Saturday 30 April 2022




The suggestion by Mr Ali Sabry to raise sales tax is the parallel of increasing the Application / Filing fee in Sri Lankan law Courts at a time when the Courts have no money. Many avoid going to Courts because they do not understand the workings of the Courts. I am well educated and I interpret the law as per my genuine need, after doing my best to resolve internally through common processes. In Australia as well as in Sri Lanka, I found that lawyers often ‘influenced’ the judges to deliver as per their own liking. The higher the level the matter is taken to, the higher the price for the litigant. In Australia, this has been addressed to a degree by facilitating lay litigants to represent themselves in Court. Not so in Sri Lanka. Our family’s testamentary matter in Northern Province is stagnating due to deviations from administrative processes to satisfy the lawyers. I often opposed even my own lawyers taking shortcuts to ‘win’. This resulted in the Registrar pausing and learning to independently interpret the law.

The parallel of lawyers in Courts are the Politicians to whom the People run for favours from government departments. This leads to corruption of Due Processes. Due Processes are the minds of those who made them. When they are practiced beyond that generation, and/or beyond the boundaries of the local area where they were made – they confirm positive Energy of exponential value.

In Colombo, we follow largely, the British law. The way it has evolved over the years in Britain is vastly different to today’s practice in Sri Lanka. To the extent the difference is due to social / religious cultures they are  still reliable. But to the extent they are polluted by desires of those in powerful positions, they become unreliable.

The simple code to be used by leaders who have subjective power is to show credit for followers of Due Processes rather than those who ‘show’ attractive outcomes. In the case of both sides to the ethnic war Visible outcomes were rendered foremost importance to due processes – especially those that received no or least credits. This resulted in the loss of due process mutating as loss of finances from the West.

Increasing Sales Tax is likely to make the folks to go back to making their own. This is the parallel of People having their own ‘internal’ settlements without needing expensive lawyers. Then we would not need elaborate Court system nor sophisticated parliamentary system. We can happily live in our separate rat-holes which in isolation become our ‘homes’. Show victory and isolate yourself.

When we Sri Lankans confirm our own pain to ourselves after following  Due Processes – the system of Natural Justice brings us the support we need.

The Easter Bombings – as per reports available to us happened through Muslims of Sri Lanka – who are of the same community as Mr Sabry. I doubt that Islam recommends ‘killing’ a non-Muslims in the name of Allah. Yet Mr Sabry to my knowledge has made no declaration of belief in this regard. His suggestion carries that uncertainty of killing the ailing finances.

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