Saturday 7 May 2022




Our staff in Vaddukoddai informed that shops in their area were planning on not opening due to the Hartal  planned for yesterday. I asked them to stay at home and mot go outside. Today I learnt about the Emergency declaration by the President. Was this the ‘moral grounds’ that TNA was recommending through its No Confidence Motion against the President?

While some of us were concerned about the adverse impact of the protests there were others who were busy calling the LTTE spirit to rise. One wrote:

[What is the point of arguing or even discussing over a load of baloney? what is the point? As you mentioned Xxx, VP is a Crowned King not only among Ceylon Tamil ( maybe not among Srilankan Tamils ) but he is definitely among the 80 million people in Tamil Nadu and around the world.

It is a blatant & shameful lie based on what "he said and she said " !!! They don't need to get involved in drug trafficking. They were making enough money from Shipping Lines they owned, real estate ( housing ) in New York City ( mind you not in New York State but right in the middle of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, London, Boston, etc. a large number of businesses and above all people's contributions. Just to mention an example, I will not divulge the name, but a Doctor from California  gave $3 Million Dollars to them! That is not drug money but hard-earned money from his practice. I know him personally! 

 What we need to hear is - from our Sinhalese brothers and sisters and not discussing among us! It is an undeniable fact that LTTE was a movement that was utterly fanatical on "principle". A principle-driven organization, there is no way they would have been involved in drug trafficking

Prabakaran was a follower and believer of MGR and his motto was always உழைத்து வாழவேண்டும் பிறர் உழைப்பில் வாழ்ந்திடாதே !!

அவன் ஒரு முள்ளில் ரோஜா !!!  We have to be proud of them and not slander them ! 

I am not saying all the above, listen to the video I attached above by an Indian Journalist from North India ]

If indeed LTTE earned every rupee they controlled then their heirs would have inherited that ‘earning ability ’ and would not need handouts from the very government they fought against.

As per my discovery – the truth within a liar would invoke truth within others in a ‘free environment like social media’. That is the value of true Opposition.

A major commonness between JVP and LTTE is caste based discrimination.  As per my recollection, Journalist Victor Ivan who was part of the leadership when JVP actively Opposed the government in 1971, confirms the caste connection in his book – ‘Revolt in the Temple’. I read it in the home of an LSSP (communist party) supporter. I then identified with common aspects in the Northern Tamil caste system – which to my mind was the reason why the LTTE eliminated Tamil politicians whose mind structure was closely linked to the Vellala (Farmer) Caste.

Wikipedia presents the essence of Victor Ivan’s reasoning as follows:

[Victor Ivan wrote two books: The first was entitled "The challenge of tenant farming" (අඳ ගොවිතැනේ අභියෝගය; published in 1979), which explored the feudal character of taxation on cultivations and the tenant farming system in Sri Lanka, and its adverse impact on productivity.

The other was on the History of JVP and 1971 Insurrection. In that he claims that the prevailing discriminatory caste system in the Sri Lankan society had been an important contributory factor in the 1971 insurrection. Later, he wrote another book titled "Social background of Youth Rebels of Sri Lanka" in which he argues that the caste system, apart from being a major factor in the youth insurrections in the Sinhala South, has equally become a crucial factor in the youth insurrections triggered by the Tamil youths in the North as well. This is a new dimension that Victor Ivan has added to the intellectual stock of reflective analyses of the social issues of Sri Lanka.


When I shared this (prior to reading the book), through my presentation at the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney, former Attorney General of Sri Lanka, Mr Sunil de Silva PC endorsed that to be the case with JVP also. But a Sinhalese member overruled him and said theirs was unemployment based. At the root – they are the same. But back then I did not know about Victor Ivan had written this in his book. Today when I read it in Wikipedia, I was happy to learn that he and I were one minded in this reasoning. It made sense also that LTTE cardre included Sinhalese titles like ‘Mahattaya’ whose Tamil name was Gopalaswamy Mahendraraja which confirmed that the LTTE did not fight against Racism. Their pain was local – on caste basis.

This is essential in resolving the violence in Sri Lanka. When LTTE were killed in 2009, the restless Sinhalese militants became active again.  The current President also reacted and claimed earlier this year that he was a Goviya/farmer. Interestingly, lists the following :

[Primitive agriculture is frequently dismissed as primitive and unproductive. In fact, it represents our best hope for the future.]

The above renders the true seeker -  insight into why the President brought about the ban on Chemical Fertilisers.

As a farmer – he would inherit the ‘the tenant farming system in Sri Lanka, and its adverse impact on productivity.’

Its Chinese parallel is the Silk Road renamed as Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) which invoked the genes of the plague of during Silk Road:

[Diseases such as plague also spread along the Silk Road, possibly contributing to the Black Death] Wikipedia

Each time the Corona virus was blamed by Sri Lankan government - for the economic downfall – BRI was being blamed. This in essence means that with the Chinese debt we inherited the plague also through Hambantota port. The early indicator came through the fire at the opening of Shangrila Hambantota in 2016. True devotees of Kathirgamam in that area would have taken it as an omen and arranged for special prayers at Kathirgamam. This I believe would have prevented the 2019 Easter tragedy.

The current President invoked his farmer genes and along with it the curse of tenant farmers who genuinely experienced discrimination by Landlord. In Tamil Nandanar who was from untouchables working in farms makes singing the glory of  Lord Shiva as his main activity. He is our example and not LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The more Tamils invoke LTTE leader the more we would battle against unregulated trade – including as mercenaries – as Mahattaya was discovered to be. If any Tamil follows in that footpath I become their Opposition in Natural governance.

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