Thursday 31 August 2023


The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

Prime Minister

Parliament House


31 August 2023

Dear Mr Albanese,

A Voice for Australian Indigenous Tamils

I refer to your last night’s discussion with Ms Allison Langdon, on ‘A Current Affair’. I was very impressed by Ms Langdon’s questions and the concluding ‘advice’ from Ms Langdon that at the end of the day, the only opinion that ought to matter to us is our own. This is interpreted by me as ‘you make your own karma.

I am an active practitioner of the laws I believe in. One of them is the Racial Discrimination Act  1975. As per section 9(1) of this Act:

 9(1)  It is unlawful for a person to do any act involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of any human right or fundamental freedom in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.


Given that the Racial Discrimination Act  is effectively to prevent Discrimination on the basis of Race, the Voice would be in breach of this Act, unless you have a ‘voice’ for all communities that have recorded experiences of racial discrimination. The Australian Tamil Community that shared in my pain,( including imprisonment and being listed as mentally ill person), is also entitled to a Voice in Parliament, on the same footing as Indigenous Australians.

Mr Albanese, during the interview, you stated words to the effect that all former colonies of Britain, except Australia, have constitutionally  recognised their indigenous communities. This is factually incorrect in the case of my country of origin – Sri Lanka/Ceylon whose indigenous community is the Vedda community.  As per my knowledge, the Vedda community do not have any special recognition in the Sri Lankan constitution. Tamils and Sinhalese who have developed ethnic conflict were migrants from different parts of India. More to the point is my knowledge that according to some experts, the Sri Lankan Vedda is connected to Australo-Melanesians who are reported to be indigenous groups in Melanesia and Australia.

During Tsunami Reconstruction period in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to live with Vedda community in Eastern Sri Lanka. I believe that the opportunity happened due to our common belief in Hindu Lord Skanda-Murugan, presented by American researcher Patrick Harrigan as follows:

….Mankerny, a remote coastal village north of Valaichchenai in Batticaloa district whose residents, some 400 families of indigenous Tamil speaking Veddas, nearly all lost their homes and livelihoods in the tsunami.

…Gaja’s style also tells you something about her motivation in wishing to serve the poorest devotees of the inscrutable god of Kataragama, Lord Skanda-Murugan - Chapter 2, Naan Australian/ I am Australian. I recently shared my belief in the power of declarations of belief, as follows:

‘Each time the Federal Courts of Australia, in Sydney,  failed me and I felt hurt, I went to St Mary’s Cathedral and asked ‘why’.  It took me a long time to realise that my pain, without a single thought of revenge was also prayers in ‘Reserve’. They strengthened my soul-power. The ultimate manifestation was that the book ‘Naan Australian’ (I am Australian) , came to National Library of Australia, via Congress Library, without my knowledge or effort. To me, that is a miracle.I believe that that is how Truth balances human karma.


Mr Albanese, if the Voice gets majority yes votes, we the people would have effectively voted against the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. This would seriously damage our investment in Democratic laws. This seems to be natural to Australian businesses. This was confirmed by our Coogee View (Strata) Management committee who upheld that Majority vote despite breach of law was valid. The result is lower standards of civilisation. This confirms to the world that in Australia, University Education is for a living and is  not for life.

As per my experience, the loss of intelligence resulting from unjust discrimination, makes the victim who peacefully opposes , more intelligent.  In a sovereign circle, one’s loss is another’s gain.


Yours sincerely

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

CC: All concerned


Wednesday 30 August 2023


29 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





'It was due to Ravana’s belief in Hinduism that Lord Vishnu took Rama Avatharam. But in case of LTTE leader Prabhakaran Gotabaya Rajapaksa was enough to defeat him. They matched each other in lawlessness and its characteristics. God would not waste Energy to oppose non-believers.'



Kowsi, our staff in Thunaivi  village in Northern Sri Lanka, informed me that she was unable to enter the main hall of the Development Secretariat, due to the locks having been changed. That building was built on temple land donated by our family. The ‘lock-change’ was an indicator of ‘takeover’ mentality that is natural to the folks in Thunaivi. My mind went to ‘Kurunthur Hill’ over which Tamils and Buddhists are in conflict.


I wondered whether, the karma of Tamil takeover mentality was affecting the Kurunthur Hill issue due to Political interference.  Politics without belief, is interference. Politics with belief is governance.


The Sri Lankan law that confirms land  ownership by belief is Prescription Ordinance 1872. Given that Sri Lanka/Ceylon was a British colony from 1796 to 1948, one is entitled to conclude that this law confirms British mind/theory in this issue.  Once the British left, they became Elders of Sri Lanka and their laws became our heritage. Each time we celebrate their departure, as if a curse had left us, we exponentially dilute the values of their laws, to us. To make it worse, we brought Buddhism into the Justice system as a relative power. That was a demotion of Buddhism, due to political desires. When we make laws without belief, they need intellectual balance between cause and effect, readable by the average user.


In the case of the Thunaivi  Development Secretariat, through my life as one of the local folks, I learnt that their knowledge of laws was low and was limited to their lawyers’ interpretation to them. Most lawyers accessible to them worked for money and failed to educate their clients. The test of belief is the value of the wisdom shared between lawyer and client. Where there is belief in the law, sharing of wisdom is automatic. The caring lawyer shares genuine interpretation of the law, and the honest client shares her/his experience of real life. Thunaivi, due to self imposed isolation became a victim of separation a small example of Tamil Eelam,  

at physical level as well as mental level. Hence the strong breakdown in law and its order.


Today, I received mail to the effect that King Ravana was presented as Sinhalese, to takeover Trincomalee; LTTE leader Prabhakaran will be presented as Sinhalese, to takeover Valvettithurai.


My response to this was:


Language is the outer skin of a culture. It does not interest me as to which language Ravana used, to communicate his culture. There is no dispute that King Ravana was Hindu. But in the case of the LTTE leader, as per published reports he did not believe in any religion but ‘showed’ that he was Hindu first and then Christian. This confirms that he lacked belief in Hinduism and its powers of Sovereignty. It was due to Ravana’s belief in Hinduism that Lord Vishnu took Rama Avatharam. But in case of LTTE leader Prabhakaran Gotabaya Rajapaksa was enough to defeat him. They matched each other in lawlessness and its characteristics. God would not waste Energy to oppose non-believers.



During an early meeting at the  Thunaivi  Development Secretariat, a senior declared candidly that from GG Ponnambalam’s time itself, he had been teaching how to occupy lands! I said firmly in response that I was there to share Administrative wisdom and not politics!


On that basis, this week, I worked out the common code of Administrative processes that all users of the building had to follow. I asked our staff to have it printed and prominently displayed. This confirmed my governance power of belief. In the meantime, I instructed our senior coordinator to organise the 15th Anniversary of the opening of the Thunaivi  Development Secretariat by the Government Agent whose position reports to the Central Government and not the Provincial Government that lacks credibility with the people.


Like our ancestors who have left their physical bodies, but continue to share their wisdom with us when we, the believers invoke them, the believers in positions invoke the powers of those who performed their administrative duties despite great political challenges. My family elder Mr Mailvaganam Srikhanta, is one such elder I invoke.


The First Elder of mine in terms of Tamil Diaspora is the Hon A M Pillai who established a business empire in Burma and supported the education of needy families in Sri Lanka. I am a believer in soul power, through which I practice  my Sovereignty for myself. The rest happens as per the Universal system of belief. If we reward ourselves in a free environment of our own making, we miss the connection to the Universal system, of everlasting freedom, commonly known as heaven.


Sunday 27 August 2023


27 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





‘It's being called a miracle. As a deadly wildfire engulfed the town of Lahaina, the blaze appeared to spare the historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church. Photos and videos shared on social media show the more than 175-year-old church standing unscathed amid the smoldering surroundings.It's like a miracle': Historic Catholic church unscathed by Maui fire that burned Lahaina by NBC  


As a believer in the power of prayers and therefore the sanctity of places of worship, I felt deeply touched when Harry de Sayrah  shared the news of this miracle with me also.  To me, when I pray and the prayers are answered, it is a miracle. These days, I pray and feel at peace, I take it that my prayers have been heard. This means I accumulate ‘reserves’ of positive Energy. When I am in need, the reserves manifest themselves as per that need.


Each time the Federal Courts of Australia, in Sydney,  failed me and I felt hurt, I went to St Mary’s Cathedral and asked ‘why’.  It took me a long time to realise that my pain, without a single thought of revenge was also prayers in ‘Reserve’. They strengthened my soul-power. The ultimate manifestation was that the book ‘Naan Australian’ (I am Australian) , came to National Library of Australia, via Congress Library, without my knowledge or effort. To me, that is a miracle.


I believe that that is how Truth balances human karma.


The message from Maui church miracle is that belief is all powerful. I have felt similar experiences at our family temple in Northern Sri Lanka, where in return for my belief in goddess Kali, I get insight into the minds of worshippers of goddess Kali. This helps me keep the community within Dharma/Righteousness. Dharma works to deliver justice any time anywhere.

Monday 21 August 2023


20 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





A notable and resounding plea reverberated within the hallowed halls of the UK Parliament, urging the government to extend formal recognition to the grievous act of genocide inflicted upon the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. THE-QUEST.ORG on June 16, 2023


My investment in the article ‘WAR CRIMINALS & REFUGEES’ directed me to the above report, in addition to Tamil Guardian article headed ‘British Parliamentarians urge for formal recognition of Tamil Genocide’. The common issue to me as Australian of Sri Lankan origin, is ‘Genocide’. Politicians  facilitate the pathway/s  through which to channel our thoughts and/or  feelings. The more we feel, the stronger the contributions to ownership. The form of the immediate outcome would have very little impact on owners, in the long term.  Hence what matters is the measure we use, so the parallel in our own environment would strength our ownership in our own local environment.

If I accept that what happened in Sri Lanka as Genocide, I would use the same measure to find fault with the British for treating indigenous Australians as  juniors and/or as dispensable group. The current debate on ‘the Voice’ is effectively to confirm the political status of Indigenous Australians i.e. whether they are independents or juniors needing special status as ‘advisors’, to ‘look’ equal. If descendants of British were right, as per their then needs, to that mind, the Sri Lankan Sinhalese would have killed Tamils  in punishment for practicing ‘separatism’.


In terms of the equation of ‘War criminals = War refugees’  the genocide claim would render political advantage to  the refugee groups, unless the UK politicians have identified the excessive criminal elements in the UK Tamil community and seek to balance the equation by promoting higher intake of Tamil refugees who would become their juniors and become a disenfranchised community in the UK. This is the high risk with taking political handouts from outsiders who make statements to tempt the politically poor refugees.


The only valid political declaration by Sri Lankan Tamil Parliamentarians is the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. That was acknowledged by the whole and blessed by Truth through the 1977 National Elections. The genocide claim has no soul-power and hence with time, would become idle like the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution by Indian politicians.


The moment we accept handouts, we lose our intelligence that sustains our mental sovereignty. Hence plagiarism is a sin for academics

Saturday 19 August 2023


19 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





‘At the close of World War II, dozens of former Nazi leaders came to the United States. After decades of inaction, in 1979, President Jimmy Carter created a special unit within the Department of Justice dedicated to hunting down Nazi war criminals. Decades after passing the first substantive human rights statutes that make it possible to prosecute war criminals for crimes like torture and genocide, the U.S. has successfully prosecuted only one person under the laws. Sriskandarajah talks to experts about why prosecutors often take an “Al Capone” strategy to going after war criminals, pursuing them on lesser charges like immigration violations rather than human rights abuses.’ - My Neighbor the Suspected War Criminal  by


My review was:

Excellent presentation. As a Tamil, I am still searching as to where we went wrong to lose 40,000 of our community. After my cousin’s funeral service on Wednesday, a fellow accountant who came from Colombo, said that at the University of Jaffna her offers to assist were rejected. She said that a student from Batticaloa had said that the Jaffna folks helped only those from Jaffna. In the end , as Lasantha said, we did not have anyone to speak for us.’


So why would governments use weaker avenues to punish those who are ‘seen’ to be criminals?



Although the gangster Al Capone beat sundry murder charges, he was eventually imprisoned for tax evasion.Rebecca Tinsley, in Last Lectures on prevention and intervention of Genocide


Interestingly, Sriskandarajah whose name indicates that he is of Tamil origin, connects to ‘lesser charges like immigration violations’


The business connection I see between ‘war criminals and the American government, is ‘refugee policy’. This is not belief based as the refugees are from areas outside the sovereign borders/circle of sovereign energy of the USA. Hence recruitment of refugees needs an equation that confirms costs are equal to benefits. In this instance the equation would be:


War criminals = War refugees.


In terms of employment, the American government becomes the medium through which the two sides neutralise each other and keep the officers in employment.


In Al Capone’s case he was outside the circle of Sovereignty of law. This was also the case with armed militants in Sri Lanka.  To the extent such groups live within their  own earnings and remain within their own circles, they are harmless. The problem arises when they take status outside their own cultural boundaries. The reason why Al Capone was punished for tax evasion was because it was his fundamental duty to taxes to the same whole from which he made the profit due to his cleverness and the law officers’ lack of cleverness. Likewise, those in government, accused of corruption.


Interestingly, this is discussed in relation to Genocide.


If the armed rebels were clever enough to fool the people by ‘showing’ better government, there comes a time when those folks would fool themselves, when there is no outsider to fool. They thus promoted suicides. The politicians who blame the governments, would tend to use the term Genocide, instead of Suicide. One who fought and died during battle is a hero. One who died due to plan was brainwashed by the planner and therefore was lacking in belief. A hero is ready to die in battle. So if the 40,000 Tamils who died  were war-heroes, there is no room to claim Genocide.

Thursday 17 August 2023

17 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





My attention was drawn to the Subject matter : ‘ How the US medical community fails Black mothers

An intellectual in the group commented:

‘Maternal mortality - worst in the developed countries. Worst in women of colour!



My response to the group was :

‘I feel that racial victim groups belong to a different energy group to the perpetrator victim group. This happens when the ‘correct by’ date has expired. When victims complain so they would get compensated, more and more, they become dependents of the perpetrators. This is a high risk not only in Sri Lanka’s North due to the war, but also in South due to the economic crisis.  In both instances, the reason is ‘seeing’ global without feeling global. Unless one sacrifices earned benefits, to become the group’s invisible COMMONNESS , one ‘thinks’ without feeling. I often state this discovery as ‘MOTHERS ARE FEELERS AND FATHERS ARE THINKERS.’ Those who endure pain more than pleasure, are mothers. Those who enjoy more pleasure than pain need to think and balance the equation of cause and effect. Laws help us balance the equation, provided we respect the law.’

Then my attention was drawn to the Guardian article headed


No milk, no eggs, small hope: fears rise for Sri Lanka’s malnourished children’


Is it genuine feelings based reporting or is it influenced by phony-wokeism by the media? The report begins as follows


For more than a year now, Anne Roshel has had no milk to give her two children, neither fresh nor powdered. Looking out from the kitchen door on a sweltering afternoon in July, she says her eight-year-old son has just a potato-stuffed bun for breakfast. Sometimes it’s a packet of rice with pol sambol (coconut relish), chilli and lime.

A single mother, Roshel, 27, lives in her parents’ crumbling cement house with the children and her father. Monsoon rain has washed off the pink coating on the walls, and a small veranda opens to a road in Koloniya Wella, a coastal hamlet in Chilaw, 80km (50 miles) north of the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

On some days, Roshel sells achcharu (raw or semi-ripe fruits dusted with chilli and salt) to schoolchildren from a roadside stall. When the sea is calm, her father goes fishing. Then Roshel can cook fish curry for lunch.’


The above is ‘what happened’ . This report has no life. The reader at this stage, empowers it through her/his feelings and/or thinking.  If through feelings, a fact is born. If read through thinking only, when any judgements formed they have to be intellectually balanced in terms of known causes being equal to known effects.  The failure to balance the equation, causes excitement and depression in the same mind and/or within the relationship/group.  


The following confirms an imbalance:

 When he was born, my second son was underweight. My husband had just left and I didn’t have proper meals. I want to feed my son apples and grapes, but I can’t afford them,” says Roshel, showing the nine-month-old boy’s child health and development report, given to all children in Sri Lanka.

I went to my own three pregnancies, during which I was a working mother. Reading about grapes, I recalled the time when my cousin Priya from Canada and I (from Australia) went to the market in Colombo 6, to buy fruits for Priya’s father. There we asked for the price of grapes and were contemplating, when a new customer who seemed ‘local’ ordered 2 kilos of grapes!  

Using my own experience as a young mother in Sri Lanka’s capital, I never thought of ‘grapes and apples’ for my children. When my children our eldest son was a baby, we had to queue up to buy infant milk-powder.  When they grew up – to be 8, I never thought of apples and grapes! They had bananas and mangoes.

The problem with collection of lies is that the mind that stores such unbalanced information becomes idle and suffers the effects of plagiarism. It tends to get excited with ‘free knowledge and becomes depressed when it has to pay, including through respect for the source of that knowledge. This leads to bipolarism. The cure is to separate  the source, from the mind that desires easy profits. In this instance the community that the money-poor is part of needs to publish its own truth and complete the media experience locally. This will reduce the risk of media-colonization.



Tuesday 15 August 2023


15 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





Today, is the anniversary of the day Indian politicians celebrate as Independence day. If this were true, Indian politicians would not openly influence law-making in other countries. When they do, their political  independence becomes a myth. Hence Mr  MCM Iqbal questioned whether the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan constitution was fact or fiction? Mr Iqbal’s reasoning was as per the lack of Devolution of power to Provincial councils.  As a believer in democracy, I question the validity of the 13th Amendment, on the same basis I use, to Oppose ‘the voice  

Mr Harry de Sayrah OAM , of Sri Lankan origin asked me a few days back:



Will Albanese  agree to changing the name of the Capital Cities in  every Australian State ?

India did it several years ago’


I responded as follows:


Good question Harry. This is why we need to protect our own heritages only. Interfering with others’ heritages is interference with their Sovereignty and therefore weakening their ability to make their own laws. All communities practice their own laws. So long as they are limited to their own communities, it is heathy for the Nation. Be they positive or negative, they ought to remain within their own cultural circles. When we go outside the sovereign borders of our diverse culture, we need take only the truth of that culture  with us. If positive it promotes, through us, harmony in our new environment. If negative, it promotes conflicts in our new environments. A good example of this is Buddhism foremost article in the Sri Lankan Constitution.  This is outside the Sovereign borders of Buddhist religion. To the extent we oppose it, we are unaffected by its effects.  To the extent we benefit from being Politicians in Sri Lanka, we have the duty to oppose this article in the common constitution. The simple reason is a non-Hindu cannot claim to believe in Buddhism. One needs belief to make laws. The result of the above article is to ‘take’ others’ resources without belief in them. This naturally divides and scatters the whole. Hence the ethnic war in Sri Lanka, which contributed also to the Easter bombings not being prevented by a Buddhist President who actively used his Buddhist status for political gain.


The Voice is ‘giving’ that which is not ours to give. All non-indigenous votes in this issue are false votes. Who are we to give them? If they accept it they weaken their own sovereignty.


I have decided to abstain and pay the penalty. To vote without belief is in breach of fundamentals of Democracy.


The spiritual nature of ownership is confirmed as follows at


‘Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tribes were the first sovereign Nations of the Australian continent and its adjacent islands, and possessed it under our own laws and customs. This our ancestors did, according to the reckoning of our culture, from the Creation, according to the common law from ‘time  immemorial’, and according to science more than 60,000 years  ago.



This sovereignty is a spiritual notion


This sovereignty is a spiritual notion: the ancestral tie between the 

land, or ‘mother nature’, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who were born therefrom, remain attached thereto and must return thither to be united  with our ancestors. This link is the basis of our ownership of the soil or better of sovereignty. It has never been ceded or extinguished and co-exist with the sovereignty of the crown.’




The parallel of the above Uluru statement in Sri Lanka is the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976.  The confirmation of the spiritual power of sovereignty  happened in 1977 when the group that introduced the ‘Buddhism foremost, article in Sri Lanka’s first constitution experienced a landslide defeat.


The 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution is the parallel of any changes to the Australian constitution due to the Voice.


Current discussions to implement the 13th Amendment are between National Parliamentarians. At least one of them has the duty to first declare that he came to National Parliament for the soul purpose of confirming his home culture’s sovereignty and that he would step down to provincial level, once this is achieved.  Without such leadership, all these discussions are talkfests that entertain  the media.  At the next National Parliamentary elections,  if no Tamil politician makes such promise, the 13th Amendment is rendered naturally obsolete. The National elections by necessity need to precede Provincial Council elections, in Sri Lanka. Until this happens the Central government has the duty to devolve powers only to those it deems trustworthy.


 Every Sovereign group is endowed by its soul to its own laws. Let man not propose otherwise.


Saturday 12 August 2023

12 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




I was thinking of Ravi who passed away peacefully on Wednesday after almost a decade of battle against cancer. Ravi in my heart is a hero. A caring son of my aunt Padma and uncle Sanmugarajah, Ravi turned 70 on 1st July. As usual, I sent my love as birthday wishes and Ravi also promptly responded to show his appreciation. Then on 17 July, Ravi’s elder sister Chitra who lives in Brisbane rang me, to inform me that she was at Ravi’s. This meant to me that Ravi’s body was in bad shape. My previous few visits to Ravi, his wife Jayanthi and son Amitab had been to share my positive Energy with Ravi as a caring husband and father.  On those visits, our son Pradeep also came with us to pay his respects to Ravi who was recovering from cancer after some terrible struggles when it returned.  On all those occasions Ravi never showed any weakness but as usual, made fresh juice for me, while as usual, Jayanthi brewed tea for the rest. Jayanthi’s tea is very tasty, but I have given up tea.  Ravi demonstrated deep appreciation for my sharing of the cover-page of my latest book ‘ Different Logics’. I was pleasantly surprised when Ravi messaged me that for some reason,  Yin-Yang philosophy kept surfacing in his mind.  Ravi was yet to read my book at that time and hence I concluded that he was connecting to my intuitive intelligence through his own investment in his soul-power.


On 19 July the same intuition brought his eldest sister Priya all the way from Canada. I was deeply moved by the intuitive Energy of Priya’s love for her brother.


On 09 August, Ravi’s soul left his body.


I was thinking of this deeply last evening, when my email beckoned me.  I felt that Ravi was signalling me to read my emails. There was one from Mr MCM Iqbal who responded to my sharing through  the article headed ‘13th AMENDMENT IS DEAD’ as follows:


I am glad Madam Gajalakshimi has found the time to read my article on 'Devolution of Powers' and am sure she  would agree that  Devolution of Power under the 13th Amendment is  nothing but fiction.


The above message, to me is confirmation of the power of Hindu -Muslim unity. Mr Iqbal, whose name indicates that he is Muslim, is part of Jaffna Hindu College Alumni that I regularly interact with.  As per published information,  Mr Iqbal is:

A human rights defender and a writer on issues concerned with human rights violations.  Have had a long experience as an officer of the Administrative Service in Sri Lanka and for some time as a Consultant at the Asia Pacific Division of the UNHRC in Geneva…………..

‘Mr. Iqbal was born in Jaffna in 1937 , and has had his education at the Jaffna HinduCollege and the and has had his education at the Jaffna HinduCollege and the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya….’


I was referred to Mr Iqbal’s article by Mr Nadarajah Thirugnanasothy whose name suggests that he is a Hindu. Hence the confirmation of Common Energy, made me happy. The timing  was significant to me due to Ravi being Common to all cultures. This means that Ravi’s contribution in this form, has enriched Sri Lanka’s investment in Ethnic Commonness and that Ravi’s soul-power would continue to support all such Common souls.

Friday 11 August 2023


11 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam





On 09 August 2023, I received the indication that Truth has recognised my contribution to Sri Lankan Governance and shared it as follows, with one of my home-groups through an email addressed to Mr MCM Iqbal:


Mr Iqbal,

Today, in response to my article ‘EDUCATE THE GOVERNMENT TO RECONCILE’  a reader directed me to your article on the 13th Amendment at Devolution of powers under the 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka: Fact or Fiction? – Groundviews 


You state there :

Let us now look at the powers of the Provincial Ministers through whom the Governor is expected to exercise his executive power. The 13th Amendment provides that the function of the Chief Minister and the Board of Ministers is ‘to aid and advice’ the Provincial Governor in the exercise of his functions. So it is clear that the Ministers of the Province do not have any discretionary power in the administration of the province’


This group is confirming why the government has valid reason not to trust PC’s. They are sure to abuse discretionary  powers. As  an honest citizen you have the responsibility to write about this also. Gaja


The discussion was about money collection to fund individuals. As per my experience, including in Australian Public Service, the older a system, the more important Due Processes of law become. They are the mantras that bring us the Energy. At the University of NSW, I protested against breaches of Due Processes in terms of Research Grants. I was persecuted for being ‘smart’ and eventually the University lost millions in money and status. Mine went into the Common Pool of the true Voiceless Opposition. That which is common, loses its individual identity in the process of becoming common.

Mr Iqbal raises the question ‘Devolution of powers under the 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka: Fact or Fiction?


The indicators are in Mr Ameen Izadeen’s article headed ‘

13th Amendment: Power devolution and beyond’ in which he states:

‘Despite a costly separatist war, very little has changed in the attitude of the proponents and opponents of power devolution since it was first mooted in the late 1940s by minority Tamil leaders who had little trust in the post independence Sinhala leaders.’


Hence the 13th Amendment was a fact born to Sri Lankan  Parliament as mother and Indian Parliament as father. It died  when the both parents neglected it. Now they are trying to beat it back to life.

As believers in the system of Karma and Rebirth, both groups would know that  only our Truth is reborn in different shape.  Tamil politicians seeking Police powers are promising separatism. Sinhala politicians declining to devolve power are promising more disorderly supervision of the kind that happened during the ethnic war, including the Black July pogrom.

Mere word agreement is like the body. The purpose of the agreement is its soul. This soul already empowers those Sinhalese and Tamils who trust each other and share that trust with their respective local communities. In Jaffna social life, I do not know of any ethnic conflict. The politicians relying on  majority power (Sinhalese in Sri Lanka’s and Tamils in Tamil Nadu’s) lack the intelligence to work the whole.  Both have to draw on the power of the People who are independent of politicians.

I wrote recently to the above group:

When one gives blindly with belief, there is positive completion and therefore, the Energy to continue. When one shows respect without belief, it is false and therefore is for trade-off / quid pro quos. This results in us becoming satisfied when our juniors also show false respect. This extended to caste hierarchy. Majority militants who resorted to arms were from junior castes. This is true of  Sinhalese JVP also. Like idle laws, elders also became idle – especially in democracy.

Fact has death.  Intelligence based on Truth has no death or rebirth. It is Eternally with the person/group that realizes it.