaborate Court system nor sophisticated parliamentary system. We can happily live in our separate rat-holes which in isolation become our ‘homes’. Show victory and isolate yourself.

When we Sri Lankans confirm our own pain to ourselves after following  Due Processes – the system of Natural Justice brings us the support we need.

The Easter Bombings – as per reports available to us happened through Muslims of Sri Lanka – who are of the same community as Mr Sabry. I doubt that Islam recommends ‘killing’ a non-Muslims in the name of Allah. Yet Mr Sabry to my knowledge has made no declaration of belief in this regard. His suggestion carries that uncertainty of killing the ailing finances.

Friday 29 April 2022




Most are blaming the Rajapaksas for the current economic problems in Sri Lanka.  One of my new readers wrote:

[Dear Gajalakshmi

Your activism is admirable. But the following quote from you makes me doubt your knowledge of the history of Tamil politics before the dawn of LTTE.

"The current protests would not have surfaced in Sri Lanka ‘outside’ the Parliament if the internal opposition had been active. In terms of Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, Democracy failed due to ‘lack of motivation’ to Oppose. That was our time based karma for depending on the power of the brawn instead of the brain. We used Democracy only to ‘show’ a leader."



My response was:

[Thank you for appreciating my contribution.

The passage you could not identify with – begins as follows:

"The current protests would not have surfaced in Sri Lanka ‘outside’ the Parliament if the internal opposition had been active.”

In autocracy, when the senior-junior relationship is completed – the sovereignty of that group is confirmed. I Democracy the completion happens through Equal Opposition.

The second part is:

In terms of Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, Democracy failed due to ‘lack of motivation’ to Oppose. That was our time based karma for depending on the power of the brawn instead of the brain. We used Democracy only to ‘show’ a leader."


The lack of motivation happened due to Armed Rebellion which by its very nature has to be autocratic. Civilians whose family members were in the armed forces would have had inner conflict and this killed the power to ‘oppose’. If anyone said that the parents blessed their children when they went into combat – I would say they were ignorant of how Tamil parents felt. I lived with the combatants and learnt about this as if I were part of the community.


As for Karma, This part is more complex to explain. Take for example - Mr Wigneswaran who took the pathway – as if he were LTTE family. Yet he carries the title ‘Justice’ . The two are in conflict with each other. To explain my thinking I go to Lord Krishna’s golden advice – ‘Do your duty without expecting returns’. Duty is a process. Processes tested over time carry the minds of those who gave us the respective structures and those of all those who followed those processes. As part of Judiciary – Mr Wigneswaran produced certain outcomes – including his status as ‘Justice’. The processes he followed were based largely on the law and the minds of those who gave us those laws.  This includes the law of Thesawalamai but is not limited to it. Apart from Thesawalamai – most Tamil combatants would not have known the provisions of the law. As a judge – Mr Wigneswaran had the duty to find them guilty of crimes – including war-crimes. Not so as a Politician. The role of the politician is to be driven by common belief  - even if it were in breach of the written law. Such mind connects to the Universal power of Truth, which is exponential in its spread – beyond time and place boundaries. Belief is Energy. The question therefore is whether Mr Wigneswaran was sharing his Judicial mind or his belief as a Tamil Politician supporting Armed rebellion?


Armed rebels who renounced their earned status through other pathways would have had their own rewards. That is how Truth balances the external loss through internal happiness. Gandhi is a good example of this. I learnt about this through my own sacrifices here in Australia to Oppose racial discrimination. It was painful but I saw no other way. Now I know that this is the only way. When we sacrifice our earned outcomes – they become Due Processes. Due processes are Common Energy


As per my discovery, Swaha at the end of a mantram during Yaaham is towards this Common Energy. The physical outcomes cannot be taken with us. But in Energy form – we take the value of our work as well as ‘share’ with our heirs.]

The lady was referring to ‘history of Tamil politics before the dawn of LTTE’


The lady does make a valid point. I was least interested in Sri Lankan politics before 1983 because the institutions I worked for returned reliable returns for my investments. Likewise here in Australia, where even though my Sri Lankan qualifications were not recognized I continued to operate with forbearance. Now I realise that to the extent I was true to myself and my profession – the difference between the seen and the known outcomes and the real value of my work was accumulating as ownership Energy. This is essential in heritage. I inherited the lawful politics of professional politicians and this supported me when I had the need to use belief based management. Had I sought political benefits – this Energy would not have worked for me.

Likewise Sri Lankans who believe in intellectual politicians will invoke the Common heritage including from Colonial times and this would redeem Sri Lanka from the current crisis. As the lady has highlighted, we need to go to politics before armed war.



Wednesday 27 April 2022



Recently a Tamil leader who does help the financially disadvantaged commented that we were wasting time discussing Sri Lankan Political situation and Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I attributed the reason to be the lack of investment in a structured political leadership.

The coordinator within the group lamented that LTTE musician  Isai Priya's soul in Heaven was singing that she was attacked despite her being a woman

I asked him :

Would you have married her and been part of the rebel community?

Zero Space Autocracy

The laws and rules of a group indicate to outsiders as to what could be expected from the group by outsiders. Within the group, the relationships are bound by loyalty to each other. In autocracy – such as the Executive Presidential system of Sri Lanka, the powers that operate the system are taken to be that of the leader. This balances itself through ‘time’ – as in ‘Time will tell’. In this case the past and future oppose each other. There is zero space for internal opposition to the leader. The cause and the effect are experienced by the same person at different times.


Zero Time Democracy


In democracy this loyalty is measured by the two Equal & Opposite forms of loyalty produced successfully within the same space. It is produced at the same time.


The current protests would not have surfaced in Sri Lanka ‘outside’ the Parliament if the internal opposition had been active. In terms of Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka, Democracy failed due to ‘lack of motivation’ to Oppose. That was our time based karma for depending on the power of the brawn instead of the brain. We used Democracy only to ‘show’ a leader.


But Truth balances it all.


On that basis – I realized the benefit of my investment in Sri Lankan governance where I had neither support nor opposition except from my own mind – as per my true experiences. Hence I wrote:


[In terms of Gota he was the Equal Opposition to LTTE leader. In the case of both – Military was above Politics, leave alone Research and Teaching known as structured higher education. Now we ‘see’ what has gone wrong in Gota’s case. Otherwise we would have had to ask LTTE to step down. This is the value of Equal Opposition. Hence we need to discuss for the sake of our heirs. It is the American structure that prevented us from becoming victims of fellow Tamils to whom winning was more important than owning the whole through respect.


It is not about the individual but about the position that we inherit. Wherever we have a single individual at the top – we need to know how to structure it reliably – so all would have their earned share.]


The current Opposition in Parliament is confessing to not having had the loyalty to Democracy to surface theft, fraud and corruption as they happened in Parliament:

SJB has embarked on preparing laws to end theft, fraud, and corruption from day one of its governance: MP Eran Wickramaratne -

Buddhism foremost law in the constitution was activated by this President. This confirms autocracy which automatically opposes Democracy. Mr Eran Wickramaratne, who was a banker needs to ‘show’ how this would translate into effects. Idle laws become the devil’s workshop as the 20th Amendment to the constitution has become . It is a mutation of  Buddhism foremost article in the constitution.


Tuesday 26 April 2022




My Spiritual Guru lead me to realise that there were three ‘I’s:

    (1) Who others think I am

    (2) Who I think I am

    (3) Who I really am

Travelling from (1)to three is our journey of life. As per my understanding, Christians recognise the tertiary stage as the Ultimate Reality; In Buddhists as Nirvana and Hindus as Prapanja/Universal Energy. In terms of a a family, institution or nation they are:


(1) Its economic wealth

(2) Its Human Resources

(3) Its Sovereignty

Many have expressed the view that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa erred in banning Chemical Fertilizers. The President himself admitted that he had made a mistake. But I am yet to read anything that connects this to the effects as shown by young Sri Lankans and currently being witnessed by the world. Each group would interpret the visible picture as per their own desires and/or needs.


The Guardian for example presents the problem through Economic measures:

[After Sri Lanka emerged from decades of bloody civil war, it looked as if it would become one of Asia’s success stories, with growing industries and a burgeoning middle class. But today its rupee is the world’s worst performing currency, amid a crippling economic catastrophe compounded, in part, by the war in Ukraine.] Sri Lanka’s humanitarian crisis could be the start of a political upheaval

The question is Did we Emerge from the civil war and if yes ‘How did the nation emerge from the bloody civil war?’

The Guardian indicates its reasoning as follows:

[Three decades of ethnic conflict, which took the lives of 100,000 people, ended brutally with the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in 2009, and chances of peace, reconciliation and equitable development vanished quickly afterwards. The victorious Rajapaksa dynasty, which rode a wave of ethno-nationalism in southern Sri Lanka, deepened the country’s ethnic divide, militarised the Tamil-dominated north and east, and took disastrous financial decisions.]

The pain of families of civilians killed during this war carries exponential power of Sovereignty – which often surfaces  as resilience. To the extent they were Farmers their loss became the loss of all farmers in Sri Lanka. Work related benefit or cost is relative in terms of power. Sacrifice of earned benefits is exponential in terms of power. Hence both sides to the armed war in 2009 – contributed to this empowerment of Farmers’ group.

In addition – there is the theory of rebirth that majority Sri Lankans believe in. As per that philosophy, we take only the spirit of our good and bad / virtues and sins, into our next birth. It is also shared with those who contributed to that Energy. This is why we have memorial services – as we Australians did yesterday through ANZAC day celebrations. We the beneficiaries of their services owe it to them.

This government as well as the LTTE supporters would eternalise war power. Those of us who take responsibility for sending them to war eternalise governance power. In Sri Lanka the governance power of the Farmer is stronger than that of military power.

Any loan money – for example from China, that was used against farmers – directly or indirectly, would by its very purpose dilute the governance power of the borrower.

As for the leading Tamil Political party, its lack of sovereignty is confirmed as follows by Daily Mirror through its report headed ‘TNA not to support NCM, demand President to step down first’:

[TNA MP MA Sumanthiran said they could not support the no confidence motion against the government unless it is certain what would happen after winning the no-confidence motion.

He told the Daily Mirror that their primary demand was the President to step down first as most of the people were calling for it.

"It is the President who was totally responsible for the present crisis situation. He should step down first," he said.


Mr. Sumanthiran said after winning the no-confidence motion, it would only be yet another cabinet reshuffle without any expected changes.]

Mr Sumanthiran is himself a lawyer and is expected to use the powers of the Constitution as was the case in 2018, during the Constitutional Crisis, strongly influenced by the Rajapaksa clan. The power of the global consciousness of the Judiciary merged with that of the Tamils in Opposition to prevent that catastrophe.

Article 38 of the  Constitution of Sri Lanka defines the Due Process through which a President could be unseated. I feel that President Jayawardene introduced the Executive Presidency through which Sri Lankans motivated by Economic prosperity connected to others using the Presidential system. This, I feel, contributed strongly to UN’s involvement through the Resolution led by the American system. This has strongly contributed to restoration of the dignity of Sri Lankan Tamils at government level. In turn – this contributes to the dignity of Sri Lankans.

Without Executive Presidency we would have become a Chinese Colony due too Communist structure and President Jayawardene prevented this. The above proposal requiring the President to step down, confirms lack of intuitive intelligence in law.


Monday 25 April 2022




We use measures to ‘judge’. When it is a balanced measure – the judgment would be ‘just’. Where we use desire – the judgement would be unjust and eventually the other side  would catch up with us. When Truth is our measure our judgements would be just.

It was through that truth that I kept stating that I did not recognize the Sri Lankan protestors to be the representatives of those who were experiencing difficulties at the grassroots level. The indicators were the ‘celebrations’ at Galle Face. As per my intuition, I kept stating that we would bounce back to levels parallel to 1978 under the government headed by President J R Jayawardene.

Then came the divine confirmation  through a global minded Sri Lankan who directed us to


My attention was drawn to this kind of manipulation during the time this government was contemplating ban on cow slaughter in Sri Lanka. Recently, Mr Panapitiya spoke of Buddhism being used as soft-power in politics. In this instance I concluded that ban on cow slaughter  was also butchering of economic power of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Mr Bhadrakumar – who is connected to the Global Diplomatic mind, revealed this on 18 September 2020 – through . his article headed ‘India’s Quad Dilemma in Sri Lanka’ in which was included the following :

[ The point is, the US expects Colombo to finalise a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the US, the handing over of Colombo Port’s Eastern Terminal to India, and a $US480 million grant agreement with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (an instrument of US foreign policy.) Washington is insisting on an immediate response so that US-Sri Lanka defence cooperation can be integrated into the Quad strategies in the Indian Ocean region. ………………….

Rajapaksa may now add a diplomatic dimension to it as well.  The powers that be who rule the roost in Delhi would have received the news from across the Palk Strait with ecstatic joy and fraternal feelings of kinship. Between the cow and the Quad, their preference is a foregone conclusion.]

That was Hindu softpower.

For her part Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake confirms this relationship as follows:

[ Geopolitics of Sri Lanka’s permanent crisis: A Staged Default and the Dollar Weaponized

The IMF was gracious in Washington and commended Sri Lanka’s brand new Finance Minister, Ali Sabry, who was previously Minister for Lawfare, for his dash to Washington for a “bailout” and for the steps it has taken to stabilize the economy. Sri Lanka was urged to apply for Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) having delayed debt restructuring for two years. Meanwhile, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman who was also in DC for the Spring Meetings, made representations on behalf of her dear debt-trapped southern neighbor.  India is a US Quadrilateral Group (QUAD), partner in America’s confrontation with China in the “Free and Open Indo Pacific”.]

To my mind, the legitimacy of Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake is confirmed through the following in her article – ‘ Visiting Kannatta: No Covid-19 Emergency But A National Policy Disaster’:


[Since in recent times PCR testing has been increased and there are more people being tested for Covid-19 with PCR tests in Sri Lanka there are more patients testing positive. However, PCR tests recommended by WHO to identify Covid-19 patients deliver a high number of false positives and hence any ascription of positive results to a COVID-19 diagnosis requires the occurrence of clinical symptoms and further evaluation and confirmation by physicians, including the appraisal of distinct laboratory parameters.]


Given my own experience in Sri Lanka in February 2022, I fully identify with the above findings regarding the Sri Lankan system which in my case was exploited by Galadari , Mount Lavinia & Wonder Colombo hotels   and by Singapore Airlines.

The Demonstrators at Galle Face seem to be subconsciously or consciously connected to the USA. There are reports that the passport queues are getting longer.  Did the leaders with Dual Citizenship influence this? Dr Darini Rajasingham-Senanayake indicates as follows:

[Back in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdowns the law of the land was changed to enable Basil Rajapakse, s high-school dropout, known as Mr. 10 percent for seeking commissions and corrupt deals, to enter parliament and head the Covid-19 Task Force that directed 2 years of militarized Covid Lockdowns and excessive purchases of Pfizer injections. Basil was supposed to lead the GoSL delegation to the IMF, but had become a liability as questions are asked about the external actors behind Sri Lanka’s STAGED DEFALUT>]

The value to me from this is that my logic is balanced in this regard. This means I have the power to naturally influence fellow Sri Lankans to the extent they are believers in Sri Lanka for better or for worse. That is a deep value protecting Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty. The lesson learnt is that those who hold dual-citizenships ought to not hold political positions even if the law allows it. 


Saturday 23 April 2022



According to my understanding of Hindu philosophy one who knows oneself would identify with others’ truth. As per my understanding of Buddhist principles – one who renounces desire would realise the Truth.

Mr Mahinda Panapitiya, - a Sri Lankan engineer responded to my article ‘CHINA DEFEATED  LANKAN BUDDHISM’ by referring me to his article headed ‘Recent trends of Indian politics and Buddhism’ published by the Daily News on 23 September 2015. This article included the following:

[Buddhism is a kind of software which could be used to hack the military hardwares used by super powers to conquer the world. That soft power tool is available in Sri Lanka. It is within Sri Lanka's capability to unite the nations of Asia using the Buddhist soft-power tool politically. Buddhism should be treated as a powerful tool that policy makers need to seriously look upon.]

I responded as follows:

[This confirms to me that you have been successfully brainwashed by ‘Buddhism foremost’ article in the Constitution of Sri Lanka. As an engineer, you must know that ‘foremost’ is a relative value. If you therefore use Buddhism to brainwash – then you have the duty to not celebrate Vesak – which represents Absolute value.]

The response was:

[What I meant by Soft Power Tool is the convincing of the above vision via our embassies. Also note that SL is the only country where Buddhism is enshrined in the constitution. ]

The said article interestingly includes the following:

[Our ancient irrigation technology which was based on Buddhist guidelines is also another area which should be exposed to the world which is currently heading to an environmental disaster. Buddhist based ancient technologies addressed the total eco system in producing foods and the western system addresses only the hunger of mankind which is in fact only one link of a total eco cycle. Buddhist system of producing food from nature was a deal with it and not a confrontation as being practiced now because mankind definitely failed in such confrontations. Kidney disease in Sri Lanka which kills average one beneficiary farmer of so-called modern irrigation project is a good illustration for the plight of pure western approaches in dealing with the natural eco system.]


To the extent Mr Panapitiya believes that this would work for Buddhists – it would. This includes the current President who also declared he was a Buddhist leader and later recommended ‘natural farming’.


When we believe – the system works for us at that level. In this instance, the likes of Engineer Panapitiya as well as the Daily News that published his article – would have ‘naturally’ influenced the President. Given that my husband and others known to me from that same batch of Engineers,  have not expressed similar beliefs, I conclude that the investment by the University of Sri Lanka, Peradeniya, in the likes of Mr Panapitiya, were wasted. They needed local wisdom which to them is Buddhism based. The engineering wisdom of their ancestors would have been enough for them.

To the extent they were successful – they experienced   loss of Foreign resources confirmed by the current economic meltdown. But the true Buddhist would have sustained it.

As per Christian philosophy:

Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. ... 

At the primary level, one has to ASK. This means that which we ask for has  a definite objective form. When we seek we find as per our seeking and this does not have a definite form. When we at tertiary stage – all we have to do is knock and the opportunity is ours. This is because we own the whole.


Those who traded in votes were ‘asking’. Buddhism foremost article confirms this asking. Those who ‘gave’ the votes became ‘providers’  and the ban on Chemical fertilizers confirmed this connection with Buddhist minds such as Mr Panapitiya’s to that of the President’s. The investment in secular  science was ‘wasted’.

Both sides in politics at the moment are Buddhists. It is when we have a non-Buddhist Opposition that we would stem this downturn. As per my personal experience that happened in 1977 when Tamils became leading Opposition in National Parliament. Later in 2015, when also Tamils became the Leading Opposition due to divisions in the SLFP – led by the Rajapaksas – there was no complaint from Buddhists then about economic downturn.

Those who claim to be true Buddhists – would consider begging for their living to be a humbling pathway. So long as we have Buddhism as the foremost pathway – we would consider economic downturn to be an opportunity to beg from fellow Buddhist Nations such as China.

Friday 22 April 2022



[Do we... want a single nation or do we want two nations? Do we want a single state or do we want two? Do we want one Ceylon or do we want two? And above all, do we want an independent Ceylon which must necessarily be united and single and single Ceylon, or two bleeding halves of Ceylon which can be gobbled up by every ravaging imperialist monster that may happen to range the Indian ocean? These are issues that in fact we have been discussing under the form and appearance of language issue."] – Sri Lankan Parliamentarian Dr Colvin R de Silva in 1956 debate of Sinhala Only Act.

As per my experience with Sinhalese at grassroot level, they, like White Australians at grassroot level, are open to all cultures. The politicians in both nations driven by their desires rather than their ‘duties’ and/or balanced intellectual thinking – appeal to the ‘seen’ and the ‘heard’ of the voters. At primary level where one is conscious of the senior providing the junior – the junior is fearful of ‘losing’ the benefit. But when the junior finds her/his own benefits, that fear is no longer present to balance the desire. At that stage one needs to apply balanced laws that would bring to mind the other side of the coin -i.e. – the ‘loss’ if one fails to respect the law/rule/senior at the workplace/institution one is part of. In terms of government, where the vote is desire based, it would promote a senior driven by desire at her/his level and v.v.


To facilitate such a balance, the law/rule has to be self balancing. At primary level – it would produce zero benefit and at the governing level it would have the self-spreading exponential / absolute value.  Both – zero and infinity are invisible. Where there is clear advantage to one group at primary level, the other side that is disadvantaged, but continues to develop ownership values in the common structure develops higher ‘intuitive intelligence’ than the group that had a head start. This is now clearly visible in Sri Lanka where the advantage began with Sinhala Only Act and mutated into Buddhism Foremost article which remains unaltered in the Constitution escaping 20 amendments.


When Mr SWRD Bandaranaike came to power, on the backing of Buddhist clergy he revealed desire through Sinhala Only Act. Tamils in Colombo passionately opposed it. As did Sinhala Politicians such as Dr NM Perera & Dr Colvin R de Silva who projected the ‘two bleeding Nations’ as quoted above. This confirms his maturity as a governor.

One needs to then ask as to why Mr SWRD Bandaranaike who was also well educated lacked that insight? As member of a group that represented majority – he was excited by the ‘Freedom’ to make laws that render him a permanent base. Criticism of Public Administration, from Tamils  would be minimal due to lack of proficiency in Sinhalese. That legacy was strengthened by the Rajapaksa government that failed to go past the primary level.

This was ‘copied’ by armed Tamil rebels in Northern Sri Lanka who wanted the secrecy of Tamil only rule.

In its article ‘China's bid for influence in Asia does not stop with Solomon Islands. This is how Beijing gained a foothold in Sri Lanka’  the ABC reports and quotes as follows:

[For weeks, Sri Lankans have been protesting and occupying their country's picturesque commercial capital Colombo, angry about a debilitating economic crisis that has stopped basic services.

But behind them, work continues on a noisy and dusty construction site for a Chinese-funded port city with major strategic value.

Chinese companies have built highways, ports, bridges, oil refineries, and industrial towns in Sri Lanka, a country at the centre of the Indian Ocean in a crucial vantage location.

It's a stark example of China's growing influence in the Asia-Pacific region. 

"China is now part of the political architecture of Sri Lanka," said Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, the head of the Colombo-based public policy organisation the Centre for Policy Alternatives. 

Mr Saravanamuttu said China offered major loans to vulnerable nations for projects with tactical importance for Beijing. ]

The current protestors referred to above, are desiring the current government to step down. Even if they are successful, voters do not have a visible alternative that eliminates the advantage rendered by a group that has zero status benefit  in terms of religion. Communists like the LSSP that Dr Colvin R de Silva opposed the Advantage that Buddhists had and this naturally was a vote in favour of Equal status for all ethnicities. At primary level, Communist China won against Buddhist Sri Lanka. Yet the protestors are not recognising this but are thinking ‘local’.

As quoted above, Dr Saravanamuttu says "Irrespective of whichever political party is in power, China is here to stay because of the size of the investments that it has made." 

The way I see it – Sri Lanka’s vote at global level went to China – a Communist country which eliminates all religion based advantages! Religion needs to be valued and not used as a trading community. JVP and LTTE facilitated this.

If there was no provision in the constitution to advantage any group – there would be no accumulation of opposition to the constitution which spreads beyond local borders of a country which by its very constitution declares that it is not sovereign.

Thursday 21 April 2022



Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he was President is reported to have claimed that LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was from the jungles of North and that he was from the jungles of South. MSM Ayub through his article ‘The Solheim claim: ‘Mahinda planned to offer the North to Prabhakaran’ shared with us as follows:

[The undiplomatic nature of some of the comments made by the former Norwegian minister,whether they were true or not, must be the result of his somewhat bitter last encounters with the former president. To mention a case in point, during an interview former “The Hindu” Editor N. Ram had with Mahinda Rajapaksa in July 2009 the latter’s secretary Lalith Weeratunge had intervened to say:  “It was about March 2006 when Mr. Solheim came to see H.E. after he became president and had also said, in the midst of other things: ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’ It was very prophetic. Later the President met Minister Solheim in New York and reminded him of their conversation on the ‘military geniuses,’ of the jungles of the North and South, and who would win. The East had by that time, in 2007, been cleared and the President had said: ‘Now see what’s going to happen in the North,[ it will be ]the same.”] at

To the above, I add my conversation with a Rajapaksa voter(RV) – based on my article headed ‘IS MAHINDA CONVERTING TO UNP?’

RV: The Rajapaksha family is closely knit.  A brother will not go against a brother.  There is a deeper meaning to what MR said because of the riots and what is happening at present.  MR is not the type to join the UNP.  Mahinda's greatest weakness is that he tries to please everyone and that is taken as an advantage by some.  We must wait patiently.  Many surprises are yet to come Gaja.  Be patient with your comments

Gaja: If that is how you read it – I accept that also. To me, if I interpret on the basis of my true feelings for Sri Lanka, that would reach the mind of anyone needing such support. This is also a kind of support for GR who lacks MR’s maturity in Politics, but is committed to the security of Sri Lanka. Those who call for him to step down must ensure that they maintain the protection that came with GR as a ruthless leader of the Armed Forces. Whether he is so is secondary. It is how he is perceived by those who would cause harm is what matters. The fact that he apologised for the chemical fertilizer ban is in his favour – including from me. I believe that every form of truth to help Sri Lanka will be healthy. Beyond that I am not concerned about whether my comments are proven correct or false.


The Guardian reports about the mindset of Sinhalese as follows: ‘It will be hard to find a farmer left’ -  Sri Lanka reels from rash fertiliser ban’:

‘…. for many of those who have farmed this land since the 1960s, mainly with rice and banana crops, the past year has been the toughest of their lives.

“If things go on like this, in the future it will be hard to find a farmer left in Sri Lanka,” said Niluka Dilrukshi, 34, a rice paddy farmer.’

As per my parallel experience in Northern Sri Lanka, those farmers depend heavily on the rain. They do get disturbed by unusual patterns of rain but they continue to be farmers. To the extent Northern Sri Lankans lacked natural resources – they pursued the intellectual pathway to earn a living. Even now – there are students who travel every week from Jaffna to Colombo towards getting the ‘grades’ at National level. But this was seriously damaged by the armed rebellion.

The LTTE made the farming area of Kilinochchi its capital. Left to them Northerners would have faced the economic meltdown that Southerners are complaining about now. The Land responds to those who respect it. The LTTE did not value the farmer as the leader in social hierarchy. The gun was mightier than the plough.

When the Rajapaksa government sought to bring the untrained soldier to combat the Tamil soldier from the ‘jungles’ that was also  ‘organic’ fighting – Asura against Asura. This has not been cured which leads one to conclude that that is the easier way for those in government.

When the current President withdrew from the commitment to address this to satisfy the UN in this regard, he was in effect withdrawing from the artificial / chemical  process that UN was to his government. Why did the current protestors not protest then?

In my family culture those within a family are prevented from paying money for internal ‘services’. The responsibilities of a senior are considered ‘duties’ to provide and the responsibilities of a junior are considered to be ‘duties’ to respect. This is extended to social hierarchy where also the senior had the duty to provide and the junior the duty to respect. A junior who respects is entitled to the heritage developed by the senior.

Where this structure is followed, economic ups and downs would not disturb us. By protesting at this level – the Southerners are confirming that they are driven more by money and less by each other’s mind.





Wednesday 20 April 2022



Majority Sri Lankans believe in the horoscope. The Sri Lankan Prime Minister is known to rely heavily on horoscope based predictions. To my mind they are indicators to believers. I believe that when we seek deeply – we get connected to the minds of those who have found the solutions at that level of our own seeking.

Recently, in a family discussion about use of the internet, a young member of the group said that ‘they’ listen to us. To a degree – yes. I said but that as per my experience,  minds connect beyond the seen and the known. The medium as per my discovery  is known as the 5th fundamental element – the Sky / Ether.

To my mind, when our truth is raised to that highest level, it remains there as a sovereign power – awaiting those who seek. Believers connect to this Energy when we/they are in need. It is a natural blessing from a Sovereign system.

Every believing member of a Sovereign group naturally contributes to its functioning. The Constitution of a nation therefore needs to be written as per that Energy preserved by the 5th natural element. Much of Buddha’s teachings are preserved at that level.

As per Economy Next article ‘Crisis-hit Sri Lanka PM wants 19th amendment restored as short term fix’:

[As protests intensified islandwide amid a fast deteriorating economic situation and a worsening political crisis, Sri Lanka Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday (19) proposed that parliament restore the 19th amendment to the constitution subject to”timely amendments” as a short term solution…….

 The Rajapaksas and the SLPP won the presidency and the parliamentary election that followed on a platform of scrapping the 19th amendment that was passed by the previous United National Party (UNP)-led Yahapalana (good governance) government. In its stead, the 20th amendment to the constitution was passed in 2020, restoring much of the powers of the executive presidency that the 19th amendment had clipped.

“With the blessings of the president, we must walk towards broader constitutional reform in the future,” said Rajapaksa.

Supporting the prime minister’s remarks, former Prime Minister and UNP leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, whose government carried out the 19th amendment, said incumbent President Rajapaksa was voted in under the 19th amendment.

I am happy to take the 19th amendment back to the nation as the former PM who proposed it,” Wickrmasinghe told parliament on Tuesday (19).]

In a way, the above is portraying the picture of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa of SLPP and Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe of UNP colluding to dethrone Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa. They are acting in breach of the fundamentals of Democracy where separation of powers on the basis of group belief needs to be maintained from bottom to top.  

The 19th Amendment part of Sri Lanka’s horoscope was written by the UNP. By taking that to the People while SLPP is in power – Mr Wickremesinghe is effectively pampering the SLPP. One wonders why? Or is Mahinda converting to UNP????

Tuesday 19 April 2022



As an Accounting student in Sri Lanka, I learnt about the importance of ‘consistency’ in applying common principles. Hence when I read the following, there was friction within my mind, which rejected the said action by the People – as being inconsistent:

Sri Lankan protesters demand justice for 2019 Easter bombings

[Sri Lankans protesting for days near the president’s office have criticised a lack of progress in finding those responsible for the deaths of more than 260 people in Easter Sunday bombings three years ago, piling pressure on the government already embroiled in a deep economic crisis.] Aljazeera


Ten years before the Easter Bombings was the war against Tamil rebels and their supporters. To my mind, the suffering of the civilian victims in that last battle was much deeper than the victims of Easter Bombings. In that battle – the Armed Forces that failed to follow the Sri Lankan law, were effectively armed rebels. This government was directly responsible for the suffering of civilians.  Yet there was no protest by majority community that carries the voting power.If they did not think that the pain of Tamils was deep enough to protest – then similar action by the Muslim community against the Christian community was also covered by that philosophy. As a junior said to me recently – one who is being found fault with must know why s/he is being found fault with. When using Administrative pathway – the same rule needs to be applied to the punisher as well as the one being punished. The former is self discipline.

Those who failed to protest in 2009 or 2019, lack the power to transform. They are merely jumping on the bandwagon.

Our conscience is our common and consistent measure that invokes the Universal power of Truth

Monday 18 April 2022



The value of social media is that we do not need to prove ourselves. To the extent we share on the basis of belief, the value spreads itself.  Each one would translate in their own way,  as per their need.

The question needs to be asked in relation current protestors in Sri Lanka, as to whether their demands are belief based. As per ‘the Morning’:

[The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) sent its officers to monitor the ongoing “Go Home Gota” protests underway at Galle Face Green over the weekend to ensure that peace is maintained in the area.

“Our officers were at Galle Face Green on both Saturday (16) and Sunday (17). We want to continuously monitor it to ensure that the protests are conducted peacefully,” a senior HRCSL official told The Morning yesterday.]

Is it the duty of the Human Rights Commission to monitor such protests? If yes, why did they not monitor protests in Northern Sri Lanka – by the relatives of those who disappeared during the height of the war?

In this current situation we are yet to witness violence suffered by either side. In fact many protestors have been observed ‘dancing and singing’ – as if they were celebrating. This happened in Colombo after LTTE leader was declared to have been killed in combat. I was in Colombo at that time and felt very upset by such insensitive  show – especially in Wellawatte – which is a predominantly Tamil suburb.

Protestors have the responsibility to ‘show’ their pain – based on which they claim to be protesting. It may be direct pain or group pain of a group bound by common belief. This morning, I shared as follows with a medical group discussing the issue under headlines ‘U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AWARDED A CONTRACT FOR ‘COVID-19 RESEARCH’ IN UKRAINE 3 MONTHS BEFORE COVID WAS KNOWN TO EVEN EXIST’:

[Genuine owners have intuition. Indicators are inner expressions of our intuition  - as individuals and / or as a group. One who truly cares would have the courage to share  the indicators with others. They are like declarations of land rights which are protected by prescriptive rights. The mainstream media fails often due to weak intuition.


I intuitively connected to the abuse of Research funding at the University of NSW. In July 1998, I raised the issue of National Health & Medical Research Centre  -NH&MRC-Grants as follows – at a  meeting with Research Office:

[At the moment we transfer amounts over and above the NH&MRC approved scales to Materials when we report to NH&MRC. Can we not report exactly as it is recorded in the Ledger. (This is how it all  started – with me wanting to reflect a true and fair view and them wanting to continue with their habits – for better or for worse). As for Leave Loading and Contributory Superannuation can we not do this only for the purpose of the Invoice / Claim – based on Approved Salaries, as long as the amount claimed is not more than the amount paid? (This was my way of progressing towards Accrual Accounting so that the University did not lose due to its attachment to Cash Accounting. Under Cash Accounting,  leave payments would be recouped from NH&MRC only if the staff took leave during the period of the project. This in essence meant that the University was picking up the liability even though the NH&MRC was getting the credit for employing the staff.)]

Back then I was new to UNSW. But my professional ethics were of high standards. I was given a hard time for revealing my intuition. Later I contributed to Liverpool Clinical School to restructure their Accounting system. I resigned later that year but continued to share my insight as I do now with Sri Lankan matters. A couple of years later I learnt that migrant staff of the Liverpool school had gone to ABC which accused Professor Hall of that school of Scientific Fraud. Had they recognised my work and moved to Democratic system of Accounting and Reporting – they would have saved the demotion at Public level.

I see a similar pattern with USA in terms of Covid. This would adversely affect Australia also]

The Human Rights Commission needs to have ‘intuition’ to pick the risk from either side. Those who are committed to the ethics of their respective positions would have intuition. Mere intellectual derivation that the government erred at the Financial level, is invalid to oust a democratically elected President. We keep getting it wrong again and again